The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1932
Page 5
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MONH A V, .OC1 W BLYl'HEVILLE, (AEK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEFIVi Classified Advcrlisin},' Kates Mi] Charge ......... ^ wii!:i 5 Average Words to a Line Miu!:i rate per line, ix?r -::; limes, per line per day . l:.ree limes per lino IX.T or.c time |JLT line ......... All Ads run irregularly .lit one umc rale. lake Slnsercralt inns. We teach yon. iiiB'.-r SL'Wiiii; MaOine Co. lOjjkiOlU YOU CANT 1JELY oil "For Kent SiyHs" but you can rely on Courier News Wnnt-AUs tu rent Unit huiuu or room. HOTELS "Hie Coll, It's n Cafe in connection. Booci hotel". ^3e-k. Oct RESTAUHANTS Geo. Wrle'il's Wall Street L'.incli, located li'.:s Station. in Grcyliouiu P-15 ck 10-1 liEST EATS hi (own. Open da;, OR SALE—New Whippet 4-clOor Sedan, 1931 model, bee Jimiiui' Roberts, Osceola, Ark. ai'-Klt) AUTO GLASS WOVEN \VIKF: FENCING , THE ARKMO LUMBER YAHU3 20C-K Oct, Li FOR SALE — riant Striuvbcrrle: and RnsplH'irlcs in November for best results. We liavc the Plants. Write us. J. A. French, Koalu 5 Joni'Sbaro, Arkansas. 'IP-K11 Will sell cheap a Simplex New Psr- Icction (ilstilltile or fuel oil burn er heating stove. Call 2CH-W 8x-ktt FOR SALE—I'retiy Bimgnlow 01 Hatchery, UlyUicvllla. 4oltl(| Arkansas In the o( The MRS. T. R. WATSON—$5.50 weekly. 112 K. Clicrry. Plioiic 002. IpklO-l FOK KHNT house, nvo rooms, bath. Rnraac, servant house 1306 Clitcknsiuvba. Cull 83 or W. lOcklO YOU CANT REIA' on "For Rent Sfens" but yen can rely on! Courier News Wnnt-Ads to rent that house or room. 1 and night. Green Beetle Cafe. | Kentucky 61. Cost owner $3250, aioie. :j irs j w \vright, I'rn-,1. I clear of debt. Price $1250. Thorn a \wn:. i 1 Oui 23p-k OcL 2IT. as Land Co. 8c-klO : GAUAGES WANTED—To ovcrlianl your clcc-1 - . _ tin; s'.veepiT. WcrK ymuarumi. EXPERT MECHANICS anj Wreck- jleuucr biucmc ac-rucc-, '.'. UIIU-IM cr Service. Peoples enrage, i'ho'.ie i-urii. Co. I'hoi:c bill). j nr ' 5 - • 21P-K Out. 21 l. (>K _ 0a 1- Fl.OYI) I-AnGETTS GARAGE EXPERT Typewriter and adding ! OHRYKLER SPECIALIST miK-iims 1-sp.iii-mg. U. S. Blank- ; OPPOSITE CITY HALL ensliip, llli K. Rose. Kruno IGiW. I 8p-K 11-3 lc-klO-1' DRUGGISTS pVfEVEN'T FIREE—Hiivi! your clcancu and lepnircu. guaiatneed. Call for Wilson, 100. I'Oll DRUGS p> to tile St. frail' ' c-U Dm;,' Co. Now located on •IP-Kli Ash Street near 511)., Mc-K Oct 23 ATTENTION - Men's overcoats liKAUTY PARLORS cleaned and hats blocked. Ladies — !ur trimmed coats our specialty.! EXPERT BEAUTY Service. Per Call Unique Cleaners for pronip Service. I'hcne 171. FOR SALE— 3 acres and Bungalow on Highway in, near city, $1250. Half cash, balance time. Ilioinns Land Co. 8c-klO. ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale Out-lx>rird motors. ^o:d as ne'.v, i sizes. Bcone Hall. ICp-k 11-10 WANTI3I) THRBK HOOM Furnlslird Apartment, poiul neighborhood, moderate rent. "WII", Courier News. 10!'-KH Hatching ECKJS. Mnrllyn Hnlch- cry, Blytlievllle. -lu-kll STORE FIXTUKKS FOH SAl.E OR TRADE-Hlpton show case, bin's, shelving and tire rack. Phone 202-W. Wp-k 10-10 WANTED TO MJY I-- - WE 1'AV CASH lei old cbjk stove iiiui used Hiiincure. L)OI:'L lliro^ lliem away, u&asun I'liriniuru uo. Ml K. Mum. I'lione 155. FAUM LANDS •10-K. 11-1 WILL llUY 1'iniiu. Smle coiulllton. 'I'unictsje AHrlciiltnio Cred^ Corporation, Plainlills, vs, 11, A. (WibijmiiL'i, ' pcfondants. will on the Mill day of October, 11132, nt the Sonlli Hour of tin 1 Court How* nt Ulylhcvlllc, flrfcansiis, clU'r lor sale (ho following described roul property: An undivided one-third Itilcr- esl In run! to ihc nurllnvcst tltiiuter ol the iiouhenst Ivr til Section ;M and llu-iiuiilh- wi'sit quarter of Kivtlun 25, nil In Township 10. Kongo b. Smilhwc.u (inarter of the .south- vast quarter of S-'ctlon 30. and Hie north liuir IN"-.') of the ncrtlieasit quarter of the north- cast quarter and tln> Jiorlhwest quarter of UK- nordieusl quarter less the soulh two acres of tlie west hall iW' ; ) of (he northeast quarter, weal of the 11. M. & L. In Section 'Jl, Township 15, Kiuifjc 0 East. i The ]inrch<i.'.cr at said snlc wll ' bo inquired la itlvi 1 bind with np- | proved security lor tin- put'chasc- price. Doled this the 3rd day of Oc tolwr, 1032. W. W. SHAVER, Sherlll Pioneer descendants Seek Lost Fortunes ST. I.OU1S (UP)—Men nnd wo- invn, vhu came west duriui! llu- B»lil rush iliij.s o(' 'IB. now hove di'Mcndiinli; \\liw search old'news- paper Illes In the public llbiiny, teeklug .soiim trace uf the fortune:! they made. llbi nry report. None s I C|>-K ll-G;Ueauty Parlor. $3 50 up. Powder I'utI i 21P-K Ocl 21 HOMECRAFT Sec our nc'.v altachmeii', for making : YOU CAN'T RELY on "For Rent ! Signs" hut yon can rely on ; Courier News Want-Ads to rent !h:it house or room. Cusli price In Hi-si letter. Capt. FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation. Fmt ' Av »*' Stccle, Mo. 3 houses, big barn, In 6 miles of Blythe\-i!!c. 1 mile of good liool. $25.00 per. ncre, terms. lone 887 cr 81)8. W. T. Barnc'.t. . GC-K-TF Git KEN I.IIAI' CAFE & I-'JtUlT STAND Regular Meals a Specialty. All you can cat 25c, with drink. Complete line ol Fruits & Vegetables, See me for wholesale prices on apples. BUCK MLIIAKG. Proprietor We Deliver 312 E. Main COAL AND WOOl) OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Fml Repairs Vv'recker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone S10-771 j COAL at low cash prices. Pnone ! Proiiip;. Delivery. DUX I'riuvi : CUAL uu., Wainui « KiiuroM bis i JUNK, H1UKS. ETC. ] WANTED—Jiuik ol all kinds, hides j iron, copper, orats, LUiunuiuuianu i :ea-a. Won Allan, phone nu. liics-Oci SliCOND HAND FURNITURE See Us R. J. Dodson iUl-303 fc. u'alu See'Weisburd And Sec Butler EYKS TESTED FREE And Classes Fitted DAlKHiS | FRESH—A Oracle Miik delivere ! night and moining. O. W. I«svi ?hu>i.' BTJ. 10P-K 11-1 EJJCCTHICAL CALL WIGGINS Klectrie Shop lo repairs and estimates. Phone 44 i 10P-K 11- FOR SALE FILLING STATION, dweliit 1 j house, 3 storfige tanks, all con 1 bined. Geod business. Will si I clienp. Address "HA", Courier. 1C-K 11 AKM FOR SALE: )CO acres near Burdctte. Ark., between Dlythe- llc nncl Luxora, one of best farms Mississippi county. Has two ood hay barns, corn cribs, stables, ve houses. 10 acre fieUI alfalfa ay. If final sold will have 1000 .ishels corn nnd five head of mules or sale. J. J. Richards, owner, at Irs Will Wood across from Lux- ra school. . 7-p-k-ia Iliintiieils of ijcvsons inny hour.'i roiullUH ilu uiily ille.s pi old ni'wspiiiK'is in foi hub yet found his "pot of sold." Municipal Garden Aids City's Destitute HASTINGS. Neb. lUl') •- A 15- acre plot of giumid converted Into u numlcipnl niirdcn helped Hast rare for Ihc"needy this year. hot nnd weed the'garden plot and were paid oil .in groceries. Tile crops Brb'wii in Ihe fritfnlcf- pnl t garden were harvested and distributed' lo (he nceily 'lamlllcs. ie unemployed aid ft-fi-e B'vi-ii Cnnarj is Slilp't Mascot BOSTON (UP)-Utikow Is a seagoing canary ulth an Eskimo name. It rctuiric'd safely lo Boston recently alter serving as a inascot nhaard the schooner /tivo- _____ ......... _ .......... _ ... ................ _ who applied rnh during an aeronautical survey a chance to 'of the Labrador coast. UUtt ilUUbl!. Jby Aii^iru '%i YOU SHOULDN'T MIND A W&Z MY BUMP ON TH' HEAD , AS « YOU CAN THINK WANTED TO HUY—Gocsu feathers. Mi'bl Ue 'new and clean. Paul U$ru:i]. Across irom jiostollice, GC-K-TF WANTED TO BUY -- Light car irom owner. Must Iw chcnji for cash. Apply Rex Hotel. 7P-K11 LIVE STOCK POH SALE--24 head Hampshlie hogs, rep,!slercd or subject, vav- ciio aces S°c Joe Cralf, S. I-'rank- Kt ' 10P-K13 'AHMERS having livestock to sell or if they desire to buy they ill And it convenient and eco;i- imical to use Courier News Wimi Ads. AUTOMOTIVE FIRST CLASS watcrprcol covers for trucks and wagons, Carney Awning company, Phone 643. lln-kOct 17 SAL-US.MUN WANTED VANTED — Woman for general house v.ork. Mrs. A. W. Lang- veil. 110 H. Franklin, 7C-K.12 IN' TIIL: DISTINCT courtT" pi TlllJ UNITED STATES OP THK KASTEnN UlSTHICT OF AU- KANSAS, JONESliOHO O1VIS- IOX 111 the Mntler of It. A. Sallba, ])unkni])t No. 1G81I Notice Is hereby slvcn tliftl i>etl- lou lor dischnrgc of the. bnnkrupl. ias been filed, mill same will bo icarrt in the United Klales Court ice-in nt Littk' nock, Arknnsns, 0:1 (he 10th dny of Kovi-nilH'r, A. IX 1932, ill 10 o'cluek A. M. SIU H. IlEnmNG, Clerk, By Bets Muthes. 1). C. YOUNG LADY COLLEGE OHAD- UATE desires lx>slilon. Expcri- nccd in general ofllce work, ;u cashier, rcstaurnnt hostess and h carini; for cliildrcn. Willing to work cheap or lor room nnd board small salary. Address "S" Conrlci News. 0-x-tf TO THOSE seeking Jobs til' Courier News Want-Ads oflc n result producing service at low cost. I'lionc 308. r ^tV^OO /-—" IP I 300 I WOULDN'T T&EL. >v BUr^T 1 ON MY KNOB, iP IT WA'S A'S BKb AS AN IHT3I/XN MOUMD/'j-^Wi^ I'D, SELL MY NOODLfc HAT> I-N GONE . VOU KBOUT e you HAVE: L.^ C^-\, Docto FOUND FOR SALE-New and Used Auto Parti. Jackson Aiuo Parts Co. 2020 W Main, Phone G6. 3C-K Kov 3 FOR SALE—SAVE • on Goodyear Tires ap.d Tubes, auto accessories, new and rebuilt batteries, Mo- torinc Oil, lie quart. Wolf Arlan, Phone 17Q. Itick-Oct. l(i A WAY to convert old furniture, office while his feathers Brew •lollies, nnd other unwanted again. Heals Crow's Fractured Wing CENTERVILLR. Iowa.'(UP)— A lily black crow wns rawing Irom l!:c trectops today the prowess of Dr. W. M. Head who performed a hit ot surgery Unit l-.unlcd the crop's broken wins. Things looked black for the crow wlion he was cniiylil recently uy n ilog. His wing wns broken, and he was unable lo c.scap2 Hie dog when Dr. Head rescued him, took him to tils oifice, stripped iiivuy the leathers, unil fieL Ilu; whig bone. After little more than n month In splints, the crow convalesced In Dr. Rcnd'f> In items In your home into rcati'y cash, phone 306 and nsk the Want- Ad Taker — she'll give you full details. STRAYED STHAYED— Bay Mare, blnzert fuce. weight 1100 pounds. Notify Mack Bryeans or Bob Harris. Blythevillc. 4p-k7 1 Then o:ie morning he leaped l« 'lie window sill, flopped Ills wings In a Irinl Iliipl, and look oil. FOR SALE-Model "A" I'.'j Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition. Very reasonable. John C. Mcilaney. Jr "Tlic Monument Man". 23c-k-TF STRAYED— D.irk brown horse mule and blnck n)nrc mule, weiyht about 000 iwunds each. Sam Green, Sinclair Gas to Oil. Greasing, washing, U. S. Tires. Day and Ni^ht Service. 555. Mp-kOct. 2-1 carry an umbrella like this HOW ABOUT YOUR ROOF? If you wore your roof like an overcoat — if you carried it around with you—chanccjs arc that UK- old roof would make you ashamed. You'd get a new one right awny. You'd re-roof at once. The trouble is you get used to seeing the olci, dingy roof until it leaks and spoils the decorations. If you realised how much belter your house would look, how much moire a new roof would add lo your property value and how little i : . costs, you'd re-roof now. Let us give you a ftcc cs/h/iiilf— you'll be pleasingly surprised at the low cost. Certain-teed Shingles (C«; FOR EVERY PUi PO5E AND PURSE) E.C.ROBINSON LET'S SWAP WHAT HAVE you to swap? Get results—H costs only a few cents a day. WILL TRADE lor set ot children's books or sell, cheap, n complete set of Alexander Hamilton's business bcoks. Address "H", 'Courier N'ews. 2Bx-K-Tt 1'OIJLTKY BABY CHICKS, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Route 'J, Box C2. 3P-K6 Sl'ACK FOK LKASE YOU CAN lease a space like this every dny In the month at low cost. Phone 30C. PEOPLE who read these columns mean business. They arc not, reading it just to pass the time away. They arc definitely looking for offers which meet their needs. Let us write yours. NOTT«rT)i-'"F.XKCHTION SAI.K Notice is hereby slvcn that I, the undersigned as Sherlll of Mississippi County. Arkansas, under and by authority of an execution issued on a judgment tendered on the 2Glh day ol April. 1M2 in the Chnncery Court for the Chicka- sawbn District of Mississippi Coiui- home hunt- ml j,, s ( wl'-'it flicy want i" tin: cla.ssHIn ,,f ()„. Courier Ni-H-s. If you Imvc a. plarc for rcnl or sale phone 30C. L 10-18 \ -^SUEELY, YOU {• A1SE A . NOW To SCIENCE:'] -Q IT -BALMY ry U, HAD A T50LL OF AN' HIP IT TUl9 HOUSE A COUPLE 'DAtfS BEFOT^ YOU BUMPED YoUTS, HEA'D f— trl 1 ; ACCIDENT MU9T HAVE LOOSENEt5 AT LASTL By Martlj -4 <A '•?/A\ ^ Cr? COURSE. WO "vo X0t> OOT CY MY XS&H hi.iU.. «<vu.i.fAT.o;;^4 I .,'\\-\v'a njzaiimimyJJ.""_7 \VASFF TUBES HULL'S ]NNIN(i! Uy Crane IS to TREE, MO ?l^e£0 ON9&R. HtMV &uhW. 6UT, BLNZesl W-t HOUR OF 6R(\ce. WOVO, THINK. FkST, BOV, TUtMK, F^T. THIS is AI HECK OF ft IK»16 — 6CEN f\ FOOL —GOT *1 To &f.T OOT" O' THIS MESS. IliT' LUT v&- tJET-o pp,<=c!ovi& urae c«ftMc& TO THINK.-> 'OiXvlSOM s"~ T" ' ~ "^N «( UP/HES? TAKeTHhT, 6L^T VOUl \ AM C.N6 F6P, fVM ESE W ^ TOO i' PER. fXTOOTV a Mfr»s . . PHOfcp?IOO - ARKANSAS VVe Do Tfhe Rest FRECKLES AND HIS " f RILE-y V-fAS ABCUT TO OMBUTTOM HIS COKT AMP MA^iP OVER TU£ B£LT VJiTM FKIKN'l) OK ENEMY? By JBIossei. HIS TACTICS HAND EfA AH 1 BE QUlCk- ABOOT IT.. I'LL USE; VGiJG. TO GET AWAY FROW AKID MASCH OVJER THERK VO'JPJ SHIP AND 6ET "WC jj"iflMjy^A HAS.; THAT; ,_ eV

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