The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1937
Page 8
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PACE EIGHT BLYTHBVILLE, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS IS T»I. Japan's Scnsalional Slar As Thin As Pole He Uses BY RICHARD McCANN NKA Service Sports Writer NEW YORK, Pel> 10—'Ihc boys are calling Suco Ohc "The Rising Ron of Jnprm." It Is ft most .appropriate .title. Truly, Suco is n rising young ninn. The oilier night, for Imlnnce, thiough the sinoke clouds of Mad!<:on Square : Garden 1 , lie rose H feel and 3 inches To win live Mlll- jose Games pole \anlllng event .frcni from sucli flylng-htnh fellows as. Earl Mcndows nnd George Vaioff His iierforniiuico, in this meet rlamiioct him ai> Hie nlost .serious Ihieal, lo Ainoilcnn siipicnincy In the pole vnull lince Clmrlev IToff ciime over _ from •Norway lo astonish our citizens with .his rccorclbitaidnt: (cats 11 years ago Ukc. Hoff, Suco : was awarded the Wanamakei Cup nhcn f> com- mlttco of sports winters voted him to : be the outstanding performer in iho Mllliose meet He is- the first foreigner to win tills trophy since Dr Otto PcUei of Germany eiptured it in 1928 « • n Siifo Slender as Kccd Snoo, runnei-up In the Obraplc event. In Berlin last sunuhei, Is Inking n fmlough fiom lib Keio Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy, GARNER AfPLETON MARVlN.'-.CHAPFRMj ROXY Adm.—Always 10,'4 Z5c—lo T»> Show TVfry Night M&tlnces Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday S. Sunday Matinees— l\U Saturday Matinee — Contlnuoui — 1:00 Till 11 00 1\ M Unlverslly cl vsscs lo piny • Iho' boards . of thiV vv'jiter. track nnd field circuit IhUlil country. I He Is the soi.of n Toklp physl- cinii, n Junior nt Kclo. is .studying law, arid Is 2-1. No. 'Not 21 In English lie Is 23. You .sof in Japan It .secins that they flgine join age like our uirfmen figure Ihc nge of horses. That Is, you're n year older on New Year's Day no mailer when yoiir blrlhday ,is, Sueo, liorn late In the year, picked lip a year that way. He Is a slim young man—almost as slender ns Hie reed wllli which he hurtles his brown body up and over -the bar, Standing 6 feet 11 Inches and weighing a skimpy 132 pounds, you could call him. skin- 115 Ilut he has powerful shoulders, broad for his body und rippling wllh>muscles. They arc the result, ol years ol activity in sports of j nil sorts, Young. Mr, Sueo,, yon' sec, not only polo vaults, hut lie plas baseball, and slaloms on skis, ind cnn even do a twirl on Ice skates. 1'i.iH, Ilalnl) ir.iml<! ' Ills hands arc more sillied for ')!:nio-playlng llian for pole vniill- hifi. They ore frail-looking, and diilnllly finall. like a girl's, They nre loo small for him to •grill the regular-poles used by our Milliters and'he has to get specially-made ones ' for himself. lie' brought five of these poles :vcr from Japan -but they were splintered en route. For n while looked as If he would have to 'ego competition here until he t a new supply from back home ecaiisc none of Ihe sporting oods stores.In New York had hat he needed. But Daniel Ferris r the A A. U came to his aid ud had a. spetla' set made. Not that he Ls thinking of doing , but Sueo tsn'l one • of those fel- >ws who can walk Into n sjiorLs iltei'.s office and say: "YOU can ay anything,'you want to about ic—just spell my name rlnlit," Why can't he? Well, you just, an't spelt his name right — or Toug for that matter. It .seems !mt using the- lelters of the Eng- *h alphabet von can spell his ame Qhe, as we have been clo- ig, 01 Oe. as It was spelled on '<• Olympic proginm; or Oye, as 'icy sny In Ihe Bionx; or Ohyc. Heinlncl me to find out from he. nllns Oe, alias Oyc, alias hyc If Just plain ordinnry Smith ouldnt do while he's over here On The Outside Looking.'Jn By "DUKE" Last Time Today PAL NIGHT! I Adplfs ^Admitted for Price of 'SCANDAL BREAKS LOOSE! dramatic ^thunderbolt! ®* 1 *«,-*. \ A W>. !,»»,««» A DOCTORS DIARY ,«ORtl BANCROFT . BURGESS • JOHM TRENT RUTH COLtMAH -: BA HOU1D • > >. ICHULIltd rr«jMtll*i t*ttl,i V, Uritn V15M Also Selected Shorts lisprrl SIt-Downcrs linsi-lKill fans and oflk-Inl.s are nol prone lo tnke seriously publishc:! reports that John L. Lewis, big : wl!5 of the Committee for Industrial Or- gnnl/alion, Is planning to nnlonlw baseball. Two dforts to unionize baseball players In Ihe past turned out U) lie Hat fulhtres. Dave Full* trl'jd the schi'ine alwut 20 years ago and Hay Cannon made a slab al 11 about IS years ago. Ed Hums, writing In The Sport- In'/ News.'comments as follows: "Players who llvo on black ccifr?e and grits during tht: Unit: they ar 1 on ll>'lr own. Mush a hit ui»n claiming that slaying In the best holds and rating prlz; slt'aks con- Glltuli! a lowering of their standard of living, "Since Mr, I/iwis' main lochnitiup Is ihr! slt-ilown strike, he natimillv will lie able to enlist a group of expert hit-^o'insrs who have l)»i-n gathering splinters on team benches for years, nut, major league benches nrc ample and Ihe capitalistic policy r undoubtedly would be to let 'cm sit nnd hope they choke to death on holdojs." Wlirrc Will lle.Oo?. Just where Byron "Hipper" Walker, the priH-j package of the IMC slat-; . championship lilythcvllle gridders. will matriculate may not bo definitely known until Walker actually enters college poiinls. Tint (here Is no question but that him out for the rest of the season, should get a chance at otic of the picket posts. Jack Witifx>tt, who whon brought up from Columbus last year, Buffered from over- and looked miserable at bat, will be given a try at Ihc other spot, Grimes, In an attempt to'Inject batting power at every spot, will make husky Dabc 1'helps his flrct- strin? catcher. Ray ilerrcs will be his understudy and Pudge Gau- treaiix will be utility receiver and imich-bittor when necessary. The moon Is Approximately j 240.000 milc-s from the earth, a .short distance as astronomers view Ihlngs. New Manager Is Handicapped By Nol Knowing His Players NEW YORK iUI'1-Tlie Brooklyn Dodgers, with Burblgli Grlme.s ut the helm, are preparing to keop out of this National l/:aijue cellar Ihlii season and shake Ihe dubious honor of n-jln^; baseball's <lafflMt team. - Crimes, who replaced cnscy Ston- gcl as manager lust year, believes I:Is club, which barely finished sev- enlli, In igaif, will climb. But he will not be displeased if the Dodgers remain stationary In seventh, i THE STATE OP ARKANSAS, to Gilnw-s' Dosltlon . Is nnUiue'; , 'In I the Sherlft of Mississippi bounly,' th:s, his first, try nl managing nl Circcllnes: major league club, he Is a stranger' "' ' " ' lo more I him if, per cent of jil.s pro.spet-ls. lie faces the stupendous lask of vvcedlnc. a prc-sentnble out- fit from n horde of approximately 50 player*. Including a regular rosier and the usual farm .contingent. .. : Unfamiliar With I'layers '. He knows a few of his athletes from his managerial days In 'IJie IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP THE OIllOkASA WHA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. . . KEWEK IMPROVEMENT DIS- TfUCT NO. '2, of BlylhcvHlc, Ar- khnsns, I'lahUllf, -vs- NO. 0375 RKX DAKEK, ol al. Djfcndpnts. You arc commanded lo summon (he following 'named defendants, lowlt: • ' • Rex Baker, unknown - Lai 10, Blank 4. Chicago >»li!l 2nd Acl:!jllon to Blythevillo.',' Ark., A. C,. Chapman. Mrs.Xl. H'.' Carney, /Browne & Billings', Mildred Scott; Thurmnn Clemens, J. U bay, R. N. McLeod, Ivswls Ilaugher..Ci)lca' r !0 Mill & Lbr. Co., J. p. Pox, J. W. Alexande Steele and Cooler Lose in Wardell Girl*' Tourney STEELE, Mo.—Both Slcelc and Cooler were eliminated from the invitation girls' basketball tournament at wardell In the first round of play last night. Stcele suffered Us-second defeat of the' Season, losing to Matthews by one point,, while llorncrsvillc defeated Cooler. 20 to 10. In other first round games Hayti beat Hol- coml) and Wardell defeated User- Ing. • In 1 Ihc second round games lo- nighL Matthew.s will meet Hornersville and Hayli will meet War- ddl. The winners will meet for the championship Friday night. Read CMirWi NCWS w»m Ail* Pcrtnian Uses Snowmobile BLISS, N. Y, (UW-Edrls Mor- gtin. a rural mnll carrier for 18 years, covers his route during winter, months in a homemade snowmobile. Equipped with eight, regulation sii^e automobile wheels J calerplllnr Iread and two n\n'. ners, the machine Is used when °.IIO\H makes some of the unimproved highways Impassable for an automobile. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY II, 1937 Rfiad Courier News Want Arts. Drs. Wert&WwT" OPTOMETRISTS Orer Joe Isaacs' Store TVE MARK 'EM SEE" Phone 540 Cnnclles and pine knots climmt In Pilch followed early tyires of 1 lamps. Whnlt- oil came centuries'i Inter, then Hie kerosene lumn unc'l conl ens lighting and, finally ,.I P ... Irli- lighting. c WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone K>7 APPLEBAUM HROS. COTTON CO. Btrtij Bldf. Blythevlllt, Ark. plnyln Tite davs. roster reveals 35 sundry ., - Inrludlnir Fj-eddv l.ind- there arj nn.iv university athletic ! slrom, recently: relnslaled by' Coin^l/inn !•( Ill oil I rr (lifil ii-mi1,l ,..r,l^n,^.« .._,_., ._ J "-•~-i nj \j\l\l\ itmsius welcome Ihc 'nil-southern and sill-slate prep star with o|H?n arms. Walker wllne.iscd the 1,. s. u.- TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts lands & Ixtans E. M. Terry, Pr«.nna Mgr. FhqneSn BlythevIHe, Ark. Snnla dura Sugar Bowl game ns guest of L. s. u. He hns. hciircl the, story of "why you should at- loiui iny .school" from official rcp- rcsentalivcs. and those with 'only loyally for the nlma maler Inspiring them, so many limes that \yc VMlnre he could, reel off-a good lalk on Ihc subject wllh ho prenaratlon. v.:'. .. .- : "Rlvjper" was generally cpnslder- cd.;Alabama-l)ound '.some time ago bill how It steins that ho may follow his high school mentor, Carnev, Uisllc. lo Virginia Military In- slltule at I/ixington. O'Neal Craig, who held down a giinril position nnd'was sub-captain of the chicks, hns n rcnl task in carrylup; on tlic; : tra<lit'loii of the Blyt'hevllle Grains. He chose, ns loltfih a spot to fight his way Into the llnc-up as any In the country when lie matriculated at. lintoi Rouge's pride, L.' S. U. : ,Y«ur,.Entrrta(n- ,, went ^nil Comfort V;'-,'•''' Last Time Today SHE FILLED t HAN'S JOB .111 i SIKLE KISS MI HER SHEWS HI WUII Friday - Saturday ttoldnsli l.lhi! llo lltiver HOT SPHINOS, S. D. (UP)—The Fall iRlvoiv fed uy hot springs teems with• .goldfish year-long, according,lo Allan Altchlsoiv super' inlcndcnt of Hi; South Dilkntn fish hatchery. Even ill sub-zero '.voiithur, the goldfish, some of extraordinary "size,.can. ha'-seen dait- Inif. ub'oiil. In "the warm water, he asserted.' ;>•'• •• . •• •'••' mlssloncr K. l.,andls : after':.lits minors nnd others froni his own Iw " nl ° Morrow. Lee' Moore.'\v.P. '' ' ' Orr, Clara Thompson, 0. Johrison, John Abbott, Unknown "- "-Lots' 2 and 3. Block G: Lots e, 7. 8, 9. and 10. Block 5, Chicago Mill 2nd Addition:,to Blythevllle,! Ark.,: Unknown - 4.315 Acres In'S. \V. Sec/9rl5-il, lying between. Chicago,Mill 2nd Addition 16 Elimyood Cemetery and" between Division S^.' 1 and Cemetery Road. 'lV:. : :V . ' Witness my hand and seal of said court this 26th day of. January, 1037. . '.'.':' ' H. M. CRAIG, 'Clerk By A. ; P. .Smith, D.,C. Nol being able 'to locate and serve llic above homed, defendants.' and various unknown;', properly owners as shown In the; complaint herein, '" in Mississippi county, V have served the same by-posting copy, of suminons on (he! properly of each defendant In said iinprovemenl district, aiid by}' : tliis. publication ''as required by Section 5G7? of craw- lord & Moses Digest. 'Februarv. 9th, , 1037. . ., . HALE JACKSON, sheriff. voluntary retirement last year-'a 12-nnn pitching (leparlmeii!';--'n holdover catchinj Uio, a renia'le infield, and nn infield wlioss.cqm- poslllon, nl this time, is pure giiess- work. ' '• ; ---'.,V,> . Of Ihe pitchers. Ihc four starling regulnrs appear to be '.'-'vni'i Mungo, Fred Fraiikhouse, Ralph Blrkofer and Roy Hcnshaw. The latter two were obtained hi deals To support his nrs'L line of defciiss, Orhues can choose from- holdover.' Max Butcher and Tom Baker- from Hank Winston, Waller Signer, iinr- ry Eiseuslnt. all late of the farms, and Luck Hnmlln. drafted from Milwaukee. Cieofgc .leffcoal nmi Watson Clark wjli probably be rele- untcd lo relief duly. ' -. Sirl|>|> ISiilslrrs Tnnehl The Inflck! will find Buddy Has- setl, (he Dodgers, "iron man." at first, Cookie: Lnvagello and Woddy English, obtained in trades, .nt'.'sec- ond nnd short, respectively,' nVici Joe Slrlnp.-leading third bassm'an In the National League" last year " his old hot spat. ' choice to b? The only fairly" definite lor oiilfield duty appears .„ _ Johnny conney, who. rillhou»h th No. i Dodger outnclrter dcfchsivp- lyj Is. 1 Incklnn at the plale. ',' . Crimes will .plijcc his two most powerlul baUsmen "on'either' side. 01 Coouey. Eddie Wilson, who started I brilllaully iind \vas' : slugging t(iq ball at a .347 clip when a fast end, slruck him on (he head, forcing- Open for Business Our New Service Station Tires Repaired - - j v H fias r)o!ivercd'V , Wrecker Service J*- 1 " Tom 'Little Chevrolet Co •' : '' Also I'ammoum News and Comedy —Artmis^nn— Matinee—10 Jt 2Gc Nlghl—16 & 36c Friday - Pal Night lioolh Tarkinglon's "Clarence" Starring Hoscoe Karns With Kujrene Pallclle, Sprinjr Uyington, Johmiy Downs, Eleanor WhKney and Chariot Ic Wynlcrs. A cliziy domestic comedy. r n, c slcry of a sa\aphonc plajmg war vclcran whose Identity rciiuins a mystery until the climax. IC S a scream! Also Selected Short? —Admission— JIalincc—10 *. 26c Night—16 & 36c Also ..Cartoon and Serial— "The Fighllii r Slarincs" TUESDAY, FEB. IG— $150.0n BANK NIGHT! UsWilkens making music! Th«('«TimStiIcj,thstwork» down at the poit office,playing on the organ. It's me Iurning pages and my bro- therWilliambehmdme.And ill*!.'* my brother-in-law Tom with his hand* behind him - Harry E-Wilken Folks that sing good say Our Family's Whiskey is the smoothest ever! I'm not much of n hand at singing but I get a lot of fun out of what voice I've got. And our Family'sWhiskcyissuchnc asy swallowing whiskey—you don't scarcely feel it on your throat. Take that special mildness and the grand taslincs.-, and you got the reason why folks all go for The Wilkcn Family Whiskey. As you know, we've been a family of distillers for years. And the Wilkcn Family Whiskey has got the very best that Grandpa Wilkcn anci PaWiikcn and nil of us ever learned relating to what makes whiskey tasty and mild. When you get it, you know you're getting the exact same whiskey as us distillers enjoy among ourselves! ">,>\cvt; uccn a ourselves! -^f/t^^u In Spite of the Flood ' - - • . i We Are Still Selling Furniture On Next Fall Terms Buy now, pay one-half do\vn, ; the balance October 1, 1937. Tliis gives you a Chance to buy better furniture and divide the payments. ., Hubbard Furniture Co. Slytheville, Ark. i Bursting With Bargains - - Some Quantities Limited Sensationally I'ncert! , .Women's i Gowns 37c Of fine outirig flannel. Nicely !: trimmed. -Fancy styles. • All .-.'sizes. •. Clear Awny! , ISoys' Fancy Sjiort Sweaters 47c Slip-over style. Medium weight. Close out of higher priced sweaters. First come, first served! Just Received! Short Lengths in High Quality Remnants 9c Yd. Fancies and solids in prints and ginghams. 3 lo 5 yard lengths. Another Scoop! Ladies' Cotton Hose 7cPr. Bargain priced! Sires 8',i to 10. Dark colors, well • made. Special Offer! 'Men's 10% Wool Union Suits 85c Heavy weight. ICVo wool. Bought lo sell for $1.49! All sizes. Another Scoop! Men's Canvas Gloves 6cPr. Heavy weight. Yel low stripe, cotton flannel. Knit wrist. Limited quantity! Clean-Up ISargairu Heavy Oulinj; Flannel 8k Yd, It's heavy and long wearing. Light or dark colors. Just the thing for quilt lining! it:U(i;T= Aj[»ln We Offer Men's Work Socks 5cPr. Solid color. Black, erey and brown. Limit 5 pair to customer I Arc These Hargains? Men's and Roys' Caps 25c We bought too many of high price caps—So out they go at 25c each! | Tailored or Fringed Panels 19c Novelty a'J^ or pinin nirirq\iisellc in corn. Popular L sizes.

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