The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) 1 .COURIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED .ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate ncr lino lor consecu- live Insertions: fine time per Ihie lOc 1'7,'u times per line per day ...08c Three times per line per day ..Otic £x times per line per day ...,05c Rontn rate per lino 60C lards of Tlianks SOc & 70C Minimum charga fiflc Ads ordered for three or six ^mes and stopped Iwforo exptra- Ijjn n'Ul lie charged for the uum- \fct of times tile add appeared and jljusttnent of bill made. AH Classified Advertising copy iubmitted- by persona residing out- tlde of the city must bo aceom- pnuled by cash. Rates may be lastly computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular tscrllons takes the one time rate. No responsibility will b« taken or more tlian one Incorrect insertion of any classified, ad. Business Directory For Rent Nicely furnished bedroom with Ijath in private home. 112 K, Vine. 12-ck-n Personal Modern ho\isc newly decorated 'throughout. Close In. $25. Phone 853-J. * 12-pk-l(i Furnished rooms. Double nml single bed. limorspring Mattress. Connecting Bnth. Heat. Tivo ladies or two men preferred. 113 W. Kentucky. 12-pk-lG Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers lolleTei) tlllouiDMi, e^ti^tpit'OD tnd ndichM. A<liv« I.lior Ftlll iet it thr eal C&UBB or your ilujr|Uhn#lh tna 3Bk» you .'Ml like • new fifrtob. Rid kelire LlVf'r Pllli. HtrirlMl, K«ntl«. HoM >t ill Klrbf «ru* Hto>*». 3 room imfui'iiisuec'i Utilities furnished. BOO W. Wiilnul. apartment. Reasonable. ll-pk-lfl 5 room house and ball) Vacant March 1st. Gall 269. S-ck-10 75 acres new cleared land 4 miles S,VV, Hives. 40 acres old land 3 miles south Dell. W. A. Lewis, Manila IU. 1, or Lost Cane School. 7-pk-14 Comfortable bedroom adjoining bath. Gentleman only. 713 W Main. 80<i-W. 7-ck-H FOR RENT—Furnished apartment Mrs. 'ltd Green, call 8M-J. 7-ck-H HARRY 'BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food ill Good I'rices All Kinds Sou Foot! Fresh Grapple Cigarettes 2 for 25e HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. / Phones 5-F-4 & 878 Coal My Caal Is Black But- I Treat You While. LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Blyllicvilie, Ark. I'hoiie 107 Radio Service I or 4 room furnished apartment rent reasonable to pcrmaiicn >arly. 20D W. Kentucky Phoni 1S5-W. 20-ck-2-2( For Sale Hay—Soybeans—Oais Seed Corn—Mllcli 'Cows And tractor Work. See \V. L. Tntc. Armorel, Ark. Batteriqs BATTKBT 8UVICI J. Ben Clune Phone 8 *t Tom Jartson* Lost Pair of rtinless glares Mi»roiiii Avc Mid Court House Howard. Jilek Rogers phono SOO. 12-pk-Hi Kcllif liiiideus M MIIAVAIIKIOK (UP) land mid wultinlly jn:«lu I their \vuy to Ihelr homes In Mil- MILWAUKIOK (UP)—Move tlliin lum '' i one-hall of every rtollut Milwaukee ; county will sucud duilim 1038 will no tnfrard. some will of I'dlof. cmiuly'.s uross bmluot lor the yem Prize CocMail Named "Our Smiling Duchess" Green tai'niuilln betft'ccn Wilson and Tiii-rcli. Howard. J. H. Sce- mun. call OVt. n-iik-10 Pair clean 4 year old marc mules, well broken. 'Acclimated and Reasonable. Gene mi. south Roscland. Bradbury, 2 lj j ll-iik-18 Cedar Posts, 12',-sC cadi. Jeff M. Jones. Rt, 2, Sinillivllle. Ark. Complete lo volume set of standard Reference. Books with loose leaf binder. Call 239 or 792. 15-fa-fa Female Help Wld. Hatchery Baby Chicks I'UBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery, Blylhte'villb, Ark., H.W. 61 Noith, I'honc 742, '• LONDON ((Uin — )n a eompi'li- tiou in which more than I.MW Wcktails were mixed, sunken nud slpl'i'd, firs), nrta for Ihe world':, nmsl |Hil;ilnbU'. potent and II|C;IKIII| elloit went lo "Our .Smllln. l)m-l\- ess." n uii-khil | )V nn Alin'tlern UnvlcmliT, Gem-lie Mnekie. Ht'iv is Ilio eomiJo.sHiun .-ii the Winuini; cm-kliill. "Out Hinlllni; Jiu'lu>s.s": Oni'-lhird dry i;ln. onc- slxlh ii|)i-|<-ot. Ijnimly,' <uic-llilr<l <ine-sixlli civmc de nnye:iu. in niixini; (jljiBs. Ice well, red cherry In bottom nfl Drs. Wert& Wert OrTOMBTIHSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Bloro "WK MARK 'KM KKK" riiono G40 KI.ECTIUV A ACICTVI.KNK Schooner Crew Drills 13 Days Without Water QUEDEC (UP) — Adrift in (lie icy Glilf of St.. Lawrence for i:i days with little provisions, uml no Furnished nparlmcnU Lights am water furnished. Prlvnte tail] $3.5C A week, 11J01 W. Ash. 29-cktf 40 Acres land. Require stock, feed, tools. D. R. Garner, Armorel. ADDRESS ENVELOPES AT HOME FOR US. GOOD PAY. Experience unnecessary. Wonderful op- orUmily. Everything Supplied, rile Immediately for Free Oe- lils. Nationwide Distributors, 401 roadway, N. Y. DUPLEX—3 & 4 room furnished apartments. Private baths, call 280. 26-ck-lf Nicely furnished roam entering Into ball). Inncrsprlng mattress. Will give 3 meals a clay. Call Leather folder with 2 keys. Owner can have same by paying cost f this ad. 818 Chlckasawbn. 25-da-da Furnished bedroom. 022 W. Mn Mrs. MCMiillins. 22-ck-tf Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can have ame by paying cost of this ad Courier News. Comfortable bedroom in private home. 115 East. Kentucky. '22-ck-U 3 room furnished nnnrtmont. 10: W. Kentucky. Phone 683. 13cktf EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBE'S, BTEKIES Hardaway Appliance Co. BEMCY WEKNER Main & 5th Phone Furnished comfortable bedroom 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-t: One comfortable bedroom. Cal Mrs. Holly. S. Stcrnbcrg, 984, 120' 28-ck-2-2 Help Wanted .Glass B n. v a nie Top Of Your Furniture With Glass All 1 designs cut & finished. «XLL US BIytheville Print & Wallpaper Co Phone &8fl 111 a. ind WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALAR' S35.CO per week, man or Avomn with auto\_sell poultry mixture t farmers; Kureka- Mfg. Co., East Louis, 111, Wanted To Buy Found \lctal key ritig with 13 keys. Fouiu near High School. Owner cm lave same by paying cost of thii ad. Irlnklng water fuel, was Stir 1'liK'i,' WELDING AT DICST PIIICKB PROMPT BKHVIOK Barksdale Mfg. Co irdcal suffered by Skipper Ulrlc rrcmblay and three of the crew ol he schooner Sain Ferry Ann. The little craft sailed (mm M«K- lalen iKlauds for Hale dra Olm- eurs, and everything went well foi .he first five days. Engine trouble then developed and the schoonei was nt the mercy of the wilid nnd waves. H soon sprang leaks and the ciciv ivas forced to use (hell 1 clothing to plug the holes to pie- irt 111 a boal from sliikiiii!. Snowstorms added to Ihe misery of the Helpless 'crew. When the fuel was 'exhausted the men were forced to burn old and driftwood battered stove. Th'e liien finally decided lo 'abandon ship in a linilly leaking Delinquents'' Mental Age '1 Years Below Normal NT. LOUIS, lUl'l — Uelliiiiueul diildrni have ii invi\(al aijc of -W montliL, iK'lmv Iheir clironoloali'iil i\'4i\ iifrordliiir |o « shiily mude by Hit' Oil Id Ciitfilamin clinic ill thul diMcnlkni liome here. Tim .study was made of 3-11! iu- m:if<'K. IBS ft whom wore while iuul Ifii Ne;!ra. The while children shewed on (bo averase » ll-ycav menial leliii'diitlon; the Negvoes 01 mui'iths. PHONE 19 WANTED CORN SOYBEANS Su. 11.11. HI. Illylhcvlllc, Aril. Malilisn Grain Co. w. o. rhune Special Prices Art; Now Ik'itiK OttvVcil i All Wiitlcr Auto Accessories Visit our inodvrn parts jiiTfsswk's sloi'i-. Hure yoi will liiul cvei'ylhinjr o diHplay (« ciuililc you .1 nuiko cusy solctlionH u your purlicnliir newts. »24,3li7,69V.99. The county will end liUTO c?nU> oul of every, ollar tor relief. "Wooklfs" Co VM Strike UlUNCESTON, Australia (UP) -Hcoknmkcls are the latest enter rtrj of svoikeis in Australia to go » strike. They objected to an l FARM LOANS «SM v* Vt Arfcitou *n« (xiWMt rates—lowest Also city proptrllfj DON H. KASSKHMAN Tnomaa' I/end Co. Ofllce P; O. Box 470, Phono 527. In fees. Three UoUlng orfc affijclei titt tft* rtrils cfch- tlhu* on a "sUttil" Bute. J. C. EVANS 'BOX <XH Wyincvlllo, Ark. District Manager ' mtsT FUN» B|)Oii5plC(l By Hamilton Dcjx>sllor« C<)rp. HriertlltyY Servke Station and Cafe All M»dinj prancfii or Beer, WlUslcey, Win*, Olns And Cordials DKAI.EK IN Coal — Hay — 4 ;_' Gtilm J'HIl.t.ll'H 6C G\S JJ5ie TAX PAID CIGARETTES' 'i l>k. 2,'ic or $1.13 per 'Carton 24 Hour Service H.U, 01, I'hoiic 17 Holland, Mu Hettiorrhoids-Piles CUltED WITHOtf SUUGKRV & GUARANTEKO Kilt, mm and wllK toils dlicomfo'rt. A* ritivfJiRejt and condillonv of hervoni orlKfti, foot illniriit, in j 1 rti n c »nc»r» treated' »B4 corM at our clinic, DRS. NIES & NIES ORteopithlo Pbystclftoi Ml M«in Thone 98 Bljthcvillc, Ark. *• . libw Located at 101 Norlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWJUlUii, Praprleut n makc» of Hcbullt Tyncwrlltrj, Adding Machlnei u< Calculators—Hfpnlrinj—V Position Wanted 2 small buildings. 10 by 12 or 10 by 14, .suitable for painting. -!(.C. McRee. P. 0. Box 703 Blythe-l villc, Ark. ll-pk-15 Room and Board By experienced iincncuinbcrcd la-. <ly. A position as housekeeper.' - - . Can' give good reference. Wrilc I Steam heated, room with board. Bos "1'55. Courier News. 8-pk-Hj 803 W. Ash, phone 151. 12ck3-12 .Great Emancipator 4 J' HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle ! l v 7 U. S. President who freed the slaves. 12 Rowing tool. 13 Musical term. 15 To relieve.' 16 Sneaky. 17 Festival. 18 Composition for seven voices.. TO Italian river. 21 Sable. 22 Girls. t1 Grief.' 25 .Skillet. 86 Moor. 17 Morindin dye. £8 Contest for a prize. ; 80 Chart. 31 Musical note. ,£?, Knapsack. 83 To lend. B-! Doctor. S5 Half an em. J6 Throe. 38 His early life was one of 40 Upon. •11 To immerse. 43 Hegion. 44 To gossip. '-:• 46 Wrath. '~ 47 Genus of water ducks.' 18 To argue. •10 Tli e whole. 50Door rugs.' 01 He was a self-trained 53 Order. 54 Promontory."^ VERTICAL 2 Knife. 3 Beam. 4 Measure -of area. 5-Maplc shrub. 0 Witticism. .7 Musical note. 8 To require. 9 Tarns. 10 Hops kiln, ntoward,!!^ lee 14 To degrade. 48 Insane. 16 He was famous as ;i 1.8 Tone &.' . 19'He was a . '' man. 21 Ventilating machine. 23 Social insect. 25 Kettle. 26 Heinous. 29 Cotton machine. , 30Johnnycake/ 33 To bathe. 36 To act as , model. 37 Colors fabric. 33 Swir's. 39 Hubbisl). 40 Marie of oatmeal. 42 Unctuous. 44 Monk's hood. ' 45 Climbing shrub. 47 Dutch measure. 17 Merriment.. FOWLKR DRUG CO Tom Little Chevrolet Co. lifeboat', ami after nnolHer (les- Italtle to keei> llieii- tiny cttvft afloat tlio quarlelte flimlly "•one »' COBB FUNERAL HOME liLOOl) ON THK MOON By H'amlin ' see PAV.'S V LIS5EW-1VE STOOP'ALL I'M /OFF'M ME,VOU'APEM GOWMA OutAVOLI.' VOL) (I'LLHAVE vou Kwowy, MM BE A BIG SHOT TO S I'M TI4" GRAK1D ,/ UMPA 1 , BUT TO ME VER. iHAt LITTLE SNiPISIMTrM- A ~ A5MUCH AS VOUARE- /I'VE NEVER\ AN' 1 MEAM 7'SEE SHE QET5 WHAT'S COMIM' - OWE MORE HOMk OUTA VOL) AND MY RECORD WOWT8E ALL 1'i.L BU5T — NOW SCRAM ? IHAT WAS 3WEET OF VOO VOU'SHOULDN'T HAVE / ' eA N T A^t IT- fe'li- SHE WILL / BUT SEE WHAT V ' SLAPPED A 1 GAL DOWM / VET,BUT-•/ i JUST A BIG TOMATO v.c.oi'H..i33Biiy,tit*sriivici:.inci.'.i u.ii.nhy.-s.r>yoi Ky Martin I500TS AND HER BUDDIES Wn,l',IIO i'ULLH (OQ MO 1 .'. I 010MT VA "\0-A&V<. ME CCOPB l» (YTlEASERVICE.Wc: VASII TUBBS OF CODKHK SIM-;'!) KK SAKU VEWEZUELASI I HATE TO SAV GOOD&V, f'MOW WHV THE SAW HILL CiD HE' WWTE *4 SENDIN& FOOL ME5&A.OE LIKt THXT? W, LOM& A.S SHE'5 \VI THAT TWO- F3STEQ' BUCKCfS HANDS, OF COURSE iH&5 SKFE, BOVS, BUT I- WELL, VOU JUW&LE.'f J [ N /juf ' A RUWIJEP. \ ' r ff, J CAN IK\A&lWe HOW TERRIBLY D^DuV MUST HWE BEEW WHILE I WAS HELD CAPTIVE BY GANGSTERS -so FIRST SHIP HOWvE. KE MIBTA\ ^ '' X V 1T H A CA5L!:- MEWS FftOM GRAM.MR. WLL. / THE OUTSIDE vUOat-D IH TWO MOUTHS, WHY, OP COURSE, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ! MERE'S-CUE? THIS WATER-MARkED EKK/ELOPE LDOkS FAMILIAR.,-AWD I BET I JUST WHERE S YOU RE |T CAME PROM.' WE CHECKS CAME THESE EMVELOPES: I'M GLAD I SAVED THEM! ISM'TTMIS ENVELOPE THE: KIWD YOU SUPPLY TO GUESTS OF THIS HOTEL, HARRY? PROM THIS HOTEL ! IT'S THE; OWLV kiuo TOWM . WHOSE. HAIJDWRmWG KIUTTY OOOK TO DEATH WITH MAILED iw MAIN 49 Like. 50 Myself. 51 Note in scale, 52 Road.

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