The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1932
Page 4
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1 ,_J932_ BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS.. PAGEFW1 i ASS if i ED SECTION - Classified Advertising Hates Min:i!iinn Charge ^ -.'••'..: 5 Average Words to a Line M(,::;ii raw per Una, per ninth 60;: U:x nines, l*r line per day . QJ- iiiru- per line !*>' UM time per line lie All Ads run irregularly lake •.lie one time rate. GARAGES EXPtKT MECHANICS and Wrcck- cr Service. Peoples Garage. I'hone KKi. 21F-K Oct. 21 iFAHMEKS having livestock lo sell or It they deslro lo buy Uicy ill and it couvonlcr.l ana ccoii- mlciil lo use Courier News Want- Ads. FLOYD HARGLTTS GARACJK CHRYSLER SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL 8p-K 11-8 DKUGGISTS ' FOR DRUGS go to the St. ¥\M[ ci.s Dnij Co. Now located on i Ash Street near 5th. 23c-K Oct 23 1IBAI5TY 1'ARl.OKS, UlKliCIOUi' I EXPE11T BEAUTY Service. Por- AUTOMOTIVK FIRST CLASS waterproof covers for trucks and wagons. Carney company, Phone 643. Hp-kOct caring for children. Willing lo work i Arkansas, lo Hie holiest and IKSI cheap or for room and board ami bidder, upon n cicflll of three cheap small salary. Address "S" Courier News. B-x-tt TO THOSE seeking jobs Uio Courier News Waut-Ads ofler a result imxtaclng bcrvko ill l icst. FOR SALE—New and Used Auto Paris. Jackson 'Auto ['arts Co. 2020 W. Main, Phone GG. 3c-K NOV 3 Phone 300. FOUND A WAY lo convert old furnllurc. Clot ill'S, Hens nnci your oilier unwanted 110me Into ready FOR SALE—SAVE Tires and Tubes, on Goodyear aulo ncccsso- KUUUNUALL-S Mmu- ol uaiaa S'3.50 up. Powder Pultirlcs. new and rebuilt batteries, Mo- cusri. Phone 30C and ask thu Wanl- Taker....sliu'll give you full letalls. Sl'ACK FOR I-KASK 5-10-25c Store. .s. Save a wah:. i K ™ l 'J Pal ''° r ail'- K Occ 20 j YQU CANT RF;IjY on "For ncnt but ynu can rely on' rOR 21P-K Oct 211 torine Oil, lit quart. Wolf Arlan, llick-Oct. 10 WANTED—To overhaul your elt-c-i •" u-ic iAveeixT. WUK eimrnmeeil. | Co »"er News Hciiner titunc- Service, •.'„ unlcn's , " u - ilo;i - g of I'urn. Co. Phone liBD. 2SC-K OCl 21) I Want-Ads room, to rent COAL AND WOOD EXl'EKT Typewriter and adding . Tianlhum Coal & Transfer Co. niiichliw repairina. U. S. Blank- I Dealers m enship, lie K. KCSC. Phone 1C5W. j Kt-isiKcky and Sunns'il, Coal , C .K n-i;Sycair.cre & R. R. St., Phone fli>i. _... j -1C-K 11-1 ATTENTION — Men s overcoats -• cleaned and nats blocked. Ladies ; COAL at low cash prices .hone: 48. fur trimmed coals oar specialty.; Prompt Delivery. BL\ fHEVIU.E Call Unique Cleaners for prompt i COAL CO., Walnut & Service. Phone 111. Op-K 11-ti, , | • LOOK—Wilson is still cleaning,; building and repairing lines. Call, ICO. l',-j Ton SALE—Mcdcl "A" Rird Truck. Perfect condition. Very reasonable, John c. Mcllancy. Jr., "The Monument Man". inonlhs. )the following described i:voperly, lo-wll: The undivided two-mills In- leresl ot Marvin iiutl Franklin Ui-nbuw, In and la 133 acres of land In Section 33, Township 15 Ncilh, Range 0 East, known as 1/ils 5, 0 nml 7 In said section. Tin 1 purchaser nl said sale will bo ivimir«l lu glio bond with i<p- pioved smirlly lo secure llii' ment cf his bid. and a lieu wil be retained' upon the propcrtj therefor. 11. L. OAIN1CS. Commissioner In Chancirj I Reid, Evrnid & Hemitrson, YOU CAN lease a space like this | Attorney!) for PlnlnlllT, every tiny In the monlli at low | cost. Plioiio 300, 11-1 PEOPLE who read these columns COMMISSIONS'* S.M.i: NOTIl' lnirsu|U]t to lhu cU , cm , of ,1, mean business. They nrc not | chalK . cvy Ccllv , [or (lu . chick: Sinclair Gas & Oil. Greasing, washing;, U. S. Tires. Bay and Night Service. Phone 555. 2-lp-k.Ocl. 21 . rcadlnt; It Just to pass the time Kiwl);; DJs(r | el ot M i : . sLss i p] ,i c.mi nway. They are definitely '^-Jiy, Arkansas, wmlm-d In lln- ca.s hie Tor offers which meet tneii , ( ; f ,., homs Unl(m • 1 . n|sl LET'S SWA1' WHAT HAVE you to swap? Get JlJiNK, HIDES, ETC. .results—It cools only n few cents a day. HP-Kit)! WANTED—Junk of all kinds, hides, " c WILL TRADE for set ol children's books or sell, cheap, a complete set ot Alexander Hamilton's business books. Address "H", Courier needs. 1/el us write yours. I iriny vs. Ci. W. Crawford, el ' ' the iinderaisned will, vvllliln n COMMISSIONEK'S SAI.E NHTlt'K . [ H i hours on the 5lli day of N _ '. vember, W32, sell, at (he (ro Pursuant l» Ihe decree ot '!>? . doer of Ihc Coml llimse In I Chancery Court for Ihe Chlcka- sawba Distiicl of Mississippi Com'.- ' Hie ly, Arkansas, lendered In ihe case ; a credit, of three montlus, of Union Savings Building & I^an j following tle.'cribetl properly, of Illythevllle, Arkansas. hl,; and l;isl bidder, up of the Noriluvcsl CJuarler of lloii '2V, Township 10 Noilh, Be 11 Rust, lu Mlssls.vlp|i! County, ArXiinsus. lhu inircluiser «t said tale- -.vlll reinmcd lo tilve uoml with i>>- uvcd security lo secure (he '>:iy- nl ul his bid, mid a llni will ict.ilucd uvioii Ihe pr.o|>ei".y erefor. U. L, GA1NHS, CwiunlEslonor in cliinv.-i .,-. •id, Kuiud tf lleiuleison, Alloini'ya for I'lalnllll. U-IB COM.MlSSIQ^Kll'H HAI.E NOUCK 1 I'uiiiiiant to n decree * of iho Chancery Com I for llic Clilcka- !,av;ba Dlsliicl ot Mb-slsslm,)! Coun- ly, Arkansas, In ihe cane of Union Savings Building & Loan Assoclfl- tluii vs. J. W. Under, el nl, tho untlei sleucd within lawful on Ihe. 5lh day of November, 1'Jj'i, sell, ul Hie front 'door ol the- court house In tho clly 01 Ulylhevllle, Arkansas, to Ihe hlKhesi and bist bidder, upon cuilll of Unco monllu, the lowing described properly, lo-wll Lot Six (6), In Block 'Five 15), ' of the Davis Second Adciitk>n lo . tlic, . City ,ot Blyth^vllle, Ar- , _ kansas. , ' ' ' .• The uurchascr at said talc will bo required to bond with approved -SEQurlty to secure Ihe payment ot his bid, and a Ucn will ; he retained uiran the property tl icrefor. R. L. OAINES, Commissioner In Chancery. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys tor Plalullll. UUil Jtty :£ YOU VrV I "DON'T vou i^t VOU HAT) A BNLt OT ABOUT $ O|OO /\rV vou nro n• ( &o^AEPL.^ct• IN Tt-r rlOU6&,'BtFOR.t BUhAP ON W |-\EA,T>/ / IT LOOKS UK.6Ti-\W TAP ON ] V OL' BULL HAS KNOTTED UP ) > c MOMEvl" rVNONEY?? I HAVE A SORT O"F XZ\ RECOULECTlON ABOUT SOME fAONEY, BUT IT i i I10MECRAFI Iron, coi>|ier. brass, aluminum and head. Wolf Arlan. Phone 176. ICck-Oct. 10 See our new attachment for making Singercraft- rugs. We teach you. DA1U1ES Sewing .Machine Co. 10pkl019 : FfiESH— A Grade Mill; delivered ------------ --------- . ^i-,),; . ln( i uiumint'. O. W. Lewis, YOU CAN'T HELY on "For Tlcnt : p ho ; 1( , 817 _ 10P-K 11-10 j Signs" but you can rely on j News. 23.X-K-TF POULTRY BABY CHICKS, all varieties. Cus- Marilyn 49k.II loin hatching solicited. Hatchery, Blylhcville. Association vs. Tom A. Llllle, d|wit: ol., Ihe undersigned will, within ROOM & HOARD Courier News Want-Ails to rent that house or room. HOTELS ELECTRICAL — — : CALL WIGGINS Eloclrlc Shop ' repairs and estimates. Phone 10P-K 11- "'Ihc Goff, It's a good hotel".; Cafe in connection. 23c-k Oct 2:1 i . FOR SALE RESTAURANTS ! FILLING STATION, dwell! • house. 3 storage tanks, all co ! bir.cii. GcoU business. Will £ Strce:. cheap. Adilrers "HA", Courier. 7C-K I Visit Gco. Wright's Wall Lunch, located in Greyhound'; Bus Siation 9-15 ck 10-15' i AUTO GLASS BEST EATS in town. Open day . WOVEN WIRE FENCING and night. Green Beetle Cafe. THE ARKMO LUMBER YAR Mrs. J. \V. Wright, Prop. I 2SC-K. Oct|» MRS. T. R. WA'l'SON—$5.50 weekly. 112 B. Cherry. Phone 602. 1P-K 11-1 23p-k Oct 23 GREEN LEAF CAFE & FRUIT STAND Regular Meals a Specialty. All yon ran cat 25c, with drink. Complete line of Fruits & Vegetables. See mo fcr wholesale prices on apples. BtJCK MEHAItG, Proprietor We Deliver 312 K. Main ; Will sell cheap a Simplex New Pfr- ~-~ | fcclion distillate or fuel oil bufn- ;er heating stove. Call 202-W ""^ ' ATTENTION HUNTERS. For tfi ! Oiil-toard motor. 1 ;, good a.s IIL-V 13 sizes. Boone Hall. lOp-k ]i-l FIXTUR!ES I: FOR RENT FURNISHED house, five rooms, bath, garage, ce-vant house 1300 Clitc;:asawba, Call 83 or 260. lOcklO 19c-klO-13 lawful hours on the 6th day c! November, 1032, sell, al liio front door of iho court house In the clly of Blytheville, Arkansas, lo the highest and liest bidder, upon a credit of three months, the following described property, towit: Lois Three <3> mid Four (4), in Block four (4>, of tho Marsh Addition lo the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. The purchaser at said sale will Ire required lu execute bond with approved security to secure the payment of his bid, and n Hen will be retained upon Ihc property therefor, R, L. GAINES, Commissioner In Chancery YOU CANT RELY on "For Rent Signs" but- you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent hat house or room. ^50DERN 5 room house. Ash and Division. Apply 1315 W. Main. 11C-K1S Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintlir. 11-18 COMMISSIONER'S SAI.E NOTICL Beginning ul Hie Soulhcasl corner of the- .Northeast Quarter of Secllun W. Township 111 Noilh, Range 10 Kasl, and running Norlli 41) rods tor a polul of be«iiinlnij; llicnce West S3 1-3 reds; thence Norlli 120 rods; thence Easl 53 l-'J rods to Ihe Norllieust corner of said .section; thoni'e Houlh I2tl rods lo the |Kilnt taken for ;i point ot beginning. The purchaser al said sale will be required to ijivc bond «;;ii approved security to secure payment .)! his bid, and H lien will he re- liilncd upon the properly therefor. H. L. GAINK3, Commissioner In Chancery. Reid, Eviurd & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff, 11-10 WANTED THREE ROOM Furnished Apartment, good neighborhood, moderate rent. "WH", Courier News. 10P-K14 WANTED TO BUY OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Fcird Repairs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phnne 810-777 FOR SALE OR TRADE—Lupto show case, bins, shelving and lire rack. Phone 202-W. 19p-k 10-19 FARM LANDS |FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation. • 3 houses, bi? barn, in G miles i of Blythevilie. 1 mile of gocd ' school. $25.00 per acre, terms. I Phone 887 cr 838. W. T. Barnett. : GC-K-TF HATCHING EGGS Hatchery, Blytheville. - Marilyn 11C-K TF SKCONIl HAND FURNITURE See Us. First R. J. Dodson 31)1-3(13 K. See Weisburd And See Rettcr EYES TKSTEB FREE Anil Classes Filled : FARM FOR SALE: ICO acres near . Bnrdette, Ark., between Ulytlie- '; ville aiKi Lnxcra, one of best farms ; in Mississippi county. Has two ; ! yood hay hams, corn cribs, stables. ' five houses, 10 acre field alfalfa i ! hay. If farm sold will have 1000 ! j bushels corn and five head of mules i for salt. J. J. Richards, owner, at jMts. Will Wood across from Lux• era school. l-p-k-12 1 LIVE STOCK WE PAY CASH for old cook'stoves and used furniture. Don't throw them away. Dodson Furniture Co., 301 E. Main. Phone 155. 40-K 1 WILL BUY Piano. State condition. Cash price in first letter. Capt. Fred Kelly, Steeje, Mo. 10c-kl7 Pursuant to the decree of Hi Chancery Cmirt for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, rendered In the case. od Union {Savings Building & Loan Association vs. A. G. Hall, t al., the undersigned will, vvlth- i lawful hours on the 5th day November, 1932, sell, at the out door of the Court House i the city of Blylheville. Aransas. lo the highest and besi, Idtlcr, upon a credit of thrco lontlis, the following described ropcrty, lo-wit: Lot Twelve (12), and Hie East Half of Lot Eleven (11), In Block Two (2), of the Chicago Mill & Lumber Company's Second Addilton to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. The purchaser at said sale wll WANTED TO BUY—Go:se fcalli- ers. Must be new and dean. Paul Byruni. Across from postollice. GC-K-TF WANTED TO BUY — Light cai from owner. Must be cheap for =ash. Apply Rex Hotel. 7P-K11 'HOUSEHOLD HELP" 'FOR SALE—24 head Hampshiis ; l:ocs, registered or subject, var- ! icus aaeo. See Joe Crai'j. S. Frank- .lin St. 10P-K13 We Can't Sell All the COAL So \Yc .hist Sell the Hl'.ST W-' nrc ;iutlK!i-i/cd lo M i! AC'iON on a MONEY- HACK-JV-NOT-SATISHIU) Cuannili-c or will clt- liver you « f |Ce : ' ;i a trial before you !: ACTON h;is MUSI) 2.90'; icd ;ish. if you w;mt Jo jjive il U.'s PIT Ion and only It's clean, hinillfs casi^:, holds fire indufinitcly and comes in a si/-c ecu -unicnl for the nutds of the home. SI 1NSON VANTED — Woman for genera house work. Mrs. A. W. Lang veil. 11C S. Franklin. 1C-IC1: " SITUATIONS" WANTED" YOUNG LADY COLLEGE GRAD UATE desires position. Experi cncsd in general office work, a cashier, rcslaurant hostess and i be required lo give bond appioved seciuity lo secure 111 jayment of Ms bid, and a Hen vlll be retained upon Iho properlj hcrefor. R. L. GA'fNF.S. Commissioner in Chrinccrv 3cid, Evrai'd k Henderson Attorneys for Plalnllff. 11-1 COMMISSIONKII'S SAI.I-: NOTIC1 Pursuant Ic ihe dceiec Chanesry Courl ol the sawbu. Ulslrice of Mississippi Colin- ly, Arkansas, lii Ihe case of Peo- les Bulldini! it Loan AESocl.itlm C. L. Llnlzeiilch, el nl, the ndeislsncd will, wllliln luwlu ours on the 5th day of Novcm »r, 1032, sell, at the front door o he Court House In the Blylheville, Arkniuns, si and besl bidder, upon a cred f three months, the following de scribed property, lo-wit: Lot Ten UOi, in Block Five (5). of the Highland Place. Addition lo the City ol Blylhc- ville, Arkansas. The purchaser at said sale will be required lo give boml -with up- proved security lo secure Ihc payment of his bid. and a lien will be retained upon the properly therefor. n. L. GA1NF..S, Commissioner in Chancery. Keld. Evrard >t Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. H-18 COMMISSIONKK'S HAI.E NOT1C Pursuant to Hie decree of Ihe Chancery Court for tlic Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, rendered in the case of H. Higlifill. el al.. vs. Marvin Dcnbow, el al, the uutlcrsignctl will, within lawful hours on the 5th day of November, 1D32. sell. at Ihe front doer of Ihc Court j House in the city of Blylheville, | WASH TUBES WE.UL, BASV, E\J&«XTOIH6'5 HUNKY- STICK TO N£'R STOUV 'N' THAT S 6UZ2ASP MEAT. FRECKMiS AND HIS FRIENDS L,00'< AT THOSE <* WHY, ITS P.EW IT BUSHES MOVE- LOOKED SO.VlETMlk'G^ ^A | HAVE 10 | SURCEHPER T i . • •• •*• -BHO14E • IOO / We Do The Resl LUMBER -Too. SHIPMEMt OP DIAW.OWOS TO THE I BAVJDIT, | FR&CKLES MADE A DISCOVERY us:: . FOR. j \ KOU (JOODNUBS SAKK! WOW, f,\\. \ DO vb aisx.9 I/.'.si bidder, three months. -7-[HO.U.S.Ml.Off. -o ia».it«»HfSS.l^ .OOKS HAD I-'OH IvASY MlVJWVt, TrtE SKTTtE WfkdES HOTTER W« HOT «£V£R 5REf\MS TWtf WS PftL 1H 1VK. MW5T Or TH£ F|&Ht. '()01>I-KFINnS S UNEXPECTED HAPPENED,. L fJOT OSh-Y TAKIWS THOSE I DIAMONDS To WNGOT/,BUr (SQIWG TOO. I VJ1EE TD TIE 1 YOU OUT OF TK<E BUSHES LEAPED POODLE", LAND1MG SqtlABE OH THE BAUPITS BACK/ U\S GUM FRPfA HIS AMD SPRAWLING HIM FLAT RlLEV LOSE5 Klo ACWAMTA&£ OF TH6 oPPoBromrv COMJIISSIONKK'S SAI.E NO'J'ICi: Pursuant to Ihe decree nf ihe Chancery Court for the Clilcka- sawba District, of Mississippi' ConA- ty, Arkansas, rendered in the case of Mrs. d. O. fucker, et al.. vc. C. II.- Ashcrall. et :«!.. the untlnr- ciyncd will, .wllhln lawful hours on the 5th day of November 1932, sell, at the frcnl door of Hie Court Ulylhevllle, Arkansas, est and credit of lowing described projreily, lo-wit Lot Seven ilJ. of Mrs. O. O. Tucl:ci'.'K HulKllvlsion. carved out ol the Southeast Quarter

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