The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER l-l, i*M elude shorlhand niid lyplnt', s>ir- vejlnp, ,1-ndU), piiimp siieiifclns. life- cuiiming, sm-iai si-ji-.iice. naliiiiil ru i liiiii'i niii- rtllop ter. hlu,-. prim i-f.;i(liii|. .,11,1 oil lype.s 01 e!reirle;i) W o,1:; ;,,)[( tur Hie «,-,- iii'-ri. I'm* I |il:iimiriM nut] prepfim- lion, tint hiii;; loi- elilldien. ill,-.--,•;• r. . . ' ,,. , "'"Mix. "'in'lii sniiiy. mill n:;- oi rJilhusiasm Kuns 111 o h fiH-tvu-Hi f. , c, (( I r-- '' vlJ " 1 > 1 "' ltlf ivni'ki'is '"<• iniil:- Amonc; blull oi Gmiil iennessfe Unclcrlakiiiy Tills is (lie third of sis stniii's on vvhnl I'residenl Itnosevc'll u'iil see when he visils Ihe 'I'emiessee Valley, No. 1 siii-i:,l-|>lannin K |in>jeil Ihe New Deal. Whal tins iitlii- ly IJI'HI done by IK mcmlhs <if work anil S|ii-ndln-'.> 'I IH-M- slurlcs I'll you. B wiH°" ; r' ''' v ;V' }C ,! r0 ." X ""'<• (11 lho i"'"i;>--ili<"'ciVimmiiiiiy ,,»™ ,!',", ,'"' ? '"'*' "" ikli ""' ™ s ls ""' mmi "S '">"''• KNOXVII.I.K Jijiiu. _ T',«-K'(- and |>lny house fnr Hi,. ,. : imp ami lUmisuncI men ami v.™,u-n mirk I'm- lown. Tin- lar,;,- ;, m ]iioiinm is ,,..,.,1 Ti-iiJlf-.wt' Valley Ainhrwiiy and | lo,- movies, phiy;, .tojiein- 1,.,-tu ::i(|»h'ed truiini)" :il (lie iradi 1 :; school Ijy uiakiii" iliflr own Immune |oi- their houses :,t NOITK mohlle.s. SI'OII'I- \OT Markets Cotton "|l-]l lllj'll Kiv\' '•>••> 'Mi 1110. !••( Mil l-ll !l ii'i I--I !,:> :)••! :i;t I -'.( :i Chicago Corn NKW ON [.BANK. Nov. 11 ilJPi-- l,'u|iliil:.ll,ili in Diremher WHS till' ' liulay's i'0l- l"ii mui'ki'i. Volume \viis sinull liiii .-.••linn: w:is Miiiifli-ni ID loi'Ci' I In- whole iinirki-i NS'AV Cl>l Kill hrary in tin. . ,jul trclniiciil 11- Uir- campus buili ih ( - ocriiiitilillf. our- of v.'orl:,-.,. linesti Ijiiskeihali, volley ball, lori'im mi.,.|- in. :o York Cotton VOKK, Nov. 'i 4 llll'i (ijjill hii:h low elose I2.U raj 1321 l.'-H i:rtrj ran la.ti r_>:ii I MO ll'-H l'2:'.l> i:o» ia-u i MI; 12:17 law ia:tr, r.'.iw 121:1 I2or, cluM-d .sli-udy M;ir ; Miiv , Jiil I Vl ': K|« K. I'/n r.'.:i;i !'.>:!;> ISM i:>:!« rj'ii; I2;ii; r.!;tn< I-.MI 12-1:1 IBM lias r.Mii i'Ji:i I20ii iaor>ij clu. (-(I .••leaitv ill U'Sfi, off \CI(tsirif/ titock Prices nr.lo, uif A, T. :inil T Aliurimila fij,,; Ill Hi. SllTl Ot l.lilu. cOIIU^j Ml!!,f.i' KH»>,» Of worl;e,s Uiis „, „„,' in,,. a ^ , s . shUn'llU",! al'll'';" !^"' S''^"" 1 , ,.^""ll'.''', 1 *, "';"" i-.oimi.ry lins ever known. Unions serviee.s. A sinMlev : ni,|,ior- '",1- "11 iinloi, \ eiil i'u 'I V\ TVA the ronniry lo e),i,., ; ;.. in.jn'. , Ihe aims or the TVA to set up a planned r-i-onmny in i .whole .section of ihe country—up jioaled to many u'lio had felt oi o>> System an;l who warned lo have i within the eainji; now I hey ha a liniid in fnsliionliiif sojnctliwit'!'' 01 '" 1 ' 10 -^ >'"-*.eli«H le.iKiif. . iiov,- ami bcUer. i Hvery nisht a program ,,f u ,.n- III;' . , Vll-l". Ill III,' wni-fel'1's. lii!- whieli an- pvoviih ; d by TVA. Otndoo,' sporls ineludr li-iinir.. e.omiel and horsfsiioc-piidiin;;!! ;,,"„ "^Jd"' I'iiere are lour n, H . (milis eourl;,.; loi . n,i. v ori'i' H v.-as like building a uea' uorld eanii.;" now I hey have'a j im.^'rin'a^ud ''oi'^ih,'-' "..'•inii.u' ! ral'-s <>i "ii):,u :,hark:i." A safety dgii-ftui, lonnerly wi'.li . , . ,\KJIIIX/III)''IV Waul N. Y. Onii'iil . .. . Itailiii Simmons li'-ils . . .HUiluhucI <il N. J. T('\:i.s C.'o II. K. Kti'i'l I). «. Slill-ltily . . Mt K|-.'v-^31l- Hollhill . '12 1-11 . 'i'i I-I . 31 1-2 120 .. 11 a-i interest, is |iin on, sneli a.s l."e- The h^h'^uality of the salaried j^. °( ^ < . l "= ir roo '" s ' ironp has been more than main- !><. r ho',.c n/ . . -, , ta.ined. Often in governmental ',.'," f \ R ' S . lh f'™f * rMn 'organizations the good men are i j,.' r 'J;.,^ (."H-J,. ..- , . and the „ ones remain. In ,_•„ c e, n- ,|, otner [orms of recreation usually associated with such ciiniiis. Gambling and (irinkin» at ihoVanip are forbidden. Althoujli i>s<-r i:s li-tal in TeiiiK.''i', it is not .soli! in UK> camp. Of, lli; : workers can go lo nearby towns or l( , Hit- city of Knoxville, 20 miles away, iii search of night life anniseine.'its. some 14 mouths the TVA the policy has teen to sift out the ones at the Ijoltom and feed it from the' top. J'UOIJI) OF Til); .lOli The men who work for wages, the Inilk of tile employes, havi' also caught the spirit, of the TVA —and Morris Dam in two months is ahead of schedule. This priib , J1U lnc lan n the job is snown by the prcvn--, Tll( . a !, l .,^ fence of TVA Insignia on the men's ....... ' 1V rn swc-ctters and coats. his army of 10,000 v/orkors taken mostly from the valley es. They were chosen [rom the M.UOO of the 100,000 apnlieaiiLs who passed physical ami menial examinations 3ivr-n by the TVA. "" y lonml^ Itrsl <:f all, that iheir lu.-re (iliicli hi«!irt- th.-,n ihe ilin;; wap.ft in llio South; -15 cents mi hour r (ir unstillr;]. Cl) .nnd 7i"i for semi-:jkilled, and SI lor ,4:11- rd. AL that time workers on :;!ate highways in 'IViincssc-o were )ii-inc jnid :LS little as a dollar for a 10- honr day. Next, work was steady anil the days a week. LIVING CONDITIONS fiOOl) c.stab- Kince . then around a thousand men have lived there. And in all that, thru.' there |,as not br-on a .single fight. In the five mouths since the establishment of a police force at Nor- Iji.-i.'n ei«ht. ru.>-;ts " Osceolu Society —- Personal •;:1 aiut hosf>ltr,l servi<-rs ;;re 1'i.r- nisiind free. And if it's ihe little things that count, this is a lair sample of John SICVBIIS. oi iJell. atiended to business in Ose:'0la today. * iMyra Naiiing returned home totlay from Memphis where she has Ijecn visiting friends. . doesn't carry Hit; usual open bucket or pail. Inu- a eloswl ccniainei. Antl ;i).s>i:-<iil of (lipping n tin cup or tllii]>'.'r into the bucket iimi ]iass- niij the :;a!ne cup Iroui 'AOikfr lo worker, he puts a paper cup umbr •stroke of paralysis. NT.XT: Il« w TVA has IH-RUII In lairiini" r(-^ion ami is edlicalinr; Hiem ia mo I'D-oiieralh'e move- ini-ul. . i! N r ick Ilosc, y.'ho has been ill with a chronic case of asthma, is much better today. Mr. and Mrs. James Driver were .Memphis visitor. 1 ! today. Herbert Shippen. formerly of Os- ecola, now of Little Rod:, joined his wife here yesterday when:' she has been visiting friends anil relatives. They returned to their home in Little Hock today. Courier want onisider.s from everv.i -".tiilc in the Union <.vlio huVi- vi-,"lied the dam. ,;niu,, and u,wn sin;••• last May. -it j s i h( . ,, ml ...... K. A. House, (jrtlicf- :,ml li n > cli-pari- mciiL divcclor for tlie town ••[ -n- trilnile it to Hi,. f,ieL tbji iho tne.j oy! I can now!" JUST A FtW Uf tACK Finally, living costs M.rrc ehi-fijif-r i .. . -.ind cami, life pleasanter than eon-j' Uhm ! struction camps are as a rule. Th? men who wanted to live at the earn]) were housed in jurat new clorini- l ' ' -• !) '• Al ; f !" ™oim,. K s ''' "'' I "" ll ' l0:i 1|1 '" . *"' ltf l' ll :1 ^ been even the whisper of Most of the skilled al ,,| QUICK RELIEF fer stuffy head M > 30t'.,.50i' HELPS PREVENT many colds wore housed i,, ,,,, u ,,ew dormi- ", v,,^ 1 , "' a »" «™"--^fil- lories for SU.O a month, and they :'. ,f f '\!'' Io " :! lo , Icll "»' unions; | roilltl eat at a new cafeieria in Die ....,; ' . '.' c(> v;orktl '- 1 ' in Knix-j foilld eat at a new cafeierin in the camp, run by fi dic-lilian. for S19.f)fi u momli. atoiit 22 cents a meal. The dormitories at the camp! were for the siiiBle men. The I TVA tl.en Imilt in the woods adjoining Hie camp town—the prettiest -..^..i ... l\M..-.-J have a (riivrrinm-ni employes' H~.:l- . . . . . I '.rv.> ! a brnnd-ncw - . --. uorkers' town this country has ever seen. It consists of MO wood, brick, stone, steel. IN' ,Mi:,MOKIA.M tx i:. i'isi( "I'm comiii' |,i, u | : (1 , ],.,„,,. V01 . j if i . !iy Ihey'.s thins.-, o! nu- n,:,t jusi e;>n't - -- —• .>iw,,,-, .>Ltrti, help but stav-- and concrete block houses i-anglna | Whellu-r I wnnf or mi von rm'i In cost from around $1500 to $0500 ! forpel tttwl vciUing lor from $1:, to 5 4f> a j ,»;st when vn,i ,hink vo« e month, naif of Die houses-Llic | wiped oni clei • " Jiiglwr-priccd ones-arc heated by Some birds Ui-if- ' si,,,. in - ,.,.„,,, ,.!,.nlririu- Tt,/. irt.,.,, \.~. ~n.,,i i:..... .' - "—moon- Tile town has * : *!iee[.s, water, sewer. 1 :, polict oiled and lire protection, oavbage collection. sinri a model town manaijenieiu. 'I'his Is the town of NorrLs, built by TVA for its married workers. a liili — Some lovely ilii rl , ; -[| | mn ]lt( , lt N«w l.i-ealfil n| I(H X.nll, Sn-inlil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DOS',MtnK, Proprietor til imkmiif rirhulll 'l'.viK-wri(ers, A.ldlni; Alaclilnr-.s and (,'atenhl(ir.< IteiiairiiiK—1'arts—Itlliliims Sleep mnlv A»'],. f n ,-i,tr, '•'"" , ,--.."* i. 11, 4.o,[^,vr. I nniiei- |],^ yt,, Iu . ••That wasn't all. Working only! Time has Us W: ', v V ' M .. 5'1. Hours .1 day Irft a lot of time! and die ehy Ins it' .Vi «'« Uicir hands. TVA directors Sbcp on. O briivV-h.-aried 'o ni'v ojiBiit tur workers should have imin. ili.-u !;ii,dl,.,i Hi- ii-, m ca chance lo |mt solm . O f ,| l!U , in10 •[•„ | ivi , in „,,, h ' ' lo B0«l us,. SO!1 training m'ogramj nmrr ,h:n, ,„ ),,,'. „, .' ,.;;..'•' » ; '» ,'« 'ied. A iiKidern fadoryl- •- - •''••"»•• ildiiij; was erected (or ihe irades wlionl. Kirm land was Imichl i,nd :i dairy, n creamery, nnd :1 . poiduj house were pul U|> | Or a«iiciiltiit-i! (purses. Courses in eiisineeiiiis. Kiisjlish, history, mathematics', si-i- uncc and other subjects were offered. Workers' wives were 1101 overlooked; courses in homeiiuik- uig were started. Participation in the traininn p ro - Br»m was entirely optional; ft was, there for who wnnlcri il. I Today practically every worker! in the camp lakes one or morel cour.SM. They filled the classes and asked for more .subjects, and - "ic curriculum was enlarged to in-1 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEI'V. is the guiding principle of genilcmc-n who wear Crosby Squares. They insiinaivcly admire these stitch-for-snuh reproduclions from the best work of New York and London custom bootmakers — and their first impression is heartily confirmed hy the test of time. As iuivorlisi'd in TIMK and KSQUIUIC New Mead Clothing Co. PAOR THREE ISS WHITSITT'S SHOP Pre-Thanksgiving SALE Starting Thursday COATS-SUITS-DRESSES-HATS "<t.\'T .MISS THIS 01'. I'OKTltNlTY TO I)|!V <•'<><> ii c i.o TII i:s Truly Remarkable Sale of CO ATS -SUITS y slyli'il <:o:i!s ;lini Suits . . . Anil vim run own :inv one «l Ilioin ;il c«nsi(li>r:ilily k'ss I linn llu-ir Irue' viilni'. Tlio i-oiifs fpiiliifi- J(i|i|ili- cdlljirs-, Shawl tolliii's sinil Notched nillai-K, llii|f-iMc. collars anil convi-i'lihli- Ilicmes. In r.'icl <-\vi-y \viinlcil ciml and sni( slvle! Tin 1 Furs: .11 Ink 1-VlV C'uranil .Sliimli litnvi r \Vnir Tlu- dolors: Hl:i,k I'.iisl (Irceii H 1^ <7. 1 (I IK' .7& Values Values $49.75 for .SjKli't in- Dress C9.75 Values $25 & $22.75 .Values $19.75,Values $1(1.75 Values'..,.,'.. 7F ffi-Ulfir Every Early Fall Dress In Slock Included In this Thanksgiving Sale of R E S S E S Silks-Velvets-' Wools Drosses for every ihl.vlimo need—Tunic tyiies wilh iilleulion lo I ho. ni'\v«r ruutdu'Kt silks . . . Moliillir Inut-lu-.s. flips nml feminine hows in evidence . . . HUJ;L' billions ;nul Imt'kle.s mid intricate scuiitinir . . . U'ooli'ii Hiiorl I'Viifks wilh jiiunly Iniliired linos . . . SmiM,' Velvet dresses wilh Hull "Let's (Jo !'!IUTS" . . . All ;il consideriilily reduced prices. •129.75 & $25 Values $10.75 $19.75 Values $16,75 $16.75 Values $12.75 $13.85 & $12.95 Values. $1 (Li Values $8.95 fi $7.95 Values... U.JI3 $ 8JI5 $ 5.1)5 Sale of Fait :*$ MILLINERY Exclufivr liats. on.- of a kiml motl- rJs >oii probably f?Jt your biici^r t \vonl tln'i rover hevrtolor^ roinc \vitlihi your allownnoc. $5 Hats $3.95 Hats $2.95 $2.95 Hats $1.95 NO LAY-AWAYS NO EXCHANGES NO APPROVALS ALL SALES CASH &

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