The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1934
Page 5
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TUKS1JAY, NOVKJiBER 13, 193<l BLvrmeviLus. (ARK.)' CQUHIER NEWS CLASSIFIED SECTIOW - a Directory ~"- ' ' PAGK F1V& CLASSIFIED Busiiiess~Directory ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily late KI- line for consccu- (ivc InseitlQiis: (Five average words to a line) One time per line 10o Two limes per line per day .. 08c, Tliree times per line per day .. occ Six'times per line per day .. 05e ami make yon an excellent 111111° Upholsterers llli S. n. U.— Phone 139 KITE |>UICK GHOCE11Y w> v,*J*wj t j*.i lull; yt-;- uu y , , U3 (J ,ulll JllllAl' VU1I Month rate per lino 500 li'css for $u.5o. ... , , SATISFACTION CiUAUANTTJliO Minimum charge 50o r nv i i • o c J. W. enkiiis & bon Ads or.Oerca lor three or si* _•?... times and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the iid appeared and adustment or Dili uiaqe. All Oasslfleo Advertising copy submitted by persons redding outside of ihe city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. No responsimiliy will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified aa. AdvcnbUig oracrcil for irregular insertions lake the one time rate. , PHILLIPS' USED CARS THE 15EST USED CAKS IN TOWN '30 fOltl) KOKUOIt SlillAN ?1M "K CUEVltOLliT (JOU.i'E. Humble Scat §J15 'K CliEVKOI'ET COACH .... 5355 "M lOlil) TL'UOK Ituniblc Scat S1S5 '3i IOKD ot LUXE court;. Uumblo Seat 5115 TRUCKS and 'IKAILLKS 'K CHEVROLET TRUCK. 1ST 1 u c. li \Vhcclbasc, Dual Wheels J298 'M CilCYKULET 'I'llDL'K. 101 Inch \Vlicclbasf, Dual Wheels J1C5 CIIEVROLKT Closed Cab ... T R U C K. K1NUHAM T11A1LBK. Dual Wheels. A Bargain 5225 NABOHS T«AILKK 5 •« WE' PAY CASH KOtt (!OOD USK1) CAHS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Corner Walnut ,t Isl Streets ' I'lione 813 OJ'KN NIGHTS 9 P. M. Real Estate SEE Olm DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery Lowest prices—Lovely gifts Pavkhuvsl's Farmers! You furnish the COTTON, we furnish the labor and 8 m. tickin the west County. uboiiL -1 mill's from i'illn>r ilU- or Manila. :i i mile from Poplar Corner, ',', mill: oil paved GAY & BILLINGS ItUV GltOCUItlfc'S KIOHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS. VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, I5TC. Ill Old l>. O. Bids,'. I'honc 23* We Deliver road. Of (he Letter type, liciivir,r '"lid loam which makes bin croiv;. All high .stale cultivation, Inu j - ci \sood-lot reserved lor tini-! aer. 2 lioiisc.s. bum. All I'.weHciil!' 'arm. Price suo.OO acre. Joint Kiockl Laud Bank loan 5^,200.00, may be I assumed. $l,uo».oo cash. ; jThe best, buy in the territory 1UO A. on ijood eravcl road, -j>, where located. lilack sill, loam nilcs froiti Poplar Corner, p. f '0tl has record of producing bale mites iron i cither Lcachvillc m- * ''all cotton per acre, One hiritc'l Manila. All high .stale cultivation. c 'oom dwclliiiB & barn, one! BOOd 7 room residence, also uood road, I B^wd i luuin residence, ;uso OJI " l; l lenanl house, sinnll orcll-l i room tenant house, barns and artl ' wc '" drained, on yood road,I other outbuildings. This i.s Jiiorci'= '"'' 0 C11S( 0( Higltwiiy Cl, near I Ihan 11 fium; it is :i pretty humejMeUonnW :itorc near Bnrdeltc,| WE CAN SAVE YOU_MONE¥ CIRCULATING HEATERS WASHING MACHINES CJiis and Klctlric AMMUNITION duck <St aquirrcl louds HARNESS our stock is ccmi[ilc(u IMPLEMENTS Hiiri repairs for AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT I'ny us a visil ;md be convinced PAULBY1UJA1 120 East Main "TRUE VALUE" HAD1OS Battery & Electric Scl« Beat Value tor the Price Oberst Store Co. Factory Authorized FKiGlDAIKE SERVICK Factory Tmincd Mcitanica Day 67—Fiwnc— Mght 38^ •107 Main St. E. 15. GEE SALES CO. Cuitoii I AM PAYING BEST PRICES FOR PLOW UP OPTIONS J. E. HASSON Grand Leader Bldg.—Phone 429 Automotive Clutwood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES Bplv,ecn P. O. & Crcvrolct Bltlg PJione 2S& AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE -10 KAKMS I''or licme or "I to sec (he •'()l{ SA1-K invcstnienl, ilon'u c attractive luruni Why Buy Coal From Us? will cur a cash discount of •>[, coins (at I lie time the order Is '™. ™'' "' W HM two ">"K of COAL purchased from us Mil tell us the reason you bought, it from Mils firm. part of Mississippi -Some Herons Why Von aiiouUl 'I'rade \Vltli U» 1—3D years In business. i-Prompt tmico. li—Quality of coul handled. •1-CoinicoLis treatment. C—Yon (jet all you pay for. '•QUALITY GllOUl'" is Distributed by Look ;\t This! 40 Acre Farm Killing Stations Southern Service Station Slcclc, [i'lo, Phillips lit! Produci-s ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE Coal & Wood Marclm-BaiTon Coal Co. Vnvils nt Slcrnbc'i'i; CUn Phone ll« UUU OliAUU KENTUCKY COAL. " bte; ALABAMA RBI) A811 & QUICK 1'TIiK ALAliAMA. WOOU, KINDLING, CORN, HAY If you me down in the mouth, think of Jonah; he came out nlrlght." 11C well.! Price ill cash and • A $•17.50 terms. lto;id will be gravel soon. TAX 1>AU) miles south of Li-achville, ilo ol) Highway No. 13. The . black UiiflaJo deck Jand iluil makes .such We crops. r>2 unvs Heaii't], •_'!! nil-over woods. Prico PIT acre 1 , cash. Oli.(i5 A 1'j miles south uf U'ach- vilte on Highway No. 18. All Infi'ii state cultivation and a |;ood pro- duccr. Fair house and barn. This farm Is lit K very desirable loru- aiid price, compared with others, i.s low. Price $«5.oo acre A loan of Sl.SOU.UO with Joint sine* Land Hani;, may be assumed, liu- inaindor cash. !H Hour Service Price $2750.00 Cash | ^ '".''and! 1 '' "'"° "'" """" SllOO 'Repairing W. M. Burns, Agency riioncs, £i:i & aia •10 A •; miles norllmcot of Man- mile on uavi-il ruud, niM r Brawn Spin. All nillivaiion. lion;,.burn. Price S1.8CO.OO. Terms. 5500.0(1 nisi), balance in lice annual pay- menls, with interest. A 3'= miles northeast ol I« villc, on good iiiaricd road, in cultivation. •> houses, barn Price $1,700.00. ball cash and terms. JW> A on Jlighivay No. I. northeast of Jonccboro. c'.\ccl!cul stock larm. pasture will liold. Allan- nv. I'ragc improvements. $30.00 acre cash. Lcadivillr, Ark. Farms ior Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL IJ. THOMPSON, CturutnersvlUc, Mo. illay We I)> 1: i-o,i r Sliui'd HKK OU!l SAMPLES E. E. Ralcliff Arrots from Ilubliiird Hdvc. (Jo. Try our MOD mile SOLUS—proof of I Die pudding is (he eating. When i you gel a yood tlihif remember . j where you gol it. |.-0i< BALK I I'KOGRESSIVK SHOE SHOP I acres, :'. 1-1! nilias ol Dell, Good] '^ 3 Sollll > »'»! HI. land, good house and small barn. ~' 7VJ ',~" _ vrtier non-resident and oilers il W. J. KNOX cheap. $17SO urn it. Having m;u le. all kinds ol -shoes Thomas Land Co. ,' 01 ABN °KMAL icd. can rcrmi _____/ i ll '>"'s <<> correct, AUNORMAL fee'. Lost FOL Rent i NICELY lluii'ie at l«;o!ll Chickiisawba. lac kit :i " FOK KENT—Three room ruriibjli- Lcl Your Rcnl Pay For A Nome We IIHVP 8 homes to be bold for CASH OR TURMK l r rom $500 lo $3,000 AH arc priced at less than halt of Ihclr present replacement costs. This offer will last but a sliorl time. ACT NOW! PHONE 12. cd lioiibc 1 . '•'iflli Hi. 11EDROOM. slcinn Men prc-ferri'd. 311 550. Couple only. heat, uiii-iige. W. Ash. Call ilck-Si LOST - Child'.s money, nt Itllii Tiiratrc KumLiy Ucturn to Courier for Ruwnnl. lap ki: UOl.l) IllMMEU (.iLAaaE_ icliilrts) in Wack CMC. lleminl lo liiulc'r. I'honc 18| or oo-l, Lloyd St'c Us About Your Blytheville Gin Co. PHONE 001 "UiuliHiit Alabama" "I'roimujii Kentucky" OALL an WINTKIl IS Fill your bins mm- wllli inous Munui Ited Asb truiil— high in beat, low In iisir, or M»Jr.s(U< «JuiUlly firi'lc Jlllimls «:«al. lint Hiiality from Wrslvrn Krntui-liy FKUD EAT •nits is TIII; rj.Ain; iviti'iti; YOU CAN <;I;T MiVTIHNU VO1) WANT. Krcsli I'Vwin If Oyslcrs Mijfh (I'i'ade Slcaks IJtiiists of All Kinds Cold I'lale l.inu'hi'.s ciiA.\<;i: or CIIKI' HARRY BAILEY'S Slate Line Service Station Army Colonel Made ; Study of Snake Bites WASHINGTON (UP) - Font' llinc.s bitten by poisonous si'wkos.' Col. M. L.. cr.lmmins, u. S. Army, retired, lias proved he can take it from the reptiles. • . . Col. Crlmmlns, former commander »t Fort llnllis, Tc!(., nlsu lias submitted, nt llio risk of his life, lo venom injections in the Interest of science. While al l''ort Itullls. he received his first, bite. Two deadly smite escaped while being transferred 'roni n vase to n shipping Uox. Col. Crlmmlns recaptured both reptiles, bin one iimk its fiiDB.5 Inlo bis thumb. lie found that hospital a^thori- .les knew little about treatment ot Biiuke-bitcs. After his recovery, ho resolved to devote his life to treatment of such bites. He is believed to have contributed as much us any man In this. work. cil \i.ll I have taken up nin' .':|uilU'd sow. I Owner may havi: simu: by pay- f> " basis of high quality products, low cash prices, prompt service and'. honest dcaljng. You get what you pay lor here. Farmers Gush Feed DO 1 /"* or oecd Co. J. W. Parker, prop. I'lioni: 127 , n My Coal Is l:\Kt am i treat you white, nil up timv. JOHN BUCHANAN - I'llONIi 101 WAItMNti OUDDH IN T1IU C'HANCKIiV (,'OUIiT, CII1CKAHAWUA I) 1 HT R 1 C T. . COUNTY, AR- rioniiau, by Mrs. Kain Florman. 0-ck-M 3 room MENT, 1'URNISllKU AI'AllT- Ktl& W. Main.! , Call 335-W. SIMON or untarnished. I'honc 76-1. 3()Gktl or 'I'M. FURNISHED APARTMENT. W. Kentucky. Phone (J83. aT 108 ;e House \\it;i ACUEAtiE. Clark Ualiroiul. Mrs. Lillian Nash. Bi'UKOOAI; adjoining bath Men preferred. '212 w. Kentucky Telc- Klioiiu SW. ;,.,.,;.» TWO nicely FURNISHED UKD- KOOMS -.noderalcly priced. Mrs E. A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 2<l-pk-2D Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC"watt nt night. Reasonable rales. Call 306 Wauled WANTED: Men ' rooincrs and twin beds. Call II21-J. G-ck-tf. Holly. Keslaui-aiils JBcsl Oyslcrs *"ltivc7~C»i Chicken Dinners Every | jimmlp O'Brien 105 8. Second IiL'S'1' COAL KOK MONHY "Acme Alabama" "Bltick Koyal Kentucky" N. W- Trantham Coal Co. Parks Bros. Coal Co. 1'iiONE irn FOR "Hi-Lu Alubiimii" "Black Jfoyul Kentucky" A CLh'AN COAL - LOW PRICED For Sale Oil Cook STOVK:' C RUG; COM I IIEATEH; MED, .., , Wicker Living room HUl'l'E, DESK. HAROAIN 115 W. Cherry aftnr 5 p. in. or hefore 9:31) ». in. lu-|)k-M . BARGAINS In Used Healers. Hubbnrcl HcKv. Co. MISSISSIPPI KANSAS. liosj 'I'liornton, I'lalnlill, No. 5U01 vs. Kluru Thorntuii, Defendant. The di'f.ciulaul, I'loia 'rliornUni, Is warned lo aijyvar wilhiii thirty iluy.s in Ilic court mimed In Ilio caption iici"f i-nd answi-r Hi'.' conipl.iiir, nl ll>r plauiljir, ljuss Thoniuiu. putid this :(3rtl day of Oelobi"-, H. I.. tIAINKj. Clcrl:, By UiioU b'ariain, I; C C. M. iliick. Vcl Ohio Congressman Urged (or Sricakmhip CLKVKl.ANU i UP)-A iium; lo uiaki! Kobcrl Cnxv^r, vrlfnin 2lst Histrttt Oliio coitBii'Mimiii. Sptiik- i'i' of tile Koiise of !{cjnc.scnta- lives, has liccn laiuichcd in .Wush- iiigLoji, iicconlinj; lo word artiwd hero. iiuri'ssiinin CiWii'i' has )oiin- weird of his I'lidorscnicnt for the post by Hie West Virginia Ch;l] of WiisliliiKl')ii. In a tule- Ijrani from W. w. Arbucklu, president of the club. Crosser was urged to become an active candidate for tlic post. Liquor, Wine Sales Turn Hold's Books from 'Red' Cl.EVlil.AND (Ul'l-Owners of at least one Sixth City hotel aru Uiokhn; through rose-colored bottles ill opernlliii; figures turning from red toward bluet. Wines mid liquors served ;il llo- trl llolleiiden In lcs,s th;m one imuilli cost $«,51iU anil .sold for $2^,•151). nccordlng lo Receiver Thcodoru Hewitt's monthly rcporl filed In common pious court. Couullnu out $2,HO expense, Ihe bcvcruye trndo netted well over 100 jwr cent profit. llnril Ikpiors Hint cost llic man^. aRcincnt $5/172 brought In $15,001 when poured ouflo customers. Not wonts on drinks were up about $1,M0 n week over Ills prcccdliitr munlli, Ihe rejiort imllfalcd. * 4 oay Almanac* American Wl-Rrsl- •line opened. »etu)een .B-ance 0Jvll?r^laj fSJ'JohrtJJMWrt Americdn acboi', —i i-_;. __ ^; ^^ &> your •CJiris/t//a$ liopping early and don't •say «*: didn't you., "Wt.NTEK AUTO SI'KCiALS" J'rcituiic, AIcoboT, Ilpalcr.s, l)u- froslers, Willurd (latteries. i LCT US PREPARE YOU FOUI WINTER Hubbard HcKv. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 47Q I'honc PEKMANBNTS Nutic Belter - - Special Trices Barrett's Beauty Shop ll> N. 5th - - Telephone FIX YOUR CAR FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices rainl jolis, Kcimirhiff Ijodirs, Hi- moiimng. CliaiiGln^ Transinis- tinns. \V:\Ehii, ff & Greasing will) Murfnfc Orcasc & ((uakcr Stale oil. Jolin ITisn-n—Jimiiiie Uinkluv UARNE1T- AUTO SALES CO.' I'honc B88 HAVE YOUR BATI'ERY IlE- CHAKGKp l)p^''OHK COLD WEATHER j. Ben Clunc UA'tTERY SERVICE At Tom W. faction's Slation Ash fc 2nd 1'lwiie 8-Residcncc 277-W Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE rtuuic %(i FOR BEAUTIFUL I-'LOOHS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMERS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GKOCKKIKS WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS Help Wai i led WONUliUFUb OPPORTUNITY lo wake $:Mf) a month, $15 lir.4 wcrk. Be a grocery dealer. I lin- J»sh you comiildc. No capital nrcd- ncl. Writr Albert Mills. «C68 Mmi- luoiilh. Cincinnati. O. 12p klj Personal OP ALL BUIbT TO ORDER BARKSDALE & PAGE 209 N. Second S^. PWMCESS' J'AOA f QUIC"KV-V/ICKV."TAKE OFF SOUR WHV, WASH AMD EA<bV/ WHAT ' YD f WHY, VOUR X yoo YCABLEGRAM> S 50 SHE'LL RECOGKiZE YOU, flM, SEMr SURELY YOU'RE SALESMAN SAM MODERN1ZK YOUB COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEM1NG WATER KYSTEM. SW UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. $25 KliWAKI) ! iiiloriiMdyii leading (.• tli'i :n- and conviction ol piiiticv. whoi Guards ivliidmv .Monday.' Nov. 12. V. E. Tomlinson. uf Merchunfs Pulrol. 13c Chief SAW FILING u) ull kinds With antoniatio filing machine BAKKSDALIi&'i'AGE m N. ficcond COITJiK H'KATHliK STKH' Saves fuel al small cost Avkmo Lumber Co. FRECKLKS AMI) i7j's "l''KIENi)S SEE THIS LETTER? V/ELL,YoUR iL,FRrCKLES,WOMT HAv' MIS MOTHER to sn-.'/ OME <y\ **&-+.^. HE VA3MT BE GETTIHC? WE.' .. r^Hx^Y/" r * ^2LL-fn M\ (•'^frWX V )-£*m4. •- \ WiK\ ..) JUST BECAUSE YOUR DAD is OUR HISTORY TEACHEP^L) TW/ •ro LORD rr CX^EB ALL'us ours.' WELL,SOME DAY IM GOING ID. BOP YOU, RIGHT AFTER *7 ME GIVES ME MY GPADES XvNC> THE SOONER I WSVEra SEE PAGE A<3AW,TVE IT WILL BE R>R OF US, WHEN MEET .'? pOUJJIBIA had (xiinU'd for ihe Cnrndl ^-' garni" all yrar in I'JSd, anil when I'alpli Uov'Kt sti'ppni had. IJ 1 yards Ironi.tliu sfrirninagi; lino, •'•itli tlie balf al niidtieiit, ami liouled n WJ-yard drop kicklhat crnsfed lulwirii (he jrftnl i«>hii. loivji'ts of (In; Bill, mil for bug! C'jiii'jll cunn' liark «.il!t ;i («>n ilir'li iw> tli.jl syuu imr-licd over >'. : vpn ij'niut:,. :nir| Itic'poor Lion wtijil'm 'I'lwu (iramwl out.' uf Ihe nwsl ilr.nnalir vat"l line, c^uclil the l.'oincll Kii'kolT. On Ilio iJeail run lie sideMi'p vd anil Mirt- arnn'il Ills way down the lie il 'Al yards for tlie Columbia touchdown Hiat won ilio game. 10-7. -

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