The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1937
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 282 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS JT1IE DOMINANT HBWSPArHyOP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOUIU I'llle Dally News ' " """ ~* "" : ; : : ,___ Olythevtlle Courier Rlylhcvillc Herald niylhevllle Mississippi Valley leader JJ1.YTI1KV1UJ.;, ARKANSAS, KR1DAY, H'lBHUAKY 12, I!W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS JUDICIARY PROGRAM LONG CONSIDER Wife Slays ;[[j|[{S CREST HELEM . ,'nn r\r,r, ^ •. i-mriiu: ruiiiuiiu suup employe, cited > Must Drop 600,000 From '« Di <* s °« Memorial hospital to-jBoi's Qatise Trouble nl .,..„. '_ .. • .. <!nv fi-nm nklnl wnmulc l,uli,.,,,,l j""' ° v-uuoi, I lull,Jit, Ql New Orleans as River _ j PARAGOULD, Ark., Feb. 12 ' (UP)—Louis Gallics. 35, Missouri | '.Pacific railroad shop employe, died. WPA- 17 II , WrA Kolls • to Wilhm Appropriation LEAD HOPKINS CHICAGO, Feb. 12 (UP>- V <lrly from r>lsl ° l WOIW(is Nee|) j by his vvife last , n.ghi iii ii lc <|imr- Authorltles. quoted" Galnes as saying before he died that he was to blame for the shooting which „ --.-_ ._. . .._ occurred while he was lounglnc-i «Sf* Adml »"', tla K»- Harry L.jon a couch In their home about ., .... J() ^ (i| lflsl night. He was shot Rises There PrettyYoung Memphian Kills Herself MEMPHIS, Feb. 12 (UP)—Miss Edna Hopper, prelly Menipiils glri who won a trip to Europe'in . — an American Legion' ']»pulari(y !.'„,.,.„ D contest^ In 1035, was found' Bholj 1 01r ' C K C 0 p C 11 1 11 g Churches Closed Government Order •S DEFY Courier to Poll Sentiment On Roosevelt's Court Plan . Ufipkins went Into u closed ses- . . his state admlnls-, trnlors today and told them .. may be necessary to ask for more than the $1155,000,000 already appropriated to keep up the fight on lavaye-s of flood nnd drouth. Must Cut Costs CHICAGO, Feb. 12 (UP)— WTA Administrator Harry L. Hopkins find his 4t) state administrators conferred today on a way to stretch SC50.000.000 In relief money over four and a half months. The WPA is spending $150,000.000 a month. The worst drouth and flood in the nation's history have swollen relief i>»cds. Hopkins and Ills aides believe they will have to take 600,000 persons off idler rolls to make the money last until July 1. start of a new fiscal year. They prepared to spend today and tomorrow behind closed doors mid decide how .much of the money, can be spent on materials, how much on labor and in what amount for each state. Local project sponsors will be asked to increase their share of financial burdens, they indicated'. Howard O. Hunter, assistant national administrator, said $150. 000.000 wus spent in January to employ about 2.200.000 persons. Jonesboro Protests > „_.... JOHESBORO, Ark.— A campaign •'seeking !p, prevent .the loss -'to . Jpnesboroj-.Qf the "District ''WEA :~ office has been launched by the Chamber 'of Commerce • following announcement that district offices in the neck and in bt s chest. Mrs. Galnes was charged with a t ISarfleld Inday was of six in i-j foot below las| cresl. lo death In her bedroom today. Miss Hopper. 24, a' former student at Western State" Teachers college and popular In sorority anil oilier school activities (or ., headed the milk Disorder and the Here Is your, chance lo have u ly on President Roosevelt's proposal lo revinnp lhe supreme court. U Is In lhe form of a ' nationwide poll conducted by Courier 01 NC.VVS Mid 7(10 oilier newspapers j from eoasl lo coast. In co-opera- tillmi with N1-1A Service. Inc. Approximately 00.000,000 other MEXICO CITV. 1*1,. r> (UP)- ' w » Is<!r ' l " ve Americans, renders papers using N10A „ "" of the Service, . *"'"»« I" ....... ^..uica wu... uiiargeo witn .,,,,,,„,,,,, „ ,. ,„ murder and later released under' MEMPH , TS ', Peb ' 12 Sl.OOO bond L Mississippi river appai mother. Prnoi"im """ " l<> " ul UIUJL- uuui si.\ inch- —"" " - - , --• D rii •' 'Ufcituii-.. was recorded at New Madrid Mem l'his' social life. Miss Hoppei 10 rul Hauls Back m Mo - ' 'l boen n dancing instructor fot n ,• j Levees were iironounced in good i sl vcral mo "'hs. - Operation i condition throughout the Mcm- i liiii-s district. DETROIT, Peb. 12 (UP)—Morel than half the 115,000 men on j New Orleans Fights noils strike or out of work during the' NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 12 (UI'M 44-day General Motors strike will — u - S. Engineers today plumed • He back on production lines Mon- I r ' vc '"''Be sandboils which inundal-1 day, G. M. c. officials estimated - C[1 18 smiare blocks ol "down 1 nl Jonesboro and Batesvill be discontinued and an le wolild tffice to serve the two districts estab- llshcd at Newport. .The change', effective March IG was announced by Floyd Sharp slate WPA administrator. Kenneth Riddle, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, announced that telegrams lo Senators Robinson and Caraway and Congressman Driver are being prepared. Tlie district office has .a payroll, of $5.000 per month , .. . for its personnel located here. Area INeolected in About 30 (o Lose Jobs ' " - a •Mr. Sharp said that the charge was In lino with orders from national WPA headquarters for reduction of the Arkansas project quota to 20,000 workers by June 1. Atoul 30 administrative work- - --- „ , ers will lose their jobs. ! o P"«iH of river valleys in' the Al present 20,000 project' work-1 sou 'hwest, approximately 200 dele- ers are on Ihe WPA rolls in the' 8a[e '' ; to tne Southwest Water state. About 5.000 extra workers J Co " SEr ™ tio " and Flood Control I apparently was Surviving Gaines are Ills widow ' f reslill « "> liele " 11 lo(i! >y as wa- sistcr. Ihrce brothers and his l , cls , J' 6 " 11 "" 0 ", w , lllli11 » few h.m- "" (Iredths of a foot of the 00.26 fool I mark reached there yesterday arrival at a hospital In ah nin- . The water level nt .Memphis J 1 " 1 " 11 ^. Friends who nccompan- iccnlinucd a :gradual recession ami !"' '. ier srllcl sllc hll(l Just arisen lallhoiigh n southerly wind caused 1 I troublesome, wave ncllon no ap-' ' prehension wns felt on this ac- use of trooiisi,,, , • • "~ 7- < -•* •" 1 llils glganllc expression of public -ihilou. No clan siigsjesti'd by President cosevelt has nrou.sed in luent limn his suggested j T,... v, JlbllhJ^ll lllU 111 I IK Ulfl\il lit 1 ] 1| 11(| I [1C campaign of a local news-j were rcporlcd from Orlzab-i to- »•• day us (housands of Catholics! "''l! 1 ' 011 poured Into the town, dcmnmllnsjl „ ''„ , ilm vpni.rniii,. nt nt ,.i i iicosevell lias iirou.sed more com- "' ccl; - | paper.' day ns (housands | The maid at the Hopper home M 'W : ' : the. reopening of churches. Miss Edna shot herself tills Severn! persons were hurt when morning In the front bedroom. }1 a' pllla don't know why." . j fell as . wuiiom-s crovvcieci !„.,„,- „, .She was pronounced dead upon after n representative of Ihe n-! "•"'"' '" -' ' immie mlnlslry refused to j.|vc! wi " lnilt - llpnill(( ' o])inlon, for or Ihem Ihc keys, ' jagainst the plan which would glvu Later a croup entered the tlle I"'™' 1 '''"! power to increase Loiirdfs church, which had been' 11 " 1 ccml ""'mbcrshlp to 16 by •eriu persons were hurt when ...»" HJ.-V .-Mr^i-mi'ii I'liuiiijc- llar of Die Parochial church I ""' nl "I the supreme court. as Catholics crowded Inside} ..|" cs ni '° bolus .drawn slrarjily lol, send or brini: it in (he CoW- ler News olllce. liMiilts of (he Imllollns In this coumimiily vvlll Le printed dally, nlcng wllh n compilation- of na- (lonal returns, rcprosc-nlliiu opinion from coast to const 4 0 c "ilia an lllslciry cf Sujiri'hiu Conrl As these results came In, yon can compare your stand on llils coiv'rovi'rsy .wllh (he views of your own neighborhood, nnd of Ihe nation at larfte. Printed wllh llu> ba'lols. will lie: cx|:;annlory nm'lcr (jlvln" yon ii concisi! view of the MIDI-CHIC Ule <lay - ,•; "ospltal attaches suld a pistol '" llll ' t lui(l: iilerced her heart. ' i count. ] Miss' Hopper was the daiightc ! At 11 a. m. the gauge at Cairo ol Mr - " ntl NI| ' S - J - E. Hopper. He •was 55.72, a fall of .86 of a foot' hci ' b n " employe of tin in 24 lioui-s. Htckman, Ky., regis- l.tered a fall of .7 since yesterday 'and a fall of more than six inch- Memphis Slrect Railway. Cause for her ad was nui. lu- vcaiecl. A popular , member of . HIP. elcctorale Rooscvcll Do\ibls Valiclily of Law Bailing Split Decisions WASHINGTON Pel) 12 <UI>)-- Pic-sldi'nl Hoasovo'd coilild/ned' both a constitutional amendment and Ic-lsltnho ncllon to curb t(ii! powers of the United Slates' sii- nicmr- comt htfoie he nnnlly du- pldid his piesont proposal rcurl us 11 cxlsls Uidny, and n the best plan, souices clo^e l» review of the change. It hns un- Ihc While Hoirp ie\tulcil tocliy »re| ili-i'Ronc since the blilli of the 'Mils icvdalton came as hull' • rallon ic.itlon vxeie nolcd on Cipllol . The long exnecled move lo re- "'" H'al action on the piesident-! form llio • Miuremc courl Is lu'i-c r - j. | maiilfestaiiLs 'from nearby com- j maJorlly? Cause for her acl was not re-! "'"nilles Joined ihose of Orl-1 '•'•^a who In defiance of authority have stormed churches and forced their reopening. ... _ ., Lending Roman Catholics, re- l " 5 '°" r lnlll<1 ' ns wcl1 ns to llncl today. stream" New I! t LL fill IMIIL T I PI IT Tfl r II, H I II U U iw Production eiiiinecrs were bend-] Giant "gutter" pumps, used to r, ., effort to throw lhe $|,-| drain low lying New Orleans. Railroad Street ..h gear by March 1. Orders for! Pumping stations as they spurted! 525,000,000 worth of materials' " lc J'ellow river water out into j Will " were placed. In 69 plants from coast to coast maintenance and : repair men sw.-irrried over the idle machinery checking- ; andv-adjusling. 'By: 1:45 p. in. engineers were able lo re- pprt that production could be resumed Monday in seven cities Detroit, Flint, SaginawSahd -Bay City, Mich., Toledo and Cleveland O., and Munice, Ind/ "•• '••'.• .'•'•, : ' Lake Ponchartrain. The river had steadily risen! until it was slightly over Hood stage of 17 feet. the ,river surge'd,,ag'ainst lhe'' Order, Tlie next n..... „ .„„, •street beer garden controversy authorities woiilcl be , telephoned to here, saying dial llrluniji on l.oca Vole H Is lo answer lliese nuestlons ir mind, as .well as lo llncl the nation stands ns a wnoll! llmt tllc Courier News mid , ng ia difficult to hold the Nf ' A Sm ' lc e plnnncd Mils hallon- wlti poiiulace peaceful unless their du- \ wltie «.vraiioslum. nt lii'.l What do i Anuiliii think of It? ' NBA nnd the Courier News arc providing the 1 .machinery to 'measure (he nation's. feelings on this iil!-tmi>onmil (jnesllon. The answer Is up lo YOU. * ° » l.cndlns l'«|iera Cc~opfi'iif» nn I'o'l Asscelnted wllh (he Courier News in the limning of this poll, a'ro a malorlty of tlie lendln*; newspapers In the United stales. Over mauds-we're granted",'"" " ! While there nre ;other proposal;! I,",", S" Twenty thousand people, ills- for Jucnclal reform In Ihc bill sub-! .„ ' !,',„„„ Ifflinc cnf/l l.ol.l n . I lm<l»n,l l« f~. i.. _ • ,.. ll ' Jl> Olll]' 1 -11'lUUS patches said, held 'a menacing' milled . lo .Congress, the:'main manifestation last night In front.J-Polnl .of contctillon .is the one a 'hundred Millers nf metrouoll sljnl . iln In inleimlse Included In the- list arc all' .........i.un H..TI, unjiit, ] N uunt ,•!•""'. u» k'Miltl'Eluun .IS U1C Olie CYilm,. IImi.,,,1 ,,,„„ ol lhe Orizaba municipal palace.!question: Should the president be J 0 .„ -h,» where Gov. Mlguc-l Alemati of j empowered to increasi; .lli.c sii-. Ft ,,",,1,. conferring Vern Crua state willi local authorities seeking t> -.olution. The crowd demanded that 'prcme Court memberslilp? Mnrk thc . ballot to be printed In tomorrow's issue of the Courier Mo., Star-Times. the young governor find a solu- Ncws . according to your '"vi ' in'lhe Hailrond 'ion that would reopen their! 1 ' 10 fluesttoli. whether you ;fnvbr .; churches despite restrictive laws; I" 1C Plan ^ or are opposed' to It. Aleman went out on .a balcony I After you have .marked the'' l)nl- ""empt by "'"'' clmrlcs Ahr,(« Corey, filer . . ,,ans e ^straining levees,' great streams' l " nm , of water shot up from thc streets I Bilrricn operators, to compel city floodms ia,square, blocks , v - '' j'°- f .'F'J ls - ''J° > Issue... them, ,-licenses ' 1 ' '' Dock irmy of water ... Jlocks ,v- • I:--.;".- -«••' '• v>ul; .--mem.,-licenses board;'arid Unlled v :stalesj r :' e --'' snlc . of ]>eer ' '?.'«-nnder- . ..) ineers- plugged • the', flow from the boils 1 after aer raiding saloons for men and mobilizing prisoners from the house an, Ju" '° e "°"' cle tlle toils | with sandbags. Hampton Reynolds, consult!.]" engineer .for .the -dock board said" ' '' Sourhwest Is Told . Confer ence LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 12 (UP) — Stressing flood control and devel- still nre nrea. duty in the flood C0l "'cntion met here today. Revenue Agent Will Aid j State Income Taxpayers Trager Freeman, state revenue ^ department agent, will be in 'Os- ceoln on February 23 and in Bly- thevilte Febniaiy 24 and 25 to assist Mississippi county residents in preparing their, slale income lax Gov. Carl E. Bailey was principal speaker cltiriii" morning session. "Flood conlrol cannot come ' the the returns, it has been announced by Avenue Commissioner D ave L. ^ ----- ,_ „„._ ti ^ t;u _ nitration we can.' have reservoirs in a new year that w take care of the next flood menace." Comparing retarded development in the Arkansas, White and Black river valley to other river basins V ,nm nr d Vh^'bcen o . i f' cs °f 'he government for ton Single persons with annual in- many years" IIYtni* r.t A1 =nn _ . . . • * . comes of $1,500 and more and niarried persons with incomes of V.500 .mil more are required to lile rctirns. Firemen Called to Cafe "Tlie Arkansas valley is the onlv great tributary of the' Mis- sisslDpi that has not been developed. We have been as a forgotten country and 'it is mostly our fault. "We In Oklahoma have got lo • I v Ihrin g our soil back nnd ii> " T° re Ca11e<l lo the [advantage of onr slreams lo lain , Mfc> 317 Wesl Malujoetler freight rates." Anxiety y ns CARUTHERSVILLE, ' ^^o, Feb - ™' h The attempt will be In the na(»re of a petition' recking an order by Chancellor J. p. Gantney compelling issuance of lhe licenses. Tlie conlroversy, sidelmcked during tlie Hood and hieli water fl?ht, has not been forgotten according lo Roy Nelson, city nl- lorney, and Ihc matter will be brought lo a head soon. < A charge of operating, without a license is pending ngalnst now of the palace ami told the crovyd Ihnl. he'ulcl. do, nothing .as.:he niiisl enforce the laws forbidding public worship. .The crowd, turbulent-and -angry. Invaded -the palnce" and "'A'lcmnh and other conferees fled by a sirt'e .Then Ihe tnanlfestaiils vyent lo the Parochial and other churches and forced Ihem open. refugees u '"'l U-, .... return to thei n> IIILI. ..u,,^;, uliii Dt the hard job of rehabilitation Caruthersville is still caring for about four to five. hundred refugees but .sickness' is somewhat abated, although there arc yet enough cases lo demand continuation of the Methodist Church basement as a hospital for adult cases and the Presbyterian Church basement for treatment of juvenile illnesses. 0( beer along thc street, where conditions caused lhe city c lo instruct city officials lo action to close the places, con" id forced them open. ; K»; i • - w; t , V • : " Federal l-oops on guard outside. OCnalol ' s Want to K.11OW the churches did nothing except! How Fav PnMir Pi at Dolores church. .There' they I ' V " . ''' Llt>llC ' fired .over the heads of the man!-1 IS Hemo Expanded festunls but did not stop (hem. T . b ' Boxer Confesses and Im- Padlock Applied to Caruthersville Resort CARUTHE!!SVILLE. Mo. Feb 12— Continuing a [ 0 rid tained Pemiscot county of "dives and nil place* of ill repute." Prosecuting j Attorney R. w. Hawkins has ob an order lor lhe closing of a resort, operated by Jess Wil-son in the old- Bill Monan place at the edge ot town of Ihe Chule road. Trailer Is Demolished at Yarbro Crossing' 7> Thc driver of a Southwestern Transportation company truck es- .... ,,«n,.,, K ilsil , 115l raped serious Injury when the ""bert Ulley's Crescent Night - Sheriff John Hosier padlocked the place, the sixth ( 0 be closed Hawkins inaugurated his p camjxiign last November. are Frcel's place at Wardell. Tiill's place at Hayll. Bill Dye's place al Carulhersville, the Skinner night club west of Hayll, and lhe' Bob Winlers place south of Holland. Proceedings are pending against I Gir ' s Study Art of Cliarm \t s\ i I Gir ' s Study Art of tvew Orleans Cotton \ HONOLULU <UP> - serv (truck was struck "by n Fri"co ! cllll) nrar .passenger Irain at the Highway 61 Yarbro crossing about 8 o'clock Ihis morning. The trailer of the cab-trailer comblnalton was practically demolished and Its contents were scattered about the railroad right of way. Re . NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 12 (UP) —Cotlon closed unchanged to four points lower after a quiet session A mile outside selling and hedging agalnsl released of loan col- Ion provided most of the operations. open high low close 1255 1255 1253 1252b 124G 1247 1244 1244 1234 1234 1231 1231 .— • >-.., . i\t- } serves In Hawaii nre studying the art of being charming. They have adopted courses that include "It's More Fun When you Know the Rules." "Boy Dales Girl." "Modern Hairdress" and "Tlie Art of Makeup." • -. : • Mai- May Jill Oct. Dec Jan Students Live Up to Name HUNTINGTON, Ind ( UP) _ youngest entrants on record at the high school here are jane and Jay.Young. Jane was 12 w hei . The train was the second section of the St. Louis-Memphis passenger train and consisted principally of express cars The Holland. Ash Street Shooting Costs Onlooker's Life plicates Manager Jack Torrance of NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 12 (UP) — Arthur Huttlck, New York heavyweight boxer, nnd Herb Urodie manager of Jack Torrance. the World's former champion shot put star from Louisiana Slate University, now turned boxer, were arrested today on charges of violating Ihe state boxing laws. Hutlfck allegedly confessed to boxing officials In Baton Rouge that he was Instructed lo fake being knocked out in his .scheduled fight . Tonancc in Daton Rouge last Wednesday night. Hiillick was billed, under the name of "Jack Willis." He disappeared just before the bout. Police apprehended him the next day. Htitlick implicated Brodie In his confession. He said his conscience would not let him go through with "thc fiasco.'" The arrests were ordered by LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 12 (UP) — A resolution to ascertain bow many new jobs, departments and commissions have been crcntcd ')y the nfty-flrsl general assembly in -Ms 29 days of work, was in- Irodnced In lhe scnale today. Tlie resolution, written by~Scna- lors J. Paul Ward of Batesville and Hoy Miluin. Harrison, directed the office of the state, comptroller lo mnke such a ' survey and report Its findings at lhe earliest possible moment. The senators sponsoring the resolution urged that the exact number of new Jobs being creal- cd and the salaries paid be included In the report. Senator Ward, in discussing thc rcschitlon, said it wns not Intended as a "slap" at the administration but ns a protection mcpsure for legislators who possibly have lost (rack of the jobs and thc commissions they have created. "l never thought of asking such n thing until I attempted to obtain some information on what \vc had done nnd discovered no one knew e.vnclly what had been accomplished," Ward said. The house In Its morning session placed the administration's sales ta.x measure on I lie calendar for first and second readings and passed the Toney auto drivers license measure by n vote of 57 lo 14 Springfield. Mass.. .'Republican. HuMon Ma^s, 'innscrlpt Cecil i Hniilds, la Gn/cltt Atlnnln, .Ga., Journal. Fpakanr- Wash, Chronicle ' . f'alelph N C Hews it Obscrvci Amurllto, Tex., Globe-News I'corla. Ill, Rlar' - P.orlngfleld 111 Slate Jomnnl ' Minneapolis, Ailnli Slai ^IJ^pg^t, Me, News MliVAnuleM Cal npnlne News f Wilkc^Uane, Pa 'rimes-leader ,; Madison, \vK, Capllal-Tiims ' Wichlli}, Kan,, neacoti .l.-Tc-pekn,- Kaii. 1 . Cnpltiil. "•Trenton rT i(, 'limes ' ( Scinnlon, f'n.,' Tribune. South Bend, Ind News-Times San Angolo.Tox Slandaid-Tiuies Dubuijiio, - fai;- Tclcgraph-ffcrald, ': Miami, ria , News , t Dnnvllfe, ,Va , Rcghler nnd Dec ; Syracuse, N. '/., Herald. Milwaukee, Wis., Journal St. 1'nul, Minn., Daily-News. I'alias, Tex., Dispatch. Ti:;sa. Okla., Tribune. ecstlons Charges He Was UnwillingGroom Wounded by a stray bullet in an Ash Street brawl Sunday af- - ternoon. Abraham Norwood, died late yesterday in the Blytheville Irving Pochc, secretary of the ""'£ ^"ssiouiReemployment Service S/t'hea; ?,<c v casf* H Wil! Open_OHce ' I Tlie National Rcemployment Service will open nu office in , /-. .i -it vr, BlJ'thovllIc soon al which rcsl- 10 LarutherSVllle lYlanjclents of Mississippi county, seck- [ing employment, . may register CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —Fu-i without going to the district Of- hospital. Officials today thai negro, slayer of C...M. .„..; -- --i""~ v.vja. me UIIK.MU nm Southwestern Transportation com-1 Fred Stewart, negro, slayer of pany. which 0)>crates the trucking! Norwood, would be charged wllh line is a subsidiary of the Cotton manslaughter. He will face pre- ijcll railronti ~ i; . - ._., .. . Belt railroad. The truck was traveling east on lhe highway .and the train was going south. . limlnary examination Tuesday. Others who have been arrested in connecllon with the shooting and knifing Include Elols (Red) ; ^ n liyo 1190 1190, U ff. 4 vu.J5. .uauu was i'^ when ^hp 1M U9 ' "n«kl!Sf£ ""T rreSll ' UOn »W-W» !S • „„. --•• **.'"'. 1193bi mester, Jay was 11 < when' isn „„ 2 ?°f, cl ? sod 1"let at 1305, off tered and was only M w i 1 " Sl . 1 graduated nn honbr student. ' ' ---—• -vfi, *igtu juu ana 93 respectirsly. have celebrated (and Russell Hampton and Ihcir >i__5t» „.. A . r»nmr irsr, Hampton, all ne- Norwood is said to have driven to the scene of' tlie disturbance wllh lhe Hamptons bill was not »»" f " llcr ' grces. participating in he wns shot. the brawl when Sudden Illness Fatal neral services were held here Ihis afternoon from the H. S. Smith Funeral Home for John Lee. 65, with the Rev. D.'K. Foster, pastor of Ihc First Baptist Church, conducting the services. Mr. IjCe died Thursday morning about four o'clock nt the home-Of Tobe Downing, his brother-in-law, near Canady Switch. He had gone (here lo visit Wednesday afternoon, and became 111 suddenly, passing away before' medical aid could be summoned. Ht! Is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Vcmon Campion, Mr. Downing, his brother-in-law, and other near relatives. (ice at Jonesboro. This branch office, which will be located .in lhe courthouse, will lie In charge of Harry p. Wilson, who Is now engaged in a survey to determine the labor which will be required for flood rehabilitation work In this county. It Is the puriXMc of the National Reemployment Service lo find work in private induslry for as many as possible of those now out of employment. Essenllal to Ire accomplishment of this purpose^ Is a complete registration of' those desiring work and lhe cooperation ol ^employers In • listing their labor requirements with the -service.' u - might he di'laved 16 allow national sentiment lo u>- -slnlta further H un 1 . Irainecl tluil Mi vcll has been comirteilng- a judicial y progiam foi one and onc- hntf jeai , his uoik llnnllj cul-~ minallnif In hK 4|icclnl lo congicss last \\eeJ. Alfcin.iflvos nliniiu,,,, Wllh Ally Gen Ifomei S Cum- ' iiilngi and Soliclloi General Slan- Icv ftecd ns his dilef udvlscis, Ml Roosevelt was icveakd as Imvliu; • eliminated iiasslblllllos of fl con- stUiillotial nmcmtmcnt 01 consici- slonal nctlon to cmb lhe coiufi iweii on these gr.ounds l —001111111111011,11 amendment ,. Mi Roosevelt was Hpres.cnled ns feeling any attempt to amend' the conslltiillon, even If success fill, would lake loo long n. Hline x MeanvUille Ihc countty \vould be villhout, Ihc cconomte social le«I Matlon thc administration believes ~' ! , Essential , In adclttton the preildent, Omn-~ mini's and Heed decided that nny organlycd opposlilon \)fluld have , Ultle cllificulty In blocking rnli- ncallon of a'conslllntlohnl amendment In 13 stiiies. enoui-h (o kill the' j>rdgriini. Ihnilils Cnnsdhiliomlilj 2—Congiesslonal ,leeJs'tttlDii lo cmb lhe coml's pouci-s Mi Roosevelt eliminated llils course of action, it was leanvd, Lciausc he consldcicd a law pio- vldlng thai n law coiilc! be held uncciiEilliillonnl only by a specified vole of (he s'upreine court ' would be itself unconstitutional ~,-, White Rouse *-[Juicci said Mi *--Roosevelt based lhnt,lheor> inige- 1> on Ihc history of English com-,. mon law which held ovei a long* peilod that a slmi)?>!|i majoritv- of any couit Is all'tlntiis luces- t sary lo pass on legislation ,,., Scililoi George W Morris of Nebraska, one , of Mr. -Roosevelt's most, faithful supporters, is .re-r ported to be In doubt a^, (o tl(f wisdom of the course Dually de% lei mined upon by the president 1 Following a confcicnce it the! White House yeslcrday Scnalor. Noirls told rcporkrs that Tiff would support the president's plan* only as a last, resort. He ex- * pressed himself as- hi: agreement'" wllh Ihc presldenl .as-16 lhe need _ for some curb upon lhe'supreme conrl but indicaled Hint he favored legislation providing Hint n mere majority of the high' court could not hold • an acl of congress unconstitutional! Fine and Jail for ; Negro Chicken Thief Roosevelt iMcans,'. negro chicken Ihlcf, was fined-$25 and sentenced to 15 days in jail by Municipal I Judge Doyle Henderson this morn- - ••ing. .' . Means said that he had purchased thc chickens from a "high water.'! negro when first taken into custody but later changed hi", story and .pleaded guilty to the . larceny charge. iBulch..McCnll was..fined J10 on a charge of .public, drunkeniv.* First rcporling lie. was l-.ldn.ipcd by five unidenlifled men. Attorney Quin O'Brien, lower photo, 66, later told police he had been forced to accompany Margaret ' Euslice, upper photo,' 30, from Arkansas-Missouri > Truck Parley Put Off Tlie meeting of' representatives of the Arkansas and Missouri state revenue -departments, sched- j uted to have been held In St. Louis today in an effort to arrange an agreement between thf j two slates coneernlnj truck h- I cense regulations, hns been' postponed. O. W. McCutchen was to have RCconipauied n. L. Ford, state- conniiissioner, .of revenues. WEATHER" Chicago to Morrison,'ill,'where j Ark.insos-Partly clourtv they • were marncd. O'Brien m i0ulll am) ccl changed his story .: after it was revealed a mart bearing his name was wed during the nc- rtod he, was mlsslfil?. fie' Is art assistant .corporation"Courisel ot Chicago, •" ' ... — —. easl poilions tonight Saliliday ' partly clourrj. slightly coldei' Jn .no'rlh'vx'esl portion! 'MemphLs '-'hnd^vMcinity — P.artly cloudy and warnier tonight Saturday increasing ^'cloudiness, pos,-, sibly followed by rain. '

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