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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • 45

Springfield, Missouri
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A45 Crow Mysiery Springfield, Dec 27, 1979 part-time assistants to 12 full-time assistants and a part-time chief trial assistant and as many other part-time assistants cent Suprem eCourt decision in eliminating the provision for a Jury trial in a petty offense." "Petty offenses could then be disposed of within 10 days rath Millionaire Disappears (CONTINUED FROM PAG A-Jl) (CONTINUED mOM PACK A 11) as the circuit Judges wouia al on by several candidates in the then walked back southward. low, er than several months as is last election' campaign," Crow The point I am making is now frequently the case," Crow said. "I hope the General As "And people seem surprised when I tell them that," Crow said. "People assume that be cause they don't agree witS something it must be against the law this is not necessarily true." that all of a sudden five years As he went through the middle of the cedars, he saw something white shining and said to himself, "I wonder when I One useful tool that the state legislature could provide for prosecuting attorneys, Crow said, is a witness immunity statute of the type used by the Los Angeles prosecutor in the Sharon Tate case. sembly will act quickly." South African Last Seen Dec.

16 TORONTO (UPI) South Af from now the prosecutor's staff emphasized. "Think how much more effective it would be if judgment and sentencing could be imposed on the offender with Procedure in a criminal case generally favors the defendant, family in field immediately east of whew the car bad been abandoned. Meanwhile, three residents of the area went to Sheriff Lamb and told him they might krow something that would assist in the Investigation. Their story was to the effect that they were in a car driving from a trailer court on the west will triple in size when wnai we need is a gradual and sensible increase starting now," Crow lost a cow I didn't know about." Approaching closer, he clearly rican millionaire Abraham Ja Crow said. cob Wolfson walked out of the "The state must convince 12 A co-conspirator has con in a short period of time follow saw that the white object was a asserted.

"The prosecutor's of offices of his Canadian lawyer stitutional privilege against self- persons beyond reasonable ing his offense." human skull. He examined the fice needs an increase in the Dec. 16 with $50,000 worth of doubt of the defendant's guilt" skull, which was resting on top incrimination, Crow explained, but an immunity statute size of the staff commensurate non-negotiable trust certificates. of a white coat, and soon saw with the increased He has not been seen since permits the state to call the co side of U. S.

160, the driver had Crow said. "The state bears the risk of non-persuasion. The state must endorse all of its witnesses on the charge, and the defend that numerous bones had been scattered about. Experience has taught him and Toronto police said Satur conspirator as a witness by giv stopped at the stop sign prior to pulling onto the highway, and that the position or prosecuting day they have no leads what Mentioning the ever increasing caseload here. Crow pointed out that he begaa mentioning the need for a larger staff some months ago.

On the other hand, Crow noted, in five years Greene County will go from a second class to a first class ing the witness immunity from prosecution about any criminal "The leg bones were still to the slacks," he said, "but a lot soever as to what happened to ant therefore knows well in ad the Blades car went by in front attorney is sometimes misunderstood by many people, Crow il mi, vance what the evidence will be activity testified about. of them, headed north. of bones had been scattered His attorney, Herbert Truit- "This is the only way the state said. against him at trial," about, down the hill and to one 'me man driving the car man, suspects foul play in the can elicit testimony from an un stopped it a short distance fur The risk of keeping the case intact also falls upon the state, disappearance of the stocky, willing co-conspirator," Crow ther northward, got out of the The prosecuting attorney has only such authority as the law gives him, Crow pointed out side of where the body was resting." An article of underclothing county if it maintains a $300 mil vehicle on the right hand side, Crow emphasized. lion valuation for the five years.

gray-haired millionaire, who arrived from Port Elizabeth, continued. "Frequently, a coconspirator is the only source of and ran across the field, in a was discovered several yards noting that he's been asked many times to do things the law South Africa, Dec: 1 to dispose When it becomes a first class county. Crow said, the prose generally southeasterly direc distant and evidence indicated "When a witness forgets, dies or moves away, it is the state's case that suffers," Crow de evidence available to make I case against the other defend of his last Toronto asset an tion. the underclothing bad remained doesn't authorize him to do. cutor's office will go from four 80-suite apartment block.

ants, and an immunity law it clared. "This is why one of the on the body for "a long he said. the only way for the state to get The man had a coat folded over one arm, they said, and one of the passengers in the car standard defense tactics is to The sale of the suburban this evidence." "I knew it was a girl when I postpone case as long as apartment house, Fruitman The necessity of modernized found the remains," Wilhelm said, "and I knew about the said, was a "million dollar law enforcement legislation idly watched the man. As the car drew near to intercepting the man, he glanced up, The U.S. Supreme Court deal." I Sfefi INVENTORY along the lines I have suggested Blades woman missing.

But it didn't at first occur to me that it was recognized and commented 0 saw he was being watched and At one time, Wolfson's firm, Monesa Holdings owned recently ruled that a state could require a defendant to plead an alibi defense in advance of trial and furnish the state the names threw the coat up over his face was her. When I went back to the house and told my folks several apartment blocks in Toronto- buhvtheast few years As he approached a grove of trees in the fence row, he ran into a limb, which struck him about it, my daughter, Mrs. of the defendant's alibi witnesses, Crow said. An Corporation Figure Dies Viola Bradford, of Springfield, Wolfson had been selling them, preparing to retire with his wife and two daughters in South Af said she bet it was Mrs. JLI At present Missouri has no Blades." rica, Fruitman said.

jbk. JL jA Wilhelm called Sheriff Barnes NEW YORK (AP) Robert such law," Crow said. "Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has and the remains were sub Page, chairman of the executive Metropolitan Toronto police said Wolfson's last known contact was the apartment block superintendent, who received a committee of the Phelps Dodge approved this practice the Gen sequently taken to Harris funeral home. eral Assembly should act quick died Friday, the corporation announced Saturday.

He ly to establish such a procedure telephone call from the million Starling Saturday Dec. 26th Continuing thru Sat. Jan. 2nd ENTIRE WINTER STOCK! (Only new arrivals for spring excluded.) "If I had walked up on that was 69. in Missouri.

Any prosecutor who has ever tried a case in which aire on Dec. 17. Wolfson was to have met with body a year ago," Wilhelm said, "it would have been a shock. As Page, who was also former president and board chairman the defendant raised an alibi de across the face. The man jerked the coat down and one of the passengers "got a good look at him," according to the sheriff.

The man was described as being 5 feet 9 or 10 inches tall, with dark complexion, and black hair combed back. A few sprigs of hair were hanging down over one eye. The coat the man carried was corduroy, believed to be fleece-lined and he possibly wore a flannel shirt. The man was believed to weigh about 150 to 160 pounds. The three persons thought no more about the man until they later learned of the disappearance of Mrs, Blades.

of Phelps Dodge, died of acute fense can appreciate the useful his lawyer on Dec. 18 to sign the closing papers for the sale of the apartment house. When he it was, just a skeleton, it didn't bother me too much. I've found bronchitis and cardiac arrest. ness of a tool like this." A graduate of Harvard Law lots of skeletons in my times." In another recent case, the failed to appear, Fruitman con School, he was Phelps Dodge's high court held that a defendant in a criminal case has no feder Asked to explain what he meant, he said, "I used to live in Utah.

Lots of Indians and ear tacted police. Police checked the suite Wolfson had ren al constitutional right to a jury general counsel until he joined the corporation as president in 1947. He was named chairman of the board in 1967 and later ly settlers had died there and it trial in a state court if the authorized punishment for the of wasn't anything to find skel ODIFIF ted for a week. They said they executive committee chairman, fense does not exceed six etons." found no signs of a struggle. Earlier, he was a member of months in jail and a $500 fine, By 10 a.m.

Saturday, the word Crow noted. Early this fall, members of of the discovery of the remains woltson glasses, suits, an overcoat, his business papers, a Soifh African driver's license and his bank statements were the firm of Root, Clark, Buckner Ballantine and a partner in Stevenson, Plimpton on the Wilheld farm had circu At present under Missouri law defendant in any mis the N'ixa American Legion, disturbed over the continued ab lated around the neighborhood demeanor case in magistrate and Page. sence of Mrs. Blades, got up a found in the apartment, police and dozens of curious onlookers arrived almost simultaneously court can demand jury trial. $1000 reward.

After weeks of In 1935, he served as regional said. They revealed Wolfson had Crow pointed out that most of standing unclaimed, the con director of the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was several Toronto bank accounts. the defendants who make the cerned members advertised at least one containing $100,000. demand do not really intend to also a former director of the Scarfs Gloves Tights Toys Socks Slips Panties Caps Tops Sleepwear Baby Items Accessories Coats Suits Pants Shirts Toronto police said they were Chrysler Corporation, Bigelow to see the general area and to talk in low tones about the tragedy.

Later Saturday, Sheriff Lamb and Sheriff Barnes and their deputies thoroughly combed the area where Wilhelm made his have a trial but make the request in order to postpone their cases. Sanford Carpet Co. and the Manufacturers Hanover Trust arranging a meeting with an unnamed son-in-law of Wolfson. who flew to Toronto Saturday, in Impaneling a jury is ex Co. hopes he could provide some pensive.

Crow said, ana tne He is survived by his widow, grisly discovery. Three metal lead to the millionaire's dis the former Marie Jermain detectors brought to the scene Everything in the Store, Except Hew Spring Arrivals! No refunds no exchanges no layaways on sale items. magistrate courts are limited the number of jury calls they appearance. Townsend Walling, and two by Deputy Gene Haworth, Nixa, finally located Carol Blades' have. Therefore, there is a large stepdaughters.

Murder-Suicide Ruled backlog of untried cases. A funeral service is scheduled wedding and engagement rings, Eventually, when a jury is for 11 a.m. Tuesday at St In Death of Couple telephone vigil to take any last minute bits of information, then gave up and were going to return the reward money to the donors. The next morning, Sheriff Lamb requested that the reward be allowed to stand for a few more days; last week, with still no information forthcoming, the money was returned. Early this month, residents of the area presented a petition to Judge Garner L.

Moody, of the 38th judicial circuit requesting that he call a grand jury to investigate the case. He still has not responded to the petition and request Meanwhile, a chill northwest wind Christmas Day and concern for his cattle during the about 20 feet from where the body had rested, and buried un called 95 percent of the defend Marks Episcopal church, West- WALDOBORO, Maine (UPI) hampton Beach, N.Y. der a a mat of leaves. The lower Authorities ruled Saturday a ants waive jury trial and either plead guilty or stand trial before Glen Isle Center jaw bone, with teeth intact, was found nearby, and the teeth will the judge," Crow said. "All this couple found shot to death in their home Christmas night Son of Purdy Couple Shop 9:30 to 9 Mon.

thru Fri, 9:30 to 6 Sat delay could be eliminated if the Missouri Constitution were routinely be checked against her apparently were victims of Is POW in Vietnam dental records. murder-suicide. charged to conform with this re The son of Mr. and Mrs. Har Mrs.

Blades clothing is being old Estes, Purdy, Edward Dale sent to the state highway patrol Authorities said it appeared Henry M. Teirlla, 62, shot his wife, Mary, 58, and then turned the weapon on himself. laboratory in Jefferson City for Estes, is listed by the North Vietnamese as prisoner of analysis, as officers continue to Their bodies were found by war. A lieutenant commander probe for the way in which Mrs. Blades met her death.

the couple's son Henry cold weather caused Stone Coun The tragedy that for 375 days about 6:30 Friday in the ty farmer Ernest Wilhi-lm to de bled the hearts of Larry Blades cide to seek the animals and and Carol Blades' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Horton, 946 West Poplar, long since ceased to be the Navy, Estes was reported shot down during a combat mission over North Vietnam on Jan. 3, and a fellow pilot related he saw Estes bail out of his plane. The family had no news of Estes for 27 months after his capture, but received information in April he was a prisoner and well.

They have received several letters from him. bedroom of their home on Rte. 32. A shotgun was in the room. Police said the couple had been having domestic trouble.

Lincoln County Medical Examiner George Bostwich said the shootings apparently took place early Christmas morning. He ruled the deaths an apparent murder-suicide. their'8 alone. It is a tragedy of the Ozarks. check on their welfare.

Unable to find the cattle in his cleared pastures, and knowing their habit of congregating in a cedar glade area about a quarter mile west of his house, Wil-helm walked northward up an old wagon road, climbed a shallow bluff east of the road, and As one bystander whispered at Earnie Wilhelm's farm Satur day, "It could just as easily been my wife or my daughter. i l-v f- -ucuuiiti-r I VMt I rTl' In Park Craft On the Plata Continuing Our. FML eiT: po I '01 (r rOJinllblbO m-P-'W mkmsMiip On Our Entire Stock Of Fall I I HOSIDM 6 TUESDAY O.iLY! "ip up ry TT II TQ l-p. 0ff ON MANY su RT COATS I I I I all ximwm eeATS Both Stores Open Week Days 9:30 AM till 9 PM Closed New Years Day r-TTT 'i WltMI-li'i '-'11- It WHEELER FURNITURE CO.

319 WEST WALNUT la Prk Crest Cn Tka Tlsza 1211 S. I.

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