The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1950
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY «, 1950 Army Freezes Reserve Commissions m* —». •LTTBEVILLI! (ARK.) COUUBB KIWI Korean Crisis Brings Action On Expirations ^WASHINGTON, July 25. (AP>— fk Array hat frozen reserve com- wssJona expiring or about to ex- Plre, t tpoke&man said today. These are five-year commissions held by officers who are not on active duty. A large number o( these five-year commissions were signed by officers who In September and October of 1945, In the months immediately following the end of World War IT, left active duty and .signed up for the reserves. Now these com- ttit/Bions are beginning to expire. Just u the Korean crisis grows more and more acute. Therefore, the Army has issued » freeie order. Legislative Action The Air Force said it has been unable to freeze commissions of il.s reserve officers. The explanation, a tpoltesman said, is that the Air Force commissions were issued under a inter law than tliat used by the Army. Legislative action would be required to keep five-year commissions in the Air Force In effect, it was said. There is no problem for the Navy and Marine Corps. Their reserve commissions run "at the pleasure of the president." There !s no expira- jtlpn date. ^T ReaervlsU Order 'The Army and Air Force may order up some reservists who are not on a drill-pay basis, but the Navy and Marine Corps contemplate no such m.-re at the moment. The Army, now calling up smatl- er-than-dlvisional organized units. •ays that some volunteer reserve officers expert.In radar and communications 'are being called up as individuals and units. -The Air Force aays It may call on volunteer training units [or specialists If such reservists are readily available and their skills are critical. Nary Eipects Men The Navy expects to get all the men needed from Its organized re- »erve and fleet reserve, made up of those put on inactive duty after JO years' service. The Marines, likewise, do not contemplate any Involuntary recall of volunteer reservists. Members of the Reserved Officers Training Corp.? (ROTO) — Army, Navy and Air Force—are exempt 'Chair' Faces Accused* Negro Decision Awaited From High Court On Man's Fate JACKSON, Miss., July 35 (/|>j_ Willie McGce, 37-year-old negro convicted of raping a white woman Is expected to learn today whether Mississippi's highest authorities will save him from the electric choir, A decision mny come from (he state supreme court by noon on his attorney's requests for a writ of error and a stay of execution. They contended In a hearing; yesterday that false testimony convicted the Laurel, Miss., negro of the 1945 crime. But they refused to present supporting evidence: Henilng Todaj- Gov. Fielding Wright has scheduled a hearing for Ji a.m. (CST) today /or ten members of the civil Rights Congress, seeking executive clemency for McGec, who Is scheduled to be put to death Thursday. But Wright told Andy Grossman of New York, heading the Congress' delegation, (hat "r don't want you to stage any parades, fly any banners or hold any meetings here." Grossman told the governor late yesterday that 25 persons were with urn, but Wright set the limit when the Congress announced previously hat it would send delegates from en states. Police Cancel Leaves A DIFFERENCE OF OFINION-When union printers of the Tex- n^L'^? "J thC ,, Jacks °» *>"« — - .-...- • r Department have been cancelled Members of the highway patrol will arkiina Gazette and Daily News went pn strike July 20 a picket (right) »i walked in front carrying a sign saying the printers were locked out ** C. E. palmer (left), publisher of the Gazette and Daily News, and ?' his granddaughter. Miss Virginia Lee (Oinny) Palmer countered with ; this sign registering a different opinion. Ginny is a cub reporter on"the news staff. fAP Photo). from the draft during their Junior and senior years in college. The exemption then ceases unless they accept their commissions and go on active duty for two years. If caught In the open by an approaching tornado, experts advise you to run, not walk, at right angles to its path. You may be able to get out of the way. SKYLINE DRIVE-IN ^ A cfafinit* mutt picture for every parent or adult. Now you can se* this picture in the privacy of your own car! No children under high school age admitted •xcept with their parents. NO ADVANCE IN ADMISSION STARTS TODAY ROOTED IN IGNORANCE, VIOLATED IN SECRECY! the Rich and the Poor! •JAMES M. DOANE fntM tU. THE MOST VITAL PORE OF ALL TDK! ALBERT KELLY WrJtH* !>r JACK JUNGMCYE* ^J EDWIN KOTH SWEEPS AWAY SUPERSTITIONS, ILLUSIONS AND HYPOCRISIES! fv«y Mother... Every father,.. Every Young Man and Woman MUST SEE IT! was made yesterday when a 14-ton German v-2 rocket with a 70(H pound .missile on its nose made a climbing turn mile» out over the Atlantic. The V-2 reached 10 miles Into the air, then curved downward and was exploded by remote control. Its debris fell Into the sea M miles from the launching plaUorm. It -cached i speed of 2,700 miles an hour.. The smaller missile, known as a WAG Corporal, sped on. attaining a speed of perhaps 5,000 miles' an hour. Its performance Is a military secret. Col. Harold R. Turner, sefety officer and former commandant of the proving ground at White Sands, N. M., said the Intended range of the WAC Corporal was in excess pi 175 miles. New Rocket To Be Fired In 2nd Test LOrJO RANGE PROVING GROUND, COCOA, Fla., July 25 OT —Another giant two-stage rocket will be fired here Saturday.' in a second horizontal test suided missiles. The first such successful flight flight Qucmoy Attack Called to Halt TAIPEI, Formosa, July 25 (/P}~ The.threatened Chinese Communist Invasion of Quernoy island off the China coast opposite Formosa ended today—at least temporarily. The defense ministry said that Sed junks seen approaching the 50 square mile Island did not strike. Chiang Kai-Shek's elder son. Gen Chiang Ching-Kuo, returned Sunday from Quemoy. He reported morale there high. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Bodies Removed From Air Crash 'MYRTLE BEACH. B.C., July 25. (fP>— Thirty-nine bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of an Army Air Force transport plane that crashed near here Sunday, the Air Force reports. First reports placed the death loll at 34—30 Tennessee Air National Guardsmen and four air reserve crewmen from Florida. Late yesterday, however, Capt. E. S. Wood, public Information officer at Shaw Air Force base In Sumter. B.C.. said five additional bodies had been recovered from the wreckage. He said the five additional victims were probably military hitchhikers. At Nashville, Tenn., officials began a "roll call" of guardsmen known to have returned from the Myrtle Beach maneuvers to determine if the five additional dead were Tennesseans. Guard officers said they expected to complete the check some time today. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration • NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. i'h. 58 Tuesday "BEAUTY ON PARADE' Kith ROBERT MUTTON" Wednesday & Thursday "YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN" with I.anren Itacall >nd Hoajy available for emergency duty, nd the Jackson American Legion Wright said he has received 1215 letters and telegrams requesting lemency and that other pleas hnve Jeen going to other state officials. McGce has been convicted of the -rime three times. The first trial vas set nsicle by the state supreme :ourt. the second by the U.S. Su- )reme Court. Tuesday "MRS. MIKE" with Evelyn Ke;ei «nd Die* Powell Also Warner Nnrs Si Cartoon Wednesday & Thursday "THE CAPTURE" with Teresa Wright, i.« w and Victor Jory Also News i Short B LVTHEV I LLE'S ON LV ALL WHITF THf ATnr Tuesday & Wednesday nOUBI.K FEATURE iMiXEr^ wBBaf^ STANWYCK-COREY hUL WAILS',**. "Thehna JonJon" •"P/MAXELY- Plus ? > "* r AIVEH mm or^^. PPKi Baptists Warn of Danger in Losing Sight of Principles of Christianity CLEVELAND, July 25. (/!>)—The Baptist World Congress today varned that at no other time has Christianity been In greater danger of "losing sight" of its principles and Ideals. The warning was In a manifesto Jrepared by a. IB-member commission on religious liberty headed by >. Stanley I. stuber of New York, ^.Y. It bore the approval of the Baptist world Alliance executive committee as an official pronouncement. The manifesto said: "The principle of separation of :hurch and state In some areas, :ven in places where it Is now prac- -Iced, Is seriously questioned; offl- :ers and members of churches have been arrested and imprisoned on an Increasing scale both In Communist countries and others where the Roman Catholic Church is dominant. "Moreover, we regret to note that PAGE FIVE : MJ« «.»„,, ..... •"; •'»»;. '„ ,.-».•• „ , >*•>• «*•»>.. i *»•- *•>*' . . .-if" i. LIONS WHOOP IT-Parading down Chicago's Michigan Boulevard, delegates to the Lions convention from Wisconsin Dells Wis go into a wild Indian war dance. No scalping: were reported'' Combat Wounded Past Through Hawaii Islands HONOLULU, July 25. (AP)—The second group of combat wounded from Korea pa-sscd through Hawaii yesterday enroute home. A military air transport officer said the seven men would arrive at Fnlriicld-Sulsun, Calif., about ' p.m.. KST, today. A third group of 22 battle wounded was expected today. This group probably will remain one day In Hawaii. others full liberty." "We as Baptists, now reaffirm our historical position, and pledge ourselves to seek for all men the right of free and unhindered access to Gort and the right to form and propagate opinion In the sphere of religion without Interference by civil and religious powers." Maritime Agrees On Security Plan WASHINGTON, July 28. (AP) — Management and unions of th» maritime industry have agreed on R security system for barring Com- munLsts and subversive* from American ships. A voluntary pact under which the Coast Guard will do the actual policing was worked out yesterday by representatives of ship operators ami workers meeting here with federal olflciats. In a statement issued after the meeting, they pledged that "no ship will be delayed" because crew members are found to be bad security risks by the military. Holh frankincense and myrrh are obtained from trees, in a few nallons, where there a'rc established protc.stant churches, minority religious groups arc sometimes subject to legal disabilities.' The manifesto asserted that ".. . . not only do Communists Im- j prison Homan Catholics and Pro- i testants; Roman Catholics nrc ready to persecute Protestants, and certain Protestants to a lesser rie- gree deny Roman Catholics and Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH For lieanliom, (As, intligeinon. Still oulr LOc. 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