The Times from Munster, Indiana on October 10, 1924 · 8
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The Times from Munster, Indiana · 8

Munster, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1924
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N TV) A t"m: Friday, .'October 10. 1024. Late News From All Paris of the World Reported by the Camera m m tv. M St- f.-s.;u'.r. V t .-...'.V . . JL A -V.. ' -. 7 . "NOCFINDER" Is the name of a device invented by. Harry Mitchell of Twickenham, England,' to detect defects in automobile engines. It is similar to the microphone used by doctors .-.-.V MM "THE GUILTY HAVE BEEN PUNIS II E D" That's all K. M. Landis, high com missioner of basc-balldom, has to say now about the bribery scandal. FROM POVERTY TO PRESI DENT Is the story of Giston Doumergae, head of the French republic. With his - sister, Mc4. Combes (insert), who i3 "First Lady of France" (he is a bachelor), he is going to make a visit to Ins humble birthplace (shown here) at Aiguvives, near Nimes. W$fa iiiiliik i :..-Ss n-:ift HE LAWF"tiTeIi LAND Is ii thci-keeping. Viiliam How-! ard Tflft, chief justiccci the United States supreme court, -seen with eight senior judges of the federr.l circuit courts of appea'3 on the occasion o the annual visit of the! judges to the White House. en mm ECUADOR HAS A NEW. PRESIDENT ThretiHng president, Jose Luis Tamsyo (righVarTthe. chair), seen'with his ruccessor, Dr. Gon-ralo S. Cordova (with sash), at the inauguration cereuiony in Quito. UNHAMPERED Ey clothes when she dances is Vera Makinnon, American dancer. The ban placed cn her appearance on the Parisian stage because of her aversion to cos-' tumes has been lifted, and she will appear at the Casino dc Paris again. 3SS 5W IP! MRS. WOODROW WILSON APPEAR.S IN PUBLIC AGAIN The widow (right) of the late president seen with Mrs. J. Borden Harrimcn (center) at a Democratic ralljj in; Frederick, Md.. . . m 15 A' LAFULLETTt HURLS 01 i 7Tiird Party Candidate Crit3 Out Hi.i Venom on f Bopublican Farty. nY KnXKTH CLARK I-TfFF COS"ESP0WDCNT I. H- SEVICCl A BO A nt LA FOLLETT K . SPEC-IA, KSROCTE TO CINCINNATI. Oc:. 10. A new charge that the Republican party is "intimidating" the Ameriran people to vote for President C'oolidge, vv-as hurled today by Senator nobert M. LaFollette Independent presidential candidate, s he sped through Ohio to fill a ipeakins engagement" in Cincinnati ronigrht. ' IlaiTimeringr verbal rt;ht and left it Managers of the Republican nmpaiga, LaFollette declared that the use of moileyin doubtful States !s only one of the methods by hirh the Republican National com-Tiittee and Its financial supporters ire striving to save their candidate !rom utter defeat." "Far more insidioup. far more :orrupt in it? ultimate social congruences Is the ue of the finan-rial and economic power of business nterests to Intimidate and coerce Mtizens who are givingr their support to the Progressive ticltet. ia!I I-jiFollette. "This presfure is being brought :o bear upon business wen. home )per, borrowers and employes ipon every class of citizens whose crnomie position enables these 'jwerful interests - to apply the :humbscrew. ,u "This cjuestion of corruption ani n'.imidation poei to the very heart f th fundamental issue of repre-ion'a;ive government . They are :he open manifestations of the nethods fcy whlcli the private raon-po!y system r.icii-italns control of he government," he declared. The only way to hrtit the spreal jf the monopoly system control, which "is eating out the life anil ioul of-the federal government nn.l ea.1in the Tnited States to tl--itruetion," IJiFollette said. "Is for he people to join the I'ruressi vi rnvfmfit" wb!oi be pleilTed would "Drive Wall Street to cover." LBFol'ette alro too::his f:rrt rhnt at Uriadier GcnTsl ( tiarlcs C. Dawes. Hepcblican vlfe pre-identlal candidate, whom he trrmel "tl-.e former tartnrr of William I.orimer. v. ho was convicted by the senate of brib?ry and ousted from his seat." "That show how hardened and how c!loused It the Republican pnrty whn it ta';c. tne frrrr.T partner of Irirnrr an.! nomfnatcs him to the vice presl-ency," saiJ LaFollette. ' Into the 1io:ti- rtrt of Attorne;- Crncral Harry ?t. I'au-jh-erty. LaFol'ctte plodded himself, "when I v m elecJed re.ident 0:1 November 4, and inaugurated on March 1. never aain to permit gjv-ernmcnt hy Injunction. ' "And the arr.-y and fie invy will not be used to sh30t'd)v.n strikers." he added. LaFollette d'rte-1 .-tteritlcn to his forfiitn policy, which oppor?3 American entry Info the toaTje of nations, with the assertli-n tnat "no agency to end war. ro effective tribunal or court will ever he constructed or permitted to he constructed, by or through any president and any congress, owned and controlled by the present monopoly rystem of government." CharKinor that eight billion dollars of American private capital have been scattered nil over tVe world in hazardous investments, LaFollette declared: "We Progressives say that these speculations are subject to the control of the laws of the country In which they are. made and that we will not willin-ly shed one drop of blood to insure profits for their owners. V.'e are not for peace at any price, hut we will not measure he rrif of Anc'itn live aa'imt Collars of speculative profltsjn f6r elrn investments." v' Again LaFollette challenged William M1.' Cutler, 'chairman ofjt'io Republican national VrtnrrfHrT?e.flr'd-ny the cha?;e tliat a slush fond was being 'raised to "buy the election." ''"Cutler dors not uie?t th chare that th'Is slush fund was -belnTj rcised,1' said LaFollette. "lie does not dispute the assertion that It whs to be ur.ed to control the election In the doubtful states. He does not answer th charge that the total amount sought was four or five million dollars." LaFollettes Detroit address attracted the larpest crowd that ever heard a political speech In that city, the senator's managers announced today. More than 6.000 persons Ja-nsrifd into the ball to hear La-Foll"fte excorlste the ITard:ni-Cool-tdcrr administration and predict that he wou'd wi the three cornered presidential race . From Cincinnati. LaTollette wKl 2o to Chicago tenSht. LETTERS TO MEMBERS ! HW LEWIS l Formal annotmcement ofnn organized effort to increase the effectiveness of the Eist Chir-ago Chamber of Commerce through an tn-larged memebrshlp and an increase o! its working funds is made in a Wter mailed to several hundred vein TBi n love Individuals, firms and corporations hjPrecldent George H, Lewis last ni;,ht, in which reference Is made in plana and a definite, program of activities which are to to m:Je public later. These plans, according to Mr Lewis' letter, have b -en formed end were finally approved at a Joint meeting of the directors cf the Chamber and a Citizens' Advisory committee. la?t Tuesday pver.'nt;. Tha personnel of this committee-has not been made pu'.lic in i:s c-a'lre-ty.i,i:t it is !:nown thr.t Mr. John C. Horn, head of tVie Washington Lumber and Coal company, is the chairman; II. II. Farovid, president of the Citizen Xrust S- Savintts Rink, vice-chairman: a'-d among the members are H. K. Groves, president of the American SMte Ponk; Charles It. True, of the Superheater company: J. II. Kempster. of the Universal Portlrnd Cemei: company; C. J. Bader. president of the Indiana Harbor National Rar.k; .7. J. Mulllfjran. U. S. S. I.-id Re(ln-in-x company.; John F.ochnowpki. the prcsrdcrt of People's State Bank; .1. J. Jenkins. Chicago find Indiana Harbor Water company; C. A. Wcstburg, vice-president Fir.t National Rank; Meyer Aranoff, furjli tttre " dealer, and Judge Maurlca K. Crites. "' . v Incident to the general program for putting the Chamber on" avmore f :bstantial basis, preparations Tire being made for a dinner meeting of the member of the Chamber qiid invited gi;ests in the near future, with a prominent out of town mocker. It is t- be by invitation. Did You Hear Tltat Progressive candidate will apper in person. GARY AS A RESULT OF THE HEAVY registration last Monday- the election board finds that It will be nec-essaiy for employe of SO new clerks for ths November election. TIIIRTCKX JIOKt; MEMlRS TO I mnl:e a. lin in'oership of fifty are need ed for the organization and efficient operation of' the r?w Cary Credit l.ureait v. hich is to bc 'e:tab-lithv'!. McAdoo Gives His Full Support To Davis Presidential.Campaign Mow to Banish rile; Thousands EICkk Or. Leouhsrilt. the . IAyie!nn Who UiM'oTrreil ITii Common Seine IHuhmIj, If you think that Hie' " s-orjjeon's tr.ifu Is the oniy method of esctepu Trom the misery of p les. It's bt-cim c rou haven't heard of the new- treatment known aa Dr." Leonhardt': Jl.JI-ROID. " The Ioctor"s treatment is internal. Ry experimfnting for years h I;scovered th e:wct cause ot piles tnd then went further and con-ounded a remedy that would r'-jiove tho cause. . Pr. Lconhardt wants every jiuffr-r to benefit bv his eliscovery wid sl tlmt there will b no rioubtiifir lelr-r. Hummers Pharmacy aird" rl' Irn-.'g'st are author:-ed to : e"-n'M-ltrtll) with gt arantee th-t I as stated or motley back. cj tirt honorable basis every s,-r-f--er sould secure a a ".a re of lr. ucor.liardt'a HEil-UOID today. auv. Un m '"M$ .p Too Lata To Classify . Ladies imrl Gentlemen For exnert remodeling nnfl rennirin "o to 1 heo. Levin, fine tailor. 3fi8 F,. Ktate Ft., Hammond, j block went o" Cfltumef. m--it TTHTK ECONOMY; Don't throw vcur old MATS Away, br;nT them h."re far renoypf-In-r. Kxpert work done by hand process. Kemember the nlsco CHAMPION SHOE REPATK COMPANY 'Next to Court IIouso TRAVEIJNO PAC,S (Genuine cowhide. Iaher llnd fn. ct. 1R Inch. s 17 50 .i.r us ro'Tons rkpoht tut; biutii of a twj pound nine ounce baby irl at Mercy hospital and is the smallest child ever born" in the instilu-tlon. i:o:h mother and child arc re-portrd doing nicely. DON VAN LIEW, AVELL iLN'OWN Cary realtor of Hie firm of Van Llew and Fun key is attending the 2"th nu:il n verttlon of the Indiana Association of Insurance agents which is in session at Kokonio. 1UDS FOR THIS PURCHASE QF $150,000 worth of school bonds were received by the Gary EoarJ of Kdu-cation at the regular semi-n.onthly meeting last night. They benr interest at the rate of 4'.i per cent. FUNTS ARE BEING. SUBSCR1B-ed this week to take G3 members of the Emerson Hu:h school band to Fort Wayne Saturday when the East Plders face Fort Wayne High. Several hundred fans will accompany the team. FOLLOWING If 13 SPEECH AT the Gary Armory last night United Ktates senator James E. Watson, who is touring the country in behalf of President Coolidge's campaign, returned to Chicago. As was planned the speech was not broadcasted. A NEW ORGANIZATION" HEAD-ed by II. E. Phillips, president. V. V. Ho'.mt, . C.ilcayo, vice-president, V. P. Cottingham. secretary, and WllSiam J:lton, treasurer, was formed tilts week. It will be composed of about firty members w.'io own property near Tiie tiary TJanicipal bca.h and! promote tlio welfare of that portion of the city. cnoRcti: :.i. nxKO a.vxounc- d today that he has had a good response from amateur clove artists over the county v.ho wish to part in th.e amateur jtIovg show whbh is to be held at the Clary Y. AT. C. A. Saturday evening, October 2."th, but h-s will still be able to use more fight5. Address your communications to Mr. I lanco at the Gary Y. M. C. A. GFUFF1TH j against the bars or breaking furniture. It seems there are no padded ceils for Such patients who are awaiting' admission to Lofioliffe asylum. Jlany are brought there in a dying condition. Some die the next day end little- is known of the hlti-tory of their cas -. Amelia Ereiner, housekeeper at the .lanitariinu told of learning of the death of Ilough and giving orders for the disposal of the body as Ftipt. Uelshav was away. She said Jlor-gan was the only attendant who had access to the oells in the insane department. T!i keys were kept in hir room' all of the time and sthis room was penorolly looked. . Dr. V.. S., Jones, of Hammond, who performed the post mortem in 'the presene'o of other physicians con-firmer the facts cited in 'his written report 011 the autopsy. He expressed no opinion as to how the injuries wre inflicted. Attorney Edwin Knight, county poor attorney, eat in during the hearing, putting occasional cjuest-ioris. He was representing Morgan, an.-! will handle his case in justice court Tuesday. The investigation is being followed closely by Oscar TT. Ryan. . secretary-treasurer of the state clcc-tricir-rs union of Chicago of which Rough hael been a rj?ml)er for years. Rouen, carried ?1,200.00 Insurance through the union. Ryan was pre-' sent in Crown Toint yesterday and is aiding the widow in her fight. EXTENSION OF STREET CAR service from Virginia street to Vermont street to handle the rapidly 'growing territory .on . the East Side was put into effect, hy the Gary St. Railway today. FromT.:I5 a. m. to 12:03' a. m. cars will run every ten minutes. GRIFFITH ITEMS lmh There will be a. Halloe'en Social given at the Griffith town hall, October SI, under the auspices of the Christian church. Come and have a jolly time. Prices will be given. Mr. and Mrs. J ,K. Woerner of Hessviile were callers here Thursday. ' . . The ladies of the Christian church held a .u.sineS' meeting at the church Thursday afternoon with a good attenelance and plans were outlined for their annual basaaar to be given December 12. Two more members were added to their list. I.N IHt. .M'.luUUOKIHAIIl J-.1- i Folctte for President, club mem' ersj from Cary will .attend the l-atol lette mass meeting to be he?d in t WIDOW TO PUSH CASE STILL FUETIIEE (Continued from PaTe OneV MONDELL TO SPEAK HERE FOR G. O. P. the republican accomplishments under Harding and Coolidge, and coupled with It a short to-the-point criticism of the democrats. "If the Amsrican people wtr prepared to forget," he said, "the wholly indefensible record of the democratic party In earlier (lays, they could not overlook the fact that the most recent record of the democratic party is one devoid of a single redeeming feature; of scandalous mismanagement, of unwise and indefensible policy, while in control, and utter lack of definite principle or policy, save that on muckraking and obstructions." itondell comes to Hammond a veteran of a hundred campaign ad-, dresses throughout the country, in which the issues of the campaign have be?n exhaustively discussed by Mm. He has the issues at his tongue's end and is prepared whooly on the republican catechism. His talk tonight will be the biggest republican feature of the campaign In Lake county, and local leaders exnect a canaclty crowd. ''-VSS533'3S PARTHENON NEXT WEEK It's Rolling Near fContlnued from Page Onel congress. The one certain and assured method of avoiding this condition Is the election of a congress, republican by a coodly majority both in name and in principle." The sneaker glowingly reviewed POPULAR PRICES TK LINKS " Xo3bt that John W. Davw would liave the full support of. William G. MoAdoo in, his campaign for the presidency has been dispelled. Tlx r are shown at a meeting in New York at which McAdoo (right). W has been in Europe since the Democratic convention, pledged his Davis. , ; , " Full elite, vulcainted Hber, Trrtrobe cretone lin! V73 Lesst-r. Itu m r -d I - I , ' as.i .--, i. ..; rsrt'ii Sti.ns itaks around chimney d-r iner windows marm pipes for mik inn WHtertiehr tin n orrt. sla'e irk r!Rsn;igii arnund frriclc work. etc Kaeilv spoiled vun- trowel or putt' Kfi'fr For sn'e n" The Heckmm .itippiv 'c. 25 A1l-"tiiMn .i.Ai"hS A l"i'ii."ri. r A coiDlileti- . course in benutv culture, fi to 8 weeks, dav or nisrht pI.ik'm. . See or ''!! U. M.iv IToe, 620 Rroadvav ;ime. We also oCTtr eafs inveic- nents in t:ai KMaie. i.oij Ho nil " K- 'rm Iww -trTio h ia-wK v.Y-TKIi Energetic younr man to Innrn selling; excellent, opportunity-to young man to' learn th' Konl iusin-;s. I;inies-Lee Motor Co, Ind. Harbor. ; 1Q-S.2t 15LACK I)HV! Of r'c.'cllent "l'a'ltv. cinders, sin 'I, excavating and trucking. Public Teaming Co., phone 4U1 Haiiiinond. Armory hail. 3Uh and Wentworth in j oC their cells and receiv Chicago' Saturday evening. The are "injured in beating t Lr. Farley .aid that insane per- Mens frequently break tiie windows c cuts or themselves LADIES Bring your cut hair cr combings and have them made hto coronet braiJs, curls, switches, etc. 35 c i.- CHILDREN'S BOBBING OC- ANY STYLE " Monree Beauty Shopp Nestb Lanoil Permanent Waving Mrs. A. V. Lschln 1204 MONROE ST. PHONE 4623 mm wmMm 1 b - ti SmM i I IV.. Car That Gives Maximum Mileags Q I at Minimum Ercpense a ' - ' "Just A Real Good Car" Lake Ccunly Auto Supply and Sales 3 L I1 'fS "03 Sgath Hohnan St. , Phoae 741-7S3 3j

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