The Times from Munster, Indiana on July 28, 1931 · 2
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The Times from Munster, Indiana · 2

Munster, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1931
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Page Two THE TIMES WAS HE SCOTTY'S PARTNER? Queer Story Is Told As Re-: suit of Death of Dallas, Texas, Man Tuesday, July 28, 1931V WHY HE COULD NOT ESCAPE HERNANDO. Miss.. July 28. Because lie thrived on prison diet, and grew fat. Fred Groom failed to escape from the county Jail today, behind-three cellmates who did escape. The jailer found him stuck In a hole cut through a cell wall. Ke was pulled free only after considerable yanking-. The three other prisoners negotiated the small hole ahead of Groom, but Horn Lake, another, who had hoped to follow Groom to freedom, lost out be cause of Groom's avoirdupois. f (INTERNATIONAL NEWS SERVICE DALLAS, Texas, July 21. An .mazing- story, as ' strange and Iusive as the history or "Death Valley Scottjr," with whom bis name lias been linked, was being unfolded today as an undertaking- company tried to establish the identity of a man known in Dallas as Jack Lamb. In the 19 years he lived here. Lam never spoke of his past. He lived quietly and avoided making acquaintances. It was not .'. until Good Oak HALF SOLES Put On for . SHOE REPAIR DEFT. BASEMENT Kaufmann &Uolf after he died last Sunday that evidence waa found to Indicate that he was, in fact, the Dr. L. "W. De Laarance. who once was a partner of "Death Valley Scotty." In his effects waa found a trunk full of books by Dr. De. Laurence, Hindu mystic. Pictures they contained of De Laurence resemble Lamb. Among- Lamb's papers were found torn pieces of telegram, addressed to Walter Scott (Death Valley Scott), who now lives in Ryan, CaL Lamb lived modestly here at the home of Mrs. Mollie Collier. He never volunteered information about the source of hi income, but he always bad money to satisfy any need. The few people who knew him were Impressed by his scientific knowledge. "I talked to him a great deal." Mrs. Collier aaid, "and an air of mystery always prevailed. He was well educated and seemed to have traveled a great deal. He was exceptionally well versed in scientific matter. However, he seemed always to be holding back, trying to hide his past." More than 20 years ago, it was said, De Laurence entered into a partnership with Walter Scott, forming- the company known as Messrs. De Laurence, Scott A Co., of ' Chicago. This firm published medical and scientific books, many of which, were written by De Laurence. De Laurence was said to have made a fortune and to have filed a will in Chicago, naming bcotty heir. The undertaking- company holding Lama body is convince! that he was De Laurence and wired to Electrical Specials This Week HOT POINT IRONS . $3.29 TOASTM ASTER TOASTERS. $10.95 KITCHEN UNIT COMPLETE . . 99c TWO-LIGHT BEDROOM FIXTURE $1.35 ELECTRIC SOCKETS .20c FUSE PLUGS ..4c DOUBLE SOCKETS 20c a E. MAZDA LAMPS, 25-60 Wat. . .6 for $1.08 REDUCED PRICES ON ALL RADIO TUBES EXPERT RADIO REPAIR WORK RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE General Electric Shop 522 STATE ST. PHONE 678 Opposite Poet Office Hammond, Indiana DON'T GAMBLE wilh a lifetime investment An lcirle rfrijerator Is a long-Urn inTeiitineiil Don't b hasir InrMltaate ihm pronounced monerycrrlny features of the Westtnghousa "Completely Balanced" Refrigerator. A Weelinghouse, according to owners, will actuallY , aare you nearly half lis cost the first year and keep that wonderful economy year after year. Find out about this economy. It is due to the "com pletely balanced" construction. Find out how much a Westinghouse will sore in your home. We will show you In actual figures. $10 DOWN-TWO WHOLE YEARS TO PAY Remember the Westinghouse saves while you pay. Prices are very moderate. Only $10 down Is reaulred. Balance may be divided orer two years. See us before you decide on any refrigerator of any make or type. 7jJrt-wMTioHouf r IT'S A MONEY-SAVER 1 MODERN APPLIANCE CO. V 6131 Calumet Arena Hammond, Ind. "Death Valley Seotty" n an effort to confirm It. They had received no answer today. There Is nothing: In Lamb's papeis to disclose the source of his Income the past 19 years and," apparently, no funds to pay for his burial. SPRAGUE ARRIVES IN BERLIN By kekdau ross IfTArr CORRESPONDENT I. N. SERVICE PERL1N. July 28. O. M. W. Sprague, 'of Harvard, American adviser to the Bank of England, arrived in Berlin yesterday to take tap. his task of Investigating financial and' economic conditions In Germany, as propose in the recommendations made by the London seven-power conference last week. The banking situation here was regarded as critical. Over the weekend the Reiehsbank, with the cooperation of the government and 11 other banks, established the "Acceptance and Guarantee bank, with a capital of 200.000,000 marks, for the purpose of alleviating conditions under which depositor may withdraw their funds from banks In event the present withdrawal restrictions are removed. Since the failure of the Darm-staedter Und National bank 10 days ago the government has maintained in effect a series of banking restrictions which prohibited the . banks' paying more than a fraction of the money en deposit. These restrictions may be lifted today. The lie bank, Is, In effect, a loose union of several banks, .Including the largest and most important financial institutions of the city. Its functions will be largely those of a clearing house. MARTIAL LAW DECLARATION OKLAHOMA CITT, Okla, Jnly 1$. (CP.) A new declaration of martial law, extending the Ttxas-Oklahoma avar son to Include the free bridge connecting the two states over the Red river, was announced late yesterday by Governor w. H. -Alfalfa Bill' Murray. Tha f-overnor. already maintaining a detachment of state troopers on guard at the toll bridre, parallelling the free span. Issued his orders in further defiance of federal court. Murray acted, he said, on reports that court orders might be issued to atop " traffic crossing the free bridge, connecting Durant, Okla., and Denlson, Tex. Looking Backward Do You Recall These B Pages of The Times its of News Culled from 1 0 and 20 Years Ago TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY WHITING. Burt Johnson, of Kew fork ave., a butcher for Luta and Qulnlan, who dropped a cleaver on his foot while cutting meat about two weeks ago, was removed to St. Margaret's hospital, Hammond, yesterday, when blood poison was detected in the wound. EAST CHICAGO. George W. Ivan, a .driver for Verne W. Parker, of Hammond, fractured his hip bone when he slipped and fell while attempting to turn the tongue of a sand wagon. The accident happened at 151st et. and Northcote ave., in East Chicago. HAMMOND. C. H. Stewart and wife returned last night from a two weeks Journey through the east. They visited many of the principal cities in the east, having made an extended stay in New York. Mr. Stewart first prepared to make the trip by automobile, but later decided to go by boat and rail. I HAMMOND. On the heels of the windstorm that blew ships about in Lake Michigan like chips, came a cool wave last night that registered within 25 degrees of freezing. The temperature dropped to 6T at 1 o'clock this morning, a far cry from the Fourth of July, when the temperature registered 102 and ten persons died from heat. ' With a sixty-mile wind that stripped trees of their branches, came intermittent rainfalls. TEI TEARS AGO TODAY CROWN POINT. Miss Charlotte Love, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Love of this city, was taken violently 111 with acute appendicitis while in camp at Cedar Lake, Sunday, and was rushed to Wesley hos-' pital in Chicago later in the afternoon and an Immediate operation performed. Her condition Is encouraging at this time. HAMMOND. The new station, of the Hammond public library in the basement of the Christian church at Calumet ave. and Bummer St., was opened yesterday. The entrance to the library station is on the Summer at. aide. WEST HAMMOND. Mrs. Mary Berwanger, "Aunt Mary," to hundreds of loving friends in West Hammond, passed away at her home at SIS Ingram ave., lat evening after, a long Illness. Mrs. Berwanger was 48 years old. She Is survived by her husband, Pred, Sr., and five children. GARY. The first building of a colony of one-story brick apartment houses which eventually will replace the wooden shacks scattered about the south aide between 17th and 21 avea., fn Gary, waa atarted this morning by Frank Hartzer. The building will contain 14 apartments of two rooms each. WHITING. Howe S. Landers, an insurance expert of Indianapolis, whose business activities take him to all parts of the United States, will, give an address before the Whiting Commercial club at the regrular- meeting of that body this coming Thursday evening In the Slovak Home lodge halL Mr. Landers' subject, will be "Our Government." HUNT FOR $60 VAIN, BOY, JMACK HOME NEW YORK. (I.N.S.) Jimmy Neumann, 10, son of a New York home again, bis hunt for 60 in "conscience money" with which to repay his mother for a loss which he caused her having proved fruitless. Two weeks ago Jimmy was late In returning home. His mother went out to search for him, and during the bunt lost 60. In order to earn the money for the loss of which Jimmy felt responsible, the lad left home, leaving a note telling his parents not to seek him. MEXICO'S NEW JONETARY LAW MEXICO CITY, July S8 (LN.S.) Mexico abandoned the gold and silver standard today as the new monetary law went Into effect. From today on the silver peso will be the sole recognized legal tender. Finance minister D'Oca granted the request of Mexico City bankers that they be allowed to pay more than thirty per cent on gold deposits. FARMERS PLAGUED BY HOPPERS Invading Hordes of Grasshoppers Sweep Section Bare of Vegetation (Bf United Press) LINCOLN, Neb., July 27. On the plains and In the capitals,' in the air and on the .ground, farmers and statesmen of the midwest rallied their forces today for a bitter fight against an invading; horde of grasshoppers which waa sweeping the section bare of vegetation. While political leaders took their appeals for aid to the state and national capital, farmers battled Individually and in groups along many fronts and airplanes droned through the air, spraying poison over fields where the hoppers were ' thickest. Devouring- everything that contained vegetable fiber as they marched, the grasshopper horde had laid barren many counties In South Dakota and Nebraska, caused much damage along the borders of Minnesota and Iowa and still was marching on. ' It waa estimated that millions of the hoppers had been killed, but farmers said that as fast aa the Insects were slaughtered new onos were hatched. Bonfires dotted the plains of many counties as farmers raked the dead hopper into piles and burned them. Many strange stories were told of the hoppers, eating wagon tonkuea, fence posts and clothing. Around Buffalo, Neb., farmers made a feeble effort to recoup some of their losses BueCiBeir Bros. Inc. State & Oakley EJamburger gibs. 25o PorlrStealr lb. 12c Veal Sausage Ibl 15c Eammmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmm Motor Travelers are Getting these Vnustml p ree Services at Conoco Stations rp tl mm. . wrtm nur mr - l by scooping up the dead hoppers, packing them and selling them to fishermen for bait at 20 cents a pound. One of the moet serious aspects of the situation was that livestock in scores of counties were being robbed of food. More than 3,000 head of cattle were shipped last week from South Dakota counties to northern Nebraska. In South Dakota, a long drouth had almost ruined the crops when the grasshoppers swarmed in to complete the destruction. Within the last few' days It has become a common sight In that state to see whole families moving northward in covered wagons, driving their half starved herds before them. UNDER 4 MINUTES TALK IS DAY'S WORK FOR OIX HOLLYWOOD. Calif. (I.N.S.) A few minutes of dialogue is a good day's work for Richard Dix, star of "Cimarron" and other successes. The odd thing is that efficiency experts approve of the brief working day. "The supervisor, director and the business office are content, if we complete ' three and one-half minutes of dialogue daily," Dix said. "But It isn't 'as simple as it sounds. I have arrived on the set at 9 a. ro. and stayed until seven, worked continuously, but- when the day's work was done I was SHE SEES ALL KNOWS ALL MISS ZOE D Y AC One Week Starting Sunday, Aug. 2 WARNER'S PARTHENON FINAL . CLEARANCE OF SUMMER DRESSES Now $1.49 i iHHi State and Hohman thoroughly exhausted trying to get that brief bit of dialogue right." Dix, aside from his work in "Cimarron," ' "Young Donovan's Kid" and "Big Btrother," has completed work on the "The Homecoming," a pictur with a background of Shanghai and San Francisco. SETTER ISES ELEVATOR AUGUSTA, Me. (U.P.) "Skipper," a black and white English setter, always waits for the elevator when he wants to go up or down stairs at the State House. He is a frequent visitor at the capitoL being owned by Governor William Tudor Gardiner. Final Clearance of "Modernette" Summer Shoes iiiiiiiiiiiiiniujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiimiHfir. StUl a good selection if you shop now. Dont wait . . . at these clearance prices, these "Modernette" shoes famous for their styleing and wonderful comfort are going fast. ... $.85 iiiiimiiiiiiiiiinir PUMPS STRAPS ' TIES LINEN KIDSKIN REPTILES BEIGE WHITE BLUE COMBINATIONS $6.50 and $7.50 Values niiiniiiiimiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiirimiiiiiiiiiHiiKn NEW FALL STYLES ARRIVING DAILY, PLAZA SHOE SHOP 5315 HOHMAN AVE. TEL. 6605 65c Pond's Cold or Cleansing Cream 36c Expendable Drag Stores One Convenient Hammond Location Hohman and Sibley Anthony Maecher, Mgr. 65c Sunex 49c Prevents Sunburn Relieves Pain ?8S affo JT foNoco stations are caring for baggage and parcels while the touring motorist makes a tempo rary stop. They are caring for mail and telegrams; giving accurate information on facilities and rates of local hotels and camps; acquainting motor travelers with places to fish, hunt; swim and golf ; aiding in the purchase of supplies and obtaining of automotive repairs; supplying dependable local road information . . and numerous other friendly courtesy services. All these things are services rendered by the field out-posts of the Conoco Travel Bureau conducted by the Continental Oil Company in' the interest of the motorists of America. They are services freely available to every motorist'who takes a trip. The Conoco Travel Bureau is the foremost free national travel service for motorists. Its services arc most complete; its scope is nation-wide. Its origin dates back to kerosene lamp days. When you travel by motor, stop at Conoco stations, identified by the sign of the Red Triangle. You'll find each Conoco man eager to serve as "your well-informed friend." If your trip is still in the process of planning, write to the Conoco Travel Bureau headquarters, Denver, for marked road maps, detailed travel information and a Condco Passport, which will identify you to Conoco men everywhere. If your time is too short for this, stop at the first Conoco station you see and have the man enroll you as a Passport holder and sup ply a Conoco windshield sticker and road maps. Then you will be traveling "the Conoco way" -entitled to all these special services. CONTINENTAL OIL BLPG. DENVER, COLORADO MAINTAINED BY CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY IN THE INTEREST OP AMERICAN MOTORISTS -.' " Picnic Jugs Witt keep liquids or foods ' hot or cold for many' hours: 1-gaL size. 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