The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1944
Page 2
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BIA'THEVILLI') (AUK,) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 20, HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Tfo^ftew Boofcs Lure Anglers; Freeze Marrow Fishermen." champing at the bit & nitiehnrL $260). to «t*«n their pel slr«»ms and' You'll lomcmbcr Ciuncti as me lakes Vlll get a big kick out of boss ot Ihe Poseidon, the Gulf ihree' books^-one by Philip Wylle,stream fishing boat operating out covering ^further^actoltles of his ot Miami. Des (Desperate) is his - ••- '--- " u assistant. And the escapades they have been featured In two previous books mid magazine articles have been some of the funniest yarns of human nature ever penned. Wylle has outdone himself In this volume, n collection ot yarns about the pair, you'll sec the fellows In a scries of scrapes, many of them in connection with Coast c , two f*vorlt» characters, Crunch and p*si one by ' John ' Alden Knight chiefly* on fresh water equipment, and anotner by, Nash Buckingham. Latter book Is R collection of stories on shooting and fishing. Knight, one of the country's best known anglers, and producer of the folunar theory governing feeding Guard auxiliary duties, lending a i war atmosphere to the accounts. habits of fish, has turned: out handy litfle volume In PieM P:,,..-, of fresh-Water Angling (Puuum. •«3> In it are contained important A MURDER OR TWO I information on purchasing a rod, ' reel, line files, plutfs, and other fishing' Impedimenta; particularly valuable to the fly fisherman is the table, of flies with their names and descriptions. Buckingham's book, 'MarkRight!' (Putnam. S250), Is an informal collection of yarns coving duck shooting In the main, and a rev, fisHjng'trips as an aside. The author of "De Shoolinest Qent'man" makes jour mouth water as he tells of a* darky guide frying "cat feesh," atutputs vou - right In a southern ducS tUnd^as .the, mallards and big Set against the background o a Colorado mining town, "Murder a Mile High," by Elizabeth Dean (Doiibleday, Doram $2), Ls a mys tery In which Interest centers 01 the who done It" angle, rather thai the usual ghoulish atmosphen created' by hauritecl castles am creaking stairs. Plot unfolds wiih the arrival ii Gold City of Emma Marsh, who visits her friend Mary during the latters stay In town as star singer of the annual operatic . summer i festival. Two sudden deaths, pronounced "accidental" by the local police start the, cliala of events which lead our heroine Emma Into all figure-prominently '» adding W (he readers confusion. But, (ho pi« unravels to an unexpected conclusion to the mutual satisfaction o both the characters concerned anu tlio render."Murder n Mile High" Is recom- iwnded for an evening's uose 01 Ight reading - oml guaranteed to iroduce nightmares. o • * "Nothing As Before," a Sparks iarper Bros.: $2.50), is ossenllaW he story of, a small town lu III • wls nnd what happened to It lol- owlng the double Impact of a murder and the outbreak of the war. John Matthews, New York newspaperman who fled the city in anger, branded as a radical, fo««< 1 liaven In Danflclcl, where he found work on the ."Clarion" and was happy, even though the tone of his editorials won him enemies. He assumed the name of Tim Duncan, and met Helen Michclson, the high school English teacher with whom he fell in love. ' • • Ed Stoncman, the local big-shot, wae n principal character until his murder, but his Influence lived after him and forms a part of .the' changing fabric of the entire town. I'IGS AND !'01> "Out of tlio Midwest." Title ot the book, edited by John T. Frederick (Whlttlescy House: $3.50),I Is rather misleading, since you get the Idea, If you live in the east or west, that the stories contained | therein aren't of much Interest to you. But they urc! Any book con- alnlng stories by Harold Titus, lien Hecht. Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Hart Bcnton, the artist, is enough of Americana to make the volume ot nation-wide interest. Especially Interesting Ls Titus' story built around the train dispatcher who, to an ordinary lay- mnn, sits in a chair nil day long and talks to n telephone directing trains hillier and yon. But Titus builds drama around his character, showing how the dispatcher worries himself sick in clearing the 'path for a Boy Scout special-from Chicago Into Michigan, side-track- Ing a slow freight. > clearing the track of a wrecked gonuola, and engineering the. capture of a runaway boxcar- by a fast-rambling engine, • While Unit story is exciting, a homey treatise on pigs Ls contained In Raymond Weeks' slory, "Arkansas," that deals with Alphonse .Jaccard's hog by that name, Nolli- ing could be so dear to Al's heart than his, pig, and the story comes close to being as close to your heart. 1 Artist Bunion's. "The Congressman From Missouri," Is n word painting of his father as good as CAMBRIDGE, Mass (UP)- .Cpl. nny he ever did with his brush. I'Horace Bonsey didn't mind 'his And you'll «o home and hug pop I wife's whistling around the house, after you read it, the told the Judge al a, divorce hear- ~~ — ' 1 Ing, but he was annoyed when •1 he combined lifetime output of , s |, c directed her whistling at other 1000 bees is only "«e pound of lion- cy. 1 mcn ,•»•« THE DIXIE PIXIE SAYS: , When there's a family (o be led ' And points and pocket books to heed You'll find delicious Dixie spread Will meet your every table need geese come, hi to decoy. Crunch and Des! Anyone who m,,^,, "-••« ~>-- • •- — hasCTread Philip Wjlle's yarns on the perplexing ciiciimsttmces cre- the^escapades of these two fishing ated by her self-appointed ide as 'Uides has had > more than his amateur detective *S otSucui. And he's In for I A demented spinster, n susnect- onTe more in reading Wylle's tat- ed Na/i spy, a lone-forgotten to, b- esC "Fish and Tin Fish" (Farrar stone, ami a hidden radio stallon_ WE WILL HiLP YOU FOR YOt/K FOOD FL&KES MILLER'S 6 OZ. BOX Extra Fancy DELICIOUS, ROMAN BEAUTY or WINESAP Pound PICKLES SLICED SOUR or WHOLE DILL Gallon SHORTENING Jewel or Humfco $4.65 NoPoinfs, 8Tfes. . | DOG FOOD Paid 2 For 25* I READ THE FACTS ABOUT THIS NEW | DE-WORMING AGENT THAT REALLY i FIGHTS INTERNAL PARASITES TO A I STANDSTILL . . .SAVES YOU TIME, ; WORK AND MONEY INTHE BARGAIN! * We're very happy to announce that we have 3 a krge stock. o£ the new de-worming agent, * TROL, on hand today. " TROL was developed by scientists who •••.know the havoc that internal parasites can <• cteate in sheep and swine. It was developed T to provide you with an easy, safe, SURE way » to really fight those worm infestations...and *• keep sheep and swine healthy and worm-free. *• •> These people produced TROL in two for£ rnulas-.-TROL-SHEEP and TROL-SWINE... * and they tested TROL in the.field to make « good and sure it would do the de-worming « job safely. . I If You Have Jusl a I ' Few Sheep 1 DrerichthemwithpAR-EX. * Easy to fix ... just; add a * pound of PAX-EX tOWDER „ to 1W pints of water. * That'll be. enough for 22 ^ sheep ot 44 Urabs. You », can also get PAK-EX * DRENCH already in liquid * form. Wljep you see .us » about TROL, ask about **- these, too.' y* TROL-SHEEP »«"««• Mta. silufio,,, saaj-"^ •« « C°PP«r Sulfai. (Commwcl r«wd««l Bh,, VHriol) Ory Briww't Gralrw, «1e. animal a t- kle a uttle regular feed over TBOL &ve no other pain feed unul sheep have eat^hi/en- . x KeJ/ogg's Pf P Flakes lit QUALITY FEED FULL-0-PEP Starter, Growing Mash Scratch Grain. DAIRY FEED PURE LARD No. Points 8 Pounds .. $4.38 DOG FOOD Husky Box MATCHES Searchlight 6 Boxes . . BEANS Whole No. Points Polk' s Best; Small Peas, ho points* POTATOE Old Judge or Canova, in glass, 1b ,. ,-f--. j. .. • B.ufJoFafi-ftS rough? co^"*¥>rrn- > fighi\Jl|j'|>6\»ct.; ii TkOL- docsn t hahfi Sheef ot sW?nV~rji£irie 4«st '- 1 way.^ you'ii rvoiice . -. arid^pretty^ quickly, too . that animals worihcd with^pliiL ma<as, ;sbpnder irt every-.way-'.- -That"mc3ris};;^tfrtier wool. Mter, meat, an^nipre suCcessflll' K8finess for you. «VSo ^hy HbYintake H a,Wnt^fo.|c[tpp jn here ; " ' "'' ' *' 101bs. Pinto $1; 11 Tbs. G. N. PLUM JAM 2 Pound, Pure No Points 75 oz. pkg. No Points RUNES No Points 76 CHIPS 5 oz. 20c; 2'/ 4 01. bag EAL 25 tfes. $7.77; White Cream 70 its. SANITARY NAPKINS LARGE BOX 79c SMALL BOX -PURE- 32 oz. $2.75; 16 OT. $1.40; 8 oz. 70c; 4 oz. 35c; 2 oz.— Waldorf Toilet Tissue SYRUP, Sugar Bill. 7 Gal. . . Victory Wagon Delivery TWICE DAILY Shop By Telephone! Kitchen Towels 2 Roils LIGHT BULBS 40W.&60W. STEW Beef or Veal, 1f> HAMBURGER Pure Beef, 1 200 Umbs undJr (n j 50 bs., or ion n;» F * ™" irtn^j iac * 50 pounds IK u P'£ s Over 50 Mi^feK ^Ss-'sa?^ TROL- SWINE Contains: Phenothiaiina Copper Sulfale N i«*ine B 6ntonile Digester Tankage, wilh bone s less than 'Other compatatj^ide-worming s. Wc'i« goin|'w>fiave pKnt| of TROL in all the. time; ; because .We'khpjw youMLbc ng.;it, once you've triedait ^oyt-'ftun. L K. ASHCRAFT CO. D/sfributors 1/2 Block South of Frisco Depot Phone 493 PORK CHOPS Center Cuts, tb PURE PORK SAUSAGE» ^B CA Vegeco^or V? L t W M Swe€f ' /6 JOWLS SALT MEAT For Boiling, To. BUTTER HAM HOCKS Cured T6 22* 113 E. Main APPY TJOUR GROCERY & MARKET Phone 814

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