The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1932
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE. COUBIER MWB THURSDAY,_OCTOBER 13, 1932 i -.s* J Auwi&f ' 4* wl^ Dorai&i iptlst B, Auxilluy me«t- W. McCuUhen. school of Firsi •' mecflnj with Mrs. o'clock, on mttltag with „ line 1 DwrUm bh Kentucky ave- rfue it * p.m. * eetlBjr';of executive board of W. U. ot ftrst Bafctlst church with Cordelia Wilhite al 2:30 p.m. Artists club meeting with Muy Spain Usrey, school P,-.T, A. .executive, meeting at 3:30 p.m. . trs Matt Mojisghan Jr. is hav- ng a bridge party. at Bridge. .. ....... ?, Sut«n guests were cntgrtalnec by Miss Mary Frances St*^ l«s.; fventog »t ththome of Mrs/Rlvei. Fin the card ganws Miss Hell Wll hams, of Arrhorel, -won first prize 1*0 pottery vases, sport haneikei eniels went .to Miss Frances Evan ' joe low Score and tl-.e cut prize, lin- ^erte, 1/fs won by Mrs. Audrt. Keile Chmoc.5. S.A. s»Ud .jhoaolate a >.'. .'•' i served with hot Chb Hu Gaest* Kft. Famswonh Black was hostess! to t.r»e'.Wednesday:i Bridge- club this week when she also had • Mesdames Chester .Caldwell, Matt Monnehan jr., W/'J. Wundcrlleh and Clarence'-Vollpier as ; (uesU. : -> News of the Blytheville Schools Mary Jean Aflllck, Alice Ware, Jean BoujIand.'.'Lols Moon Crltz. and Gcraldine Freeman. The assembly period for next week will be in charge of Miss Mary Outlaw's room. Their sculpturing, lie said, was limited to uJUitarlsn objects. Objects similar to the one found in Missouri have also been picked up In the lower Mississippi valley, r.c said. This Is believed to strengthen the theory that the Aztecs dl: not always live In Mexico. Junior IIi(h School Miss Grace Webb won the prize i picture. - . - . - A fruit salad, sandwiches and morning in assembly by the follow- 'Simon, Sybil Bracklri, Ely Allken. :offcc were served after live pro- Ing boys wro are members of Boy j The following have given reports ' land Williams, Colin Douglas, Ho- i J sst Friday morning by Mrs. R. L. 1 A program was given Friday mcr Besharcs, Blan S. Heath, Tom Get- ....,! Heetliic. • -. About 75 members and friends ol . tie Lake Street Methodist church Jsad at informal gathering last evening at the church prior to the closing of .the church ye«r on No- itmber J.' ''After the program, sandwiches, .tale, pie, hot' chocolate .and coflee . iras serVed. ' -', i . ; •';. . '• f'Thii.wBs the' program:.-prayer, "Ijie Rev. J. T. Hood; scripture ^oUttore.ithe jRey,. J.-..O. Vance; . Jtflk "ComrfiU"nitV"Cobperatl6ii ) " P. :V: «.VJanatt;,,,talk,,".ChMSh. Attend- i,'. 1 -H^ter,,Qr«*; talk-''Church porf, 11 "''' Iverioh'' 1 ' Mortis' ; - r tilk .fcsslons. • • • Has Club Party. Mrs. J. W. Adams was the guest o[ Mrs. Rllcy B. Jonss.when s'ne enMtained the .Wjinesday Contract club this week. Hosiery went (o Mrs. Randolph Smith for the high score prize. . ,Tlw hostess served a snlad with sandwiches, cookies and hot tea. ] • » » -*i Diujhlcr Bom. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fowler junounc* the blrtli.of a daughtsr aat night at their home on'ciilck- •si'wba avenue. The baby, who vclghs six and a half pounds, hns wen named Peggy Joan. Before lie: narrlagc Mrs. Fowler was MLis !X>rinnc Womack. • * * . A daughter waS'lrern Septomber 3 to the Rev. and Mrs. Aubroy '•iood, of Stecle, Mo. Tile baby, who felghe'd 'eight 'pounds, : has beer lamed Sarah Lillian,. Betore .her narrfage Mrs. Hcod was .Miss Vero .vlie Kennard, oi Maiden, Mo. The ilev. -Mr. Hood, who formerly lived in-thls city, is now pastor of the Vicksburg, Mo., Nazarene churoh'. . .» « iedgwl to Sororltv. Miss Lots Hooiwr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hcoper, who Is al- endlng Mississippi SyriodlcSl col- Bcout Troop No. 37: Colin Douglas, recently in 7-B H science: Winifred Paul Rorie, J. Ii. Husband, Ma run Crawford, Bonny Jean Uuchaimn, B. StcphciiB, Hardy Gray, Homer ue Ramey, Eva Lcc Nash, Cor»' 3 The Pi B O chapter ; had Its - '' meeting;, of • U* .tal/A season lay at-the siibuitah home of f, W;' HolUpeter when Mrs. eter and Mrs. C. R. Babcock ,___ hostesses for a luncheon/ ..JJ Roses,-'zinnias and cosmos forma,centerpiece for the table ar- nged for a three course menu. | -For the .program, Miss Winnie " "' .Turnerj, .'.county, supervisor Smith, and L. G. Thompson Jr. They gave interesting reports on their recent trip to St. Louis, Trie 8-A home room program for last week was follo-A'cd from th:s general outline: The Pupil and ll:e School. The Teacher and the School. The Parents nnd the School. Tr.e Community and the School. the program was lit charge u, the chairman LWro'.hy Robertson. Plans ing of are under way for the rals- llie 8-A memorial. eg« at .Holly springs,; Miss., iias iecn.plede«d to the Kappa Delta Phi sorority'of that school. Promised Lurid Club The Home Demonstration club 3l .Promised^ Laud n;»t t with Mrs. Will Thompson with ton' 'rtiemocrs preterit/ A" quilt,''- rafflMl>-;' provide ^fluids for.the.purohasfe of e. ,slj*av pressure, cooker, yeto [ 1$ '<• 'v- ' '-.(.* i' ;''• "'' V; %; ",. Clan H»a -'Colu'mtftj''. • " ' •. '-; D*^ * The children liaVc.been, weighed in tr.o science classes in Junlu. High, with 30 overweight, 10 underweight, nnd 35 normal:. Thus no> mal were: John Harp, Emery McDonald, Miriam Smith;' .Marjoru VVarren, Harry Maxwell,. .Hcrshel. OWham, Delia Kuy Sykes/ BOnni^ Je«n Bnchannn, Helen Lovelace Ruby Nell Ogle, Mack Elder, Leor, Stafford, Eugene Hargett, Ohnrlolu Bugg, Tom Tinker,'Susie Cfilloi Howard Moore, Tommy Rogeri John Price Walttcr, Howard Dun can, Estclle Hnwks, Helen Howl ck Burns, Morris Foinbcrg, Qki Martin, Vernlce Brisler, Cecil S'an- dcrs, Eula Mac Klnningham', K'J :gae7 .a, gram Wednesday in whicfi triese numbers Vere.h'eard; souft "Colum- bfc"; st(>ry, Jiianita 'Wrllte; poem, Jimts McOullen; story and original poerri, Juan ill Crimes; Life of Columbus, told by Sam Mcke'nzle, Harold Nathan Roscnthai and I^li ry Adah Robinson; posm, Ral Wnsliam and Mary Emily Wilson) readings, Billy Lcggelt, Virginia Brjewis and Sfcra Hill.' liife Tiic 5-B grade of Lange school program this morning had a a the' guest' speaker. In dliicussirig theme "Today's Classes" she up a phase of the study o r-tjjiibEc education which'. Is to b Seed by the group tHls year, ft Incliifcd in the IS present ura; •'feT'aS'w'SoU^ C- D. Ellis; po«n. Qua- «™ "'<=* «»*«,, vrumu,.,,, .-.3Srt«rVlte B! A Lynch idinn FiWman- nianri win. Jcarihttn tonicjf .of that-city, dropped. honor of CJBlumbus. These numbers were'glveh: Song "America," all; story of Co- Bits oj News y Perspnal:,' '•• Mrs;i Malph-'SaUbn and.. brilWreji st NevfiYdrfc-clfy.'.'are h'«e-lor ai cxfen'dixl visit with' M-.'Salibk^ da'u'ght^r. Miss •Sailie. .'-. - r ' ,' ' n,at Loiii-pnUBe. --, s? -6. V. Parish; 'iornierly -a , and no-.v of Marshall, Texa; jecenlly i!ndsr«rcr.t a serious oji eratlon at a Marshall hospital. Ska Ts how much impjcoiyed': i, Mrs. I. R. Johnson has gone t 'Mernphis for thc^day. ^She will t ' horiie"'^y fi> 'ftsr slsli MrJ.-' A. 'B..,;'hfebinsori, f^'ho wl spend ten days'"! he re.-, corivalcscln followlns a'major opsrstlon at li Memphis Biptlrt'riogiiltel. 1 '. Herman Walpble is a patient the Memphis Earj'.Eyej Nose art ell McOaughey, Delia Fayc Sykes, igene Hargett, Hershcll OMham. xpcrlmcnls: Hardy Gray, Martin air 6U>phens. Eva Lee Nash, Jea-' cilc Adalr; Ruby Noll Ogle have xn especially good In finding cor* latcd materials. Pictures and cllppinijs have been illccled by the girls and Sue Rat icy was appointed to prepare a osier on "Destructive Work of War." The. boys collected materials nd appointed Billy BOOHC ano :ack Bder to prepare a neater oi. constructive Work' of water." n» 7B1 class Crandoil Kinhlng- am and Sarah Pauline Evran. ere selected to make posters. Thl. loss has aho been making a stuclj ! "Water." Reports have Ijtcn giv- n by Miriam Smith, Joe Burnett, Ora McLeod, Morse Kocfctitzkj :obert Jontz, Buddy 'Terry, Tot iarrison, fi. P. Oay, Sara Paulirit vrard, Anita Strake, JosD|ih Wool- ort, Dorothy Jean Foster, Gjehna lurie Qwyn. Experiments werc'glv- B. F. Gay and Golem ah S«i ens Jr. : " In the 7-A class they have' been ludyliig' air. Experiments were jcrforrried by Frances Pnrkcr/RutrT {nodes,- Annie Lee Halscli, Leali "rajices Parsley, Juanita Smith, Ely .itken, Tom Simon, Sybil Brackln, immy Hall, Blan Heath. Reports •ere given by Blan 'S. Heath, Patty UIIB Davis, 'Dixie ' English, Anrilc: Lee Halsell, Frances Parker. Homer, Beshares and Ely 'Aitken presented the 7-A class with a bui-: etin board. ^ Banister. The following program was given: Reading of the 23rd Ptalm by the school; talk on Safety >y Haiold Sudbury, a member of he Public Speaking class of high school; bones, Arkansas and Ain-sr- ca. The 1-B's arc enjoying "Raggedy Ann's" Sunny songs—Victrola records brought to school by Julia Wade Kochtltzky. Back Seat Driver Wins Divorce Suit Aztecs May Have Lived in United States COLUMBIA, Mo. (OP) — The Aztec Indians niay have once I'oam- cd In the central part of the North American continent; two' University of Missouri professors telleve. Dr. James B. Berry and Dr. Jess-.', anthropologists, expressed that m „„.„„,„ „„.„„ „„ „ cl opinion after they discovered pieces O f cruelty. She told the court ... of sculpturing near the Lake of tbe | a n cr her husband purchased Ctenrks at a point thought to bo' an old Indian camp. Tlicy fount! a sculptured stDiro 1'ead at a natural portage. The stone was of a (llffewnt variety than Is found in that region. The North American Indians, Dr. INDIANAPOLIS IUF)—A "\>\<A. icut diivcr'V won a victory In' su pcr!or court, here, when Mrs llclon Coins obtained a divorc. from Richard Coins on a charge In the English period In the 1-B group. Jlrnmle Holder .told very Interestingly sbonl a visit to Denver, Lookout Mountain arid Buffalo Bill's grave. Madeline Chllwoou's talk was about a trip to Calllorrila. She told the children about the pretty (lowers and the pretty homes she saw there. Harry Halnes entertained the group with a descrip- tlon of tile Lindbergh trophies tnai r.c saw while on a trip this summer. elite-mobile, he refused to le her ride in tho tront stai. "Whenever we went, nny place, she told Judge Russell Hyan, "h made ride in the back SCL Ho said the front seat was . Goins 1 cross-complaint was tha Berry said, were not to accomplish- i his wife spent loo much tim ed in primitive art as the Aztecs.' leading novels, li was overrule Tlie 2-B and 3-B • grades., with Mrs. Joe Craig, as teacher had charge of assembly Friday morning. The following program'was given: Hay. The Greedy Cat, by the 2^8; •Cittie band selection; .Snoemakers' Dance, glvcg by the 3-B grade; ongs, Arkansas and .America, by he school. 'The 1 following sturtshts of the Industrial ; : Art class ''of Junior high school hnve'macle several useful 'ar- •Icles to be used In the school; Ely Aitken-' qhuck Long and 'Homer Besharae: ' ' ' " Martha, .Wushburn -is. leading. ,th« 7th : gtaiJe girls in the baseball throw in jthe recreational period. The students leading in 7-B English', are: Sarah Pauline Evrard Dorothy Jean Foster, Glenn Ola Mcteod. • T;hc students having high:s grades in 7-B2 English are: Bon" nl* Jean Buchanan and Sue Ramey Throat hospital. George W.Barrtam, Attended to business in cape' QlrardeaUi Mo., yesterday. He nas In federal court Dick Russell,. prominent s^t- P. E. o,' dine Freeman; piano solo, Jcanetta meet twice ^ c * n Se^ingb; talk "Early Life .ot while fnaklng. ah argument. , '•'.'Mr.'.'and Mrs. .W'i A. Williams; Ti'.e junior high school library has received gifts of books (ron the following students: Nanc Klrshner, Charles Wood and Rob-; 1 ert Jontz. The 5-B class at'CentraMias'been ighlcned by transferring tne lol- owlng pupils io Lange school: with the children r the New Fall PIED PiPER SHOES are {\e**ef School thoei, drill lX««r, finul jurpriiffijty nAEORlVl prtC*!. AHriittth> «sc1un» Ktilth •nd comfort U'atur«», which *r» itthiUt only in P*d Pipin. Lit t>i ( You'll Like These New DRESS COATS A beautiful nnd select collection of fall and w inter co;its for fl v e s s .wear. Crepe Weaves and Broadcloth with F u r Trimming.' '• $29.75 to $49.75 Crio«i : .Jm»de' Orchard" WILLIAMS, - Cal,' (UP)— irds and sparrows have Is'walnut orchards and harrm alvln George for. years'. But never >d Farmsr George found that lackblrds and sparrows broke own • branches and limts of hk rees. He InvestigaWd or.e nljhc nd found hundreds;; whit, ranes rcostlng in his trees, xipv had flown In from distant rice fbi t u Courier News Wim Gem Theatre OSCEOLA. SUN-PN-TUK ' T»ec—Sunday Only~-2:30 Aclm.—Nifht—15 ami a5c Malinee—10 and 20e 'GRAND HOTEL' Sliown for the First Time in .This Section at. Popular Prices. Greta GARBO John BARRYMOOF Joan CRAWFORD Wallace BEERY Lionel BARPYMOOE Lew/s Sfone—Jean Hersholt POLO CO ATS We have just received 'a new shipment of these smartly styled sport coats. Appropriate for all sports .wear, arid certainly the;most \jiopular-ymode. ; thi.s . ,. Shown in i5i-o\viis. Blues, and In the 7-B social science class John Harp aiid' Emery McDonald Jack Saliba jr., .son o[ Mr. anci Spain," Jean Bourlaud; story "Voyages of Coluriibus," Landis Mcliod; talk ''The Disappointment nnd •s.- Jack -Saliba, had t party last .Djath of Colunibus," Lois Moon ening because it was his "third Critz ; piano soio, Alice Wave; story rthiiJaiC Mr.'and Mrs.Mike Saliba "Columbus,,a Brave Man," Harold iind baby and-Mft. G. A. George Dozier; poeri "Columbus." Lyhette recently pcrfrrmed an interesting Miss Gladys Barham has enter- expcrlinent sliowing the effect of ed training at'thu St.. Louis Bap- tcmiwraturc upon the water vapar Hit hospital. • . '• : ' r I ln ' l!lc alr George W. Barham will attend • to business in Memphis tomoiTow. | , Tne 8Ba class oi junior high has. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Corpen- ' di vldcd itself Into two sruu;)5 for ; Icr were In Jonesboro yesterday for a contest In the brushing ol their. a luncheon meeting- of tile -federal , teelh - Tho '.'White" side is one step children" 6f LiiJora, arid Mrs. Tucker. IJiatoh Saliba.and Children, of New, • • Sort' city. Ilittory CUt« >f Halloween decorations made » Sponsors Prognm, jestlve atrflo'sphere ahtl games arid The 7-A history class of Junior rlvc tomorrow to be the jilests of ^ontssfs'" the birthday cafce was high sclicol sponsored a pro-ram | Mrs-'.O. W. Dillalulnly. They will : ,*his motif was"Men In the candy . yesterday. -With Kuth Rhoacs nsI I )robabl i' be accompanied by Mrs. ^tups of dratige and black. ' cliairrnantliese numbers were eiven i " crbcrl - Davis of Pittsburgh, Pa., 3 Hi the contest'for' the prettiest "j,, rcmcmbranc-.ol Columbus Day who ls ' vlsltinr ' Her''parents, Mr. Albert Char!- Saliba. '9 smg -Columbus'and the Sailors." JJ."? Mrs ' WaltCr Hart| at Rlplcy> - - -. ' i "Georiraohic Conditlo-is Tiint'Hcli) 1 1 Mrs - J - W. Klines and claugiiter. .made the iiresentation. 'cd Columbus in His Voyages" Jua-•' Mrs ' Larrle Inlow ' ° r st - ^"i 5 ' Bill Trotter played the n|) . ] „„,„,,. ,, uic i,\ nAr „'„ „..„. j are here because ot the illness and Sam A. Plillilps, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rhodes of Hayti. Mo., have been In tlie city loan reprcsiilatlves in this district. I ah *Rd of the "Blue" side. George •Mr. and Mrs, 'Cecil Lw of Dy~-° r F ar b captain of the Blues nnrt crsburg, Tenn., «re expected lo ar- Maxlnc Brlgham K captain of the Whites. Central Srhcnl The weekly assembly i>eriod New. Wonderful Face Powder Sound the dining table where the "'-^os; song 'Columbia, Gem of Sarge':wi>ite birthday cake was !hc Ocean" students of the eighth Served-with 'SttawbeiTy ice.crsam Efade; "Life of. Columbus," Dixie jind' cake - [English; "Savannah. 1 - 1 Sybil The honored iiost received many ]|H»Te' Blbli; . it Members of the woman's group of tthe Church of Christ mst, with Ntrs. Jfaui Grimes Wednesday afternoon -fto7 a. Bible. £tudy with ilrs. H.. L. : jiSpiccr'ijf Luxora as leader. There jikcre U present. ' L. . Frances Parsley; "Lindbergh," Blan S. Heath; "Byrd' Homer Bsshcars'; "Mollison." Wln- n'.c J.. Hanvcll; original paem "Columbus." "America." Sybl) all. Br'ackih;.. .sons for several becau»3 6t lha George Williams city, wns nd- Mrs - s «« illness of : Mrs. Rhodes' father, S,im A. Phillips, who died yesterday.;. Among those who have arrived here because of-the death of Sam A. Phillips arc His son, Harold Phillips, of Memphis, and a niece, of Marked Tree. milted to the Blyllicville today. grandson, Phillips Hobinsan, of Nashville, Tenn. ' ;Prt'vciits Large Pores— . Stays oii Longer For a youthful complexion, ..„ new 'wonderful MELIiO-QLO race Powder. Hides tiny lines, wrinkles and .pores. New French r r occ.v= makes It spread more smoothly and stay- on longer. No more shlnj noses. Purest (ace rowder known Prevents large pores. Ask tcdaj tor new, wonderful face iiowdor MfcLLO-GLO, that suits every complexion. Klrby Drug Comp.iny o Ktrby Brotliers Drug Co —Adv $10.95 To $19.75 Other Sport Goats - - Sport mix- lures, plain Uhd fur irim- nicd. All new colors. $19.15 To $32.75 As o Play — it ran o v e r a .year on f Broadway As a Picture —it played to record cro|vds for "months; at the Astor Theatre, in New York And Now It Comes to You! t h e Greatest E n lertainrnent HALL SISTERS SHOPPE Dirccled by EDMUND GOULDING .From Vickl Baum'a play OSTER'S SHOE STORE THE GREATEST SHOE VALUES EVER OFFERED IN BLYTHEVILLE 'Ladles'"N*w:.' 1'umps and ties'.''"Su«lc and Kid—All -.(Ieels; AA;l» C, si/cs,;). %1.95and t TO*»»..:»":V.* »." I,artlfs Billikfii Arrli Shoes iii Tics, Pumps and Str.ii>s. Medium arid. High "eels. P.lnck unit Brown Sut-dt anil Kids. AAA to C. \\tlt & nnd '8C. Now S4.00 Children's Shots - : A compltic stock ot C'liiliihfH's Kho». Hillikcn und i.lfc shors, Wark ~ arfl Elk, ^yhilc and . All shcs. JJi to U. Priced : . Men's and litij.s' Work Shovs in Ijlai'k amMan. All leather or I'anco soles. Priced Low $1.29-1.95 Special Value. Men's Billiken Oxfords—S5.TO sellers,- floor samples in bliitk :\nd brown in new styles. A Real Value! $2.95 Men's Doablc-Iiifc \Vork Shoes. N.ilural Helan Trench Blucher, J4 iron lealhcr sole with heavy. I'anco oiuer stie, metal horseshoe plate .heel. We arc the otily one In ItijthevillS, lhal sell you the Double-Life Shoe. 45 FUIEN'DI/Y-'FIVE SHOKS AND OXFORDS The' season's new styles. Be sure and sec • the new I'rleiidiy Vive. Dress Boat. FRIEND^ FIV

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