The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1932
Page 4
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1 » II' PAGE SIX ILHSIST ; OFHIOTILS Sutherland Calls Gibby, 1927 Star, His ^Greatest Player-Pupil." BY DR. J. B. "JOCK" SUTHERLAND : foctball Cf.ieh, Vnivcrslty of . Pittsbdrjh (Copyrifht, 1933, NBA Service, Inc.) ^Some great linemen nnd outstanding bocks have come nnil . gone 'during tlic 10 years I have been" coaching football a( Pittsburgh. ..,;,.._,, ,...,...„ '•'Ae i 'nwftw. ! Of:,H6rsif:"ChaJc, Mike Gefto, Ray Mcntgbmery, Joe Donchess, Tom Parkinson,-Ralph Daugherty, Jess Quatsc, Toby Uansa, Bill Kern, Zonar Wisscnger, Alec Fox, Jim MacMurdo and Luby Dimeola were placed on All-America-'rolls in their day at Pitt. But I.think the greatest plnyer • I ever coached was Gibby Welch. I •. - * * * ' He had all the qualities a grea halfback needs. - He was a brilliant-.runner and a splendid passer.:./. He dazzled with his speed and dash. '..He weighed around 180 and • physically was like a" Greek god.-' ' . , Welch called signals, and his own ability to run with the ball under pressure saved many plays. On defense he showed marvelous . discernment ol the plays our opponents were about to use. And he was a deadly tackier. Twice during his last year at Pitt—that vas 1927, the year he was captain—he ran back touchdowns trom klckofls, each ' lime shaking off tacklers who seemed siSre 'to stop him. •-.But more than these physl'Ml qualities was his strength due. to his inspiration, courage, ambltbn : and Jove tor the game. He was one of the finest spirits I. have been associated with in this'work. • His .-last game: in 1327—it wis against.. Penn Stntc—is memoranle to'-me. We had-not been beaten, and.-felt thai n victory ever Penn -State would .win for us the Invftii- tlcn to play against Stanford rn the Rose Boivj p.nme Kew Year's pay. Penn State nnd defeat,;:l Penn and Syracuse and tied Kc'v York u. • Epps, Sensational Memphis Back, to Perform Against Chickasaws meet (lie lilyUie- Friday ...„.., ! ville Chicks. Epps Is one of the shiniest backs to cavort on Memphis gridirons In a couple of .<ca=cns and has a reputation for going places with a pl»• s kln under his arm. The Tech are not in shape v,-ii;i, (| lf , y e u ow . jackets played here last year b'f McAllister, n little sloekily bul'lt tack, filled his shoes nnd scram- SANTA MA1UA •*•" «••«-.iun.*H[l||V III"- &illlll? I should be a wide opeii affair wk:-| were Columbus' bot-h teams to depend on .?ijt>;d, mi I "'«« «'>lps. The runs and passis lo a bU extent for i Potato Is native : to SOUTH AMEK: 1CA. The flar- llienon is situated on [hi- acropolis .U ATHENS. .. their gains. Fish Story With a i New Angle Is Related Incubator Hatches Freak Onejegjed Chick EVANSVILLE, ind. <up, . „ legeed White Rock chicken h , f" <?d In an incubator, l S n - m"~ contrlbulipn to the "foal" . The chicken is normal "i>, (V01 ' W way, except that t) lere is ^ sign of a leg where' the oth, ° a • should be. u ono j Ehuer J. Graf, owner oj the •„ ; cubator in which the chick I Hatcher, says ihat. i,i U, ? (!,o usa ,;l S |of baby chickens hatched !,• jfirm, this is the firs', one to"'),-, j only one leg. ave Chick ROCHESTER, Ind. (UP) Wed over, around mid 1111-011^'".'^ Gcor se Taylor, a telegraph op?r- f'lu^v ,rnf,,,,,» "• ! aior at Dclcng, Ind neay litre claims lliat while (lshin« near Cul- 'Ihe fUii bruk; the line, he said, •ui'J swam toward shore Taylor paddled his boat in'the same direction. A lev minutes later, the fhfier- man saw liLs line going nlong the teams will liav; nljout fr.j same weight in t| )e forward wall it ; s w fcrlicved bat -Tec!) will hava .1 heavier baifcficld than coach Kramer c^n innstor. l.argrrl f.'riiwd Kxpected With good pallier n croivd ;ven j Wyoming Has Nu Thlril I'arly CARSON CITV, Nov. rjp)-. There are only two political n!1 ,-Ues so far us Nevada —Republican and Dun cr panics cannot api .1 political party surface of the water. He " and foiiixl the bass still hooked on. A short time later lie Sanded a-u'ftsrriX's -«""- muler thn floadlights here on Scj^ R.i ~Tl~T • 30 win be prewnt. N um- Ke twn of Interest in of funs considered the Hoxie ?a:ne ns a "warm-up" struggle With Tech definitely the favorite! grid' followers will have-a real battle to «-il:wss Mere IWday night. The Chicks are wishing heartily for a dry field Friday night Tech t-ave the local team a decisive'-drubbing In a K a of mud and water South and Nation Awaiting Outcome ol Tennessee-Alabama Clash. UNIVERSITY. Ala., Oct. 12.— With the eyes of the South, and far thai matter ths entire nation. focu«Nl on them. Alabama nnd TcmiMsce will clash Snturdiiy in Birmingham in tin :nrly season Usually it is my custom to shake j crucial test. hands with the captain before the i Both Tennessee anl Alabama kickoff and wish him -the' best | have been picked by the --xp-rts h, , .waer bprc last Thanksgiving and the B S. warriors tope Tor better with flrm footing. McAllister i 'e Tech back, was about the u-hoie sUw last year, displaying the ability of -i duck in vrater anci a moun- iain goat on a slippery ledge as 1.3 After a Inpsc of fifteen years grid relations were sflarlcd HKnin bc- tweon the two schools In 1928 Tennessee winning j,, ,],.,! yMr ' l5 w u. Slither, Campbe!!. Mcni^ht Slngton, Miller, etc., were soplio- nwres that yenr. T| 1C nest year Al- nbama ngnin taste;! defeat this time "y a c to 0 count. But the great 1030 Ust . fal , Alal);lma drop Tech fans are touting Ep P s ? tio cvc " • lo 0 in Knbxvllle. This defeat Is still rankling in Ihe minds of the Tldcsmen and they wUI be out io even up matters Saturday. All in all, the game is a "natural" and Legion Field Is expected to he packed to overflowing to wit- »>y the Chicks n and his mates think they'll have something to say about the game. Chicks worked out the Horse Is Indicated INDIANAPOLIS. iUl')-»e'.v indications of the returning popularity of "Old Dobbin" were given dur- >ng the Indiana State Pair. here. G-. M. Frier, superintendent, of the Purdue University exhibits, reported that interest In ho.'.ies was greater this year than for many seasons. "Farmers are finding that horses are more convenient and arc cheaper." Frier said. "In addlti:u, farmers are sentimentally inclined toward horses." the ballot. Vole lo Remove Honor H.J|J UHRICHSVILUE, Ohio. U!pi -Member.s of !he Sp.inifli War v--- eram' camp here and of the Ca" dies' Auxiliary of tr.c otganbation have vot;d to remove the hono- roll of Spanuh War vc'.Mns from the memorial bui'diog bcranse the Veterans of Foreign Wars post re fused (o move the aslie? of "Binir" ; overseas dos masccl. from the ' building. • • - • Siamese Apple Grown LOVELAND, coio. <UP> — Nature played a low-lived trick on an apple grower In the,Tom Johnson orchard. The apple ^grew Siamese- twin fashion with another apple on a single stem. The stem, doing HEAT t Steel is heat treated by exclusive process in the manufacture of the Gillette BLUE BLADE. This is one reason for its superlative quality. Try the Gillette Blue Blade and see. of luck. It- always seemed to me that handshake relieved the player of 'some of that tense the outstanding contcudsrs for t!:e Southern Conference crown. Barring a tie, Saturday's bnttle will ;b- apprehension that comes while j cido which Tenm"wiM gToii towards waning /or the opening play.. tu 0 heights and which will full by ,'.>, '. . !< ' * ' * '""• ' the wayside, -"it "was • unnecessary- to relipve «TMI Welch' of :any ^prehension.. After p ™/lf "™ h ^ ^'^ "nltte the-'trss; he came -galloping across f'^hf n ^ MM p .° ' ° ' 1MCl3St the.-gridlron. wavinsf h« arms, nnrt -° UB . ht , °- n . d . bl ' le! ^ t cvcr to ta '« the.gridiron, waving his arms, and his .eyes,.were .shining. ..iThis i5,,my 'last one, coach," he shouted, ../'and . I'm going ro make U, my. best." ..He.went.whooping Into.the game with-the. zest-of a boy, running from, school to . kick an old-, football around some back -lot.. 'Welch's- -Inspiration that c!n.y led us .to-a smashing victory over the team we had expected to give us a hard contest. The llnnl score was 30 to 0. and we v.-erc honored -)y an invitation to the Rose Boivl after that performance. place 1 nthe South. Both to.ims are ready and primed for do or die efforts. There will bo no covering up 'or holding back for future ip- poii3ivts.. Both teams' will shoot ti-c: works In .-an effort to eke out a vielory. fn.ailditicn to tho Importance of he gnnie- there is n rivalry between th ; 'two elevens which promises to rnnkp the contest vpn more dynamic and intense'. Alabama would rather win.from Tennessee than New Athletic Field Infect Player's Hands TII/TONVILLE. O. (UPl-iMyba u was done by opponents who hold a grudge against the Tiltonville football team, but whatever th- cause, the new high school athletic Held has brought a lot of discomfort to the football players •The field wa scompleted at the •beginning of the school year and ™^^' th ' e .^tball team candidates contracted infections on their,- hands. An investigation disclosed that the infections were other than poison ivy" " Gridiron practice was trans- fcrred back to the old field. H«ct Tfcrney of St.-Louis Mar University, sprinter h a been elected captain of the 1933 team, SUCC£e(li j k « Everything for Your Entertainment and Comfort BITZ WATER Last Time Today — "Night JIayor" with Leo Tracv and Kvelyn Knapp. Thursffay and Friday Mm.— Matinee—30; nnd 25c -N'ight—10 and 30c ••• & THE MOST HILARIOUS TUMMY LAUGH OF OUR TIMES! HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thanday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c See Xasca Of The Rio Grande' .. ' with Leo Carillo, John \ Mack BrowJi and ; ; Dorothy Burger •THE '>>| mm .OtORCEM. t^^H\(OHAH 1 DETTE .BERT ;JIMM- tod Thtm itJSfi IfYouWant two Hom- bur{tn In lv«ry Bunt* I Cartoon and a Mack Sennet^ Comedy. 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It is on sale at all stations and dealers of: Standard Oil Company of Louisiana, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, Standard Oil Company of Pennsylvania, Standard Oil Company, Incorporated in Kentucky, ColoninI Beacon Oil Company, Inc. * When Essolubc is so easy to get, and has the full S qualities necessary, at no extra cost, why not try it today? You'll be pleased with the results. A- FREE IOQKlMf— u Essotube, A five^tar Motor Oil," tfves you the story of the great hydrofining -nvtH- tion which makes Essolubc Possible. Ask for it at your "Standard" station. QUALITIES KESPS KODT WINTW HAUDtTT IOW CARSON lOWCONSUMmON 10NO LIFE PARAMINIC OILS * * * NAWTHtNIC lASPHAiriCI OILS - * * £ssoiube (HTDIOIlKED* * * * * * Cope. 1W2, Euo, toe, THI »IS$0" OF MOTOK OtLS-HVOROF/NED by "STANDARD'

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