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The Enterprise-Tocsin from Indianola, Mississippi • 2

Indianola, Mississippi
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J5l .1 V- PROFESSIONAL CA1JDS. TT' "WALLACE AEN0LD? rick Livery aim StaUi "i' moot: iioxtMoudfty. WILlli Hikor aiul wife worn in i 1 For fine whiskies send to A. Pipin Elizabeth. The express rates are lower and the gnulo whiskey better, Mrs.

Josie Oliver, died of congestion at her home on Quiver, Tuesday morning. She was be. r-iecl here Wednesday morniug. Mrs. V.

Oliver and daughter, Miss Lucille, arrived yestculay evening from Carroliton where they had gone to get away from the overflow. t- PiTTS, PROP. arc once more un- Di Wo notice from the Commer cial Appeal that M. 2.1. Cox has been appointed postmaster Indianola.

M. Cbhn does the merchant tailoring business of the town, lie is agent of the Monarch clothing bouse, of Chicago, and guarantees a superior fit. The Indianola Drug have in operation now their elegant now Soda Fountain. Their Soda is superior to any in the country and you can have any flavoring1 you desire. Following is the list of flavorings; icrs ri in la Jiar objects SI I Hi I I New Buggies, Kcw Horses, "JgAKER MOODY, Attorneys at lam, INDIANOLA, MISS.

237" Abstracts of title furnished on short notice. gOUTHWORTH RICHARDSON NEILL, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Indianola, Mississipri. Will practice in all the state and fedcra courts of Mississippi. T.

ANION, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Indianola Miss. Will practice in all the courts cf tbo "tate. All manner of legal business prompt ly attended to. Office in court house. JEWELRY, WATCHES, ART GOODS, EfJGRAV fIG, OPTICAL GOODS, MUSICAL MERCHANDISE.

CAUEFUL DltlYEliS, of sin: G. K. Smith, after a ten weeks here looking f. Carol visited his rnaiijy It Cm rolliot: last Thurs-icyon-l Friday. Nest Monday we can begin to f.ant rp the pa1 1 1 a I expense of he Elrr.or anil Clonic Oliver came from CaiTollton Tuesday iii'ior a tew weeks visit, i.

large interests, left for his homo Vanilla and cream, strawberry in Oxford Monday morning. tt crcam raspbcrry and cream, 11-1 CI It 11 V- t.trtll W.h.A A wish him well where ever he i Everything kept up in First-Class Style, Horses FED, and Carefully Attended at Reasonable Ratesa Try them. We do not charge for Ensravmo maltose orange phosphate, pine--apple, lemon, plum phosphate, Belfast ginger ale, pepsin and lime juice, Peruvian beer, coffee arid crerm and chocolate and cream. 11. WILLIAMS, M.

D. GOODS we sell. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. proles, or lie lew who rode the into Indianola last i ouj ol hi'A train Mississippi. INDIANOLA, calls promptly utf ended day or night Office in sunflower Drug Store, Thursday.

I FBiMM MMm Eli Beall left yes for Castalian terdav morning A NEW COUNTY OFFICE. The Legislature, by an act pa ssed during the session of 1896 and approved by the Governor on April 28thof this year, imposed upon the board of supervisors -Has Just Received His- -J IB Springs whore, lie will recuperate for a couple of weeks. E9 wing ana summer stock 01 Practical Watch Maker of each county, the duty to ap II. the B. Haynos, has guest of relatives at some time returned Mi OaI'O! FANCY DRY GOODS, AND NOTIONS ioi heme Tuesday evening.

i mm tt. a ij "OVER BBA f. Spy (i Vs. refugees of them iS ood Most of the returned. I Tin jb Is lr 5 Usiwy mi 3 though they were sorry not remained here.

say ms lor ,1 ,1 On the morning of Feb. i.0 '05 I was sick with rheumatism and lay in bed until May 21st, when I got a bottle of Chamberlain' Pain Balm. The first application of it relieved me almost entirely from the pain and the second afforded complete relief, in a short while 1 was able to be up and about again. A. T.Mo-reaux.

Luverne, Minn. Sold by Indianola Drug Indianola and Baird Drug Baird. The county line fence built by J. W. Lewis just before the overflow and ready for acceptance at that time has been damaged by the overflow to some ex Km.

Whether the board will accept if or not is matter of conjecture, bur the we feel assured that the fence was built according to contract and that its present condition is due to a force that as irresistible as it was unforeseen. A. car load of cornconsignea to the Bay Lake Hunting and Fishing Club, by that most chivalrous of Kentucky gentlemen, Ed Hopkins, leached here this week. It was most gratefully received and is the most acceptable gift our planters could have received. To Mr.

Hopkins and the other gentlemen concerned in this gift we tender our heartfelt thanks for ourselves as well as the community. They have made for themselves an irnperishabld reputation in this Delta. MARTIN, KENT, L'HYSICIANS SURGEONS Indianola, Miss. Offer their services to the people of Indianola and community, calls attended day or night JJOWARD T. STEWART Special nUeniiou given to Crown and Bri'igo Work and correction of irregular tc-etb.

is aurniiiititorecl in the extraction of. tetth Gvar Slore Tilain Greenville Jf. WELUII County EnrYsyor Civil Emi seer. Indianola, Miss. All work entrusted lo mo will receive my prompt personal attention, and fall satisfaction guaranteed.

OMce at Courthouse. J). J. DAVIS, DEBIT 1ST. Greenville Mississippi OHico in l'helps Building'.

Irs. M. Lawrence, Miss i (Jrifria and Mussrs Shoot jAt 1 emeu Removed to 211 Wat-bin -ten Avenue, GREENVILLE, MiSS. If you want firi-clas repairs on WflTCJJESs Take your Work to him. Satisfaction Guaranteed "Boo came over from Moreneau Vk' Thursday on a hand-car.

Si s. V. O. Heard, of Vaughn, mother of our esteemed fati 1 GROCERIES, QUEENS WARE, and TINWARE, Ladies and Children's Underwear BROOKLYN BRIDGE STORE, AGENCY FOR THE WAN TAILORS CF CUKATTI. OHIO.

viTm Columbian Syglopedia, 3 5 VOLUMES 7,500 ILLUSTRATIONS 28, BOO PAGES. complete and to Sate, townsman, W. F. Heard is klio latter's guest here at pres Mrs. W.

M. Duncan and family lot Mound Bayou, who have been 'soj earning at Greenwood since fehe higli water, returned home fi'v-tlay evening. The two town bridges need re iring badly and we hope the of supervisors will make it their first business to see that rth repaired. Lewis returned from near tLupora last Thursday. He is peeking well and says he feels ihttcr.

He will be here on busi kvs for some time. point a Road Commissioner, and to fix the compensation at a sum not to exceed 75 per month. Th act further provides that the board of supervisors shall divide the roads into two classes to be known as first class roads. The main thoroughfares leading to the principle markets are to be roads of the first class and all other roads are to bo roads of the second class. The road commissioner has general supervision and management of all public roads in the county and makes specifications and plans of all bridges and superintends their erection.

He has the custody of all the tools and road implements and makes his reports to the board of su pervisors. prosecuting delinquents, and reports to the grand jury at every term of circuit court, the condition of the public roads and any dereliction of duty of any road overseer. Whether the law will be a success or not is a matter of specu nation. Our jiresent road law is insufficient to keep good roads in our county and whether this law is an improvement over the old one or not, we wrill have to see it tried before we venture an opinion. A great deal will depend on the man the board may appoint, his salary and the kind of overseers he will have to contend with.

It is left optional with the board whether the law will be enacted or not iu the county and as our board of supervisors is composed of the most level-headed men in the county we are sure if it is a good thing they will en act it here, if not, they will let the old law stand. We -have quite a number of applicants for the position of "Road xne largest American cycloiiedia. Pronounces all Title. Volumes of handy size. Furnishes the Largest and latest map: Includes an unabridged Dictionary.

Information right down to date, Ycu can keep Uu to the Times by add in an Annual each year. he Hester Furniture Co Greenville Gun Works. Ana mm mciii supply house 2l Greenville V. Walsh Prop. Is the lit up house in the Delta for all kinds of repars on Sowirjg Macb)ires and Guns, and Revolvers.

Bicycles of all kinds Repaired Promptly. Brazing and Enameling done in a tirst class manner Him 31001 1 tberci'c ''Pt-'dio even pretends to claim thee features, but den't vou think are pretty important? Send us your nae and let us show vou in do tail the various points of superiority iossessed bv The Columbian It covers the whole range of prepared by the most experienced editors and cyclopedia riter and is commended by the best judges throughout the country. Because it is clear and simple in language, free from technicalities, non-par tian and non-sectarian and above all neither "British'- nor Sectional but A work of reference which is foreign or narrowly sectional has no place in an American home, bolu on easv terms of pavm-nt. Caruetsox, Cox Publishers, Buffalo, N. Y.

Zsgjm COLUMBIAN BOOK 81 kMl GO The Lai'gest und Best Fui-niturc Iloiine in Greenville, Mississippi. have Arlhur and Dob Miller ice: P. Grego, the old reliable, now has a large quantity of ice which he will sell at TOcts a sack. Patronize the "Old Reliable." Ice delivered any where in town. Quiver Darts.

Ed.TocsiN The people in this section would be glad to have you publish a complete statement of the planting affairs in your immediate section. A very large percentage of the cotton croi) in this neighborhood Workmanship Guaranteed. a Foil Line oi Revolts lor ss's Bicvclos and Tandems for Sale and leer attending school r.t West JYnni and we see from the school jjaptr that little Bob is making a reputation among his students. PARLOR SETS. BED ROOM SETS.

DINING ROOM SETS. BEST ROCKING CHAIRs. Rent. Remember nothing bni lirst- II. vv iJiiams, accornpa- rsied by her beautiful and nceom Springs llsUrassss, and YvTindsw' HEXTER FURNITURE CO.

has been planted. There was ehiss workmen ai-e employed in this House, insurino; you the best work in every 'ship all your work to it. Everything New. Omnibus THE ARLIKCtTON, (American or European Plan.) M. JEcL'stotic, I9 rep.

American Plan $2,00 Per Day 27 Walnut Sired, llir All Street Cars pass Hotel' piished sister, Miss Wysie Smith returned home last Friday from thd hills, where she has been i. ring the high water. Mis. W. II.

Carothers. with H. G. Pitts' Racket Store. Ueadqnarters for mm.

mm, mi wnii. mm mm. Alto nt for tlie Jitr Iiiklren, Estelle and Willie arrived here from Carroll-f torj Tuesday evening. They look sas-gaan zzzLyzS ass 5 8 as W.HARDY, MCKSMITH II mm rs though they had thoroughly enjoyed their outing. ueieiiraied Fine lot Assorted Lace from 1c to 10c per Yard Tin buckets from 10 to 20cts.

Coffee pets from 10 to licts Nice waiter silver and niekle linish 1," to 20ets. Bes table cloth 35 to 4rcts GENTS PflNTS FROA'V 65c to $2,00 PER PAIR. 3 ELLS THE TEfilESSEE BEER- Horse-shoeing a specialty Carriage and wagon work neatly and promptly done. Charges Reasonable. Qr-FAISON'S OLD SHOP.

I Fiwnk Sutton was in town last Fnl.iy on business. Frank is I in the least discouraged over prospect for a crop and con-I lldcitiy expects to make as much icl'on as he did last year. OLD PEOPLE. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidne.ys will find the true remedy in Electric Bitters This medici ic does not stimulato and contains no whiskey nor other intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alterative acts mildly on the stomach and bovr-- Is adding- strength and giving tone to tfca organs, thereby aidiug Nature in the perfoimaco of the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appe tizer and aids digestion.

Old people Other Goods in Iroportfo33, eight acres of Dr. Adair's cotton crop that did not go under. All the cotton in this vicinity was planted by May 21st, and wTe have every reason to believe a fair crop will be made. Died On May 4th 1897, Mary, the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

G. J. Weisinger, aged about 10 years. Little Mary was buried on an elevation in her father's field, it being the most appiopri-ate ground not under water. Then on the 15th inst.

the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. bitten passed to brighter realms also, and last Sunday was laid to rest beside Mary Weisinger.

May the Divine Spirit shield and comfort the bereaved parents and relatives. Like unto the hand Him who sent the ravens to minister to the sage prophet in the wilderness, wo shall esteem the late flood in the light of a raven, sent to hasten our better Quid. W. N. CARTER.

Send Him a Trial Order, lie ivill please you. Remember the audits, A. L. Pippin, Elizabeth, JNO. R.

BAIRD, A. SMITH, Pres. J. D. SMITH, Secretary.

President. hncl it it exactly what they need. Price 50cts and 1.00 per bottle at the Miss Battle Best, accompanied -j her brother, Perry Best, stopped over to call on her friend iud old schoolmate, Miss Nannie GHespio last Tuesday on her wv home to Leland from West L'O i.t. Miss. Indianola Drts ofcore.

A. W. Preside nl. A. B.

SMITH, R. D. SIMS, Ccash ier THE BAIRD SMITH CO, COTTON FACTORS, Commission and General Merchants. Miss. Correspondence Solicited.

frhe Presbyterians organized th ir last Sunday fair attendance consider- We are Well stocked ni WOOD Will, INDIA'S OLA, MISS. STTho leading and best equipped Repair Shop ill Sunflower County. gsgyl hereby solicit a sharo of the public patronage and guarantee satisfaction. HY BATES ABE BILVSONABLE. AGENTS WANTED for War in Cuba, by Senor (2uoeda, Cuban rep-t eseiitative at Endorsed by Cuban patriots.

In tremendous demand A bonanza for agents. Only $1.50. Big book, big commissions. Ev- rybody wants tha only endorsed reliable book. Outfits fref.

Credit given. Freight paid. Drop all trash and make an.onth vith ar in Cuba. Address today. The National Book Coi.f cern, 352-iJod Dearborn street, Chicago.

Uenora! Assembly Presbyterian Chuich. For tho oceaeion of the General Aesemblv Presbyterian Chureb which vvill be held at charlotte, N. C. Mav2.U:.'.-t the Southern Bail he Sunflower Bank Miss. Transacts a General Banking Business in all its branches.

nttstuess Solniletl. .1 flame Ulu tt ra rise. 1 i uo circumstances. have 'k throe Sunday-schools in our 6-i and we trust all three will V'-11- If parents would only cj-uie with their children we "wouh! have thriving schools and itih'tvsthig lessons. with all kinds of gro ceries ana provisions irectoks, From Steincr.

Editor Tocsin lam so pleased to read the Temperance column of your of paper that I wished to say something concerning the matter too, for we can never do a good deed to often to be a true Temperance man. There are many things to shun and vill sell at low wa Jno. B. Baird. J.

D- Smith. A. u. Smith. Lynj3 Starling.

Fred Roth he trains are now running ter prices. We do not from Hoathniau east regularly. will be running into Greeu-Vftih" by l)ont next Wednesdav. tiie shout that went up propose to take advantage of the situation. Directors G.K.

Smith, Bem Pkicf, A Smith J.If.CAKiR II. P. Mu. leu. Loomed i TH SUN? LOW BANK LoiUlinj.

in this life, and dram drimring is the father leader of so many crimes. It has riroven its evils Corr)Giii your dug-out for a number of years. The past is a true picture to look back on and see us. Superior as we could ask to know what the C. Ck future will be if whiskey contin GOODS, fair dealing and way 'i wnunuii-J, i.

and return at rate of one lirst, class faro for the roncd trie: tfekets to he sold Hay JTth to 21st inclusive, i ith fi-nal limit June lOth lfi'JT. For further information call on agent of the Southern Baihvuv. ues its course, it nas caused so close prices is Our mot many to take the life of their friends, when afterwards found out that not only their pleasure was ruined forever but their to. Vvi'' 'Jr Jiff strnprfln an prceieus souls lost. PIIOTOGJl J.Vl'IIIIi tiucl KOVKLTY DEALER, 226, Wasulnoton, Avenue, North Side.

GREENVILE, MISS. Include Fine Line of and all Sizes of Pictur Frames Made to Order. Enlargements of all Sizes finished in Crayon, Pastel rnd Water Colors. ST TRICES LOW -AS ANY. WORK TO fc.

-a Hi Oh, fellow-creatures just think for a moment, it is so hard for one man to sell another something to cause him to lose his soul and iro'u everybody, when the tirst tram for six weeks passed through here last Thursday Could been heard for miles neleome was the progressive i-ltor. Sheriff Milku- left Tuesday morning for West Point, taking with him a negro badly wanted fire for various offences. Mr. Miller has purchased a pack cf dif-rough-brcd blood hounds and wMl bring tneni back with him. They ar.

well trained and will certainly prove a. terror to evil I1j will re-urn to-day bringing his family with him. I it is. or should be the highest aim of ery merchant to mi: -triers; that the wide 'aake Urug ilrm of Lshlcman Mvos St.n-lir:?:. 111.

is doing so, prsive-n by the following from Mr. Eshleruan; "In my sixteen ye. rs' rience in the drug business 1 have never seen, sold or tried a medicine that gave as satisfaction as Chamberlains Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea llemedy. Sold by Indianola Drug b.dianola, and Baird Drug Store baird. to deprive him of eternal happi ness.

The first dram is the hrst step that leads to so many crimes rr m--? rrli f'-' t-; You Just think before you step. can vote to stop the small streams v'. and ycu make Temperauce people FOB 1SS7 wra 5 a a of communities and of counties. for rein iipe tto. fa rr- a t.

ri it ft aa but you can never mala- a Tern perance world until the ksrg striaoos aio stopped. My prayers are that all eml V' may be cast out of the existence mi How many are trampling ov the mercies of God and have no Gente EiirnMiiiig Eine Dress Goods and Hats. er thought that tomorrow you r- 'j v.l i tj.vo may die." V.N. CummingA. WX DOUGLAS ON HAND AT LOWEST PRICES Ml Hi, OH, I1IA11 Til All ID EIOCKERY IN LilEiiMLiiffiE Wether dcs In answer to our Quiver cor- Cotton 'esponrtent we would say; Cc prarLMr is nearly done in ft' i c-j this iu-J iC Wlicn isr.

Crec2iTfillG call arid'suc; us Gsamin our goods Wis apt sure to please sr0" part of the- county. There is a deal of land ye i nder water south MISS. S3 SHOE In for 14 jeara this by lnprii alonp, has rtistanei all ciniiftitcis. V. Oousbi" am! 8.tW shoes nre the produ.

tiniig of skilH-1 fio.n the lieMt rnateri'1! pf-ssilil vx pt if Also, find WW sin- for int-n, S.Wl, fiXQ r.ud 1.75 fr bovfl. W. it. are inriorspn l-y over us tit. bi'St- in stvle.

il: of nuy shnp (: jrl'v r.ii i'i th- phafM-' Hf.d rj M.I of cvitv vari- If von, wi'-ita fur to W. h. Hr-'. Slav. Sold by GREENVILLE, i HiS ISa U.t PA i 1 SIS nen on t.

laces of 5 Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and aU Pat- fcntbusinessronducteator mooerTC fees. Reduced Rales to Ac ents wanted ot ar in Cuba, 'Vw outhern railw.iv hit on sa'o ia-jra Cuban tvs. ntative ul! of it principle st itions lic'ret: to Washington. Endors.Hl Cuban pa Vv-' ea a very ale r.c.-- nt trio In ti em uiurv A nrrir.r IS OPPOSITE U. S.

PATENT Cr ou are ell v.v.r;i oni rufclly gootl for iioto n. i. friu-i r.i dybilitv. Try yon. your Uvcr, aad giTtf 5 and we can secure patent ia less time thaa uwsc remote frwi Washinjrtoa.

r.uersoa. T. A. vv hers ai their acre-ovviille cut very short, but li have vory eer.vetiely followed thy water down and are II planting. We do not regard ouUo-k very -scon raging, i bore will be almost the sarin conn in- i Send drawing or With detcrjp- i enn Jtica.

We advise, it patenuiule or uai, Our lee not due till patent is seccrcd, any ular southern railwa a-, nt for pattic big eommissious. wants the rs i vardin i -fo fuu'iii nabo.t rates ly sed loos Outa's free in.C, --hen. L'. it i all s. 1 nukfl iS a sr.onth wl'h War 5 fl pamphlet How to Obtain Patents. SroTl ot sZn in the U. Md fweiga tree. A'lCUtu, Wanted-fln Idea Who can thfulf of some simple tliliiKtopattnt? Who can think cf sonio sirnpia thine to patent? Wanled-Sn idea (Third Mi (TA The TOCSIN is $1.00 a year. Prntpet Tour Ideas mcy may uriuB you ft CO Patent Attor- Blpaus Tabules assist digestion. drastoda-.

The Na.iona Klpaus Tabules cure h0(jk Covn. oW Prl-ora Xw Ripans Tabules: for bout noiaacn. '--ou hcrcMhaf the Protect your Ideas: they nay bring you wealth. Write JOH WEUDERBCKN Patent Attor. ney, Waahlnfrtou, D.

for their 1.80O prlza pHer mX ue list oue thousand iaYeuiiaua wautea. WEDDEKUU 6HN n-st vent- I Patent omcc. Washkictc d. cj 1 t'lfoHe tlivnd.

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