The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1932
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1032 BLYTliKVlLUO, (AUK.) COUKIKK NEWS PAGE THUEft Explains Why Compass Gave Wrong Course S HISGDRL Only Reached North America Because He Disregarded His Instrument. By SKA Service SAN FRANCT.SCO.-1f Cnristo- phcr Cclumbus hadn't had the good practically to disregard lis compass and steer \m course by lie sun and the North Star aftsr ie passed the Azores, he nv.g-.'. lave landed in SoiHh. America in- trad of landing on an island in lie West indies just 440 yjars ago his morning. For his compass seemed to ga -.ay-wire en Sept. 13, 1492. when lie Santa Maria was about 300 miles west of ' hc A?ore3. lie never tnew why. but Professor T. J. J. See famous U. S. Navy astranc- ner at Nfars Island. Calif, for Uv> >a>t 26 years, his just fomH out. professor See clicse today, th? anniversary of Columbus' discav- cry, lo announce his discovery of the processicn of the' earth's magnetic poies about tlie axis of th? maximum magnetic moment in northwest Greenland, The course is an elliptical one, requires 54C years to complete, and this is the cause of the secular variation of the earth's magnetism. Profrssoi See has found after exhaustive research into a problem which had bafiled natural philosophers for years. Magnetic Pole Guiiles Mariners Professor See's annouscement, of his discovery covers many pages of auJlruse mathematics, bewildering to • the layman, bul p?rhaps its practical application can hest be described in this mannsr. As everybody knot's, there is a north paie and a north magnetic vole. The former U \mder t h c North Star; it Is the latter, in northwest Greenland, to which the compass points. Navigators know this and compensate for it. But when Columbus .nil3d away from Europe four centuries ago, not so much was ktio'.vn about the subject as is known now, Trus. Columbus knew that his compass needle pointed sligttly cast of trir narth; it had always '.lens so sincr composes were introduced in Europe, which, wasn't so verv long before. As Columbus sailed westward, this eastern variation diminished. Just beyoni the Azores it reached the Promise Made When Rale Was Cut Not Kept, sidewalks bvlwmi 7 o'clock niul 9 I ami put Irnnslcnls In tlio other, o'clci'k In (In- movuhiK was Kiul by us the Ix-sl of u poor hilnnllou. tin- dly Mloin?y ut tlic recpiefil of I I'nlesl Orrasr Kill C OUtlCll •Is Told. Trc clly council last nluhl lls- U'lKd in tho plM of Us Wipes'. cr;il- | llur. Ihe Arknrmis-Mlss'jurl Power ; company, lor n more ei|iinl ilislvl- . l-iitiiin <ii Its drsbnrscim'iili. <lls- i cussed old ordinances minimi ear- j ly nniriiliiH sidewalk stm-plnn nnd I handbill (ILstiltmlloii. nml jrien-il hobyes kept out of the ba'.l.-r room I nl the dly hall. C. V. Si'taniKh. (listi'li-l imiwseT ior ihi- Arkansas-Missouri l'';wL'r [ rompunv. up;x. v iiir'd betor? tlv- 1 i:3iin- I A mil for n greasing Joh on aic ct (lie (lie trucks which listed 00 poundi of grcuse al 25 cents n pound was; the target of two members of Ihe council who opsr- nle service slulions. They sug- Hi-sled dial the bill Ix- cut In hair, declai Ini! that grease only rc:;l any service stutlcii 0]>erator lour cents a. pound. Another bill |ji :,t-.'d WPS for n local plutnu- n ':. Inspection of lh.> healing sya- Irin. This was scrutinized rtuhor I'liiM'ly bill without objection by Mde !.Uirfs wn.s swept oul llic 11 hi- plumber nx-mber cf dm conn- l buck nnd tlwt. handbills, cllslrlbut- ] cil. A (•.cm-nil feolliin wus evi- .•<! on tin- Mii'cls. which IllU-ivtl \<*"'•<• In th,- council that the rlly Ihe wulk and fronls of stores, were swept into the slides. 'I'hen Aldeimnn KMcs umsioril. The alderman expressed surprise lluil U'.; ordinance, passed nuoul 10 yours ngo, did not prohibit stiecpliiK between llio hours of 7 o'clock In Ih2 morning nml 0 o'clock nl night. Dlsciis-i Handbills A coui'iiil dKcnssloii ol whether or nol llic ordinnnce should Iw enforced fcllmvi'd with Councilman KOE.S lluelu":. n More proprlrlor. nnd Alilormnn John Unnry spoak- | ins uBiihist llu- ordinance. M' 1 - lluyhes polnlMl out thiit wnsto In- the ordlunncv (gainst distribution r hand bills wns discussed unit the whu'.e nmlter Ihmlly duipwd. Aldfrmnn I,. Ci, 'Tele" Thompson told otlir.r inriiilier.1 of the roundl that lie wanted to warn lhem n]m , ]n(1 ,. l , (k . c fl , n u, )wln) , ||( ^ :ii 1|:]1](i] . r(| ' |i;n ' n nl i the prac- 10 -sleep i company. upj«am eov? n- i:- , n .,.,,. ill4 )•,, |X]-,:iicd out that I ell with a request Hie ' |i.T.vor .. ' • ',!,,.,. sl , ouU1 ony lie atlend- eonipany ; cy you pay mil Its slui on bills. ef mon- Mr. S'J- 01 - other em- hull and snld n ado nud'C with those .is IKII- nklmium cxprcii'-eil It later, •ttlin have nn Interest In llu- cllv". The Miialleft bill Ior llie vohin- 'in Ilir di-piiiiincnl'ii Bi'rvlciw in iininy inunths wus presi-ntccl lust nl,'.]:t. luiio'.inllni; 10 '.nly $101) nnd was approved l>y I he council. Only live inns wcro niiulc by llic di'- patlmnu. furci; In Ihe. niontli pri 1 - 'idilin:: llu- t"i;iiu:ll incMlliK- /(Kid (.'(inner Ui-ws Wuni Ads l;y nu: keepliiu mi iis early this year. He • I |l t siv.ulc , ••"rim,- rrlimiiatlon In fnvor of Oliver crjd- snk | f ,, nina . ]jy llnv onc not |, s ,,. H .|- n tlon mltjht | If Christopher Columbus hf.:! foilowcd his compass Instead of his belter judgment in 1492. t;-.c famous Van rtcr Lvn paintiiii; reproduced a I lower left would have showed him landing in Ssiilh America instead of (lie West, indies. So rays Professor T. J. J. See. right, U. S. Navy nsironomer. an:l llic mup nl upper left shows why. The mnguetic po!c slowly shifts back and forth across the tap of Hie workl. iinJ -140 years a"o it was far from Us proscnt location. Tracing Columbus 1 r.nitc from Genoa, it can be seen thai the compass first woidd point slightly cast of the tnia north; past U'.e Azores It would point exactly north, nucl farther on tto voyane would swing a little wcsi of narth. i „!„,. i ruisse ll-.e boiler w e.xplotle. Drill Has Gronn F1| . c lruck drivers suld tlyy At the nrst of ihe year a new a(Wl lu , m tll( , | i;i i, ocs -.leeplim street hiihdng nRreemeiu w,« outer- lirnllll< i tho ntf _ ( tm \(s, point inn cd Into effecting n 20 per cent, re- I oul ,| u , jjitiiy condillcns which ex- (luclion. Mr. S:bfingh declnrc'J. with | Ws n| . 0 .,, u | j lo i) 0 sieephix qunrters. n pledge by die city to make n defl- nil? slip toward pviyinenl of Its old bill, ainountlns; lo S5.M1 os part ' of the agreement. Mr. Scbiuiijli said t'lai inslend of b?lni{ reduced I the deut had nclunlly lurrcased t« •vrrcsteti bv Dolice after the slu-ierinc Harwell are entertaining at! $0,510 at present. He pointed out 111 IV..JLI.II WJ t' I .,.._ I Jl.^. il... .U.. t.. ..n.,,1 frl 'HW1 IMftl'l cient officers have obtained their. bridge at Miss !!aiwell's license numbers. ! here Friday afternoon. Orlln Cross Is in charge of Ihe I force and under him are these: ' Elmer Bryant, sinnll son of Mr _ . . . Joe Benrden, Edward Beard, Ted and Mrs. Clill Tnrvcr. cclcbrnled 7C2 since the ngrecmenl wus reiich- homc|lhal. the city is now $1.200 mora In ccln. than nl llu- time ill? agreement was made. He snld the clly had pnkl Ihe power company $3.- Insurance Company Contests Second Hand Dealer's Fire Claim. Krutz, Lucius Lindcnnic, Blliy Mehnrg, W. H. Davis. Hershen Peck. Billy Bcswell, Tern Clifton, Hunter Hall, Lloyd Mayfleld, Woodie Sims, Raymond Murdnugti and Elliott Aldrid?c. Reserves are: Hobert Cunningham. Frank Sut- sutil Ihelr claiifn'oi''!. declurlivj dial lian- jlcnls were hard lo control nl limes when 40 or 50 nre crowded In the city hnll. One olflcer suld he found n handfull of builds the lloor where hoboes had slept and blucXjnckn somcdmes olhcrn told nnd other found on of (tuns wcaiior.'v transients his ninth birthday, entertaining! eiT but Hint this wns only nhoul at an nflernoan I $1,500 over the amount of city (axles paid by llic company so llie iic- tual revenue from other sources paid by the city on Its bill hnd keen only S1.500. An (jrdlnnncc fiKuinst, sweeping 18 playmates party. There were games ami contests with Efeiibcth Howse mid' Buddie Burblers winnins prizes In n guessing erntcst. wl'.o sleep nt Ihe Some of the nldcrmnn aujgcsl- ccl ushiE one deck of the clly jail to house the hoboes at nl^hl Olflccrn ^ald tluiy didn't have cnouuh room In the cells to Iodise, hutocs mil would Iry to herd One Sure Way to End Coughs and Colds 1'i'i^i^K-ni Cdimli^ niul cultls lc:id lu tctuKi* ironljlc. Sou can elop them now with (iKuiimUEni^nn i-naiUiticd cicosulo tli jl Is iilcnsniil In take. Ciroiiiulslon Is a new cliFcovriy wiihtwo-foliliic- lion; il sooting am! licaU llic liilhinc<l liK'iiil)T,im.-s inul inliililll ficrm groulli. 01 nil kiiuwii iliHBM'ruiiioicisrrcoi!- til/ctl L) 1 higli nicillcal raillinrllit;*3soni) of llic tircalrM licalinii nfciicic^ for per- eisicnl omiflis nnit coliUmulotlirr forini of iln 0.11 ironljlc3.Crcoinul6lon cuntiln^, inaililillon In ni-ovile,oilierhc.ilinRdo- iijenw wliicli mollif niul lirnl tlin Intcctcil fiimnmllnii, vlillc llio creosote ROTJ on to llicilnnncli, is nU'nrlicil Inlo id" Wood, oturt» OIL' of llietronlilomul chccltt the growth of the- Kcrmft. CrcrniiiilsiiiiiisniiaMnlecil«allsf«clory In llic treatnirul of iirrshlcnt connli»aml roll];, nstliina, lirnncliltls Hid otlirr fdrnis of rc.i[iiratory diwiseN »nd U cKCcllrni fur luilMlug up llic tyitrin utter colds nr llu. Money rcfiimlcil if tn- cou^li or col'l.nn matter of liowlongelnnd oliclicval after tnklnKncconllm ,•__ . i.i .1 :.» /*,lu OLD RELIABLE ' In 1930 and -1931 all folks seemed to want wan price. A' tew kept on Insist- 1113 en Quality. Now everybody items to want Quality again! HERE IS OUR ANSWER NEW Hart, Schaffner and Marx Suits and Topcoats $24.50 nil prisoners Inlo one cell bled: | toiliteclions. AtkyounlrugRlit. ton, Louis Dark. Paul Wallace, ! __^ Howard Beshcars, Charles Drake The Camden Fire Insurance as- | jj]i Burton nnd Jack Jenkins. sociation has filed suit in chancery j ------court alleging that its agent, tho j First National Insurance agency, j exceeded its authority in the it-su- i ance of three policies to U. Lelgr- ; ton. second hand furniture dealer whose store was destroyed by lire ; May 12. The complaint asks that the pol- icie= ba held void and that Leigh- . y,.- M mo:i Pope entertained the , 'an be restrained from filing suits , wo rsona to recover on two policies 1 and be . . . . LU 1CI.V VCI -Jll IM W JJUJll,.'_0 n-.u "_ point of "no variation. Then me rcslrailled [rcm p rc = = culicn o! a ccedle bsgan to point west of true cohlmon . pleiu acliori a lrca;y ni:-:lj rorii;—and things began to hap- '.piii. "Imagine, the admiral's surprise and tho alarm of his superstitious and unlettered sailors," says Professor See, "when they found the CAimpass needle of th^ Santa Maria deviating to th-2 we.U of north. Un('.T t!:o alarm of the sailors, wr.ich t-id Iiir to develop inlo open mu-' t'uy. Columbus had to resort to an c ;phnat;on io calm Ihe fears of the rtstess in3n. He told them that Hi; wmpass was acting all right, tut that, the Poh Star hai shifted a little from its usual plnce." Ccmpasj Ignored on Voyage of Discovery .But Columbus secretly put more faith in the stars and the sun tiu:i he put'in this n?iv-fanglcd contraption, so hs continued to steer his course by the former and \veut 01: to the West Indies. Had he fol- bivod his compass cours;—and compensated, as theretofore, for an instrument pointing slightly east- o! tree north (when it was now painting slightly west o! true norlh)- he would have gou; far south of his course and lauded in Soutr America. Tho magnetic p:le. roamiur around its elliptical path, requires 510 years for a complete trip. Professor See has found. It circulates clock wise in a radius of about 13 degrees, though the path is ollipti- cal, the diameters varying by abDut three degrees. It is so shifting that at the present time London has a west variation of about 12 degrees ;.,This is now rapidly decreasing and Vby 1986 it will vanish and Europe will again have an eastern variation, as it did In Columbus' day. brid'C club to whiuii nt her country home Tucs- I day nlterncon. The club members present' were ! to recover on one policy. The ac- ; Mesrtr.mes C. E. Sullenser. I 1 '. L. lion would also prevent his cred:- • p)ij p p s , a. L. Driver. W. \V. Pre- Ruth Carlyslo and tors from filing suits. A S1.500 policy on tl:e store building. a policy for $1.000 on the stcck of second hand furniture and a E500 policy on household gODds of L?igh- ton, who livsd in the store, a:e involved. The complainl charges that th: wilt. J. Semmc-s. Mrs. C. E. Driver and ] Mrs. Llovd Judson were clh£r j gm-sU. Mrs. C. E. SulleiiFcr won liigh store prfe. The lletlio'Jitt Woiiieus Mission- j Society met nt the church ; few of the 72 Bench lade Details former- U found only i mting $M to $75. store building and stock were i:i : Monday afternoon, when piar.s surcd by policies wit:: two otiisr I insurance companies, which were in effect at the titns the fire occv.rr-;:. and that its three policies were not delivered to Leighton until the morning after the fire. Any purported cancellation cf the wcra men™ fcr the organization j cf a young woinens missionary I circle. The organization also discussed plans for rearrangement of the oh'.ireh auditorium, placing the • written by the otter iiisurance com- ! r-u'pit In the Jnslead of the panies was not effective befor; the ...... fire because Ijeighton had not been given notice of such cancellation, it is alleged. Leighton had IID knowledge of the cancellation until the Camden policies were delivered alter the fire and the other policies taken back by the agent. Th: First National agency had no authority from the Camden company lo insure property already instiled cr deliver a policy after lo^s of properly insured, the plaintiff charges, nd alleges further that trc insur- ncc agency acted for Leighton and ot for the Camdeu company in riting the policies without its lowledge. i-es.1 em! cf now is. ^fr;i. the buildino as It. W. L. Segars . sn Interesting paper on missionary 1 \vcrk in China. j » • • ! The Baptisl Woman's Missionary | Ihe church Men- Onion met in Indian Burial Ground Reveals Framed Picture THE DALLES. Ore. (UP)—C!c Remington. Wasco county wlica rancher, opened what he believe' to be an Indian burial ground am found among miscellaneous arti cits he ancient Red Men iver wont to bury with the corpse minted photograph of Zachar Taylcr set in a metal frame. Th picture clearly is recognlzabl even though the frame is delap! tated. The burial ground is somcwha of a curiosity lo pioneers in th area because they fail to rcca Ir.dlan encampments in that sec lion. |T VT.-, Russell Ridgeway Will Return Here Sunda Th e Rev. Russell Ridgeway. cvai gelist v.-x 0 conducted a meeting trie Assembly of God church o Lilly street recently, will retur rere for another meeting beglnnln Sunday. Read Courier News WiJU A«i clay;. mid teak up the I study ot llic W M. U. Maniul. : with Mrs. K. U. Jones, newly j ?lected president. leading the les- j ton. i ' ' ' i Mrs. E. S. Driver and Miss Calh- . ibrary Circulation for Year Over 22,000 Figv.rcs rcleassd by Mrs. H. A. mith, librarian, show that the to- al circulation of books last year in his city was 22,052 with 5,000 of hese circulated free among school hildren without money to join the brary. According to figures compiled )ver the country the average cost if maintaining a public library 15 1 per capita. In Blythsviile. counl- ng the white population at 7500. ast year it cost less taan six cents icr capita for the library to fiuic- ion. This year's goal is Sl.OOO. Members of the board have plans by which the library may be maintained, new bosks purchas:d anc incidental cxpcnjcs cared for. if this sum is otained. The annua membership drive is now 1 In progress with workers visiting throughout the city this week. QUIET YOUR 'NERVES nidbury School Now Has Traffic Patro A trallic p.itrol hns ocen or *,anizcd at the Sndbnry elcmcn (ary school, similar to the on maintained at the Central school for tho past few weeks. Students are on duty at cac ixricd when the children aro o the campus. They are equlppt with "slow" and "stop" hand sign and whistles. Motorists nol able Ing by their MgnaU will he !»(• This Delightfully AiH5. Alice Fischer (picture •••above) says she is "the hnp- piest woman in the world." "I oflen used (o uiisH I was dead. Couldn't sleep; couldn't enjoy myself, ft seems ns though I had tried every neruc rnedicme made, but without nny benefit un- fi! / fried Dr. Miles' E/Jcr- ucscenl A'eri'inc Tnoicfs. They certainly proved their luortfifor me. /<im (he Jinp- tuoman in the icorld and I don't menu inoyfic." Mrs. Alice Fischer If roa are Kerro-js, Slcfplm, Cr«nkr. Bltr. TF r«n hftvr Ncrrons Heidixlie. NVrroui Ir.dizcsllon. dVt Dr. Milt5' Effenrsctnt Xrrvtne TabUli. "TTWEKYWHERE I go, I have to listen to the .t_J saino thing. 'Try Chesterfields. Honestly, they arc milder, and you simply must try them!' t; Me ... try Chesterfields! Why, I haven't smoked anything else. That's how important mildness and hettcr taste are lo me! "No wonder Chesterfield smokers are so enthusiastic." CHESTERFIELD RADIO PROGRAM Every niglti except Sunday, Columbia (Misl-lo-Cwtsl A'efitorfr. THEY'RE MILDER — THEY TASTE BETTER A Kcw of the 72 HUNCH TAILORED DKTA1LS Formerly In cur 505 to $75 Bench Ma:lc Clothes. Xow in ;uil3 co^.lni; $2f; to $35 Armliolj basting by hand AunliDlc Id'.lna by hand Eu'.iOn suwln? by hand Dtiltonholc making by hand (In ctal and vest) Ccllr.r l.-aslcd by hand Hcttom etlge of collar felled by hand Corner inaklnj by hand Unclercolliir air.l stand felled by hand Lining making by hand Llnin»s basted by hand Sleeve, felling by .hand Elecve linings ficwcd-by hand Yoke basting by hand Gnrje stjdcii by hand Same fine linen canvi i. sew- thread • hi;; sill:, and linen • used In Bench Tailorins Bench tailored prculng Authentic Fashions in Custom Stylings $5 Beautiful Silks in the Wanted Shades. All New Patterns. 3 for $1 NEW MEAD r OTHING COMPANY

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