The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1934
Page 2
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TWO •MTHEV1LLE. (A&K.) COURIKR NEW8 . Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Junior High P. T. A. meets 3:30 P. M., following executive board meeting, 2:30 I'. M. Bible study Church of Christ meeting with Mrs. J. A. Taylor, 2:30 P. M, Executive board Central I'. H. A. meeting 3:30 p. in. Jiegulin- luncheon meeting ol P. E. O. at the home of Mrs. R. P. Ktr.srincr, at 1 o'clock, 1 ' with Mrs. Walker H. Baker, co-hostess. THUHSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. W. L. Homer having' Mid- Week Bridge club. • Mrs, G. E. Keck rnlcrtnuilng Thursday Contract club. Thursday Luncheon club mcei- Ing with Mrs. Max D. Miller. Armorcl P. T. A, meeting, 2:30 P. M. Lnugc P. T. A. Executive board meeting 3:30 p. m. tor. Mrs. O. C. Uunies and Mrs. DyMngcr were assistant l!osle.s.wj;. Alter Mrs. Cliiitlanl olfcrcd prayer, topics were given by Mrs. W. E, Tucker who spoke on "Cooperative Churches," Mrs. George Shanks on "Co-operative Efforts of Missionary Society on circuits" and Mrs. C. R. Sliamblfn on "The Social problem Which Rum! Societies race". The sum of $5.55 was retried collected from the rummage sul» The 22 members and one guest Mrs. ncnmrd McAfee, were served iandwlclics, olives, nut cake candy and lea. iiiffo' I'iirly l><isf|ioitcd The Bingo piii'ly. planned by :hc I), D. C., for Tliiiiiduy, IHI.-J )ccn postponed bccnuM- of (lie nlj. sence of Mrs. Jnmcs U. Clark who was called to Carutlicrsi'lllo, Mo because of the illness of her bro- lier. A l 3Irllujflii(.s Have ' A I'mgrain Meeting. Mrs. W. b. liorncr led a program on "Rural Cluirclics" In Iho meeting of Woman's Missionary ioc,ely of tlie First Methodist church Monday afternoon at the church. There were -1:1 .present. Mrs. A. C. Haley gave the devotional and Mrs. L. B. Tull Hie lesson. In K |ilny about Japan Ihese look part: Mines. C, G. Redman. Joel chandler, Hiram Wylle, Joe Triesclnnan, Dwiglit llowen, lilwood Scoll and iillcy Jones. A salad and codec was served by these hostesses: Mines. Homer, W. M. Slanton, George M. Ue, A. C. Haley, Harvey Morris. A. H. Holland and u. M. Matthews. Marriage licenses Usiicd. Among the marriage license.-. Bits of Mostly Persona'. recently issued from the J3lythe- ville ollicc of Hie county court c.lcrk were lo: Miss Mario Hugs- dale ami Prank Ithoads. bolh of iierc; Miss Viclorin Greggs and Mosley Hiirris, bolli of Lusorii married by Ihc Rev. w. M. Moody; Miss Louise Waitcy und Joel En'i- inctt Davis, bo'i of here; Mlw lidilh Rush and Clyde McCain, bolli of Manila; Miss E . McCoy and Ben Ci. Hull n. botli of Braggadocio, Mo., by the (lev. i-. K. Tull; Miss Novali Mac Wool- aid and Mclvhi Edgar McCain, bolh uf hero, hy tin: Hcv. v. K Uuttcrwortli, |»slov ol ihc rirsl Clirlsllan diiircli; Miss' O|ial Albright and Homer Tillinan, both of Carulhcrsvillc, b.v.Jusilco E-'u Walker; Miss Audrc.W'Coivcli and Hay Wilson, bolh of Steelc' b- Hie Hcv. Y. 13. BiiUciworth- Miss Lorcne While ami J. M. Ross, both of Carulhersvlilc; Miss Louise. Young of New Madrid, Mo and Lincoln Williams, of Armorcl. by the Her. J. Blufford Caidwcll- MIES Birdie Cole and Daniel Nolen, both of Armorcl, by the Rev j Blufford ' Caldwcll; "MISS Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Sebum, of Helena, have returned to their homo after vlsiling friends here for scvci'iil days. Mra. Lute Itubbard has as her gueMs lor the week, her lather, J. O. Thurmond, anil brother und Hi inily, Mr. and Mis. J. L. Thurmond and two children of llop- kmsvillc, Ky. Mrs. L. M. Uiinicltc hud as her 8"csts yesterday her niece and nephew, Kiitherine mid Jume.s Tatumll ot, who are inejiibrcs of . KemietL band. . they were accompanied by their cousin, Joan Tiiluiu. Mrs. W, Leon Smith and children, Miriam. Jack und Leon, Jr. spent Saturday In Memphis. Louis Lciideiinlc, who lias l:?cn ill from a form ol rheumatism lor almost two weeks, i.s IIOU T con- lined (o his bed. J. D. McDowell, who is now comity .MiucrvlNOr ol the rellcl organisation wllll lieaduuiirlcrs al lieber Springs, ,s|ieiil Ihc week-end \l home. MLss Bobbie Lee King, who un- lerwcnt an operalion for a slil- fcnctl knee al. Ihc lilylhcvUlc lios- pllal .nine days ago, lias been removed to ,thc home ol her Klblor Mrs. ; bcpnvlrd W. Holt. She can now-; \yalk 'with Ihe aid of crulchr.s. Mrs. \V. D. .Cliamblin, who was stricken III'Sunday night with a heart ailment, is much better today. Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tipton had as their guesl.s Saturday Dr. Tip- Ion's sister. 1 ;, Mrs. George Koss and Mr. J. L. James of Carullicrsvillc, Mre. Doc Moody and Mr.s. Henry ,..„., j,,,^, uiuoiny Mol ' t(m ul Dycrsburg, Tcnn., und L?e Atinms and J. c. Wright tolh |Mr ' Sl A - S ' u anlcl nf Sennlh, Mo of Manila; Miss Ethel Smltl'i and t nidl Pi|)cr ' cf ll>0 Ulmsc Na-' '-• • '- 'Honal Hank in New York city, was Hie guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Conway Salurday. Mr. Piper and Mr. Conway were boyhood friends C. W. Affllck and U. H. Houch- ius allcnded lo business in Osceola today, Tommy Fraser Jiiul us his guesl' yeslerday: Misses Mildred Tinsley rj *r T... ------ ~<*.t*-. tJIMLUl d[u] K. M. Hillis, both ol here, by ihc Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church- Miss Grace Dudley nnd. A. D. Harmon, Jr., both ofXjHanila; Miss Learcn L. Williamson and Louise c Hughes, both of Caraway by the Rev. H. M. Duke; Mi«" Christiira Hawkins and J. J. Smith, both o: . Alma, Ark, by Slicppard. Circles Meet Three circles of , the Rev T R the woman's -• v«jv, ^ UJUUI1 £> auxiliary in UK rirst Presbyterian church met Monday as Ihc first Jiiceltngs in the week, of prayer and self denial for home mlsstons being observed this week Circle 2, Mrs] Fred 'sandefur chairman, met with Mrs. Chester R. Babcoek. wilh seven members present. Mrs. C. il. Gray opened Ihe meeting with prayer and gave tlie JJible lesson "Secrets of (he Master.' The program "Ministering to Strangers" was led by Mrs Dixie Crawford, assisted by 'Mines H. C. Holder. Fred Saiidcfur, C M. Gray, John Love and Keltic Meadc. Mrs. G. \v. Dillalnmty entertained circle 3 when there were 14 members and one visiior present, Mrs. s. E. Vail, chairman, led in prayer and'llic . Bible lesson c Master's ' Personality" was given by Mrs. D. c. McLean who Ida a quiz which showed the work being done by ihc missionaries of Hie Southern Presbyterian church and ot the missions supported for various nationalities, plans were niade for Ihc Christmas party al the home of Mrs. W. A. Dobyns und names were drawn for gifis Mrs. Uillahunly was assisted by her mother, Mre. J. M. Gillcspic, in serving refreshments. The Business Women's circle had supiwr al Ihc church when'12 members and one visitor attended. Mi*. D. c. McLean gave Ihc lesson on "Home Mfsslons in ihc Southern Presbyterian Crmrch" Because il was Mrs. Sluarl jr. Sji- inon's birthday, she was surprised with ;i handkerchief shower, ami mrtliUay cake. This group has Us Christinas 1'aily each year when Mrs. B. A. Bugg Is hostess. Names Were drawn for girt giving. Lake Street Church Jfas Program Meeting. Mrs. George Shaniblin >,„„ ,„ chaige ol (he program hi Uu. Jneeling ol (lie Lakc"8lrrct ,Mc(H- odlst church Woman's Missldnaty society Monday afttnioon, al the home or Mrs. George Dyslnger, when Mre. V. E. Chalfanf. was welcomed as 4 )>ew member. Tiw Mary Collis Jopltn, Virginia Luicii and Mary Lnura Gcsladl. or Car- ulhcrsvilb. Tommy Frnscr spent Sunday in Hnyll, visiting rricmls. A'liisiwiJ CJ Wilson O Friday Al'le.nionn WILSON, Aj-k.—A iimsiu eJulj, with 18 charter members, was organized at a meeting of (lis music dejiarliiieiil of the Wilson Co- nuon. w , d "," , al ""' """"' ° r W. J. i,,,dwm i-viilay after- Dejuonslraiiou CI (i h News Notes Mir,-. J. N. Jerome, chainmin of the music department, was clctl- «l president of the new club. Mrs, Ludwlg was named \ ice-prcsidciu and Mrs. i^rry Crain was chosen ,secretiu-y-(lrea:lvirer; Mi'ss Virgie Uogci's was enrolled as a new member. Memljers of the dub plan '.o atlcrid the Grace Moore concert !il_ _ AJempJils November 31). The afternoon's prog rum was devoted to |[ V(:S , m( | W0i . k 0[ Clear r.akc The Clciir Lake Home; Dcuion- itratlon club incl Novrnibcr S to elect officers for Ihc coining year. The following were elected; Mrs. O. H. Harman, president; MIS Henry Ralph, vice-president; Mrs' I.. VV. Austin, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. J. p. Miller, reporter There were thirty-nine members pietcnl. It was decided that the eluh would meet every two weeks from now on. H was agreed lo . - ul tlie next meeting for « Thanksgiving supper and arrange for H program Chrl.slnia.s. Rcnorls were given from the tour and Inspections of the Pantry Store Exhibit. The committee's re- Mis. early American , „ U, L. Uoiich discussed "The ii'i'r- lest Americans and Their Music," port am sure there, is enough canned fruiU and vcgc cgc tables In the Clear Lake Commun ity to lost two years. There Is an were, were not iinil-musleal but A had. little linn.. lo ( | EV ole lo muiic. Hie Mre,, Al. N. Clttylon. accompanied by MIs^ Maxini! Wallace, aace, sam "J hanks !3e to God." by Ulcksoti M'-s. J. D. AJeKi-iixlL- read n Paper "From the Cradles of Mus.,,„.' Iddle primitive KIIt , L ., lilteenth century urdicslru. cji Our cirenl CJiand-duddies Went to " Concert' Ifvuii's topic, Mrs. lici-bcrl Sul- Shc discus>;ed the ml other carlv mu.i- ncnis volo of thanks was given lo extension department, nnd ].• E. fi. A. for the canning kllclien and for cooperation in limiting u possible for Clear Lake community to have an nclcqualc supply () f foods sniff. (.'lull Mce(s The I'erry Home Demonstration club met, nt Ihe club honso November 9. tlie hostesses Ijelng Mr.s John Farley and Mrs. Hugh Per- "Ohi.vsanL.. <lu Bridge, America, - rm ,--.- ..Hiss Culhcrin; Debussy.' '•"" " L ' C ' ; ' ir '"' S "' 0 "'' The iirojnun Oseeola Society — Perspual Mrs. R. C. nose, jjuvc a review o. he better homes films which' the lomc Demonstration members . - ing supervisor, Mr.s. John Parley. (•purled Hint no.llio «o. :i cans oi I'niihj and vegetables had been ' Mr. and Mrs. Joe (Jlay Yo'j'n B ; Jr., of Lake City, were iu Osecola .. .ve.slcrday visiting Mr. Youna's iwr- Novmlbl ' 1 ' 23- Mrs. B. A cuts. M ' p s. W. J. Jordan and A. w. young „„<! ur. Cone went ^"" " "" " to I'opkir BluIV yeslerday. Mr. and Mrs. c. B. Oliver and ....... Mr. and j, mu . s . ntlll to McmphLs (or the. football game yesterday. Mre. John Blackwond led today lor Litlle Rock to spend several with relatives. Hlackwood is in Osccola - -a .-,,..,,1*. ,, uun (;> m VAltL'Ulil today, making plans for his neiv liomc which is to be started in i few days. Mrs. T. w. Potter, who has- been ill with influenza for Hie lust week, Is much improved today Marian Nailing V u& an Oscrola visitor for the week-end. Mrs. C. B. Driver spent Monday •aimed. The foods chairman, Mis. W..J. Jordan, guvc some recipes, lu'/tlie business iicssiun ihc cluu decided to hold a Bingo party November 2J. Mrs. B. A. Diivis, Kins me lo arningc for Hit- prizes, j l"v,-o new members were welcomed.' 1'hcy were Mrs. E. D. Burrow and vlis. Gurlield Doly. MLvs Cora Lcc Colcinan gave a dcnion.sliation on judging canned fruits and veiic- lables. After Ihe. business se.ssion i slork shower was yivcn Mrs. Homer Boren. The following officers were installed: Mrs. Myrtle King, prcsi- lenl; Mrs. J. W. Jordan, vice prescient; Mrs. Former 'Jackson, secretary; Mrs. Jno. Farley, assist- mi secretary. Mrs. J. W. Perry was elected poultry chairman and Mrs. Hugh Perry garden chairman. for Cov- Baptists Hold Study Course at New Liberty] Forty-nine students were present at. last night's session of ihc young people's study .school conducted nt New Liberty by the. Wllhclm Union of the First, tiap- Thrce large classes participated in Hie evening's work, studying [lie manual used by such groups. 57 Mississippi County Teachers at Convention All ol lire teachers in tin " in Memphis. Hay Chcn-cli left tod Inston. Tcnn. Mrs. H. R. Lnwry and clau«lucr Mary Marlin, an-jvod In Osccol i yesterdny lo join Mr. Lowry. who Ls coimccifd willi (he govcrnincnl i»™ Jolin Ulnckwood attended to bus- ill Memphis 'today. . The .Methodist Missionary ladies mel at the church ycslcrdav afternoon Mrs . Cr - u s^,-^.,, Mrs. Claiule Thomason and Mrs. took part pro- 3sccola tended nnd the Yarbro schools Arkansas Education •iSHJciation meeting at Little Uock "mil!; last week-end. There were lotal of 57 Mississippi coniuy school instructors present. Presbyterian Men Will Hear Speakers Tonight Curtis Hurley. Morrilllon nr*i,. paper man. will address a ineei.- mi! of Ihc men of Ihc Firsl Pre.s- tytcihin cluirrli ul ,-,„ Inform:.! at the church tonight. Tin: licv. S. J. Patlcrson. uiodcralm of the -Synod or Arkansas, is ;i]>.<j expected lo attend the nicclint . j department of the fiogrcsslvc Club .meets today with Mrs. A. F. Darliam. CcSigrcssman Driver joiircl ^ pr-rty of friends at the J ; O K Rick estate on Horse Shoe lake, where they Imve. gathered for i deer hunt which ,, n . 5 uccomc an annual event. Jim Goodrich and Miss Scho- Iicld of Memphis arc visiting Mr anil talk. probably «ivi: a bii-i L. O la<li 5 |i for sev- . Mr. and Mrs. L. C. B. Youna riilrrtatncd Air. ;in d Mrs . (ii , kc ,. •>nd Mr. illu l Mrs. c. a. stsvens ot Blytlivvilli-. Mr, i(llf | Mrs . y ;, tdadish. and J|»i t; TOf |rich afj'l Miss S<'li ( i|icld of Memphis, witn an informal dinii!>r Sunday nlijht. Jcniigan Baby Dies 'the iiitunt tliiiisihtcr of Mr. and Mrs. Raylord Jernlyin .succunib- the family home at llur- Tlic wipiK'i- will lii^iii ;a i;-;i(j llul;| V aflrrnoon and ilitcrmeii 1'. M.. mid will IKI lollimcd by\ilJ V ''' '! u "' r ul '''"htly Uiclgc cemc tricf prcBram. ' l' r 'V- "ic Cobii Uiuifrdiklni; 1:0111 ' jl >; "'J' was in chargi; «f funeral ar New Members Enrolled ! '" lc lwl>5 uas a " culs ' thlul - Hey. Mr. Clial<ant Is the new pas- Ihls week. by Carpenters Union In ,i meeting of Uu- Ijlylhcville CarpcnU'is Union. No. l:«»2. last night. M new lucmbor.s wove enrolled. This oreanlirallon plans lo i»«.t each Monday night and plans are alool lo increase Inei memberslilp by 25 more during Read Countr \vunt Arts. CARDUI OF WOMEN IT -HAS HELPED. [•porls on Ihcir different projccUs 'he. poultry chairman, Mrs. T'arm- r Jackson, reviewed the Im- nrtance of culling poorly dcvolop pullets mid inilliriCty ones. Mrs iContinucd From t'agc One) The retnil schedule i s divided into three groups: residence, commercial, and industrial. The liosidentlal Schedule KWH per K\VH Fi' st st) a cent. 1 Neu ISO •> cents N«t 200 , CCIll Next KJOO 4 m m :i All over lhal 71:. ]n mj 'J'he Connnerclul Schedule KWH I,,,,. KWH irsl 250 3 ce , Us c^ ™ -i cents Next 1000 i cent clween 2001) and 4000 .. 8 mills The industrial Schedule KWH Pcr KWH FU-si 10,000 ' io mills Next 'J5.000 o min s Next 05.000 4 mills Nest -100.000 :) mills All over that 2.5 muis It w|ll lie noticed lhal the nut-:; ;ire especially favorable lo residences. This is because Ihc first interest of Ihc TVA is in (lie people of Ihe valley as a v.'holc rattier than in Ihc large commercial or industrial users who up to now have been favored by the private companies. The practice of the private companies has been to charge iinali users of electricity around eight and 10 cents a kilo- wall hour while charging ihc large users, especially Hie mills and lactories. only a small frac- lion of ihc rate. At thai, the TVA commercial and industrial rates are lower Ihan (hose of the private companies. In Kno.-iville, fur example, (lie large*! user of electricity is charged around II mills while under TVA rates it will ii.iv only 3.5. A10UK riMVKK SOU) lu general Hie TVA rales jiu-ai TUUSDAV, NOVKMUKK 13, and to low r;it» of in ID before . The ean- ".'•e of jiowcr is low cost elrclrica. aiipliancTi made prjMible throuch a 'I'VA sulisidiaiy, Elcctrie Home and I'ann Aiilhoi-ity, winch was organized last January to brim; electrical refrigerators, iiuigui-, and l:ot water heuteis within reacli <l tlie iiiiiuy people who could not pievioitfly afford (hem. EMI-A «as tapKalizwi - t i ^j . 000,000 from funds of the Na- tonal industrial (Jccovery Act and -as nivcn a credit of 510000003 from the Itccoii.slruction Finance Cm i) iint'ion. The two main duties of EHFA wen: lo brin« low-cost appliances on the market -•••' • Ihcir tale at a to rest. 'FACTUUi-us H,.w n AU> EIIFA officials told deed-leal manufacturers lhat If Ihey produced low-cost refrigerators range* und liot ivaler healers thai met KHPA specilications. they could be assured of a ready mar- kel. Mass production would lotcei manufacturing costs mid cheap TVA power and EHFA low-cost financing would open a new nnd large market. W manufacturers submitted designs und prices satisfactory (o Elll'A. Tlicy represented a saving of K lo 50 per EHFA is nol in Ihe rocrchan- dising business. The appliances lire handled by regular dealers. All tTlFA does i.s promote ihc wider use of electrical appliances and put up (he cash for t|, c ,, m ._ chaser who wants il. taking notes lor the jjj-ice of (iic article, (lie «nne as any other credit agency MUENTHAl, KNOWS (JAMIi I'he of Ihc appliances assured (he manufacturers has boon more Ihan realized. This will increase MS Ihe TVA extends throughout (he valley Us cheap power. r> 'l'lic driving force behind tin: youthful, dynamic power director of the organization. David B Liliciittial, who came to Hie TV/I from (he Wisconsin Public Service Commission, in Chicago us a lav,- partner willi Donald Riuhberg and in Wisconsin on Ihe iiliUlies' commission, Lilienlhal learned something of power company methods and lioiv they fight when those methods are inlerfered with He is milking use of (Imt, knowledge and experience willi (he XE.Vl': Hun (he Triiiiessec Val>• lias been in;idc a irtirkjijcu'-s ir.-KliMc. ivilh Miorl licm-s, BUU( | ' '.v and livhiK cundilions, ami a cliam-c lu gel ahead. Today's Markets T. N. II. (Ul'i-u,,,!; tn 1932. David M. Cutthi!; ta; sewing needle. Recently he ait a pain in hLs leU |w- there was (he- needle. Orleans Cotton] NEW OHLEANS, Nov. 13 (Ui>) •-Cotton piiucs losl ground in late dealings on the New Oilcans exchange today apparcndy because of uncertainly regarding the legislative program for the next crop. December elo-eil down live Points to 1233. •Dec Jan March May July OCI open lujj, 1240 1241 12-16 1261 1250 1250 1217 low 1229 124(i 1237 1253 1242 i-'sa 1242 r.'52 1240 1221 1210 close 1233 1238 124li 12-17 1245 1214 Spots closed steady at 1263, oil 0. New York Cotton NEW YORK. NOV. la (UP» ._ Cotton closed steady. open high | ow e.| ua , 1Jc e 1230 1239 1229 12M Jll » 1245 1245 123(i 12-!0 March 1250 1253 1241 J244 Way 1251 1251 1211 1245 July l:!41 12-13 123U i24'' 00 t 1210 1220 1210 1215 Spol.s closed steady at r^fiO un- chiinsed. Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola. Gen. Am. Tank Gen. Electric Gen. Alolors Int. Harvester .... Montgomery Ward N. V, Central Packard Phillips Pet '... Kadio Simmons Beds St. L.-S. P. Standard of N. j. Texas Co. U. S. Steel McKcKon-Robbiiio Zonife U. S. 'Smelling".".'] . W 3-8 . 1 .•>.» .148 1-2 . 37 . IP 1-4 . 30 7-8 . 3li |-2 . 28 3-4 . 21 3-8 . 3 3-4 . 15 7-8 . 57-8 . 10 5-8 . 15-8 . 43 3-1 . 23 1-2 . 31 3-jj .. 11-2 .. ^ .119 Chicago Wheat own hlgii lov; close Dec 9!) 3-3 100 1-4 93 7-B 100 1-11 Alay 98 7-8 03 3-4 <J8 1-0 8a 1-2 Chicago Corn open higi, i mv clo -. Dec 79 7-8 »1 5-8 79 3-I 81 !-• May 81 3-t! 83 3-8 HI 3-8 83 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 13 <Ul') — Weakness in utilities and activity m automobile cqulpmente fcalur- ?(l today's stock market. Largo Jlocks turned over, he;i(fcd by 13,-00 shares of General Gas and ileclric al 50 cents ,\ share, off 1-fi and a new Joiv. A. T. and T m !_•> Anacoiidii Copiwr ... 11 i-"t Beth, steel '.,. 27 5-8 Checks COLDS ami FEVER OlD FOLKS LAXATIVE Must Not Shock Bowels A Tn.m of Unlive suddenly liininK i| ]( ««t<n.d. ii,,d tm , m ol tl dr;i|- * ,. KIS I.. Ihrowi il off iu d,!« JK ' bibiic. lecjusc l-ctn-a-mini, il,, d._!ici D . JS „,]„, ,),..,. H'K gum llsjtivc, is cl^ivcd, [h« Jujii'c fi li>i»id_ivilh htlpful i.liv, jui £!5 ,[,, . iy , our Thi. more' "1",,!"° *," ''""' «"*<""*• r«°p!e Jdtil!,-. „,' it I, 'ijMlu™!..*".!",,,"., _ .,i ormng «ci|.a. m nl. It is (or plcaiant coirctlion viithout ups« lo did oi ippeiii.c. Dol<, i» d.ngcious. To. ' to a cup of flour for most recipes. BAKING POWDER Same price today at 44 years ago 25 onn««t Ear S5c Manufactured byBakinc FowderSpccialUti who moka nvlhing but Baking Powder. MILLIONS OF POUNDS HAVI SHN UStO BY. OUR GOViRNMENr tiuuhl - Tiililcls u ' s.-iire - ,NUSC Drops rieadachcs III 30 Minutes Nim Located al 101 Norlli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWA11DS, Proprietor ill makt* o{ rebuilt Typewriters, Addinc Machines and Calculators Ucpairiiif—Parts—Ribbons . \ • .. Us For Many Years Mrs. Willi.s \Vas jVevtr IVilli- mil Severe I'iiins Over Her Uiitiv. SUinudi iiiul Kidneys Caused HtilTcriii!:; 'l'»«; (Ily-Ciis Does" Uur, I'wls I'inu Now Bailey and Utley Floats Mixed in Courier Story Harry Bailey, operator of Hie Harry Dallcy Service Station, and Johnny Uuincr, operator of tho Silver Moon Night Club, were sponsors of a large while float in Hi? Armistice Day parade. Through an error the while float was described in yesterday's paper us thai sponsored by Huberl UUey's Crescent, Night Club. Bailey's tloat was decorated in j while with red and blue trimming and bore an arcli over (he Iron;, while Ull'jy's WHS decorated with colored rictons and a crescent. CAKI) OF THANKS ' We wish to thank otn many friends and relatives for the fcimf- ncss and sympathy shown us (luring the illness and death of our "ittle .son, Hiurfrom. Especially lio wo appreciate (lie beautiful floral offerings. Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Au.sion And Family. Positive Relief for MALARIA! Sure End to Chills' and Fever! "Only ihrte v:ho have suffered ;s f have can understantl the s;oo:l Oly-Cas is duin«." said Mrs. A u Willis. IT9I i-'cizer Avc., Sliicvc- "My kidneys caused me Here's r,-;d ,e] icf ,„,. Oiovos • Chill . , Quickly il Ma] Tonic ' Hie chills ' ln(i and restores your builv comfort. Many icincdias win „„. llmatc the symptoms o[ ;.i tcmpuiatily, hni Ciiencs'[-,' s Chill Tonic S i>,\s all tln'v and completely rids \,, U1 , ol the Infection. (Hole's TaMclcss Chill -i,,,,,,. a real lorirctivc of Alal.-in-r cause H contains two tliini;,'. f, lasloiess (utininn v.hlch kills . n,in i| w , '|, iood Malarial infcclion Second, luiiic Iron oveiconir Ihc ravages ol and fever and lorlilies aiiainsl lur- tlicr allacfc. I>i ;t y Mir' '| ,' <r Grove's Tasteless Chill 'in,,,,. ' lt now comes in [w<> slw-s-Mc ;M ( d $1. The. $1 Kl/x: cnnlnlns a 1 . i une \ is much us the snc slw and KJVM you 25% more for your money Get Lollle totlay al any drug store. -Adv. 10 i JJ/.. MRS A I) \\H||^ to never be without a dull pain ni my back for years, in «•»; hnixissiblr at night. My stomach just wouldn't digest foods properly, hart lo watch my diet closely and was badly wmsiip.Hcd too. What nuzzled me was all at once »i.v light side became nunih. could!) I raise im- ,.„-,„ .„ .„, .,, f could nol oven write my ,„,, ,,- llllo And iry as [ ,|id -IK, ,,,«!inne was able to hclji i m - roiuliiimi until I bcyan uiy-Cui, " "Agiiin l' fed t' ;,m"w,ll. have lull use of my emu;, lo( | y - shc C01llilIU«l. "my M W ,,;, 0 ], ,„„, U( ,. ncys arc regulated and able to do my own woik. Cily-cas is one medicine lhat ,;«« t ;ot disap- Gly-Cas is .sold l:y i-;i,-by m-,,5. 'nil! Co.. this city, ami 'bv 'ill leaning vlni B Mou.s'in Mirrouiulins lowns. _ Mv '_ FARMERS BANK ' & TRUST CO. iterr. immons Beautyrest YOU HAVfc] ALWAYS WANTED A SIMMONS BEAUTYREST —the mattress that is chosen for the wealthiest homes, not because of its cost, but for Its internationally known value as the finest mattress made. tM^^i^fe^E feM Ssis«"._ ^-.. : >: .a^t Mow you sleep tonighl will dclcnninc fio\v you look and feel tomorrow. Broken slcc[) on a poorly made mattress leaves you lira! and irritable. Deep, sound sleep on a Bcaulyresl built lo sjivc your | JO dy Pl'RFRCT RELAXATION will | caV c you feeling ulivc, radiant and with sparkling eyes. Sleep On Yours Tonight It's wisy tci own ;i Ijcaulyriisl, now- ' ('nine in tonuiiT()\v iiioniiiij,', tost • it Tor yottr.seIf, itnd tomorrow; nielli you will atcop liki; a child- .M n n y (tclinlilltil piisuu sli:(di:>r In clinosc from, i» Hubbard Furniture Co. UlylhevWe, Ark.

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