The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1934
Page 4
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: .iGE FOUB TEE BLYTHfiVILLE COURIER NEWS IHK COURIEK K&f!B OO, POB O. R. BABCOOK, Idltor H. W. HACNKS. AdYervjjuif So!e National Advertising ,{epri(tnUtlTM: Arkansas DaUtej, Inc., N;w Voile, Ohia»go, Oetrcit, St. Lotus, DaUss, K»WISJ city, Memphta. Published Every Ailercoon exact eunagy. Entered as secern:) uluss maltor at the post oflicc «t Diythevllle, Ar_^ kstwos, under ael of Congress, oc- ,2^, tober 9, 1917. Served ov tnn UnllPrt Prts» SUUSCIUfTJON By carrier m me isiy 01 Biyuicviiie, !bo per leek or $6.50 per year In «dv»nce. I!y mall \villiln R radios or 60 relit", 13.00 per your. (1.50 fur MX months, 85c lor (hree month*; oy mutt In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, fli.SO |Kir ycnr, in MJIICS seven <mo elglil, 110.00 per year, payable In idvance. Collon Price Disparity \V. I,. (:|«iyUiii, lioail of the win-Id's liii'st'.sl I'olloii .sjiipiiiiif,' flnii, i» a re- ami lulli-i- lo llii! Ilouslon (Tux.) 1'osl, tmnii'i'ims lnij|mtf ;tgi>nls in 1'uttoi) TONsiiming countries to UK: died Hi;il Ami'i'ii'im col Ion is in poor ilcnimiil iiliroiul IXICUIIKU of the Uii' |irk-i!s of 1 (jro vvlhs. A[iHTic;iii collon lias always COIH- iiiHiulud a IjuUur price Ulan colluti produced elsewhere for tlic reason Uwl, Cor lite most ititrl, il i.s hotter coltoil and liecansu mills \\vre. iM|iiipped to •spin il. Hut today, according to Mr. Cliiylon'.s information, (lie price dif- Jtinsiitiiil lias become s o great Ihjil, mills abroad are tuniing Ui oilier cottons. Once they have made whatever adjustments may be iiece.ssary to ciinMo tliem succeKsfully 1 ( , handle foreign jfrowtlis il will not be easy lu win llieni biicl; to Hie American prod- in. 1 !. , , ; 'I'he price diil'erenlial, as Mr. Clayton acknowledges, is by no means I tic whole story. Some foreign countries are admitting imports almost exclusively on a IjHi-lcr basis. '|'], 0 y are buying cotlon where they are able to pay for il in jroods. Our tarill' law lends (o send them elsewhere when they want cotlon. Hnt price j s ahvays an imporlant factor in any business transaction. Tlie producer whose prices tiro out of line j. s bound to lose business. Mr. Clayton's lelter was an argument against Die Bank-head law and other cotton • production limitation measures, which he blames for loss of our foreign markets, it j s a nm (tev of particular interest to him because the exporlinu of colton i.s the principal part of )ii.s business. I!ut it is no sufficient answer to point ( ,ul, that he has a selfish motive. -In fact Mr. Clayton's iJilei-esl in the future of America's export trade in cotton is (liUerent only in degree from that of all the rest of tin: men and women in this country who depend for their living upon cotton. It seems to us, however, (hat Mr. Clayton may Ije }w >ng j,, lt ] M ; nK ((u ! '»a.lor blame lor the present unsatisfactory cotton export situation upon Hie production control measures. They have caused, of course, a rue in I lie BLK'l-HEViLLE, (AKK.) COUWKK NEffa world price uf cotton, which miUindly has (ended to encourage foreign production by making it more prolilablc. But to contend Hint they have so restricted the supply of American cotton as to put it tit an unnatural price premium over foreign growths .seems unwarranted. It is more probable thai the real cause of the present e.xjtt'KW- ated price dillerential is Hie 12-comi government loan, which has made American cotton hard lo buy. Tin; lojui is a part of ihe agricultural recovery program but it j s a proposition en- Uri'ly distinct front crop Ijiiiilalion. Th(! one should not be blamed for the sins of the oilier. Crop control i.s dangerous and is susceplihlu of grave abuses, but it is not wrong in principle. Regardless of •iii.v and all other considerations there is simply no sense in producing so much cotton thai none can be .sold at a price sufficient lo repay the producer fu- his labor and ijiveslmwil. It i.s yilal thai we hold foreign markets. 'i'u Unit end our best clforl should be devoted lo more efficient and economical production. But at UK; same lime it i.s right and essential that everything jjccc.ssary bo done to prevent such overproduction as has brought economic disaster to the South in the past and will bring it again if control measures are abandoned. Alger Hero in London The oh) rags-lo-riches story is generally looked upon—on this side of Ihe Atlantic—as a peculiarly American institution. We are .so proud of (be fact (hat our great leaders are usually men who came up from [he bottom of the ladder, Ihfit we soiinilinies forget that similar opportunities are open in other lands. When Sir Stephen Henry Molyneux Killik became lord mayor of London the other <lay, a "typically American" success story reached ils culmination. Sir Stephen was born a poor boy. At I lie ago of Hi he went to work as a messenger boy at five shillings a week. He rose to become , one of Ihe empire's most ii-,!lucnliiil business men and chief executive of the. empire's greatest eily. All of this, of course, needn't de- li-iict from our pride in ihu traditional American equality of opportunity. Hut it is a good reminder that we have no monopoly on that virtue. ms/m Ihe capltulislic system under which our nation came into existence holds in its very essence a doom for ivomeii. —Lena Mndcsiu 1'liillips. president Nuiionnl Council of Women, I believe that today there -Is more mutual .sympathy and imdersli t ndin B , nationally anil liileruiilioiinlly. — The Duke ol York. > » • I've always l;mi in the unfortunate position of beiin; already married. -Fiances Jlmiatt "1'caclie.s" Browning, cnyaucd' to marry a Den- f'r Ihcatn- iiiiitiugcr. SIDE GLANCES By f^orge Clark "I'liis; is Uic uni'. Id inliciil a million snnic tliiv." Medical Profession Argues Against Health Insurance lu view of llir increasing inlrr- j bntion. Not cm-.vont aliord cst In sickness Insurance, anil llii' i Inrut medical liills. prospecl llial (his subject will lie! liy Us elimination til a s;o«il deal cnnsulcrcd for national ailoiilion o| serious illness, medicine al the next session of Consms, wiped out the fear ol disease am Ilr. Fislibein has written three ar- ] n is, therefore, excredinuly dilfi- liclcs in which he presents llie|ciilt to make people save'against allitude. of (lie mcdinil profession • disease. Death Ihey ltno»- is cer- on this important .topic. This is!lain, but on disease many of them " le liisl - 'are willing (o gamble. ' ' * \ Many foreign countries have l(i Dlf. AfOllRIS MSIIDIilN .'syiicjiis of sickness inMiiijnce con- lidilor, Journal of the American "'Oiled liy the stale. '1'he English Alcdicat Associadon, and of My- ' "'"' C( '"" n| i systems arc examples • In brief, these provide that .', NOVKMUKK [-1, iya<l e Clew ^CAR.LETON MXitX JIKIll-; TOJ),ty «'lii'».CIMHI,HS JIOIIDHN. n..':".':..!>.i°!H-, '. t!m«a iiliiiiiis. '" " Blrl '"• "•""• ilriiil Cn'riND-'I'l""".'/'".^"!!^"'" <;illl Iriirni, Jlonk'li l,:,d vIUi',,,1 .',!"', "liarliiicni or ,u.l(:i; [.on. IO.\. iirrtlj' "ml tiiic<iim|,,vi-il || o i-itiilriHiiN Alice nlili UIJNM' V T|| IHHIMC. in M>« Ilif [inlr ol lillllni: Jlorilc nil llu-y uri! nrrr.vlril. 3IIIS Itl.A.vrnu MAI.OM;. tin iillr.iii AMIS. CATHAY iiml C'AKI, II.VflM:. ildci'llvr o,,,,l,,j,,,| I,, '" r '.,i!'siic ''"" "''""' c ' '• '"• him even ii (iluiice as 1 went Inlo my room :iinl closed au<l locked Uic iloor. H« Rot MIC Diiinlicr til my room nml, of course, round oiil ivlio I was. , I Ihe IK,. *- fore dinner. 1 didn't teem al ID Inclineil lu in Ibe loldiy be- Grid shook Ills lieac) s "Nelllici am i." said Fisher, V'ishcr whirled once more to th, attack, "hnnicilliitely nticr Unit,' ho said, "you left the hotel. Yin canio hero. You icylijlered mm? limn. llrlir anil Illi-ck 111 "litre Slury IUIi;K*. I: I,,,1, i, ,,» Sirlhi Moi'Ult.v I, »n,v. IciK. 'I'll.-}- llml CHAIll.TCS I-'ISII. I'll. l.'nlMij'S liiiircr. ll.<.'re. tHi'i. MUV CO OX WITH Till; STOII V ClIAl'TOIl XXXVI 'Mill-! elrl did not look un as • Kjslitr «'e;it nil Kpealdnf. "I wain Ihe uiilh," lie said. "I want Hie, whole Irnlh, 1 \r;iut it lold willioul any aiicmpl lo spare yourself ;>.ml I may say tnrtlicr Hint Ui<'; : o Kciillcnien also want Hie trnlli. Tliey, too. arc Interested lnj n tlio <:u?c ninl they will be ivltiiosi-oa' lo every wont llial yon say. It yon dei'arl I'roni tlio truth in Iho slight- e:,t decree 1 shall nee thai you are IHTOcciilcd and these ceiillcinen will sco Dial yon aro iiroseciited." ICc turned to Illcekcr. "That la rlBln. ticnlloiiionV" lie asked. lllcck'rr nodded. The lawyer turned liael; to Uic e/iif ii'illi Hie l.'ishiiig fury ot a intinicliis cat reluming lo the at- I;H-]{ n/:on a eri[)iijc<] mouse. "Tell us." -lie said, "vvlial li;i]i- ncnrd. I could i:cc tli:il ti liiitctnly ho fliilii clu ^\'JOl tiiuihi'Lf. "I In liim r.'ittli my ;uitl j;;ivi- liim jnsl llu> l Si'Slim; uf ;i iuijl«. lie iiinl ivi: KIH lo lalldim. II vcj.t' lino lolliiw. j' lalkoil u'ilh liiht, tlio jti fi\i- calim over || L . sc'cmc.l lie 111010 [ I likoil Ilint. 1 vviiii Inncly lliysull. I'll Ijcoil oOllii; with a alcaily null hc'U 8!'-'li|!Oil <nn oil inc. I \vas on the loose. This man suggested illtincr. I .'ilc vi-lll, him lilaro ;K (ho liolcl. Tlicii ho sii^'ECslfd ii ride. I to sail lie luitl a car iiai-kcil ncur llii' bold. "Ho diilii'i seem to know much ahum the unvn. After a vvlillo wo iloiMicd ai a place anil had soino- IhiiiE lo (Irinh, lie wauled to lalio « Iwltlo wltli Jiiin Inn I sviia a lltlio ancc anil a lioille of wlilsljy. so I tallied liiin HIII of It. U'o talked aliont going to n dance and Hieti ho spoke ol an appointment that ho -liad—something tliat he'd come to unvn to do—so lie wcni buck to tlio hotel to keep his appoint, incut. Wo were on llio n-ay back lo tlio hotel when the ollicer slopped us because ot sonic tralllc violation. u?ain. | iho name () ( Ktella Mockloy." Didn't I "Yes." aho said. "tt'liy dlil you do Huil?" "I didn't waul lo lie traced." i;H ialil. "It wasn't your inline," Rsiie said. "Your real nainu was llio on thai yon \vuro rc&lslorcJ nnilcr a Uiu liolel, Kdlili N'evera. The nariii Mary llrlgfa, tliat yon save Hi liolico was merely an alius y« thought u|i on Hie spur ol iho tm mom. The nanio Ktella Mock)?; Ihat yon assumed wlien yon cani to this hold, was also ail alias." Slio nodded. "And your ncw.fonm] Crlcnil." Ii hill.'' '' S '° °"° Vlll ° |lj|d "' Blio lowered hor eye. 1 ; .tin) Eiirdc-d Iho Up of licr shoe. "Isn't il a fact?" ],'i s ]icr ln«ls| t .t ...?":!' sl '° s: ' w l!) a low voliyj i i. no said. "A'ojo we're- },' tibr! somewhere.'' Sil'e salil nniliins, b ul t |, CIR w .jj.| •' lido bilker ' that nuplrd hc'<| shoulders, The officer sinclled booze on the mini's lircalh and llicti Iho mau started talking back to llio officer i and Ihe next ihlug I knew the [officer diluted on ihe rminingtoard I lie liirl L: •. uice Mas weal; and ! and lold us lo drive iiim io police -lieil. Imi i-iiiiio Niradily. Tiio j lie.idquartcrs. He said we were were nltercd with leiisc, jgolna to bo iutcrrosalcd alioul some words KCia, the llcallli MaBa/.ini- ' So \vides|)rcad lias become the discussion regarding .sickness insurance that it is expected io conic uj) for consideration even In Ihe next session of Congress, as Part nossiuly ol the New Deal program for llio national welfare. Despite the arguments that, have nccn presented in fnvor of Jn-nlili insurance, however, the medical profusion generally, a.s represented hy Ihe American Medical «\s- iociiition. believes Hint such nieas- ,irc would bring no improvement in sickness beneflts over what Is I),,. ilfordect to all classes today. [,.,' Medicine today costs more than I tin, U used to cost, but it is worth a ' ;eat deal more. Throuijli the ncl- vjinreineiil of modern scientlllc who rcrenr lev, llian IU1] of money annually workers cHlain shall have wl aside fioii)'i a raliiiii amumit. The cm- liln.ver and Hie Mali- also conlril)- i'lr. Tliis money is then made available for t'Mairy the cate of most, or- iicdlcine. the expectancy of life al Jlrtli lia.s moved up Iroin ,13 yenrs o almost CO years. Moreover there '.sa been increased human luiupl- iiiss tliiough Increa.'-cd health. Infant mortality rates have been it down so that today only from 50 to 70 babies out uf 1000 die in he first year or lite, instead of rom 250 to MO out ol 1000. whicli uis the rale around 1800. Those iviio have been stiulyina the problems of medical can- have ouml Ihiil- the hlgufst difficulty today i.s the mieslion ol ciis tri- N'nicty per cent of tin; conditions tor which most pntn-nl.s con- fWt «0ftor.s can In; diagnosed ami ir.-atrd by a miod general prac- liliouer niiii only the amount ot '•flinpineiii he can carrv in u liiinilbii!!. Moit people rio' , w i wor- IUIth iibout piiyiiiEj for thai of .sickness. ] .1" lliis eumin-y the bils that c..Miirb ilicm are those for the il!nes.M-s. and for. surgical ODcnilions. .^.yeitlieless in Great "mum the sickness ir.smancc system (i, !( ., ,, ot ]m)Vl( |,. for (hcM '•liijor illnesses but onlv lor general medical service. " It IIBJ hccn a trudition ol mcdi- '•»•><• tliat_ it always gives its ser- J}fi' lo inc imnr v.'nhoiit imeMion ''•vci; >i-:ir th,.. doctor:; ,,f n,i s '.'ivi' many millions of worth ol tervici- [or the '• selliiiB in return for n only cKpericnce and .such pre.sii«e ciiiiic:; I rum Imviiy Hie stalf-of • nil mi. 1 Kical cliarity . I OUT OUR By Williams WELL, YOU OUST WAIT A MINUTE TIL!- 1 SEW UP TH 1 OF THEM PANTS EJEFORE SOMGBODY ' BAGS YOU PER A COTTONTAIL. Ii ' " JIST THOT ro GO our AM' SEE 1 CAN BAG A COTTONTAIL THE WCRRY \VADT The Editor'i Letter Box The Cause of r'i'o the Editor:) , nationals Well. the. election urn over an we JlL ollr dcinocTiils am won. ,Vo» \dnu? Well i ,y c .statistic., ihai we Americans 'UQ Ijlllion d,,|i,,i., or 2.-JO i thousand million doll.ii,, 'Hie jn- j lercst i.s ahouL 18 hii»,h, ( | i], OH . ! Kind million dollars ,-.<• •!, v ,. ;ir . rjan I Xi our la ii' m Bwne lew c!o bill nu not. and c-vcn alt"r and intcllecnial n Morld have repndmi '«i the croum] esisls and that the is <>| lirs •aw makvr- "<'is f-ci: this? •t HI I hum do h'' Ion: 1 f,'R'ai lioiis of the d their dcbls tl:e '""'" No] 1 Siirrt'diu-..s m has caiiM'd Hi.- downhill I'l". in Nils ,!-,„,- .,„., further IU.A- an r'in;:ri;::ncj ^••'•ire ol theii •iisidrrntiuii ne iiratinv, debts, liim- ior. protect thin, that j Ol OIU i'.' !l- . norroiis rapidity. jsllclMips of sen-lea stations. "I tnlil llio polite the (mill about I "Right away I bad visions ot my one iliiii"," Nlie said. "11 'wait ;> picture liein;: in the paper and "l piek-iip. 1 don't want yon lo think I whispered to this man 'Itememher that I'm the type of shl who falls I'm a liltcli-hik-er pik-np Von for a iilck-uii. 1 don't ordinarily, tail Hits was cxccjnloual. J don! know liow il happened. "It liaiipoiiud lliero al the Isold. don't even know my name.' " Slio paused for a inoineni and slarcd paihclically al Hie alioruey. ,„. -- --- - a- besgJ;jR liim ivitii her Ihe man was registered as Jlr.lcvcs lo bellei'c her CaUuy, Frank n. Calhay ot Iliver-j Fisher, however, 'rrmiinei) ,,» ra . view. I tlidn't know at the lime | vlsagcd. ami iiiicouiproniisiiii- "Teil who lie was, or even whether lie j il all." he said. "Kvery bit nf H " was siayim; al llio liotel. It started | "That's all." the paid' "Von know is an accident. I lir-islfti) acaluai i Hie rest." liini In llio elevator when the cage i Cave an unexpected start- 1 apologized, lust ouo of lliose, ronlinc 'Pardon meV He salil. 'Not at all.' mid Ijis futgcrs closed for a moment j ahmit my arm. j "1 don't kziosv ivljal it wa." aliont i tlio physical coutacl tliai thrillcil me. U was soinciliiiig. Tlicn his j voice had somclhin:; to dn with ii. | lie had a ticautilul voice. j ItjvervieivV" "I sol off al my Hour and he! "Yes." Bin off nt tho same door. 1 tliink "Dirt you ho was trying to jilcU mo up. I ! died;?" llionslit so at tho time, hut I'm free, j "Onl? a small check. was a s;,0 check, lie KUI money before, wo weni cnii." J^ISIIKU sliool; his dead irn[ia- lienlly. "Tliia man had siven you a name." he said, "when yi.m i uc t hiinV" "Of courst;." she sat'l. "Wlilil was that mime?" , "J'Y.lnl; 11. Catliay." "Dili lie lell yon In; was from l*'islier siiecrcil. "Von icoitlti want to eloii lliere'l lit: said. "You ,coiil,l want i is believe that IVILH alt. K O w yo aho- and lell us ;,)) O f It. 'fell us ( '| sordid part of iL Don't try io spa yourself, or If you do, £0 liclii n heaven. I'll have you In a cell I foro auollicr hour lias passed." "You know iho rcsl," she salil a whimpering inauncr. "Uo ahead." ho said. "Tell n me. I may surmiso ihe rcsl or may know it. That's uoillier he ' nor Ihcrc.^ Voit tell me." "Ho put mo ju this hotel," B said. "He told mo that it had bo just-a prank, that he had a rcl and tliai llo couldn't afford to ha "io Interviewed by tlic ncwsp; Then after the newspapers 0111. I knew tliat he wasn't CaTlT, j at all. Tbo ncwspancrs said ho w n nick-pocket." "Yon discussed that matter wj I him'.'" . -| "Of course." : "What did he sny?" "lie said llial Hie iinnorsomili was enlirely iunoconl." slie ga "llial he was iryiny to lielp a nr | set a HOOI! position. Thai this p son had to have lirst-class rot-, enccs from Mr. Calhay and It v| necessary tor Mr. Cathay lo SH somo sort of a bond, llo'saii ' Calhay wouldn't do It. llo Bivc references Inn ho wouldn't Mil tlic kind of references tliat w iciinircd. ami ho. wouldn't slcn bond." '•*.'• {1 lo sh i aid tfirj o woVl he wliilc and 21. and. aflcr all, didn'l sec any reason why shouldn't imrsno Hie aatnainlanco-1 Kishcr turned to Urifr ship a little farther II 1 wanted to.; looked at Illceltcr. Hut f wasn't easy. I didn't give | "SatiElicd':" he o»kcd I Ihiiik It "So lliis man was iniiicrsc.nali',1 Cutliujr and ivaa goitiK to BCO tltl his friend got tlio ]ob?" "Yes." "Who was his friend?" "I don't 1,'iioiv. It was sniuco | some 1 lie called Frank." i (To lie Coiiliniii-d) then 'iihrr rn.ikc» n Ihrt-nl In I iiiMallinciit—nnil Sulla ind lacking in will power to cop:: j curriculum is br ,vilh the issue. [It-.nd. Like the wise old nwl tin; more! Actually I lit- 'school is known ight you thro'.v around Uivir heads | the he blinder they gel. • •I- H. CLARK Illytheville, Ark. ;l us any in the |and Art:ansa:> have joined 'Southern Tenant Farmers Ilr | " n 'Univ. of Hani Knocks" Begins Its Second Year and me prc PioCe.ssors, i .'rioinil peoj.'Ji 1 I.ANHINC1. Mid.. lUl'i - ' Tin: I tc "'' s - Unhcisity of H.'ird Kiiw:i:.s" oilid-j illy opened here recently for ivs ccoml lerm. "Hard Knocks" iiccau.M: il ov.-r.! its intrplion to tin; (h-pi^-Mnu: I 'Uiiiversit.y" — because its doors: . r without 'of. the- movement, said utter a i iusuuctor.. of the three state'., ^ -ho ,„,,.•.,« -, h ,r ...uai.ajle .;' '- u i feudal limes" found the "mcnil | s -111(1 ivViiy? 0 [ sllil) ' x ' r ' liM ' s !lrt ' lty " M lhc ai:l a'' lii'inr-i 1 ''"' ° f lhf * f "^ lK allcll<l of | The oiL'.anii'.aiion opposes ei |ination of share-crop wort:, ch; TL > tl ' uyainiit. the New IJcal, anil If! InrCC iCOHMiuieut rcdncUon of lhc l,| to the status of ; to ihous.inii.i and MKNA, iuiiitcrs OUR BOA1U3ING HOUSE Slates Are Organizediiai)oi'c" ui!r oil of palnfs cifKi varni/hk Ark. i UP i. -Over 1,200 j Tune oil is used in the in;ij in Mi.Ycni), Oklii.'1'jimifi.cuirc .h, Ol Hie I'CMlll i cninlu>.'(| r tuo v pinup i • more Hot I'vni th,: idler- I ul i-ilnil ,,l ji;l;nilf. V'n' csl. and here let mi '..r, ' "-- '*• • ... • seed, rool, .stall:, and iiuii tU'i)rc'*^i(jii When the morl-a-i' h'/nUrs hnvr I '<»i' ~»iih ihe ;-.'HA',-i"(j^mT more owinj; to Ilicm th,m tiu-v can i lm ' m ' collect. Ihey stop .yiiin,. ,r ,| ", v !icn '""' s - Sl Ihey sto ; , M-liiin! ih, y ;.--,;, bnyiim. fao business ^}\n mini :i. dehtors pay off. Tiie debtor;, |>a y () ii be-1 Mii-.' milkers yon sec (tcbt is the <ai.. •• But arc we told tins: v yntlr life. All alone nur trs conn: lo us wi'l. .syrup and .vih< us jusi what is needed, v come hack lor n:cl;c!i',j US (hilt (hoy w™|(| H,:,. and we vote lu: iii Uul if cvcrytliinc tin , •have advocated lor lhc i,, years could have Cccl by them it a.s cliaii before UK- wind""so as this cIcprc.sMon is ci.n,;, ncd •'[ il all. ! ntll oil have it p ;' into cl- ! l:,r for I «- would have gone ri.i.t „„ <lmv ,i i to the bottom TI:,V ,, ;(vc , )CC11 . . •wild wi into urbl ,„.,„, mdivldii.,1 i,, |, W i lie coun- t'j eniihle •»>:l o[ lime ' dj:i,irs !of lin' way of -i ni> is io h,. il-in',..- . rcpwW/c set up at Oicfoo JUST TO CUPTH/SCT TWIS OH YOUR BLOCK ,YOU Rt MOT OO^NG TO tV\/\VAE OVER )'^ ^AY CbARf\c3E INTO TOR YOUP. "RACE YOUR PL/XN WEMTTHE ROUNDS \ OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD, YOU RE AS POPULW^ /VE> £ OV- <SU^A ON /\ T)/\K\CE FLOOR/ , ITS AGWNST ^ TWt L^W TO KEtP A HORSL ' IN THIS "Rt^ "DISTRICT/ J —WV\Y ; TWM' Of MM BH TVAE ONLY BIT OP CLASS \NTtAET)RMTEt)"i| NE>6HBORHOOD / 'BLOODED T- TRAINING HIM TO WENR As MONOCLE. /

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