The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1954
Page 13
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BIATHEVILLE CARKJ COURIER NEWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt OUT OUR WAY By J. R Wilfiams P^ , '.-*•-*• i - ' "•" - [Y0LJ SCOFFERS 1 WAS CAUSHT .. PITFALL i BUILT A VACATION) COSTS US MOMTM5 OF PDTTIWS OUR DESSERT IN) A PIS HEY, THIS EXTENSION WIRE \e> smw so FfcTCHEP UP TO HARD TO RWD A PLACE TO <5IT ACROSS IT WITH OUT A TERRIBLE WHV WE HAVE BEEN, YEARS AS YOU BEEW ASK.IN' FOR. A NEW WHEEL&ARROW SAVIN) TO PUT DOORS OK) <TAPTUR£D A DESPERATE HOLIDAY AsiDi COME LET'S NiOT 80EM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM L WOULDN'T 6ive IT A WORRY, BOYS — -THEY'RE BE!N<5 WELL. TAKEN CARE OF— — BY THE SLIGHTLY \ TREMENDOUS \ TOLBERJS/ WErVE BEEM sosusr WlTM FOOTBALL PRACTICE HAVEN'T NA-DTiME DATES/ '' HliMlDSE.'SEEN ANYTHING Or= HILDA AMD JUME? Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channtl 5, ft WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Ch»nneJ 5 9:30 Smilln' Ed „ ^ ,_ McConnell Friday Night, Sept. 1. 10 ;00 Film Feature 6:00 Wild Bill Hickok 10:30 Pride of the 6:30 Life of Riley Southland 7:00 Big Story 11:00 Super Circus 7:30 Matt Clark 12:00 Cowboy -Men. 8:00 Calvalcacie of Sports 12:25 Baltimore at' 8:45'Sports Highlights Chicago 8:00 Loretta Young 2:45 California vi. Show Oklahoma 9:30 News 5:30 Lose Banger 9:45 Clete Roberts 6:00 Mickey Rooney 10:00 My Little Margie Show' 10:30 News 6:30 The Duke 10:40 Weather 7:00 Saturday Night 10:45 Hollywood Movie Revue . -i'neatre 8:30 Hit Parade 11:30 Sign Off 9:00 Wrestling Saturday, September 18 10:00 News 9:15 Meditation 10:15 Feature 11:30 Sign Off WHBQ Friday Night, Sept. 17 6:00 Mama 6:30 RayBolger 7:00 Pepsi Playhouse 7:30 Our Miss Brooks 8:00 Viceroy Star Theatre 5:30 TBA 9:00 The Goldberg? 9:30 Do You Know Why 9:35 Masquerade Party 10:05 Weather 10:10 News- 10:20 Late Show Saturday, September 18 8:15 Tops 8:30 Winky Dink and You 6:00 Captain MldnlgM 9:30 Abbott & Costello 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Barker Bill 11:15 Western Theatre 12:00 Western Theatre 1:00 Western Theatre 2:00 Western Theatre 3:00 Western Theatre 4:00 Early Show 5:30 Beat the Clock 6:00 Stage Show 7:00 Two for the Money 7:30 Favorite Husband 8:00 That's My Boy 8:30 Stop the Music 9:00 Wrestling 10:00 Big Playback 10:15 Weather 10:20 News 10:30 Late Show IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF , No. 2218 CARLOS J. KEGLEY, DECEASED NOTICE Last Known Address Of The Decedent: Ash Street, Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of Death: December 12, 1953. Notice is hereby given that on the 31st day of August, 1954, a petition was filed by C. B. Klene, the administrator-of the estate of Carlos J. Kegley, deceased, to determine the heirs of the decedent and their respective interests in the estate or property of the deceased, Notice is also hereby given that FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Gean, repairman • All work £uaranteed • Prompt Sendee ROSE SALES CO. 521 S. 21st on the 27th day of September, 1954, a hearing on said petition will be held in the Courtroom, Courthouse, Blytheville, Arkansas, at 9:30 o'clock a.m. to determine the heirs of this decedent and their respective interests in his estate and property. All persons having or claiming an interest in this estate or the property thereof must appear at that time, place and date set out herein and assert their claim. This notice first published on the 3rd day of September, 1954. C. B. KLENE, Administrator. Blytheville, Arkansas. 9/3-10-17 3^ ton Dodge truck with good 10/20 tires all around. 22 fool single axle Carter trailer with 5-foot steel sides and straight air brakes. This truck ready to go. Special both truck and trailer S1650. SEE ELMER STONE 416 E. Main St. FOR SALE SEAT COVERS Fiber $9.95 Plastic 13.95 Save up to $12.50 per set on our tailor made ~eat covers during our September Clearance Sale. Open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. GILBERTS AUTO UPHOLSTERY Highway 61 North Phone 3-6742 Copyrtghr 1154 fty Frt* Gnttw. Durrituwd W NtA Wnc*. he. TRUSSES EXPERTLY 1 FITTED 2 KIRBY DRUGSTORES TV and RADIO SERVICE Minor Repairs and Tube Replacement in home (inside Bly- city limits) "If the bills are such a worry, after we get out of debt we'll pa> cash for everything—just borrow whatever money we need!'* 'it was the hidden baH play — must b* placer* ***• ton* Only $-150 More Than 20 Tears Training and Experience. Factory Service Guarantee on All Makes. Blythevilie Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mgr- 109 E. Main Ph. 3-3616 EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 By Frank Gruber xxvin A HEAVY fist banged on the office door and a hoarse voice shouted, "Miss Lily—come out and see what's happening." Lily exclaimed in sudden anger, but stepped past Tancred and pulled open the door. "What is it?" she cried to the bartender who had knocked on the door. "It's outside, there's about a hundred farmers come into town . . . they're going to vote!" Lily whirled on Tancred. "You knew?" "I spent several hours riding around, talking to some of them. And so did some other people on Miller's side. I thought they weren't going to show up, but they did." He started to go out, then stopped. Her eyes met his. "This is it?" "I won't be here tomorrow." The door was open and in the saloon proper a stream of men were pouring toward the front door. Lily laughed. "All right, then." He nodded and went out. When Tancred reached the street, some of the farmers had already gone into the marshal's office/but at least 25 or 30 were still outside, some on horses, some in farm wagons. All were armed. They were quiet, but their eyes were defiant as ;they faced the crowds that had : poured out of saloons on both 'sides of the street Tancred pushed through the .crowd of Texas men and towns' people and crossed to the farmers. He recognized one of the men as one he had spoken to ithat afternoon. | "We didn't think it was heal- j thy to come in one by one," the I man told Tancred. "We met out- i side of town and came in in a i body." > j • • .* i T UKE MILLER came Into the ' *-* print shop a few minutes before seven and found Tancred sitting on the cot. "We won," exulted Miller. "We won by a margin of 27 votes. The farmers did the trick. Tomorrow there'll be a new council, a new sheriff, a new judge. ..." "And a n«w mayor." "And a new mayor!" Miller clapped Tancred on the shoulder., "There are going to be some changes in Sage City. It isn't going to be Jacob Fuggers private town any more. I've got to go home now. We're having a meeting laterJ* "I figured you were in when I saw the farmers." Miller starting off, stopped. "By the way, I don't think I saw you vote." "I didn't. When I got ready there was too much of a crowd there." "That's a fine business." Miller chuckled. "Well, your vote wasn't needed, as it turned out, but don't let any of our friends know you didn't vote." "I won't," Tancred said. Miller left the print shop and Tancred, drawing a deep breath, stood and drew out his carpetbag from under the cot He stepped to the wall and took down his coat from the nail on which it hung. He put it on and without looking back, left the shop. It was almost dark outside and no one paid any attention to Tancred as he walked to the livery stable. He entered and found the attendant forking hay for the horses. "Here's that $100," he said, . The man's mouth fell open. "What $100?" 'The price of that horse," said Tancred. pointing, "That's what you told me it was thii after* noon." The liveryman backed away. 1 wasn't counting on selling an/ horse, not to you." "You said $100," Tancred pursued. "That's more than the horse te worth, but I'm paying you what you asked. And here's $25 for a saddle—any saddle you've got in the place." The man hesitated, then suddenly shrugging, got a saddle and went, into the stall. Ten minutes later, his carpetbag dangling from the saddle horn, Tancred rode down the street The cowboys churned in the street, shouting, firing their guns at the sky and at store windows. Tancred was oblivious. He was astride his horse and no one singled him out for attack or abuse. He rode north to the railroad tracks, crossed and rode down the street, past the house where Laura Vesser lived. He did not see her, did not glance at the house as he went by. Hunched in the saddle, he rode out of town. « * * "TVAVE HELM had lived so long in Texas he had gotten out of the habit of walking. Luke Miller lived less than two blocks from Fugger's Store where he had received his instructions and his directions, but Helm mounted his horse outside the store and walked it down South Street, then right, past the Star printing office and, counting, to the fifth house on the right. It was a square little house of no more than three rooms. It was nicely painted and reminded Helm of the houses in Missouri that were so unlike the Texas homes . . . and which he had not seen for many years. Helm dismounted in front of the house and, stepping on the little veranda that was raised a few inches from the ground, knocked on the door. A man opened the door and looked inquiringly at him. "Is this the residence of Mayor Miller?" Helm asked, politely. "I'm Luke Miller, yes," was the reply. "I'm sorry, Mr. Miller," Helm said. There's nothing personal about this. It's a job of work, that's all." He drew his revolver. Shock hit Miller. Helm raised tht revolver and fired, (To B« Continued) romp I DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m to 9 p.nx with Delivery to " p WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. JOHNSON GRASS KILLER 99% Pure Sodium Chlorate 700 Lb. Drum - 12 Highway 61 at State Line Phone OSborne 3-8414 Paint Closeout Unity Type* and Col»r» i Price Hubbard Hardware Dodge-Plymouth PARTS Entire stock of Blytheville Motor Co., parts has been moved to 105 West Main, next door to General Hardware and Appliance Co. For fast service on these parts dial PO 3-6278 Special Price On Dodge-Plymouth Seat covers WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn Co .^/THAT'LL HOLD HIM/ AS FEE VOU,LADV ; YOU'RE COMIN' WITH ME. ; LEARNED SURPRISE HE SEEMED VERY UPSET 7A LETTEIT,.H<V\M OVER A LETTS* HEP JU57/ WSLL.KE RECEWEP,,. AND TOLD ^X MENTION IT TO HIS VALET HE MI6HT CAWCSLW5 TRIP AFTER TALKING TO YOU! I'VE JU£T TALKED TO H15 VALET OW TH' PHQU&, POTTER! BALDWIN HAP TWO SLJiTCA3E5 WHEW H& LEFT HOME TO AIRPORT NO'f THEM if 1 HE DECIDE TO FLY DOWN AFTER ALLWHY WDM 1 HE PUT HI5 ABOARD— I WW'T STAY HERE AMD PUT UP WITH HI5 INSULTING PLEASE! YOU MUST BE TO JAY 1 QUESTIONS WOULD I K.MOW WHV SALDWIW DIDM'T 6RW6 LUSGftfiE? S C?Pt.lJ«4 .tor N£V fcrwa. tacTz. M. XK. n. S. *•*. a*d IA5K YOU.- VVHAT IF SHE IS A WARRIOR MAID FROM THE THIRD CENTURY, BY GADFRY. SHE'S TH' ONLY WOMAN B/ER SOT METAlkDNG TO YE5.05CAR... I JUST CAN'T GET HER UNDERSTAND YOLfVE OFF MY FALLEN FOR SOME DAME V MIND/ / OOCJ DUNNCL fr4A*S^>i&* f szs^- n AREN'T SO / DIFFERENT I FROM PEOPLE] \ ARE THEY? ^ JUST A MINUTE, I CANT HSAJ? A WO?D •puR.MrroR.E-

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