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Springfield, Missouri
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Mrs. Blades 22ndAreaDeatk Nerve Must Regenerate Stockholders Approve Merger World 2g Dec. 30, 1970 SPRINGFIELD (Mo.) LEADER-PRESS Palsy Katz-Skaggs Chain Is Third Largest A chain of more than 150 drug-department stores with a volume of close to $300 million has been created by the combination of Katz Drug Company with Skaggs Companies, Inc. E. LAMB, M.D.

caused by failure of the nerve to the facial muscles to function normally. Actually, there are two nerves, one to each side of the face, and one of the pair is affected and the other not. We really don't know what happens to the nerve, whether it is a type of virus infection or a localized allergic response. The nerve does become swollen and in a few cases is so badly damaged that it has to regenerate before normal function of the muscles is restored. In most cases recovery begins within a week and three -fourths of the patients are fully recovered in a few weeks.

Rare-ly does damage remain. Many treatments have been tried without much success Adrenal hormone may have shortened the illness in some patients. Surgery to relieve pressure on the swollen nerve has been advocated but recent studies suggest that untreated patients do about as well in their early illness as treated patients. If recovery is prolonged then surgery is sometimes helpful in relieving any pressure on the nerve caused by swelling and speeds nerve regeneration. Dear Dr.

Lamb I have heard that new enzyme deter gents are dangerous. Do they cause your skin to break out and is there any real danger in using them? Dear Reader They may in deed be harmful. They can cause a skin rash in sensitive persons. Some animals exposed to detergents have died sudden ly after inhaling the enzyme and others have had lung disease, Asthma and other lung prob lems were reported in workers detergent plants in Europe. The Federal Trade Commis sion has reopened the study on enzyme detergents.

It isn't clear as yet if the amount you might get by using detergents around the house would have the same effects as reported in animals The animals got far bigger doses than you might expect in normal use. The same might be said about the lung problems seen in factory workers. It probably doesn't take much enzyme detergent to cause a skin rash in people sensitive to it. To End Bell's By LAWRENCE Dear Dr. Lamb My niece has Bell's palsy.

On side of her face is paralyzed. Can you tell me what the causes, symptoms and cures are? Dear Reader Bell's palsy causes paralysis of the muscles to one side of the face. This results in muscles at the angle of the mouth being drawn back on one side. Generally speaking, one side of the face droops from paralysis and the other side contracts. There may be difficulty in closing one eye and the sense of taste over part of the tongue may be lost or diminished.

The onset of the problem is usually abrupt The muscle paralysis is Rolla Man, 83, Robbed of $640 ROLLA (Special) Officers are seeking a young suspect in a strong-armed robbery reported by an 83-year-old Rolla man. Morris Gollard told troopers the man knocked on the door of his Northwye residence here be tween 5:30 and 6 p.m. Tuesday, He said the man walked inside when he opened the door, took his wallet and $640, tied him up, and left Gollard described the man as about 25, 5-11, 185 pounds, with reddish complexion and possibly red hair, wearing a red sweater. Gifts to Be Showered On First Monett Baby MONETT (Special) Parents of 1971's first baby in the Monett trade territory will receive gifts from 32 merchants. The 1970 winner, Kelly Lynn Powell, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Donald Powell, of Wheaton, has grown a head of red hair and from nearly eight to 25 pounds; has six teeth, and has been walking three months. BERRYVILLE, Ark. Fire Tuesday destroyed a three-story building housing the Northwest Auction Company here, doing minor damage to a coin-oper ated laundry next door. ALL mtCf OOOO THIU SUNDAY IKlUMOMNmoDUCtlMB Toy Pistol Used at Bank? Ski Mask, Cloves Found After Try A ski mask, pair of gloves and toy, pistol which could have been used in an attempted stickup at Springfield National Bank have been recovered near the holdup scene.

Police said this morning that employes of Montgomery Ward Store in Battlefield Mall found the three items on a display shelf about 2'i hours after the incident. The discovery increased speculation that the would be robber abandoned his stolen getaway vehicle outside Ward's then entered the store and disappeared into the mall crowd before getting into his own car and leaving. The robber, whose approach was almost identical to the method that earned someone more than $6000 in a Sept. 25 holdup, came away empty-handed after a stubborn teller re. fused to turn over her cash at gunpoint and pressed a silent alarjn.

In the first attempt at the drive-in bank, which is located on the parking lot of Brentwood Shopping Center, 2646 South Glenstone, a new auto stolen from Friendly ford Company was abandoned at the opposite end of the parking lot. The robber then jumped into what was apparently his own auto and left. But yesterday, the stolen vehicle used in the robbery attempt was abandoned outside Ward's on the mall park ing lot. Police found (he vehicle about an hour after the holdup attempt. Fort Wood GI Joins Filers for Bankruptcy A bankruptcy petition was in foiWal rnilrt hv i Leonard Dale Jeffries, a soldier at Fort teonard Wood, who list- ed $4686.15 in debts and S250 in; assets.

Bankruptcy petitions filed yes terday were by Roland Franklin Steininger, 2136 North Glenstone. a service station attend-1 ant, listing debts of $2796.70 and assets of $640; Roy Carroll Dean Bonds, Route 5, unemployed, listing debts of $22,850.90 and assets of $150; James Wesley Hicks, North Star Route, Ca- bool, unemployed, listing debts of $22,906.53 and assets of $750; and Sally Anne Hicks, North Star Route, Cabool, unemploy ed, listing debts of $22,906.53 and assets of $775. PINEVILLE McDonald County officials will be sworn in at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in the county clerk's courthouse office here. 1 Katz will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Skaggs Jan.

1 as a result of stockholders approval in both companies yesterday. The merger will make the chain the third largest in the na tion, i In addition to owning the Katz Discount City store here, the company also owns six Crank Drug Company stores in Springfield. At the Katz meeting in Kansas City, an overwhelming vote favored the exchange of IV4 shares of Skaggs common for each share of Katz. On the basis of the 1,049,502 shares of Katz common outstanding, exclusive of stock reserved for options, the value of the shares to be received by Katz is about $31.5 million. Shareholders of Skaggs Drug; Centers, meeting in Salt Lake City, also favored the merger and voted to change the corporate name to Skaggs Companies, Inc.

According to M. R. Shlensky, president, there will be no change in operations of the Katz chain, but he said the consolidation will produce a strong and effective management team providing potentials for greater efficiencies in administration. Three members of the Katz group will join the expanded board of Skaggs. In addition to Shlensky, who is to become chairman of the board, are Arthur Mag, a lawyer, and Earl S.

Katz, chairman of Katz Drug. Joining the Katz board will be Mont H. Gulke, Kent T. White, L. S.

Skaggs, R. S. Lowen and Tkn tlnrtm'in nil nffll'lalG Ctf i Skaggs and Katz both operate retail stores of generally the same size and offering similar types ot mercnanaise The market areas in which the two companies will operate will result in a diversification of the risk of local business changes, according to the Kansas City Times. Certain economies of operations are expected to be effected, including a larger area for distribution of private label merchandise, a shift to more self-service methods in Katz stores and an increase in direct purchasing by store managers. It is expected that a substan tially lareer market for tne securities of the combined enter prise will be one of the results of the merger.

Tlie snares oi doio companies are traded on the Araeri can Stock txenange Skaggs will have outstanding I cannot speculate on when it will end," said Rhay. However, he said Tuesday night that he had spoken with some inmates about subjects "pertinent to this thing" and was "pleased with progress being made." Attorneys representing some of the convicts released a statement from prisoners which vowed they will "sit and hate until the pigs react they (prison officials) will if we hang tough as a solid group of men not ani mals." The statement also called for the return of inmate council president Don Cole and secretary James Robideau, who were transferred from the prison on Christmas Day to another facil ity at Shelton, Wash. I I i pVVfPKH ffWflttWiWsllJ pfffPWWPsfl WSPJMj 111111 II FOODLAME Rites Friday NIXA (Special) Funeral services for Mrs. Carol Blades, whose remains were located Christmas Day in Stone County after she had been missing for more than a year, will be Fri day. Services will be at 1:30" p.m.

in Nixa High School Auditorium with the Rev. Oran Cobb offici ating. Burial will be in Union Chapel Cemetery under direction of Harris of Nixa. The remains were positively identified Tuesday after a Springfield dentist compared her X-rays on file with the teeth in the upper jaw bone found in Stone County. Christian County Deputy Sher iff Harold Wampler said the of fice has "received a good lead or two" in the mystery surrounding the 20-year-old house wife's disappearance on Dec.

15, 1969. Skull Fracture Victim Is 'Fair' A Houston woman has been taken out of the intensive care unit and apparently is recovering from a skull fracture suf fered in a fall early Thursday morning at her home. Listed in fair condition this morning at St. John's Hospital was Mrs. Jane Ferrell, 52, wife of Houston businessman Walter Ferrell.

Mrs. Ferrell, president of the Houston Business Women and vice president of Houston's Community Betterment program, suffered the skull fracture while ascending stairs in her home about 4 a.m. HOUSTON In separate sessions here, the city council has approved a 1971 budget of and has heard an explanation by a Missouri Municipal League spokesman of a retirement plan for city employes. Wl MtttVf DOM TO tttuf 46-OZ. 9, M9e 39 6S3P' FRESH CKAXCE OH JUICE 32-OZ.

63 IlilP ELM MjSMNI-M 16 OZ. Briefs From Wire Services CHICAGO Between 400 and 500 persons will die in traffic accidents during the New Year's holiday weekend and another 19,000 to 23,000 will be injured, the National Safety Council estimated yesterday. PARIS The United States said today that a negotiated settlement of the Vietnam war "seems no nearer today than it did a yeat ago, or even two years ago" when the Paris peace talks began. Ambassador David K. E.

Bruce appealed to the Communist side to "work to gether now to prevent 1971 from eing added to the already far too long and dreary chronicle of this year." MONTREAL A mother and her three young sons died early today in a fire that destroyed their 100-year-old brick home in suburban St. Laurent. TEL AVIV Israeli Premier Golda Meir says her govern ment will not make peace with the Arabs unless it gets "defen sible" frontiers and retains control of united Jerusalem. Egyp tian President Anward Sadat has labeled Israel's decision to return to peace talks as a "maneuver" and ordered his country to get ready for deep Is raeli raids after the Middle East cease-fire expires Feb. 5.

LONDON Princess Margaret took her husband Lord Snow- don home from the hospital to day and away from the public glare that followed an American report they have agreed to divorce. NEW YORK Proclaiming the city in danger of drowning under a tide of welfare spend ing, Mayor John V. Lindsay re jected a record $2.4 billion budg et proposal of his welfare ad ministering agency yesterday, NEW YORK The Coca-Cola Company is offering New Yorkers a 5-cent deposit on all returnable bottles of Coke in an effort to curb litter and to save on production costs, according to advertisements in New York City newspapers today. WASHINGTON Sen. Ed ward M.

Kennedy, has retracted a denial that a former assistant postmaster general, accused by a Senate Republican of making illegal air mall con tracts, took part in Kennedy's 1962 election campaign. Kenne- dv said he was informed by his staff that William J. Haragan, a long-time Kennedy family friend and aide, did go to Massacnu-setts for some campaign work. BEIRUT Syrian strongman Hafez al Assad has arrested eight more leaders of the Mar xist regime he overthrew six weeks ago, a spokesman for the ousted leadership reported in Beirut today. MODERNA, Italy The first couple In modern Italian history to be granted a divorce legally became single today wnen tneir decree was registered at tne city hall of the town where they were married, juage aukuv Galasso granted the divorce yesterday to Alfredo Cappi, 28, and Giorgia Luisa Benassi, 25, just 11 days after a new divorce law took effect.

LINDEN, N.J. An Industri al accident, not sabotage. Is believed by Humble Oil Refinery Co. officials to have caused an explosion at their plant here Dec. 5, sources close to the re finery say.

driven by Robert Gillispie Bail ey, 33, Eldon. Chitwood received possible chest injuries. Alice M. Bridges, 27, Route 7, was listed in satisfactory condition in St John'r Hospital after a one-car mishap, 4 miles west of Springfield on Brookline Road. Troopers said she suffered a severe forehead laceration and right ankle injuries when an auto in which she was riding struck a utility pole while turning onto Haseltine Road at 3:45 p.m.

Brenda Sue Applegate, 18, Route 7, was cited on a complaint of having no operator's license after the crash. She was released after treatment at St. John's for left eye contusions. Two survivors of a Sunday afternoon crash in Wright County that claimed the lives of another couple remained in critical condition this morning at Cox Medical Center. Wilbur Carriger, 56, Hartville, and his wife, Joella, S3, were injured in the smashup that took the lives of John E.

Kilfoy, 73, and his wife, Aldie Ann, 71, also of Hartville. KEEP YOUft SHERIFF'S Office Strong VOTE "Veen TODAY THE 50' LEVY CONCftWD CiTiW COMM1TTM OTIS EMMM! Car Hits, Kills Aged Ozarker Funeral services are pending for a 72-year-oid Southwest City man who died in Cox Medical Center last night of injuries received in a car-pedestrian mishap in Aurora. Guy Ervin Schoonover, Route 2. succumbed at 10 p.m. to be come the area's 22nd traffic fatality for December.

Troopers said the victim was walking across Mo. 39, at the south edge of Aurora, about 5:30 p.m. -when he apparently failed to see a northbound auto driven by John Thomas Dickinson, 78, Marionville, and walked In front of it Taken to Aurora Hospital with a broken right leg, concussion, bruises, abrasions and possible internal injuries, the man later was transferred to the Springfield facility. A longtime resident of Southwest City, Schoonover is survived by his wife, Gertrude; a son, Sgt. Jackie R.

Schoonover, Tinker Air Force Base, a daughter, Mrs. Lorraine McDonald, Aurora; two broth ers, Raymond, oreeiey, and Lloyd, Homedale, a sister, Mrs. Pauline Butler, Greeley, and six grandchildren. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Peterson of Aur ora. In other area accidents: A Springfield man was taken to Cox Medical Center after his auto crashed off U.S.

60, in Web ster County, early this morning. Troopers said Linard Wimbert Miller. 49. of 2055 North Nettle- ton, suffered a severe scalp laceration and possible fractured wrist in the 1:30 a.m. mishap, a mile east of Seymour.

Miller's westbound car reportedly went out of control on a curve, ran off the left side of the road and struck a telephone pole. He was cited on a com plaint of driving on the wrong side of the road. Another one-car accident, near Jenkins, sent Jerry Wayne Lester, 20, Route 2, Cassville, to Aurora Hospital at 8:15 last night. Troopers said Lester suffered back injuries, bruises and abra sions after his auto slid off the wrong side of Mo. 39 before flip ping over repeatedly, 2 miles south of Jenkins.

James David Mosier, 18, Ash Grove, was taken to Cox Medic al Center after his car crashed off Greene County miles north of Willard, at 9:30 last night. Troopers said a blowout may have caused the mishap which sent Mosier's auto spinning off the road and into a ditch. He re portedly suffered head lacer ations in the crash. A one-car accident on Mo. 174, a mile west of Kepumic, sent Een Cagel, 57, Stark City, to St.

John's Medical Center in Joplin for treatment of a broken left arm, body bruises and possible concussion. Trooper said Cagel was driv ing east at 11:35 a.m. yesterday when he passed a vehicle, pulled back into the right lane, drifted onto the shoulder, then swerved into a ditch. The car hit a cul vert, flipped end-over-end twice and threw the driver out. Four persons were released from St.

John's Hospital after treatment of injuries suffered in a three-vehicle pueup, a mue north of Ozark on U.S. 65, about 1:35 p.m. yesterday. Officers said cars dnven north by Huegene R. Campbell, 26 Holt, and Mitchell N.

Mullen, 16, Route 1. Ozark, were following a line of traffic slowing for a rail road crossing when a truck driv en by Harold D. Atkinson, 29, Urbana, attempted to pass. Oncoming vehicles forced At kinson to pull back and his car collided with the Campbell and Mullen cars, troopers said. Campbell received shoulder and left leg Injuries; his wife, Joyce, 19, and their year-old daughter, Donna Jo, were treated for body bruises, and At kinson suffered facial cuts and possible chest injuries.

Atkinson was cited on a careless and imprudent driving complaint Another four persons were treated at St. John's after a and Distributing Company van collided with a car at Grant and University, shortly after 4 p.m. yesterday. Police said Marvin E. Whets-ten, 36, of 2640 West Margaret and his passenger, Kelly Doke 18, of 804 Swan Drive, wore re- leased after treatment of bruises and contusions.

The other driver, Lewis H. At- well, 67, of 2039 North Grant, and his wife, Georgia, 69, re ceived hand and head lacer ations but were not hospitalized. Officer Ted Hunt said Atwell was cited on a complaint of fail' ure to yield the right-of-way, A two-car smashup on Mo. 19 in Winona sent Paul Chitwood, 35, Winona, to St. Francis Hospital In Mountain View shortly before 6 last night.

State police said he was riding In an auto driven by Lonnie Ray Parks, 19, Winona, when it pulled into the path of a car 8 Sun. 4,726,114 shares of common after the exchange. Under Delaware law, neither Katz nor Skaggs stockholders objecting to the merger haveJ dissenters' rights to demand payment for their shares. For Ecology Road Spillage Reports Due JEFFERSON CITY (Spe- cial) Accidental spillage of materials on roadways by tru ckers or motorists will be re ported immediately to environ mental control agencies, accord- ing to a Missouri State Highway Commission announcement to- dav. District engineers have been asked by maintenance Division Engineer W.

H. Dill to notify the Missouri Water Pollution Board immediately of any accidental spillage that could be dangerous to fish, wildlife, livestock or agriculture. Normal spillage occurring from car or truck radiators, crankcases or transmissions will not be reported. "Upon notification by our maintenance people, the Water Pollution Board will determine if they need to take any precautionary action," Dill said. "Any action taken after notification will generally be done without involving our personnel." Second Opium Victim Treated; First Released A 17 year old Springfield youth who suffered ill effects from an injection of opium has been released from Cox Medical Center, but a 22 year old friend has been admitted to the hospital after a similar dose.

Police said the 22 year old visitor from Long Beach, has been visiting the stricken 17 year old youth and apparently got the opium from him. He was hospitalized yesterday after he said he had been suffer ing from severe headaches since taking the narcotic. He apparently is recovering, police said. The teen-ager, who was ad mitted after becoming violently ill at his apartment Sunday, told officers he bought the opium for S1.50 from a man he met on Park Central Square. Tests in dicated the mixture also con- tained strychnine, which in creased the potency as well as the danger, police said.

Final Tribute Paid to Rivers CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) Many of the nation's top govern ment and military officials gath ered here for the funeral today of Rep. L. Mendel Rivers, chair man of the House Armed Ser vices Committee. Afternoon services for the South Carolina Democrat were scheduled at the Grace Episco pal Church with burial in the Episcopal Church cemetery 40 miles away at St.

Stephen, in the South Carolina low country where he was born 65 years ago. Rivers died Monday in Birmingham, 17 days after he underwent sugery to replace a faulty heart valve with one made of plastic. in Car QUARTER SLICED vv POftKLOIN i' 9 to 11 SLICES LB. 'Sitting and Hating HOME MADE WHOLE HOG PORK SAUSAGE FRESH GROUND WE HAVE KOmEKADE BAKED KAKS B.B.Q. RiSSB.B.Q.

CHtCKFJi-FRESH E. COAST OYSTERS WALLA WALLA, Wash. (AP) An estimated 1,000 convicts, vowing they will "sit and hate until the pigs react," remained confined to their cells at Washington State Penitentiary here today for the ninth day. Prison officials made no predictions on when they would be released. Meanwhile, prison superintendent B.J.

Rhay said he had ordered two prisoner leaders of the Inmates Advisory Council transferred to another facility "because of the strike." The deadlock began Dec. 22 when prisoners walked off their prison jobs in support of about 140 convicts who refused to shave, violating prison regulations. 8-BTL. 14. I I Mm PLUS DEPOSIT 98' tJ HAWAIIAN DRINKS FRUIT PUNCH SHURFINE SHELLED BLACKEYE PEA! Wmm 300 SIZE 1ISBY SLANT SLICES GREEN BEANS FOLGER'S l-LB.

CAN ATKIN'S STRIP 4 I F-E UmltONf With $5.00 Pvrchan RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT "3 1l 1 SVEET PICKLES Narcotics Items Found Tuesday by Deputies Ken Hickman (left) and Earl Giveni after they were seen acting suspicious fct a service station at North U.S. 63 and Valley Water Mill. Deputy Ed Gllmore (right) and other officers were continuing the Investigation today. Two area men, aged 22 and 31, remained In jail today for Investigation of possession of stolen property and illegal possession of narcotics or narcotic apparatus. Sheriff's depntle said Investigation was continuing and that a quantity of Items In the suspects' ear has not yet been identified.

Toe two were arrested about p.m..

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