The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Dulcher Insists There Are Certain Facts Not Brought To Surface BY RODNEY DUTCHKil Courier News \VaKli|ii g (on (loiresiioiidnii ' t WASHINGTON. Feb. H. - Any understuiKling of American foreign i;#Yey'aiul naval expansion propo- .^ils requires knowledge of certain lifts whicli Roosevelt, Secretary Hull and Admiral Leahy aren't talking about, So much depends on Ihe result of Ihe administration's effort to "educate" the American people out of a pacifistic, isolationist antipathy toward any monkeying in Asiatic or European affairs that this educational effort temporarily may lie considered as the clilef item of such foreign policy as we Imve. Tlie campaign lias been going on for mouths through solemn official warnings of peril, persistent semiofficial assurances that the i^ir Eastern situation is "tense." maximum ballyhoo for Ihe p.inny and leEser Incidents, playing up of all naval movements and many other gestures designed for the pffoct of swaying public opinion. Power Politics A navy Is the most powerful arm of diplomacy and the American navy now is being used as exactly that. The State Department feels Us duty Is to play the old game of power politics. This means "bluffing Japan and other aggressively inili taristic nations—or. as the diplo- j /fnats put H. "using Ihe prestige and T influence of the United States lo ip international brigandage and prevent war." Also involved is a strong desire to "salvage" Ihe British Empire, backed by the moral and emotional bitterness of Roosevelt and Hull against "bandit", dictatorships and their fear of a 'distant day when Japan. Germany and Italy might rule the international roost and become a positive menace to the Unilett States. Congress, presumably a focal jxilnt of American public opinion, doesn't know how our foreign policy would shape up if Roosevelt and Hull were given a free hand—nnd fears the worst. Jnst, a Game Available signs indicate that. Roosevelt and Hull, once released from the public opinion hobble, would become very noisy and yell louder' than ever at the dictatorships, probably .with naval flourishes'. WhelKei- this would iiave the Sjesired effect of making Hitler. Jl,i!assolini and the Mikado behave Jeliemselves or whether it would be more likely to get the country into war is a matter of speculation. Roosevelt doesn't think the country will get into war. But he isn't sure. As long as Congress and public opinion insist on a mere continental defense policy, he knows that Ambassadors Saito, Suvich and DUET NOT TO WHET! EOT Physical Condition, pressing Business Keep Gov- er.nor at Home PAGE THRKB LITTLE ROCK, Pel). 14. IUP) — Due to Ills physical condition and pressing Items of business Gov. Carl E. Bailey today abandoned tentative plans lo Join two ol his representatives who arc In tlie cast lo fcnmilale a plan for retiring the i slate's highway bonds. Over the week end tlie chief excmitlvc considered making the trip by plane. He had hopes of getting a reduction in interest rates on the proposed retirement loans. Advice from his physician led the governor to lay aside the plan. The move (.'rompted poljtical-spec- lator.s to rumor llittl the prospective special session of the legislature would be earlier. Had the cliiel executive gone to the financial centers, it was pointed out. it was likely that plans for calling the leral assembly would have delayed. Former Local Resident Dies of Accident Injuries Funeral services for K S. Voss, M-year-oId former resident of Bly- tlieville and late of St. Mary's. Mo., were held Saturday at the Red star Baptist church of 'Cape Glrnrdeau, Mo. Mr. Voss died Friday night at a St. Charles, Mo., hospital from Injuries received In B highway accident Friday night near St. Charles. Mr. Voss is survived by his wife, Mrs. E. S. Voss, a son, I'rlm Vow, of St. Mary's, both ot whom were injured In the accident, three daughters, Mrs. Eula Collins of SI. Bary's. Mrs. Ear) Hosteller of Little Rock. Mrs. J. W. Robertson of lily- Uievllle, und two sisters, Mrs. John D. Matthews, of Ponim. Okla.. and Mrs. \v. 0. Uiyons, of Seventy Hlx, Mo. Will Try Again To "Gag" Filibuster Former Pemiscot County Sheriff u relay Succumbs Sat- WASIIINOTON, Feb. 14. ,IUP>- Proponents of the anil-lynching llll began a new attempt today to invoke the senate clotiire rule for limitation of debate In an ef- fcrd to end Ihe southern senators' filibuster agalast Ihe measure. Senator Robert F, Wagner iDenv, N. Y.I. co-author w Sc-nalor Frederick Van Ntiys iDem Ind.l of the anti-lynchlng bill started circulation of the pctllloi which must be signed by l(i senators in order to .secure a vote or whether debate shall be limited. A two-thirds vote of the senate s required to limit debate. Tin M'oponenl.s made an attempt t nvoke the rule but I«H far shor of the required two-thirds, fall ng even lo get a majority in fa ror of clotiire. • Dieckhoff be cabling Tokio, Rome and Berlin tliat this government's position is nothing to worry about. The program for an 5800.000,000 naval expansion policy—an annual 20 per cent increase in expenditure —is part of tlie power politics game. It doesn't mean any new battleships within three or four years, so it hardly can be designed to meet any possible immediate crisis. Tlie existing navy is more than adequate for protection of the Alaska-Hawaii-Panama Canal Defense triangle and the Pacific j("-oast. Tlie navy isn't strong ^{•f-ough now lo make a stand anywhere west of Hawaii, and even the proposed increase wouldn't come anywhere near being enough to take any aggressive action in that direction. "Mr. Smith" in Ix>tidon Naturally. Admiral Leahy was somewhat handicapped by these points in his testimony before a congressional committee. But there is reason to believe that the most significant although not generally noted Leahy contribution was the admiral's assertion that the country's pacific naval line of defense now stretches out to Samoa. 2000 miles beyond Hawaii. This seems to make sense only II you lie it np with Roosevelt's secret pet idea of a joint British- American long distance blockade of Japan. No agreement or understanding with England lias ueen put 011° paper, but the Navy has j*wked out a plan—)ust to be kept iy for an emergency, mind you l>y which the United States would put 15 capital ships and their auxiliaries on the Alaska-Hawaii'Sa- moa line to link up with six British capital ships between Singapore nnd Borneo. Despite official denials that there i.s any plan to use the American fleet in conjunction with other forces, Capt. Royal E. Tngcrsoll, chief of the Navy war plans division. Is understood lo have discussed the blockade idea In London, where he was known as "Mr. Smith." The British anticipate possible trouble with Mussolini within three months. They want to know, first, whether Germany cnn be bought off or held off in lhat event, and. second, whether the United Slates can be depended on to take n strong stand in the Far East. If the second question is lo be answered /egatively they will make (lie best •rargain Ihey can with Japan: More tiitm 50.000 tons of old tin cans, pressed into 100-pound billets, have been imported from California by Japan since 1932. . CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Pel). 14.—Funeral services for Simeon Edward Juden, 71, former sheriff and presiding judge of the Peml- r>cct County Court, were held here yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the First Methodist Church, the Rev. W. L. Meyer. Methodist minister, conducting the services, and interment was made in Lille Prairie cemetery, Mr. Juden was widely known in Democratic circles In this section :iml slate. Born at Cape Giraniean February 5, 1867, he came lo this county in May, 1905, living first at Hayti, where he rapidly became a factor in political circles. He ::erved as city marshal, constable and deputy sheriff in turn while nl Hayti, and was appointed by President Wilson as postmaster of that city. After serving for threi ami one half years, he resigned ill 1917 when he was elected sheriff for liis first term, serving until 1921. in that year he went into the newspaper business, purchasing and 'editing the Caruthcrs- vi!le Democrat here, which he merged with O. W. Chilton's Argus iii that same year, the paper be- ccming the Democrat-Argus. He continued the partnership with Mr. Chilton, who now owns and operates tlie paper, until 1931. While co-editor of the Democrat- Argus, lie was appointed presiding judge of the county court by Governor Gardner, serving two years, then was elected for another four- year term, serving as judge for six years. It was while Judge Juden was presiding judge that the new courthouse building was erected here, at a cost of $150,000. In 1932 Mr. Jnden was elected another term as sheriff, serving 1 until 193C. In the latter months of Lions and Rotarians To Eat Fresh Salmon Members of the local Rotary an Lions clubs this week will be sen ed portions of fresh Puget Soun salmon presented to Crawford Noble president of the Interim tional Hotel Crecters Associatioi Several of the large salmon wer given lo Mr. Noble recently members of the association in Se attle Wash., one of the points vL ited by Mr. and Mrs. Noble on tour of the west. The Npble.s sent (lie big lish t their hotels here and at Jones boro lo be served as a sped treat to members .of the civ clubs. lis term, he became 111, and had been in bad health since. Nfr. Jmlen was a thirty-second degree Mason, a member of the St. Louis Shrine. He also belonged to the Oddfellows lodge. He held a number of important committee cilices during Jiis career, representing this section and district lo various stale and sectional Democratic conventions. Tlie Masonic Lodge held services at the grave. Surviving nre his wife. Mrs. Ada Adams Juden. of this city; Q emphis Dean Recovering From Fast; May Go To Baltimore Later MEMPHIS. Feb. 14. (Ul')-Tho ev. Israel ft. Noe—recovering from e ravages of a 22-day fast—was be removed from Daptlst Memo- al hospital today to his home. After spending two or three days ; his home lie will be lakcn to ohn Hopkins hospital at Baltimore ir further treatment, it was re- orted. Noc—deposed as dean o f St. 'ury'.s Episcopal cathedral because f hts efforts to prove man could immortal—lias been In the hos- Ital since January. 23 when'.ho o]lapsed, :_ ," '-.• Country Club's Future Continues Undetermined The Editor's Letter ttox Hlvthcvlllc, Ark., Fell. 12, IV) llu> I'illlor: To Von, Mr. lld'lilrss Driver Just a few days ago your p.ipcr vi- an iimnmt of an ucdilmi on Highway lil in which 11 spoi'dinu c,ar family wounded a two-yen r-cild Spanish child, Uobblo Lee Kspimw.n. as he was crossing the street in from of l]»> home of his piu-ciils. Al this wrlllnx Hie guilty driver lias nut located or IdfiUIIU'd. (his Horn Impressed on me tlic splendid arllde I had jusl read from (he Augusta (Cia.l Union. and addressed "To A Speeder." As Blither, however bndly II Is smashed, i but nobody on earth cnn put «i child loxrdKT oni-c Us life Ims been crushed our We don't know what Umt child iimy h«- spincjny: Hut we know whiil you arc,* iinii Its unimportant. We could gel along without yon, lull \v<> cnn'l tipnre ii sliiKle Hide boy on (his sired." If Hit! spi'i'dci' above mentioned I '••'•'> thmrililV'ssry vim down mid ! killed llu- mile boy on Division ! slri'cl were lo rend (Ills il inlaht' I'niisi' him lo .stop [Did Ihlnlt, j In niylhcvllle we 1 lini'i! • nm|iln 1 IraIlli- laws and llinlls io snfe-ninrd | not only (lit- lildi.' boys'but tlie older persons who through aomn misfortune nre crippled 1111 ivul unable (o look nflcr IhemSclves us Ihev should, but very few sivm lo Ihlnk those trnllie lirvs wore made lo hi> obfvi'd. The lime hus l»i>n when (he writer of these linos ro»lil turn ii hiiiiil.siiiini! lo I'sciine :i rcck- ny Ellznljelli lilyllip, D. C 24-31-1-14 Nell l(cc<l (Ally, for PHf.i Ed 13. Cook, (Ally. Ad Utem.) PKOllA'l'K COURT FOH CHICKA8AWDA Ul.S- IM TJIK TUB TRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AUK. IN TIIK MATTKU OF; Administration of Kstale of Willis GIiiss, ilecca'scd. NOTICI-1 OP HUNG FINAL ACCOUNT Notice Is hereby ijlvcn that the following flnnl account tins been filed In the Probate Court for they have, on or before the second tiny of Ihe next regular term of Probate Court of the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, lo b<; held In the epuH house at Ulylheville: on the'4<ilh duy of April, 1938, or be forever barred from excepting to such account or any part 'thereof. i WITNESS my hand as Clerk of said. Court and the seal thereof (Ilk PcJininry 5, 1938. CAREY WOODBUUN Clerk •Seal) : ' : 1-11-21-28 this bears direuDy an siirl) <-re.s 1 ""'" " hllllll ™> »>« '" ''«•'»"> i' 'wk- i»s the aim,., 1 will quote the ui'lldr ' U ' sii llrlv<M ' w "." 1l1 " mK " • sllwl l:0r in lull- " l 'i' un.'xwIiHllv wlllimil nnv the _ Chfckt.sawba District, of Mississippi! • County, Arkansas: OlfAltLra CI1.A.SS, AS ADM1N- I.STfJATOK Ol' 1 THE ESTATE Ol' VVIM.m ai;A&S< UlvCKASIiD. And all persons IntfresU'd In the .settlement of said c'stali! iit'e, hereby nolliled (o come 'forth 'mid '[lie exceptions (o said account, 1 If any' Shane & FMidler, ^Attorneys. Announcing the OjR'nlng PARKER'S BARBERSHOP (ilc'ncoc Hotel Rld^, Karl K. Parker, I'rup.. uf "To 11 .Sjx'«lrr: I saw you barely miss a little boy on u tricycle (Ills nTlernuon. uml i iimi'tl y ()1 , y,.|| |Gel (he lu-ll out of the way! Don't you know miy heller Hum to ride In (lit- .sUwir lie did nut answer because wll Shane, chairman of the ommlttee appointed to attempt to eorganl/.e Ihe Blylhevllle country lub, announced this afternoon that he committees appointed must omplcle their work ol soliciting nembers witliin the next few days. It' will then be known whether >r not tlie club Is lo fundlcm this •ear. le has not learned to talk am going (j answer lor >ape Myrlle May Be Obtained Through Club Anyone In thLs city caring to nirclmsc crape myrtle bushes may :nll n member of the Ulytbeville Garden club before 7:30 o'clock tonight. It has been announced. The club members plan to purchase a number of these bushes, watermelon color, to supplant the 100 which Mrs. J., A. Ucch has given the city and Hie order will be seiit 'off after tonight's meeting, .file .bushes,' which nre large and will bloom this year, cost 35 cents each. This is the first step Die club Is taking toward making BlytTic- villc a "crape myrtle" ( city in carrying out ft simjliir plan used by ni|tnber of cities and towns where this plant .will best grow. ycl. BO i him. "No, llu- lIUlo boy doesn't know any belU-r lluin lo ride his irliydi' In (he streut. He luiii )>een vi'arnnd not to. but liltle boys draft always heed \vuminj;s. Koine aOiillt; don't, psperiiilly iraillc warnings; for ex- iimuli' one limiting the speed of nulonmljlli's in the city streets. "1 am (,'oin,, (o lell you .something alront that little boy: He has a mollu-r who endured inconvenience, anxiety nnd suffering lo ljiin<< him Into Hit- world, lie hns a father who worked hard and made- manv sicrilitt's lo make him healthy anil hnppy. The sii|)reme purpose ot their lives Is to have the little Iray gi'ou- tip lo be- a useful and pros- IKrous man, "Now. slop a minute 'and think. T fcno"' your minutes are valuable, "nil ' know It will hi- bard for yci| to think. But try. if you should kill n child, how would you feel facing Us parents? What excuse could yon possibly offer Him whose kingdom Is made up of little children? "Children, my hasty frk-nd. were here long before you or your automobile were ever thought of. All the automobiles on earth are not worth the life of the little buy tricycle. Any competent mechanic i at tlie garage can put n car to- wnrniiii; slsjiml; wlui runs over Ih 'Mini slims" whlnli have been placed by (he rllv lo save lives and in. oimsldciiihle expense to tlu> lax-nayers.-but Hint ilinc has uuss- «1. if [ alone were (hr> only one it would imillpr but llltlo, but lln-re are many oihi'is. .So I am writhu: tills as an appeal lo Ihe vockloss drivers that we Ijiivc; In I!)yi)u'vlll<> iind '-llielr name Is leylon." Only this morning 1 saw a cai 1 driven :ilonir Mnli) street nl not less lli'in fitly miles an hour, II. Is likely Ihe driver did not reall/e hh ijreal speed, for In i\ hUh-|>owwil oar Ihe driver often does not reali/.e Uml lie Is driving so fust. Yet It Is only when Ihe Irulllc Inn's lire positively and rigidly enforced Unit human life, especially the little ones >md Hit 1 crippled nnd maimed. Is safe, KI): An Old Timer who through mercy of tlie Almighty hns mil been killed yet. II. M. ORAICi. Clerk \VAUN I NO OHDl-:it IN THE CHANCERY COUIIT OF CIUCKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. E. H. Cobb, 1'lalntlIT, vs. Nu. C007 llp.rtle. Cobb. Defendant. Tlie delcndant, llertle Cobb, Is warned , to appear within thirty days lil Ihe court named In the caption hereof and answer the. complaint of the plaintiff, E. H. Cobb. Hated Hits 'X day of Jan. 19311 FREE! License time is li left, i FREE! (i few more We will but/ your lf)38 stale license for (tnij <w| listed below — ,$:57.'i 5-27!) .§415" No. S—1<):i(i Chevrolet. Mnslvi' Cotipc No. l.'{—IB.'lli Clu'vi'olel Muster Town Keiluu, No. MIA—1!)H5 Chevrolet Coupe—real htiy . ; . No. ItS.'i—llKlli Chevrolet Town Sedan' No. 4W>—I!KM Chevrolet Mjisk-r l'i>;idi'.... No. -12S—l!):i(i Chevrolet Muster Coupe No. 'l(i(i—IDilR Chevrolet Condi No. 'I7K— UCili Chevrolet Master 'I'own Seiliin No. 'IA—!!t;il Ford Sedan No. U 2i>I—I Mfi ford V-S Deluxe Scilim .... No. 472A—l!iH5 Ford V-8 Tonrhi); Tudor .... No. .187— I,•).'}.•> Deluxe Vonl V-8 Coiiue —TKUCKS— H-241—1!);|,| Clu'vrolel C.C. rickup Truck ., H-2.17—in.'lti Chevrolet C.C. Pick-up Truck ,.,.$;»2r. No. 2— HIM Ford V-8 Deluxe C.C. Tick-up Truck S825 No. r>(l(l-lt—tfllili fi.M.C. I'ick-ui) Truck .SIUS KIIH.V G. M. A. C. Payment 1'lan Your Present Cur us Part or AH of Down 'Payment TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone M,') '; .$215 Baptist Unions To Hold All Day Meeting Her The Women's Missionary Unlor of the 27 Baptist churches Mississippi county will send re| resentalives here Wednesday f an all day meeting in observani of their Golden anniversary ar for the annual election of officer The fn-st Southern Baptist, M. U. was founded in Rlchmon Va., in 188S. therefore. "The Gold en Half Century of W. M. U." w be the tlieme of the day's prograi Talks reviewing the acliievenien ol tlie past 50 years, outlining ti plans, objectives anil goals for II Golden Jubilee yeai) will be made. Mrs. Paul L. Tipton will be in charge of the music on the program. Mrs. E. H. Jones, of Osceola. _ who lias been superintendent or the Mississippi county asociational ' W. M. U. for the past 18 years, will preside. Mrs. H. H. Broors, president of the Blytbeville organization, is chairman of the nominating committee. Approximately 100 people are expected to attend this meeting which will begin at '10:00 a. m when Ihe Blytheville Baptist church will act as hostess. A covered dish luncheon will be served ut "°°"- • ' WHAT M.C.COBEN SAID TO HAROLD SNEAD, CHIEF PHOT OF TWA Harold Snead gives his own answer—"Camels agree with me!" he says. And millions of other smokers agree with Pilot Snead, making Camels the largest-selling cigarette in America. daughter, Mrs. iithersvllle; a Mona Helm, Carson, Eddie Vlrg Jnr'en, Memphis, one sister, Mrs. Hinilmarsh. Cape Glrnrdeau- five grandchildren. Julia and To Lose Left Eye As Result Of Accident Clarence Curtwrlght, 32-year-old farmer of near Manila. Is to lose ais left eye as the result of an accident which occurred late Thursday. He will undergo an operation possibly tomorrow, at the Blytheville hospital, where he was brou>ht late Saturday. The eye was injured when a small piece ol steel flaked off of th. hammer which he was iisin» to mend a fence, and lodged In "his eye. Tlie accident occurred at the home of ^trs. Cnrtwrighfs mother Mrs. J. C. Fteeman. at Poplar Corner, which is half-way between Manila and Lcachville. React c-ouner Newt Want Adi FISTULA Every person suffering from Fis- inla, Piles or other rectal trouble is urged to write tlie Thornton & Minor Clinic. Suite H19, 926 McGee St., Kansas city. Mo., for their free book which explains what complications may develop if these treacherous afflictions ar. neglecled. This valuable book has been prepared by specialists on rectal and colonlc dtseases and gives full details of the mild Thornton & Minor methods' by which more than 4S.OOO patients have been treated in the past CC yesrs. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest /prices on poultry at all times. $ SAVE » MONEY AT 0 GAMES MKT. US W. Mmln Phone S3 A REAL BUY .... ONLY $129.00 1932 Chevrolet Coupe A Dandy Car—Priced Right. Only S44.0CI down and $15.00 per mouth. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY T JPhone 810 ttA. "Some people say all cig- armes arc alike,, Mr. Snc.ii] ... Can Camels rc.iHy be sn different ?" "There's n Ing difference, sir. I can tell the difference in the \s-ay Camels liic the spot nnd nj^ree wiih mef.J know most'Amcrican fliers who lu c several thousand hours in the n r. The in,i joriiy are steady smokers anil prcfcrGLmets.YLMrsofc.xpcnen c havctaiiglu them that Camel s n':i/ly iliffmul cigarette ON HIS SECOND MILLION MILES! Snead knows what he's talking nboiit when he says: "In this line of work, healthy nerves arc at a premium. I smoke—all 1 want. Cam-' els don't get on my nerves." A FEW of the instruments Srtejcl has to iv.Kch. After n irip, Hal likes :i Camel. "When t feel tired, I smoke a Camel the first chance I get," he says."Yes, 1 get a 'lift 1 with a Oimel." AFTER THE BIG TWA SKYSLEEFER, nbovr, was set down in Newark Airport, M. C. Cohen was dulling with, Hal Sncaj, chief pilot of die cJ cy got to talking ciga region, and Isabcllc Judkins.air hostess, of Glcmt^Ic, Californh. Hal pulicJ out liis Camels and offered ilii-ni around. And so they got to talking cigarettes! . CAMELS ^E THIK- W$t'~ LARGEST-SELLING . • A»i' • •::.."• '•:•':•.".•/• CICARETTi |1 AMERICA , Camels are a matchless blend of finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS —Turkish and Domestic o SUI«a. Nortfc C»rolia« NEW DOUBLE-FEATURE CAMEL CARAVAN Two great shows—"Jack O.ikie College" anil licnny Goodman's "Swing School"—in one fast, fim-fillcd hour, livery Tuesday ai9:JOpm ES.T., 8:30 pm C.S.T., 7:30 pm M.S.T., 6:36 pm l-.s.T., \VABC-CBS. /r* ON DUTY, tsabcllc is a perfect hostess! "I notice that most of j thepassengcrsonthcTWArun ^_ prefer Camels," shesays." When ^B conversation turns to cigarettes, V> the comment 1 often hcjr is, 1 'Camels agree wilh me.'" '" ONE SMOKER 4 TELLS ANOTHER*** A SWIM —then a "lift" with a Camel—and Isabcllc Judkins' off-duty hours pass pleasantly. "What a difference I found in Camels! ' she says. "No ragged nerves. No scratchy throat." Camels agree with me"

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