The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1932
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the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NOHTHEA ST ARKAN3A8AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ' ••"-*• ' ' +*-f HOMEQimON VOL. XXIX—NO. 178 " BIytheville Dally News. Blythevlllc Her*ld. Mississippi Valley U-ader. BIytheville Courier RLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOB10U \'A •'SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Al Smith Will Tak« Stump ior Roosevelt NEW YORK, Oct. 13. (UP)-AI- fred E. Smith today announced a'.i eastern speaking program on behalf of the New York slate nnd mi-1 tional tickets of the iX'mccviu'i:! . parly. i His first major address will b,i at; ; Tammany Hail October 10. oih.T I Abducted Wealthy Brok- ^ ttm^v^^^ was uiven ouws to rennu err Son. Then Releas- W R. i, m'mc aftcnio?.,. nmij Get Awav Before Giving i it- • n • i Boston ai night; October 28, some- _ . 6 ea mm in i anic. .where m the Albany district; oc-1 testimony. i lober 23. Hulfalo, N. Y. Given Saws to Permit ESHElEflll NEW YORK. Oct. 13 (UP)—Two insurance men. one an assistant hlRh school fo'tball ccach, WOTS held today for arraisnment ag kidnapers of a. Wall street broker's iili!.?-year-old son, John Russell. The men, hitherto prosperous and respected, allegedly told police, they had stolen the child and later in panic released him be-, cause they were desperate over J bills due and unemnloymsnt. The suspects ar.? Alien August. 35, formerly oi Cleveland, and George Clarke, 28, the coach. A woman who gossiped to police that behind her apartment „,„,„., ,„ ,, . ,, , ,, home was a. brown tot .such as «-^mcm mass will be held at the . the boy, Husscli, had told about. ° h " r l h .? [ te Immaculate Concep- . ea *•"*»• | DECATUR, Gn., Oct. 13. (UP) — Cleo Dreiv, one of lwo convicts. i state witnesses In tlie Flovkla sweat I box murder trial, who escaped from Jacksonville jail last week and were i captured I'.cre, told the United Press today that an unnamed min. isler in Jacksonville hud provided him with eight WaJes with which to make his cscaoe. "I double-crossed the minister," ID' c il i »«• • • " l (loublc-cro.=sed the minister," •i I lOHCCr OOUtheaSl MlSSOlin Drew sakl. "He asked me. when he Planlnr Snrriimkc s\ I gavc mc l!lc llack saw blades,' to es- IMI11C1 ^UCCUmOS ai j cape with as many other state wit- DaugflteV S Home. ! ne &ses as possible before we had j to testify in Die trial. We testl- Reqntcm mass will be held at the ' fled flrst Tnur!;da y »"<) we escap- Inirch of the Immaculate Conren- , ed Pr'aay." the boy, Russell, had told about, . lc lc m " c V I first °ave the no! : ce T rlur- on Friday morning, 10 o'clock, for i whiclTtc 'work The two were ar- Sam A ' PMI11 » 5 ' 81 - rctlrcd I 11 "" 1 ' which to work. The two were arrested after C<mvict tat IL-sicu a.n-r nususi. ieiuilicil 1W ' Cl ' alKl PtollW CitiZCU Of SOUtllCaSt ----.- —. - fiom Cleveland to sec his wife and I «'sspi;rl._ wix> died at the home of «JP)—Captain ^ George Couvsnn, JACKSONVILLE, F)a., Oct. 13. iioiii wieveianu to sec ins \vite ano. —^-,"..,1. n,^> u,*.u ^u me IIVULC ui — ~r—•• .^ ^«^u.&^ ^ui,,oui 10-year-old son. Clarke also isl llis dauBhtcr, Mrs. W. M. McKen- Sunbeam prison camp guard whc married and has an infant son. ' zic . yesterday afternoon. i with Solomon Higginbotham, Is ou The Russell boy, whow father | Father J. J. Thompson wHl of-! , rla !. on , a , c . h , Br S e of mu «'" >» H"= is Arthur Russell, was kidnaped I ficlate and burial svill be nradc at ™ Ul or Armur Maillcterl, 19-year- Sept'ember 19 on his way from j the Maple Grove cemetery. Pall- ? 7 convict, testified In bis own school. Two men Intincod the child i bearers will be A. Con way A O ° elcnse "X»y that Malllefert had to enter their motor car under i Little. Tom Martin c M Gray clelllaiiu ™ that Courson kill him tlie pretext his father wanted to Park Hidcliett and Dr H A Tav- atld llaci 5aldl " If you <lc "' t kln see him 'Ior. me you're a yellow dog." Mr. Phillips lived his entire life in this section, having been born I and rqared near Point Pleasant, Courson described in detail the events of the 48 hours preceding Maillefert's death by strangulation "*ivi iL^iucu jiciii r~jini r*jeasant m. J "..H.^^.^VIX.*. Mo. He was one of 12 children ^f , th a chaln flro ""d his neck (in1 Presley and Susan Phillips. After! fCC i '" S - tOCks itl a prlson camp Vears nf (nrmin^ li« r *n r ,j —j Sweat box. years of farmiiij; he retired and I spent the last years of Ills life I with his four daughters and only [son. His quiet death terminated an I illness of several months. Fined $25 For Unstamped Cigarettes Found by Revenue Agents, The Robinson Drug company was fined $25 in municipal court-yes- ., lllllL . luus u . nEr r /> Jatlves terday afternoon for possession ot C r>bb Undertaking comunnv is in ..,,ctn,»»r>.-4 rtnf.tfl(,PC nf l.-lh^T.-ft HI nV, -, _. . l-u"J|JHU) li 111 Refu-wd to Work Courson said a walking boss'at the camp brought Malllefert In Wednesday morning, June I, and that the'convict had declared he Ins. Brewing in Alabainuj ||Kj|jl I ^ ! ni G.H[ HP HIS U.S, K<'u<ly to Serve '1 line, for (',rinH: o!' M Years Ago Kans.. O:t. n, <llt')--A 111,111 im'.sjiilod himself at l.-nvanivorlli init'inl prison tmlay G . _ i, ::m<l'd to In 1 taken In (o sciv.: )I18U1 LftMs :< » > ntcii[-e lie s.itd WHS ilil|icj-L';l •:-.: to G^ Posses-• l:lm : " yonrs " 8 °' , ... ' " " i "i: unvi! Hit name of W. 1C. lt"!>- Ol Document. |ln«m. lln snld he was convicted .In roi-l .Siiiltli, Ark., for imstcllk'C. 1 Oct. n iun—Siimiirl |bl "'i: |nr y ""'I ww sculiMiccd to four TiiMill vuCiiM-il lodivy to .sniTi'iukr':)' 1 ' 111 '" impi iMmnmil nnd IlilaJ Sl.- hls |!'.is*Jiinit when llm Ainfiicnii]" 0 "- ''•» rinilo lo prison he esrap- cnllcd on him!v' <'<l 'mm the U. H, nmrjmul \\-t.\\t- mill ntki-cl for Ihe document. i 'raveling thrmisb Imllini Tjrrllury. iii\fsporl Is vlsnrd fm 1 n | l! ow Oklahoma. Since tlinl tlnic. v hi Oiwce. Until ili.ii • UobliiKOn JUKI, h c had r.'itwd n IH-rlral expires Orcrk offlclnls :m I fiimlly In Callfornlii, but his con«]:«•(«( (o rueiml his pniici.s ns'sclc-iicu bothered him nnd he wanl- bolnu In order, | wi u> "do his Hum," Loss nf u uiKbuort would leave 1 AKcnt-i of llic department <•[ lm- Ihf Indicted iitrtltlcii •mii'mnlc sub-1 (Ice wi-rc clircMny RobliKon'A story.' .irct to nrrcsl or dcportntlon for lack ot proper pnpaw.. That wonl.1 lend lo deporluUon to nnswcr Ihe Clili'neo Indictments. Ins'ill. It was undorslood, will I'M Kelvin I'llll. United St'.itcs) eoiiMil iicneral. that llic piwpnvt' Is In the possession of Insiill's lawyers. . When Plltt visited imull person- nlly nt tho hotel Inday nnd nskcd ]e f I It's a significant gesture that Mnrgarcl McSherry, of Ala., is making with lliese old-fashloncd beer steins. Not that lliey contain old-fashioned beer, cither; "she's only celcbrnllnji Hie relurn of the "near" variety. Since 1915 Alabama's piolilbltlon law banned j '/„,' thn passport InsuU wns 10- anythlni; thnt "looked like, lasted like or .sinpllcd llkp" beer, but. im'l rorlnl lo have Imd (lie dnc-iimcm the state legislature has voted, over tlie veto of Oov O M Mllli-r I with lUin but hurriedly nvrniiceil to permit the sale of the Innocuous beverage. ' i '", Illt ," <1 , "•„ to ." . "« > «k-Amcrlpnn ._. . • ° friend In the hold. Instill nskcd ~~ J [1 I'llll to call uRKlii tomorrow 'ns lie desired to consider tlio inaltev. He ^ 'mrviv'-f h,, i ., v. " at tne convict had declared he Mrs W M VCK™ • M UB M"' WaS not to 0 «"* to work ' as he l>">d PliaiipTRo^sof^Th'is^y'Mrl °^ ^^^-^ bul ^ <*« , is city. W. Rhodes ot Hayti, Mo., and Mrs. J. w. Kimes of St. Louis and his son, Harold Phillips, of ILIUM j- iii tci uwujj j^» |^^w-j l .^....u.> -- t^i.(/o (Ji'ucrtaKinff COI11 unstamped packages of tobacco in i charge of arrangements violation nf the stste tobacco (ax - '• law. Arrest of Hub:n Potter, manager oi the store, resulted in dccketius of the second csse involving a drug store in the business disiricl here in the latest drive by rcvcnu? agents. A case in which Edgar Borum, manager of Bor urn's drug si ore. is the defendant, is still pending ir municipal Memphis, and 11 -frandchlWrenand „„" W !i! hC " l he Ne ^' Jsrsey >' outh numerous olhtr relatives demanded that Courson kill him, Cr>bb UndertafclnK comnnnv k In he . w '' n ^ s . sald - Col) « on saU he Potter was the onlv witness who appeared in behnlf of the drus store. Appearing in court without counsel Potter admitted that unstamped cigarettes were found in the store by Frank Witte, revenue agent, as the agent had previously testified. He explained that the tobacco had been delivered to thr store by an Osceola wholesale finr on order from a Hayti, Mo., drug store, in which Potter is nho interested. Tt was laft, he said, al Robinson's store until taken to Hayti later. He explained that the Osceola wholesale company did not make Missouri deliveries and tlial packages for the Hayti store wer- left at Robinson's until they could be picked up by some one going to Hayti. Potter jaid the carton was in plain view on a counter at tfe =tore. that the cigarettes were not for sale and had not bs;n removed from the shipping cartrn. Former Pulaski Judge Starts Prison Sentence T.TTTT.E ROCK. Oct. 13 (UP)« . P. Sibec!;, former Pulaski county judge, began working out a -year sentence nt the Tucker e prison farm. conviction O n a charge of . sent Maillefert back to the roafi ">ang at noon and (he sama rebel- ion and return to camp occurred. „ , M .., Declaring fliat his-' were entirely with the defendant Judge C. A. Cunninz'aam sail! that under provisions of the tobacco tax act he could do nothing bill fin? the defendant. He snld that the ^.....ii.iiu., vil ^ UlliUgU OI subordination of perjury was upheld by the Arkansas supreme court. The specific charge on which Sibcck was indicted was getting Le e W,?uer to swear to an affidavit substantiating nn account of S4.034.33 the county for supplies alleged to have been sold the county hospital. Mrs, Ona C. Hall Dies at Hayti After Long Illness HAYTI, Mo.—Mrs. Ona C. Hal) died Tuesday nt 1:40 p.m. Mrs. Hall had bscn ill for quite a tchll;. Sl-.c died at- the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. J. Dorris. Mrs. Hall was born December 6 1880. She left at her death one daughter, Mrs. W. J. Dorris, and many other friends and relatives. Fi;neral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the residence of W. J. Dorris, by the Rev J. R. Bullington of the Methodist church. Inbrmcnt was at Woodlawn cemetery. — of cigarettes on premises of tlie drug store, under the tax act. constitute} a violation of the law. Journalism School Launches 26th Year COLUMBIA. Mo. (UP)—The School of Journalism at th: University of Missouri Is launching Its twsnty-sixlh j'ear this fall. The school was the first of It? kind In the world. It was starter 1 by Walter Williams, now president of the university. A highlight in the school's his- to fy came In 1913 when Ward Neff, R11 alummis. donated a IIST build- lr E as g memorial to his father. Scml-WeHtly Now Weekly I-ONQMOST, coio. <UP)— The ^°»;:nont Ledger, owned by W. IT. parsons, has been leased to M. W. Mclnlyre. Coldwater, Kan., nnd Newton JMcomb, Plainvlllo. Kan. The paper, formerly a scml-woek- '»', will be published us • wtolrjy. nfantile Paralysis Shows Large Gain HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP) — In fontile iwralysis showed n larg: gain in Pennsylvania during Jul and August, the State DepartmDn of Health here reported. There were 250 cases reported for the two-month period. In 1931 only 47 cases were reported over the same period. The southeastern, part of thi state, including Philadelphia Is es peclally affected, tiie depattm"n said. , n southeastern area. The epidemic cxpecled by health officials to its peak by October 15. Fees Must Be Paid Before October 25th Jf Names Are lo Go On Ballot. , lot "intend to hit another damn ick," that he was too good a man o work on the roads. It was then the New Jersey youth » Award May Go to Pair For Their Only Screen Appearance. HOLLYWOOD. Cal., Oct. 13 (UP) —The higr.est honor Hollywood car give to an actress and an actor may go to a p\ir that made only one motion picture. Lynn Fontanne has been nominated for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences meri! award for the finest performance Slven by an actress in motion pictures during the year ended July 3J. Her husband, Alfred Hint, har been nominated for the award thai goes for the finest performance ban actor. A famed Ne<v York theatrical combination, Miss Fontnnnc and Lunt came here to appjar together in their first picture, The Guardsman. Miss Pantanns was nominated along with Helen Hayes, another whose name is more familiar to stage than screen audiences, and Marie Dressier, grand o:d troupe* of (he stage and motion pictures. Lunt was" grouped with Wallac.- Beery and Prcdrlc March in the contest for the nctor's mvird. Communist Revolt in Bulgaria Is Reported ATHENS. Oct. 13 (UP)-A com munist revolution In southern Bulgaria was reported today In dispatches received here. It was believed here that th.. reported communist revolt migh be merely another outbreak of at old Balkan feud. Political feuds In Macedonia have claimed a long list of vie tlms by assassination. Thi? Inne The report showed 600 caw fr, \, y nssnssinatlon. Thi? Innei the slate, all but 50 of them In thn M " cedonlan Revolutionary con v .^ vl "'^m in ttie m ft/u> nAMnlo*-)« l,r,Mrr< n- T»».» Stolen Anto W»m«ntW SHREWSBURY, Mass, (rjpj _ When Jerry Demlrdian of Worccs (cr recovered his automobile here it had been missing onlv one dc.v he found the radiator. Hi? wheels' the batJ bccn w- mittee, popularly known as Imro has played an Important role It Balkan politics for half a centurj and few governments have been strong enough to challenge It. power. Poll Size it 6* Many authorities say lhat an al Ugator does not r«tch ils full adu] growth until It Is between 40 an 60 years old. Their normal lite I """ to be between 100 ana 20 Six of (he Democratic nominees or county offices have placed f\l- ng fcc.5 wllli Ihe covuily treasui-er or tl(s general-clectlhii ori;No- omber 8. Several other nominees'have not et filed and according to the.conn- s' treasurer no fee has. been re- eived from any candidate for ownship office in this district of he county. Payment of three dol- ars by candidates for county office nd one dollar by candidates for oirnshlp offlccs is required, U. is inderstood. Certificates of nomination must >e filed with tiie county election ward by its October 25th meeting. ri;c certificates must be accom- >anied by receipt from tlie county 52,586 Ginned in County to October 1 Cotton ginned. In Mississippi county prior to October 1 amounted to 52,580 running tmles, It Is reported by C. A. Danehower of Liixorn, sjKCiul niicnt (or tlv; department, of agriculture. This compares wlih 21,334 bales ginned prior to October 1 lust year. HILL GET _ m R. F. C. Announces Plans for Financing Export of Farm Products. ' WASHINGTON, O:i- 13. (UP) — The Reconstruction Finance corporation today announced that U advance fiends to a 1.1 asri- , sMsra .Hoover Changes Policy and Grants Interview to .:'..B. E. F. Group. , , ... WASHINGTON, Oct. 13. (UP) — Prpslricnt Uoovcr. who In the |»fl ihns conslsUMilly refused lo r^tlvc dnlornflr.ns sccklnif to present dc- mnnds for ca?b payment ot Ihe soldiers bonus, to^ny suddenly reversed thnt policy mid i;rnnled an au- Illinois Militia Resort to Gunfire to Halt Car of Pickets. SPRINGFIELD. 111., Oct. 13. (UP)—Company D, )30th liHnWry, Illinois iiiitlonul .(ftlrird, 1ms teen orilcrcU lo proceed Immediately from cliniiiitiilgn to the Tnyl3rvllle mlnlnj; nrca to rocnforce six unlls: of guurilEincn on duty there, Adjiir tnni Carlos Black announced her;, todny. Os-. .'.ola Hip.hway Comrnis- | sion Member Testifies^ \ * * 'r 11 ' • at- tudit rleanrig; . • "' —-^—.iV' • . " : • • • ••'. I.ITII.K ifooic, cfljl. 'i:i (ui 1 )—. . . ,i. L. Wllllanni of Osccoli, mo!!'.- • l:cr of (1^ highway cCJiimtsi'ion,' * k-s!JJleil iK'fore llic highway audit.,- • • '•rirtinlsslnii lhat lie received $2,-. ' ] 30 limn llic tfllls nnd Lewis Conr.-;- J ftrictlon rompany ns n fen "to- •. "j help them hire negro Ir.bor in; ;'itlppt county".- \ U w:is brcniilit out In th? hear^, j « dial llic concern of Miiskogce, ."• '. Cliln., Tml bcoii tjlveii more than'. , SMOO.COO wnrth of state lili:hway ; .\.._'' Wllltnms jald .tho nmoimt paid , • ', ., lilm lo lidp hire labor was. all'.'•'.' lio Imd ever 'received Irom the . "cncrni. . • "Isn't Hint rather Raml compcn- . • -nilon to liclp hire Irvbor?" V was' - : nKkcd. "It mljht bo." ho answered. II wns Elioun that llic .Okla- lioinu concern'.linrt lion-lied more- •hnu 10 road.Johs for the state tlncn Wllltams haa been'' on Ihe'. lilfiluvuy coiiuulsslon, . ' An nltornoy for O. 3, (Jonstnut: of Hit- Constant Construction com-: unuy anicarod before tlie. audit'.'• body mill said his client'.U due. wine J23.CCO from the, statj for' '-. road work. It wns -Indicated by ,' • the attorney, C. T. Cclcm»n, 'that'; MiH would IK -brought ' •' 'he stale for that" nmoimt•'!('• it: - ' Is not jiild. . '. ....''".•._ •-.' In rctiillatloii at*dtt/englnoei's • - polnlrd out where v Cchttaul hacji . bron- paid $418,621.08 'for work, which t'n?v catlmntcd should Imvu-. TAYLOaVlLLE, III., Oct. 13: (UP) — Gunfire apattercd about picket lines oi men and women «l. __ _ „...„,,„. (he Hcwlttvlilc coal TO.HW today In j cost $107,049,16!'"•' •They' "ikiso ""{£' tlio Arst oultrtirsl ofr'shoolliig In (Mented suit : Would be' fcltHijht to' tho present.strike^ ''.''". ; V'! •'• ^ollrt thn-durefi m- J crop " ee in order for names of the nom - nees to be placed on tte general- Ti!0 corporation snld. It v;cul(! ilectlon ballot. In tba case of In- i ??™?^ [un( i s to fln! } n cc sale of lcpei:denl candiclales, petitions nwt be. accompjuied by recolpt or filing fee. The following Democratic nomi- iccs fiave paid filing fees: z. B. larrlson, county judge; C. H. Witon, sheriff; R. L. Galncs, circuit curt clerk; W. W. Hollip3ter, •casurer; Fred Flccman. coimty ind probate clerk, and Joe Dllla- *iiinty. assessor. l\f'ir NEW YORK, Oct. 13. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct 663 663 630 630 Dec. .'.... 670 670 837 fill Jan 669 670 641 G(6 Mar 680 630 652 054 May 688 C53 602 GB4 July C9G ' C9S 670 G73 Spots 645, off 35, quiet. j 15,000,000 bushels of wheat to China as soon as it? legal division had established that Ihe loan would meet all legal requiremsnts.- A number of prominent ^conoin- Isfs arc' worlcliij; K'llh the corporation tn estaulislitnc; the special division. Development of the division has advance! to the pjlnt where rules an:] regulations lo «ov- . crn export Joans tire being dr.wn up. The corporation jjolnted out tint the new division would not b3 nn exporting agency but would assiv. established e.xporlbij firms. The law permit.') the R. F. C. to "promote (lie sals of .surplus «!,'| ricultural products abroad providing the sale of these products cannot be financed through she ordinary channels of commerce ani If In the opinion of the corporation such sales would not adversely affect world markets." Oi it" tit i NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 13. .(UP)—I Cotton closed steady.' Open High Low Clase j Ocl 630b ! Dec 660 654 C37 G40 I Jan. 665 663 641 6-14 ' •\far 675 677 650 654 | May 684 687 661 6C5 July 692 C95 510 C77 Spots 640, off 30, sleady. Closintj Stock Price* A. T. and T 03 3-8 Anaconda Copper 93-8 Auburn 39 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor 13-4 Chrysler 123-8 Cities Service 3 1-4 Coca Cola 91 Continental Baking .... 37-8 General Electric 15 1-8 Oener»! Motors 12 1-2 Middlemost Utilities 3-R Montgomery Ward .... 11 1-4 New York 19 1-2 Packard 3 Radio 6 1-8 Simmons 7 7-8 Standard of N. J 29 1-8 Texas Corp )2 1-2 U. S. Steel 34 Obtains Nineteen Jobs And in quick time, too! The ndvcrtisei- tells us those Cow words— PREVENT FIRES — Have your flurs cleaned nnd is- paired. Wcrk guaranteed. which ran in the classified column of the Courier News Brought excellent results. He's sold on Coinior News want ads now. Lcl them make extra dollars for you. Phone :U)G dience. to n of men nnd \wim- en from (lie.bonus ex|iedltloiiaiy forcn's recent convention. The croup, headed by Cantaln Ilokc Smith, sax the president for i mtmitcs nnd prcscnlod a poll- lion wl:!cli coM'.nlned n sirens; censure of Mr. Hoover for his pnrt 111 ! bonus army eviction from Washington last July. "Wo were rrretvcd bv the president nnd shown every courtesy," Smith said nfler the brief con- When the delegation of twelve appeared at the White Ifousc il Deemed likely ttey would w tiirnc'J away without reaching tb: president. This bad been llic CUSICST; In the nasl. Tint Inday Walter New- Ion, the president's collcy wcrc- tary, talked lo Smith far neiflv ail hour and then escorted the delegation to the president. Post Box Models Added to Postal Museum RICHMOND, Va. (UP) of Ihe drat p.T;t offl"c li Models .7 in The flrlnj oci'iirrcd"«iien nn mi tomobile load of plckels bent an !mi-rasslng operations nt the Hcw- tlvlllo niu} Ltngleyvlllo mines Ignored national, guardsmen's warn- 'ngs to halt. , The alntc mllltln saw Claude Bcnmrd, OIHMple miner nnd driver of the automobile, was speeding clown tlio highway, wlun he 'ailed to stop thi'y opened fire with rifles, imiicturlng tho gasoline l^'ik, Hie. windshield, mid blowing n lire. About 1,000 men ami women ivhe gallic-red loilny lo picket tlie two Billies operating In thlsdblricl ware driven mvay by troops. Tli3 plckJtr had defied orders of guardsmen tc stay awny from the nrcn. The Kuardsmcn forced llu demonstrators to retreat to points nl:out a mile distant from the mines. asked (lie cotmhisstori' In hear his clh'iit In cxccntlv«. Tc'sshm. This will be decided nlMi ' ' ' Bandits Take $25,COO Nebraska Bank GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Oct. 13. (UP)— A band of daring bandit*. raided Ihe Nebraska National bnul: here today, took $25,000 In cash and currency, nnd fled, forcing ylr] history, these Invented In Richmond more than n century ni?o hv William Drown, employer of Dr. William Foiishce, postmaster here it. that lime, have bc^n n(idc<I lo the new postal mus"Uf here by Postmaster Berkeley Williams, Thn models were constructed by J. William Smith, who recently contributed a model of a stage conch of (he ante-bellum days to the museum. The original boxes \vflro plain wcotlen affairs with Slaw fronts. Elusive Pack of Wild , Dogs Raid Poultry Pens SHJ5LTON, Conn. (UP)—A pack of wild dojs. headed by a b'K ^rown and pray mongrel which 'ins eluded the most carefully-laid 'rans. lips caused great damage to nlipiv.nntR and poultry In this scC- Hon. Oiic farmer reported less of 79 "hensants ond others sold the backs of ns many as 60 liens hft'J been broken In a single raid, to stand en the nin- bo.ird of their car to shield them from ]X>sslblc gimflre. The frightened stenographer.? were ordered off the car a bloc- ami n l:alf from the bank. WEATHER tonight nnd AHKANSAS—Fair Friday. I | According lo the official weather i observer, Charles Phillips jr., the J minimum tcmpcrnlure hero yestcr- i day ma 1 ; 47 degrees nnd th? maxi- j mum 74 degrees, clear. To3ay a 1 year ago Hie minimum tempera- I ture 05 degrees and the maxl- I innm 86 degrees, cloudy. this afternoon'..- Wllllnins w»s to dppear before' llic tody nghln totlny nt 3 P. M'. 1 mm FILES Bass Eats Hooked Blue Gill and Is Caught ROCHESTER, Ind. (UP)—B=rl Michaells, Indianapolis, brought back a lour and one-halt pound bass lo prove the fish s!o:y he had lo tell, Mlcbnell.s wns pulling In a mc:l- crately sl«d blue gill when Ihe b. struck the line and gulped the bin: Bill In one swallow. Alter a h.ilf- hour's struggle, lie landed the b.v;: he said, and found t!:c blue gil firmly lodged In Us threat. Pea-Shooters Change to Tapioca From Beans HASTINGS. Neb. (UP)-Ths mischief-makers at school hire have quit shooting navy beans in favor of tapl«a. Here's tho reason lor the schoolboys' chnngc: The tapioca U -easier to handle, tastes eood If eaten, can ba shot more accurately In the shooters, nnd Mil carry R greater distance. The best feature is that'lhe tapioca can be swallowed when the teacher delects the marhniwi. Raw beans were unpalatable. Denies First National. Ag-j. eucy. Exceeded Author-; ity; Asks Penalty. . ."... In an answer and cross com-;., plaint filed In chancery court to- " day H. Lelghlon, local second hand- nlluii! dcn!(.T whose stdrevwivi. destroyed by fire last May, denies that th; First National Insuransc • agency exceeded Us authority in•• issuing two policies of ttis-Camden Fire Insurance Association to him, "•!' Hid' n.*.ks judgment from (lie com-' ' • pany on the policies Ictalling S2,- 500. .-'.'-.I In his cross-complaint Lelghtoh ' I chnrg:s that the Carridcn company 1 is attempting to avoid payment of •} the iwllcbs with additional panal- -| ties for failure to pny promptly; • i Tho defendant, Lclghtcn, ainiits i that two of the policies wcra written .on May 12 by lire First National agency and declares that .the- third policy was written by W. M.'' . Williams on May 10 Instead of by tlie First National agency. Leigliton" ndmlls Uiat policies on his building and stcclc had b=en written by the First National ageiW • • cy with other companies'and that : on cancellation of th: policies 'by.,/ . • the Insuring "ccmpanlcs. that t'r.e •' Insurance had Men re-written" with ; •-'atioml agency. He further chirs- • ; thc'Catnden'ccmpany by the First•.'•" ' cs that the First National agency ' j acted entirely within, its authority ' ns ojtnt for the Camr'cn company M'd tlir.t the policies wore written before the flr^ o:currod, Dahlias Grow 14 Feel DETROIT, Mich. (UPi—niv. plants grown by George Kwintags,' 11, have reached tiie height OI.H feel. Oeorge has to stand on a | slcp-ladder to reach llie blooms. Japanese Beetles Cause Less Damage in 1932 'HARRISBURO, p,v,(0P)—Jap- anese beetles caused less damajs this .summer In Pennsylvania than In former years since the infestation of the eastern section of the state by the su'mmsr pests, John W. Keller, state .forestry department, reported. Keller said the Istcness or ths bcelles in arriving and, the u;« of poisonous sprays were effective In keeping down their numbers. Poplar, : whit*.' birch, basswcod, jossjfrcs, cherry, • elm, vrlllow and hDr=e chestnut.Irsos were the principal sufferers and these wire affected mostly when they new In pptn sp*ces, K««er said.

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