The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1932
Page 3
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WEDXKSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1932 BLYTHEVILl.E, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGEIWl CLASSif IED SECTION Classified Advertising Rules M:i:inuim Charge ^Oc *--u;.t 5 Average Words to a Lino .Vuirli rate iwr line, per i::wilh r ' 0c &:•:, per H»e per day • •Hiivc limes i:er line per day <«<> u;:c lime per Una loc nil Ads run irregularly take .lie oni; li"ia rale. KtKKlMJALL'S 5-10-25C SIOIV. i.uisii: i 1 ' "wriiiins. s>.ne a want. •Mi'- K Oec an WANTE1J—To overhaul your electric sweeper. WCI-K euarameed. Kcuncr LK-tiuc Service, ',c Uiiitn's 1 -.irn. Co. Phone obu. FOR SALE—Good dry wood, Phone 712. Cooke and Gilliam. 12C-K 11-12 COAL at low cash prices. Phone 48. 1'rompt Delivery. BLYT11EV1LLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sis. 5c-kNov.5 DAIRIES FRESH—A Grade Milk delivered night and morning. O. W. Lewis, Phone 877. 10P-K 11-10 JUNK, HIDES, ETC. Precision, Liick and Power In Football Suit Results From Operating Scissors Tll'TON, llltl. (UP)— A Mill lor .25.000 has ton tllcrt here by Mr.i. )i'lln Blcwiirl because, she i live mill one-half Inch pair ul iclssors was lell In her abdomen utler an operation. The suit Dr. Slunley Cotton, who (oriueil an appendicitis u WANTED—Junk of all kinds, hides, i iron, copper, mass, aluminum unu t lea-J. Wsli Allan. Wione 1W. ICck-Ocl. 16 i SALE ! l-'Olt EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairinj. U. S. Biank- enship 116 E. Hose. Phone 165W. 1OK 11-1 ATTENTION — Men s overcoats I cleaned and huts blocked. Ladies FILLING STATION, dwelling r.ouse, 3 storage tanks, all coin- K Oct "<J i mnt ^d. Geocl business. Will sell '_ 1. • ciiL-jp. Artuivss -HA", Courier. 7C-K 11-1 olher r.pvrnllon u p os necessary a ycnr Inter, lo remove Die scissor.*. She nlk'jcil tlinl fiho was permanently disabled, due to negligence ol the surgeon. Skeleton oi Man Revives Old Legend villa,.OtUo, .his been. revived with llic finding cf a human skeleton in a gravel pit near thai town According to tha story, the nun starved .to death and their bodies, found . months afterward, were burled near the spot where the bones were found. "No, No, v No" Club Formed RENO, Nov. IUPJ-A ."No. No, club Ins bean organized here, it means "no name, no offlcors, inel no dues." AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIKK !• ENDING THE AUKUO LUMUEll YARUS iUC-K. Otl ii I w «» Silll " lcX NCW LOOK— Wiicon is aill building ar.d repairins ICO. ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale n.ToT'r-'iT! I Out-board motors, good as new iio v-ii 3 si'-Cd. Bconc Hall. - lOp-k 11-10 cleaning, 11P-K1U HOMT-VR \V'f u ^ See our nc'.v att.ichmcnt for making Singcrcrn!'. ru;s. We leach you I Singer Rc'.'.iu; Machine Co. 10pkl019 YOU CANT RELY on "For Rent. Sijr,:," l;v,t you can rely on Courier Nr,vr, Want-Ads to rent that hou-c- or rcom. : Jt'OK SALE REASONABLE—olljht- i ly used portable typswriter. Call ' 868-W. lix-ktl Sl'ORE FIXTDltES I-XJR SALE OH TTtADE—Lupton show case, bins, shelving and tire rack. Phone 202-W. ISp-k 10-18 FARM I-ANDS HOTELS i •The FOR SALE— 53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in C miles ! of Blytheville. 1 mile of good hotel". sc hool. $25.00 per acre, terms. Gofl. It's a g in connection. 23c-k Oct 23 | phone 887 or 888. \V. T. Barnctt. RESTAURANTS Vii:t Oco. Wrijlu's Wall Street • Lunch, I'jciiieu in (Jreyhouna Bus bu:uon. 0-15 c» 10-lo CC-K-TF I3EST EATS in town. Open day :int! nhjhl. Green Beetle Calc. M:s. J. W. Wrl-jru, Prop. 23[)-k Oct H 'GARAGES LIVE STOCK FOR HALE—24 head Hampshlic liojs, registered or subject, var- cus ages. See Joe Craig, S. Frank•in St. 10P-K13 EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker aervlce. Peoples Garage. Pnoiu fins. 21P-K Oct. 21 FLOYI3 'ilARGETTS GARAGE 1 CHRYSLER SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL 8p-K 11-8 DRUGGISTS FOR DRUGS BO to the s£_lYan- cls Dru» Co. New located on Ash Street near 5th. 23c-K Oct 23 HEAIJTY PARLORS 'ARMERS having livestock to sell cr if they desire to buy they will find It convenient and economical to use Courier News Wam- Ads. AUTOMOTIVE FIRST? CLASS waterproof covers for 'lrucks and wagons. Carney Awning company, Phone 043. np-kOct FOR SALE—New and Used Auto Parts. Jackson Auto Parts Co. J020 W. Main, Phone 66. 3c-K Nov 3 EXPERT DEAUTY r..c.:-.ents $3.50 us>. Powder I'll it Beamy Pariur. 21P-K Ocl 2i FOR SALE—SAVE on Goodyear Tires and Tubes, auto accessories, new and rebuilt batteries, Mo- inrine Oil, lie quart. Wolf Arian Service. Per- j [,],„,,„ j 7B 16ck-Oct. YOU CANT RELY on "For Rcnl Signs" hut you can rely on Courier Nev,~- Want-Ads to rein that house or room. , CLEANERS, TAILORS HATS CLEANED and re-shaved. 15c. Hudson Tailor Shop. Phone 53. 12C-K11-12 DONT THROW THEM AWAY We ro-linc, ra-model and repair coats nnci sui!.« for men and women. Expeilcnced tailor anil experienced dressmaker. Hudson Tailcr Shc.p. I2C-K 11-12 ELKCTRICAL .-'OR SALE—Mcdel "A" IVi Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition .cry reasonable. John C. McHaney jr., "The Monument Man". 23c-k-Tl- jinclair Gas <5: Oil. Greasing, washing, U. S. Tires. Day and Nigh. Service. Phone 555. 24p-kOct. LET'S SWAP CALL WIGGINS Electric Shop lor repairs and estimates. Phone 442 10P-K 11-K COAL AM) "WOOD Tranthtim Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight, Coal Sycamore '& R. R. St., Phone 06-1 •1C-K 11-^ (;tlKi:\ LEAF CAFE fr FRUIT STAND Rc'jubr Meals a Specialty. All you can cat 25c, with cirink. Complcic line of Fruiis & Vc?- ctab!o3. Sec "ie for wholesale prices on applc.s. Hl'C'K MClfAUG, rrujiricfor We Deliver 312 E. Main VKAT HAVE you to swap? Gel results—It costs only a few cenU day. '/ILL TRADE lor set of children'} books or sell,' cheap, a compleli t jt of Alexander Hamilton's bus! ess books. Address "H", Courlei .ews. 28X-K-T1 POULTRY 3ABY CHICKS, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytheville. 4cklt ROOM & HOARD MRS. T. R. WATSON-45.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 602. 1P-K 11-1 FOR RENT BURNISH ED house, live rooms bath, gnrage. house I30f "hickiLsawba. Call 83 or 280. 10ckl( OPEN AT NIGHT Export Ford Hcpaiis UICC'M;.- Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phnne S10-717 YOU CANT RELY on "For Rent Siens" but yon can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to hnt house nr room. MODERN 5 rcom house, Ash and Division. Apply 131D W. Main. 11C-K.18 FOR RENT—4 room newly furnished nrailnicnt. «10 W. Asli .Street, call 510. 12c-klS WANTED SKCOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Ua First R. J. Dodson SOI-303 E. W»l« ;i . j THREE ROO.M Fm-nfs'.iecl Apartment, pood neighborhood, moderate rc!it. "WH", Courier NCVVJ. 10P-K14 WANTKI) TO BUY S ee And Sec BcUer EYES TESTED VKE An.1 Glasses Fitted d i HATCHING EGGS — Marllvn I 1 Hatchery. Blytheville. 11C-K TPl I WE r.1Y CASFf for o!d cook stoves , j and used furniture. Don't throw I 1 them a-.vav. Dodsnn Kurnlturc Co.,! I ' 301 E. Main. Phone 155. i 4C-K 11-4! BUY Pinno. Slate condillon! Cash price in first Itttcr. Cant i nd Kcliy, Ulcclc. Mo. 10c-kl7 ST. MARYS. Ohio. IUP)— All Oli logem! Hint l#o men lost llici lon on Mrs. Stewart, lives In 1840 whtlo walking Mrs. Btcuarl charged thut tin unexplored forest to Now Kno. i>UAitUilNl» LISTEN—-TW AM'TOAST MErAORV OM T^> YOU WENT ON VACATION ^-WOU CAN\E BACK. WITH A WAD OP MONEY YOU WON PUAVIN6 YOU THAT —C V /V\ON, SHAKE UP TVV A-&H&S AN 1 hllNK,NOW SOMEWHERE TvV. YOU -BUMPED YOUR CROCK YOUT5, SO BUT I SORT Of WF.CAU- i The semi of loiifhrtov.-ns is eooJ Kocklii^. a'.ul the above photo bears out that .statement, shows Bill David, Georgia halfback, fiillowlnj the Inlei-ferencc ol .six of his teammates for a Gl-yuvd caliop to a touchdown against Tulune. Tiilniu wun the game 34-M. LIKE TWAT. AS, A. HALF fAONEV ARE Wr\\CH tiOVolS WANT OPE HE SETS •BOTH BACK They call them the break's of the game, but a lot cf them arc luck. This photo shows Hurry Newman, University of Michigan quarterback, luckily Intercepting a Northwestern pass by Renlncr in Aibor. Michigan won schools' tangle at 010 TOR VAE TO 9V5X Skeeketski—oh, yes, there's plenty of power hy the parade of backs lln'ough the line ,1 the Haskell Indians at South Bend Saturday. The nbovs pholo shows Steve Banas, just another gocd back, Bolng through for a touchdown in the second quarter of the Banas Koken, Lukats, Melinkovich, that Notre Dame backfield this year, as was witnessed Wilde, British poet and critic SITUATIONSWANTED " o and ask the Wont- the Ofl's, ndvocaUd free-love, COLLEGE GRAD-AU Taker.... she'll B lve you lull j was called a communist by Attor ! ncy John J. Sullivan, in a cas t.oiils J. Forbra. forme I Seattle iwlicc chief, by Bookanoff, leading library operator UATE desire* position. Expevl enced In general office work, as, cashier, restaurant hostess and In • caring for children. Willing to work (cheap or for room.and board and small salary. Address "S" Courier News. 5-x-tf SPACE FOR LEASE llkr this BookanolT sued Forbes because h ho read these columns business. They are not it just to pass the time result producing.service at low The "arcI definitely look- «0«K» estate Phone 305. FOUND ka received $n,C03 eslule tux. Th CDmmimlbl I was the second largest payment 1 Because O=.:ar I the-hislory of tr.c stale. WAY to convert old furniture, domes, and other unwanted Wilde Called a SEATTLE. (US') THE BATTLE IS OVKK! WASH TUBBS JQW TUB R&VOI,VJTON\STS. OR MJWLE. TUtBKTaElS VtENW EXClTltlQ £S -^>^lp MVJMS TMM WlV-il PEBtL N£LL. *LW9 NMD H8EUTV." HECTOUS —AftT) BUT ut wwipies LIKE THE F.M=r.W WUUPRAWS IN TUB REBEC'S M* VICTORIOUS" A SWKCT .101!! (I!S. t'KIKNIKS OH,SURE: DWJT ABOUT POODLE AMD I'M 601 M IKTR> HAVE A MICE ROOM M/1TH BARS OVER rue vWINDOVWS...: > )bU CAN HIKE THAT HE'S ALL TIED Up, \MHAT ARE '(JQIWS TO PO S HJITH X'LL STtip OFF I xwAY BACK AMD LET i- +JE A1WT 50 FAfi FROM SHADYSIPE...OSILy A90UT OR FCX% MILES... BOV- 1 THK IS A .MIRACLE" SA.U'JIT, J'JST AS \F RILEV VWOUI-D HAVE TO HIS VALUABLE CARSO, MADE 'POODLE THE HERO OF.

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