The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 12, 1932
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SV>nw/ hn the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEH OP HOBTHEA ST ARKANBA8 AND SOUTHEAST MIBbOUllI VOL. .\XIX-NO. 177 Blylheville Dally News. Blythuville Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. Blvlhevllle Courier. BLYTHKVILLE, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, OCTOIWH SINGLE <Cch>IES FIVE CENtS NOMINEE FOR GOVERNOR OF MISSOURI DEAD Police And Mob Battle In Ireland Jimtnic Walker's Welcome Home BELFAST, Northern Ireland, Ocl.. : 12. iUP)—moling between polic; j ~.— ; and unemployed mobs estimates to . West Virginia Only State "uniix-i. 10.000 psrsom was mum- i T i • P WIL (1<i ""only tefore noon today nff.-r I r I? 17 in IhlS bTOUp Where, a day and night of wild disorder in j vent film r 1'OIH LSCap- -tion Hoover Is Given Chance B - J Designed to Pre- Him Froir ing Extradition. WASH , NGTO N, Oct. 12. (UI>>- - s reported throughout the south | MVcrl> ' snc!s u ' cl ' c nrca - i" This move, officials belicvo (t \yoi ii'.d the border in another group j Ml'.k, b'?2d, and coal trucks were i makc it impossible to] Insull and % ' which ';scores BY tt\VMONI> CLAi'PFR i ' n ' eill;i: « and barricades were rniti-d !'.«;' Stall Correspondent «™cd hi the streets when hand i ^"^"'department today In-i (C'opvrieM, !!>:«. by L'r.iled ftessli 10 '""M "«!« ln » occurre(1 ' """ i structed the United State.-, consu-' WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 IUP) arul J?™ 0 ^ , cnrs were [" slied to I late at Athens to take up fuo.Am,. 7 A swing back from President , - I1(! I ' rllls > ioadar - a lo u-'PE'sc a passport carried by Saiv .;j<.|l"-' H03VC1- to Democratic mooring! 1 --" C ™ A - Pollcs were Atoned and ^ £_ Chicago utilities Agnate. ..would . to of confidential reports to the Unit- j looted in Lancaster SIIKI. Jj™~ Greece unless lie is d elated ed Prr-ss in its national impartial! Forty ncdiiional arrests were by the Greek government. In^,!?! survey. -nadc during'.the morning. The. case, it was understood here,..,,'^ Cut of a group of fifteen sialcs,: inain riollng centers will be placed | would be leported either to ^hijics Mr. Hoover is reported as having [ "ne'er curf:w at< 10 p.m. tonight or it a i y with which the Uhited a fighting chanco in only five. Ho and t'r.c remainder of ti:o city at states has extradition treaties, or carried nine ol these states four U p.m. years ago. Four of them were m what was until then the Solid South. These rcpcrls give Governor Rocsevelt a fairly certain total of 154 electoral votes with the possibility of eight more in Wcsti Virginia. This Ijlcck v.ould carry I Mr. Rocsevolt more than halt-1 way alous the road to the 26U j votes needed for an electoral college majority. i The South i Wife of James A. Reed Succumbs to Pneumonia i „_„ j KANSAS CITY. Mi)., Out. \'i <U |PI--Mi:;. JtilllOS A. IH'l'd. wife Ot I (In- foimer Unlli'd Hlute.i aciislur |lri:m >\Il.voiirl. illeil In Si. l.iikeV; Ihc.'pllnl here Unlay wllh hc'i 1 luis- ' l;:md nt lu'i 1 .'ilde. I'lii'Uiiibinu liilliiwln-: n r.eplli: MIIT u: it rimed death al 12:10 1". Would Rcmonctize Silver,j :i1 ; ,,,,,, , .-, i A IP' " !|1 <l rushed hi'i'e Insl- night friiii KcdllCC Al'lIlS and LeUl-| Muliies v/heie In- mldiensiil n ! eel War K'.inoiTiille i , mlly Monduy tit till ,. i,!ornlir< nl the hc:t- IUTML When fcur of the traditionally j ' • ren.ocra ic states of the Eoinn; p r j Q LL' C "D. trcke EWC'' 'o I-reciinr.' li^cver' 1 - ' - - M . sal(1 aisp atcnes iroin .fr-jr ye:>rs a^o. Republicans re-! |\(Q. (JllC iNOl LjUHly 01 uc t support this view. s to his home country/ j State departmenr.bfflcials dcclar- 1 ed today they had a 1 '"definite plan" for bringing Insnll back to the ! United States " for trial on indictments returned in Chicago. ! They refused to reveal the plan I on grounds that premature public| it'y might prevent its executions. j While discouraged by the Greek government's refusal to hold Insull in jail the department did not feel . frustrated nor did it agree with I press reports that political pres- [sure had been brought on the ad- Enemy ! ministration to free Insull. Officials ' said dispatches from Athens did Renomination for the mayorshlp of New York had been denied him, hut firmer Mnyor Jimmy Walker wasn't forgotten by Ills old Tammany friends when he returned from E«ro|)e. Here Walker Is tiliown (center) at (he pier with John McCooey (left) iiml John Curry (right). Tammany leaders who welcomed him by sending two IUKS down New York harbor to greet the Incoming liner Europn. DUDLEY, Idaho, Oft. 12. lUI'l — Senator William K. Borah, prujri's- slve I'.'ndei and chairman of l ''c I siMiU 1 foreign roliillons caniinlltce. declared here lust hluht Hint ;lras- I tic domestic legislation and International leatljiistiiient inusi be cn- aclcd iK'toro the wuild \vlt!e '.lejircs- slon c«n be brought lo nn on:l. Spcuklng at a jolltlctil heir tils 1 fiery Idnlionn rec e<l: 1.—ncnioiietLv.alloii of silver. | 2.—World wide lift} 1 per cent n- 1 diictlon In armaments. | 3.—Canccllallon'of war deuls If lie armr.menl cut became reality. 4—legislation lo reduce the pioli- cms and overwhelming debt ol 111? inierlnui fnrmcr. 5.—Iinmcdlnte economy in gov- rntncnt to counteract the "waste ind extravagance of public money I'hlch approaches a national crime.' lioi.nli rcnfllrnicd Ills stand agnL«l ,vuv debt, cancellation under present conditions. "However, It sliver were remonc- -Icrrcd l.oiid South." They began build- Le"antC MaSSdCre. Ihc S'u; . il v.'as a brief drain. I 'Ilj? Ian OLJ block of len i3 ajam • P) Lnii;-.= d : s the cncn marc Solid by !], accordir.-; to Demccrals, and It wns iiointed out that a government had. the right to :sport 12 (u • any foreigners within its border.;. - freed I Officials declined to say, r.owever, .'"TrHnv" n/'r-ln^'i u f : whether- they had any assurance; ,- ttday of chai^.s ui »«,»„.. , h ., f -.r«.^» u-miiri tnU-» . a juiy 'nurder in the death of four men] from Athens that Greece would t .such action with respect to Instill. tills IJcuublic.-m leaders concur it the Lcp:.n:o carnival "masia - E t c 'y- " , IT?" ol tv.-.i years a*).. - ' aga i ¥ t Insull apparently i: LLites. will provluc Tl-c jury rcuirni-a a vtrdi-. °'I based on''the hop? of rust'ini r tvinrniriff 1-, !h^_ • -T ..',. ,., i-.n LLites. will proviuc ' '.. r:ior ; :a:cvelt. with 113 sure', t,' iVilt : thi5 morning to m=i i ,;.i-ol vot-js which .gives him) :hci-?c::.'tfcat. AuL'.rcll, character-' ?. !:ng 'rrnnin; start lov.-ard (lie''-:;! 1, !h? pvosecution as "Pchi- TJ n.ajc-rity he must havo lo win.: •.•;••:. county's pitlie enemy number T, c fovr ctates which went to | cne." gui'ty of murder In Mr. Hoover foi:r yc.lrs ago were i h- d'-r.lh cf Civc" Kc : icr, Blae;:!c \.).-inin. li:nh Carolina, Florida! -x.y-'?fs, Wall;r Mobb; an:l Doc and Texas. i Lri.ieiiiale. a bystander. one rj)i:rt fr&m the Virginia j Lv.'.inll in i::fendin; himself at cf i932 sa.s: ''There is no en-j(h: tri^l declared he had not. par- iliSiaEin ol any sat', for Hoover; ; Icip.'.lcd in the shoctin^.. ; there is .r.o possibility of injecting j The :r.en were slain,'the state dencinlnaticml or prohibition col-1 charged, during a gun battle tJ- or into Ilie campaign. The sup- j tween. rival son?s at a carnival porters 'of Cannon nnd Hcovii , at. Lspanle. More, limn 100. shots against Smith have taken to th; j v:ere ' exchanged. w<.uc:;. r.r.d Virginia will be ever- ] The defendant denied partiripat- whclmhviy Dr-mccratic -and n;.l! .113 In Ihc electing. He said lie mcicly as a protest!" ' j -:nd his wife and Williams drove A Koiih Caiolina it-port: "Many , Ihe carnival grounds tccether Ctmocrat who voted for Hoover I ami that the shooting started a against him now. The The American plan of action is not ,ng ex- of the 1931 _•:* The stale do- partm:nt was Informed lhat the Greek ratification papers were 'now •211 i-qut: to ili^ 1 Or.'ek legation in Washington. TAYLOEVILLE, III., O-t. 12 ITJP) —With fixed biiyancts Illinois na- ioiml guardsmen charged a fllMD a in 1928 ncrnial division is GO per cent Democratic and 40 per cent publican. I ctUrruitc Ihe vote this time will be 70 per cent Democratic and 30 per cent Republican." Florida and Texas, the other two Hoover states of 1928. report similarly. "No matter how liltle Hoover may be lo blame for Ihe depression, the outstanding issue which viil caiiN- Dcmocr.Us to return to the fold this yeir is the | present economic situation." one;. Texan reports. The llordor Stales Of 40 electoral voles on Ilie herder—In Maryland. West Virginia. Kentucky. Tennessee nnd Oklahoma—reports in the survey place 41 of these definitely in Koosevell's column. Only West Virginia is denned worth a fight by the Republicans. Mr. Hoover car- risd them all four years ago. "The economic situation Is such that even the more pronounced dry counties will have nothing to do with Hoover." one Maryland report said. There was considerable screiuss in Maryland after the conventions. First, among ihe Al Smith people, and second among those who actually believe Ritchie is the best man in the Democratic party. Ritchie himself has been a good sport and is. of course, working for the support of the national ticket." - In West Virginia Roosevelt is regarded by some sources as having an advantage but Republican activity Is counted upon !o Increase Mr. Hoover's chances considerably. "I believe that from now on Rcose\elt will lose ground but It remains to be seen whether the Republicans can gain enough to few minutes Inter. He ssid it was all dene by Williams, Keller and OfTk-cr Rufe Adams. n: c .. Te Hundred Illinois s Placed Under Dva',-< r Arrest. e-vs Things Would;Have Been Worse Wilhoub Him In White House. NEW YORK, Oct. 13. JUP> — Calvin CooHdfc urges' that Herbert Hoover lie kept In li'.c White Holts. Carl ami Osliovii Falls Under Car When "Grab- iron" Pulls Out. Death Attributed to Heart Allock Following Auto Injuries. i KANHAK CITY. Mo., Oct. 12 '(TJ 1 r->--Francis Wilson, 'Democratic | nominee (or \jnvernor ol Missouri, . Oivd unexpectedly here-today. Alllitnisjh Injure:! In an automobile Occident several wsoV.s ago Im .wits believed on the wuy to iccoveiy. A heart nltiiek vas ths ' Wllson'ii death. It. was said' at his home hero, physicians said Injures siilforcd In Ihe taxUcub accident wer.; not ft direct cause of dcntli. Wilson's place ns gub.'itiatorlnl iitmlncc will l» filled by the Dcm- ccrntlc slrtlc commUlcc, Wilson was 05 o!il. In Hie Democralit! primaries lust summer he carried 110 of the 114 coimlk'S of the slate. As the Democratic primary vole was heavier limn that of the Republicans, HVIWU^tJI, II Jllf-l >"i^lC tviiivni- -> . ted, If armaments wore reduced M "I to connrm the police report of Ihc ncrldcnl. Ostorn fell between the c.ilnose A "nrnl)-1roii" «t tire top ol n F'rlMO caboose tore loose from Itn fiLslenlnns. sending Oarlnud Os-i siipjiorlcrs of Wilson believed lie bcrn, 48, swltclnnnn, hurtling to was destined to end the 12-year Ills death yesterday nftcrnoori, po-' sv.ay of the itepubllcan pnrty In lice who liivMltgateO tho nccldent JclTcrssu City, reported, Uallrand oltlcbh declln- cent so that European could nijiilii enter Into active Intor and engage In conslrucllvc workinnil n frrlnlil cm-. His Hid open markcls to tho American '--'• ' 1 ' 1 - "' ' "' larinur and manufacturer, I iiot licslltatc lo give American drfct." he dc-l ng of 1.000 mine strike pickets because "things would hove b;;i iere today, herded thorn to the I much woree" but tor his "vising, own square, and place:! rT'irn. j courage and lcnd;Hhli>. !l anil be- lundred under, tenxiwrary arrest." •. I caa-e Fmnklin - Hoosevclt's silence More than a score of womonwcr; i on th? bonus msmicra economic re- among llicse taken prisoner. |covery. The pickets under detention wore i The fonner prisldeni n|>|>ciile:l placed In the Christian county (for the reelection of ht own .MI'C- ourlhouse. Efforts were started Irp- i ccssor last night In an address to ncdiatcly to weed out those from : n cheering throng al Madison other counties for 'ideportntion" to i Square Garden and u vast unseen tho county line. Taylorvllb rosi- j radio audience. dents were' freed. "I nm convinced." he cnncludc'.l, liss Sunshine Walker Denies She Loved Ax Murder Defendant. MEMPHIS, Oc{. 12. (UP)—The defense today completed tlie testi- nony which it hopes will .save Stanley A. Puryear from the electric chair, the punishment tse state is asking on charges that Puryear killed a negro to hide the hacking to death of Mrs- Puryjar and their daughter. Tile trial was recessed after the defcnre rested its case and tomorrow morning the state will begin its rebuttal. Arguments will op:n Friday or Saturday. Miss Sunshine Walker, who has been described as Puryear's paramour by state witnesses, as the state sought to establish a motive that prompted him allegedly to ax his wife and daughter, then kill Will Jamison, jiegro, and blame the ax murders ofi the negro, was on the stand again for 45 minutes today. - • She denied that she loved Puryear, that he had given hor presents, or that he had over boon more than a friend to her. Mississippi County's Share Goes to Highway Im crovcinent Districts. LITTLE ROCK, Oct.! 12 CUP) — Warrants totdlins $254.021.13, th Ihird quarterly distribution ot th county's turnback fund,. were i i he mail Ipdny addressed to conn '.y treasurers. The fund is derived from th extra one cent gasoline -lax an s distributed on the basis of area. jopuliUion. and automobile licensi fees cclleclcd in each county. Three counties received no payments this quarter. The money was withheld to pay obligations :f read improvement districts Pert of the allotments to sever, (her counties was withheld for the s&mc reason. Those receiving no payment werf Mississippi. Crittenden and Pul- *cki. The Mississippi county al- '.otineia was $6,883.10, all of which must go to meet road district ;b!i£ations. The guardsmen aclcc 1 . when the \ "Hint the public welfare remilrsr. pickets gathered In dofianco of an j that ho be reelecled." . . ; ( orier. against 'ebnceiitiatlon in pub- i Coolidfie attacked Democratic pol- lic streets.'' All the pickets werejlclcs and Democratic leadership.'IK "of or''sympathizers with ' accused Franklin Roosevelt, wlth- (]-.e -Progressive 'Miners' of America, iout naming him. of pralotiglnt: th' ' now' imlori.' organisation. As they-as- \ depression sembled . before the oroanlMtlcn's headquarters .the national guarclj- men formed a Ifn; ot gljUcrlng bayonets and marched. tfcrn' to the square without disorder. . fulling to- sp:nk "arni Pickets, .Seeking to Free Stock; Repulsed HOWARD LAKE. Minn.. Oct. 12 (UP)—An army ol 250 .former pickels was repulsed In an attack • u the Howard Lake Farmers Shipping association today by Wright county deputy sheriffs and trsociation employes. The attack aimed to release llve- icck Itn's F..C. Will'Hasten As- sislancc in Morkcling WASHINGTON. Ocl. 12. (UP) — The Reconstruction Finance corporation lios ilecltlcd to rush aid for the .distressed fnrmcr by .helping him got rid ol his surplus praJu:!' abroad. lirkcn niul his client crushed. He •I'rd almost Instantly. Tim whculs of the cnli:osc apparently did iioi. -i over I lit! bi.ikcuian's body but ho wns crushed l;y brake Iriims niul under Kear of the cn- bnoxt 1 . Osbc-rn v. iifi a. member ol a crew swllchln<j on tlm old .i. j ! L. C. iV K, track oiierAlcd l)y I hi 1 jri-irca. V Police who Invpstljjated the i'.c- ] chlenl. said that Ihe lo;) nnip fry "grub-tvon" on "IrW -calxw^ -hfi" t:-on loin loo::*. 1 and was tiilaclni;. They saltl sullnt^rs caused when the lni!i pulled out showed thai I he Iron hnd only recent!/ given way. nrrnnitcmcnts were incomplete lodtw, according lo the Cobb Undertaking compnny, but services will probably be held tomorrow. Arrival of oul-or-tnwn relatives wns awaited before tlcf- D c p a r t m e nt Brings. $5,825 Claim Ed par' Borurri.: The United learned Ihiil n EAST ST. LOUIS. III. (UP) September 1 was moving day here. so a swarm of bees moved in and four martins moved out of a bird house C. A. Stusckel had built. Stueckel has asked the fire de- parlnent to oust his unwelcome guesis. put over a victory." said the re-1 as usual.' east Tennessee went Republican port from that state. "Hoover's "ddrcss at Des Mollies |s making 'he Republicans work harder. Un"' the results of this wcrk become known and due to t':c 1st? "'at Die stale, normally, is very im:cli Republican. I am coinpcllcd to put it. in the doubtful class." In Kentucky: "The trend against Hoover nnd the administration is so strong that I think nothing can stop It." A Tennessee report: "Roosevelt- would carry T«nneW*e ««>* Oklahoma, the home of Secretary of War Patrick Hurley, who wrn national recognition by carry- in? his state for Mr. Hoover In 1928, is placed in Ihe Democratic column this year by all sources reporting In the survey. "There isn't nny doubt about the situation except as to the size of the Demrcratic majority," one report s*ptcd. Another estimated: "Oklahoma will po Democratic by more than J00,0»0." heltl at Ihe associa- properly for shipm|Ut to oiith St. Paul markets. One deputy shsrllf. H. W. Vogcl, ni Leaders to Greet Nominee at Atlanta October 23. ALBANY, N. Y.. Ocl. 12 IUP)— Franklin D. Rocsevelt will make majcr campaign speeches in St Louis. Pittsburgh and Baltimore on his 3,000 mile campaign lour Into tho south and border slates, special division -I Ih-v mm---! 1 -" is being organized lo arrange for financing such [orciirii .inli'S v '" authorized In Ilie unemployment re- lef ncl. Preliminary surveys uy Ihc corporation indicate that lh?re tir? nvnllnblc outlets for such surplus products as cotton, criiin. Irnils, nnd pork In some European countries a.s well .is In Ihe far east. Under terms of the relief net -•; corporation Is authorized lo "pro-' mate the sale of agricultural surpluses abroad when such sulcs cannot be financed through His ordinary channels of commerce a n d when such .sales would no!, in the Judgment ot the corporation, adversely affect world prlc?. ( >." Initc nmionncpincnt of services v. an to be mtulc. Csborn wn 1 ; v.-oll knou-n liort 'i»vlir< l:e:n employed by Ilie Frisco railroad ft.1 1 more than 15 year;:. He Is survived by members of Ills Imiui'dinti; family and other rcla- llves. f Howard Lake, was cut over jr.larting Octobrr IS. he eye. The tour, the second in his bid •jke to picket all roads. The picketing group broke up j f C r the presidency, will carry him nto smaller units after the at- into 17 states, the governor an- ack and retreated from Howard | r.ounced today. i He again will travel in a special I train which will be fitted witn working offices for stenographers. The governor said he had not yet determined the subjects of his speeches. A huge Democratic rally will be OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct. 12.—R«v. j held in Atlanta with leaders from Garrison, pastor of the First Bap-1 throughout the south In atlcnd- Sikeston Pastor Will' Hold Revival at Osceola Von Papen Plans New German Constitution MUNICH. Gcimiiny. Oct. 12 (U I')—Draft of a new constitution for Germany providing that the "government (the cabinet) and not parliament will bo managing the alfnlrs ot tlic stale." Is being pre- This Ad Paid A Profit WANTED—To overhaul your electric sweeper. Work guaranteed. When it had run three days in the Courier News Classified Section. Can you do work which will 'give you employment? For results "right now" advertise. Call 306 tlst church of Sikeston. Mo., began a two weeks' revival meeting in the First Baptist church auditorium ticrc Sunday evening.* Rev. C. E. Welch, pastor of the Osceola church. Is assisting him. Regular evening services will be held in the church unless there is considerable moderation In the weather, when th; services will be resumed under the tent, where Mr. Frank Short has been assisting Ihc j pastor in a scries of revival scr- j . vices. Mr. short is directing the | Reiser Itio Arrested music and young peop!:s' work in , Onar-itJn- ' the present meeting. [ 'Or UperatJUg , ance. Party chieftains from Georgia, Tennessee Ihe Carollnas and ether southern states have been Invited to meet the ncmtnce in Atlanta the nlsht of October 23. He will break the trip at Atlanta long enough to motor to Warm Springs, Oa., his winter retreat, to attend a trustees meeting at a foundation for crippled persons of yhlch he Is a director. pared Chancellor Fran?, von Papcn told the Federation of Bavar- nn Industries here today. Tho cabinet U determined, to reshape the country's state and economic life. Von Papen sold, and we have both the will nnd the power to do so." The Chancellor dissolved the Reichstag recently under violent i bro; C. I- luckcr, protest from the Nazi nationalist j""" 1 ' "'""" Breaks Three Bones in Pall From Ladder addition to ii criminal-action ^ .violation.of IhrrrJLifciVls^iS; bacco lax law now'p=ndl!«. bavin' *>' A. antes, state commi«lcnr.r 01 revenue, has filed a civil atitlon In circuit court seeking $5,825 frcm Edgar Koriim, local druggist,' under n provision ot the slate tobacco tnx laws providing f or' $25 "ibmi igei tct each pnckass cf unstamped tobacco In u dealer's possession. The complaint recites that on October 4 iigenls of the.r;veiui2 -:12- parlmint • sclaxl .233 paekJgos of unsliimped tobacco at's drug store. Under provisioin of Motion nine of Act 152 ol th: «?.;.-: .U:it- ulcs, the revenue. cDnimissi:!i"r. Is asfclnj for judjmEn'..' T.:e suit, styled In behalf ot tl;; slitc -:f. Ar- kansa-;. was brought throiiirh Earl R. Wisemnn, attorney lor the department, and Ncill ICC'.t =3 deputy prosecutor. . ' A municipal court CMC. In which Borum Is chai'ijeil with a misd;- mciinor cflcnsa in connection with pofse.Aion of tr.e umlamped ctg- arelte.s and cigars Is no-*' pending. Trial of tlic case wns held several dnys'ngo bi:t-Munlclpjl Judge 0. A. Cutinlngrmni held up his decision when he found lhat revenue ajetits luul dcliberat:ly removed the se!7£d cigarettes from t!:e jitr- sdlctiou of the covirt nvtsr a pffti- tlon allegln? unlawful selzui-3 -and asking Ihclr return had be:n filed by Borum's couivul.- He warned the revenue agents that unless Ui2 cigarettes were returned : within 10 days that the case would.02 dismissed. Frank Wittc, revenue agcnl, admitted he had the seized tobacco dispatched to Little Reck. At the municipal court trial Borum admitted having Ihe clgavettas and cigars in his possession. H3 said the tobacco was not on display but on a shelf in the rear of (MO FOR FM11! Judge-Ncill Killough Will Convene Criminal Court Here October 31. I'elll and Brand jurors for the two weeks terms of criminal court owning here Oct. 31 have been rummoued by sheriff's deputies. Judge Ncill KIMouKh cf Wynne wlh preside over the term of court lierc. The list of grand Jurors for the term, released by the olfico ol Sheriff W. W. Shaver follows: C A. Kodgcrs. Clear Lake farm; L f _,.. _ ,_ .. L Ward, E. IS. Lynmn, T. ft. j hi s store and was still in shipping Crocket, Blytheville; E. H. Threl- - -•-.-.- keld, Mtiniln', J. A. Leech, H. D. Hughes. Russell Phillips, B. A. Lynch, Ulythcville; W. L. Thompson. Manila; A. A. Anderson. Lenchvllij; J. R. Gill, Cell; Crav.iord, Gosnell; Dan Hoss, Yar- C. F. Tucker, Promised Lnno. A. M. Brewer, near Poplar Alternate' eranci jurors rpposl ion The opposition claim- wrner. Alternate ««« Jurors ed that he acted after a mis-con- «*: J. ?._ Hiljs Barnchl W. W. fldcncc motion had been voted, reading the government out of power. ! OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 12.-Oscar ] Tuder, W. B. Davis and M. S 1 Swlnney, while men, all of Kelscr. are in county ,jall here charged with operating a still. E. M. Eaton, employe of the Hud- i They were taken Into custody son Tsllor shop, sustained a frac-. last night by Constable Ralph Mc- tured ahouldu bone when ho - fell'' Elvaln of Osceola and Dopuly Snsr- |1(I A. O. Corley of Reiser. Tlw officers destroyed a still the three men are alleged" to have operated off a ladder yesterday. Examination disclosed Uii-ec borws broken, according lo reports. The injuries, however, arc minor Mid Mr, Katon w» working today. on Ditch 31, west of KeUcr, and Walnut Ridge Slayer Gets Life Imprisonment WALNUT RIDOE. Ark., Ocl. 12. (UP)—Chester Jacobs, 21, today faced a life In prison following his conviction lato Tuesday on a charge of murder In the dcnlh of Shelby Ingram last spring. Testimony Indicated that Jacobs and Ingmm had quarreled over a gambling debt. Ingram wns shot to death while hunting with Jacobs Murder charges against Mr?. Faye . _:ox, Lcachvillc; J. A. Luckett, Dell; T. O. Johnson. Flat Lake; K. A. Chlldcrs, Lcachvillc, and J. W. Shousc, Blythcville. Members of the pc"l J ur y cartons. He said ths tobacco received had fnlled lo check wilh au Invoice of the goods and that he had not secured stamps for the tobacco until an adjustment on the invoice could b» obtains].It Is understoKl tlut If the municipal court dlsmtos the misdemeanor charge asalnsi Borum that !hc revenue department will appeal the case to circuit court. Commis- •!oner Gates. It 1s understood, is are: Lee Davis, Gjcar Alexander. A. A, Hale, B. Simmons, Ross Beavers, Lcndcnntc Fowler, Roy Wal- icn, C. II. Hires, O. W. Lewis, Koss Stevens, O. W. McCutchen, R. O. casu, Ervln Whitwonh, C. S. Lemons, K. N. Hill, J. L. Guard, C. S. Daggett, B. F. Brcgdtn, Blytheville; Hiram Wiley, Promised Land; W. L. Tate, Arm..r<>l; vjtin..a| personally directing the case. It k also reported that he had been in direct contact with rcvemia gents in other rscent activities here and lias made at least one trip t;re from Little 'Hoc!: within the last fe»- days to c'lrect campaigns of his agents hsrc. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, warmer tonight and Thursday.' • was 33 here last night ac- Wright, Lewis luuuan, lomato; | fc:( n, 1? ( 0 the oflidal weather Gene Dickerson, Yarbro; J. K ctccrvcr, Charles Phillips. Jr. The Homer, Manila. Alternate petit --; ; ;r,ium temperature, was M de- Jurors are R. H. Joln.scn, J. W., r: es a lljht frost last Ostorn. Manila; E. a, Crawfcrd,|.-i->.t. Tcday a year ago the min- poured, out » quantity of liquor, | Ihe sl»l« Tuesday. Perry Indicted for the killing of W.'H. Smith, Gosnell; Freeman ;mum temperature *as 69 decrees her brother, were nolle pressed by , Scrape, Olllc Stuart, n«™o,.il i «,.a ih. maximum. 92 Hrorrw. Ridge. Dogwocdjaiid the maximum, 32 degrees, partly cloudy.

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