The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1948
Page 12
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(ARK.) 1 OOUTtlE* X*Wi War Goods Sales to Russia Probed S«y« Deal m '47 Grant Mtloua SUM WASHINGTON, Mar. XS. (UP) — A Wublngton, D. O. aircraft deal- «r l«lUled yesterday that the State Deportment g«v» him a go-ahead iut ye»r on the sate of »MO,000 In gurpfett akerait engines and parts to RuMta. Richard V. Finclce, president of tfo Alpine Corp., said the FBI al•o cl«»rea the shipments, but urged him to keep tt "fully Informed" on •ny future denls he might make with Russia "or any other country behind the iron curtain." He testified before the Hoaw BurpHi* Properly Committee, which alio If making a New York dockside Investigation of TJ. S shipments to Uie Soviet Union, j Mounting demands both In and out of Congress to hnlt shipments to Russia, were highlighted' by these other development*: 1. Secretary o[ Commerce W. Av- ercll Harrlman told a House Armrd Services Subcommittee thnt steps are being taken to block further exports of potential war material to Rticsla, 1. Sen. Burnet R. Mnvbank, D., B. C., demanded that Attorney General Tom Clark bring to uook all persona responsible for shipping to Russia airplane engines and other material "which mny eventually be used against Wedding Planned Julia Kenney, daughter of Clen. and Mrs. Gcuruc C. Kcniiey, will many Lt. Edward (.' Hongland, Jr., of ijjiiisville, Ky. General tenncy commands the Air Fore* Strategic Air Command. Jap 'Mata Han Executed on 5 Minutes Notice and *. almost treasonous." President Truman, describing ] ELS & friendly nation at pre- j iit, said most of the material ; | PEU'ING, Mnr. 2G. (UP)— Vasll- ; Iko Knwiishhna, the Mnnchu prln- who played Mntrn Hnrl to ; Japan's invasion of China, was ' t-xccutcd on live minutes notice yesterday as she knoll on the fros- J ty ground of a Chinese prison yard. I Dressed in B 1 ' C Y prison Rnll), the j once-beanltfnl spy known to thou- 3 Sen. Styles Bridges, R, N. H.. • sniuls ns "Radium Jade" scorned called such shipments "disgraceful . the support of two Jailers. Slie walked alone to the place of exe- cuUon. Only five minutes before the cold murale of a pistol wus laid aKtilnst being shipped now wos bought in ; the nnpe of her neck, Mi. c s Knwa- thls country two year ogo. He said ! shlrna learned that her last ap- the Commerce Department was | peals for life had heen turned handling the situation. I down. Harrlman Questioned A court official snid her plea Harrlman was questioned prl- 1 for a new trial had heen rejected. »»t*rjr for n»arly two hours by the j He asked If sh« hnd anything to Armed Services Subcommittee on j say. export* of potential war material. ! She asked ami was grnniiHl |wr- GhRirmnn Paul W. Shafcr said ; mission to write a brief farewell there Is no plan to halt all exports note to her loster-fnther. After to RusslR. But. he -said, Hnrrlnmn [ that no sound or sign of emotion tuxured the committee that steps j escaped her. A quick, soft sigh cnme are being taken to assure that no from her throat as the single bill- further shipments are made of let tore through her brain and .''goods th«t help build up the Rus- [-mouth. Wealthy Owner Of Cafe Robbed N«w Orl«oi»* Man Lo«« Car, $10,000 Woftk of Jewelry NBW ORLEANS, Mulch 26. (UP) —Two bnndtu lured & well-to-do restaurant owner into » gymnasium owned by » police captain, kidnapped him and robbed him of $10.000 worth of Jewelry and his KOOO au " lomobile. Tl» restaurant owner, Vinccnl n'Angnsumi, 32, said they made him xet back into his nuto after ho arrived at the gymnasium and drove him around for five hours, with f gun stuck In hi* side. They lef him off a block from hLs home »f lor daylight, but fccpl the auto. In Slidell, Iji., across Lake Pon phirlrain from New Orleans, h said, they held two guns on hiir and made him BO into a rextaur ant and sign over the auto to "F-d ward Schelenxky." D'AiiRianna looking through the rogue's lory, identified CHIP of (tin bandit.s 3* »n ex-convict wanted lor another robbery. He was at hi* home about 1 n.m. he said, when he received a telephone call from the gymnasium owned by Police Cap!. Arthur Marullo. Mnnillo's nephew, Victor, who the gymnasium, told him to bring his recording machino over, that a mnn wanted to buy it, Victor Mnrullo said tile bandits were holding guns on him and bad dictated whnl he was to tell D'An- gianni o« the lelephone. When D'AnRlamii arrived and before they left with hi"', they 'old Mnrullo they would kill D'Anninnnl if he called the police. D'Angiannl said they demanded $50,000 but he told them he "didivl have that kind of money." Their loot'Included $2 In cash they found on him. They overlooked a $2.500 wrist watch in D'Angianni's coal pocket. -oreign Subs Reported Seen Off U.S. Coast MacArthur Fans to Meet MILWAUKEE, V/Lw., March X. (UP»—Representatives of at tecust 20 states will attend the national conference oi MacArthur for President clubs here Saturday, National Chairman Lansing Hoyt said yesterday. WASHINGTON, Mar. Jfi. (UPl — Secretary of Navy John Ij. Sulli•an said yesterday that .submari- "not. Ix^longiUK to nny nation West of the 'Iron curtain" 1 ha x'fn sixhted recently off tlie Atn- rican coast. "1 urn not prepared k> evaluate -he significance of sightings." he .said. "However, we all recall that an early step of the Germans in 1917 nnd 1041 was to deploy submarines off our coasts. Sullivan told of the submarines, which he presumably meant wei> Russian, In testimony before the .Semite Armed Services Committee. He said Russia no\v has more than 250 operating submarines. He contrasted that figure with less thnn 50 submarine* the Germans were operating at the outset of World War I!. And yet, he said, the Germans "very nearly won the battle of the Atlantic." Sullivan .said Russia has obtained new German submarines, Including four of the latest design. Russia HOW controls four large German shipyards, which produced U-boats, and hns German blue prints nnd parts as well as designers, engineers nnd technicians, he said. He testified, that the United States had not'yet perfected coun- tcrmeasures against latest-type submarines. Research indicates that a "complete solution will be most difficult," he said, Mimeograph, 5 Stencil Firm's Monopoly Ends Mrs. ing I and Presents l+ading for Retmriant A reading, "King Robert of »iet- y," from Longfellow'* "Tatei of A •Vay.side Inn," was presented by Mrs. Fanner England yesterday loon at the weekly meeting of the Hotary Olub in the HotM Mobie. Other gueeU were M«. Adel* Winbom o( Arkadelphin. R. W. Nichols of Armorel, WiUlam Stovall of Blytlieville and Oharl«i IdulUau, Junior Kolarkm. Head Courier M«w« Wat Adi. Six Families in One House Stirs Court's Wrath CHELSEA, MH.SS. (t)P>—A one- fa inily house was converted into apiirtmetits for six families total- It; persons, it wns disclosed at a district heuring on various charge.s the landlord. "And this is America," commented Judge John W. McLeod as he looked at police pictures of the interior of the house. OI^EVELAND, March 26. (UP) — The government, yesterday won victory in its anti-trust case against the mimeograph and .stencil indus- Triofi monopoly and Federal Judge Emcrich B. Freed signed consent decree. 1 ? wiping out the A, B. Dlcit Co. 7nonopoly, The defendant companies anc I heir top officials in lite criminal phase of the case were fined $100,500 and costs after they changer their pleas from not guilty to nolo cotueudere, The defendant firms were the A B. Dick Co., of Chicago; the Mini eograph Co., Ltd., Chicago: C. H Dexter nnd Sons, Co., Windsor Lock, Conn., John A. Manning Co., Troy, N. Y., and Aldine Paper Co., New York, N. Y. The consent decrees ordered the Dick company to: 1. Dedicate to the public on a royalty-free basis all of its patents tor 10 years, 2. Dedicate its mimeograph trademark to the public. 3. all of its machines, processes, plans and "know-how" to other interested companies without cast, 4. Cease engaging hi retail snlos oxci-pt on a national basLs for five years, closing all of Us branch offices. First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLET1 PBOT»CT1OM 10« Hot* M. BILL WILSOM CKAR'LDS BfTTNBR j Th« Manning Co. d«cre« enjoined the firm from bringing any suitfi to enforc* it* patents in the manufacture, .sal« or use at paper base stencils, and from granting any j preferential treatment to the DicK | defendante or any other hrm«. | Here's How to get Early ' Spring Defi'very on • New EVINRUDE Get in ahead of the spring nish when there are never enough Evin- rudps to i;t) nround! Call and choose your motor now. A 20% deposit will give you priority delivery on a sparkling new '18 Evinrude. We will accept a few used motors of approved makes at fair trade-in allowance. We have in stock for Immediate delivery, a limited quantity of 5 4-10 K.P. and 9 7-JO H.P. Evin- r i Her oxncl aye was unknown, but j she was belie vctt comparatively young. Her pinched, waxen face as she knelt before her executioners retained little trace of the beauty which had made her the confidante of high-ranking Japanese and Chinese officials. She looked like a middle-aged toothless GhHiC'Sc woman, as a result of the ordeal or her treason ' trial, the prison reglmcr and the to Russia and scrr> ravages of u long-unsatisfied opium bo Japan ocfore World habit. •fan war potential.' Shafer did not disclose nny spc- dific steps. Maybftnk said he wants Clark to : Jlnd mit If thwe \s a law under "which indictmenU cnn be obtained against persons responsible for .•hipping potential war mater ' f\ to Russia. "If not, 11 he «id, "then \cl Congress pass one." - Maybftnk drew a parallel between •hipments Minybank told DeTenae Secretary James ForresLal that he had written Clark this morning to "beg" tor the indictments- tiater, he told reporters they '•ticmlrt include persoas "inside or out" of government. May bank's stntenicnt came aa ;Chairman Ross Rizlcy, R., Okla,, of the House Surplus Property Committee ordered a dock side check on how much potential war material is being shipped to Russia. Mnsal tribes of Kenya Colony, East Africa, desert a village immediately after a death has occurred in it. Read Courier News Want Ads. '.University of Kentucky Rejects Negro Student LEXINGTON, Ky., March ». (UP)—The University of Kentucky .yesterday Informed Lymnn Jolin'«on, 33, Louisville, Negro high school teacher, that hia application for admission to the school is against the •chool's policy and state law. Johnson sought entrance to the .Summer session as a graduate -student In history. Dean Maurice F. Seay. University reRistrar, said ba had mailed Johnson a letter stating, "it is t'hc policy of the University not to admit Negrbcs and this policy is accord with the state constitution and state law." The Dean said he expected representatives of the National Association for Advancement of Colored People to file a suit in Jolinson> behalf, chtilicny-ii^ the constitutionality of the state law. James A. Crumlin. head of the Louisville NAACP said, however, "it is not our desire or our purpose to . create any ill will. We had hoped | the University of Kentucky would accept John-von without controversy. We will have to wait until we receive the dean's letter before we make the next move." M e Kl N N ON Manila, Ark. EAT YOUR EASTER SUNDAY DINNER \. SYCAMORE HOUSE Arkansas-Missouri State Line Roast Turkey Dinner $1.00 Home Baked Rolls and Desserts STEAKS! FISH! CHICKEN! Thomas J. 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