The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 14, 1934
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Served by tlie United Press BLYTHEVILX VOL. XXXI—NO. 20(j WOMAN Blythpvllle Dill, N fw. niythevllle Co.rter ,,, „„ - MlMlsMppl v a ii e y Ijeadcr B | ytllcvl | lfl l)ertU1 U.UJIRVII.I.R. AHKANSAX. \VKDNKSDAV NOVW IIICTMOFF ^ Ps'aslivillo Child "Mimlerod y^^LostN^hmtteChM NEGRO KIDNAPER 1 o s i I i v e (dcnlificalion Made by Dentist Who Treated Her NASUVILL'B.'Tenn.. Nov. 14 (UP) —The body or a child round in a shallow grave near litre was tden- lifird positively today as that of, 1/orothy Ann Distclhursl, (j. who disappeared rrom a Nashville street ' •I. Carlton Loser, Davidson county attorney general, announced the definite Identification following Dr I ( iJioaiml P.-rogue* check of his i records and examination of the fjirl'.s ;teilai work. Idenliiies Dental Work Pogue. a local dentist who had worked on Dorothy's teeth, vouched for the identification. He lound that a single filling in one of the teeth on the body found checked identically ivith his record or Dorothy. "The nude body of the girl, round Into yesterday in a shallow grave on Ihe grounds of the Davidson county tuberculosis sanitarium, is that of Dorothy Ann Distelhursl " Loser stated. -The child was murdered, (he left side of her head crushed by a blo»- from a hammer. There was H rag stuffed In her mouth. "Department of justice agents and state and county officers' are working together to 'learn the motive behind the crime and ascertain who committed it. 1 ' Ilelicvcjt Victim of Fiend ' 'lYmponmiy abandoning'"' *t ir* 1 theory that 'the' child was kid- naped, officers began a thorough investigation of the mtirdsr theory and the possibility that a hit and run driver might have injured her fatally and buried the body In shelving (he kidnap nn«ie with Us conclusion that Dorothy's late was similar to that, of the Lindbergh baby, officers leaned lo the theory that, a fiend murdered the e ,-,.| and hastily buried ihe body in the isolated spot where two negro employe's found it yesterday. .Tim ransom notes, officers thought, were either sent by an eccentric or by some one who L-c- iievi'd he could capitalize on the child s disappearance. Without having a definite ncr- «>n m mind, officers invest! niK the murder today soii»h man described as a s">- °fi about 45 years old, owner of in automobile and familiar with the vicinities surrounding the Distel- home and Ihe child's «rave it was learned from an author!-' lalive source. 111,032 Bales Ginned Q Prior lo November 1 Mississippi eonnly ginned 111,0:12 ijaies of I9IH crop cotton prior lo November 1. the Courier News has been advised by Chester C. Dane- liower, of Luxora, special agent of the bureau or the c'cnsia, department of commerce, in this county. This figure compares with 110,753 Federal Court Holds Frazier-Lemke Act Valiti bales ginned prior last vear. , to November 1 Sought Ransom in Own '!: "Kidnaping"; Acquitted IMLKlCill. N.V.. NOV. H (UPl- '" ""' '""I"' ". Askew, young Kire Gospel" evangelist ' court here loilny on or uitemiiMiii; lo i. oUn ., ran.som from his wlte in an kidnaping ot himself. Mi'pklm (iri!»rn<i 11,1. Hope for the safe return of Dor- QtJiy.-4>jstel)_iiiret, fi, above, sought since she disappeared September --Jrirr. her home .|n-'N as bvlJle, Tenn., was ahnnoonea todsy with announcement that the body of child found in a shallow grave near Nashville was here. The discovery came \rhile her father, A. E. Disteilinrsi, shown above, was waiting in a New york hotel for word rrom abductors who hurt notified him to come (here to pay £5,000 ransom ror the child's release. „ i ", •"""-Grade liducalioii i ;v^ ! , t '- f for All Is Goil Eslal)-i "f"'"' 1 Attorney J. o. Can- mov- lislied by Governor . , <f ««tS2l ,^1,^ '••"' ''"W c*l*rl wilnessvs who tvac- ITl-U; ROCK. Ark., Nov. Hjl' 1 " :' vein of insanity in Askew's i—fachool reforni legislation Is '""" v aul1 who told o[ nervous und certain to IIP tine or the main con- J1 - ' Dollar'Value of Shipments la as Well as Volume injj ideratioiii of the Cicneral Assembly when it meets in January .,,,,,. , .- " '"iiwilh iiml ""'tal disorders for which ilu-v had! Aski'iv. as Bales Declines 1LT ffllTEO_5IitIES Radical Minncsola Gover- iioi- Demands I'llitniiia- lion of Pi-ofil Motive •„.. ---• K>'.. NOV. M <UPj -I-The l'">»ykT-I.emk(> farm mort . moriilorl ict was held here today by Federal Judge Jit uy the Louisville 'joint Stock Lund bank, lien holder to t] L ,r'''' a .." iip " c "! l(> " of tllc : | '»v in fr.. Hopklnsvllle. Ky.. fn'rincr' The ruling had been wniclied t iroiiBlioiii u,, coumry since con" sllluiimmlliy of il,, ; |,, w W J,|',|, Involves; approximately $8.000000- WO in farm moilijaKes had 'been challenged. fiECEIKElBULLft IN WASHINGTON, Nov. 14. UI! 1 )Raw cotton exports rroni the unit- ueiore the elections lasl summer but I did not push a petition for a rcf- 'ei'WKium expression lest it might i jeopardize his sponsored ameml- insnls Nos. IB nnd 20 or defeat it- ' Stales in October amounted to CIG.OOO bales, valued al $42,708000 compared with 480.000 bales, worth S31.77S.OOO. in September, the commerce department reported torlav t .,/ —~...*..„, mm? n.unca In October. 1 53 3, 1.045000 bales ; eom "","?'» <« ™rk with-Ihe stats ""<•" "' —"" ,'ere ^^^£^^°^ (.submitted in January. This group the entire ^'"Arkansas E'ducatioj, Assocla- "-and valued at abroad. Total exports . , . 554,073,000. fJISTRICT H Ordinance Will Not,Be Session of Body ST. CAUf,. Minn., Nov. 14 <ui>> -Ciov Floyd 11. Olson prr-dlcled an »Kn.rlai, pollita,! revoll „, [hc I United slnlcs within two years In | mi interview wild Ibc u,,j|,.d ,,,. es _ s today. He advoealed a new economic s ,. s . lem that would practically eilm- Inalc tile incenlive of pilviite ,,ro- liy inference he invlied the Hoosevell ndiiilnlslrnlioii to j 0 |,, for the three months of the cotton season August through October, were i 303 COO bales, valued at $91,81)9,000 coin- pared with 2,445.000 bales, 'worth $127,059.000 for the corrcspondm period jn 1033 , , ueaoi , lllcl »re and embody recommenda- " S '-"," bi "' ,,, " lr( ' ', Iss " rs Challenge The question of education became seining vote, last night passed „ motion ordering m f preparation o f "" ordinance to be presented nt the « meeting wiilch. if passed, will authorize the formin R of a new , . . ••»w,.. ij cv mil; of priimiry importnncc nt, the cdu- ever. the council Indicated plalnh Appearance of Gc , ---- >_iu». of Indiana before the , appeared to protest approval of the . one of the three siat-s «'lier= no schools were closed " J ear due (o linancial reverse. . visiting governor reminded that of 2.000 ° la - Sees Possibility of Federal Control If Problems Are I'allur Hurries Home NEW YORK. Nov. U. IUP>- . . . _E. Distclhnrst. father of the Ired kidnaped Dorothy left Newark, N. j A1- Ann Dislclhurst today on a rca .' . . ., a rca . ular Onitetl Airlines plane, bound lor Cleveland. He will transfer at Cleveland to a plane for Nashville where a body identified as that or his missing 0- ycnr-old child has been fou Not Solved DALLAS. Tux.. Nov. Secretary of Interior Harold L. oi] pro- fckcs. today warned major - ducers that, the government might More Rapid Expected As Roll Call Commiiiees Ge! lo Work An appeal for an increased nubile response lo ih e annual membership ro ii ca || of „,„ Cnickll , aw _ ba District Chapter. American Red Cross, was issued today by Mrs B A. Lynch, roll call chairman Enrollment sines Monday, when the annual membership appeal p opened, has been slow, Mrs. Lynch said, but a number of the sub-committees in charge of various phases ,or the campaign are jusl gcttin° i?Jr ^ work unclcr way and a^e (k-clarc the oil industry a pub- iiu- " «.-o uv-^ii luuiiu. a-umi uislelhurst had awaited at a New ded: lislied. . hotel for communications f>n alleged kidnap gan» Hie u never were eslab- Aged Lost Cane Resident Succumbs to Pneumonia Mrs. Julia Catherine Parks. 79. of Lost (June community died al 5:30 A. !U. today after a few days illness of pneumonia. She is survived by her husband. Sam Parks, three sons, E. L.. .1. S.. Marvin, one daughter, Mrs. Mattie R. Burner. Services will be held nt 9:00 o'clock Thursday at the home and burial will be made nt Steele. Mo. The Rev. Pervis Flowers will officiate. Tlie L. G. Moss Undertaking company Is in charge of arrangements. Will Hold Book Pageant al High School Thursday T) >e Book Pageant, postponed irom Tuesday, will be held Thursday morning al to o'clock at the 10 school auditorium, with the public invited £enlor anrt J and , ». ,- n lf P" c fpcaklng clas.s wl» portray characters Of liln, ....... - fVMIl.1) L ..... neters of lie utility unless lliere" was m, mcdiale solution of disturbing oir problems. In a speech before Ihe Am-r- ican Petroleum Institute, in which he directed sharp criticism at practices in (lie industry. Ickcs said the administration had not given up hoj )c „; a satisfactory •ition" of oil qiie.sllons, tut a ti- lt is only fair to sav that the interest of the countrv in the conservation of oil and Us prudent use is paramount and units.? Hits whole question is solved without undue taw O f time on a basis ihat : will commend it- sf'l lo the sound judgment of the people ihe federal government may conclude that it ts us nuty to consider declaring u, c oi | "Klnstry to be a public utility." Council Renews Stand Against Walkathons . . "•'-' ...... '» UlULC lapid sign-up is i:i prospect for (lie rest of this week and next week the roll call must be completed !)••• fore Thanksgiving day. Enrollment so far "has been almost entirely through booths which committees of women, under the chairmanship of Mrs. A. Co maintainin mvav at the Parmjrs e armjrs Bank and Trust company, the post- office, and Borum's store. »>uii Kill o UHlg Si- Group enrollment of employes ,„ c-iismess and industrial establishments is starting, however, will ery indicatio Sen' ci nlt 'na1" t c n< v lCiUl0n ° f ^ >-'i iiiu nut, OOV'er 110]' MnMnit s«'d. Legislation has been e me ert o carry out the governor's p ro "r m to insure ad:quat 3 education ^^™Z™« c <i^°«!*rr- COO for .high school teachers $ ' Governor Futrcll's determination <o insure sb: months schoollnit throLgh the for i ... ~ • --'*•"» yiuue lor an ci.ildren approaches that or tlie Indiana governor. I'uls Schools I' "I shall not permit other matters to interfere with this plan," Governor Futrell said. "A way should be round to relieve present unhappy conditions. But In spite or unfavorable financial conditions we must face the school situation in all ot its phases and extend reli"f It would be unwise to delay longer while waiting for economic r?- covery. The lead should and C. v. Ssbaugh.'also resident's of tlie section. A. Ci. Hall, auditor, roval of the \vrilten re.'living of Hearn street east from cemetery road lo Thirteen!)] and Thirteenth south to sought. Mayor Cecil Shane, frankly st-ep- "-' "' financing plans of backers Strict, asked if Barham ha:l an ordinatics ready to lie passed Upon, liarham didn't have such a measure prepared but wauled Ihe council's attitude rcilcctc:! in some sort of a vote, lie got it. subject to possible future change. ressure Often [.OH Water very serious hazard to proper protection against fires in the city was pointed out by Pire Chief Roy Head who suggested that the water company be ordered lo install n water pressure gauge in the city as required under Its franchise He pointed out thai while the water company was supposed to main- i- - ---- mams that It s-l t > v-j-jni t. i L | | la had a higher *i ^ luit " ^iioiuti oe » n MS .I >DI1SC »'• once, and matters pertain, pressure than around 40 pounds which rectuirEd (lie city to ns c Us fire (ruck pumpers at full power causing the city considerable expense. -Chief Head also [minted out thai at one lime recently ihe waler company allowed its water reserve to ., w Jum ,,' r , 1 " 1 of si* "it'll for alleged (raf him in circumventing ordinary leg- " ckl "S in $100.000 worth of stolr Islallve machinery to establish a mammolh public ownership program with federal emergency relict administration funds. Tn e |,> Kr(A - — ,, a lew fac- fi tones lo produce goods- lor UK. ,.,, The city council, withoiii a dis- employed. l """ Olson said that. llirouBh 11 | c ™i technicality the reileral eovernment. and the Minnesota stale govmi- ment could take relief money to operate factories lor ,,nemployr-<i ,m<l evil goods on (l,s open miirkct (o obtain cash to ,, ay workers. "I'm niA siiggestln./ this ly." lie said. "I'm just uskli not?" Ill FER.A policies he saw many leanings acceptable lo .state ownership. The Hooscveltiai] cure for agrarian ills, the AAA. ho condemned because of t( 5 conformation to 'a "capitalistic pattern." • Olson was recycled lust week on the radical platform or his Purmer- Labo,- parly The plalform stated capitalism should be abolished and advocated public ownership of cxacl- g why p o banks, utilities. Insurance companies nnd establishment or slate ric ' lories. Immediate Aclion Is Necessary He Tells Secui-ity Conference WASHINGTON, Nov. 14. |!jp,_ A ringing appeal for immediate ac- H/,,. — an adequate program of security for A "" workers was made here SET FOR Jay Myers and diaries Barnctl Among Dcfencl- "nls in Federal Acti LITTLE HOCK, Nov. 14 on (lj|>) bonds will begin November '28. U. S, A. isBrlg told Hie today. „,. JoilMl)o , Attorney Pred United' i-ress Tlie six men Indicted on chmces l biilii ' d _ possessing and conccal- niK the bonds, are: Jay H Myers Hlack Dock; Charles 'a HarncU Jonesboro; John K. Cilbson Laura- tewn; James t. McKamey. e'en; Sam Latinw. Olileago aii< Harry Qrccnbcrg. YorJ- LnJioiv nnd Orecnfwrg were re turned here last moiHh l,y u s commissioners to sluml t' r | n! Nearly $100,000 worth of bond nnd securities were Involved li the transactions. suits were started In federal court at Jonesboro last week In recover $15,000 from buyers tor Alphus Item and ,lhe Insurance Company of North America It connection with.thc bond denl"'A Judgment of $17,000 against Olb- san '"'s Slven in a similar triii lasi spring. Say Confessions Made By Trio From County Monvst Clilsholm. Miizcn Hall and Doiiglns Unnnlcy, Mississippi county I'csldejits and forcnci stutc convlcls. arrested at Me phis over the week-end with ,„- li'ged burglar (oo!s In their |>os- sesston, have confessed to a series of robberies in Shelby county Tcnn., olticers here have lieen ad- vLsctl. The trio arc said to have given confessions to Momuhis police after being lodged in jnll (here details of the alleged robberlci, were not revealed In messages received here. Farm Fugitive Held On Murder Charge of New York. l-aouardin. plun . |K , r . drop io low amount over- proper- niglH, thereby endangeri per- ty and lives In Hie city had ,1 serious fire occurred the nexl day With only .j wate one pump in work in » company officials were not able to gain back any eathpriii" of oxjwrts at ih = National Security conference, pleaded for direct, action rather (ha,, tl'a (em- perate deliberations of experts and fconomist-s. "Von cannot separate relief from unemployment Insurance." he in . e n- formed the somewhat startled con - " con ........ . u,i terc-s. "Any legislation dial we j. P t ""t aware not be written by experts. If T, .. ' treasury ot the local chanter lor ,L h .^ C1 £ COI "!F, 11 bst "I21H re- "-' carrying on its relicr work *. V j. i,isniii.ti til,}\, H Jf iterated its positive stand' i" Blytheville aiul itidlcaic< we wait for the economists to no II cd in doing so only the next night n , i ' —*' ••"""•' lw .^1.1 an adequate supply and such a st Jesse Graham, negro, cajied from the prison farm, near less than a week's who es- . _>1 coiitity Luxora. with time remaining to be served, has been captured at Cairo, III., where he Is Iwlng held as a murder suspect foe Greenville. Miss., officers. Graham svns .servlny a sentence imposed for a minor llicft at Ihe time he escaped from the couniv farm. Ofliclals at. the farm were cli a i walknthon ~.^...^.... v .,,„, ajuicalctl that •t would actively oppose nn v "f- fort to singe one of the marathon semi-dance affairs here The mailer was brought un bv favfvr r-rtni, c-i 5 . '** Q J Mayor Cecil promoters of Shane who said a wnlk.ithon had .on had been to -his office yesterday and had asked that the. council's attitude fce ascertained. Mayor Shane expressed himself as strongly opposed lo such a show here and sa ' he thought city and co,m v ofTlciols ought to Join to keep such an exhibition awoy The council first went' on record against permitting a walkathon here In August at the siiggeslion of O. W. McCiilchcn. theatre of disaster ties. The remainder stays i in ihe . on its rclicr work find other local services. The Red Cross in this comminute is now responsible for the care of the a<>e'l and other unemployables not clig- '°le for help from the federal re- ">f administration, since Mav of '"is year the local chapter has lian- n'ttl 202 cases, chierty of orphans, «, ra "" d cripples, and has spent »»»l.5j of chapter funds in their f for H has also atlzatlon of numerous ,,„. - using nn allowance bv the Cll .v from hospital rent funhs nt " total cost of SI,252.80 ST f0r owner. or( l!lml)oll Cnr d »"'s. will have a bone chip re n nwcd rrom l'>ext season. his left arm hpforc Bcrore the program is finally submitted to the legislature there is ccrialn to be some suggestion for a more equitable distribution of school revenue-a suggestion that would seek to improve the present Wem that has more fortunately located districts without financial difficulties ndjaccw distressed districts that cannot hire teachers. Baptist Study Course coast of r, . . , luast 01 1UZ( m« ^' ngJ ' hi> COSt Of P«»"shlng j ward Manila ran. was sweeping to- Philippine vision f " rd " 11a ", c 7 C *U'"S for re-jiFlands today. Globe Wirclfs.. IIMOII of the elcclrlc, plumbing and ] was informed by radio sign codes nnd the building rotte 1 would be prohibitive, Mayor Shane suggested that changes in the codes prepared after long sti;dv nnd of-, „. fort. b« made available in"shape forL s ', n ' use in Hie fimirc ir .vn^eiu,., i..., f'Uat trr that no made. in the future, if possibl , . immedlalc chmite.s be Tull. even if their work cotiln not be iiirned to advantage now ] Engineer Tull told the council rootlij;))! ,,-lrlng 5 j.<( cm at "all is of such a danger- but t ' Enrollment in the New Liberty Baptist young people's c , t ,iriy course increased from 43 MOII'- prospects of ftirther increa i e> The stuily, school Is Mug "conducted by members of the \vil- helm Union of the First Baptist church here. , Must lie Published •nan E. R. Jackson wan!' r II there was any possif make an ordinance effect! publishing it but grot's nature that it would be con- In any home in the city : be properly insulated, pointing out • thai even a mc re short circuit Mayor final! consequence, occurri,,™ H,.. of against the him serious nt llic time The negro will to returned to Mississippi io face the murder charge Instead of to the county farm at Luxora ii fe ^understood. Attendance increases at Christian Revival The crowds' and interest are increasing nightly „( n, c rev|yal services' being held at the Pj rs i Christian church by the lien- minister. Ftev. V. E. Ek'lterworth and his wife. The "ilngspiratioir of choruses and old time favorites is proving popular, a new chorus being introduced each "ight. A large crowd is expected to hear the sermon Wednesday night on "Indisputable Proofs That tlie Bible Is Inspired", which is largely a sermon on fulfilled prophecy and scientific evidences Thursday night the sermon will be Illuslrntcd by chemical demonstration. The subject is "Scientifically Converted". Tlie services Jnin from 7:30 to n p. M each evening. and that amendments as well as new ordinances would have to be published if etrcctive legally. Aider- mp-n Marion Williams said he wanted to ojfer thanks of the council to representatives of various trades who had worked hard on tlie proposed new codes with city Engineer isht result in a panic suntclcnl to 'use the injury of several persons At Ihe suggestion of Mayor Shane the council voted to obtain an eas"- mctil over the old Creamery Package company property south of town for a riilch draining a certain r-cction of the city. Ulan W. f. T. U. Fij-hls Wcls OGDEN. Ulan (UP)-Tlic Utah slate convention of the Woman's con- year I.ouis Wilson, Robbed q( $65, Believed Viclim of Same Bandits | Two iiegroc bandits who figured In a holdup and kldnapini; and were Unvaried in another alleinrj- ted holdup early lasl night only. (Itrouuli the daring of one of llu-lr intended victims. Mhs Ci.wgia Hulelilnson. who'was shot in'- (JUT left shoulder,' were sought hy |>6.' lice and counly officers hhrc today. The snine . pnir is believed to have figured in another holdup Friday niyli'j. , i •All uf the holdups occurred'in the, vicinity of Sawyers graveyard, on the southeastern edge of Hi"? city, although the llrst one last night, ivns slittjcrt after the vlc-' llm liad been kidnaped in his owii ear from a parkin;; space iiV fronl of the A. S. Barboro coiu- pany wholesale plant. I.ouls \Yllsoii Kohlicc) Louis •Wilson was tlie first victim of the nesrcc.s lasl nigtil, _ robbed of $G5. Ml.=s mjii' liliu'on nnd hei- coinpnnloii. Tom Franks, of Sleele. Mb., were Ihe Intended victims of the second nl- tenipl which wns thwarted when Miss Hulclilnsnn drove her car.' away from under tiie guns of th^ ' buulits ami received a shot In the .shoulder us a rcsiiU. Tin.' robbery of Wilson and attempted robbery of ihe others occurred within u period of 35 minutes. Wilson, n salesman, was met us lie stepped out or his car after a day's selling and collecting (rip and stitrted lo walk into the office of the wholesale company where other employes were working at Ihe lime. The two. nixroBi forced him back. Inlo his owii "cnr'nl llic' point "of..guns., and made him drive lo a lonely section of country road at Sawyers graveyard. There they took atout 565 in ca.sli from him nnd ivalK- • cd away nfier tampering ivith tils car so it would not slnrt ini- : mediately. About a quarter of a mile from' the place where Wilson was left stranded in Ills car two negroes, who officers arj certain were tlie same bandits, came upon a car parked between the Armorel road and Cherry street. Miss Huichin- s'on and Mr. Franks were attempt- nig to connect a heater m the car and had Ihe dome light in the machine on when the negroes approached, one on cither side of the car. with fla-slili'slits and guns, and told tlie occupants to hold their l-.ands up. They ordered Pranks" "rom the car. /, v Hiillel Killers Shoulder ' As he started to step out Miss Hulelilnson. acting swiftly, turned he ignition key anrt touched tfie barter, causing the car to lurch' crw.ird. At the same lime she erkcd her companion back into the ~ar wltii her right hand. As the car. shot forward the n=gro on Miss lutchinson's side of the car fired" he bullet breaking the window glass and entering Miss Hnlchin- on's shoulder. The motorists ma'de lood thair escape and reported the iltemplcd roblKrp <o police. The' ullet was removed from Miss ttut-= hlnson-s shoulder later. The Injury vas not serious. .' Another hold-up occurred nc.if Sawyers graveyard last Friday light, according to police, who snld hey were not informed as to tiie dentity of the victim or details of he affair. Two negroes were said o have been principals in th« robbery. Lions Committee Will : Plan Christmas Lighting Ways and means of lighting and decorating the city for the Yuietid* season were discussed by the Lions yesterday 1 , at their weekly luncheon at Hotel Noble. A committee, composed of \v J Pollard, w, j. Wundernch. and j' J. Daly wa s appointed by President Marcus Evrard to work out details. Nineteen members attended the meeting. Christian Temperance Union ducte<l their sessions this here with their motto ever ,,, mind. It was: "Alcohol is as riead- I ly as ever." WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy and cooler in northwest and warmer in extreme ens! portion tonlghl. Thursday partly clcudy. Memphis and vicinity—Pair, probably li!>hi frost. Thursday fair, slowly rising temperature. The maximum temixraturo here \ yesterday was 64, minimum 33, I cioudy, according to Samuel F, N'orris. official weather observer,

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