The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1944
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVJLLE (AliK.) COUiUER NEWS •. BSON IN WASHINGTON Profiteer Scandals Feare d i BV PETER EDSON :> Courier News Washington ;' ' Correspondent §oiuethtng would seem to be all- inp-'with the entire governmental system of self-Inspection. There nie curienUi C3 congies- siohsl 'committee and subcommittee special investigations on various phases of the war effort, ns conducted by sundry government departments, bureaus nnd agencies. These are in addition lo the prob- money. There will always be costly, expenditures of both. There will always be bad contracts, graft, collusion, profiteering. No matter what kind of an organization you might set up, you couldn't slop these mistakes even if you bad an Inspector looking over the shoulder of every government employe." I TJIK ARGUMENT 11ACKF1KES | But doesn't an nlibl of this sort defeat Its own argument? It may | Menard Death Caused By Railway Accident Details of (lit 1 drain of N. a. Menard April 11 were learned litre today from a story In a Cleveland, iiew.spnijcr which 'reported thiu Die 20-ycnr-old former Hlythcvllle man was killed when .struck by a New York central electric (rain at ti crossing in Cleveland.. Tile New York bound train carried the ear 2000 yards, iui ( | so the machine thai police could not tell whether the car was a sedan or coupe, Mr, Mcnard'.'i idcnilly was traced through license IHnti'S of thu car. He svas alone when the accident occurred. The Courier News was cvroneous- >' InforincU that the man had been killed In a storm. This report came as a result of misinformation from Cleveland. ' Hawaii "pi uctlcally Mover" has a hurricane. THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1'>M explain lii part ivliy Ilierc nrc so ings'iof the 80 standing commit- many congressional Investigations tws"*pf the. House and" Senate, the today, \vliy the number of congrcs- grana total . of 140- odd commit-j Investigations Is apt to In- tecs; being nearly as impressive as crease rather than decrease. And it the •number of alphabetical admin- brings you back lo the original pic- Istratlve and war agencies itself. | mlse thai something would seem in spite of this. Comptroller > (o be ailing wit hlhc government's General Lindsay c. Warren declares system of self-Inspection, that (lie war profiteer is on the! In the struggle between Hie exe- loose and that he fears a multlpli- cutlve and legislative branches of city of scandals growing out of. the government It has been propos- war-contracts. e<l at various limes lhat the Coil- Offlclals in the executive depart-' firc,ss should have a permanent menU" ot the government—sccreta- \ slaff, constantly keeping check on ries, undersecretaries, ndmlnistra- Hie executive Agencies, responsible tors, co-ordinalors, chiefs, chair- lo and reporting only to Congress, men, admirals and generals — no Whether that would work Is open doubt sit back In pop-eyed despair in debate. It inlglil create a con- at : times, wondering why so many gro.sslonal bureaucracy, adding so congressmen critlcl/e the way gov- much to the lircscnt entanglements. ernnient agencies do things, taking of administrative rod Upc dial up the valuable time ot Important nothing would ever gel done ami people who have work to do and a lhat Congress llself. would lie de- war to win. It's a fair question. .strayed as a purely legislative body. Why all this rash ol congres- becoming instead live super-cxccn- sicnal Investigations, prompting " v e. , Chairman John J. Cocliran of the 'House Accounts Committee to complain that these Investigations were themselves costing a million dol- lars.a year, lhat the House of Representatives should be rechristcned the House of Investigations? Of .course it couldn't be that W'AltS'lXG OUDKU In the Chancery Court, CIIIC1CA- SAWBA DISTRICT, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Anron Lee Alexander, Plaintiff, wi ,iuu.ioi7 jt LUUILIII v uir ujui. „ ' ou ^"' there was anythlnE wrong. To the, F ™ ls Alexander, Defendant, administrative mind, all Ihis is Just' , a "°, aefendiml, Francis Alexan- poJitics. Congressmen have to get fl< ;!'; , ts 'I 0 "*? warned to appear re-elected, this is an election year,' w "J 1n Jhlrtydays In the court nam- they like publicity. Bui If you go for Ihe old "where there's smoke, there's lire" stuff, the answer Isn't lhal simple. A TREMENDOUS J01) •There is nothing healthier than ed in the caption hereof nnd answer Ihe complaint ot the plnlntlH, Aaron Lee Alexander. D.itecl this 10 dny of April, 1941. ' HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Pllf a tough congressional Investigation,! Cp p - Cooper, Atty. ad Ltlom. well conducted. Recalling the mess! of •investigations "after the last war,' early lii this war it was determined by'Congress that nn effort should be made to conduct the investigations while the fighting was still going on, to prevent mistakes rather" than lo wait until after they had happened and were beyond correction. I The result was Ihe Senate's': Truman .Committee lo Investigate the National Defense. It Is generally given credit for : aving clone a lre~- mendous job. . ' It has saved the taxpayers millions' ot dollars merely by being in existence, like a chcck'rcih, to keep the official gentlemen riding the high government, horses from falling on their buckets. The easy and frequently heard alibi of administrators whose mistakes are exposed Is to Ihe effect: "Sure there have been mtslakcs. This Is war. There isn't lime to proceed carefully. We must move boldly "Slid take risks. War in itself is wasteful. It costs lives as well as •l[13-20-27-5>l Clean-Up in Italy BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If Itnclaclio Bin! leg jmng arc niaVtnR you ini5trablc,Uun'tjualcoiiiiila.iiiRiiildoiiotliinc cbout them. Natuio tuay i»o \varumgyou [tint your kidncya nwsl nllcntion, Tho tillfici-garu Nature's cliicf way of InVinR n«sa acitla nnd poisonous waste oul of Itio Mood. They licip most pcopla pass about 3 I>ml3 n day. ' l( tho 15 miles of kidney (ubca and fitton don t work well, poisonous waato malter slays in (ho Wood.These poisons innyslart iiJigRinz backaelics, rliouiuatio pains, |*R paiiu, lusa ol pen,and cncre)'. KCtUnR up nCslits, BwctUng. pumncsa utiilcr llio cyoa, licndaclica anil dini- rifaa. Froqocnt or eci nty pawn «ca witii a run 11- in^antiburcinRsonicliincsahoiv'Stli^roisaonic- litiojc Krone whh your klilneya or bladder. * l)on t wail! Ask your ilni^Rut for Donn's I ills, use*} successfully by millions for orcr 40 years. They ciye hnppy relief and will liehi tbo jo imles cl klAney tubca fiath out poison- cm wuto from (bo blood. Got Doan tVilli, Keep Your Library Up To Betf•< Current Best Sef/ers. 1 "Books ... (o keep you silting on the edge of your chair, lo .make you chuckle willi glee, lo lake you inlo liie Pirn's underground or to bring you mo'- mcnls of recollection. All in handsomely bound unabridged editions thai will look well in .your library. And priced lo 'please your budget! Sketched nre just a few of our nomitiir new fiction. lilies. OTHER GEST SELLERS: 49c — 50c — 69c H!!!!K^ KEEP US. Flf -THE INDIANS WERE A STRONG AND STURDY RACE-THEY COULD RUN WITH THE SPEED OF A DEEO.GUMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, SWIM THE WIDEST LAKE WITH LITTLE DIFFICULTY • IN SHOUT THE AMERICAN INDIAN WAS A MARVELOUS • ATHLETE/ ;.Their village, one of those : snowed" under by tons of dust, ' oshes and cinders during the recent eruption of Ml. Vesuvius, a group of Italians gets busy shoveling the volcanic debris ol! stairs of Ihcir home. A/OW? flNDHOU)/ I CAN 7 TEACHER! Ks: THIS IS THE END OF OUR HISTORY LESSON FOR TODAY. MOW WILL ONE OF THE PUPILS GIVE ME HIS OPINION OF WHY THE INDIAN WAS SUCH A STRONG AND HEALTHY MAN? -BECAUSE HE GOT PLENTYOF EXERCISE, FRESH AIR AND SUNSHINE AND ATE GREEN VEGETABLES AMD U>r5 OF This Weekend's Specials ENRICHED with VITAMIN B-l FRESH ORANGE LAYER CAKES They're Delicious/ FRENCH BREAD Baked Fresh Every Day! Blylhcvllle Oiviic ( l-Etuployin B lll.vtlicvllle I'coplc A STOHKgivcsits host s e r v i c e wIten it is also A good friend niul neighbor to ils ctis- tonicrs. Il wisin this spirit lliiit i\Ir. I'ciuicy started his first little store in Kcnimcrcr, Wyoming, '12 years ago this month. Ail these ye.irs, we liavc steadfastly tried to he good neighbors, and, in luni, our customers have shown ns the warm friendly regard that neighbors bestow on those they like :;nd trust. AH these years, their confidence and good-will has remained undisturbed. The thrifty homemakers who shop at Pcimey's know they can depend 011 us for the things they need, in the dependable qualities they tnnsl have, at prices that .arc ricbt. Work or I 1 lay Comfort! Moccasin OXFORD Tough :iml trim standby for heavy-duty wenr! Of supple nissot glove leather, composi- lion sole, rubber heel. inff Tool .Iny! Casual Slack SHOES Favorite for school or sporls! Soft, yet -sturdy glove leather with comfortable moccasin toe, tough plastic soles. VWMtH. UK (/ BRENTWOOD DRESSES fo take yoss £v@s°ywhere The sunny side of your wardrobe! Delightful cotton frocks to keep your home life guy! Every bit as appropriate for your sports activities! Karberpolc .stripes, [|ii;iint checks or blossom-sprinkled priuLs! With personality in the trimmings. Misses' and women's sixes. Tiny Charmers for All-Occasions* SOFTIE BASR. HATS So Much Fashton-Riglitncss! Such a Tiny Price for Butter soft felts ami shin ing si raw pompu- dours, tiny calots, Dutch caps and half hats flaUeriiig vcilerl and a perfect foil for every hair-do. Costume colors in styles voti'll adore for casual, day-long or date-time wear. I'eiilivc Ideas for a (lay Table! HAND-PAINTED CHINAWARE 1.98 ea. Companion pieces for your dinner or luncheon sets ... a graceful vase, your choice of three quaint pitchers, n leaf- shaped celery tray and cake Iray. All In beautifully hand-painlcd nottcryl Utility Course for Wartime Meals 25-PC. BREAKFAST SET 7.90 Tor a cheerful brnikfiist InWo . . . prelly cnouuli tor ll«hl luncheons and ultciuooii Ion, too! The lovely Jonquil dccornlUm will always remain hrlniu. nnd never wear off ... It's Milled under llir> Imrd (flawsd surface! Complete service for lour, Including a f.ervltiR dish, covered Mignr nnrt crenmer. 1'rotect Clolhcs With Extra-Space WARDRO BES 5.98 Today, more lhan ever, you must take good care of your clothes. Slorc them In this solidly built wardrobe. Made of heavy krnft board, reinforced with wood, it has full-length overlap doors.

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