The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on December 29, 1955 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1955
Page 8
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SOCHTY Women's News Phone 50 for Society Reporter JDAVTDSON - GEORGE ""The wedding of Mrs. Hazel Davidson of Horton and Ira George took place at 4 p.m. Dec. 17 at the home of the bridegroom's son, E. H. George, in Everest. The Rev. Clarence Brooks, pastor of ihe_ Christian church of Horton, officiated at the ceremony in the presence of immediate relatives. A wedding supper was served following the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. George will make their home in Everest. Miss Ruby Jones and Leo Woods of Bethany, Mo., were out of-town guests. Name Two To State Demo Exec Group ARKANSAS'CITY (Si -- Appointment of two memJbem to the state executive committee of the Democratic Party was announced today 'by Frank Theis, state chairman. They are Mrs. Ruby Harris, Marion, president of the Kansas Federation of Democratic Women's C!-_". ; and Richard Shannon, Kansas City, president of the Young Democrats of Kansas. ''This is the first step in fusing together all organized elements of the Democratic Party in Kansas in preparation for the 1356 campaign," Theis said. "The state committee wants and needs the ad-vke and services of this active and growing women'is group and this large and enthusiastic group of young Democrats as an integrated part of its party structure." FAMILY DINNER Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoecker, 917 North Tenth, entertained with a Christmas dinner for their family. Attending were Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hoecker -and Hildreth Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hoecker and Virginia, of Lawrence; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoecker and Bob of Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. Loren Lamoreaux, Danny and Sharon, of Kansas City; Mr. and Mrs. William White, sr., Mr. and Mrs. William White jr.. and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hoecker and famiiv. Seek Teachers For Duty Overseas KARLSRUHE, Germany -!# -Wanted: 600 American teacher; for U. S. Army dependents' schools in Europe. The Army said today it would launch a three-month campaign in the United States and Hawaii starting Jan. 16 to recruit teachers for overseas duty. They will t be employed for the 108 elemen- ! tary and high schools in Offer Elephant Bargain SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith ' I PHILADELPHIA UP) -- Anybody want to buy an elephant? The John Wanamaker department store here has one on 3ale for $4,995. "It's a bargain," the salesman said. "Hannibal originally cost $7,800 but we reduced the price in line with the store's two-day Christmas season sale.'' At this point, Hannibal, whose U months and 550 pounds make her ju;t a tot among pachyderms, lifted her trunk and trumpeted. As the roar cascaded through the pet shop, a hush fell among the other animals and visiting children. But the salesman smiled confidently. "Just think of who you could be tf Hannibal was yours," he said. "You would be the only private owner of an elephant in the United States. "I bet you would be surprised at all the things you can do with an elephant. Suppose your garden here breaks. All you have to do is set out a dozen pails of water. Then call on Hannibal to spray your flowers. "As for moving furniture or a snowtound car, just have Hannibal put her stout head against anything heavy and she will push it wherever you want it." "Of course," the salesman admitted, ''Hannibal does have a few personal habits that you have to cater to." One of her habits turned out to be a hearty breakfast and dinner with the day's feeding consisting of one bushel of kale, one bushel of carrots, 10 to 12 quarts of oats and a bale of hay which she alternately uses as a bed and an in- between snack. At present grocery rates this would add up to $42 a week. Hannibal also is concerned about her complexion and there i- nothing she likes more than a nice oily skin. The other day it took four men two hours to give her a beauty treatment using two pound's of pure lanolin. SOWLES GUESTS Christmas dinner guests at the Cljde Sowle-s home were Mr. and Mrs Mac Hoffman, John, Jim and Ann. of Eifingham, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cummings and Rick of Sedalia, Mr and Mrs. Tony Hagen and Maria and Mrs. Lucy McCoy of Topeka, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hoffman of Nortonville. Billy Hoffman, who is in the navy at San Diego, called home in the afternoon. denied they were breaking away from the family. '·I don't regret having issued France! the statement," he declared. "The I embarrassment we were suffer. Three Army education leaders'ing over the separation became and Germany. Topple Tail Radio Tower In Jersey mi T. M. R»f. U. S. Pit Off. Copt 155 by NEA S«nrw*. t- Atchison Dolly Globe. Thursday, December 29, 1955 3 ORDINANCE NO. 4375 AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO THE ADOPTION OF A CLASSrFICATION AND COMPENSATION PLAN FOR OFFICERS AND i EMPLOY ES OF CITY OF ATCHISON. KANSAS. AND DETERMINING SALARIES £F POSITIONS. PHOVIDLN'G FOR MERIT INCREASES AND RATING PRO- CEDURF.S IN ORDER TO PROVIDE FOR GREATER STABILITY . V EMPLOYMENT. AND REPEALING OKDINANCE NO. · ,345 ATO *~£°i£ EW ORDINANCES 'OR PARTS OF ORDINANCES rN CONFLICT ---BE IT ORDAINED BY THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE CITY OF ATCHISON. KANSAS: , . _ , , . , _ That the following classification and compensation plin be adopted » order to establish progressive rates for certain positions and to estabuih certain administrative procedures incidental to the performance of this Ordinance. These salaries are for monthly compensation payable- twice monthly unless otherwise indicated. The salaries, wages and compensations of the following positions and classes shall be as follows: SECTION I. COMMISSIONERS: Each Commissioner--Per Annum, payable once each year . 375.00 SECTION II. CITY MANAGER: . City Manager--Per Annum $7,500.00 SECTION III. LEGAL CLASSES: Class Titl- Standard Basic Salary Minimum Maximum City Attorney Per Month $2£.00 S27500 Police Judge Per 10000 12500 SECTION IV. CLERKS, FISCAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE CLASSES: Class Title Standard Basic Salary Minimum Maximum City Clerk Per Month 5350.00 Secretary Class I _ _ Per Month 200.00 Secretary Class II Per Month 15000 City Treasurer Per Month 5000 SECTION V. ENGINEERING AND ALLIED CLASSES: Class Title Standard Basic Salary Minimum Maximum Building InsDector Per Month S275.00 S32500 IMy Mechanic Per Month 300.00 375.00 Janitor _,, Per Month 180.00 225.00 S450.00 250.00 20000 100.00 here will make a tour of 30 r e - j i » g r e a t cmitment centers in all parts of 1 public how the country. They are Herman D. j Search of Hutchinson, Kas.,| we felt obliged to make we felt about it. . . " Charles E. Tinder of Kansa" Ciiy. CHRISTMAS SUPPER Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kuhnert, 309 North Sixth, entertained with a supper Sunday evening. were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kuh- j nert. Robbie, Linda Sue and La- j Vonna Kay, of Troy, Mr. and Mrs. I Alvin \\~ehking, Sharon, Patty and j Jerry, of Effuigham, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spencer of Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kuhnert and Sheryl Ann and Mrs. Annie Spencer of Atchison. and Miss Jane Ritter of Midwest! City, Okla. j Requirements include: American citizenship, bachelor of arts of sciences degree or equivalent, 18 hours academic credit in education courses, including practice teaching, valid teacher's certificate from an accredited state department of education, age between 25 and 55, minimum of two years teaching experience. Salaries for i the 12-month period range from Guests i S3.670 to 35,740. Hoist Flag Again At Little America Dionne Girls Plan January Visit Home By SAUL PETT LITTLE AMERICA I?) - The Stars aad Stripes were raised again at Little America yesterday. The site of the first two camps built in the antarctic by Rear Adm. Richard Byrd was desolate. The buildings of the first camp built in 1328 are covered by an estimated 60 feet of snow aad ice. Tne second camp is about 40 feet below us. All we found on the surface at 3 a.m. were the top; of towers and poles. TUCKERTON, N..J. J* -- The Mystic Islands radio tower, which stood 763 feet high and took two years to build, was toppled within six seconds yesterday to make room for a resort development. All that remained of the tower- one of the world!; tallest structures--was a mammoth heap of 80o tons of steel, which will be sold for scrap. According to legend, it was the tower in the meadows which flashed the order boats to sink the "Remember all those bridge prizes that you didn't like. Mom? We made $8 selling 'em around the neigh- borhoodl" Standard Basic Salary Per Month Per Month 27000 26000 250.00 S350 00 27500 27000 26000 25000 Maximum 5425.00 325 00 300.00 27000 S42500 32500 31000 300.00 27000 City for German U- passenger liner Lusitania in May 1915. Some.1,193j lives -\ ere lost when the ship was j torpedoed off the Ir'rh coast. j The U. S. government later took over the tower, which was built in 11912 by a German firm, aad iti 'served for a time as the m o s t j j Dowerful radio transmitter on the j i continent. | i The Mystic Islands are a marshy 1 1 Collection of News Paragraphs And Advertisements Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hurston, 1227 North Sixth, were married nine years ago yesterday. LaVerne Stucker is still under going treatment at the Wadsworth veterans hospital where he became a patient a week before Christmas. Funeral services for Mrs. Julia Ann Harned, 74, will be held at 10 a.m. Friday at St. Benedict's church, the Rev. Ambrose Keating celebrating the mass. The rosary will be recited at the Sawin - Dyer chapel at 8 o'clock this evening Burial will be in Mt. Calvary cemetery- Picture frames, picture moldings, picture framing reduced. Wahls. "Compensation Plan" containing ihe standard salary and wage schedule respective classes of positions shall be applied to all such positions ALL PRICES HORNER GUESTS ! Sister Agnes Marie of Si. Mary's i ^g spokesman. College, Leavenworth, Sister Mary; tt -ards, a trust Ouea of St. John's hospital, San-' ta Monica. Calif.. Mr. and Mrs. MONTREAL iS--A spokesman er | for the Dionne quintuplets sayi;iyet where to build the permanent! I they are staying away from home I m a m base of the current United j t o prove they want a life of their | States antarctic expedition. The own, but they will visi; their par-1 base will be used during the next j ' three vears by International Geo- na poies. i area anloll g tie bays between here! The experts aboard toe icebreak- j and ±K coast abou { 2 o miles north-' r USa Glacier cayent decided j east of Atlantic City . j IN G. Harold Ed-iohysical Year scientists. executive: The experts are seeking a site JAO Group Opens St. Louis Session ST. LOUIS -.?,--You could hear . w ao befriended the sisters while that would be unlikely to break off'. suct P nrase s a3 ' stock); -par ! handling their finances, said they 'and float to sea. The right spot v alue" and "personal problems James Homer and family of Kan- 1 had p i anne d to v ls it the family would also be free of creva.ves and sas City, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur , home at Caliendcr, Ont., for New Homer and family of Leavenworth, Year's until their father Oiiva Di-i ships from uhe bay ice up to Owen Homer of Akron. Ohio, were j OIiae charged publicly that ' MARTIN GUEST Mi3s Anne "Martin Barbara, Calif., is vrsitmg her brother and sister-m-law. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin. 1034 Kansas, and other relatives. No. 1 Wife Of Indonesian 1 President Asks Divorce JAKARTA. Indonesia .?--Pr« den; Saekarno's wife No. I is demanding a divorce, sources close' to the palace said today. S'lc is 3D-year-o;d F a t m a w a t i . ' \\.io left the presidential palace, holiday guests of their parents, Mr. i sideir" were splitting them away and Mrs. James Homer of ParnelL jfrom the family. O-A en Horner is a chemisi for the; By going home Firestone Co. in Akron. j be "giving in,' 1 j explained. He said the quints i"wan: to make a' private life of of Santa i their own." j The four surviving quintuplets-! Annette, Cecile, Marie and Yvonne '--held a small party last night in i the apanment they have rented : in northwest Montreal. Reporters ; music and laughter and a young ', man came to the doer when a i newsman kno:ked. -The girls' spokesman said the young man wa an official of the trust firm handling their finances, , the more than $200,000 each received from trust funds when they practical for loading cargo ior 'S fro! ice shelf. The specific area known as Liuie America near the Bay of Whales ui a hotel meeting room. Ucker-upe was clattering in a cor. ner of the r-c-^ir,. It had the appearance of a conference of businessmen, except that the participants were boys now they would, may not be chosen again but n o ) and girls of high^chool age. It was ii i ' " , -IT r _ , _ tSn rvnonintr i\ f trio t nrpp-na y 3lKl- Junior the spokesman! one here will ever forget the m a - i the opening of the three-day Mid west convention of the Achievement Organization. · Miniature firms are run like; large corporation:- by the young i people, with products and services' sold and profits and dividends' realized. cabre scene. Sticking up from the wind swept snow are the tops of two steel radio towers built at first Little America. The towers were originally 70 feet high. Today only about eight fee; of their p^aks are :-how- in 0 ". t ~~ ~ °\lso pr"tr"d ; -" T *TT» the s n a w : John DIebolt and son. Gary, of like fingerVfrozen in d'eath'are'the : Chicago. a:e visiting Mr. and Mrs. tops of five wooden poles whicnj C.eorge Diebalt and Mr. and Mrs were used for radio wires at the I Joe Diebolt. second Little America between' 1933 and 1?35 The second settlement built dirccth o\ er we first. came of age th:= a f t e r her husband took a second. Father Dionne v.-.Ie l a ; year . Indonesian women raised year Miss Ida Kir-van of Denver is was not recon- visiting her sister and brother,! j ciled by reports that the girls were Dora and Pirmine Kirwan of Bena upset at his charges aad h a d ' dena. HOGS . TUESDAY BEEF FRIDAY (Please bring animals the pre ceding afternoon before 5 P. M. ATCHISON ICE CO. UNITED'S CLEARANCE GOOD THROUGH SATURDAY DECEMBER 31st mm DEPT 6th Com'l. The City Engineer shall also act ab Superintendent of Streets at no additional salnr3\ SECTION VI PUBLIC SAFETY CLASSES: Class Title Police Department Minimum Chief of Police Per Month S35000 Sergeant :£ Police Per Month Patrolman Class I per Month Patrolman. Class II Fire Department Fire Chief Assistant Chiefs . per Month Captains Per Month Firemen Class J Per Month Fireman Clj^s II Per Month The Fire Chief may des'gnate. upon approval of the City Manager, from the personnel o£ his ov. isior. t w o persons to act as assistant mechanics =h?ll receive an additions! sum 01 $20 00 per r"ontn each for his services. SECriON VII. DEPARTMENT OF SANITATION: Class i n l e Standard Basic Salary I Minimum Maximum '.Laoor Class J Pei Month 322000 S25000 i Labor CLisr H Per Month 200.00 225.00 I SECTION VIII.. DEPAKTMENT Ofr bXREETS, ALLEYS AND SEWERS: j Class Title Standard Basic Salary i ,, . ,, Minimum Maximum I street .foreman Per Month S275 00 $32500 .Labor CUss 1 ,, _ _ Per Month 220.00 25000 'Labor Class II per Montn 20000 22500 SECTION IX. PARK DEPARTMENT: Class Title Standard Basic Salary ,. Minimum Maximum Superintendent o£ Parks Per Month S275 00 S325 00 Caretaker Per Month 175.00 20000 Laoor Class! Per Month 220 CO 25000 .Labor Class IT Per 20000 22500 SECTION X. INTERPRETATION AND \PPLICATION OF COMPENSATION PLAN- The ior tne accordanca with the . (a) The standard schedules or rates of --jy are expressed in terms of i dollars per month, except where soecifically indicated in terms of dollars per i year, dollars per day or cents per hour It shall be permissable in the interest i of the service to pay tne equipalent compensation" on any other basis than i tnat specified in the salary range, provmed suca snecial time basis shall I approved by the City Manager and provided that, in determining the equiva- 1 lent rate on a different time basis, the relative earnings ior full-time employment during a given period of time shall be taken as determining equivalency. (bi Under each salary or -vage schedule there are set forth a minimum I and the maximum salary rate. Except, as otherwise provided m this Ordinance. 1 1 appointment to any position shall be made at the "minimum rate and advance- i ment by successive steps from one salary rate 10 the next higher rate and , to the maximum rate for the class, shall be made on tne basis of meritorious j service, efficiency and senonty. (c) The lowest minimum rate m tne range shr.H tp the entrance rate | payable to any person on first appointment to a position m a class unless higjier raie is approved by the City Manager, provided, however, that in t.iose cases where an individual employee is promoted from one oosuion to anothe- j and the individual's present salary is higher than the minimum rate authorized i for the position to vv h;ch that iridi% idual is being proTioted. tne individual shall, upon promotion receive the rate of pay \v:tnia" tr.e range authorized the promotional position, which is one step above his present salarv. In ex| ceptional cases, uson the approval of the Citv Manager, a person" certified i to a position need not necessarily begin at the minimum salary rate The j initial compensation, if higher than the minimum rate for tne class, shall j suo^ect to specific appraisal and approval by the Citj Mansger such approval i being based on tne ability of vae ernploj ee "or tne extent of responsibility 1 importance of the work and the inability 10 secure experienced emplovees j at the minimum rate. | (d) Salary advarce'rr.ent from each rate to tne next higher rate within ] an established range shall not be automatic but shall be dependent both ! specific recommendation of the deparrr- = ii hcsd rnd upon aoproval by the ! City Manager. Such recommendation for salary advancement shall be b^sed upon standards of perlomance as indicated by ;e r v ice ratings and records 01 j meritorious service, efficiency and length of service (e) No salary advancement shall be made for any one employee at intervals less than one year, except uoon specific recommendation bv the de- Dartment head and approval by the City Manager 4) The folio A ing uniform schedule shall cover the amount of salary vaucement lij each ciass having a salary ranirc. provided where recommendation for salary ndvancerren's are m excess of these amounts they must be I sustained by adequate and detailed explanation of tr.e reasons for special or j exceptional consideration and approval by the City Manager. Salary advances i shall, so far as practical, be step by step and said step shall be S2 50 ! month for all salaries under S250 CO per month S5 00 per month for all | salaries S250 00 or o v e r ser month ana undei S350 00 per month. S7.50 i month for all salaries over $350.00 per month and under 3450 00 per month." . (gl When a rate of pay has been established for any class of position. I no acdiuonal compensation shall be naid for overtime. Provided, in case of ! emergency the department head may allovv such overtime work at the rateT i of pEy in accordance with the schedule of pay enumerated m this Ordinance i or rr3y allow "o:uaensato:y time uix 10 such overt.rne work, provided such 1 overtime err.Dloymsn' snail be reported to the City Manager. Payment fo. i all overtime vvorK rnav be carried on tne reguiai payroll Compensatory time I off provided for heiein sh.ill be taken undei regulations prescribed by the department heed concerned | SECTION XI Pcoeal Oramaice No 4346 and all other Ordinances and pans of Ordinance;;' in conflict herewih are hereby lepealed. | SECTION XTI ihis Ordinance shall take eiiect ?nd be in force from ana after J a n u a r y 1 195G. and its publication once in tie ofuciai City storm of protest when t h e y learned Soekarno had- secretly married H a r t i n i Suvvondo, a pretty 34-year-old divorcee, in June. 1954. The Moselm religion and Indo- no ian civil Saw make it legal to have four wives But Indonesian feminists, who oppose polygamy, claimed the second marriage was unfair to Fatmawati and pledged their support to her as First Lady. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! PASSED tms 27th dav of December. 1S55. A C FERRELL. Ma-.or. ATTEST- ROBERT L XOBLE City Clerk Published in the Atcniion Doilv Globe Dece-rbc: 2S 1955 (SEAL I PLEASE SEND YOUR FAVORITE UNUSUAL RECIPES TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE . . .' Official Crown On iiose Bowl Queen P.VSADEN'A. Calif f -- Blonde [ Joan Culver was -officially crowned queen of ihe 1S55 Tournament of Roses last night ( On Monday she'll ride in the 67th annual parade preceding the Rose Bowl game and then -.hc'il reign j at the grid festivities as UCLA meets Michigan State. For her coronation, IS-year-old Queen Joan, a Pasadena City College coed, wore a formal gown of blush pink nylon tulle, trimmed with imported chantilly lace and sequins. II " IDLE MONEY NEVER DIES It Just Loses' Interest If You Have idle Money -- Or Money Earning Less Than 5 th Annual KANSAS-MISSOURI RECIPEEDITION OF THE ATCHISON DAILY GLOBE $35.00 IN PRIZES FOR THE MOST UNUSUAL WINNING RECIPES JUDGED UNDER THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS . . . ($5.00 PRIZE TO EACH WINmNG RECIPE IN THE SEVEN (7) CLASSIFICATIONS) · RECIPES WILL BE JUDGED BY CULINARY EXPERTS AND THEIR DECISIONS OF THE WINNER UNDER EACH CLASSIFICATION SHALL BE FINAL! IN CASE OF DUPLICATE RECIPES . . . THE FIRST RECEIVED WILL BE PRINTED! SAVE WHERE YOUR SAYINGS ARE INSURED -- With -COMMERCE SAVINGS LOAN NOTICE! Your recipes must be in The Globe office not later than . . . January 7,1956 to be included in this edition. 1. ORIGINAL AND UNUSUAL RECIPES In the preparation of meats, poultry, cheese, salads, or any other outstanding original dish. 2. FOREIGN FOODS French. Italian. Mexican, Chinese, German. Swedish, Polish and other special dishes from any country. 3. PARTY FOOD Hors d'oeuvres, salads, beverages, desserts, etc. 4. HOLIDAY RECIPES Traditional or unusual dishes for all holidays-such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine, Rosh Hashana, Hanukkah, Halloween, etc. S.FAMILY RECIPES Those treasured traditional family dishes that have been passed down through generations. 6. OUTDOOR COOKING Steaks, barbecue, hamburgers, picnic suppers, etc. 7. WILD FOWL, FISH and GAME DONT WAIT . please mail your recipes THE WOMEN'S EDITOR of the DAILY GLOBE FOR EXAMPLE: Here is how you want to type or write your recipe . . . CHICKEN IN WINE Mrs. T. J. Hamilton 925 North Fifth St., Atchison 1 frjing chicken Toss in salted and peppered flour. Brown in grease. When brown, remove the chicken and in the fat put: 1 cup white wine * cup chopped parslex 1 cup whole fresh mushrooms (stems removed) or 1 can mushrooms with juice Simmer gently 1 minute, then place chicken in casserole and pour hot wine sauce over U. Bake in moderate even for one hour.

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