The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1934
Page 4
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''AGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS IHI COOIUEU NEWS CO., POELI8HBU 0. B. BABCOCK, Ultor H. W. HAENEB. Adverttmif Bole National Advertising Arkansas Dallies, Inc., N^w Vork, Ohlc«go, Wroit, 6t, LouU, Dallas, Kicu*s CIly.Mcmphl*. PublfjUied Every Arteniaou EXCCDI Entered as second ulncs matter it the post ofTicc nt BiyUicrllle, Arkansas, under set of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served DV tnn United Preu SCJBSumprroN HATES By carrier in me wty or BiytuoviJle, ISO per ircek or J6.50 per year lu tdvtnce. By mall within n radius of 60 mile*, 13.00 t»r rear. 5!,5tt icr s« Dionirji, 85o for three nioatlu; by mall hi postal zones two to six, Inclusive, Iti.SO per year, In amcs seven <mo eight, 110.00 pci year, payable In advance, 0;je Black Tile Aniiislice Day oljsiTvnnfc anil (lie accompany ing celebration l>y Uio American Legion of the completion uf its splendid new home were su I'uiu in almost every respect Unit we I'eel a bit ungracious in tallinfc attention to Hie one (law in a program that was otherwise- ;illoj,'«UiLT praiseworthy. J!ut evil.s are not eliminated l>y over- touliiiij; Ihein. And carnivals til' llu: kind tliiil came lit'i'c for Die ct'k'ljralioii are a moral and ecunoink' evil. They are an iilVrunt to civic decency and coinnuinily .sell' reaped, tin iiiMill lo lliosc who come hi'ix; as our guests, a .source of serious luss (u logitiniiili' Why, in the IIKIIW of common suiise and (joinmon decency, should we hesitate ii> liar .such enterprises permanently and coii!|>li>i<;ly ? BLYTHEVILLK. (AKK.) COUHIEIl NEffS Needjor Cons(ruclit)c Opposition A, )«)liliv;t| parly is Hie iii.slniiitiml through whit-It eitiv.ens iiii|»iuio their will on their Kovcrnmenl. As a Insil- UT of praclicnl pulilics, it has lu o|icr- ale through a honle ol' .smiill oll'ice- lioldcrs and a small group of leaders, with a few financial supporters in Hie background. Once in a while il happens that this parly machinery will travel in unu direction while the threat mass of the pi-'oplo' aro (nivoliiiK the other way. When that happens, tin.- party can do one of just two things; it can change its direction, or it can pass out ol' existence. It almost looks as if the. Republican party today were facing such a situation. * • • To l;e sure, there have linen landslide elections in this country before. From 1920 Uu'on^i 1928, Uic Democrats .suffered a scries of crushing reverses—to revive and return in triumph in 1932. Hut what has happened to tile Grand Old Party is something else again. The people have been through four very hard years. These years not only uroughl much sull'ering mid hardship to many people; they made a great many people profoundly dissatisfied with the past and highly distrustful of the future. The cJfeds, l.-r now, arc obvious. OUT OUR WAY The people. are no longer content to lie wooed in the old phrases, nor do they fear proposals which arc- new and untried. They want somebody, somehow to do. something that will make a repetition of the recent disaster impossible. * * * There we have lh« explanation ol' the current landslide. Most of the lU'jmblican leaders let themselves appear in the position of those who offer nothing but criticism. No policy \vns dH'crcd—q'xccp't,) by implication, the policy of returning to the old ways. Since the overwhelming mass of iho people were going in the oilier direction, we got a landslide. Now when a nation gets into a mood like oiii-s, it may go on and do something great and line—or it may run right into a deep ditch. It is precisely for Hint reason that a revival of the Republican party is so greatly needed. There is ti place for an intelligent and aggressive conservative party—a party to speak for those who feel that we may go too fast in our journey toward a new social order and who do not J'eel that the depression has made all 'of mir old institutions worthless. The Kepublican party can perform that function; but only il! it heeds the warning of the election, adjusts itself to (lie •lumper of Uie people and skips trying to swim directly against the current. —Unite (.'attoii. Meraj for a Gangster SliiU'8 which provide capita) punishment for the crime of murder usually have a law under which a jury convicting a man of lirsl dugree murder can add to iLs verdict a recommendation for mercy. Such a recoimneiida- Muii prevents the death penally, making life imprisonment mandatory. A provision of I hat kind is essential. Hill the things juries do with it arc sometimes very hard to nmlcrsLund. A jury in Toledo, U., recently tried " big shot gangster. He WHS 'accused of having directed the killing of lour "(her gangsters, in typi^i gangland style. The jury found him guiity—Ijut recommended mercy. Offhand, one would think a gangster the last person to de.sen-e such a recommendation, tie was either guilty of the murder or not guilty. If not guilty, hu deserved acquittal; if guilty, it is hard to think of any reason why (.lie Jury should go out of its way to extend leniency to him. ! Social Ifgisliillon hiis been eninlny momentum • in Kngluml for 30 years. ;„ die United Slates i il Is just ucelnning lo be considered seriously. . -Commander Stephen King-Mall, British ccoii- omisl. * » • H is lo make Communism both unnecessary ami impossible Uial we want lo sea vigorous nelioii tor Socialism. —Normim Thomas, iamous Socialist. • * • I sot a clmrley-horsc in my iirm Iron, shnk- tii(! hands, and my leys arc stiff [rum slums on cushions on the floor. —Cube lluth in Jnnau. Bv Williams SIDE GLANCES Bj George Clark THIS CURIOUS WORLD INVENTED Ol-FOCAL LEHSED G LASSES IN ORDER. THAT HE MIGHT SEE HIS POOD AND ALSO THE. LADIES ACROSS THE TABLE. ^5>;-~. ^jg^fefr* TUKSUAY, NOVEAIBEK 13, 1934 KENORAKfi ItHdlM IIKIIi; TODAY Wlivii CIIAIU.US UOIIIIJON, rc- luirllT lor Tin, HllMlL', Ik found ilrnil JM.\ HI.KEKKH, ni.l.n",".^,,, SlnXMV (ill l|c|'. r,,m,,',» lTllll1nlll.l K F»l. I0 »UlM. 111,. uu,,,| vr . Jlnnlr/i limr liiTri rt^'i^i!,-,,,!,,.. ll;r iilfnlM ur l-'ltA.VK II (;*" •II AV w,,,!,!,, „„,] yro,,,,,,^,,,, lolhtttlllK (III! ,IITC«I III nil liunu,. nir I'hHnihi); lu |,,. cmiiny iiml m... Tim .Illy lollunlliK .Uorili-n-i ilrjiIJi Callmy Ulc.s ur iiohonln^ Hrla Iniru* Sliinlcn tail vKdnl ilif ii[iiuuui.iit uf Al.n;|.) i.oii. JO.\, [ircliy iiHd unriliiiliivvil. lltf I'onrrnnl* Allen iild, ILKSSKTII IIIIU.M.:, iii'i'iisrn UK. iKilr nrkilllnj; ilnnlrii. .'Hid I he) nrc iirrculctl. MIIS. HI,A,V(;llU HIAI.oXli. I'll i>hi>lii MIIS. CATHAY mill UAH I. ItAl.'I.VI-:, 4k'lf,'llvc criuiNijTi) hy JUT, liaio IJITII K<.;ir|.!ihj. 1.^ l,». c:itL>il. <;rljr n ranri'r?iii'e J ail lxvcta llJt.' ifio lintel . , Jn .llurklej. I* KlLisf,, K . Tlicj- llnil rilAIH.i:s riSlir.ll, Cnlliaj'. I:i«JIT. inllilni; in i; lc j,|,|. •VOW GO OS WITH Till: STOHV (JIIAPTUU XXXV who Is helplessly trapiieil before the examination even Btni'ta. "Just how we foil ml out about yon." lie said, "doesn't manor. Wiwt «•« aro [Jrimarllj. Intorosteil hi Is tlic reason for your falsehood sho. l[.q,nlrccl. to l);o jwlloc." "Nerd you ask? "Naturally I didn't want lo get mixed ii[i in a crlmo. Thoy ralhur suspected 1 wus a fomalo hanilit who hail Iweii balding up service stations. Aflor that they got tho fdca thai my companion was on tho iloilRo and had beou driving n car while Vou can linag- ino how sweet a nosltton I'd have bccu In lo Imi'o had my picture on llio front pages of tho news- nailers aa Ihe woman who was held under suspicion ol bciiiK the bobbed-haired bandit who had been robbing service stations and who had teen picked up whtlo driving , with a Hum who was Intoxicated" r'HAIlI,K8 KISllBil uvlstctl hisj "The iiiuno then," he said, "that lips in a sheepish smile, "(icn- 5'ou We. tho police was falsa?" "Ot course, it was false." Kisher suddenly grow accusing. Ho stood with Ids feet spread apart. Ilia ulg frame seejiicd to crouch, ns though ready to spring. Ills right arm was extended, fle.Md at the elbow. Uia rlslit forefinger pointed accusingly al Iho girl anil was held less lhan n foot from licr face. "I n in going to sivo you one chance," ho said, "and one chance only lo Bliow your good faith in tills mailer. Do you know anything ahout iirlson, young woman?" , lleincn," he oald, "may [ congratu- lalo you upon your perspicacity." drift met his gaze steadily. "I want lo cougi'itirlalo you." ho said, "upon your nulek prcsenco ot mind. I wasn't certain that you had scon us In the lobby when we cnKTed the hole!." "U'ill you please," s;ij ( l i] lc young woman In tones ot Icy illgnK/, "ex- phiiu to me liio meaninj; of Ihls— all three of you?" Kislicr's smile faded from his [.nee. Mo flanccd Bigiiilk'aiilly nt llio ci'lniHiolo^ist. "Cloiitlcmcn." he said, "I had, as you know. Just ciilcrcil Iho room when you knocked. 1 had not had nil opportunity lo stal.o tho purpose ol my errand to Miss Moklcy. I ONCE FERTILIZED, A SPIDER. " -' ; WILL CONTINUE TO't^V FERTILE EGGS FOR. ABOUT FOUR. YEARS/ . o 193* ar NCL scnvicc, n.c. ||.T5 In sjililcrlantl, the mnlc Is, yvillioiil Ooubt. the weaker of ilr exes. He usually Is smaller limn his male ami very mud. afraid of her. His fears arc wc-ll rounded, for it i s (1 ui l( .. Sl commoll p| . 0 . ccdiirc for Ihe male lu serve as a meal for his sixmsc is tbi' larsrcsl crcdilor nattun'.' VJOULD VOU KIND EMOUGH 70 CUT THET WOULD YOU BE A KIND EMOUGH /'\ TO CUT THAT OUTV Life Begins at Five; Right Advice and Training deeded !!V l)l{. M01IKIS Milor. .Toiinvil ni t|i MlllhIK I what belongs to inhors. American II should iinclerctatid lhc riijli Medical Avimialiim, .,,„! ,,f of I lie leather !., lr l| il \vhal"l< IlyKt'ia, llu: Health .Maf.i/.inc |dc>, and it .should ;<lw> respect -lhc The (ivc-ycnr-oitl child Mauds Dili authority of |)olicc»ira ami MK: I lie threshold ot lilr. The help responsible ullidids and advice ol il.s IIIIITIIL, may dc-1 - • leriiiine Ihe MICCC-.SS m - laihnc (if | Children ol live years- waul U il-s entire character, j lull akinit Ilieir ' tu-iv At (his period lhc [uo-vear-old r i»'c.s. They shmild In is likely to leave the lioiur to en- "PPO'Lnnity tu lit fur more It you let me nsli the question*!. After I havn Hnfslied you are. of course, ill lib risk any i.iicsliuns lhal yoi ('.riff nodiled. cashed a large check at (ii? i whero bo waj slaying. The chci was drawn upon the banli In iti vc view whero Mr. Cathay keeps h account. Tho clicck was signed, a paronlly, with tho slgnaluie tVrink IJ. Cadiay. it was a d forscry, an excellent fort-cry— forftry whlcli been long hcarBed. "Tills tiiiperfotiation was no ca ual matter, no Idle vagary ot common crook. It was ji tlilti which bad Ions been planned tli!a man's mind, somcllilnti Uu had been carefully tlioiiBbt out. « know of that check which »: cashed. \Vo do not know what el. was done. There may liavc tier other chocks cashed. There in; have been oilier frauus iicnielrau 1 It is even possible luat this HID had. on previous occasions, rcpr sciilci) himself as trellis Frank I Calhay and sowed the eceda > crime which liavc ye< lo mnl EIt eyes lost their sliltcrins assuraiico. Slic was no longer sure of hcrscir. Hiie spoke with a -"Why." she askcil, "should I know iiooul prison?" ,_ , „ ,,,, u ., lt ,, 4t „, „„„ „.„„ "Because," he said, "llial is whore I'" 13 '"wencd. I am going to ct you aro ^oiiis unless yciu arc very. very careful. It happens, youiif; wish." woimin, that I am an attorney. 1 am an attorney who i.i r«pro.icnUii|; — j^., ,,,^ „..,,,i h uiu^.^^ vim in of course, al liberty, to very careful. It happens. in mil KU ..-oilaln." Miocker iho cslalo nf Krank u. t'alha'v siii^ but jv].«l . " !|,vank II. Cathay b the man who Naturally. Cirlff t.n.ko In. "Mr. | wan Impovsonatcd l lv tl,i 5 com- '' ;r li " ()VVS n""'o alimit Ihe mat- paiiion who was wlld'on" ler than we ilo.. lln'a in a position to ask more intelligent questions." d , " ' ' "111 rjt'JJH,' I'J f;iVO VII ^ Ihank yini," said Fisher with iim-lnully. and nnly naa "Yes." ijlie aald In a ivciih voice. "I ajii Kolni; to (;ivo yim one op- young woman, "tu know what tilts Is all alioiit." Kisher faced her and timed nc- ciiFliisly iulo her nleri Much eyes. "When yon gave llio name of Mary liriEgu lo Iho yolk-c," hi- KiSU.'. ull tho w-liolo "aiul Insisted thai you were .1 hilch- ijuu [ o ..pare - nliy." Fisber bellowed. "I want Hie truth ami iho whole Irulli. Von savo llio ijolice a false name. You also gavo llio police a false story 'iboiit liclns a hilcli-hikcr." b'ho lioddeil mulely. "I want you." Fisher said, "to story. I don't want 1 want the _ w:| , 1, kcr yi,u must have known thai, story from i,cgl D «| us t ( , end." rdl I nr' T *T B °'" K '" ! "' «^^'t guilly of anyihiug," siic called upon lo malic a inoro com- j said "I only Pleto explanallo,,." | -y,,,, ,, OI ,. t '^.^ (v , 1( . Uicr ^ were Kullly ci jinjTIiiui; O r not." Kislier liDomed. "You made your- s °lf an nrcpinplfco. You were an Her li[>.i p.irtctl. Her (iiiicl,- breath-1.-icccssory after/iho fact- You lied IIIB showed her smldcii agitation.! lo [lie polieo when they were mah- Kim look two slop.! mill dropped ! IIIR nu luvcfllfentioii. Therefore In " 1 1 C '' : ' ir " tlloUB '' lhc sircnstl: ; the eyes of Uic law you are equally ' 'I'HI-.' yoims woman .•••(urcd at him 1 J - with eyes thai shnvlv widened.' had lell her knees "How did you lint] out?" flske.i.3. Flalior'B smile ivaa the smil.. „....„. .„„ „„„„„,..„ ,„,,,„ , !ow lllal B vigorous aiiorney who is aliiml; Ihis man was not I'rauk li. Calliay fo i-inhark uiran the croab-osainina- i at all. hut was an impostor. I may I Hiuiiy with llio ma,, whom you wcro .•issisliiii;. Yon assisted him | Lu escape, iinseaihcd, from a polict- ' net. Von doubtless realize now lhal themselves maulfesi. Therefor young woman, you have definite placed yourself Iwyond tlio pale < the law." ' • • • [MSIIHR glowered at her. "l!ut sho said, "1 was entirely inn :nt. . . ." "Vou were Jtol innocent," the la' Iyer Intci-runleil. "You were tec uically anilly. Yon were noil. ; ficcomiilico anil accessory after tl fact. Von assisted a felnu to 'lohi iho Inw. Therefore, tho law ea you yourself nre guilty." "HiH 1 didn'l know lhal aim tlio law," sho said. "Ignorance or lhc law excuses . one," Fisher told her. "How, uud' those circumataucea and with comjilelo hnowledgc of UIAI ivhi< j ^ -- lu.ion yon to mako a coiniilele _. ncciirato Blalemcut of Unit whh occurred. Tliero can lie no Ignc mice on your part of (he law no 1 You understand whal It Is. do yc not?" "Yea." sho said. "You niidcrslMjd if yon loll ai lica now you aro making yoursc ;ui accessory after IIic fact rttid Hint ts Just tu snions aa thou? you liai! commilled the crime yuii self." "Yes." she sniil. "if you say so "I do say so." ho said. "I ,. a lawyer and I know. Here, I w £i*'o yuu ono of my cards." Mo milled a card cairn from h poekcl. fished out a card. whl]ip< it annul in a flourishing halt rirc nntl presented it to her, holding// in front oC her face. ^ "Tiiko II.- he said. Ilia booming . soico nilcd li roiiin. Ho wns not shouting. Il ir. rather 03 thousli ordinary coiivere lion eoming In orer'n radio hi been so amplified by a dynam speaker that BOIIIH! flllcil eve uuok and corner of tlio room. Tim girl took the c.ird with fliiivcrini; hand. She stared at steadily for several seconds. "What is it you want?" she asie (To He. Coiiiinucd) -- . Uou ot a helpless wllnesa, a wiincss i further tell you lhal lids man I " .s.rll.T HIM—nn ) Ilic ni- 11 [, iiiTrw hr rtilttnn Mrs. Vint was IB •curs old v.-l'cn she died recently. The CnmiinLje.ams snici uu : hrn ins hati-hcd in 19M, had liiicl ogt every year until this year. •"ountain Pen Dangerous At Higher Altitude LOS ANCJKLES (UP) — Dim't ipcn your (oiintain pen while lly- ns at higli altitudes! " The principle involved u Jlns warning Ls iiim';.siii(;iy j is .Miuilar to which niportanl to air travelers today inicofto. placed n :h c . [Hare •lew of continued development of | Dully ivarin, lo l»il at hiah n Littlewood. chief engineer of! left, tilt- arouiul. Himnle ni lua tr.c flcel m ti-ii Dunsias trans- sure is decreased and the loiveri liort pianos no:v Hiring enmple-.of exlcrior pressure causes I on lor nis eonurany. t i.,; nt , J(i out iphenoineno.i within the coJ Ilia- reduced air pressure above jcnntaim-r ; ,s il dues in the U.OOu Icet make:; the iouni.iin [Kn .sue. I da.)!;e;ous. Unless Hie pen liai an ' nir leak, pressure within n !c . i n |; el'.a.uber uill rcinitin as it was on Uic ynninci, he said. Then, as the : GENEVA. O. (Ui'i— One of I argest inu-sfcics ever eaiijjhl in I ;ieyel;ind area—a lli-pounclc, tho Grand : "lien the cap is remove;!. The I displayed in a grocery store i ttow. Kelly used » casting rod i nriiliclal hait. f:. o. r.'s i;at ir,,ooit "DUB CLEVELAND. (UI>) - Hoi d.' iimnbsrliiu 45,000. 15 barrels OUKIJOAKIMNG B.OUSE L»v Ahci VKNOW, MRS. HooPLE" 1 -- V>/hV£ "BlifcM NHtiHBOUS TOP-. YEA'RS.AND I'D BE "THt LAST' OME TO COrAPLWN-^'BUT ~'r\t tec kltulergarleii m i)l. H': should be ahle by lliis lime to tilings may not M expcri- :ivcn every l)e wtial thev thonijli to lie of iir,- walk alone on lhc Aiieei nith a P''H»nce ID .lie |«ir.-nl.s [ty fair amount of kafety. to nm mill | m '' illls '' u ' ''hild loams proper | climb without too much elaiuji'V. ]" f _' r " 1|illll " < ' : ""' expression iind lo avoid trouble ulun it' ir. neur. He.should l«> ul:le Li ::,.( ,,'druTK for liimself, to BO . 0 11,,- loile! when In- needs lo. and in -.vuili his liands aflerwards uiihnni. hcin; lOld :il»Il! i. rjn-h tjm,. Clillririn ol ibis ;iqc frrqiic-nlly make I'.elleve and u-ll .stories (Vial .seem rather l:ill. Imt, \ii(|i \mi\K\training tlii.s i.s Hi- nqe vxiien Iliey ran he laiiKlil the disiinclion l:c- iween liulh mid falseluwd. Jtl" ItOll llR-ds <>I ((„. C |,,|(| •riw. i- , I' 1 !' ' lvl nerd e;urlul -iMr-ntum •«-r-tr\;^ invll coal. :i|l.l h:,.. ;, ni | , lii;, play (nines ;,!(.( j,, ished witli HH-DI. In ly^ieiie Ihid. every [iu-.w-i'ir-old us imtliim on M. m , , ,,|., .| 1(| ; , ,„" /V\AKt A STABLt Oin MY CbATsKGE, tW9 T-EKR, -I'LV. "BM • AR011T OWN1NO ARAcv- »AQPSP ^ TPOfA H\S VLUG H/^r ' ABOUI OWN I NO /\ K/\c._ UCJHbc )l ^ -THAT HORSE IS AMD WES PLfxNNIMG ON i-N\BV?OU&HT HERE H\^ "RKfV\ODEL\Nej YOUR G/xP-fXGE I > "FIRST "RAsCE. WILL INTO As STABLE T-OP, TUt UORSE / K, BE TAKUsie TKE 1>A ATR/XID THE NEICHBORS 1 ''AAiOR FOR • u. PROTEST/ j 1 t, ^N^^_>^-A_ J^-*-J W//^ M '/ ^ >^fc,%.. * // """* &L, ^#—-4^> •<^-\ {' I =• Jl^Ll: pi h In d Irani n,,. ,), things in Ij.s moiidi '111!' Child nl live ye;,; . , l»is lu Irani IHIW i,, c ,.| utliev ])co|ilc, II mil"i Miind Ihe nei'i\v.i|; of t m lloHeicr. rv-n in kni'l'-iT.:iitfii. .1." thdil in:iv lal.i- ;' ihi'ldnv ic:-! ' dt'.iilc iKr ijimvniv. ehilci ' nmi:- •' • j "".I .H liwt (hue. Musi Milder• "_' I CifflCII illHl IIMIVIJ- :.i-l|i"i|', lli>\V pl.r, _, n »il> :• lu.ill• d;iv |>:'n-»il. Urn l.ivnl l:i Vr.iv, L'M(;I;Y. o i in 1 ' A i-j'-i n ileii iv ii"d 'iy Mr. ; .-,-;,

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