The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1934
Page 3
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;, NOVEMBER is, iy£ flLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Modernised In Foijr Hours real men! De~ Material niu Dcsircc [PAINT A>:» : Iliiim-.s ;iii . f.'lVtlimlll' illld > hi SliuUerfi, Long Outmoded, Arc Again Favorites of Fashion llu' 'most perplex. llu- homo owner i VC his IlirxSt <'!ll'l!. lOCnusi; few UlillU.S j ii from IL house, in- • iis liltvi! .snivel. I if their advice is selection of jnnic- . will last longer and • •nsingr effect. I HIT- made f n> m a (Is which vary in texture ami grain. >oil and ILS variable grade or mial- >8, should he caret lie-fore deciding Old Finish fie owner lins de- kind or wocil njiil it is most, impor- loor be clenu unil floor .should have cd by sciuplng and | it Is in bail con- method is to ap- nt or varnish re- 1 soften the finish, lie scraped clean the one [> i c • tuned aliuve in r jioiii*c in a public Oiimon- ilralion In connection with the Oakland, Calif., better Housing Campaign. Labor and niateriii Is were donated by local firms. •The Oakland Junior C. of C. sponsored Hie exhibition. .*Uon' limn 30 years at>o l^iOu'r, IM mull!) 1 pres-sura mid will) nils- l) livings, look the flmitors nfl itii'Ji: ™tse ami stored them In Hie tool- mse In the Ixit'k y.ird. They, like the old .'.uta, the eilt Illinois unil the .ultl chairs of tin- living riKiin. savored km strongly "1 the l<>ii£-il«uil Vii'li.iiati ,. n ,. (j, ( , yiiunijer itciiemtlon misled. A lew iliiys ut'o FutliiT, ivith a . ';nii uf triumph In hi:, eye. uyjil. »ul lo lint tool filled Shimeis weir liack into favur lo restore ;iie*e iiiiiii: uhi'-n i lie did 1,1,1111... I.Mill lirly year?,', al.i, |^ . Till' 1mll5-)lllll.Milled UYJV warped iiiul i.ilhiij; They Were heyolHt ;:ih-i,l u'niitd DP W|liiud anil »*s ol oilier miuuiiilliu; 111 New KiiKlimd (licy wore I'fl'ecUve In proli'rtliu; tin 1 li'inlly nitiilmi. iij ( . ilojjri'();ill»)M ". l lie Kcdskin.';. Amvyay, they're tack, Virtually iju new construction [ s without lUi'in and the iiifjilernlimilou nnil i' 1 Piilr purl of ihf 11,Her j ProRiaiii l.s liriiiKih'' i linn luirh pullem In mnieli yniir linine, Imtul-hcHii ones If your iinino is colonial -• tisii'it Lines mid ti-tys ,»iid blacks II viuir walls me ihnl: - huhi ureeii mill hruwii II vuiir tt'iiltt me liijin. liond Courier Lews Want Ails. 3 Do«e§ oS Foley'c Loosens Cough Enhances Hume's lleauly (iv Koine '-' r:l lk out In frotil of yo ' ,'."<m • '* n.euiiu aim ejJMl •••'". Ullt in Hutu ()l y<|||r was none to plentiful. H || u >y i,i U | ""d try ID vlsuali/e wlmi H liri'ii h'lt in llwir pni|ii.r pint-,. |] 1( , y |l'«>k.s like, not whin you im-il'lnc would have been pni.Meil ,. V ery i ll <I'"'S. Vir-sl Hie rooi. u ow ' live years and would i.iw |jc In «sl" "'iiipare wllh your Di-lulil (!ood ix-palr its !hr miMi|i> ol ilie^''"' vour sliliiRlcs (jidi'd mid Anyway there would have lo lie I 1 '!"'''. 1 ' 1 >' u »i'«'lt iiRaliist, ihe ., t .,,., of sonic .son. Prohablv Ihc ! winter hy rnvfrint: over Ihe old i'.iwn balten tyiifi 'v.inilil be "most IT 01 ^ wllh " ' a >' 1 ''' «i" ni'W .slilmjlrs. Aniriicaii "" Sllr ' "»'t yn« pick a colnr mid .i's buili ii'i'in:;. Mn. nepiii 1 /;. anil telni: utidi'd lo Modernize Plumbing, Avoid Doctors Bills in th^ fYuurejlfiH, lloticrate cxpcmliturc for mod- • quests for nominal sums lo bo plumbing now, or far medical care in the '.'us home, Llixora, route I. •I. W. Meyer b; buildini; a barn his fai in at <;alinn<'t. lihthr i;: Jm'iiiff a lilt on [he south side her iJavis avi'iiui: residence. W. Main. apinoprline to his either rcui'im; n, sellliiK new room arel!i' e 'n^rnl/ation nulil'p!: ui "'!!i • "W 11 fimm i I'PiJei'al Hoiisinv. Adininisira- roiit"' I l"°" l iravi<tlitl (1 "' '" (l "»-. lo ,v)Hi- II.S ll|j|||jlsltT ,-HUl IX'- ' your fiirnilmv. l u-i f»i- cslimiili's. .1. W. Jenkins & Son I'liimi' 12!) I1C S. ]{uiJroa,| ...— - ^-.-^ „ .t]- , tC'Cfs :iiic] for bvcrhiinl'm' \\ir- i-n '• \vc- i with steel woo! Hunt. !l )r|? ^j..,,,,,,, f - ' '" ,f k ' dippcci in the re- Such, hi essence, is the. argn-, A recent'survov of 359.H8 Chi-:/,,[" DivWon a TO od soaniment proDomidcd by the plumbing I cngo Homo:, disclosed among a ;c[ n^nt' W. A. Edwards ""M^ the problem. Tin? evolution of ihe .shnUc-r "Hikes a colorful, rnmamjc Muiy. i'oi (mi hundred or nioii' yc'iirs aiciiilci't believed them iicconilivo \ tJii 1 honK'-o;vi!er Ijoliev- ed ihcy would afford added pro- Have also Occn put "on <! " n "''"" 51 t)lP f '' ilc ' s "' O KcicJ'e tcnn '"' aml i" ct ^tlon lor II,,.' V,™ o „ C . a '." !'«'« «'«! furniture O. Dunn, -""a gouu sonpimciii muuummra oy cnc pmmomg, cngo Homo:, disclosed aiiion^ a'r,f n-i«rn- W X F K,..,^ T, and rinse clean, industry lo tl,c prospective prop- i muliilmle of other defects Gfi2Cl"'-ou" A" • ml bo,m ^ I oxalic acid sohi- my modernize!-. Moreover, it is' i'nl-iii" fnipcis hiit-iwim n-i 'r- V ' home.-, of George ed if bleaching isihasical.y S0 ,md. n, ,u, m bm of thc ! an I ta.w H i 'pi y' ™ ft ™' '±1 "h" i?™?"' - "' Mnn(Ia the floor is dryimoilic.,1 profession, public Health ' estimated "epu-'emcd , d i'^ • ' o'n L t'r'''""" """"" ; sandpaper. A new'officers and others who have ilc- «aste in water of moic tlinn '" Heirirv^-ml ,v •• L t m»v"S ,S h !tT 6tU<iy U) "^ £UbJECt Wm "-,^™ W»°'«- Howir* effect^inu lion? al ,,,im " 0 I . ": « ^ HemSvi N- MI11 the moo™^;^^ »'" >»'»«- x>r Is rr-ady for a ; credit, plan of the Federal Ilmis- Climated thai. n,e <Jai 'i v l,,,., r,,,,n':V,*, ', „' : V,',^'. " n0< "f h, 0 ' 1 "'"''"' ! car- tiic co lor- destroy Ing glare of the summer sun. The originnl shui.eiE bad a ,' more practical pinijose. in England, where it Ls believed (hey! originated, the householders built them for protection against the i •- > .,,.,,.,x., ,,,„..,,, ui, , UW^MJ ,; ^c,;i. ill ^p'l- YOrK [( Ii "'"f- x>r is rr-ady for a;ci'cdit. plan of the Federal Ilmis- i-stimiiled thai, ibr- daily lets from : -int! •net finish. | ing Administration paving the thew deioels vims ,o imire ih-m '' CT,veiv. t may be ap- way, the plumbiiiff industry is in f.OO.W.O.OOl) ;! allo,is a dav i-i."«-u i .surDlus nil iOGSilion lo .sell. :iml ihr. mMtim.tT ...... . :, "- ] r ' .-7....»,.-^,"L,w,, p.lnjj^ lilt: Illl-Mf tlCH'CU'; VlltS 10 llHire llvm ['I'lvelV-e M^rrr-l., (i')fl o I , -, ^ssh mtiy be ap- way, the plumbinff industry is in f.00,«,0.0fn) ;! allo,,, a ihv , . \",f ,•' •? Lttkc; - W1 " w am! surplus oil position lo sell, and the proiir-ilv i „ ^ , „, '" "" •'"""•"' ">»'1'~ Breal variety oflpivncr Is enabled actually to buy, i ( i( ,,i [ n ]„, h n "p 0 ""™-. 0 -.- 11 " 1 '"" ' s may be had loihenllh protection. • IJnele R 1 '• '-^'' • ''^ '''' ( , :Vtil X U/ " , i\ \ — -• •••--••-• • • cnneM-m.. „ .. ainscoiiiig Improves Api)tarance of Kitchen 0 Nook i Saver of Space and Effort I eel interior effect.! Outworn ami unsanitary, plumb- iinilleli' i' n> i mi" l)lc til oil. water, i'mg is Ihc caust of much ijricf and inimrii" i' • ' r- :lninK - |f:xpei«c lo Uie average hnme own- i ,„.„,',e,i",, ,1,", ,."""" r; '' c " " >« used onifr. The same is Hue of n»,, !!m - i! '" ,,. .',"" " l<! lf '-'^'^ <»'<» If cial nroueiiies. .Icisi wh;,i ii,,.i.'... ., <i..!in..i',c .-'.. ti-ui i:, at. A raiding hrenkfnst nook has 0)1 stains. illers nri porous woods. If 1 cial propel ties, .lusl what i|u bn finished a na- 1 tbousand.s of niwli-nii/.in'.: Joi>-. the filler |.s cus- mlling for in:;!a|[al.i,i,i of nev: Ibe same color as plumbing will mean in thr pm- .0 noor is stained, Ictllon ol iv-nllli and the .savings colored liller islf'i futurt: cnsb oiitkiy it is dilfi- .111 entirely differ- mil to estimate hut it is bound ue used if a lu'o-il'> be a malenal ismiribulK'ii to desired. The liller Hie well-berni; of iliniisaiitls ni in ncross the their |jr;rkelbui>k.<. ll.e , lod- I hard v.iniisli or Ew;n in buildings »„.- inLsli coat,' Ihen « pliiinbin;; i:; ctiinparalivcly omaiily is used. ]m> priiifiml properly owners arc :l finish i;; to be-in many instances ' im:ludin» in rnary 10 apply twol'tK'ir application for loans undci j v.'iln and niollicr. j 'I'hi! contrivance consists ot an j admctive wall i-aljiiifi with a door. hiii|!i-il a I. tin-, that j ilrnps and rnakf.s a sturdy ; lublt- supported on one or l.wii foMinx les.s.- -j'lic rabinet .shelves . • '••• -.• ". " j " 'mini- • '• ""••" .L jiiuui.-iii aim i are lo he fill.i/i \vin. i,,. i.<,., »-.« S , finely ,i,:nvn. In old pi,,,,,,,, i>..r,rc useful. IVrhaps il is i,, the di.slies e ectr e lo'is e , ,''t i ..W SV.I,,,,, M,,. wal , r ;l , W)ly ,,m. ^1.,.. Ih:,,. aB , M, nw , ,,p 1Ilorc | ;Mi[( 'rthcr bUS ', , ^ •; * """ anywhere else. When breakfast is over, In, .)MIIJ,. i t;1 ,ik,d walk, bare pipes folds out of the way, ,,ud 'me w.uld novel chauniiii-lj 'i'li'' tact ihat a lioiisi' wus ihiiih thiitv year,-: :,"i> is no'i ilbut It :,![i,uld he out-nf-ilali'. In ; : ').'i.'',:.( c-v.'iy nifjin si-jinclliiiij; can old liuiid-•"'• <l«ne l<i make it jnoderu ami ATWATER-KENT PRECISION RADIOS founei'iinns anan<.;ed" Dial ].'l'llU1r<- «•:)« if thin pure white ; thc iiiodejnixilfnn oi«lit plan re-' 10 "" : ) ' liu ' 1 s'-'l'.^"^ by ]»^ 1 liglil-colored var- . | from (trains lo Die ):itclien. Where ilieio are roaebs-s, v.'ate-r • buss and oilier vermin. ii, ( .'se uu,v i ami often do transport lii.scaw! Steiins iif the mast vinilem type.s: 10 tllC: 1'iiu'J MjpplH'.d I;y ' the nvered .stove '.vere onee of course. walls. Tit, tile, kitchen T\vo or iliii-i int I fast, chairs, lir fit v.-ith Llm cabin siispecl Uiat Ihi; I'Oralcd .cabinet iloor family'.-: hreakfaM (able. d down after dry- vool or (hie san<!- floor may be given finish with pumice oil. i-iieis prefer lo use ix in nnishing a :ing or lifjuirt wax, ; slain, is applied 1 down after dry- b a paste wax is en n high, benuli- i Iches on it are and it lends least - to darken the nrain. /H.v r/KViffly '^e thai onci 1 a "I'll, any rooms '' done so .11 «Bt. In Uin first mve an a (|ie fit and bats you are ; money on it hiMliii" it—you're it—all the facili- fn aiiditiin it, is r.'.'-ontK-l to n>n- atlruclivc breal:- llank Ibe a hurried the . . ^..k.,. i.,.. uuni:iieuii and a nurricd ( - .mi, n ,ai)ie in a corner makes mr can |je served at b' : al ; ,as nook ,l,ai, saves many breakfast c.,bin,t. whi,", may .<•!.- m .be inoinini... The Move j Unit will, |> ar t of a lictter !-r.,iiii i,.. ir.'.en.,) W ilii a hood of jHniLsiii!; l'io;;r ; ,m loan The value '•- ,j""" I ^."!! 11l ,"'S le T lP ""^" f "" «"'"'« (« ™d.Klni ^rki r'.'rC f'-n, i;,v V con -.«»<" making clever use of limiled i '.'IK, 1,0111 VICW. S|WC( , j,. 0 | )v j 0 , 1Si MODEL 145 Five tiib» A. C. compnct — lliroe tuning 1'angc.s— \\]\ [lolfcc and foreign lilioi'L wave — twc Miued lutilng— il- luininut ii (I noro- pliUK' lj[][' Clllll— I o n e control — :wlotnrttfe voJitJiic control — ] 5t r g v LOW PRICED •nailery ,S'<^« I' or l<\i>-tu We have a pcnnancn! m>rvie.c HHIH who can properly repair your radio. CAV5TT RADIO CO. 1>!l " nt; Kxrlttsive Alvvnlor-Keul Doalors :l; ' (ilt'nnic llott'l ClifTni-il {.';ivil(, i\lj< r . modern " in tut; "(MOILS ".T;,"'; *1H(I 1 hoine is no spout it" iininovements aloui! this ii'i" inii '" | Iin< ' nnw Jlia - v :1V( ' 1 ' 1 n serioii;i si«'ej " """"" "' I'nsive .'Uekiu-.v; in the fi,m- I AXATiVE Snfoly own jii'olec- iigninsl "lln! •vv", lie com • (I n(lo(|ii:il<> af •c A^e \ ,' '/ Public in bcinj>- nuule. The Government is bcin.<>- of material liolp to' liomo owners, and othei- aivoncios arc oxtenil- credit for property \\\\. provements. Voiu- Furnilure stoi-es are anxious to help you re-furnish 01- add to the furnishings of yoin- homo/ S. Good Furniture Moderately Priced NOW YOU CAN HAVE ANT-GAS HEAT A Coleman Radiant Hoater brings yon real summertime warmth on the coldest winter days. Powerful rujfionl heal that penetrates your clothing , . . warms you Ihrough and through. Comfortably heats any average room in a short lime. No connecting, no installing Males and burns its own gaa. Portable . . . carry a^d use it anywhere. Coata lesa ll.aji 2 cents an hour to use. RADIANT HEATER MODEL No. 16 Instant I MoJ*l No. 16 Lighting! Just slriko a match, turn a valve and there's your heat I No preheating ... no waiting. And just look al this low pricel PR O* IDi ID HARDWARE CO. Rlylheville, Ark. acaiiaagsE 's no economy in neyl Hour root'—(.hat's just hwitiitfj costly repairs on Ihe inferior /w//.-?, c.c'tl- iiir/, nif/K and furniture, Certainteed Universal Shingles aru (lie best cure for a leaky roof. They arc low in lii-sl cosl, will nnllasl any roof «i the price, anil can he pnl on wiihniil removing flic old roof. You do mil 5uivt> |» pny ;! 1| C ;ish foi";i roitfitijr joli. \Vo will lu-l|) ywt sol a MIA loan if ytui want il. I'hi nu HID For An ICslininlc EX.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Wfwiif - PHONE IOO A»XAf> We Do The Rest I This Is NOT A Farm Sale As Ww Do Our Froiliiei You MiglU Say W«'r« S(uhl>orn As A You Say Tliiil We Are So Hungry For s'j That W«'re i.sli—! You'll Find,' However, Tli«< <>ood Old SAHAItA .COAL Is C Soup For Your Furmu-i' .... It Bums Longer- Has A.sli— PriciMl al SB.25 i'JI.Sll |HM- <OII—>• Costs Lews Pt-r Fuel IVar— AM* E, C. Robinson Lumber Co. N'K 100 For Certified SAHARA COAL

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