The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ' : ;f Bnbgcs Bitsy BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS SPPHI5 Cronin Faces Tesl; Wolves ' ( To liowl ){ Grimm's Cubs' Fallcr IlV.niOHARI) MrCAW I NK4 Scrvlre S|mrls \Vnlci ' The X which marks the spot/ Is as crowded as a Doweiy tcn"- .ment UiO'e daj.s—trowdcd nilh v orrleil junior league mamigets . ram of Ihpm aie standing •-fiuarcly on the spot 'Ihcy aie Chailsy cinmin of Ihe Chiragol Ci'bs, Joo Cronin of tho lioston Urd Sox. Eleve O'Neill of lire Cleveland Inrttis and Holers Hornsby of the St. Louis Bioum On the outskirts of the .spot are n-anWo rrlsch of the St louts .Cardinals, owl Jimmv Wilson of the Phllodrlphh Phillies Theli tiams must ic-foim (iror of their ways m nny nftcr the season starts any or them might come up lo and ask for n Job Cionlu's position In roslon most, hisecurc of all Of couisc Joe's nvc-ycnr contract at $30,00( per season still has three scat of life and it is so Iron-clad that not even Joe Could 01 JImmj Uraddock could uicak It Hut, If (he Hed Sox continue io floundci, llieie'i, nothing U: nrcicnl Tom Yavvkev fiom paving Joe oil and lilting a new manager. After all, n man who has flung 43.000.0CO lo Ihe four winds nnd Conine Mack Isn't going to let a mere mallei of $90,000 In pin the day one yoi money stand between him and icallznllon of pennaiiL ambitions Friendship Means No(li|u ff Yavvkcy liking Cronin personally won't spaie Joe Yavvkcy also liked Bucky Hauls, who did n far better job thai Cronin with fai less and jet Ynwkey let him out. But If he gels thai $90.000 to pack his toes, Cronin won't feel so badly about leaving Every day in Ihe Hub has been n mornlng- aflei lo him. wllh nrlma donnas wrangling among themselves nnd with him Bin Werber, traded from Boston lo the Philadelphia Alhlelics this winlei, vvns (clllng some home-town pals in Washington the other day lhat even the looMes second-guessed Cionln Grimm and Filsch have the mast unhappy jobs In Ihe Nn- lional. Tlieir bosses and the fans didn't .like the vu Giants sweep up to win last year. Philip K Wrlgley no doubt bc- llevftl (|iat his Cubs should have won the 1830 ^pennant and thcie •was talk at the world senos-that Gabby' Harlnett •would succeed Gumm Thh may coine'to pass this season if the Cubs donVshow mote. life. As foi Frisch, he Is working f6r the ?,fessrs Sam Brepdon and Branch Rickey, who will stand lor aiiylhlng (as evidenced by Dl?zy Dean) but defeat Two years in a row now thes' have seen their undermanned club wilt In the heat of the home they let the from Ihe i cai Winning Ihb Surf Club championship' at Miami Beach, Don. nudee broke the clay couil Jinx held over him by lirynn (liilsy) Grant. The nation's No. 1 amateur has both Icet off the ground as he e\eculcs a mighty backhand durlmj the course of his hrst victory over Atlanta's Mighty' Atom In five slart.s. stielch Ncltlici lime has It becu]:T>/-^TTrpo T>irkl7/~iYTrpC' irisch's fault but the cl.ib own- HU U 1 3 KLlJliUU I a is don t dgiiic Unit way and a' .hiid -.linlghl peiiiianllcss ycni'| nighl sec Frisch deposed. Deal Hlics Uevel nut I ins Of coiuse, Steve ONclll In ilcvchind Is on Ihe spot. But this Isn't news, It Is just n dog-blk's-nmn item. Cleveland managers of recent years, have been on (llieli vi-ij out before they've hardly • gotten their coals off. Already, however. Cleveland fans aio guunbllng about the seen Inglj ditlfy deal Ihe Indian management made with the Browns—von know, Vosmlk-Knlckerbocker-flilde- brand ,,!oii Bollcis-Lary-Am\vcws. Ilie fans paitlculnly resented pop- Vpsmlk's going, Joe being a ular If home town boy. 'this-, deal turns out badly O'Neill. ,comn jSentembei wlll^bi. nrltlnj to Wallei 'johiT'oii nnd asking him if he'd like to have some help, down on lliat farm. Rogers Hmnsby was ie|X)itC(l to huvc nlinost lost his job when Ihe Browns changed ownership. His pcsilion Is still uncertain. The ]icvv owners arc ninbitious fellows who want action Rogcis will have to give It lo them 01 gel going. And, as tor Jimmy Wilson of the Phillies, he's liable to be fired any day just as n matter of course. When n team is In a rut like the Phillies a manager is never^ safe. Jimmy wouldn't mind being filed so much, at that. Thcv bn> Hint his regiet in Phlin delphln is that he's never been nble to trade 'himself. ISGRACE I INTO CTORY J IEUT. ULYSSES SIMPSON JJ GRANT resigned from the army in disgrace in 1854, rather lhan face charges of intemperance. Tor years he worked as a humble clerk Then came the Civil War, and Grant tried to come back. But his record v\as against him, Genera] Halleck, commander of. the Army of the West disliked htm, end the public disclaimed htm. i Gradually, however, Grant's ge- tnus (ought its way through lo recognition. President Lincoln believed in him, and his popularity waxed and, waned, as he won and lost battles.'; Victories at Ft. Donelson. then Vicksburg and Chatr tanoogs heaped honors upon hjm until Lincoln put him in supreme command o( the Union army When finally he laced General Lee, victory came at last, and great public acclaim, • The honor thrust upon him ogain turned sour, (or during his presidency came the horrors or reconstruction, Black Friday, the Credit,MObiller exposures and the Whisky Ring scandals, which broke his fighting spirit. He sought refuge by travel, and returned penniless and Shunned.' His picture appears between those of Sherman and Sheridan on the new three-cent army etamp. s i Famify .Moves on''Camels SYDNEY (UP) — Housekeeping for. a family whose possessions are normally packed on the backs of two camels is Ihe lot of Mrs, Richard Jones, who has jiibt arrived here with her husband and 18- mo'nth-bld baby after n trek of 1 500 miles. Sitilfisli. Mai'lin, Tuna Tesl Tackle and Muscle HI l)ecj> Water 1!V C'AI'T. OIJOItflK M. STKVKNS VrHran (Julde anil I'islierman, MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Jail. 12.— WUh $1.100 In prizes offered salt water niiglm for record finny 'cllows In Ihe metropolitan Miami fishing tournament, now under wily tuxl lasting until April IB, '.his section Is thn Mecca lor Nlm- 'oils. The most .songlil-aflcr deep sea are Ihe tuna, , marlln, .• and •tfllllsh, with mnnyi .smaller fish '^ciny the goal of surf casters. There are plenty of fishing •{rounds In this neighborhood for •my type of sail water fishermen. The Gulf stream hires, the deep son angler, miles of sandy shore allract the surf easier, while a new $50,000 flsrlng pier here Is a 'plendld haven for smaljer . fish, such us pompano, bliieflsli, mack- srrl. and jacks. But the supreme thrill In these waters Is landing-a heavy deep water fish oil light tackle. A huge (leet of boats from Ihis city and olhcr.s nearby go forth every morning In quest of thorn. It's rare sjioi't. • ' First, let's take the saliash. We used lo drift with live bait for these fellows, but now we troll in the Ciutf Stream, from three to tight miles out, use medium weight tackle, nnd outriggers to hold the lino. Anglers Flew KKcs Years ago klle fishing was found successful in catching sailfish. A kllc was flown aboul 50 lo 75 feel behind the boat, on the : line .or which was>a clothespin. Th'c s nng- Icr's • line was attached to the tlolhes pin. • Resulting action of Ihls combination made the ball skip across Ihe water In the 'manner of a (lying fish, nnd the sails would strike viciously wilii Iheir sword. A strike would free the fisherman's line from the kite line, nnd he was then on his own. --•'•,!•" This .method had its drawbacks due to wind conditions, anil "led to development of the outrigger. This consists of two poles extending about 35 or 40 feet, In the hlr on an angle of 00 degrees. .Fishermen attach Ihcli- llnc.s to these outriggers with clothespins,' . and two baits lire Irolled at the same lime. .The boat is thus able -to travel In any direction. When a fisherman feels the ball struck, 'he releases about M feet of line, giving the fish thu impression he j- has • kilted i his prey' Tlie qiinrry 'then gobbles it. ' The light then begins. .,.' The'.first shock for the an°ltr almost pulls him' from his sent: After n long battle, depending on (he size i of flsh and tackle used, the guide grasps the Hsh by the bill and hoists him overboard —or. releases him on freeing the nook, i'he latter,method is a ges- :ure of .good ''sportsmanship. Tlie bine inarlin is a hip brother Don Lash and his Indiana teammate, Tommy Dcckard, shown hilling Ihe tnpc, Irealcd Ulaino and Wnync Hideout in (he Uvo- mile run of Ihe Millrosc Games ; nl Madison Square Garden just like the North Texas College twins treated Lash on Ihe New Ycaf's Sugar Bowl program in New Orleans. Lash and Blainc passed each oilier 15 times as Dcckard won. U. S.— 1937 ( t Sherman, Grant, and Sheriifam LEARN TO FLY Complete Solo Course - Dual Flying - $6 $ 50 Solo - $5 Charter Trins — Anywhere — Anytime Reasonable Kates CREWS AiR SERVICE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1937 from the edge o( the Qylf i lo Ihp picturesque little Bajjamnn Isle, Mlmlnl You troll for him In Hie same ininnrr iw fishing fpr 'all, bill be piepared lor'ii loiighcr hnlttle. lies a tnll- .vnlker par excellence. | 'Ihe while- marlin, v,ho.-.e lower body Is silvery white, is a great' (Ighter.. although hot running • so large as the blue. My wife holds Ihe world record for ihls flsli;-a 150-poiinder landed last spring off Himlnl. 1 ' . ; The'lima Is Ihe bull of ttin seas.j Tic' 1 Into one'nnd you'll think you' have a bull by Ihe horns. .;; The bluefln will keep you 'on the business end of a rod from, one lo nine hours, and once you have landed a big boy. you really have achieved .something. Tlie fish, starts off with a mad rush at your lure, usually n Japanese feather jig. His rise resembles that 01 a submarine. He grabs your ball like a flush of lightning; and you gasp at the sl/.e of him. 'file first mad rush lifts you out of your chair. As an example of Ihe fish's speed, one was clocked in the Gulf Stream this season, that ran off 700 yards of 39 Ihread In 43 '.seconds. The blue (In , is a deep-water fighting fish, furnishing a test of strength more lhan one of skill. A cousin to Die blue fin, the yellow nn, also is a game baltler. although seldom going over 100 pounds. All go toward making deep sea angling the sport of king and commoner. m Hermit, Irked; , Neighbors Too Close SALT Kueke, 78"->enr-oid 'hermit of"the Wa-satch,' 1-, disgusted with her- niitfn-,'. /' ; lle'can't get ti.way from people. '; -it; "all started early this winter when, snow caved in the roof oi' .Kucke's tiny cabin In lonely Little {Coltpnwood Canyon, and WasatcH 'WUIpnal Forest .Rangers -forced ;»yU,:io move nearer a highway so iioad lo I Ink Relcli anil liali- HOME (UPl-iPlans for ii'4150- 000000 highway linking M f ln [ c i, lo Jjoine. are b'ing drawn upibv Kalians Gcrnnn and Auslrljnv mcs' modern- motor'i-oad'in iho v.orld. j BEIUJN (UP)-Sucl) .vords „,- "lior.s d'oenvre" and "consomn e"! must .disappear from menus .'oft Merman hotels and restaurants.! The government has ordered pro- : i"-ietors to "purify hotel language i , . . ,. racma ("oitld. like lo niove to Florida or California. The cat's favorite food ii oranges, which It eats as greedily .as most cats, do fish VOlYear Memento Pound ; TIFFIN, O, (UP) — P. E. M. Baldwin has received a small piece of birch bark on which his sister, brother and two cousins inscribed Iheir names VO >ears ago'. Tlie memento was sent to him by Peter A. Elliott. 01-year-old Civ 1 !! War-Veteran, ; Mrs. Emil Denemarlc sets the pace among leading money- winning owners this winter. Phenomenal success enjoyed by Mrs.. Dcnemark's pretentious string at Tropical Park continued at Hialcah, where with the meeting but one-llmd gone it has-accounted for 10 viclones, .including, a. numbei of stake and- overnight features The petite Chicago matron finished seventh in total purses last year with $109,050. lo Ihe snilnsh. He runs up to several hundred pounds, the record in near-by wateis being a 036 pounder. Fishing for him remines !t/0 tncklc, as lie exerts a terrific pull on'the rod. and tears off as much as 1500 feet of line. Tuna Is Bull of Sea The innrlin is encounteied nny- R«ad-Conner News Want Ads.' •^^^•^^^^••••••••^•i Strange But True; M MUOUWN SUft F*« M HW W UlPUMit Government Loan Cotton Phone 107 ' APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Btrllg Blilf. Blylheville, Ark. Time To Paint-Up "on't hi jour buildinjs deiir- lowle for-IscE "uf r»twd • paintl.. a few dollar-, spent j now will save, many dollars' '. In repairs Hler, let us ene you an estimate tin painting your home: tin* spring .. ; ' : . EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. HISTORY OF WATER SUPPLY Modernize Your Home You may Install city water In your home with the nid of nn P. H. A.. Loan...consult your plumber for full details. ' ' PurelWaterjFor itffiu* 1 ' : <*»«• <*? «"-"'n The A. E. F. From time immemorial, until the Great War, Jhc menace of contaminated water supplies was almost as bad as'the dangers of battle. Yet, during the Great War,' deaths from waterborne diseases were negligible, among (he A. E. F... The work of making this result possible was an epic in itself. Geologic surveys were made, wells were ring to depths that obviated all surface pollution; pipelines were .laid, liter stations established, and the water .sterilized, just as at home. During the final great Allied oll'ensives, tne lamous '"water• works regiment," the Twenty-sixth Engineers, followed the advance, repairing, testing and purifying the wells and springs of the re- conquered territory. There is comfort in knowing that even greater technical knowledge and resources than protect- 'ed the A. E. F. under such difficult conditions, protect us now in our own city. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 : ' 113 S. Broadway ;<hey' wouldn't w comneikd'to'or-!nf"supermiaus"roVclg!r™i'ds 1 " gaiifee searching: parlies - every,! - -. -.••^~ ^"Jiouls. -w?ek-lo see how he was taring. 'I BREMEN. Gn. (UP)-The cat or Po'j Kueke .moved a,i>ll farthjr llle H c v, and Mrs. W. 1,. Brackman down the canyon. 1 .' •And now his cabin is surround- f\ by ERA and CCC workers, busily chopping and digging 'and building, to make the location a winter resort. Play Billiards! Whnlfsome Reel-radon MadtraMy Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 3 '6 W. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy . CARNEK APPLETON MARVIN CHAPPErx Open for Business Our New Service Station 2') Flour Service "', '• Tires Repaired - das Delivered • Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone 033 , ; "They're headin' for the last round-up!" ; MEAD'S Annual FEBRUARY ROUND-UP SALE A Great Group of HART SCHAFFNER & MARX & MANSFIELD and TOPCOATS rounded up and re priced giving you bigger, more impressive savings than yon could possibly expect at this low price of $ 23 75 These arc great days for the men ami younjj.'mcn of Blytheville! They arc saving money, good, cold, hard cash! Here is Ihe reason y,-hy. It's a certainty the rising ;, nijirk'ct win force next fall's prices i)|) ahotif ! 2 i >#- : - ,bur;rettuctions on stock on hand lor .';- <Kis g^ea't sale amount to 25%, 35% and in some,icascs even more! So-it's easy (o sc.e. vyhy these; famous suits'arid .toj)coats . ; , 4 'arc melting a\vay~fa/U'',Iie.tlcr hiirr> ; ' (o'-'.. Mead's and lasso some of the s-lvings ; for yourself. There's still finie! ' Other Hart Schafiner & Marx & Mansfield suits and topcoats 75 31 75 As usual the best is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET i .•;:-..'V'.;- i ')(i .-' :<>:; • .••.•, • . .•••• • Ulythevillc'^ Headquarters For-Particular Men V . ;., • • uj,,.. . ... ..„.-.;... .,

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