The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1955 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1955
Page 16
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PAOC S1ATJEBM BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW8 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 195S Expert Says Immunity Linked with Skin Grafting By FRANK CARET AP Science Reporter CHICAGO (AP) — The key to transplanting skin grafts — and even whole organs — one person to another may lie in the mechanism by which man defends himself against from one person Dr Robert A Good of the University of Minnesota told reporters evidence suggests Hi it "if ever" science is to realize that dream,'it must find ways and means of "tinkering" at will with the human body's immunity-producing system. Yugoslavia to Get He talked about it niter having received the American Academy of Pediatrics 1 51,000 Mead Johnson Award for "outstanding scientific contributions to pediatrics'' during 1955. Dr. Good was specifically honored for research on an "uncommon but not rare" disease called "agammaglobulincmia" in which the patient's blood lacks "gamma globulin" — the blood fraction that contains antibodies against various diseases. Such people are highly susceptible to various kinds of infections. Only for 2 Weeks He told the academy's 24th annual meeting that, to test a theory, pancreas to a dinboitc. And the newly people killed in tlend—such as; ^,,,_ accidents—con-j ceivably could be the source ofj entire organs, he said. Nary to Head Satellite Work Surplus Wheat BELGRADE, Yugoslavia '.-?) — The Yugoslav government says U P United States is so ins to ship 300,000 tons of American surp.u wheat. WASHINGTON <fl - The N-u-vi The & overnm eni's Weekly Eco- WASHINGTON </n — ine Na\y nomic Review said Wednesday mum has been picked 10 direct the tech- n^mom wn, rwhnl OI.DKST CHURCH — Oldest active church lii brating iis 100th anniversary this week sis.-ippi County is believed :o be Osceola's special services on Sunday ii r»u b\ mi picuued h<. L CHI h i ct It? meal part of the armed services work in building a space satellite, a the wheat, agreement, was readied during the recent visit of Robert JlUal meeting lliai, lO test H wvviy, sniu ^LIJJIJUI uni; jjaiijLi(<ai.iuii skn from normal people was trans- would come from the Air Force " ' and Army, wilh coordination at the department level, on the military's share of the project to construct the baskelbail-sized device to be hurtled some 300 miles into outer space. A top Navy official declined comment on a report by the Baltimore Evening Sun that the Glenn L. Martin Co. of Baltimore, producer of the Viking rocket, has a 20-million-dollar contract to build and operate the satellite's launching gear. feet and Legg Suit LOUISVILLE, Ky. (.4 1 )—Katherine Legg filed a $10,000 damage suit W01K in Diiiiuing ii -SlKict; niiieimc, <t , Pentagon spokesman said Wednes- Murphy, U. S. deputy un H v " j tary of state. The Review added i-hat 'The Defense Department official i Mur P h >' assured the Yugoslavs they said "supporting participation" I would yet considerable quanuurs Ol planted to two of these patients and the grafts have now survived 18 months and 10 months respectively. Explaining to reporters that skin transplants from one norm a" person to another never "take 1 for longer than a couple of weeks f>r. Good said: "We think that the success of the transplants in the case of the patients suffering from this disease is due to the same deficiency that is responsible for their great susceptibility to infection. , . . Defense , "In other words, the same munity response which tends to protect against disease in normal people may also put up a 'defense' against the reception of tissue from another person." Therefore, he said, it appears that if researchers ever are to perfect techniques for normal transplantations, they must find some way of "controlling the immunity response." If, they do, he added, it might then be possible to transplant not only skin grafts, but "parts of living organs" as, for example, a other American surplus farm products. President Tito's government was reported especially interested in importing cotton. normal person donating part of his comes ashore. AlgerHiss In Hospital NEW YORK W) — Algcr Hiss was reported in "very good" condiiion yesterday at New York Hospital A hospital spokesman declined to say why the former State Department official Is in the hospital, mnee sur Hiss, 50. jnade his last required a6 am st . the A,P Food rf ; g c,a, m : ££« £ ^^^™ ing her little toe was broken June j 2? ft He served 3 years and 8 months of a five -year perjury sentence for denying before a federal grand jury that he passed State Department secrets to Whittaker Chambers, admitted onetime courier for a prewar Soviet spy ring. Good sweet corn has fresh, green husks. The kernels -should be well-filled and plump. If not, the corn is too ripe or has been pulled too long. NOTICE FOR BIDS BIDS on entire group of thirty three <33> barrack type apartmeii 1 . buildings, located south of Third Street at what is known as the W'.- ei';ins HouMnL" Quarters on the we.-i', side of the Blytheville Air Force Base. Blytheville, Arkansas. Rids will be accepted prior to 2:00 PM October 17, 1955, at which time all bids will be opened in the Court Room, City Hall, Blytheville, Ark. It is required that all buildings be 1 removed from the site by the sue-, cessful bidder not later than March I WASHINGTON M») — The comptroller of the currency yesterday issued a call for a statement of the 1. 1956. A certified or cashiers check for 5~ of the amount of the 1 Bank Call Issued bid must accompany each bid (said /hi-rt: made payable to the City of B'ythevillei. Checks of unsuccess- ;nl bidders will be immediately returned. The City of BlytheviHe re-, -,-rvcs the right to reject any and | condition ot all national banks at .dl bids. For further information! the close of business Wednesday, .iddress or phone: j Oc t. 5. E. A. RICE. Manager, V. H. Q. City of Blytheville Blytheville, Arkansas Phone POplar 3-3309 Dated; 10,5 55. 3 when a jar of pigs' feet fell. Swimming Prodigy I.YNCHBURG, Va. ij> — Folk hereabouts have been startled t see Jimmy Hand leap off the doc at his parents' lakeside home. Ji my is just 3 years old. His pare: say his strokes aren't found .in a swimming manual, but the young ster is able to swim about as h wishes until he gets tired BIG CASH SAVINGS - AT SAFEWAY EVERY DAY! It's Safeway policy to keep grocery prices at least 3% below shelf prices at stores which "give" trading stamps. This means cash savings to our customers of 3c and more on a dollar's purchases — every day of the week. And remember, Safeway offers weekly specials which mean more savings. This Ad Effective Saturday, Oct. 8th Finest Quality Detergent PARADE Detergents at a Savings FAB, TIDE White Tender Grains BANJO HOMINY Kellogg's Brand RICE KRISPIES Norris Brand CANE SYRUP Regular or Quick QUAKER OAIS Red Hill Fancy TOMATO CATSUP Top Quality HEINZ KETCHUP Shaster Pure APPLE BUTTER Hostess Delight FRUIT COCKTAIL PONT FORGET! gateway will meet the lowest advertised price of every comnetl- tor—lltm by Item, day by day—In niytlievllle. Quality considered. 3 9!/ 2 oi. •)/ , Pkg. /Of 5 £ 57< 48 01. 74 or Btl. 14 oi. Btl. 20< '- lit 26c 303 Tin Tonite — Double Feature Lash l.arue in "Son of BMly. the Kid" and "REVENGE OF THE CREATURE" with John Agar Sun. - Mon. - Tues. Oct. 9-10-11 James Stewart and June AHyson in "STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND" Wed. - Thurs. Oct. 12-13 .lane Powell in "DEEP IN MY HEART" George, Dulles to Talk WASHINGTON M'l — Cliuirimm George D-Ga of the Semite Foreisu R«lalons Committee is scheduled to come to Washington around Oct. It* from his home in Vienna. Gu.. fm .several days of talks with S'.'creian of State Dulles in advance of llu Biii Four foreign minister.'! conference. "Honor Tig X O T I C E FOR BiDS BIDS on sixteen (16) barrack type buildings located north ol Third Street at what is known the Veterans Housing Quarters on the wesc side of the Blytheville Air Force Base, Blytheville, Arkansas: will be accepted prior to 2:00 Pin October 31, 1955, at which time the bids will be opened in the Court room, City Hall. Blytheville, Arkansas. These Bids may be made on one or more buildings in this area. It is required that :i!I buildings be removed by March 1, 1956. A certified or cashiers check for 5Tt- of the amount of bid must accompany each bid (said check made payable to the City of Blytheville). Checks of unsuccessful bidders will be returned immediately. The Ciiy of Blytheville reserves the right to reject 'any and all bids. For further information address or phone: E. A. RICE. Manager, V. H, Q. City of Blytheville Blytheville, Arkansas Phone POplar 3-3369 Dated: 10 5/55. 10 G-7-8 VOU CAN'T STOP THE QUEEN MARY WITH A CLOTHESLINE . * any more' than you can keep a tornado from hitting your house. But you can buy insurance — the right kind, in the right amount. We'll be glad to advis*. NOBLE GILL AGENCY GLENCOE BLDG. 3-6868 if /OH wa& rft already done so, speak your ev*fto*- ,_ f ing love foe tho« ho did so much, for you. Do k in a cemetery tbitt ailowf you fhe pwelets 'firhiU's* of erecting A bcaiitijifl arid drstinetiv* mo** rtienf As the years go by you wiH teafr- Jze nothing k««ps memories more bciiuutLilly alive than a tribute spoken in words of i able granite or iDdibl For v vice Ofl bow ease the bi 3. 'fiimily btreave- ipeni, write for a free copy .of "Plaonim: No,w tot "So- morrow." MONUMENT INSTITUTE rpfrr Tffi T'Of jo*'*.'/ C(iu>:sii! ami a fztr price on i! 'rivtiuimul carrtcl!)' d:-tt^itsH JTOm Dialer u~ho displays ibis emblem, Open Sunday Afternoon Jno. C. 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