The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX B^YTHEVILLE (AflK.)' COURIER N13WS Ill : PUYI PILOTS Northeast Arkansas League Will Again Have IW- Game Schedule Tee Up For Title BY J. P. FRIEND PARAOOULD, Feb. 14.—The B)y- theville Giants, defending chain plohs, will open the 1938 Northeast Arkansas league c.impnlgii with ithe Carulliersvllle Pilots at Walker 'Park, Blythe'vlile, April 28, it was decided yesterday at (he spring preseason business meeting ol the board of directors. Tho Giants go to carathersville the following 'day to assisl In piying' off the lid ol their home opening. Other opening games will find the Jonesboro Giants opposing their ancient rivals, Ihe Paragoutd llebel: and the Newport Cardinals mixing it with the recently admittcc Batesvllle While Sox. Just where the first games will be played wil not be revealed until the schedule is drawn up. Tlie directors voted another 110 patne schedule, starting April 28 and .closing August 28. - There will b^ no split season, being superseded by the Shaughnessy playoff system in which the four highest ranking teams engage in a round robin series to determine the pennant winner. Possibilities of effecting a post season series will! Hie neighboring Kitty League, also Class D. was discussed. Tt was revealed that attempts had already been made lo arrange similar schedules, but so far all efforts had failed since they planned to continue until the middle of September and then have their playoff. The Ark-Mo league was mentioned but no official action was taken. Officers Re-elected All officers Were re-elected without opposition. They., are: Joe R. Bertlg of Paragoiild, president; Rex McQuistion, Newport, first vice president; E. p. Mollies, Jonesboro, second vice president, and Kenneth Hlddle, Jonesboro, secrctivry-lreas- urer. . . A committee composed of Lowell Manning of Jonesboro, chairman, J. H. "Woody" Woodson, Carulhers- ville, and Marion Dickens, Newport. was appointed'by President Berlig to pass on tlie schedule to be submitted lulci'i Each club offered suggestions concerning the schedule to take care of. tlieir individual ciiliarlties." 'pe- BerUe said that efforts were be The Left-Handeci Dean PAST BIRTH 10 Vlicld 1 e w e i g, li t Champ Doesn't Anticipate Much Trouble With Barlh Cirmen llarlh Freddie Sleele > How Cnmien Barlh, It'll, (mil Freddie Sleele will appeal' wlitn they square cir 15-round world middleweight championship fight iti Cleveland. Feb. 19. Bnrlli, 1932 Olympic Utleholcler, Is (iii(! nil unexpected crack fit Hie crown in his home city. Dope Bucket. By J. P.. Friend SPIRIT—If Ihe spirit reflected n yesterday's session of the Northeast Arkansas League directors is tiny Indication, the loop Is in for one of it's most harmonious seasons ...' . . Every one was In n jovial; congenial mood . . . Not a harsh, bitter word was spoken . . . All appeared' willing to make con-, cessions if necessary to amiably work out their problems for n smoother, more prosperous campaign during 1938 All the officers were re-elected without opposition and special praise given for their efficient work, which was ing made to secure a umjor league j done without remuneration . . horkup for the Jonesboro Giants i Batesvillc sv'os formally rcadmittei and expressed belief that such a connection would be made before the curtain goes up. It was voted .to charge each club an additional $2 per game in acldi- • lion to Ihe 10 per cent of Ihe gate receipts, or (i minimum of $5 to pay for umpires. Since the league had decided to abolish the use of home umpires the extra charge was made lo .take care of the extra expense. The loop passed a resolution to accept the invitation of Brick Owens, former American League umpire, to visit the league. Owens ... In no uncertain terms deplored the lack ot conslsl- nt dash and fire so necessary to he great American S|iort ... He aid he was going to Insist on nore of It from his umpires and vas golnf'to hold them personally expansible (or the long drawn out rilalrs . II Is up to them to eep the game going, keep the alh- etes hustling He also urged he cooperation of Hie managers nnd various club officials in the nailer, slating he believed the Airnstiles wfll click In proportion ;o Ihe amount of entertainment nnd show the fans are given for ,h'elr money . / . We believe the NBA prexy struck a vital point BY HARRY GRAYSON Soorls Editor, NKA Service CLEVELAND, Feb. 14.—Freddie Sleele appears lo have steoped out of the fo? which engulfed him with Ihe death of Dave Miller last August Miller was vastly more than a manager to Stcele, who was Just 10 years old when they formed their partnership. . . Sleele losl 10 pounds 'diirln? Miller's brief period of illness, anil when the end came, announced lhat he would never Iwx again. lie reconsidered . .< . went to New York for the .Fred A|»sloll fi»hl . . . relumed to Tacoma. for liealmonl when a painful chest injury forced a postponement. Tlie scrap finally look place al Ihe Garden, Jan. 1. Sleele was /ouled, cut up, and slopped, and again there was talk of his quilting.-The middleweight champion seemed to have lost his nerve. But Steele, in Cleveland for, a 15-round lllle defense against Car- aen Earth,'Feb. 19, nsserls lhat he has made up his mind to go.-on fighting, and quit being a young fool. He now plans to duplicate the comeback of Stanley Ketcliel, and if his program holds he'll perform tlie fe«t In Snn Francisco, whore the immortal Ketchcl knocked out Billy Papl^e less than three months after Ihe Illinois Thunderbolt flattened him in 1908. Middleweight Champion Has Ambitious Program Steele doesn't anticipate loo much difficulty with the ca<;y and hook- Ing Barth, and visions an ambitious summer schedule. He says that a championship match between himself and Al Hostnk, a new star who lids scored something like 25 knockouts, will draw $100,000 in Seattle. He then would put his title on. the line a»ainst Olen Lee in Los Angeles, once San there . It Isn't necessary to go &X/&ASA FlKST E4SEM4N WTrlTrlE )enver Teams Take Lead In Changing From Mast's Rules to the extreme In burlesque, but the trend now more than ever Is cnlertatiiinenl . The cash customer must Imve Ills amusement . Just playing out the nine innings without putting much into It won't draw them in the gates . . , They must be Bold nnd .sold continually lo attend regularly . . . The more the.attraction Hie more the lure nnd the more the .. Let's hnve more For the sake ot tlie into tlie membership and officialli welcomed .-. . The vacancy wn* created with • the withdrawal o: Osceola . . . Baseball atmosphere was much in evidence . . . Ii short, it was one of those porlec business meetings yon read aboil in books and seldom experience and reflects tho type of gentlemei who are lo direct the league affair during Ihe coining year . . . UMPIRES-Therc were revealed P |n J'° f[ between mapy pleasant features lo be In- I Arkansas League and the Kitty stalled during the insuing cam- ' League •• • after which Apostoli would more be accommodated in Francisco, where there Is no telling what such a bout would draw. "And III take good care of Anos- tbli," says Steele. not without bitterness. "You lake my word for that.' 7 " Although Apostoli did a lair job on him. Sleele asserts that the former Snn Francisco bellhop can't punch. "Everything happened to me before and durum the above-tlic- attendance of it! . . funs and the sake of the nuances . . . Both could slftnd an overdose without sertals harm PLAY-OFF—Unless something radical happens there will be no PifyCE OW CONNIE MUCK'S STAFF.,, QlllBtM D£F£Af£D BOB FELL£f> in HIS FIRST AHt> . OA/i-V MOUND APPEARAfJCE CIUS GO TO ZONE MONDAY, FEBRUARY' 14, 19J38. UP IN HOOP CAM?; HIS "8ATUH6 ABIUTy MAKeS HIM weight thing Apostoli," ex- Ihe nnd Northeast will supervise the officiating and Pn'S"- bill to me Ihe most Impor- tnllt - nil(1 significant was the plan otter suRzesllons for Improvement. Tony .McDonald, umpire-in»chicf.' for made 'public some plans for his umpires during Ihe season. the selection of Ihe umpires . . . Last year Uic boys In blue were scleclcd "sight unseen.' 1 based A motion by Fred S. Snllba. Bly- .theville, to raise the salary limit to Si 000. exclusive of the manager, lolled to get a second. Gives Bobo I'cnnant Secretary Kenneth Riddle -presented Manager llerschel jBobo of BlythevlUe the pennant for winning the championship. A. committee composed of Houston .lohnsoil, Jonesboro, Salita. nnd Riddle was named to meet with representatives of the various sporting goods companies to select a ball to be used during the season. Batesvllle was formally admitted into the len?ne to fill the vacancy caused by the withdrawal of Osce- o!a.- x President Bertig set March 1 and April 1 as the deadlines lor the $1000 .guarantee to the National Association of Baseball Leagues, to be paid in Slims of $500 on each solely on recommendations of their friends Most of them hud no previous professional experl- pnce And as the season got finder way it was apparent that, some were incapable of performing even in Class D ball They were uncertain . . . They didn't hustle and slay on top of the 6n me as a resull The Barnes dragged out. And they were date. Those were: W. B. Menard. Pryor Evans. allendlng the meeting The biggest trouble les m the schedules . . . The territory, so football minded, vill not support baseball longer han September 1 ... While In he Kilty they get their best at- .cmlance late in September . . . So they extend tlieir playing season until September 15 and then save the Shaughnessy series. . . Tliere is a difference of some two weeks and the amount the youngsters will get out of it doesn't justify slaying over, especially when they are on their own . . . The Ark-Mo loop prospect doesn't appear too inviting The (owns B. Reilher, Batesvillc; P. McQuisllon, Marion Dickens. Newport;~Saliba, Bobo and- J. P. Friend, Blylhevllle; Riddle, Johnson. Manning, Jonesboro; Woodson. son Jack, and H. E. Malloure. Caruthersville; iBertig, Donald Cox, McDonald. Paul Sullenger, M. O. Raley, Ike Wilson, Tom Walson. Clyde Eastman, and Gilbert -paulton. Jonesboro. repeated targets of the fans and club officials because of their general inefficiency . . . But President Joe H. Bertig hopes that unpleasantness will be remedied under Ihe proposed selup . . . Tony McDonald, capable, friendly and colorful, has been retained as um- pire-in-ehief . . . He will atlend the umpire school conducted at Hot Springs by George Uarr, for more than twenty years one of the leading umpires In Ihe National League . . . There he will see his prospective cohorts In nclion and get first hand Information as to respective'ability . . . From those recommended by Barr he will make life choices, basing efficiency, color, hustle and physical makeup as are located In the Northwestern part of the state . Too far away for anj- drawing iwwer . . . That Is vital in Class D baseball . . . Hut maybe something will develop so ns to arrange a post season get-to-gether , . . Heie's hoping, anyway. . the merits He should find Grcal-Granafather at 55 YOUNGSTOWN, O. IUP) — Ignatz Laubert, 55 is a great-grand father. Mrs. Edward Bogan, his grand-daughter, is the mother of a baby son. The maternal grandmother is Mrs. John Baker, 36. some live, energetic klrts \vlio are anxious for a chance lo make good and advance in the profession . They arc bound to make mistakes, sure . . . But one thing can be depended on, they will be in there bearing down . . . And that's Read Courier News Want Ads. more than can be said about some of last year's umps (wilh all due respect) ... bn top ol that the league will hire all umpires, eliminating the "home" official . . COLOR—President Joe R, Bertlg made no bones about demanding more "color" in the coming nag Steele and Deering To Play On Tuesday Night STEELE. Mo.—Tlie Stcele Higl Bulldogs will play their lust game this season olhcr thtui the tourna raent on the Sleele court Tiiesda night when Deering comes here to a double header. The Steele boys w'on their game In the tournament nt jones- x>vo Friday afternoon by defeating Sgypt, Ark., by a large score, but in the game wilh Turrell, Ark., Friday night they were defeated. The Steele girls also lost their first game In Hie Hayti tournament, being defeated by Hayti. plains the personable chap from the Pacific northwest! "It was tlie bruising of the cartilage where my ribs join the breast bone thai made me postpone the fight in the first place. "Then Eddie Mauuire butted hie there days before the re- nrrnnged date. 1 can't tell you how badly an injury of Ihis kind hurts. Jim. Braddock. Barney Ross, and Ken Overlln can. They experienced I the same trouble. 1 Sterle Has Weathered Other Tou«h Spols "But I previously had stopped Myisloli. knew he couldn't sock. nd wanted lo gel Ihe thing over filh. "The result was that I went inlo he ring wilh my rtelil hand pro- eeling my chest rather than my hin. 'Tlieh I hurt my right hand in he' seventh round, nflcr which everybody who saw Ihe fi^hl knows Apostoli hit me palpably low. I lost, all track of myself thcreafler. was cut below the eye. and undoubted- looked bad. But Apostoli. even under the circumstances, couldn't ill hard enough to knock me down." Steele. who has Just turned 25. has weathered olhcr lough spells. Leonard Bennett broke Stecle's law when he was 19. It was shortly' thereafter that five doctors told him lhat he wouldn't live two years if he ;ltd not refrain from boxing, tie was suffering from albumen in Ihe kidneys. Bui Freddie Sleele went on to break a. jaw or two himself, and right now looks healthy enough lo continue the practice for some time lo come. Nazerian To Be Dillman Foe Tonight A last minute change in tonight's wrestling card at the American Legion .arena, was announced this afteroon by Promoter Mike Me- roiiey who said suspension of Mike Nazerian in Indiana forced cancellation of his scheduled appearance in Indianapolis tonight and made it ccessary for Meroney to send it necessary for Meroney to send zerian's place. The switch will mean that the big Armenian will oppose "Dynamite" Joe Dillman in the feature match on tonight's program here. Rabban was originally slated to meet the rough Greek here tonight. With Nazerian and Dillmau in Ihe ring lonight local, fans probably be Ircaled lo an unusual display ol: roughness, as both per.- formers are about of the same caliber and employ almost identical methods. In Ihe preliminary Ted Bell, fasl middleweight, will have a shol al Caruthersville Beats Portageville Cagers Art Perkins, trailed by Meroney one of Ihe llnest performers in his class. Perkins hails from Detroit The Bell-Perkins go is almost certain to provide n fast and furious session. Cooler Drops Pair To Braggadocio On Friday .COOTER, Mo.. Feb. 14. — The I Cooler Wildcats lost a double head-' er to the Braggadocio teams at Braggadocio Friday night. The girls' score was n-16 and Ihe boys' score was n-25, Al the end of Ihe first half Ihe girls' score was 8-9 in favor of Braggodocio. The boys' score at half lime was a lie. 1-7. Michie was high poinlcr for Ihe Cooler girls with 11 poinls; Dye, also 11. was high for Braggadocio. Michie, Dye and V. Bryanl fouled out. In the boys' game Riddick was high man for Cooler with 10 points lile Hedge and Biglmtn wilh 8 inls each lied for high honors the Braggadocio team. Farmer, raggadpclo,. and -Aslier, Cooler, uled out. CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. 12. — Caruthersville high school basketball teams ended the 1938 at-home season here Friday night by defeating Portageville teams in otli games of a double-header, the oys winning 40-31 and Ihe girls 9-20. Mary Downing, >wllh 23 points, Vfts the besl Canilhersville girls' icorer, nnd James" Crocker, with 7 points, scored best for the local boys. Earlier in the season, Car.- ithersville teams defealerl tlie two 3 orlageville teams. Carulliersville complete the season with games a.1 Hayti Tuesday night, Feb". 15. Tlie boys' game with Hayli will have bearing on the final county league championship, ns Cimithersville nnd Sleele boys are lied for leadership, with one loss each, although Sleele is a few percentage iwints ahead, having played one ov more games earlier in Ihe season. The games wilh Porlagevllle did nol affect league standings, since Porlagcville docs not belong to Ihe county league. The Carutli- crsvlllc boys did not lose a- game this season on Ihe home court. m __ Eskimo Igloos Extinct, Says Alaskan Surveyor SEATTLE' (UPi-Eskimos must be disassocialed wilh igloos, for there is not one in use today, at least in Alaska, said. Leonard Berltne, u. S. surveyor, relurned from a lon» season in Hie far north. He said that when the northern- DENVER (UJ 1 )—Denver's femi- iiL 1 basketball players nre in the nidsl of a "baskelball de-empha- izlng" program despite llu> fact hill HIP flty will play host in March lo the men's National A A. U. tourney for the fouith/con- seciHive year. The women have decided thai aaskelball is one place where :hc 'weaker «x" designation really applies. The 11 girls' basket bal .cams of the Y. w. C. A. have yiim lack to Ihe old style of play, using ijhlB' rules. Katliryn L. Fenner, executive secretary of (lie education (teiiart- nent of Ihe V. w, C. A., explains Ihe slepplug down of the game's tempo; . Can IMay More Vcar.s "Women using women's rules can play several years longer. It's nol as hard, physically, on them, as men's rules are." She denied that the move '.vas an attempt lo bring more femininity back Into the game in line with, recent criticism of (lie lack of attractiveness In women's sports, iinrticnlnrly Ihe more strenuous ones. "Two-couil basketball is almost as strenuous as that ployed by men," she said. "The frequent slops and starts make the girls work almost as hard ns wider the old rules.' 1 "We are trying to get away from the exploitation angle. Many times the girls are asked to pH curtain raisers to boys' games, and we feel lhat such exploitation is not commendable." Miss Fenner indicated that the girls' abilily often was not (heir chief attraction at~such-exhlbi lions She admitted that the girls, under their own rules, were not drawing capacity houses, but blamed it on the poor offerings given by girls' teams in recent years. The girls' rules call fci Ihree guards and three forwards playing in a limited area, wivh the forwards doing all the poiu'.- making. The de-emphasis will nol extenc Read Courier News Want Ads. Have some 2x4, 2xC and 2x8 twelve and fourteen feet long cjprfss for sale »t SKZ.50 P«r thousand delivered in BlythevlUe. G. G. CAUDIU, Phone ~tS~ FOR LOWEST DELIVERY COST . ONLY $475,00 1937 Ford V-8 Stake Pickup Color Black—Low Mileage. A Good Farm Truck. Sec this one today. Only $187.00 down and $35.00 per month, „] PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY r 5th & Walnut Phone BIO WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT, 8 O'CLOCK JOE DILLMAN vs. MIKE NAZERIAN TED BELL ART PERKINS American Legion Arena, North Second St. Rend Courier News Wanl Ads. buill half undcr- nbovc ground and most natives go traveling, they occasionally erect a sno\vliousc for ft "one-night stand" if no olher shelter is available., The natives now live 111 frame houses or "barbavas," he said. A "bavbarn" is ground, half covered with grass, boards or any- Ihing to keep the elements out. When built underground it oftentimes is necessary lo build fires lo lha\v out the ground. They are not Ihe best nbodes in the world, Berlin said, bnl Eskimos are a. good-natured and carefree band of people and make the best of it. , - >' 4k A Although flanked by City Col 0 lege players, Howard Weill, No A 25, Fordham University center, f j gets up in the oir and stretches j to cage a rebound shot, after another Kam had attempted »1 field goal and-missed. Fists; flew as City College won cA': Madison Square Garden,JJ7-35.j to costume, Miss Fenner said, although she advocates less exploitation of costume, too. "There be no return to bloomers," she said. A NICKEL DRINK-WORTH A DIME ENJOY EVERY MILE With A New Ford Radio Installed In Your Car For $41.00 EASY TERMS COME IN NOW! ONLY A FEW LEFT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh * Walnut Phone 810 NOTICE All persons having personal property should assess it at once. I will b^ in my office 01- have proper Deputy at Blylheville every day and each Saturday at Manila and Leachville. 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