The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1932
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Served bu the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS HOME EDITION THE DOMINANT NUWSl'APEIt OP NOBTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOUUI VOL. XXI.X-NO. 17G " Blythcvlllc Dally News. nlylheville Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader, lilylhevillc Courier. ARKANSAS. TIT.SDAY, OCTOKKR II SINGLE. COPIES FIVE 'CENTS S AT JOINER jt-ormer Qollege Head j Link Arrest o{ Deputies p | ' Shoots', Self in Temple i With Robins Case; VMSHINGToV:. Pa., Ocl. 11 <U- liROOKSVlLLE, Fla., Ocl. 11. | •!')—Th< body of'Dr. S. S. Baker, (UP)—An Incident occurred here 'v.l:.) ivi'iitd i.s ]u«v)-j t" „. today Indicating • possible renewed federal activity in coinmclioii wlt:i ilie dt>appeara»i-e <i! Col H:iyi,nnd RDbins, Internationally known prohibition worker, whose wife fears Dial I-.L- may Ime brai kidnapc:! _ _, _ i \Vn-.-iiin«lcn and .Jefferson college 111 I I !>I:G:-C Ihan :> yi-iir :":o alter a flfl 1 ! sliu!i-nt strike, 'was lou;id in a ULt_ ! i ||(., ( j „,;.,. i, L .| X . lc( j.iy There was ! a ti;ll:i wound in his left tempi:'. Probe Goose al Wi Vulli'. J i in 'Heed, Answering; w° Hoover, Calls Presi-' taiy dent's Statements balse. l^,', 1 Mullory Mi'.nicn and Miimlen, Hernando county t weie laken in custody by (o pro'.cct moonshiners. Both :l M KM I'll IS. Ocl. II. <UI') — A "massacre" of wild I:»-N- thai allegedly occurred 111 Wiiu-r Vull.-y. Utilities Magnate Fl'CC tOlduy by federal* •.<-, vl'.lwns ~ J I ol U:al lown wcu- pi >;i.irln;! In cujoy free goose (llniu-r,. nES M01MES, Oct. 11 i UP)--; Iowa's coin b-ll was in the for-1 (ront or Ihe 1932 political ball'.e- ; field tcdny as voters considered | ;he ficrv Democratic counter a 1 .-, lack made by former Senator James A. Reud to President llcov- cr's initial campaign address here last week. I The vitriolic Missourian, an old j lime foe of Ihc president, larjclo-1: Mr. I!i.o\cr's declaration that the | country at one time was within, two weeks ot being forced oil ihe , gold standard as -absolutely untrue". \ Iroin his Pitl.sbuiijf! ho:ne. Pclic'.' lt::rnt-(l I),', Baker, had b.-i-ii ill ior r<he past ytais ar.d wiles? uiily son killed in the' World War. had Ink- • | re in a recen en a revolver with ill", when ne; which resulted Go Where He Pleases /'n'l-nvitii-i Announce.. ATHENS. Greece, Oct. 11 lo federal who two lies KIIVC bond of Sa.OOQ .aeii :,n-.l |_ Biinll1( .i InMill. left home. Robins owns a lame ;-stal- an i w !iS|), ome near here and had been ac-'.- polllical campaign in overthrew oi a lo,i(! established connly regime. BEttlPTSlPBIBE ) According i [l Biimo wardens the nia^a- Illinois; 1 ' 1 '' 1 bsl n ' Hl ' 1 lls " l!ni ' it """^.blinded by inysly rain and lu< Sfutleavj Rice Growers jGels Life Sentence for j Declare Farm Holiday Poinselt County Killing I S'l'll'ITdAHT, Ark.. Ocl, II <Ul'i| IIAUHIHlllJlUI. Ark., Ocl. 11 <U Iflcv f,i:wci'i ol the j'.real Ar- l'i 'Iliuumin Caiiili-ll, 41), was .sen- ins.i» pruh'le ft-Kli.'n ln:lny di'- j li inv:l in death ill the cti.'tlilc cliMul i! fanner's holiday nnd [i hair hue lute lu^l iilohi after he in hn!d theii 1 IUX! crnp from'.had Iji-ni lounil uullly or iinirdvr- llii- in-..)MI 'until II CUM In- !!ild|iu.-, Ajiin-v. Murdls, larmi-r, In III II |:|-|)lil. ', Ml.ll-ll. 11)311. l.hin Ira McCiillar.'L had Hem I'un- victid [or 111 1 .- murder iihml a :.cs-,r nun und sculi-micd lo il(i) impily.iiiini.'iit. The Mipreme cuml .iili red a ncv. (rial and he was :n ijinlled. O.uidoll. the only jf l-Samncl InM.H. foiinev Illinois,; — - -. - - ulill-io:. e*e,,ilivc. loday was rc- w , u ,,,. Vll , S ,, y u, ih,v wl,,,,-,, ,m,li,. :cas;-d unc-m.iuoiially by l.rUK KM ((] |)|iv .. ^ htrin±,nX,,'^i. ^^i^r^zjr^r- o, „, ,,« s for cxu-adilloi, to the Unitui j ^ ^ ™ ^^"^ Slates ti, lace charHCS In coimec- f J hrmiL'ht nut Ihi- ell ,,on wili, conanse cf his ulil.tlo. ^^^!™^^ lln- ;\rl:ai,Mi.s county f IH'U! lllSl Illlllll MUlttlT!! d ::i, iiuivi-iin-nt lo hold Ihelr wilncss, Icsltded llml he. kll- !c :l Mardls In sell defense. Aniillu-i 1 of Polnsull cumily'.' st-lceli'.l lu ii-prescnt liiili'lii'iidt-nl | I'hnr, ludiiy were- Ui-hii! inn(l'-| ID Dltuiii itddilional urmvi r;;. a:, 'ill pi-r ecu! will In; nriidcd Ix-lon- Ihc |i!:in run bc-ruini;, tilli-iti'd niuiijsler. filed Alri'iidy nuiwir.'i or inure lh:inj : i jm-y lor lln- slaying ol Hun- men KlO.util liushch n:ivi- piedycd lln-lr 'diulni; Ihc l.i:[>alilo carnival mns- Ml OF|11LLEIS Joiner Scene of Thrilling Gun Fiyht a s Critlcn- duu Robbers Flee. OHCKOLA, Ark., ' Ocl. c-lr.slppl county -olllccrs, U— Mis- scouring BY RAVMONI) CI.AM>K!l United 1'ress Statr Cinrcfponcient I Copyright. 1932. by United Press) WASHINGTON. Oct. 11. (UP) — A terrific slrnggie is being waged hi the farm bell. Exasperated farmers are Inclined to hit cvsry in sis'tt- i 51 " maity of thini arc icsirained by traditional ncpubli- can preferences rooted in the days of Lincoln. Strong indications of revolt are reported in the con!idD!> .survey now being made by the Uniixl Press, but some believe i;s extent is overestimated. Economic qnes- t-ans almost overshadow ir.J prohibition issue in the second group of.states to be reported. This group consists of Minnesota. Iov;a, Missouri. Nebraska and Kansas. All were carried by President Hoover four years ago. Reports today show a turnover of huge proportions. The only question as seen by inose cosiness 111211, editors, politicians. and ethers re' "porting to "the United Press in it.s • national, impartial survey is \vheu- er the "anti-Hoover" vote will be sufficiently large to entirely wipo out the heavy Republican majcri- ( ties which these slates have b?en ' returning in normal presiJenlial years. Report 1 ; from this group of slates are summarized as follows: Minnesota. Reports from Minnesota show the Hoover ticket struggling against serious difficulties. T.:e only Farmer-Labor governor in the country. Floyd Olson, lias declared for Roost-veil, if his following goes wish him (he normal Republican majcrily will bs wiped out. in the judgment of those on the ground. Rep. Paul Blylheville Compress Continues to Lead State by Good Margin. Juclj-e Offers lo Suspend Fines It Liquor Vendors Will Move. mc-rcsls. Insull al.M) wa:; rclcnscd from i;o!|[:e siirv- Ulr-nce. Police said Insull wits "absohilc- !v fi-i-i- jincl could leave Greece i whenever he df-Mr'cd. This (level- I ncl! , Uy O . )un unlu N<n-p,],hn- 111. opniL-nl in the dritmalic clfurl of ' liiiiiLis ollicials to obtain ins cx- iiidition came suddenly uiu! as a ivpiisc after Inaull had bccli •anted fieetliim under si rvi'll- ance. The IJlytheville of the.' Pikli> addition, soulhwcsi of this Federal" CoinpiL'.ss and Warehouse 'city. U getting "loo hot." JmUic C. nningham deelnred In nui- conrL yesterday nft^rnoon in ! offfrlng two women, fined in his The local \vnrcnous2 Insl week j court, an opportunity to have (lie . company continued Insl week lo|ji. Cunningham deelnred In nui- !ead ah Arkansas compresses volume of rcceipis. for received 12.033 bales, son's tofjl of 58,503. The heavy [ volume of receipts thus far indi a-! fines suspended by moving. Jewell Jones, one of Ihe pair, ac- cepted the 'court's oiler and agreed .t i to move. Her nnc of $50 for ille- lhal despite the fact , .^ — Ihe crop is malerially shorter Ihan i gal possession W Hciuor was ordered last year the local compress will I suspended. Mrs. John Wilson, Ihc handle a larger volume of busi-1 olhcr woman, declined the offer ness Ihan it did last season, when j She was fined flCO for illegal pos- reccipts for the season were I session of liquor and $100 for mu- move than double those joining n disorderly total 111 tie far this year. Jieavier conccntra- o[ contributing to juvenile delin- tiou cf cctton here is attributed fqwucy was also dsjktted agains, chiefly lo the new railroad rates, hicr. " ll was rcponod Ihe Greek Ju- llclal inilliorHlf.'. decided they had 10 doeumenls tir inToi-mullim which liiblilled fuithcr delcntlon or killed Ihc birds \vllh sllrk^ :ir ciip- Inred tlii-in bare handed, l-'roni 75 to 10-3 cltl^.31,^ arc Mill! lo lm\v taken purl In tin- hunt. The season on ceesc d'':-. 1 : n:il of- Stokn Sikcston Car Recovered at Osccola OSCKOliA. Ar!:.. Del. 11—Chief Depuiy Shevilf Hale Jackson recovered a stolen niitdmubilc Ix 1 lcnt;iin; lo \V. P. Heiini'V oi Slkc.-i- In " | l::n.' Mo.., \vh'.-:i Ihe car p:issr(l Ihroivjh Osccola Sunday I'lli- driver, however; .succeeded itlir.B away. Deputy Jackson informed l)i Missouri officers, picked up Uu Irall al Ihe norlh edjje of lowi and (ollcwcd (he car to Ihe intersection ol 'Hale avenue. Stpck on hand in the Blythe-: ' . Cunningham warned the ville' compress is 6i,?71 bales, the I Jelendaxits thai Pride Addition was heaviest in .Arkansas. . . _ . Following are receipts last and ior the season al leading Ar-1 move" ! "going to te cleaned.up" in olfcrr week ! | ng lo Suspend fines If they would kansas compress points: Last For the Blythcville Little Rock West Memphis Pine BlnfT Walnut fiidgc Hope Fort Smith Newport Helena Texarkann Mariannn Forrest City Earle Jcncsbcro Leachville Trumann Week Season 8,622 23,621 ', The arrests were made by Arch Liudsey, deputy shcriif, Saturday lji " ht - H; rnlcled M '" 5 ' Wlkon ' s and alter taking her to Jan 6.453 4,957 ; returned and ssarched the house her nest door neighbor, t h e i. Liquor was found at 3,370 2.D23 2.M1 2,092 l.OGG 003 1.G73 17 714 Jullt „''.,- Mrs. Wilson's hous2 and home brew Toiln I at hcr neishbor's house. Several " i men were at the Jewell Jones house when Ihe officer entered. S::e testified that she did not know Ihe name of one visitor or anything about him. Mrs. Wilson's cliildi'^n auci ii youth were at l:er home when the officer, following Ihs boy iiuvrmciU. Helen Sponco Gets I wo Years for Vengeance Courtroom leaped from gct-a-way Earlier liisull was ordered by the slale's nlloiney l«lay lo be released from arresl and was transferred lo the best hotel in Athens from poll re headquarters. It was ordered thai he not b? detained furtlicr but shouli, however, be walched by police until the United States consulate furnishes the authorities with documentary proof of the charges against him in Chicssjo. Efforts of Co:k county, Illinois, to bring tiie aged utilities man buck there for trial on charges ol embezzlement developed Inlo a drar malic contest between Insull and United Stales authorities, with the Greek government in a somewhat I OSCEOLA, Ark., Ocl. II—Mrs. uncomfortable pDsillon in the mid- | FJnixton Brasu, deputy county die, anxious lo cooperate with the i court clerk, Is confined to her United States but at the same home with a b^'Ven fool, caused HEWITT. Ark., Ocl. 11 IDI') — Helen Spcnre, 10. was undrr KCII- li-nci! of two yours in prison today lor Ihe court room slaylnil of. .lack Worls, on Irial more than of -.11 r (if years chanrlcrs \vcnl on trial i ihe rcail.-; and Ill-Id:; uioimd Jo(n- ludny lur hi.-, lifi: when Iliiljii-a- Insl .lighl III search of f)?c ilc:»|ieivlc neuro bandits alter- a gun baltle wlileli Icrrpr- l/.cd llic ciimniimlty, picked .up .Innii'.s Marlln, n:gr3, near Eva- dalc cros-iliiif. between 12 and 1 o'cUick. Minlhi, in Jail here, tells a protty .straight [file of Iilldi lilklnt! from Mon-:)hls on his way lo his home near Marie. He was unarmed, nnd (ifllccrH probably will release him. Hundltt Rfturn flrn Ciller IXputy ShcrlH Hale Jack- ton and Olflcers Shell Harrison and Jess Oincr picked up the trail or Ihe negroes ill Joiner on in- [ornmllon from Criltcnden comity cfiicei- after' the negroes had henlrn und roljlKil N. J. Roberts, tUI')— | jri-icl:o .slorekc(;i)er, nboul >. dnrk RB1ES ORIEHLD Di reeled to Permit Boosts on Intra-St.alc Shipincnls. WAH1IINOTON, Oct. 1) n year ago for Ihe murder hcr father, Cicero Spcnca. In Mnrcli, lli:ili two inoiilhs afier The inler.stitli! Commerce ComniLs-, ],,,,( n | s |,t, taking two slot ma slon loduy iiiiva nine sliUc.i until November 1 to peimlt railroads lo put Inlo elfect rates which would not be In violation of in- leiKlale cominci'ce, uccordinx lo lernifl of Ihe 15 where It I 11 '" k "H»B Miss Spt-nco was Kcn-h-ntc Inci-ciise decision. cent turned west, run across a couple of vacant lotr, and coasted lo a stop as the driver his sent, nud made between buildings that back onlo Hit- lols. Mrs. Braxton Bragg Breaks Bones in Foot tcnccd It, five years. She pealed ami Ihc case was rcm.ind- cd fci- u new trial by iiic Ar- kansus supreme court. S^« (ilead- ed in:;anlly. As Judiii: W. J. -Waggoner announced Ihc senlence late, yesterday she smiled and said sh The slides required to revise inliM arc: Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma. Texas and Utah. The commltslon found Hint Intra- slalt 1 raten on certain class and coinuicdity Irallic In these slates hurt resulted In Injurious dlscrlm- was "Glir.l lo get out, of jail. and i (imli(>ri U8n lnsl Interatato commerce my Kcntenco.' Tile leriu will be served at Ihe Jacksonville Fjnni for Women.' tnsl t'ebrimry Ihe alrl' was plue- B,61S •1.951 2,578 4.-120 2,797 Kval- the only Farmer-Labor Tt - c Arkansas Cotton Trade as- -• - - •• !:cciaticn, which compiled the above figures, received no reports last v.-rek from the Marked Tree and Kector compresses. Following ar c receipts last week member of Ihe house, loirt the United Press last we:k he preferred Hooscvolt. It was in St. Paul that Roosv* made his famous "forgotten man" speech. Minnesota is full of "forgoton men." u is expected to send a snr.a-f of Farmer-Labor consK'smrn Ir Washington. Secretary of Tr;jsur<- Ogdcn L. Mills is soiii? to ,'>r^aV in Minnesota tomorrow. H~ will tol! th; vo';rs there hov/ Presi:l?nt Hoover and the Reconstruction Finance corporation have saved the banks. But Minnesota farmers are asking now. according to reports from the field, who Ls goin; to mak; th: bankers and th; morlznm convwn- ics use some of this money to check foreclosures. Towa Persons who two weeks aso were ni--in» Towa f> Roos3vclt assert in reporis to the United Pr<-« thai President Hoover's DCS Moir.:s KiK^ch ehanoed many vote.!, former Senator James A. Reed of Missouri was sent to Des Moin;"; las night to counteract the effect o Ihe Hoover spaecli. "The biggest affscl "cf Hoover' visit was in peppin? up th? publican organization in the state, one source reported. "Two Republi can caravans started \Vcdn?.sda morning to storm the. stale f" votes; a young RjpvWIcan least and a farm woman's organiration It looks like a bait!; royal. It still too early to b;t how Iowa will go but I would fay that indications are that it will go for Hoover. Incidentally the smallness of the farm holiday parade should convince eastern newspaper that the movement isn't as serious as it has sometimes bczn pictured. The smallness of It was a rsvslatlon to out here also as this was the r.nd fcr the compresses: Canilhcrsville aul lal^en season at Missouri 6.200 2.993 924 31,189 10.903 4,192 time not to infringe Tnsnll's rights under international lav.'. Insull was taken to the Hotel Po- tite Pnlace, the most comfortable Athens alTords, where lie can direct Ihc efforts of his counsel 13 oblain his release. Neison Contest Case Set For October 24th LITTLE ROCK :cnU'st case of — The election Senator R. A. Luxoran Struck fcy Frisco Train Friday LUXORA, Ark—"Doc" Stein. 70, -ns struck by a Frisco train Frilay morning, as he was walking icross the track near the station, fc suffered a fractured arm, se- cre cuts and bruises. He is hard cf rearing and was unable to hear lie whistle when Ihe Irain ble- .he crossing. His condition is c .2rious. who had entered the house with a bottle of liquor, enterei. In refasing the court's offer to suspend fin;s against hcr if sre would move Mrs. Wilson declared she could not move bscausc her children were in school. The coun warned her that if sh8 continued as in the past sh; would have her children taken away from her. 'ine chatge of contributing to Juvenil: delinquency was tased on the presence of the children at the house. A charge of oixratlng a disorderly house against the Jones woman was dismissed with a warning. Thj defendant sa:d she was "ready to leave" Blythcvlllc The liquor fine was suspended. Omie Wilson, negro woman from Hickman township, was fined $200 on a charge of illegal possession ol liquor. The court ordered th.- fine held up during- good behavior. Bi',1 Olilc, negro woman, forfeited S17.55 on a charge of disturb- when she fell down Ihe front stcp.'i it Ihc J. i. Williams home hcia Sunday nftcmcon. Mrs. Bragg was leaving the house with Mrs. Frank Williams' small ton in lur when she c(i in JnH iti ronnectlon (he killing or Jim Dohots, res- ucc;lllsc ales refused to per- liiurnnt ov.ncr. He was found .':hot to death In an automobile about Ihree miles from here. An Inveslleallou of the murder Is bclnj made l;y (lie [ir.iml Jury. Mclson of Blylheville was one of •hrec such cases advanced by Ihe supreme court yesterday for decision before the general cieclicn this fall. It was set for Oct. 24. Nelson is contesting the nomination of J. Fred Parish of Ne\v- :crt as the Uemoeraltc candlda'j fcr scnalor from Ihe Twenty-ninth district, composed of Missi=slp.u. .(.ickson and 'I'cinsC'tl caifncle.i. Senator Nelson's conlcsl was dis- nisrcd by Judi;c Neill n Poinbet circuit court and It was from Judge Klllongh's decision thr.t che appeal was taken. O;her cases advanced fcr suo- •niEslon involve nominations To." circuit clerk and treasurer of l.o- »an county. w fflrs. VioU Adams Dies After Brief Illness Mrs. Viola Adams, 35, succumbed at •! o'clock Monday afternoon .it her home, 515 North Second street. She became ill Saturday :iight. Funeral services are being held ihis afternoon at the home with the Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, par,- ior rf the First Baptist church, officiating. Interment will be made U North Sawba cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by three children, three brothers and her father, Sidney Bevill. indication (hat Roosevelt will win „„„ ._ - Listeners, readers, thinkers seem to n «t actual test of strength be- reel lhat they can trust, Governor twcen the radical and conservative I Roosevelt and a Democratic con- farm forces." eross to carry out a program that One report said the wet and dry wl!1 relieve thj serious economic Issue has practically disappeared situation. iow,ns feel they have and that economic questions dom- keen tratcd unfairly in the matter inatcd discussion. of tariffs, freight rates and more Another source reports: "It takes recently an entire lock of consld- a brave man to say thai Iowa will firation from ihe Hoover artminis- BO Dsmocralic. but (hero is every Iralton." ing the peace when she failed to appear. Three were fined $10 each on charges ot public drunkenness. Nolan Clark was bound over to await action of the grand jury under S750 tend alter waiving preliminary hearing. He was reccnlly returned here from Illinois to face a charge of grand larceny in connection with the alleged th;fl of a quantity of cotton and a car at Manila. In the police division of municipal court traffic regulation violators continued to appear. Oliver Coppedge was fined one dollar on his plea of guilty to a charge ot making a prohibited "U" turn in the business district. Bonds o( two dollars were forfeited by Donnie Henson and C. H. Fisher on similar charges. Dusty Rhodjs also forfeited bond on a Iraffic charge. The arrest ot Jim ChUm who failed to appear in court after being given a ticket charging traffic violation was ordered. Nathaniel Sneed forfeited $11 on a charge of disturbing the n«aco. Ezra Hampton, negro, forfeited $11 on a charge of disturbing the peace. Evangelist Announces Subject ior Tonight The subject of the sermon fov the revival at the Church of Oc- tonight will be: "Does It Pay lo Serve God?" The Rev. Orin R Munger. 84-year-old (ravelin? evangelist, will preach. turned her right nukle on the bottom step. At. first sl-.c thought the ankle was sprained but X-ray pictures yesterday developed (1ml Iwo bones in the inslcp were broken. Mrs. Uiagg will wear a cost, for rime weeks. She expects, however, to lie able lo return to her office the latter part of this week. iwssoim Mother and Babe Die at Hospital Mrs. Herbcrl Edwards, 21, and infant con ol Concord, Mo., died ye.slr.rday at the Blythcville hospital. The neu- born babe died at 3 o'clcck yoslerday atl;rnoon ar.d the mother at f!:15 o'clock la.-,; Isln. Funcial services will bo held /cdncsday motnlni; at a Concord lurch. The Cobii Undc-rt.ikins ompany of 11,1s city will be in hargc. Interment nil) be made t. Dr>' Bayou cemetery, near Hayti. Tne deceased arc survived by re husband and rather. Mrs. Ed- •ards' falher, John In^le. and her rolhcrs, Elmo and Amos Iiijle, nil a r.ister. i/ivnda. Air Lines Co-operate In Reservations NKW YORK. (UP) — Arrangements have been coaipleted between American Airways. Inc., and Imperial Airways of Great. Hrltaln for Ihe handling ol reservations over the lines served by the re- speciive companies. Imperial Airways flics from Oreal Britain to points on Ihc continent, to India and Africa, while American Airways covers the United Sliilus from const lo coast and Canada lo tr.c Gulf. mit rallroada lo Increase rates lo correspond -wlsli -tlioM, m.ili)t.1lw<l on interstate Iralllo. Tliu noiiniduilon'.-i report did not cnccrn Minnesota, Wisconsin and Vest Virginia. Rule cases In these latca had not yet been heard: The commission said orders would be Issued against Ihe nine states uiless Ihe slulcs gave notice be- orc November 1 that they would 'promptly permit" Ihc Increase. The :ommlssloii made no estlmalc 'of he pcsslblc Increase lor railroads inscd on the new rates. The state of Arkansas was ordered lo permit surcharges on nlin-stale rales on all commodities except furniture, refined po- Iroleum products, rough lumber heading bolts und .slave bolts. City Council Holds Monthly Meeting Tonight The city council will hold its regular monthly meeting al tin ..i, hall tonisht al 7:30 o'clcck. According lo members of tin council only routine business I expected to com: before the body NEWPORT, Tenn. (UP)—A car- IMnter here advertises himsolf to the world: "We make everything here but a living." Garner Confident of Beer by Spring NEW YORK, Oct. 11 (UP>John Nance Gamer, Democrs'.ic icmincc for vice-president, said cday he "wouldn't be surprised ;( we had beer by next spring.' "Unquestionably." he deduce n tin Interview at Democratic ••n!!cnal headquarters", "when ^oneress meets again lh:re w!!' he 'legislation on the subjed ind from a poll which has bee-: brought to my attention au< which I believe to be corrcc consross will vote In favor o: 't, in which case we would liavi beer by March 1." ST. LOUIS. (UP)—An average of 50.000 i;armei,ls a month will be required by St. Louis needy Ihi: vlnter. (he Citizens' Relief Cera mlttcc has estimated. During tin first two weeks of Sopl'mbcr 12,82 garments were dlslriliiitc.1. Albert Einstein Will Make America His Home NEW YORK. Oct. 11 IUP) — Dr. Albert Einstein, noted German scientist, has accepted n "super-university life professorship" In the United Slates which chines, and the day's receipts, amounting la about $76 In money, five shot guns, and a quantity or ammunition nnd cigarettes, some of which Misslfslppi county olllcers recovered from the negroes' abandoned car at Joiner. Wnlllirj on the side ol the road Just south of Joiner, the Mississippi county officers gave .chase to Ihc bandit car, sounding a siren horn through town. The negroes bcfiiin to shoot tack at the of- (iccrs and 50 or more shots we're exchanged between the. two cars before 'the ncsroes Jumped from their costing nutomotjlk on ths ncrth edge of town 'nnd. : fled, 'still'., ."Ijop^ns;, v«, ...the;' Sf.iyby -,-flqldii. . The ' bandit caf, ' b'e'aring n ' Teri- nc?fce license, ran into the roadside dilch and officers recovered part of the Jerlbho merchant's olcn property and a complete set of burglar's tcols. Guard Highways Deputizing additional officers, Chief Deputy Jnckscn had the hlgluviiys patrolled for several miles In cither direction of Joiner and searched nearby fields and woods (or the negro bimdlls all last night. M-Jan'whtle places of business along Ihe road which slay open all nlghl were warned lo be on guard against the negroes, who officers bcileve, will attempt other robberies in order lo get ineahglTpf making their get-away. ' „, Excitement ran high In Joiner following the negroes' escape last night. Excited citizens who ran Into the street when the first shol were fired dropped to the ground to escape bullets that whizzed through the air. • R. L. Speck, of Frenchman Baycu, had his '28 mcdel Ford Nc.w York Cotton //as Asked to Testily Maillefert Killed Self JACKSONVILLE, 'Fla.. Oct. 11. UP)—A convict defense witness corroborated n major, stale charge today in a surprise, development al he trial of two F!o:lcla prison camp suards accused of causing Ih? s'A:al box death or Arthur Nfalllefert. Jainc.5 Btrinlnnnam. ir: witness, replying lo direct nuostion of defense counsel ns lo whether 13ob Blake, a convict stoi? witness, iried to get htm to testify falsely that Maillctm committed suicide, said: "Y.^. he asked me to testify that Maillcfcrt signaled Snic'er. another convict, lhat ha was goin? to csm- mlt suicide, but I refused." NI3W YORK. Oct. It (UP) — Colton closed steady. open low close CSS W2 (i70 C7S fiS8 Oct 065 Drn Jan March May July 098 C7fl BS!J CDS 104 001 (irt!) G70 GfU C02 COS C70 Old CD3 701 Spots closed at C80. up 15, mitct '. vtton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 11 IUP) — Cotton clawed steady. Oct ncc Jan March July open GCO GfiO CC4 671 091 Irish CCO C72 C77 G88 705 low GGO GGO GG4 071 GDI will bring him here to live. He will head the school of mathematics nt the Institute for Advanced Study, according to Dr. Abraham •'Icsner, director. The projected "super-university" cr post graduates only will open it c-r near Princeton, N. J., in Oc- .ober. 1933. The noted author of the relativity theory will live at Princeton with Mrs. Einstein from OcloLt-r 15 to April 15 each year. coach stolen last night from"his raragc. ami some believe.that'.this was done by some of the saine ncgrces. Speck's automobile has on Arkansas license 18414. ' ' ' - close G59b G69 07-1 084 702 Spols close;! at 070, up 15. steady. Pemsicot County Men Must Return to Prison JEFFERSON CITY. Hfo. — Wll- ilam Alexander and Earl Hill, bom of Pemiscot county, have been ordered returned to the slate penitentiary tor violation of terms of conditional commnlallons of sentence under which they were released last spring. Alexander, serving two years for felonious assault, was released last April 23, and Hill, serving two years for grand larceny, was released March 12. Slock Price* Scion of Rich Chicago Family Kills Himuli CHICAGO, Oct. 11 (UP)—Sewcll L. Avery, Jr., ion of the president of Montgomery Ward and company, was overcome by gas in the lamtly's gold ccasl apartment and died while an initiator squad was attempting to revive him. Police Lieutenant John Gary, after interviewing members of the family, announced a belief that young- Avery committed suicide while despondent. He suffered » nervous breakdown recently and was afflicted with a heart ailment, the police were told. He was 31 years old and an official of the U. S. Gypsum company of which his father .was president. The elder Avery. prominent as a financier and merchandiser, also chairman of the board and Harvey Qunn of Dunklln coun- j ,j ..... ... . ly was also ordered to comphte | rodent of Montgomery Ward A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper 103 0 -2 Roosevelt Will Speak Over Radio Thursday ALBAKY, N. Y.. Oct. 11 (UP) — Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt pre- nnred to work today on a radio address lie will deliver from the I executive mansion Thursday night I dealing with'social welfare. an eight-year term fc' assault v.ith InlcnL to kill. He was ro- leased last May 28 but was since returned to Ihc penitentiary to serve a sentence for robbery. Auburn 39 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor .... 81-2| cil!cs IC Servicc"'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 3 3-8 Wakeful Hotel GuCSt Coca Cola 94 1-4 Continental Baking — — IS 1-2 . 13 3-8 Tee Driven Inlo Golf Ball INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—A wooden tec was driven Inlo a golf ball here when rule Whlslcr drove for Ihe sixth hoK _ ' [} ' General Electric General Motors Middlewcst Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Cenlral Packard 3-8 11 7-8 21 3 Radio Corp ............ 71-8 Simmons Beds Thwarts Bank Robbery OLA. Ark., Oct. 11 IUP) and company. Young Avery was single and lived with his parents on fashionable Lnke Shore drive. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Fafr; rising temp- eralures in the ncrthwest rxirticn with frost probable tonight. Wednesday, -fair and warmer. guest at a hotel here who could j /.wording to the official we.ither not sleep was credited early to-, observer, Charles Phillips Jr., the day with saving the Bank of Ola . minimum temperature yasterdty from being robbed. was 42 degrees and the maximum The hotel is located across Ihe j 73 degrees, cloudy, with .37 Inch of Standard of N. J. 29 1-8 I street from the bunk. The guest, Texan 'Corp 12 U. S. Steel M hearing a noise in the bank, called rain. Today a year ago the minimum temperature was 69 dcgrits police, but the would-be robbers j nnd the maximum 92 degrees, part- escaped without securing wiy loot, ly cloudy.

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