The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1948
Page 11
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TWtLVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NFORMATION Prot«>«tJoji INSURABLE HAZARDS W. J. Pollard Agency . fUnn«d •LJHtcoi 1M W. ot«L MB I laundry l^nndrj done. Willie B«)U O now ftl HlRhw«y tl Korth la N. John' Alltr. Fhon. «•». l|34-pk-tiM Apartment For Kent Wo»M U4u one or two •mployed £ ladlM to AAara lour room fur* hoilM and bath with employed g !*dy. Couple considered. 60ft 8. klla. c*tl 4U33 or 33M. 3j24-pk-21 Two room furnished apartment, hot id cold water. Phone J013, 3 : 36-pk-11 Apartment for rent. Phone 3l2fl. Apartments Wanted FurnUh«d or unfurnished hoMte artment. Work Vis Couple, phon« 8 ; - Money T« On farm land «r city rty. We also bay note*. CONWAY «c HOUCHINS Glenco« Hotel Building i'liree or four roomi II 4033 or J12S. unfurnished. Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and S*rv«c«s •Rvtem STATION lain *. Dtntlon Phona 1W3 Ooa't endanger your la Uy wub tulty tires—BUY LJEE TTRIS 'eep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. i can fill all your n««4« Get genuine parts from our oom> ,lete line. [.l.XX rnol.K. OWNER * OPERATOR S-JBhi HlGhwtty 61 at Steele. Mo. ^ Phone 3K..I. W Real Estate Loans F.H.A. Loan* 6% Hom« Loans Farm Loans Commercial Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 313. W. WALNUT »OKB Uai WINTIt AND SUMMIR TMI INCINI Of YOU* CAB If WORKINO OVIRT1MI Bo suro to toko eoro of ttf '" HUtl'S WHAT Wl DO for Sab, C*y Property Perpetual Motion V«nith«t After Life Work L. Good outbuilding*, one blQifc Hrwn la Un«, Prloe 9M90. Term*. Maw flr« rooai lions* with balh. AH oderiv convenience*, (lood location, ila IE a beautiful home. o\vner a*la II. rrlced right wllk term*. ">!• room hou«e on corner lot. Fla*. •ed walla will) half bath. Small filore property. For quick i,nle, »SSOO. erma. Nice, true* zoom houaa on North enlh. l/>ok this house over, real sire nd cheap. Price W750, Term*. One of the best auburban store* with tine luartft. In city ol Blylh _ _„ „ ,, jt proposition". j>o»M«ilon with Ve!*' ' to <> v «rcom* friction. But he would We have a tew small acreage!, also ! h«Vt brittle*] with lndl(niUot> If lorty acre farina near Blylherllla. ' (OF)—•tmewtwr* hi tlie NorChWMt today th«re !• « machine which repre«*nls > half million dollar Investment «nd half Hie life o[ ptlcr Mollerv ivanoff. Ivniiotr worked for W ye«r« In hl« »300,000 Seattle machine, ahop If Interested sea or call »BRT ROSS. Real Fjitate Broker 1'liou. -Jilt, or 4101 For Safe, Misc. AI, SULLIVAN » RESTAURANT Frrlh tiro roods Dully Acrw* Iron, City Hnll riume. '.14 Nine piece Omu'ati Phyfe mahogany dlnlin: room mill. Phona 3311) after tie*H vacuum cleaner, prtone Oil healer, box aprlngn and Innur- spring matlreAA, matching couch and chair, 31ft I-ake Bl, 3|2i-pk.'J7 Ollbcrt eleolrlc Iraln aet, conlplele, 1 locoinoilvea. Excellent condition. Call Holt. Sffil. Ire refrigerator, porcelain flnlsli. Uirrt 5iit months, look new. A|BO Walnut heel, aprliiK and inntlK'si. priced to sell, 405 N. Hecond, phono 3m. PERSONAL LOAN*. AUWmoSlU -ttf- ntture--coiBjut«r-lunutur*. Quick, pn- v«t« »«mc«. FertOBAllMd attcatlon Com* in or telephone, an*. GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE COSPORAT1OB 125 w AS.H at. BlythxrlU* A- Books BOOKS Fiction, Juveniles, eli^ioii* Books, Reference 3ooks, Dictionaries, Text 3ook». new and used. Tri-States School Supply Money to Loan Do you n»*d ft to*n model? No down jAy, no rtd tup* fBA APPROVBO SLATK ASK FOR DKTAIU* Max Logan, Realtor CASH KKGIS- For SHlc OLD NEWSPAPERS COUllIkR NKWS OFP1CI ier wire. |7i. Tolcptione Car a«at. Ireler-bab*! nd play pen. Call Hefp Wanted, PAID? Armr msn of » (Inanclilly 31 J Jw- your Armr and Air Fores Recrult- orricn, city H*n Wonderful opportunity for * gphonl prndufttn with chemlitry r.ouiitl. HtirXnrl Shoo CJoni|inny. Mo. you a iked him, "And how'a jour ' ner|»tiial motion machine coming ' aloti'u these dayi, Ivanoff?" "He culled It a co-niollona) motion iniichtne." xjttd I,*wreivce V4:k devonl. disciple of the brilliant ' Bulgarian, who died heie tn rebnl- . »ry, 1815. I "He wtuiii't a failure—h« had tomethUig, I'm «tire n< It," Vlck laid. VIok Hu Faith "You roulrl walk Into big ahop, 1 twirl a shaft cf i rsu!U-(fiirr<t Budget. And you couldn't hold the. other end of the alia It with a Sltllson wrench." Today, Vlck offern hl« jo y«*r« experience RK machinist with Ivan- olf to any oiiKhu'er who la willing to continue, where, th« BulRarian left off. "Hut It would be much easier If we could find Uittt machine," he stilrt. Ivxnoff, Im^'lng no llvinj; relatives, benurathert his plHiil anrt mnchlnc lo scvernl Vancouver, B. who hrttl aiib,skhx«d his work with citsh (;tft.s p Vlck &»U1 thought the frlcHonlpM ina- Vnnconvm- warehouse, but the 14 trustees claim th« mnchlns U still In Seattle. anolf Ignored the guffuws anrt chiding of profe^aovs who referred Phone MM OB 8. FIRST ST. PHONI 3753 Beauty S«rvic«s Pre Easter Special All permanent wave* fvre at their •lest after several weekly shampoos, •['o look your best during the spring •tncl summer montha. get your u«w l>ermanent NOW R« Sue's Beauty Shoppe S10 Dougan Phone 2910 IN VEST IN REST Why ruin your he*Ub *f tiMpUif an old Kooiir mattr»«7 Th« »U1TH MATl'HESS CO. oc fllyth«TUl«. now ir«r» to make your old itit outiraM Ke new at tUe low co*l of oaly >8.5U r it you prefer m loatrspnac maat ui Ol your old mftttr*M. w* Till AO > Kt tne tow price of 934.50. Nothing nt the beat of material* 1* iited. la enovaunx ot your old mkttrMua with he laite*i machinery. All work, gnar- >nleed. PHONE 4319 OB DROP A ;ARD TO SMITH UATTKVSS COM- 'ANL. OIENKRAL DBLIVBRY. 7REK >rCKUP AND DKiaVKRY WITHIN SO ^ DAY SERVICE" Brick for sale. Call 3-2;!-ck-tf SPECIAL Bo your own work and save Rent a concrete mixer, •wheelbarrow and shovels. Afly other tools you may Also For Sale HAY and COAL 4489 Box 659 B4yth«viU«, Ark. l-l-ak-tl anae %MDo*r lor a«le. Two and half mlls M.w. of CMcnell. a. a. Flow»r> tusinest Property For Rent COTTON PLANTING SEED State Certified. Blue Tau, Oolinled and Treated. 100 Ib. new ha^s BRYAN FARMS »»C»Ot,*. AUK. AL SULI.1VANS RESTAURANT Beet Coffee In Town AerOM Irora City Hall Phone 2i Sewing S alterations, buttonholes. Mrs. 3 •- Cherry- Phone mrj. 3;ll-pl.-VU Notic* w«nt*u. to contract ttu njr room clndftr block trn • Itb roilcrete, tloora. Call A. G. ljiCl! elephone 3,m. J[24-p)t- AL BUI,T.IVAN * RBfiTAURANT All Vegettbtes Wftll 8e«aonea fioroM Jrom Oily Hell Phone 3 flMLTS. BUCKLV3, Covered buttons, button Hole*. Mae Miller, Alma BRSS. Slmft Crowder. ijfione 3»39, If no an- »W»r, 4A33. BO4 H. Ptflh 8l. 3;20-cfc-*i20 »«• Shop. «- 1 10IU ck i AI. lUI.IJVAN'g Choice of KO SUtJu and Cnop* Acro« from City Hall FhOBa ai SELL WHAT YOU DON'T ' WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Cauifiedi;. Have space 20 feet wide land 75 feet long locator! in IIIF. building ItO S. Fifth et across street from Mid- IWest Ice Cream Co. Can be IlivideH into several rooms to fciiit. tenant. Ideal location for l-loctor, lawyer or insurance liusiness. Will lease for reasonable, rent. TOM LITTLE Realty Co'. Phone 861 3-24-ck-SL U YOU HIT* E9Bfc«%nl aaea and c*D't |«t rid Huflmau'* Bwa» Sbop, HIGH SCHOOL ORADUATC. Hot th« «cnool yon wint. tna Army _ yon the very finest training. The skill- eel man advances tn leadership quickly Bee your Army and Air Force Recruit'-- Olflce. City Hall, SlyOiaTlltp On and alter Utu dat« I will Hot esponstble for payment of any purchaser made by anyona other than my- elf unless It U a pnrcnaaa maac bT iiy wife for one or thOM B*«uM(ul tf- Iclcnt Glb.son Electric RangM Bl?tna- i-llle Wlllya Balea company at* on display. Blythe»lll« Wlllya SalM. "- i Main street. Phone SM. Foods FRKSH COUNTRY EGGS. 'hone iFoster. 2127, Mrg. Welch 3-20-ck-27 Reach for Hart's BreiJti. Call 4107 j Johns Produce Company For PTMh Country EQGS. Live and IrgMija FOirLTRT. We pty hlche&t aarket price for poultry and egj^R. ."Pickup and Delivery" W 333-ck^AO SULLtVAN'S RISTAURAKT DellcLoua Home-Made Plea lcrc*« from City Hall Phone 34 Mr. Enater B\uiny! Don't lorget we Illke cake too. And Dun Cre»m DoM<h- liinl Shop hx the Ideal way of aaylnf • 'Kaster OreetlnRS' with rich. iMly • pnstel-lced oikec. You'll want to stop Ibr here tod^y and M« our Xn.Mer •assortment of cakes, plea, an-J sweet • roll™. 211 S. Klrul Street. 3 i8-im-27 Florists AZALKAS— Finwt TArir.tle« nnd col- *r*. 75c e»ch: also largtr •GARDENS, »rV p Bairiudki« • Term. XZALKA Memphis Plumber r you need J«rt Ct-OTC I Harry Meyera EtCKiied phimlwr. ir work dont, c*l. Hubbcnl H»rdwi-r« TYPEWRITERS Royak. Smith, OomnR »nd ReDilii;* OB Fortabl*. DON EDWARDS The. Type writer aOn « II Beccin« St. Ph->ne Hal 10 rt U Farmers Column For sale: Two mulM, weight 1400 pounds each. Lilly Pnschal. Dell. Ark For Sale, Cars A Trucks 1M7 Charrolel plcnup. ?honc 871. Immediate Opening for yoiiiijif niuii as .salesman In Ward's men's clothing riR- parlnient. Must bo A high school gradiuile between ago of-21-32. Must be neat and like to meet the public. Previous experience in Lliis line desirable, but we are willing to train right man'. Apply at once to Mr. Kesler, Montgomery Ward/ 3-2H-ck-28 him lo ba*lo physical l»w« when he l)r(nn bin experiments," Vlck uld. But finnlly—«ft«r SO Te«r» Trort —he was ready to unveil his Invention and a large electrical company sent an engineer to conduct battery of mel«ra wia at- and volumtiioiu notei wer« tnken," Vlck said. "The last meter was read. Im- mcdlutcly the engineer sinned »n llic mitclilne free ot fflulloti." Uut the engineer was signing hU own llt.sinit.srml notice, "'I'lle coin- Tired him on the .spot, ncnus- LIIK him or wrongly connccthig a meter." Vlck said. Vlck, however, believe* Hie engineer. No one knows whaf. Ivnnoff, DimiKhl. but shortly nfterwardn he j hci!i>i> wtiMtiiK nway. 'Hie. doctora I said he died of cnncer. Vlck thlnke ttlffercntly. FOR SALE: — One A-mo<l*l rord In perfect "hap*. Call 793 ftlUr 4:CHJ Help Wanted, Female Lumbermen Sleet MFA1PHIS, Tenn.. March XI. (UP) —Omar Hilton, of Warren, Ark,, w»R elected la«t night president of Southern Wnrclwoorl Producers Inc. G. H. King, o[ Cncilon, MLSA., wtu clectert vice president. Political Announcements Typisl TYPING, Phona 4222 or 2570. Dogs, Cats, and Pets Orta Black thorouffhbre4 mila ohow puppy. Mrs. O. S, RollUon. plione See the late model used cars at Lee Motor Sales. 1948 Plymouth 2400 actual miles, radio and heater. 1946 Forrls. nice ant! clean, some with new white side wall tires. 194fi Chevrolet four door, ratlin and heater. 1946 CMC truck and trailer. A real good buy. Also several older model cars and trucks. LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 2056 3-23-ck-tf WfllirosR for SLindays. Apt>ly Sycn- more Mo use. Stnic Linn i>ciwccu " noon and ii p.m.. or phone «.w Vouns lady alcnoKrapher who can ke dlntallon for nmnufBcturlng ron- i urrn In city. Plrfle.i\[it working ron- Irllllons ati<l oii])orti!alty lor advancement. MII.IL hnvo pre.vloiiN ofllcn pirper- lencc. Phon^ 4CH1] for appolntdient fmrmtr 'i Column for Mlc: Two Kord tractors ttnd eqnlp[nenl. Co its, phone 722. O.i- *ol«. 3;2J-|>>:-30 Mtxlel * Jo ha Deere imctor. power FERTILIZER ^-9-18 i G-8-12 Miss D P * L 14 Certified Cotton Seed. PLANTERS COOP. Phone 720 '« Mercury, new Uffy tin club coupe. Freih Alrt neater, rsdlo. L<]c»nsR and nale« tax pnlrt. c»n hft seen 2V? mile* Nurin or ArnioreL on No. Nine grnvel road. Adrian Russell. 3 2t-pK-2? Jcop Station WJIK«» Jtep Sedan Delivery Jeep Pickup Trucks low uonibtnlnt; tlcpenUabllity imintenance. Immediate delivery I all models of the .Iccp, "tlie PoMwur I rhlcle." POOLE MOTOR COMPANY. i KLLIS POOLE, OWNEa AND OPKRA- , TOH. B. HIGHWAY «1 AT BTEELE. I MO. PHONE STEELE. 411. 3.JO-CK-J7 | Gale or Trade: 1045 Chevrolet truck. I two epecd nxle anrt I9W Nabora trailer In good condition. Low mlleape, also o .1.1 I A -i l eood <»'paulln. Priced for Quick tali. O-Z^-CK-4-1 See or call Tom Crawford, 334P Cio»- Lost A Found Found: Owner plcnKo claim nll-metnl bom Jotind by Victor Clifton, onn mile Nortri or NmnlJer Nine. .125-ph-2B Private Rooms Furnished room, half block from Main Street. Ill East Ash. WHh or without kitchen privilege". Phone 460y Bedroom. 3M N. Ninth. Phone 2338. Nlcrly furnished bedroom. Front entrance, shared hath. Koom ami l>2:u<J. 115 W. Ro«e St. 324-rK-W The Courier Ncwa han authorised to announce the follow- Inc iiaiulidnlos. subject, to the 3™- .„< B«nernl city election, April 6: and the Democratic Primary, July 30th August 3rd: FOR AT.tlKRMAN (First W»rd) .Icssc. M. Willl» Harry Taylor L. C. (Bud) Poscy Jr. (Second Ward) .). L. (Jnille) Nnbcra FOR CITV CI.KKK T^nrry Knens W. 1. (BUI) Malin COUNTY TREASURER Pr.tnk Whltworth COUNTY COURT CI.KRK Ellznbeth Blythe KOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlpncn STATE RErKESENTATIVl Le.lle N. "Duklt" For Cnnntyr.lnri Roland Green Bertroom. eiMa •• town. Men onlf, yio Walnut. 3 '^4-)ik-4 : J4 r t _.____._...»»»_••••••_• With kitchen prlTlleees, «n Chlcka- > I sawba. 38-pf.-4'R ! l _ . _ _„_ . ^ . | LlKlU hoitEtkeeplriK niuni. Plirtikf ' I For sale: D P I.-H antl Suinetllle 28 cottonKeert. Flrsl year /rnm brceners- 1130 p*r ton. Also .Vl% Potash Fertilizer. Mllllgan RldRe Co-operative. Route 2. Manila, or call John canrtUl »t 31«. 322-PX-29 S«ry»c«i HOUSE MOVING. Thirteen ye«m experienc*. Plenty of equipment. R«f«r«nce*. Level- in g, found* lion rep»irinf. Virgil Foley, phon« 2105. 3-19-pk-4-19 SRRD FOR SA1.K Oklahoma U. a. Verified Alfalfa Seed Stoncvllle IB. ^B f Ambassador), and Empire Cotton Bred—second year from breeder. utoneTllle 2B ind Xtnplre Pedlgrecc; •x r'oundatlon 3E«il Also SOYBEANS for seed. Will CK- change for .soybeans or cotton »ccd L. R. MATTHEWS GIN CO., For Salt, Farm Fore salt: RO acre hill farm on Highway 21 near Grm.dtn, Mo. New house. othpr imi»rov(>mcnl5 J2.000. Inoulre Rl Economy Grocery, fttcele. Mo Bedroom heal. Phon )nrrnlent to hath. Rlcnm 3325. fill W. Holn J!l«-pk-4'l« Food Lockers For Rent Cold Storage Meat Curing Wanted to Buy rjaert bubjf pen with part. Phone Wanted to Rent j Esperf ProceseinB a n t i Quick Freezing for Home J Freezers i ! Groceries - Meats - Fish BLALOCK Frozen Food Phone 2<i02 Phont 72T INC. Sporting Goods BASEBALL! BASEBALL! We have the uniforms and equipment. Set IM b«for« you buy. HUBEARD HARDWARE CO. 213 W. M»in 3-20-ck-27 BTT.T, GODWIN STOUT] NG GOODS BRKC.IHII tmuorn.n m mock. Wholt shle prlCM to scl.oola *nd i«nmi. Wll son And Spaiildln^ b»«cb«l^. compiet* line or Wilson M«rch»n(1ls€. Temporxr- ULy located IM N. Second st, »t Norm Pnntlnf. nomp*ny. Phon* »13, KmL- 4763. IT'S WILSON TODAY IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT For a«lc: Model * John I3*er* tractor, wtr control, complete with cnltlvntor. m bottom brc*V;er dlsK. ntowJnc machine »nrt two row ho it-?, -drawn planter, brand Bftw, ncvtr been used. Prlre W.7W. J. O, Fool, It! Papo, Ark 80 ACRES With 65 open, 15 HCr*s with W,iKK) leet tlmljer. Saw mill ncRr. on nood Riuvel roiiil. mall roiilf. school bus. has Rood four room home *ntl bath, elcctrinity In house, two. mile* from town of PdAcoift, Mo. Renl*d ItilB your for SHOO cash rent not*. Will lake 1.0.500, rtnin Included, or *vlll • lake $9750, with onljr »7ftOO c,\5h. bal• r\nrc nccpnibfr 1948 wJlh deed Thore 3l6-p)c-aol is Sl.tXKI In loan. c*n b« p*ld now. or carried to suit pxircriaser. Muat »«]! in 10 days \V. M. BURNS Realtor Phone 3361 240 ACRES good land. Four houses, three barns on The healthiest chicks on' ?. ood *!'. a .\'?. l _ v !!? (l1 I ive ' the market: AAAA Grade Pullorium-Tcstecl. BABY CHICKS |14.95 per 100 at Jim Brown Store — Phone 584 3-18-ck-tf from Blytheville. Price ?2IO acre, Johnny Marv Real Estate 112 S. Second Phone 4111 3R-ck-( S For Sale, City Property Urocery atore and meat market with _ 1 ' notiM and lot. J. W Unrorlh. Qcll. Tor 9*1«: Hectrle brooder, 100 bnby 3;4-pK-4,4 chick capacity. Rear 375 E, KenmcM 1 . — — - 3;26-pk-^l New three room house on Morlh — - Tenth Street, North »f Railroad. Jim For Sale: '70 Ollvm- tractor find rxil- Harry. 3;25-pfc-4R llvator. with complete overhaul Joh. i — - . ._ Three boUnn rillk breaXer. and ne« I ThcTf are Bboilt SlO.OOO.flOn Cllblr. <!l!k. u.ooc win sen any _. r rate J. ^ T Blackwell, 3tet>. Mo t|U-ck-»;l* PIKJM lor-lt. a ( 24-pk-4,I world of w«t«r In lh« ocetns of the Need house for one of ou employees at onco. Four to six •ooms. Hlan Hcalh Auto and Ionic Supply. Phone 828. COTTON FARMERS Ctiemlc«r1r dellnteil c«t(on plow the Mm« wee-k. Redne« chnpptng eiri»«nM w more eetten. ITATI CF.RTIFtT.D VARIETIES AVAILABLE l>. L. N». 14, per M A. baf llt.M filonevllle 2-B, per M Ib, b«K Rnwden 11-F, per M Ib. b«| 1M* Other varlelles Ma» A- Hllf IHIbred) per M IB. h»» 1*J* Rlonevtlle 2-C. per S« Ib. b»f 1I.W Cnkera 1»« Wilt KesIjtJint, per M Ib. bujr 10.U , p*r S« Ib. bog ID-S* ^mj M IK l»|r 1I.M «4W Empire, C*aM a> »K< ptuct yo«r »rder «r irl yt« npyif BI.TTIHCVII.T.E SOVBKAN CORT. You're Saying Monty wh«n ,VM »*«d your Iruck I* otur *hnf far chfck-tipx. We stop trouble before ft nl*rt«. Check «• for our r«KiilHr service plnn to help keey yo«r tradw ntllintc. No f|««t it* too )«rg«; n» truck loo MuH for •• 9 to hindlc. Easy GMAC Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. fSwcc«i*«r to Lay fich CK«vro/«< CoJ Wi N.y.r Clot* Sales D«pt. Op«n 'HI • p.m. 301 West Walnut St. Ph«M US SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER; Get A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHIVILLI U'f "61" Motor Company (Home of "fit" ]mplem«i»t Company) North 6th Str««t PhoiM 2142 GUARD THE FINISH OF YOUR CAR PORCELAINIZE TODAY! What Doet POftCfLA/NfZf Do tor tfw Cmrf Porcelslnlu 1< a treatment which betutlflM and protect. ttM ftnish. H produces a hard, dry surface which retains Its tuslr* ajs4 if MMT to nl*an. If dirt, (ream, scum, rosd oil, up, *tc., Mttte* on MM xirfact, although Uvt luMr* may b* tempora,rllr obscund, Mw removal of VKh depxxits will reveal porcelalnlM 1st t\U Its MUUMC*. In moit cuea ORDINART WASHES, using onlf clew without soaps, kerosenes or cleaners, wiU brine mors severs neglecl«ci CAMS, budlnc wltk a " will reatore the full beauty of porcelalnl»«. So you see, porcelalnlM It th« truly iMtlnc potiwcr A finish that r«>r c«r esn't b« withoitt. Vrlnc yt*t ««c 1st taster for complete porcelalnUrfng. Ton'H B*T« endurtaf Mta Porcelainizing Ii An Authorized Buick Service • MAKES OLD CARS LOOK NOW • MAKES NEW CARS STAY HEW » WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL sss FOR SenMCC

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