The Times from Munster, Indiana on January 2, 1998 · 23
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The Times from Munster, Indiana · 23

Munster, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1998
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The Times ON THE GO FRIDAY. JANUARY 2. 1997 C3 iirih asters movies graded from A to F Times reviews by Christopher sheid, unless otherwise, noted Top 10 ITlOVieS for the weekend of December 26-28 Pos. no. Featured film distrtwtor Paramount,!. ' MGM Dreamworks 2 Miramax! Dimension ...Buena Vista Buena Vista Warner Bros. Buena Vista Z. Titanic ;"'.ir:fjr " 2. Tomorrow Never Dies ?3. As Good as It Gets 4. Mouse Hunt .5. Jackie Brown 1 J 6. Scream 2 17, An American Werewolf 8. Rubber 1,9. The Postman " 10. Mr. Magoo Wag the Dog, Grade: A For complete review see 01 The Postman (Rated PG-13) Based on the novel by David Brin, "The Postman" takes place in 2013, in the aftermath of a limited nuclear conflict and a second American Civil War. Kevin Costner plays a drifter who lives a meager existence pillaging deserted gas stations. When he finds a dead postal carrier and a bag of mail, this nameless actor formulates a lucrative scam. He declares himself the Postman, an emissary of the newly restored but completely fictional United States of America, and delivers old mail to anyone still around to receive it. Grateful readers not only provide the Postman with food and supplies, they practically idolize him as a new Founding Father. C Mr. Magoo (Rated PG) Walt Disney Studios needs to take a hard look at its live-action division, because Disney's last few non-animated flicks have been as stale and unappealing as last year's Christmas fruitcake. Following on the heels of its Thanksgiving turkey "Rubber" is Disney's update of the classic cartoon character "Mr. Magoo," and even that nearsighted optimist ought to see this weak comedy- action movie for the misfire it is. In all fairness, "Mr. Magoo" is slightly less painful than the atrocious "Rubber." It's still not something parents will want to sit through for their kids' sake. Directed by Hong Kong action filmmaker Stanley Tong, whose credits include Jackie Chan's "Supercop," "Mr. Magoo" is a onejoke comedy JAN. 2-8 BEAN (PG-13) JAN. 9-15 LITTLE MERMAID (O) JAN. 16-22 THE JACKAL (R) JAN. 23-29 FOR RICHER OR POORER (PO-13) BARGAIN MATINEES TODAY ALL SHOWS IN PARENTHESIS GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE AT ANY BOX OFFICE INDICATES NO PASSES SHOWTIMFS FOR FRIDAY. JANUARY 2 1998 ONLY TOMORROW NEVER OIES (PO-13) (TOO 1 30 3 45 4 15 5 00)6 30 7 00 8 1. 9 15 945 AMISTAD(R) (ON 2 SCREENS) (DOLBY) (12 30 1 30 3 40 4 45(6 50 8 00 10 00 ANASTASIA (Q) (DOLBY) (12 50 3:00) HOME ALONE 3 (PQ) (DOLBY) (2.15 4:45)7:16 EVE'S BAYOU (R) (DOLBY) 9 45 CINEMAS 7-S TITANIC (PO-13) (ON 2 SCREENS) (DOLBY) (12 00 1 OC 4 00 5 OOJB.OO 9 00 CINEMAS B-10 JACKIE BROWN (R) (ON 2 SCREENS) (DOLBY) (12 10 1 10 3 40 4 40)7:00 8 00 10:16 11 16 CINEMAS 11-12 AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS (R) (ON 2 SCREENS) 4 DOLBY) (1.302304.006 00)6:30 7 30 9(10 10 00 11 30 D COPYRIGHT 1998 Box Office opens today at 3:30pm, Frl., Sat. & Sun. at Friday, Saturday & Sunday Deconstructing Harry (R) 12:00 2:20)4:45 7:20 9:SU Mr. Magoo (PG) 10:00 12:20 2:301 4:40 6:45 9:00 Jackie Brown (R) -11 :10J 4:30 7:40 10:45" DIGITAL 4No 7:40 showinc Saturday Jan. 3rd Good Will Hunting (R) Special Sneak Preview 8:20pm Sat. Jan. 3rd only! "Slay as our guest lor JACKIE BROWN at 10:45 An American Werewolf in Paris (R) 10:15 12:30 2:50 5:30 7:45 10:10 DIGITAL The Postman (R) 12:40)4:20 8:10 DIGITAL' As Good As It Gets (PG-13) 10:00 12:50 4:00 7:00 9:45 MouseHunt (PG) 11:30 1:45 4:10 6:50 9:10 U1UIIAL ,' A 1. .visit our website at Harry Block wrote a bestseller. ft n Deconstructing Irc-m On 2 Screens ast Things are about to get a little hairy. AnAmerican m Werewolf inParis C BUfcNA VIITA PICTURES MSTItlflUTfON Nathan Lane Lee Evans Mxiseftuiit DrfamWiwks fKTVUKS rrr BESIS2S total gross in millions $35.5 $20.5 $12.6 , $9.7 S9-3 .. $9.1 $7.6 $5.4 $5.3 . $5.2 $38.4 $62.2 ; $16.2 $21.5 $12.9 $71.1 . . $u : $73.1 , $6.8 $6.5 - J that proves some cartoons ought to remain cartoons. Leslie Nielsen and Kelly Lynch star. C As Good As It Gets (Rated PG-13) "As Good As It Gets" was nominated for six Golden Globes, and it probably deserves to win just about every one. Directed by James L Brooks, "As Good As It Gets" features three delightful lead performances and a screenplay that's as beautifully touching and emotional as it is hilarious. In what is certainly his sharpest, most enjoyable performance of the 1990s, Jack Nicholson proves he still has the wit, charm and screen presence of a romantic leading man. He hasn't lost his snide, vindictive sarcasm, either, that stinging, condescending mean streak that makes you want either to laugh at him or loathe him. Both sides of Nicholson's screen personality shine here, working together to produce one of the year's great performances. Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear also star. A Deconstructing Harry (Rated R) The first thing you notice about "Deconstructing Harry," the new comedy from Woody Allen, is how shamelessly lewd and raunchy it is. Despite the off-putting nastiness, which really isn't Allen's style, "Deconstructing Harry" is a frequent- KENNEDY 6735 Kennedy Hessville - 644-9769 The Rocking Chair Theatre America's 1 Film SCREAM 2 Daily 7:30 Saturday & Sunday 6 & 8: 1 5 pm All SEATS S3 50 BEFORE 4:00 PM ADULTS SS 00 SENIORS, STUDENTS &CHILDXEN S3 50 THEREAFTER THEATRES Information Valid tor 12S8 Only BARGAIN TIMES (IN PARENTHESIS) LISTED BELOW HEARING IMPAIRED LISTENING DEVICES AVAILABLE. S OOOD AS IT GETS In Slereo(12 50-4.00) 7 00-10.00 (PO-13) . MAGOO 12:4U-2:5U 5:1LW:UU-U 4U (PG) THE POSTMAN In Stereo (on a screens) (12 00-3:00-4 10)8 00-9 10 (R) mousehunt (l l ou-ie:iu-4:ui o:ju-a:u (pu SCREAM 2 In Stereo (on a screens) (12 00-1:00-2:30-3:30-5 001 6.00-7:30-8:30-10:10 (R) FLUBBER In Stereo (12 30-2 40-4:50) 7:10-9 50 (PG) FOR RICHER OR POOflERIn Slereo(12'?0) 6 45 (PG-13) DECONSTRUCTING HARRY In Stereo 112:10-2:30-5:0017:40-10:20 (R) JACKIE BROWN In Stereo (on a screens) (11:4U-l:00-3:uo-4 30) t:2U-o:uu-a:45 (H) MR. magoo In Stereo ( 1 20-4:00) 6 30-9 20 IPG) TOMORROW NEVER DIES In Stereo (ON a SCREENS) (1:50-4:45-0 00) :20-H 5U-IU10 (PG-13) AMISTAO In SDDS (ON a SCREENS) (12 30-2:10-3:40-5:20)6:50-8 30-10.00 (R) HOME ALONE Sin Slereo(11:35-2 05-4 20) 7:00-9:30 (PG) FLUBBER In Stereo (1:30-4:10) 6:40-9:10 (PG) ANASTASIA In Stereo (12:45-3:20) (G) Wow! For Me? Yes! LOEWS THEATRES GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE AT ALL BOX OFFICES. 9:30am Showtimes good thru Thursday, January 8th matinees in brackets Tomorrow Never Dies (PG-13) 11:15 1:50)4:50 7:30 10:15 DIGITAL 11:45 2:45 5:20 8:00 10:30 DIGITAL Titanic (PG-13) 10:05 2:00 6:30 10:05 . DIGITAL 12:1514:15 8:15 DIGITAL Home Alone 3 (PG) 11:502:1514:457:159:30 DIGITAL Amistad (R) 1:00 5:00 8:20 DIGITAL For Richer Or Poorer (PG-13) 12:05 2:40 5:15 7:50 10:20 DIGITAL Anastasia (G) 11:20 DIGITAL Scream 2 (R) 2:05)5:10 8:05 10:40 DIGITAL Flubber (PG) (11:40 2:1014:25 6:40 8:50 DIGITAL A 4 II y y unuu On 2 Screens neekend gross m millions 3 lPG-131 (a Quentin Tarantinofilm) MIRAMAX R J Immmml L , . yfi I MWMaSaaliMlaal Vpotlal Sneak I review Saturday Only! Robin Williams GOODWILL HUNTING m ly entertaining self-examination of the filmmaker's own neuroses. Allen's not known for stooping in the trenches on the subject of sex. as it were, so his latest film will likely shock and possibly offend his core audience. Woody Allen, Elizabeth Shue and Billy Crystal star. B An American Werewolf In Paris (Rated R) Despite the R-rating, this werewolf flick is also light on the blood and gore. It's awfully tame compared to its meaty predecessor. Director Anthony Waller, whose debut feature was the excellent 1995 suspense flick "Mute Witness," clearly was shooting for a PG-13. and his film has just enough violence and brief nudity to get slapped with an R, anyway. Such a shame, too, because cool werewolves and lots of bloodshed are two main selling points for any werewolf movie. Minus those, "American Werewolf is left to live or die on the strength of its story and characters. It lives for about half its running time, then the story falls apart C Jackie Brown (Rated R) Based on the novel "Rum Punch-by Elmore Leonard, who also wrote the source novel that inspired 1995's "Get Shorty," "Jackie Brown" stars 1970s' African-American star Pam Grier as a flight attendant who tries to doublecross her gurnlealing crime boss (Samuel L. Jackson) and a by-the-book ATF agent (Michael Keaton) while making off with a half-million in cash. Directed and adapted for the screen by Quentin Tarantino, "Jackie Brown" features the same brisk, catchy dialogue, popcutture wisdom and off-kilter sense of humor as "Pulp Fiction." It's a reasonably enjoyable film, if a little long, with a fine 7:30 Nightly ' Ph. 663-1616 ADMISSION $2 - NOW SHOWING - ANASTASIA0' . COMING 19 - RAINMAKER IPG) 116 - ALIEN RESURRECTION R) 1.-23 - FLUBBER (PG) 178, IJndw must bt accompanied by param on Fridays General Cinema BARGAIN MATINEES EVERYDAY ALL SHOWS STARTING BEFORE 6 P.M. INDICATES VIP TICKET RESTRICTIONS APPLY M.llJinig.'.Mlg RILXSE RD. AT CUNE AVE. 923 43QO TITANIC 12:30-430-830 SCREAM t 1:30-4.00-6:30-9:00 5TEREOPG13 R WEST RIDOE ROAD 923-9100 AMERICAN WlREWCttf M PARIS' 12 1M3W45-70OV 15 It JACKIE BROWN l2:l5-3;20-6;30-930 STEREO R U.S. 30 AND 165 738-2652 1 Stereo AMERICAN WEREWOLF H4 PARIS" 120O22CH50 710 MOI 130 R THE POSTMAN-1 00-4:40-8:30 R AS GOOD AS IT GETV 12:45-3:40-69 30 . , . . POU TITANIC 13 SCREENS " 1 2:00-1 2:40-3:00-4)-4:50-7.00-8:00-8:40 EBUjPGn MOUSEHUNT 12:30245500710950 PG SCREAM II (2 SCREENS) 12 20 1 10-3 45-6 20-8 50-9 50-1 1:10 R F0R RICHER OR POORER 12:15 PG13 1 S'ereo H SHOWING CT8 OP Ti 49 - VALPARAISO 4o2- IW9 JACKIE MOWN- HXM-C&7 -00-10:00 R AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS 10O-31O52074O95O1200 R THE POSTMAN 3:45-7:15-1030 R TITANIC 12:15-4:15-8:15 PG13 TOMORROW NEVER DIES 120&2 3O50O7 X I0OC E2ni PG13 SCREAM H 1:30-700-9:35 -11:50 R HOME ALONE) 1:15 PG FOR RICHER OR POORER 4:30 PG13 LESLIE ' ''1' - ' - : " fcl pGiwamiwsuiC5iBi IfeiM'rMnCTtBIWliirai I .iaiiiA www.mnnogoo.tom swirara, NOW SHOWING OWATER TOWER Near North 312649-S790 OBRICKTOWN SQUARE Chicago NW 773622-6999 OCHATHAM 14 Chicago S 773783-8711 FORD CITY 14 (CHICAGO RIDGE Chicago Ridge 708423-3301 CRESTW000 Crestwood 708396-2300 EVANSTON Evanston 847864-4900 OGROVE CINEMA . Downers Grow 630852-4440 HILLSIDE SQUARE HiHsxte 708.547-6001 LINCOLN MALL Matleson 708481-4770 Chicago SW 773582-1838 OUNCOLN VILLAGE Chicago N 773604-4747 OWEBSTER PLACE Chicago N 773327-3100 mPusscsofmsamTmrs WHEN IN FLORIDA VISIT cast and a pretty good story. B Titanic (Rated PG-13) Probably the best compliment you can pay any film that lasts three hours, 14 minutes is to say it doesn't feel like three hours, 14 minutes. . James Cameron's Titanic" is a bit slow in the early going, but by the time the credits roll on this epic disaster film, you're left wondering where the time went "Titanic" is a gloriously ambitious, relentlessly impressive piece of grandiose filmmaking. Part historical drama, part romance flick and part speciatef fects extravaganza, "Titanic" gives audiences a front-row seat for one of the 20th century's greatest tragedies. It weaves together two stories: a present-day tale about a fortune-hunter searching the ship's ruins for a priceless artifact; and a love story, recounted by an aged Titanic survivor, set aboard the ilWated ship. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star. A - 5622 CALUMET HAMMOND SIGORNEY WEAVER ALIEN RESURRECTION Shown at 6 & 7:30 pm Pop, Popcorn. Candy Bars Still Only 50c I LITTLE MERMAID G Fn-Smona 12:30,2:30 SOUL FOOD R Fri-Sun 4:30.7010:30 .Mon-Thurt S:30 JS0 MORTAL KOMBAT 2 PO-13 Fn-Sun 1 AO, 3:10, S:20, 730, fr.40 Hon-Thm MO, 7:00, MO ROCKY HORROR PICTURI SHOW R SiaOayMln(Adm,tcnS5JX) Tims Valid thru 1899 US RT. 6 AT WILLOWCREEK RO. 7e4-103 ONLY $4.00 THE GIFT OF MOVIES $5 or $10 Books P'liii-ii.i.umm PORTAGE 9 THEATER FLUBBER pq ROBIN WILLIAMS 1 1 40-1 :35-3 30-5:25-7:20-9:15 FRISAT LATE 11:10 SCREAM 2r NEVE CAMPBELL COURTNEY COX 12:55-3:10-5:25-7:40-9:55 FRISAT LATE 12:1 FOR RICHER OR POORER pais TIM ALLEN ft KIRSTIE ALLEY 7:10-9:35 FRISAT LATE 12:00 HOME ALONE 3 pg ALEX LINZ 12:55-3:00-5:05 FRISAT MOUSE HUNT pq NATHAN LANE 11:20-1:15-3.10-5:05-7:00-9:00 FRUSAT LATH 1Q:BS TOMORROW NEVER DIES pgis PIERCE BROSNAN 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:35-9-50 FRISAT LATE 12:C TITANIC pgis AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS TOM 6VERRLTT SCOTT 1 1 :45-1 :45-3:45-5:45-7:45-9:45 FRISAT LATE 1 1 :45 AS GOOD AS IT GETS r JACK NICHOLSON 11:40-2:05-4:35-7:05-9:35 FRISAT LATE 12:05 THE POSTMAN r KFVIN COSTNER 11:45-3.30-7:30 FRISAT LATE: 11 00 NIELSEN OMARCUS CINEMA Addison 630932-0864 OMARCUS CINEMA Wand Park 708873-1900 OMERRILLVILLE MemMk 219947-4072 ON0RTHBR00K Northbrook 847562-1522 OONE SCHAUMBURG PL. Schaumburg 847240-2014 OQUARRY 14 Hodgkins 70352-0767 ORANDHURST Mt Prospect 847590-9788 ORICE LAKE SQUARE Wheaton 630653-4567 ORIDGE CINEMA Arlington Heights 847394-1434 RIVER RUN Lansing 708895-0052 STRATFORD SQUARE Sloomingdalt 6307351-9610 orarBrXFT aummsmsmrm. 03J.H1R ALL SEATS - OPEN m,LS lTTl , 4spM Hello There! ilsneslSarld. V . .fjaZii!(ijjaJt JilVSla1l'la1ai)l j ll!a!a)jajaiaB Ix! 1- . all alpu" N,V , 'V-1 i t& & ' csii-S''1 i iMi: 'Tffiilf j,"riiiiri(ii,iiii"i' : "BIlTilAmltOifflSf Jill ' : WtmIV 'Jalia'WaaMtda-W.'aralrr.. - , - - - .-it. . . : BIOGRAPH Chicm 773 348-4123 BURI.HAM PLAZA Cmcm 312322-1080 ESQUIRE ChiUH 31Z280-O101 CHHHMH1 14 ChiUH 7731783-8711 FORD CITY 14 Cbcija 773582-183! HYDE PARK CkKIH 773288-4901 LAWNDALE 10 ChKIJI 73266-1011 LINCOLN VILLAGE CtiUH 773804-447 mt a WESTERN ChlClH 7348858 BLOOMINGDALE CT. Uunio4ilitlOiUU1t CR18TW0OD Cflimm ;rj88S6 WOO EVERGREEN Immu Part 708636-8800 tmsciraASUcVu Iktkil 847874-0071 GOLF GLEN Mil 847296-1100 I SPECIAL ENGAGLMENT K0 Your weekend... Your WiiiiiiiWii - I r m "' ';Jk:1 wmmwm NOW SHOWING OWATER TOWER Near North 312649-5790 O8I0GRAPH Chicago N 773348-41 23 OBRICKTOWN SQUARE Chicago NW 773622-6999 OBURNHAM PLAZA Chicago S 312922-1090 OCHATHAM 14 Chicago S 773783-8711 OF0RD CITY 14 Chicago SW 773582-1838 HYDE PARK Chicago S 773288-4900 OLAWNOALE 10 Chicago W 773265-1010 OPLAZA Chicago N 773539-3100 062ND t WESTERN Chicago SW 773476-4959 . OBL00MINGDALE CT. 8loomingdale 630893-0010 COMMONS Chicago Ridge 708423-3301 CRESTWOOD Crestwood 708,396-2300 EVERGREEN Evergreen Par 708636-8800 OGAflDENS CINEMU AT OU) ORCHARD Skcwie 847674-0072 OG0LF GLEN Idles 847,296-1100 NORRIDGE HomW 706452 80M IrDRTHBROOX COURT 14 KrtaarMli84l562-152J 0AXBR00K OakBrHk 630871-1160 QUARRY CINEMAS 14 aWilal70AaM-0.fJ WOStPVUH tamiitiau-tiin RIVER OAKS CikiMl Cit) 708868-8400 ROLLING MEADOWS rUlntaalttil848b282in TOWN & COUNTRY AHUitN HQ. !472b4000 GROVE CINEMAS tommkmmiSl-m HAWTHORN Harm Nils 847367-8250 LAKE Oak Part 7MfM8-tr&l UNCOLNMkVl MatlUH70tl481-4770 MARCUS CIISMA mm 630S32-0864 MARCUS CINEMA OrlaK Put 7087871-1800 MERRILL VILLE 10 MafNIvil 218847407? PASSES OK DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTTDI TIMESl 7QnfeGS5 OHAWTH0RN ORIDGE PLAZA Vernon Hills 847367-6250 Griffith 219923-9100 HILLSIDE MALL ORIVER OAKS Hillside 708449-8230 Calumet City 708868-3400 OMARCUS CINEMA Addison 630932-0864 ON0RTHBR00K Northbrook 847562-1522 O0RLAN0 SQUARE Orland Park 708349-6000 OQUARRY 14 Hodgkins 708352-0767 ROLLING MEADOWS Rolling Meadows 847952-8200 S0UTHLAKE Memlle 219738-2652 TOWN t COUNTRY Arlington Heights 847255-4000 OWESTERN HEIGHTS Chicago Heights 708747-0800 ORICE LAKE SQUARE OW00DGR0VE Wheaton 630653-4567 Woodirdge 630r985-0044 IT1 NO PASSES OR DISCOUNT TICKETS 1 11 1 ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT AMiajinblriHTiltBIHI.-.HU

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