The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1931
Page 4
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PAGB Jl i Y_THj!!VII.LE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUB BLYTHEVILLB COUHIKR NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Ulark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia^ Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. I. En'-ercd as second class matter at the post office at Blylhevillo, Arkansas, under act, ol I Congress October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier in tlic city of Blythevillc, 15c per week or $0.50 per year in advance. By n'.ail within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six mon'.lis, 85c fov three months; by mail in postal zones two to six. Inclusive, £6.50 per year, in zones seven and eight, 510.00 per year, payable In advance. Ourselves to Blame Whatever regret may he felt :it Governor Pnrnell's vein of Ihu hill fur a constitutional convention may properly be tempered wilh a nic-nsure of relief. That tliu Arkansas constitution could bu improved to lit present day conditions is above question, bill whether the product of such a convention as was proposed would lie nil improvement is another matter. Perhaps, as Governor Parnell said, it will be better to wail until conditions have improved and the proposition may be attacked in cooler and more scientific fashion than would be likely now. Fundamentally it is not the constitution of Arkansas thai is responsible for the shortcomings of our government or the economic difficulties which we like to attribute to the government. In a democracy the faults of the constitution, the law, and of the government, are the faults of the people. They have the right and the power to correct wrongs from which they suffer, and have no one to thank but themselves for failure to do so. If this writer ever heard a good word spoken of the Arkansas legislature liu fails to recall it. No group of men in this stale has been more condemned. A good part of the criticism has been just. The amazing thing is that while we recognize the evils we do nothing to correct them. We can have the kind of legislature we want when we are ready to supplant indifference and cynicism with positive and constructive action. Just so in the matter of the constitution. When we find out what wo want and demand it we will get it. But to turn loose in convention a lot of small time politicians, chosen wilh no more cars than has been exercised in the choice of a good many members of our general assembly, to draft a now basic law for the stale of Arkansas, would get us nowhere. Perhaps a good many of us have the wrong point of view. We think of government as something that we ought to "get something out of." When v.-c quit expecting favors from government, mid instead demand simply good government—honesty, efficiency, and a sincere devotion to the general welfare—we will make progress. OUT OUR WAY Crime In Great Britain It must have been ft jolt to complacent Englishmen accustomed lo discussing over the lea tables Ihe frightful doings of American gangsters who jnit victims "on Ihe spot" and take others "for ;i ride" to hear what Justice Mc- Cardie ol' Hie English high courl hatl to say the other day. Serious crime in Great Britain, according lo Justice McCurdie, is making an alarming increase. He points out that there is more house-breaking, shop-breaking, embezzlement and blackmail in England loday Ihan at any time during the last GO years. "In my view," said Ihe justice, "there are far more persistent criminals than in previous years. I am satisfied that the criminal loday is a cleverer man Hum the criminal of a genera!ion ago." Slatistics bear out these statements. In 1017-in England there were 1)7,171 indiclablo offenses known to police. By the end of 1928 Ihe iigure had risen lo 130,'IG!). Rnl though in Hie former year 68,5715' persons were prosecuted, in 1928 there were only G3,19*i prosecutions. JMnjor General Sir Wymlliam Child.s, long chief of the detective branch of Scotland Yard, concurs with Justice Jlc- Cardic in his view of (he situation and adds: "The whole trouble is that ordinary respectable citizens receive all the attention which the police ought lo be giving to the professional criminal. Give the ordinary citizen more freedom from the clutter of petty offenses and let the police turn to the real menace to society." Americans, with nothing to boast of when the subject of lawbreaking is mentioned, can only deplore England's crime increase. With thorough appreciation of the seriousness of the situation, however, men and women in the United States can probably be forgiven for hoping that, facing the same problem, our British neighbors will be less inclined to judge life in America by tlie racketeers' warfare, by gun-girls and by Chicago's pineapple bombs. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ., "' S) 1B31 BY KEA StflVlCC, IStV HtS. U. S. PAT. (XT. TUKSDAY,_i].AUCII 31, I'M /tH OAf 5EJ1N BE SURE YOU'RE RIGM'l CL<.J.(VWM —Krtti^ BL'NSKX'S K1HTII On March 31. 1311, Robert w. Bimsen. a distinguished German chemist, was born at Go'.tlngen. ' Dimsen's discoveries have formed important contributions to th.>! progress of science In the latter part of the 13th century. He was, the first lo produce magnesium in : large quantities. In 1860, he in- i vcn'.ed the magnesium light, im- • portant in photography. His Brca t. : csl discovery was that, of spectrum j analysis, made in conjunction wi'hl Kircholf. This led to the discovery of Important alkali metals. Bimsen will always be remembered by physicists' and chemists for the much used gas burner which bears his name. The principle of the Btmsen burner is now widely utili/ctl in gas stoves for cooking purposes. He also made i valuable cll-coverics in organic i chemistry and calorimeter, a other useful apparatus. invented tlis ice niter pump and TIKE FEUD SITE Fight 'Between Missouri, Clans Over Fifly Years i Ago Took 200 Lives. j "The homo (own folks want to be remembered to vou, G«s Ihoyre awfully promi of (h e success you've made up here." ^WASHINGTON The director of the New York Noire Abatement Committee says that that city will lie nolsless 10 years hence. n Is known tu Uc taking to the speakeasy Idea. The Chattanooga baseball team has signed up a girl pitcher. Possibly the fans \U!l admire her curves. i OS£ ViHO NEVER S'lSlTEO iNS, (WUSAU-Y IttHrt E IS SE,WS A COS-OS SCME.V.E LUOES RED, GOLD. 'AfE H,CiDrtY FIGHT 1 N CHIEi-;AS A'sVlY SE. hHYMS .'AADc 6B.TSH ABMY fNTHE CHURCH EXCUSES By George 'W. Rnrliam GA1N3V1LLE. Mo., (UP) - Another historic spot in the CVurkl mountains—Althea springs whc>re 1 iUcsTn^Tin"",' Si 5 Jh' 0 , fam ;'i MD!hcr s;iys J "°" cau tr "- 1 " '"»» I< tat shc did >"" M '- rt " sll " h ' 5U <* am r ox m-fwv "no IK™ m C ° lo 8Ct llll "8 s '» '•"* 1"™' wronj stuff; that her had told "t^ke^v^^r "**.*™»™ .0™'<* " hold! ho, that positive),- our Church ;, gresi Tlie H iL he FlcclVlOD:1 family in-j man. Mother told Joe'and I*" toid stranger "wrote. 1 know "my' Mom 1° jcurrea tne wrath of Ihe Alsup clan him that there is not cno-.i»h dif- and she knew her Mother and if ™,r i i h U „ ' War llas bM » toenco in Churches to justify him! they both say we arc richl that £1™?!!' ^ t *'L Utl " ty a ! ld . Po . wer : i!1 l ! ;c ? !a "? h " h « ta ken; that he j should Mop any ar^men'. and wou ivcd to mnko «•»,. cm- ii, " lu u - s '-" tDorl1 enoiiBti to noil i her that positive v o::r Church is Ss of IhTmWe w t Pr0 " ° ia fm ' hb id ° as And ste £35 ' 5 J «i r "» hl so >'° u »«"™ l! '' ere r™ n ,, * • is no exception, unless it would IK ' need of in? 50:113 to all the trouble uie my mountain settlement,! that he is worse than the average 'of looking lip the history that some -.10 tne Ficctwoo:! familv in- mmi \intiim- ini.; in., .»i^ r ,^i^ r im,,/m „.„ i . * *,„.,— icago. A hydro-' would be just as well off in my by waters of the!Church as his and I can't see why wcwuld with a reuso:iab!e person. Mother says she had often Hn,, ""P, ' tn ;--,? 1Utl ' lie N '' : -! fls an insuli »- administrator. Cor _ I Company of Chic.. I"T i L t M ' i i L ' V, 1 "'I'-wi'oiKle.its who went with Hoover i clc « rl<: dam . ™ by „ „, _,„..„.„. „ _ llml 1-re iccscvclTto Km "win, T" j5 ° y t0 ' Crit!cal stlldenls who nave :'.'If 1 "^ «™"i .""«• flow into the ! he don't come with me for I know though'that'conaress should oass 193' m, „ n , L}V' ra s " cllt some lilw »' P<"-lo Rico say • vl » l - rl ^ r ' wl » »= w«t:ci. A i that I am right, flu! he savs ii I j a law that wouli make all Lh m ijj. .mil th<: Drinaerals Nom-ico. Most impressively of all the I Ini ' se ^c 1 ' 0 " will be flooded I „•--.,« ^..H.. ^,,™K ,,, ,' !, ._ .. .. ' •"". inalc Franklm llnosevcll. j Porto Means say the same" thing ., , ! In a very short time it atryarq OIJTCHHR ; the new governor got. to know "he _.„._ ' " ' ?V_T ,'. r problems cf the island through in- c «"s the feud, made famous by his-1 Rnti if you can't believe your .Moth- made nearly 7vei-yI»;ly"stDn""'.:i .N. i n i s ic::iit.tmmtc contact with t!:c usoplc. He '""'tans and fiction writers. I er you surely coul dnot believe the ing. If they cciil'dn't pass s-:ci' Ahup said,! fcl , lov '" wil ° lvrote Ule history. law it'looks like there coiil:!' - ...,.M. t ,. ul lllu two south-i : S! ' =l:e to i;otll er about this his- : least be a committee appcin'.Ki a ern families. Several Plcctwoort' y and 25kecl n - r 'f she had ever j the President to iMk into it ,, , „ ., ---••... . t: ... L . I^HUM; t^iuiiuL v,un [::c usonic HP that President Ucover wants Ci.;v- impetuously Ivied tn speak t' al- crnor Iheodore Roosevelt to ,-,,„ most as soon as he started to study with him on the Republican li.-ket The Porto Rlcans quickly came to in he )Da2 campaign takes 0:1 a ! realise that he was -ennineh "•sin nir-KMllo ^ft^i.^.-n.l n . 41._ I .. 0 V,IIUIH.1J allll- patico and tbcy responded with enthusiasm. So now "Young Tedriy" And if a Hoovor-Roos^lt ticket >i nnd tala^, 1 K^t in'an ^'SS.'"- »'?,«'• »«.»"^^ ^"-' «1«"»=i«« -nne^obUin- • '""tlVi, 11 U I til 11- cd the first federal highway ap- propriEtlon for Porio Hico. fought V)rtr-t^ rl: '_ i. . . .. . _ «..^j... No, Dorothy, n ycs-mnn is who always says, "O, yeah!" not fellow A blizzard which recently swept across the Rocky Mountain states emanated from Medicine Hat, Canada. Of course il WOULD be an "I!!" wii:tl The New York Stock Exchange is to erect a '510.000,000 annex. It will be known, undoubtedly, as the house that jack built. President Hoover may be technically a citivrcn of Switzerland, snys an attorney. He'd be in a terrible Ix if he had depended on the Swiss navy to transport him to Porlo Hico. By Williams v.' 'U-\^T UOSE. VAC: , \M;'iV ^gpw 1 ^ _- "'•'-I'i'i'Vil' w.R-WiLLiA'Ji — MOT 8ORM ,m\!>;Vv' '* *' SI quaintly cockeyed aspect tlie you tlilnk of it. Hut. it doos siiBgesl the ann:sin.? is said by v7ry"7om p ete 1 nt B au(hO'i- ix^sibihty of a Governor Ko^ev,!, . lies to be the most pop Ii govcr oil the Republican ticket and :,; nor, Spanish or Amcr ea in 111- Governcr Roosevelt on the Demo-1 history of the island crattc ticket. ' „„„ . . nccsevelt has rcorjanized finan- nti\i n t[ ((vLj\'ven nrh-f 1 , Cf ... w _ ^ lo get. sick anrt llred cnou?li of lii-; Job to quit, there «oui,l be ... Theo- , ,,. ul ,,,, i ,,^ 1 iur rono mco (lore Kr.oscvelt asain president cf.jPorlo Kico's battles before Cc : i« Umtrd Slates. st:ppi,ii; in from gresr. and in the American press the vice m^dcney | peisonnlly stimulated a number of That llird H-rm !.«„; > industries, supported the move'nent And then wno cojld be sure that j for restoration of Pcrto Hidns to TheGiiorc Roosevelt «ciildn't be small plots of hind ont | engaged in elected 1:1 1935 to tucc-T-l Himself 1 other activities which i,S'l rn and t.!cii run again in Hi 10 or 1914. Ulsmonstrate that his "reatest''con thereby I-.UMI'.; aijain ii io ' thinl jccrn was improven,em"of the wel- !.""f..ita! e in' ma ™ ! U " ; ' : " ; ' imt i m ° f " 1C ishnui a!Kl iis n^"=Incidentally, has:,'t the p;vscnt iThccKlcrc ticosevclt a!s:i a son |named Tl:c:dorp? \Vell. never mini! jlhal, b:it the original Theoilore was lirsl elected vice president an.i Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt ot New York was Democratic candidate for Die job in 1020. li's hard lo stop inu.-iiii; u:i the possibility that this T. :;. r.iitrlH be the Republican vice presidential candidate. The Hcpubiicans have lluir conventicn lirsl and wcrlrin't it seem as if the Democrats were- just a b:mch of rnpy- cats if they came aiun;; and innu- naicd un:it!.rr Itojsovi'il ? Anyway, cue can just hear the U[;p::bl'icans yellin; "Copy-rats'" :il: IlirD-.ich the campaign, which would to aboul as 'seed n talking point as a political The Editor's Letter Box i mai i am rifiu. «iit- lie savs it 1 j a law that would make all s::ch ....=. «^ UU11 „,„ uc nooaea. ] would study Church history I would j fellows as Joe sec the ri»!U way I Charley Alsup. distant relative I lo si son:c ol my iKsitiveness. But don't, know if consress CD-jid" 'do of one of the warring families, now i wll >' sho-.ild 1 study my kind cf his- ! this or not but. ! jucss they couUi live at Ava. Mo., and vividly re-i tor J' ? i have Mother's word for it for they passed a Jaw one time "tin: CilllS tllf fpllft T»\1»Tri fniiiniir- hit !i!ld if VH11 PT n'T hf^Hnv-T I-J-IIL.- Mn^U vnorln ,-,«-, „!.. ., L i.. _i_ " .1 • . The trouble _ ,„„ ,_, between children of the two southern families. Several Flcctworxt - - — ~- — —~ ~*^- i '••*• '.^j."..*.t LJ u^.^ i children thrashed an Alsup boy as I sl '-' d!cd 't a "d she said she hadn't, I make recommendations, he was takin;; his childhood sweet-' heart home from church. The quar-i "' nit nud blaze aeaiu until Oc!ob3r. SCO. when the two families decided to meet on a level plateau near Althea springs and fi-.-ht, in I battle foimalic:*. The licht, with , more than ICO on each .side, rtechied a draw after mo Access Main Drug Addiction Says Expei UV 1)R. MOKRIS FISilBEJN j versely such p:oplo may h< Editor. Joirrna: rf Hie Amcncu of their uddictic-i! by pvaper 20 men were killed. Ti:e F:cef,voods claims the last: . , ar . thani Mccliccil Aiscciaticn, and cf l!v- 'inert w'thcut likc'i'-'-'j o ' " ' i:.-.-vous insta- la;i~e prompt- Kc'a, tin- clialfii Slagazine ! whereas tiiose with ...- i.vtiivuuub Liiu:(i/a me last: Repetition of tlii* use of opium, j biiity are li::ely lo victory, iiov.evcr, since diet Alsup [cocaine and their derivatives re-1 ly v.hen under st'-e shciiff at the time, wss killed from suits in acidlc;:on to these driist.! " HcceT t-iiiiMf- i ,,n,i,.^ ,„ ,„,. an(] [1]e Ais ,, p J Apparently the ;acidiction is th» re-' im ^ I C O.M O ,£.„ ^Ssln"^ His Brother's Jvecpcr (To the editcr:) I iv.ul in a recent isfiie of ;•:• paper the interview Mr. Alexander gave about Ihe ;ensnn lie gave the '"wheelchair veto" to the most im- bills affecting Mississippi county, namely, the Nelson Salary Hi'.l. and the'Equal Divition of fnc Turnback Bill. And one of the tliinsi; he talks abcut is "Our Brother's Keeper." I am wondering just what Brolh- . . .. , ...,, cr s 1;? is referring to by this rc- . party usually 1-a?. And M of uu.' mark. They surely could not be in? 'lo keep oi:r Honsevelts'iall landowners in Chicka;iiwb:i would !ii\ve to bo c.i!!i:i b - ihem | ( l'atrii'l. who wiil have to pull thru nothinj but "Ii'ddy" and "Frank 1 i" 1 " "•":'• at Icnst two years or mere, for mcntlis. Also, wha: a :';:-.? .s^m- . N!r - Alexander should liavc <iuol- jeis.mlt the pies-rnl p:>:i;:;--l tl:prlf'l Ihe expression a "firoiher's |wr.;il:l Inke if -Teddy' re:: a nomi- | Keeiicr" r,s It is in ihe Bible. Every , nation and --Frank" set :m:?! . | Bible student knows that these ro- \Vculd 1'll/rlc Drir.ori.Us ' C-i!,ilnly 3 Lit of D.':i!ccriiLi v.vulil ^o'. all niixe;! up :;r-,l w^:- ; rie;l if they to n.mi::-.:.:^ _i j nevr-r avnigeci his death. ' i suit ol the will of the individual un'tc-i Sf'c- Ti • U -rt c' Tho Althea dam iwwer project to tini! in tl.s eifect o( the (!ru ? a 113CS mcre'-narcoik", fV-" medi-nul is tlie s:coud of ils kind in South- • release from his worries ain ]»ins,' m,-™.- ,-„,., -.,,.,IT," nuJU)lul cm Missouri. The Ba->noll dam .i-.-bccaus; the dru s produces a ccn- i i rc tjzun-^'b,'\r'-"^- '-v"' C ,-^- Bavnell. Mo., a hydro-electric plant Idmon called euphoria, a seme cr! !,,u^m- of n--T • "- C ' S ' "^ r:.p:dly is i-:arin 3 completion. !'.veil being and happiness.. !-,.,, compared wi-|,"";v> .^!i«?im- The withdrawal of the drug is p ,. C ap. t a fc- Eiii' '"..". ™ ', Will Drawn in Hebraic a"«iatc« with pm,, of ; ,n intense arid 2 . s ,' ,- 01 . ' A , rk ."" Jl ' or AE13 mi uiawn in iicurdlL character, v.-hich the individual ai-. It lns ,,-.,,.. rorm Admitted to Probate "™P !s to " ii «"" * »••" l&W ™ ' Africans are' "sr.crV^^iv to : more narcotics. When a psison IKS : ]; . ljn thnn ,.,..;, , °.:.::-" 1 lo PHILADELPHIA. Pen,,.. (UP) .;««<**" '-'|'» slaae in the ,,« of| t[ ; CJ , cr cls= ' tl ^. A ^^ ^ Drawn in tile ancient Hebraic fou-ij"',;,. ]' MmlK ' ^ « clesrnbrf byj clans , rc ]110 . L . s ,, ^"- s ' 'i addicts as having the hsbi;. the 1 5Cr Mj C and in clear Hebrew characters.: th: will of Aaron Zombcrg colloquial narcc;:t.<. Much c: iiio dru'j ceutly admitted to protatc in th:. Register of \Vills oflice. i A tra:is!ntlon shows tiie document was dated ••eleventh d.iy t,f the month uf Tebt'lh. yeiv 5CM since Hie creation of the world." term that he is • hook- • ' ad( j ic , ioll Eef ,., s . Q ^ ^..^^..j ; with the simigglir.!. of uriijs in" til; ! .ii.«. i in. oitntjj" in..^ u; u-ii'S i'i th Dr. w. L. Treaciw.iy of the Unit- I United States, which !;n s T,vr", n<: i u . eci States Public Health Service is | bcrticrs difficult tj r ','.~ s - ' csnvir.ud that the chief t.ictois m 'Ihe symptai:; i.-lloivi-'i" with- druj a;lc!ictinn is er_se of access to | drawal of di;.- i-.- S ::: addicts In... .- ..- ,-uria. : tL "- e "''"=• Til '-' caujes of adclictijn|ciuUe usually" ..-i;o:nLnal 'pp.'i. The translated will is intcrcf- R: ' c tilvll! - ci into: Fir^i, previciin use j twitching. di:f::.;.Ly i n brcat'ii;:; Ingly worded in quaint cl drli =s hi ineaical treatimnt; sec-i and in sleep::... and i::ent il -'<ii phrases. According to a trav.s-. OI1:I ' *elf-ne:itinc:it for relii ' ' • ~' " lalor, it is declaration by the wit- i |will: l " ir(i - recourse during emo- strain; fourth, infliicnce ol marks fell from t!ie worM's firs! belrayrr of a brother. Cain the uhcii God n-krd iiim. -,ihv.-rc sent after ymi to make a fore you :is commanded b a' wHl"bo-, lllc mait imixjrtant pndisp^ins b:c,u:sc cf c:lllsc '- s an inherent n::ntal 01 . Rcorevrlt after the Kvpublk-ans'" Al » I my brother's keeper?" Gen. had r.e::iiii,u ( -(l o;;e; .-.oil'.'. 1 vvoulri -4'-*2- !_bJi:nd to frc! ; the p.u-.y was I "Alex" was a betrayer of <cme of ; i"'t ti^rc'^-"'--'' 11 ''"-''' 1 ''"-' 1 '---'- • '''' is bC; '' fl ' cnd ;' '" (l ' ls distric: nn:l dose of tl:e en:: : ^tw .Tin o! the wilh-^--' ! is between ~',z ."o.'.:nj tile last, ^•:cn. Kcuffb Knis in lirnKi-n L" MCESAH. V,-;:. ,UPI _ Tom Kiif!::iv .-..-.ii:..:. , o( .- i;0 E F \i'iu.<el . I,,:,!-.!;,-;- co::, ,.niv, niacio JoJui F. Morns. Ciiii..-:.,' .nidltor who i:- lookiui; O vci li;'.-'ni;:ir.nny'j bock.x fee! at home bv i-r-nuinj in n frienoiy «' ; ;ft!c -.vith ii:").." As a res:;!-, of the •*•]••-n];;,- match, Kin-i.,;- \s in a i.-cr.l ho:-pilal with a broken I..-- crfinito ,hc n:ll n;\er b.- able to live tl.iv,-.; j Ne-vs of the birth of his nineiv- ir.^i tne; Ihe wroiiu he IT,S dene ti^ tux-1 eighth sraiKlrhltrl has t.-en icce-v- • ... .. - -- ••'"'•'•''•'. l.e.-c.i payers. Aim if C v:r !:e ri:;is fn- cf- ed by Cii.irles \, lio!rien 87 of iScfmnh- -"°r^ *"' V J ' ortr i?™ 'V'" lho>0 " ra 'S s wl!l Il»g»c | Finz-1. ci s ht inil.s frcm'Th,- .R.eo iwiih .n r 3 ll n. ; .., :; al .-.::,::- ;]-.»,-. hk.; "n.-inn^'s Ghost." child. .1 boy. was born to Mr. ar.d ucn to hv--..-e\.'K ;:i r:-,,;v ••> '?>: • "Airx " trnv fn-.^ni t^ n <-.~t. i^.,. I-\Trt II^M-TT-H \,*^^,.^,. ,11011 to RCv.-i.-l.-'H ill p:•.!.-;• ;.y j tip co'.inlryV. irpcti^n '.t S-i • viro prosiilrnthl i::.-s:b:IHy. ih:i: '-V.-,iii-.s Howard "Aiex." they forsnt the siork law.' Mr but r.cvrr the rriual riivifioii cf the I ;ii:ruback tsx ta'.v. It will remain as I Ninety-five pa'.ch:s were rr-q- n :uom:inr!it ID \our uptrjvnl cf the ! ril to repair damage Intllctctl" t !«TII (illAXllCIItl.H I.OIiV Mrt.. (L'i» _ | •'.',:_> ••'"'•'• ; ; u :.,i:n. n :noin:pie!it o jour UJtrjynl cf the ! ™ to repair damage Intllctctl f, | in:: 1 .iy .ir.ii ron.-C'lr,,!-.. Ii?.-, ii.'cun ccniidence ar.d f.ii'.li thev placc.l > >>in;s ol an nirp' cauclit in a i ,,r m °i'' ; |J • vlll::!i "" 1!- Whuv. i' i;i you a, their repivsenla'ive. And I hailslonn in South Dakota. ,111^.0 Ilinil Uli:st l:r v i::le c\vr rv- (i'.p i>^m-fi MI/M. tKi..i- «i :. .L- ' attempts. Ti:nr u spread 0,1:11:1 n ;:-.:i: v:n:iUi nci-er more they think abcnit it the i-.'- iMriv .sr.tire they will see ihr ennrmliy of i I'ry Birti 1 -' ll-.r- r:imc of pc-iiniitinp Ojc'eslj I - y,;,ii; u-..,n .rli.-trlct to take cur taxes to pay for ! Announcements . ... I in an.tnr.i: but i:amr nn;i I Nt w ar.<i ' 1 of tho ! ni I!..11 h? v,a^ t;i;i' ? ;;.--•:• p.-.-.-i.i Uu-.iiv .T to :.-.:". il::- d::n.>:!t! o: i::. •ngucrtli. that i. user s:id betlcr f.viioiix: their icnii'.. " " ; The Courier Nc^s has been 1 hoiie yi:;i will publish this let- ! tliorized to make lllc followiiis : •r in join- paper. (announcements, subject to ihe will A N'ca! Tup Taxpayer. ! °' the people at Ihe municipal; I.c.ichville. Ark. [election to be held April 7: i; vm Cl.rl, .Suiici-MHious I SALT LAKE CITY. Utah UJP. ! r n , a ., luvc , :c , n R C0 i, u ; d ™co; .. .: i:. i--.iy have brrn bwuise it 1 f.vt-r. a far ( wa; Filday the 13lh But the fact ,i.:l:. I uniair.s that Bait Lake's "Uis , Klcans Like Him ! Bcnn" — ihe City-County l)ulM'.ng! All avai'ablc rtporw ave Hut j Tlork— tollod cff thirteen times, at Roofevclt i'.as boon doing a fine Job midnight March 13. ! For ^Myor A. n. PATRFIKI.D NEILL nKED (Rc-E!ectio:-j, '2nd Term) W. C. LAWLER For City Treasurer ROSS BEAVERS (rc-clcctlon, 2nd term) Our \Vanl-Ad Service is like n community Switch Hoard, transmil yov.r tle.^irc.s fo News Ad-Tiilicr . . . I hut ;icl furms (he connection be- yon antl ;t s))ci-i;il ^roitp of intcrc.slccl parlies . . . the cfuickcst and most direct contact with results. Clas 306 — For an Ad-Take

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