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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • 34

Springfield, Missouri
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SPRINGFIELD (Mo.) LEADER-PRESS Dec. 1970 34 simplify handling. Due to the popularity of the cancellation service and the limited postal facilities on recovery ships, each recovery force coor (Apollo Task Force 130, Navy Terminal Post Office, FPO San Francisco, Calif. 96610. Dinosaurs first appeared on the earth in the Triasslo of the Mesozoic era, about 225 milion years ago.

dinator will accept a maximum ships. To permit adequate time for handling of covers, collectors should send pre-stamped, self -addressed envelopes to the appropriate coordinator at least three weeks prior to the scheduled launch of Apollo 14, covers should be received prior to Jan. 8. In accordance with U.S. Post-' Reward Time Limit Extended in Woman's Disappearance Petitions Ask for Blades Jury Recovery Forces To Offer Cachet For Apollo 14 NORFOLK, Va.

Manned Spacecraft Recovery Forces of the U.S. Navy will provide commemorative cachet and caneal-lation services for the upcoming of two covers from an individual collector. When more than the number of covers is re somewhere in Christian County and a murder has been committed in Christian County, in this quiet, peaceful community a 1 regulations, only United Slates postage may be used on ceived, they will be returned un-l processed. Covers received loo late for distribution to Recovery Force units will also be returned unprocessed. Apollo 14 manned flight to the covers submitted.

Stamps (post CHRISTMAS GIFT CLASSIC GUITARS Bill Sponce's SPRIKGFIELD MUSIC 1 437 S. Glenstone Country Club Center Across from Empire Motor Bank moon. Philatelic coordinators desig of Nixa." age) of other countries or the United Nations cannot be accepted. It is requested that col The final paragraph calls for a grand jury investigation. The reward mentioned was put up by about 180 interested persons.

Addresses for the Atlantic and Pacific area Coordinators are: Apollo 14 Covers, Task Force 140, Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Va. 23511; and Chief in Charge viding any clues to her whereabouts. Time limit on the reward has been extended to Dec. 18. Original date for expiration was last Friday but last minute information caused the reward expiration date to be extended.

Petitions sent to Judge Moody total 672 names which is 50 names more than 10 percent of the total votes cast In the last presidential election in Christian County, and ask that a grand lectors furnish standard sue nated for the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Recovery Forces (Task Force 140 and 130) will receive all such covers and make distribution to assigned recovery NIXA (Special) A petition asking Circuit Judge Garner Moody to call a Brand jury in Christian County to investigate the disappearance of Mrs. Carol Blades has been mailed. The petition and a certified letter signed by Milo Thornton, commander of the Nixa American Legion, were mailed Tuesday. Mrs. Blades disappeared Dec.

15, 19C9, and long investigations and a reward offer of $1000 have been unproductive so far as pro covers, 3H inches by in-ches, with a filler inserted to jury be convened about Jan. 2, 1971. "What has happened in this quiet, peaceful community of Nixa could have happened to any family within your judicial district," the letter began. "Therefore, any husband or parent is entitled to know what has happened to his wife or daughter, regardless of who they are." The letter, in essence, seeks an answer to whether "a murder has been committed in Christian County," and continues. "The local American Legion of Nixa feels that it is our duty In Ozarhs Case 5 to our community and service to uulnjlj Youth Gets 20 Years On Kidnaping Charge RIVERSIDE ST-107 LOW AS The two were accused of driving to Hardy in a stolen car and kidnaping the Rev.

Gary Lyn Martin, forcing the minister to drive them to West Plains. They allegedly forced Mr. Martin and a pilot. Charles Hopkins, to fly them from West Plains to Des Moines, Iowa, where the minister and pilot were released. Archer was arrested last April KANSAS CITY (Special) A young Kansas man today began a 20-year prison term after sentencing in U.S.

District Court here for kidnaping a Hardy, minister and a West Plains pilot. Ronald Earl Archer, 21, of Medora, received the jail term Tuesday from Judge Elmo B. Hunter, who presided over our community to call upon you by petition to call a special grand jury here in Christian County" to determine, as outlined in the petition, "whether Carol Blades is dead or alive." Continuing, the letter states: "We feel that the sheriff's office and all of his deputies have done a good job, along with all other law enforcement officers, civic clubs, citizens in Christian County and surrounding area, and should be commended. "However, with all of this the answer is still not good enough. In an area where just about everybody knows everybody it is hard to understand how a person can just vanish in daylight without someone knowing the facts.

"In plain facts, if Mrs. Blades left on her own accord she has not violated any law and the $1000 reward should have been paid, but since the reward was not paid there is but one other cause that Mrs. Carol Blades has been murdered. "In that case the time element would be that she is buried 15 in Burbank, and TumiK inuiH tin not IACKWALL PMCI MICI f.l.T. ttZt IACH CH tkCH 13 14.00' 7.00.IJ 15.60 H1U I.94 735 ft CO- 16.40 104 7.35-15 2M r.rj.u ij.00 18.40 3.17 7.7-15 1.X9 3514 i6M- 30.80 3 33 15-H 23i a.5514 39.00- 23.20 J3 (83-14 i J0 2S.20 J84 IIHI 274 With lrad-ln Hw off ywf yen.

WHtiwolb $3 wait tadi. i Byrnes was picked up two days later in Los Angeles. Judge Hunter ordered Archer's 20 year sentence to run con the trial and conviction of Archer here last month. Archer escaped from the Stafford County jai! at St. John.

in September, 1969, with James John Byrnes, 44, formerly one of the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives. secutivelv with a sentence of 6.50-13 tubeless blackwall plus 1.78 F.E.T.and trade-in tire six months-to-life given him last July in Burbank on a first degree robbery conviction. Last month in Oklahoma City, Byrnes was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading RIVERSIDE SNO-TREAD WARDS RIVERSIDE We Also Have 4-SQUARE PASSENGER SELECT USED TIRES TIRE GUARANTEE 500 and UP GUARANTEED AGAINST FAILURE dua i io rood haia'di (eacppl repairable 3-' puncture!) or from defects in material or wCKkmonship for the life of the "i i ff -f (k O'igiriol treod. In cat of failure, Aji -i Wordi will exchange lire for a new 'zH' on, charging oniy that portion of the 4 Currert! regular price (plul Federal 1 "fJ'V facile Toil eQuialnl to the percent o' riead uid. GUARANTEED AGAINST TREAD 'jnV WEABOUT for monthi jpetified or for i jfV -l miles ipetil.ed.

In eate tread weorl 'h. 9 out. Wards will eachonqe tire for tmm VV v' new one, chegmg only the difference between the current regular price iw Hat (plul Fede'ol Eat.te Ta and ipe- jN A of dollar allowance. (Tread weor f'f fill guarantee doei not oppiy lo tirei ff used comme'Oollv I I I I I NATIONWIDE SERVICE. Guoronlee $41 honored otony Words Reto.l or Cata- Vt '''x log itce upon presentation of gvar.

jrffJTV guilty to a charge of interstate transportation of a stolen air plane. WARDS DEPENDABLE RETREAD! LOW AS OM Grade School (Jiving Way to Cars AURORA (Special) Frank Blue Law Case Is Dismissed NEVADA (Special) A charge of violation of a Sunday "blue law" ordinance against lin Elementary School, built in Three Released After Treatment Three persons were treated at Springfield hospitals following a two-car crash, a half mile west of the city on U. S. 60, yesterday. Troopers cited Roma Itae Maples, 22.

Clever, on a complaint of following too closely after her auto pulled into ft passing lane and hit the rear of a left-turning car driven by John C. Lundborg, 70, Route 1, JIarshfield. Released after treatment in St. John's was Mrs. Maples, who suffered chin and elbow cuts and abrasions.

Lundborg, who sustained possible neck and chest injuries, and his wife, Edith, 70, who suffered possible shoulder and chest injuries, ruiiim iiouiu tii nui lACKWALl MICI MICI f.l.f. IIII MCM IACH UCH 7.35-14 1383 10.11 .33 773-14 1403 10.11 .51 135-14 I3I3 11,7,1 ,3 8.53-14 16.33 13.50 .63 8I3I3 lira 11.15 UO TKADf IN nOUIHD. WHIfWAUS 1.00 MOW EACH WITH STUPS 6. 0C fACH 1907, whose students now attend the new Robinson Elementary Jim Cooper of Gibson's Discount School, is being torn down by its 7.75-14 tubeless blackwall plus 1.78 F.E.T. Store here was dismissed Tuesday bv Prosecutor David Donald.

Cooper was charged in connection with selling of a toy and a quantity of hair coloring to Wilma Ilendrix, agent of Roger Craft, on Nov. 1. new owner, Jim Michel, auto dealer, who will use the site for at car lot. 1 The school district will use the money paid for the school and land to develop an Aurora schools kindergarten, which will be ready by Jan. 1.

ALL PASSENGER TIRES MOUNTED FREE AT WARDS! 'Amahl and the Night Visitors' were released after treatment in Cox Medical Center. -7 llfW loWAS FOR CAMPERS, PANELS, VANS! Soprano Stars in Musical Legend About Christmas Girl Treated For 3Ieiiiiiilis BIRCH TREE (Special) Lo-retta Stark, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Airs. Lloyd Stark, and a considerable part of the audience was made up of chil By JIM BILLINGS Staff Writer Since its initial network tele dren. The action was set against the towering pyramid of rough hewn stones which is customar SB If! yt I't 1 4 50-13 tuble blatkwall plus I Xlflj VI 1.7M.T..ndtr0d..inoff, if i if pi' ur most ppu'r ire' I I Has 36-month guarantee against tread wear-out.

ily the church's altar wall. It HI-WAY TRACTION: Nylon cord body. Extra-wide tread for good traction and long mileage! TRACTION 140: Deep tread for the best performance in mud and snow! Tough, durable nylon cord body. made a perfect setting, with only a few pieces of crude furni cast some years ago, Gian-Carlo Menotti's brief but beautiful musical legend, "Amahl and the Night Visitors" seems to have steadily grown in popularity. There was ample evidence of this last night as the Mid -America Singers, trained by Samuel Gordon, of the Southwest Missouri State College music faculty, and the Festival Orchestra, conducted by James Shollcnberger, presented the ture, a symbolical door and Bircn Tree, is reportedly in "fair" condition at University of Missouri Medical Center in Columbia.

She is being treated for meningitis. J. W. Evans, superintendent of the Mountain View-Birch Tree Schools, said the child attended school last Thursday, became ill and was taken to a doctor who diagnosed her illness. She was taken immediately to Columbia.

Classmates have been given preventative treatment as a some straw scattered on the floor being added. The high, vaulted ceiling of the sanctuary. however, made it slightly diffi cult, at times, to understand the singers, even though amplifiers piece: in the sanctuary of King's were used. Way United Methodist Church, There were few empty seats Young Greg Dahlman sang the role of the crippled Amahl, a little shepherd boy who lives M1M BIKES CANNOT BE USED ON STREETS, SDEWAIKS. HIGHWAYS OR PUBUC ROADS.

with his poverty-stricken mother in a Biblical land on the eve of the birth of Christ. To their hovel come the three kings who are following the Christmas star to Bethlehem, there to Pass the night and be fed and entertained by the other shepherds of the ft REGULAR 5.95 SPOTLIGHT area. The Dahlman lad displayed I very good soprano voice, sweet i and pure. He seemingly had Insert Into the car's lighter. It's portable! 457 little difficulty in the sometimes difficult progression of notes in the Menotti music.

Gordon sang the tenor role of King Kaspar, David Beckett the baritone King Melchior and James Bingham the deep Riverside IMMIDtATl RIPIACIMINT ATTIKY OUARANTII If battery found dtfctie and will not hold a charge (I) FIEf replocement within 90 dayi Btfrchciiet (21 After 90 days Wardi wlfl replace the battery, charging yov pro-roled mount et the evrrertt no-lradi-Jo teWng price far each month from date of pwchote, voiced King Balthazar. All were in good voice. Dancers in the performance were Elizabeth Boyt, who did INSTALLED FREE 'j the choreography, Pat Cunningham and Charles Harper. We do not think there will be much argument over who was $30 OFF! 424 4-HP MiNIBIKE WITH MINI-MAG RACING WHEELS Easy to operate spin starter. Reg.

$189.95 1 I -I I I I I the star of the evening. Soprano Carolyn Sue Braden, in the role 'i 50-MONTH X-TRA HEAVY DUTY REG. EXCHANGE PRICE 27.95 Reserve power for high-drain ixch. electrical accessories. 22F, 24, OAR 24F, 27, 27F, 29NF, 60.

0 1.98 WARDS JUMPER CABLES 8-ft. length, aluminum, for 49 12-volt cars. I COUPON rronr enu snocKS, paaaea vinyl of Amahl's mother, easily captured that honor. Miss Braden, most recently heard as a soloist I coverea sear, roorresis. 1 in the SMS Grand Chorus pre sentation of Carl Orff's "Car- mina Burana, proved once more that she is the most spec 1 tacularly excellent soprano to be heard around here in years.

Her duet with young Dahlman on the occasion of bis departure was the high spot of the evening, her solo work could hardly have LUBE JOB $1 25 Bring your car in for a greasing. MONTGOMERY WARD WEDNESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY ENGINE TUNE-UP 795 Q9S IART IXTKA Air Conditioning Moro We check timing, battery, carburetor, plugs, points and ignition. WKlnMday-Safurctay Pack wheels adjust brakes 2" let our experts repack wheel bearings, adjust and safety-check brakes. WEDNESDAY NIGHT THROUGH SATURDAY -Stiff Ffcvte been improved upon, and her A Christmas Wish singing in the ensemble with the three kings and Amahl was ex cellent Shollenberger and the small orchestra gave the singers good backing and Joyce Lane Gor don, who served as stage director, moved the characters adr I I PFC Marlin Crunkloton has ceen oversea since Oct. 1 and presently is in Cambodia.

His wife, who lives in Springfield doesn't know where her husband will be when he receives this Christmas tape recorded by her in the annual "Voices from Home" project of the Greene County Red Cross. Mr. Cnmkle-ton, who has only been married since Sept. 22, said her message tot her husband is "I wish you were home for Christmas and I wish all the boys were home, too." Explaining bow to use the recorder is Alan Bailey, 2907 East Glenwood, wbo has worked as Red Cross volunteer with the "Voices from Dome" project three Christmas season. oitly around the tiny stage including the members of the well trained Mid America Singers, UMAIA J'J-lrJ -W fait T- who appeared as the shepherds and villagers.

4' V' mf".

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