Independent from Long Beach, California on December 5, 1971 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 25
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A-26-INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM citii.. J EARL WILSON Bernadette Peters matures: 'tired of being child star 9 NEW YORK -- "! never liked being a kid -- I was always impatient to get it over with. "It was like having a baby. You had to go through a tough period, so have it and get it finished." Bernadette Peters, the sexy little 23-year-old blonde who resembles Marilyn Monroe, s p o k e these revealing words in her dressing room at "On the Town" the other afternoon. Though she was a child actress at 9 when she was directed by Otto the Ogre Preminger, and though she performed in glamorous Las Vegas with "Gypsy" at 13, Bernadette says "I wouldn't want to be a child again. When you're a child, you have thoughts, but nobody listens to you. Nobody has any respect for you. That's it, 1 didn't get no respect." Curvy, round-faced, 110- pound Bernadette Lazarra is the daughter of Peter Lazarra who has a bread route in Queens. "Life gets better every day," she said, putting an elbow on her dressing table. "Life is like a chart. It goes up and down and some day it's going to go blong -- and go way down. The important thing is to appreciate the moments when the lines on the chart are going up." NillONil GENlRAt IHIA1RES "DAGMAR'SHOT PANTS INC" "Chaslily" Vanishing Prairie The Living Desert TUESDAY ONLY} DEC. 7TH ! IN TWO THEATRES _ WilliimSHiknp«r'l JULIUS CAESAR m EMILY BRONTE'S UJulliering Heights OXOfl br MCY1OAB · ONE OF THE UP moments was at the opening night party at Sardi's when, according to eyewitnesses, Mayor Lindsay ;tood tall and graceful be- ide her and looked down at her in her very low-cut ed gown. "Did you notice it'/" 1 asked her. "I tried not lo," she admitted. "He kissed me. 1 heard his words in my ear and I couldn't believe it. It took forever for it to penetrate my mind that it was the mayor. And the first time [ met Leonard Bernstein I was so thrilled. Meeting this man so vital and full of life. 'That's part of the fun. Getting to know these people and the ones I'll meet later. Working with Carol Burnett on TV. I used to watch Carol Burnett on the Gary Moore show. And here I am meeting them and working \vith them!" Bernadette said being a child actress was hard -you start at 9 and then don't get a job again 'til you're 11, then ano'ther layoff 'til you're 13. BERN A D E T T E GOT good notices in "This Is Goggle" at 9 but the show closed and she recalls that director Preminger railed at her, "Vut is the mutter? De rewews go to your head?" "I was just a little girl," she says. "I didn't know whether I was good or bad." In Las Vegas with "Gypsy" there was nothing for : a little girl to do. At 13, she was playing a Hollywood movie star. "I just put a blonde wig on," she explained. "I would go in the restaurant and eat and lie around the pool and sleep and dream. I had nobody to talk to. That's no town for a 13-year-old. I was terribly lonely." Life swept on and she got into "Dames at Sea," and now "On the Town," playing Hildy a cab driver, with a New York voice that she says she patterned after Peter Falk's voice. "I don't know him but I love him," she said. "This girl is tough and talks like he talks. They always say 'Eye,' then they say what they're gonna say. They say 'Ey, Joe, 'ey, whad- daya doon'?' Card dealers vote for union FANTASTIC ACTION! {"FRENCH CONNECTION" (R "Priltr Maids in a Row" | (R) GENE HACKMAN IN "FRENCH CONNECTION" "PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW" \ "BILLY JACK" (GP) 'J "MONTE WAISH" "AFRICAN ELEPHANT" "RIO LOBO" (G) "SOME GIRLS in Ozone Park talked like that but I wasn't allowed. My life was strict and Italian. When everybody else was hangin' down on the corner, I was in the house watchin' TV, watchin' old movies. "Thank God the days of beating the pavement for work are over: I had an older sister take me around to casting offices but I'd go in looking such a sourpuss, I wouldn't smile. My attitude was wrong." Bernadette makes her movie debut in "Ace Eli and Roger of the Skies." She plays an "amateur prostitute." "What do I do in my leisure? I have a lot of plants and I love to repot them : and watch them grow. I have no qualms," she added, looking into the mirror, "about revealing that my BERNADETTE PETERS Glad to Be Older hair is darker than it looks and that I touch it up. But everything else is real!" T 0 D A Y 'S BEST LAUGH: A man said that his son's report card, full of failing marks, had one consolation: "With those grades, he couldn't possibly be cheating." -WISH I'D SAID THAT: "Education" is what you get from reading the small print in a contract; "experience" is what you get from not reading it. R E M E M B E R E D QUOTE: "The worst-tempered people I ever met were people who knew they were wrong." --Wilson Mizner. EARL'S PEARLS: Money's getting tight. We saw a street Santa accepting lOUs. Bob Hope points out how much Jack Benny has done for charity: "Why, he's raised millions with his violin -- just by threatening to play." That's earl, brother. Theatrical focus on family set in L.B. "And Suddenly You're Getting Older," a family theater production of. the Long Beach Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will be presented Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in Cultural Hall,'3701 Linden Ave. "Theme of the admission-free show," according to the director, Virginia Cortrer, "is that basic f a m i l y values don't change." RENO (UP) - Harolds Club dealers and maintenance men have voted by a slim margin to be represented in collective bargaining by a union in a landmark election at the Pioneer Gambling Casino owned by Howard Hughes. The final tally announced Saturday after two days of balloting in the National Labor Relations Board election was 438 employes for unionization and 353 against. The dealer vote was 351 for and 295 against, while the maintenance men cast 87 yes votes and 58 no ballots. Al Genette, business agent for the Casino Em- ployes Union, said the victory would pave the way to Judge strips Oakland's nude ban OAKLAND Iff) -- A municipal judge has 1 ruled that parts of the Oakland municipal code banning topless and bottomless dancing are unconstitutional. J u d g e Howard L . Schwartz said he based his decision on previous California Supreme Court rulings which hold topless dancing to be a form of expression protected by the First Amendment's freedom of speech. However, he upheld the city's right to outlaw nude waitressing. "You can prohibit nude serving of food and drink because that's not expression, that's business conduct," the judge said. The case involved topless dancer Beth Markovich, 24, who was arrested earlier this year on two misdemeanor charges involving the city's topless and bottomless bans. Judge Schwartz noted the Supreme Court has decided to hear cases involving Orange and Sacramento county topless and bottomless regulations similar to those in Oakland. organizing casino workers in the state of Nevada. "Harolds Club is the key," he said. Casinos in the state have traditionally r e j e c t e d unionization. Employes at the Tropicana Hotel-Casino on the Las Vegas "Strip," recently turned down a union-organizing bid by a two-to-one margin. "The knowledge that the union can be successful should erase some of the fears of workers in other casinos," Genette said. Harolds Club management claimed that a union victory would be disastrous to the state's gambling industry. A spokesman for the club said after the election, "National Labor Relations Board's elections are not certified for five days. In this case, the date of certification, if objections are not filed, is Dec. 10." "Until then, we will be carefully evaluating.the results and we will have a further announcement later in the week," the spokesman added. Genette called the election a "clean contest." Hughes Nevada mine shift claims denied "The difference in the vote here and at the;Tiibpi- cana in Las Vegas; wHich surprised some observers, was due to the detertmna- tion of the people here to make a success of organizing the employes," Qe/jg.tte said. , ru '," M Harolds Club is the only casino in Northern Nev'a'da owned by Hughes. He' purchased the operation' for $12 million last year-from the founding Smith famify, The Casino employes union is a division of the Sta-. tionary Engineers LoCal 39, which is affiliated with the International Union-of O p e r a t i n g Engineers, AFL-CIO. LAS VEGAS (DPI) -The vice president of a mining company headed by a personal secretary to Howard Hughes was quoted Saturday as saying all of the Nevada mining properties would be shifted to Pan American Mines, Ltd. A spokesman for Hughes Tool Co. denied the statement. Hughes owns almost 3,000 mining claims in Nevada, none of which has ever been developed. The Las Vegas Sun, in a story by author Jim Phelan, of Long Beach, said Albert Dupris made the statement recently in Montreal and said it was Howard Eckersley who told him. Dupris is vice president of Pan American Mines, Ltd. and Eekersley is chairman of the board. Eckersley also is one of five private secretaries who work directly for billionaire Hughes. Trading of Pan American Mines, Ltd., stock was halted several weeks ago on the Canadian stock exchange. The firm was listed on -the exchange in the summer and climbed to 512 a share before it plummeted to less than a dollar. Harry Andrews, chairman of the exchange, was associated with a brokerage house which was the underwriter of Pan American stock. Andrews has been suspended as chairman of the exchange and his company is being investigated. PACIFIC WALK-INS LAKE WOOD CENTER WMK-IN OPEN NOON · STABTS 12:30-. AICHARD HARRIS · COLOfe-- " "Man In Tht PLUS' "OMEGA IMirlWr E. Oceirvl it Pine '417-2721 STATE WALK-IN Of EN NOON · STARTS 12JO , ;, ANY SEAT 99c ANYTIME. "TOM POR N»D»"""" 'QUE HOMBRE TAN SIN EMBARGO" .1 TOWNE *1 WALK-IN Atlantic and San An (onto 422-12«"' UNITED ARTISTS 217 E. OCEAN HE 7-1267 NOW SHOWING IN TWO THEATRES Michael Sarrozm Jacqueline Bisset "BelievelnMe" CO-HIT UKEWOOO "CLAY PIOCON" Bargain Prices, Mon.-F.ri. Opin Week Salt IM Sat. * Sun. 1:45 CO HIT U.A. CLAY PIGEON- BARGAIN PRICES · MON.jRI. ENNOON* STARTS 12:30''' 3 DISNEY FEATURES! .'".'' "LIVING DESERT" (G);,,"VANISHING PRAIRIE" PLUS · DISNEY flUUKTft'~ s (B L 5tt "SlrTlW ~ OPEH SOON · STARTS TX30 , - j" RTAN ONfAL · WM, HOLOEN ' f" "WILD ROVERS (GP) "PLAZA SUITE^JGP) ' PACIFIC DRIVE-INS I SHOWS STAHI at »:JO H*'i CMUOIIN UNOI« 17 I«U ' 101 Hrwj/jndt Liktwood Blvd.| 439 9S1.3; "THE BABYSITTER" (R) "WEEKEND WITH THE BABYSITTER" ( R ) · · - Carson at Cherry 424 9931 LONG 81 ACM I i LAKE WO 00 l DRIVI-IN CLINT EASTWOOD · COLOR "PLAY MISTY FOR ME" (R) PLUS-PETER FONDA "HIRED HAND" (R) COMMUNITY GE 8-0536 5021 ANAHEIM NOW PLAYING! ON STAGE "SPIDERS WEB" By DAME AGATHA CHRISTIE FRI., SAT. 8:30 p.m. - $2.50 DON'T MISS TH15MOVIEI "BILLY JACK" "GIMME SHELTER" (GP: inemu ROBERT MITCHUM "RYAN'S DAUGHTER" STEVE MtQUlEN ON ANY SUNDAY JOHN LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE PRESENTS A DANCE CONCERT DIRKCTKI) ItY JUDITH ASTON h'RI. SAT., DEC. 10 11 AT 8.P.M. L.B.C.C. 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OPEN 6.00 FRI., SAT, SUN., OPEN 6:30 JAMES GARNER "SKIN GAME" "ZEPPELIN" e»UH. Do-niy 10 1 2211 12:00 Diiney's "LIVING DESERT" (G) "VANISHING PRAIRIE" PL4Y MIS1Y FOR ME" (R) "HIRED HANO" "OMEGA MAK" MON.-THURS. OPEN 6:00 FRI., SAT., SUN., OPEN 6:30 OIWAIK. K»r»olli M-«77I We ' Childrtn Me 12JX) "BELIEVE IN ME" "CLAY PIGEON" "D«, ZHIVAGO" (G) "NEW LEAF" MON.-THURS., OPEN 6:00 FRI., SAT.. SUN., OPEN 6:30 HOWCASE CINEMA #1 M2 112 STONEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER' EARLY11RD SI UNTIL 6 30 BOTH THEATERS WON-fRI "MAN IN WILDERNESS" "OMEGA MAN" HELLSTROM CHRONICLE'.' (GP) "MURPHY WAR" SHOWCASE CINEMA »1 MON.-THURS., OPEN 6:00 FRI.. SAT., SUN. OPEN 6:30 "FRENCH CONNECTION" "VANISHING POINT" 8EUEVE IN ME" (R) "CLAY PIOEON" Hillf, Torroflc* Pic. Cil. H«r I DISNEY'S "THE LIVING DESERT" (G) "THE VANISHING PRAIRIE" asm z SOUND PRODUCTIOM AND KRU raom C » * D 2« LOCUST AVE 91 AK437-9839 OP. NOOh FRI. t SAT. MIDKITE PREVUES U S. SCHVICEMIN IN UmfORMfMI ;iLONG BEACH · I DRIVI-IN anU Fe Ave. 834-6435 (X) NO ONE UNDER 18 . "'DAGMAR'S HOT PANTS, INC."(X) :: PLUS -"CHASTITY?' (R) ' | S»i Dieco frrty. and' Btllllo«tr B'.fl, 4 2 5 7 4 2 2 "SCARS OF DRACULA" (*j- "HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN" L\ HI-WAY 39 11*1 DRIVE-IN 5 3 4 6 2 8 2 CUNT EASTWOOD-COLOS '.' "PUT MISTY FOR ME" (R) .' PLUS-PETER FONDA "HIRED HAND" (R) ilBUENAPARK ·I O8IVE-IN RICHARD HARRIS 'COLOR "MAN IN THE WILDERNESS" (GP) PLUS »"TH£ OMEGA MAN" (GP} LINCOLN Lincoln West, of Knfltt 527.2Z2J E STORrOF HATE! "HONKY" (R) COLOR PLUS 'TM E GSASSKOPPER" («) . i SAN PEDRO Gitfey Street So. of Anaheim' 831-3370 'FRIENDS MUSIC BY ELTON JOHN DOZENS OF JUMBO BOXES f B |H Cllf *T EASTWOOD · COLOR IH "PLAY MISTY FOR ME",(R) -I" PIUS-PETES FONDA PRODUCE and FRUIT SuM^M^SlS!aMn03P-M- -. · U PIUS-PETER FONDA * SELL! SWAP!' ^ " m * "*"D" w r TRADE! BUY! 1000'$ OF HARD-TO-FIND BARGAINS SAT. DEC. 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