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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • 49

Springfield, Missouri
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reb. It, 1171 SPRINGFIELD (Ml.) UADER PRESS WUhFuU Interchange But Milla Says He'll Accept Nomination Wo Time for Campaign i Confusion Costs Aged Man $90 An elderly Springfieldisn is back at home today after forgetting where he lives and running up a $90 taxi fare trying to find out, police have reported. The man was taken to police headquarters last night by YeUow Cab driver William Foster, wbo said the 88-year-old man asked to be taken to Fayette ville, yesterday, then said that nothing looked familiar to him after they arrived there. Returned to Springfield at his request, the man didn't remember where he lived and the money for his fare of $89.55. Officer Jay Rohrer said the man's home was traced through the city directory and his brother, with whom he lives, paid the fare.

ST. LOUIS Fourteen members of the "Unforgivable Nomads," an Indianapolis Motorcycle gang, were free today to roam about in their panel truck after the circuit attorney's office refused warrants against them. Ladies Aid Hospital Auxiliary presented Sister Mary Rene, left, a check for hi a luncheon meeting the hospital. The money was brought in through gift shop, on the carts the auxiliary women the hospital, the lobby cart and the Pink Mrs. Dale Wangh, center, president, said.

Mrs. right, is treasurer. About 150 women attended The money will be used to buy new equipment in hospital's $12 million expansion program. tor test administered to the Davenport man has proved that the suspect has no knowledge of the 1969 murder that would aid investigating officers. Mrs.

Blades, a young Nixa housewife, was killed Dec. 5, 1969. Lamb said he went to Davenport Friday and Saturday to speak with the suspect, and the polygraph test was administered Rerouting Approved Rerouting of U.S. 65 from north of Fair Grove to join 1-44 at the 65 bypass, as proposed by the State Highway Department. satisfies the travel needs of the area as indicated by present de velopment" the executive com mittee of the Lakes Country Re- 1 0 a 1 Planning Commission found, out: "Future considerations point to' the desirability of full dia mond interchange at Blue Grass Road.

Should this improvement be added in the future, consistency with the Springfield and Greene County comprehensive development plans would be achieved, and the relatively hlgn volume of traffic demands in the Blue Grass Road corridor would be satisfied." The committee, meeting io commission offices at Republic last night, found the Highway Commission's statement of envi. ron mental impact satisfactory, in that it "sufficiently assures that proper precautions are planned to prevent sedimenta tion of Fellows Lake." The commission recently de clined to act on the proposed re routing, because it questioned the 'wisdom of half-diamond interchanges at Valley Water Mill Road and Blue Grass Road. At a meeting of the technical plan ning committee of the commis sion yesterday, V. B. Unsell, dis trict engineer for the highway department, explained the plan to provide outer roadways be tween the two intersections and Executive Director Glenn Griffin conveyed this plan to the executive committee last night.

Also receiving the com mittee's approval were the proposal of the Lakes Country Health Planning Council to request federal aid (Department of Health, Education and Wel fare) in financing a $43,150 budget for fiscal 1973, during wmcn a plan for toe improve ment and coordinated use of existing and proposed health services in the 10-county area will be formulated. Springfield's proposal to ask $10,000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Devel opment to aid in completing five long-pending projects a new zoning ordinance, new zoning district maps, subdivision regu lations, the housing element of the comprhensive plan, and a development policy manual was approved. Prayers Asked or iMixon lnp A hope that Springfieldians will join in a nationwide prayer-time for the success of President Nixon's visit to China was voiced by Mayor Carl Stillwell today. In a telegram to the mayor, Sen. Everett Jordan, Congressmen Al Quie and John Buchanan, representing ton Congressional Prayer Breakfast Fellowship, said Feb.

19 and 20 have been designated for the national prayer effort. Mayor Stillwell regretted that the wire didnt reach him in time for a request that the Ministerial Alliance convey the message to the public from the pulpit but he believed many prayers will be said in Springfield that the president's trip will result in improved understanding between this nation and China. Jackson of Washington, Vance Hartke of Indiana and Muskie visited union leaders at the AFL-CIO executive council meeting in Miami Beach to drum up labor support. Humph rey was slapped down. AFL-CIO President George Meany, commenting on Humphrey's hopes for the labor feder ation's endorsement before the national convention, said: "Not a chance." Muskie said his own private meeting with Meany was pleas ant, but he understood Meany would remain neutral until after the party chooses its nominee.

LINDSAY Mayor John V. Lindsay of New York told a meeting of 1,500 retired people in Miami Beach that tenant- landlord laws are weighted in favor of landlords. The mayor called for recognition of tenants' rights. HARTKE The Indiana sena tor told the Tiger Bay Political Club in Miami if Nixon is willing to travel to China he should be willing to go to Cuba to talk to Premier Fidel Castro about sol ving problems such as airplane hijackings. CHISHOLM-Rep.

Shirley Chisholm, urged supporters in Massachusetts to work for a representative ticket at the Democratic National Con vention in Miami Beach next July. "I'm poor; I'm black, and I'm a woman," she said. "The only thing I have is a gut com mitment to you, the people." MCCARTHY Former Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy of Min nesota told newsmen in Min neapolis that Nixon's opposition to mandatory school busing pro grams could be grounds for im peachment in principle, al though he doesn't believe there is sufficient basis for a trial.

"For a president to say he would not enforce the law as in terpreted by the courts is quite a revolutionary position," McCarthy said. McCLOSKEY Rep. Paul N. McCloskey Jr. of California who is opposing Nixon for the GOP nomination, challenged the President to meet him in New Hampshire for a debate on Nix.

on return trip from Peking. Mayors Mark Week for FFA Future Farmers of America Week, Feb. 19-26, was pro. claimed by Mayors Carl Still- well of Springfield and Les Swe- ckard of Republic today. The proclamation noted that FFA members are studying vocational agriculture, looking toward "exciting careers" in ag riculture and seeking to improve "this great industry for the wel fare of all citizens." The FFA motto "Learning to do, doing to learn; earning to live, living to serve establishes a di rection of purpose for the future leaders" in agricultural produc tion and agri-business enter prises.

Present to receive the procla mations were Steve Phillips and Steve McElhany, president and vice president of the Republic chapter of FFA, and these offi cers of the Springfield chapter Rick Hampton, Gary Cheek, Jack Newman, Gary Yates Mike Ingle, Craig Beckett, and Randall Nielsen. They were accompanied by Venton Haskins advisor to the Springfield chap ter. tention of making such a diM-U sion yet," BUt. the Clltunnlroil governor of Marvlanri iniH thinks he would hurt Nixon's cnsnces for re-election, he will SteD down Vnluntrll mnA "an back to private life." A contender for Aimi'i tnh former Massachusetts Gov. En-dieott Peabody, says he's considering suing the state of Pennsylvania to get on the April 25 Drimarv ballot a rwmwrti.

candidate for vice president. reabody, wbo has entered other Drimariei 11 a vi nri. dential candidate, was turned down Tuesday when he tried to me nominating petitions with the Elections Bureau in Harris-burg, In other developments: tenders Sen. Hulvrt Humphrey of MinnesoU, Henry To House Unit MSC 4-Year Support Told JEFFERSON CITY (Sneciall Full 4-year state support of Jopiin's Missouri Southern Col lege would be given under a measure heard last night by the education committee of the Mis souri House of Representatives. The operating cost of the leg islation would be $1,551,960 for the first year; $1,707,156, for the second; and $1,877,871 for the third, based upon a 10 percent annual increase for workload and Inflationary increases.

MSC President Dr. Leon Bil- lingsly. Board of Regent mem bers Jerry Wells, and Gene Tay lor, as well as. Robert E. Young, B-Carthage, i who in troduced the measure, testified in its behalf.

The college officials testified a plateau of 4100 students is ex pected at the Jophn school by 1980. Dr. Bilungsley noted the school has- an "open door" admissions policy, but only eight per cent of its 3100 students are from out-of-state. Requirements for out-of-state students are higher than for Missouri high school graduates, be said. "Missouri Southern College is ready to take its place among the five other state colleges be cause the institution is render ing similar service as a fully sc credited institution of higher learning," Rep.

Young testified. The bin, which would become effective July, 1973, would ter minate the existence of the present Jasper County Junior College District, Dr. Billingsley stated. It would also change the statutes so the institution would no longer operate under two governing boards and two sepa-rate sets of state statutes. Taylor, board treasurer, and a trustee of the junior college dis trict said, "Missouri Southern College serves many students who would not have the oppor tunity to go to college if it did not exist" State Rep.

Leo Schrader, D-Joplin, also appeared in favor of the measure. The legislation, he noted, would provide a partisan board of regents, Sim' Oar to those at the present five state colleges. No immediate action was tak en by the committee. one vjay to use our 10c coupon. By MICHAEL PtTZEL Associated Press Writer The Ulest'entry is the Democratic presidential sweepstakes, Rep.

Wilbur D. Mills of Arkansas, says be will accept the nomination if be gets it, but be doesn't have time to campaign before toe convention in July. Mills, congressional expert on finance, told a news conference In Concord, N.H., Tuesday be has no idea how much money Is being spent by people who want to nominate him. But he hopes it's enough to win some votes and have a little cash left over to cover campaign debts. The chairman of the powerful Bouse Ways and Means Committee said, "This is not a Mills campaign; this is a draft-Mills campaign.

The work of our ways ana Means committee is such that I Just cannot take away from the committee for sufficient time to go Into the states that conduct these presidential primaries and make that kind of campaign." But the congressman said none of the other Democrats in the race appear to be attracting enthusiastic support, and be might get the nomination on the second ballot at the convention. In Washington, meanwhile, the Stnate Democratic Policy Committee called for public censure of presidential aide Haldeman for saying critics of UIM.f. ln.i peace proposal are consciously aiding and abetting the enemy. "Actions of this nature," the Senate Democrats said, "should be subject to the most serious scrutiny and public i The vote by the committee --members present was unani-' mous, but Sen. Edmund S.

Mus-Me of Maine, th only presidential candidate on the committee, "did not attend. Muskie has often been singled out for bis remarks calling the peace plan a retread of previously unsuccessful proposals. Vice President Spiro T. Ag-new, in "Today" show interview taped for broadcast this morning, said he has not decided whether be wants to be President Nixon's running mate again this year and has "no in Labor Contends Memo Authentic MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) a Bposesman lor Aimsiu resident Georee Mean ArfmAt-A as authentic todav a mmwrted White House memorandum that administration officials said was a forged document used by Meany to embarrass President Mxon.

The memo, which the White House said Meany probably be- lieved to be genuine, dealt with circumstances surrounding the cool reception the AFL-CIO gave to a speech Nixon made at its convention here last Novem ber. amazing they waited so Innff tn dne It th Ung spokesman said. First accounts uie purpurea memurauuum were published in December. IMeany read it Sunday in a tele- Tision interview. "We have every reason to be' lieve the memorandum Is au thentic and we have no reason to believe this latter-day denial of the White House is true," the Meany spokesman said.

1i aoo 41 A -aua rwt early this week. The Davenport man had been convicted of a burglary charge in Christian County in 1954, the sheriff said. Ozarks Aero Club will hold its February meeting tonight at 6:30 at the Flaming Pit with din ner followed by a program. TO YOUR GROCER Pink Polygraph Cuts Lead in Murder A 49 year old Davenport. Iowa, man's claim that he knows the killer of Carol Blades apparently is false, according to Christian County Sheriff L.

E. (Buff) Lamb. Sheriff Lamb said a he detec Here's SAVE I nnfiiifniifiiwiinwr r- ri St John's Hospital's hospital administrator, Tuesday at the Pink Ladles wheel throughout Ladies Revue, George Rice, at the luncheon. the All And Five Gel Cup with They a hike for never sticks together 10 a'U VV1U lit vi iv a 1st Pi 0 ore voe save. Hare arc 12 othsr waysiT of them are Del Monte single-serving desserts.

all of therrt together give you more different kinds of single-serving desserts than any other brand. kinds of PuddingCup desserts. Two Fruit Cup desserts. Three desserts with fruit. And three of our newest, creamy pudding bits of fruit (we call it DESSERT CUP and no one else makes it).

all come four to a pack. And they all can go into a lunch or on or on a picnic or just about anywhere, even in the cupboard snacks. So why not try one today. For 10 off you'd be silly not to. TAKE THIS COUPON L05 160 1225 L60 1G ON THESE DEL MONTE DESSERTS: PUDDING CUI? FRUIT CUI? DESSERTCUPORGELCUR WeH send you a check, just for mailing us front panels foanels with ounce weight designation) from Family Size cartons of Crest; plus the refund certificate available at your fevorite store.

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31, 1972 I 10! hot 234M.

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