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The Times from Munster, Indiana • Page 7
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The Times from Munster, Indiana • Page 7

The Timesi
Munster, Indiana
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Pige Seven THE TIMES Thursday, June 7, 1928. chips and left the Casino. "I know when to stop, she told The next day the Duchess bought an apartment in the boulevard des Moullns at No. 170. of divorces granted because of this increased from 1,536 in 1922 to 2,774 In 1926.

The proportion of drunkenness divorces, however, dropped from 3.4 per cent in pre-prohlbition 1916 to 1 per cent in 1922. 15 DIVORCES TO EVERY 100 MARRIAGES family, remove himself definitely from the family circle by marrying Mademoiselle Cocea, Parisian actress? The question has remained unanswered for two years, but if the Duke was unceremoniously cut oft he now has a home on the Riviera, bought with money the Duchess won after a sensation evening at the Casino. "I'll play Number 170," said the Duchess. She pyramided' her winnings on the same number and soon had $25,0000 in chips. -''The Duchess then cashed in her near the sun's point of setting on the northwestern horizon.

Some Indians call It the Hose Moon. It is also water lily time. Snapping turtles scoop out holes In sandy places near the water In which to bury their globular eggs. Cuckoos are eating tent caterpillars, which make up about half of this bird's diet. Nesting season is at Its height and one can visit again and again the same birds, learn how they spend their time, how they build their homes, how long It takes to build, lay eggs, rear their young.

HANOVER COLLEGE TRUSTEE HURT MADISON, June 7 (I.N.S.) Charles Leslie, Cincinnati, Ohio, trustee of Hanover College, at Han-ovt-r, received a broken right )pg iik1 body bruised when a taxi conveying to Hanover, from this city was forced off the road by a truck one mile enst of Hanover. Leslie, who was en route to Hanover to attend a trustees' meetinc, was rushed to Kings Daughters hospital. Madison. Doctors had not yet been able to determine the full extent of his Injuries. NATURE LORE FOR MONTH OF JUNE Elm leaf beetles lay their bottle-shaped eggs In double rows on the under side of the leaves.

The daintiest of nests, that of the humming blrd, Is usually so skillfully placed ind so carefully covered with mosn, cobwebs, as to be readily taken for a km. on the branch of a tree. The nest is built of eWt vfibers, mainly or entirely vegetable, held together by spider's silk and the whole structure averages about one and a half Inches In diameter outside. The two pure white, polished eggs are laid in June. This dainty bird feeds on the nectar of flowers and helps in cross pollination.

lives. Now Is the time to become really acquainted with the birds. The locust tree is fragrant with long drooping clusters of flowers The first brood the wood-nymph butterfly appears this month and thecaterpillars are feeding upon grasses. This butterfly is of a brownish color and has six eye-spots. The eggs of the Baltimore oriole are laid early this month and most of the young leave the nests from the twentieth to the twenty-fifth day.

At nightfall, the delicate leaves of the wood sorrel droop and close one against another. The promethea moth Is found In the open woods. Its first brood appears this month. The caterpillars fee'd upon ash, tulip and wild cherry. Baby chlpmonks venturing out of their homes Into tbe sunlight.

The pipsissewa is onr of the latest of the fragile wood flo era which have begun to surrender to their hardier brethren of field and road. The name is evidently of Indian origin by whom the plant's medicinal properties were undoubtedly known. Young beavers follow their mother around and test out their gnawing ability. Duke's Actress Wife Wins at Monte Carlo And Buys Apartment By HERBERT LITTLE WASHINGTON, Juno 7 The government In this lovely month of brides and bridegrooms MONTE CARLO, Juno7 (I.N.S.) Did young Duke Stanislas de la Rochefoucauld scion of an historic Saturn comes Into opposition with the sun on 6 and will then be visible throughout the night. Mercury reaches Its great" est distance from the sun June 3 and for about a week will be found and all sorts of details of their SIft5 EYE Straightened 9 These Prices For over 25 years we have been straightening cross eyes.

Out of our over 7.000 successes, we have hundreds in this neighborhood. Here are the names of a few recent cases. Go see them look at their eye hear their stories hen come right to Chicago and have your eyes attended to: Mr. Nick Trbovich. 3903 Deodar Indiana Harbor, Ind.

Mr. George Ugarclnl, 1066 Washington, Gary, Ind. Mr. Andrew Zahacy. 801 Vermont street, Gary, Ind.

Mrs. E. J. Blay, 1544 Harrison street, Gary, Indiana. Miss E.

Johnson, 405 Van Buren street, Gary, Ind. Mike Maglish, 5005 Melville avenue, East Chicago, Ind. Mrs. Trlonovich, 3818 Washington, Gary, Ind. Mr.

Orville Hines, 45th and Massachusetts, Gary. Ind. Mr. L- Eldredge, 1204 Harrison street, Hammond, Ind. Jack Vlahovich, 2551 Jefferson Fountain cl Friday Luncheon 7 I 1 has Just Issued a voluminous analysis of marriage and divorce statistics which shows conclusively that divorces are more than twice as popular as they were when father used to tag along In the torchlight political parades.

Forty years ago there were 5.5 divorces to every 100 marriages. Now there are fifteen divorces to X00 marriages. Ia those days there were 470 divorces annually per million of population. Now there are 1,540 divorces perj million. "ffhe divorce rate In this period ha Increased persistently and stykdliy, indicating either that home lif Is unhappier or that the prejudice against divorce is vanishing, or, more probably, both.

The last few years have accelerated the movement, the tables prepared by the census bureau showed. Divorces In 1926, the last year for which all figures have been set down, totalled 180.853. compared with 148,815 in 1922, and 27,919 in 1887. Five wives are granted divorces to avery two husbands, aceordlng to the 1926 figures. This shows increasing independence of what was once known as the weaker half, cause only four years before, the ratio was four wives to two husbands in the divorce decrees.

"Wives got (126,000 divorces in 192S com-pared with 100,000 in 1922, while husband advanced only from 47,000 to This was the first year in wlilch wives got as much as 70 per cmt of the divorces. Both sides of domestic disagreement choose desertion and cruelty as favorite grounds. More than 70 ppr cent of the divorces used these grounds. Drunkenness is not popular as a ground for divorce, but the number and Saturday iwr'" 9 street, Gary, ma. Come In today and go home within a few hours.

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