The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1934
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Served by tfie United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 20f> BEFTHEVIELE COURIER NEWS ___ L, _ _ TH. °0™^ »*™*™*™^-*U*V ^Ar^. ^f^**^* * H -I-J ?? kj " 1U * D»J New. Blthell rte ... ~ ' -- - - — — --- New. Blythevllle CXurtet V.lley u, ader Blythevllle Her.ld Driver and Miles Chief Speakers on,'-'Program Yesterday Afternoon Th(v Legion hut, new home of Dud. Ca'son, Post No. 24, was dedicated, "(o.^the advancement • of the Legion's! {program of coiiimunity service"'in 'a meeting in the main room of the building yesterday afternoon. Neill need, who was commander of the' post during-'the period in which the hut project was, launched. and carried lo virtual! completion, presented the keys to! ihe structure lo Maj. Ciirtis J. Little, present commander of the post, following addresses by Representative.^', J. Driver and Vin- cfiit M. Miles, department com- iiinmlcr of the American Legion, mid the introduction of a number of other leaders in I))-; Legion and Us Auxiliary and men who helped jnake ihe hut possible. Bonus Payment Cheered [Young ' t £ anan's Bayou Woir $ atally Burned >' Nov., 13 (UP)—Mrs. ,vers, 20, died at a • .re shortly before mid. night from burns snf- .rller .In the day at he:'ff .Kin's Hayou, Ark., home an oil stove blny.ed ns sb? f'tlcti.pted to refuel it. Two small children , u-iim-si... the tragedy. When the names caught her clothing she ran 10- vard her husband about 100 yard? from the Jiojuc and he succeeded in extinguishing the fire. He was severely burned. Doth ivere rtish- cd 16 the hospilal here. Second and Third Honors to Sfeele and Carulh- ies Miss Dorothy Gidcan. ol Marinas acclaimed "Miss Northeast Arkansas-Southeast Missouri" in the American Legion's minimi Ar- Both Commander Miles and mLstice Day celebration beamy contest at the Ritz ihcflirc. Secom Representative Driver Hie program of tlw discussed American Legion and both won especial applause when they declared for immediate payment of veterans adjusted service ce^'icates, popularly called thc "bonus." Judge Driver declared that in his judgment payment three yeais ago would have done more to end Ihe depression than iii-ything that has been done since. He recalled his previous votes In congress for payment and declared his intention of voting the same way again at the approaching session. He also declared himself for more adequate military and naval prc- ]>ardeness for the United States. His statement 'that the United States u-otild keep her soldiers at home the next time Europe becomes embroiled in war brought cheers from the crowd. "But," he honors went Miss JOorothj • . "^ ..*,.»] .U\JJUU!\ Yeager, of Steele, Mo., and Uiird to Miss Margaret Mclllvain ol Cimithcrsvilio. Mo. Miss Gideon, a blonde, who represented her town in the contest for "Miss Mississippi Countv" several years ago, was presented a silver loving cup fcy Mrs. Edward Segraves of Lti.vorn, formerlv Miss Margaret Cross of Blythc'- ville, who icon the title last year Hie selection was made by' o'H of town judges. Following th" conlest the 15 girls who competed were guests of honor at a dance at the new American Legion hiit Harold Sudbury and his orchestra furnished music for> the several hundred dancers. Oirls participating u , (he contest were: Blytheville, Miss Dori= Ray Dobyns; Armorel. Miss i mo . gene Smith; Dell, Miss Mariann- Henderson; Gosnell, Miss Evelyn declared, "if we are to stay out Vance; Holland, Miss Virginia o: the next war we must be strong [dates; Steele, MLss Dorothy Yea- enough so that our rights will be Ser; Osccola. Miss Virginia"Crom r """"- ""' "- -'" -- ' - cr; \jarle, Miss Dorothy Gideon; Haytl? Miss Louise Cole; Poplar fTnrnpr '\n c o- w,.,.' j^ •-: s%v •*** respected and we will not be forced in.'" ""'. . Commander MilE.= I ..outline<l .the Legidii'sTTiational. program "for : rehabilitation of the disabled, pay: ment of thc bonus, and adequate national defense, with particular r-.tlention to the Legion's proposal 1or drafting all of the nation's resources., us well as soldiers, should war come. This univcral draft "he declared, would take the prom out of war and thus be a strong factor in maintaining peace He also spoke of the Legion's program of coiiimunity service and expressed the hope that the ne«- hut at. Blytheville would help to itnvnncc that program here. Little I'resides Post Commander Little presided at the meeting, which was opened with an invocation by the Rev V. E. Dutterworth, post chaplain' nnd n selection by a vocal trio - consisting of Mmes. Paul Tipton Russell Fan- and George Lee. Major Litlle introduced B. N Wilson, county FERA administra- lor. and George Gish. ho superintended construction of the hut, as men to whom the community and the Legion post were largely indebted. He also called upon u. S. Branson, who designed the hut but he could not be found. Visiting Legion leaders were presented, including Bob Sisson, department adjutant, Claude Brown, of the Arkansas Service Bureau, Eddie Glass, department vice-commander. Everett Ham, department AJI- ericanism chairman, and Sam Rorcx, department legislation chairman. Mrs. Howard Proctor, department commander of thc American Legion Auxiliary, delivered a brief ~le in behalf of her organiza- Cecil Shune, as mayor of Blytheville. welcomed the visitors and C, Q. Kelley. of Little Hock, past department commander responded in behalf of Legionnaires of thc slate. tion. Accident Injury Proves Fatal fo Mark Roberts An Injury, believed to have IKUI n miiior one at the lime It was received in a accident several weeks ago, was believed to IIRVC been resixmsiblc for the death of Mark Roberts, 3-1, Sunday morning. Roberls was riding in n truck, carrying Q number ol Dyess colony workers, thnt overturned near the colony. Several other workers wore Injuied, one dying in a few dnys but Roberts' injuries were not believed to be serious at (he time. •After apparently recovering he jeturncd to work for awhile but his condition became steadily vane, according to reports. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon with the Rev. Mr. Rhodes officiating, interment was Ti /u. Saud y nld sc ccmelery. ine cobo Undertaking company by -Miss,, wanna-- Miss r Bernita Jollilf'- , r o- Monette, Miss Ruth Harris- Lu.v- ora, Miss -Meredith Graham- Man, •." uiuimni. iMrtll- ila, Miss Lucille Cnrtwright; Car- uthcrsville. Martha Mclllvain Will Pass on Sufficiency of Petition for Fov tion of.NeAv District The Blytheville city council is jlated to pass on the sufficiency of a petition of property owner's for the formation of n small paving district in a meeting starting at 7 'clock tonight at' the citj- hall and preceding! [he regular monthly session of the council at 7:30 o'clock. Property owners irtio (rave signed the petition seek to fbrm in; district to pave two blocks, Hcarn street from Cemetery Road cast to Thirteenth and Thirteenth south to Chickasnwba. A protest against Ihe proposed district will be offered by A. G. Hall, who lives within (he area that would be affected. At the regular session new ordinances for the electric and plumbing industries, sign painting and erecting, and a new huildiivj code will be presented. Thc ordinances have been thc object uf study by L. E. Tull, city engineer and representatives of various trades for some 'time Promoters of a walk'athon, now said to. be at Poplar Bluir, Mo., who had hoped lo bring their novelty endurance contest here were told by City Clerk Ross Beavers this morning that, under terms OF mm nllT[ RJIICTl Stale Commissions Order Cuts Before New U. ; S. Service Begins 'I ills is the yiTonil of six slnr- U'S on what t'rraiilrul lioo.wn'll will fff when he visits the TVn- V-lll-.V, No. 1 .TOl-J.-|l-J)J.-|,,tli[i ? . . (if tbr New Deal.. \Vliut has arluiilly been done liy jjj months of work and spunl Tlirse slorics (ell j-iiu. Ill' JOHN T. .A1OUTOU\ Written for NKA .Service KNOXVILLB. Teiin.—Light anil power bills of all users of electricity In the Tennessee -.Valley area have been reduced an average of 20 per cent, with a saving to consumers' of atom $5,000,000 a year, since the Tennessee Valley Authority established headquarters here. Thc cuts were "ordered" by state utility commissions after the TVA announced a rale schedule averaging 50 per cent under existing rates. Its rate schedule covered |»wer sold at retail, whether by the TVA itself or by municipalities. Thus the consumers "gol n break" from the TVA project before it hod built a mile of transmission lines or sold a kilowatt of power, Thc mere fact that Ihe TVA was there, with money nnd authority to produce nnd -soil power, turned the trick. When, last August, Ihe North Carolina utilities commission "ordered" the cut, the Charlotte Observer note;! ARKANSAS, TimsiUY. NOVUMIWK US, 1034 jliiffl; Gold Shipment Coniplclerl Under Floodlight •^^_^ , >•) that "the TV A yardstick i North Caro- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS and Dyeis Hunt Deer at Five Lakes Club PIVR LAKKS HUNTING CLU1 Ark., Nov. 13 (UI'l—Qov. J. M Ritivll of Arkansas Jed bayln hounds' and tramping sportsmei through Ihi! fori'sl.s of>nstorii Ar kansiiH today, the second dny o Hie drcr hunting mutton Tue governor, in company with W. Jl. DJT.I-,, .s-tnlc i-'lJIlA admin IMiulor, nnd others, .bagged Hi JI'SI dor; of ihe seasoii'"itcnr her.!i-diiy. lie m-ed the, llrst'shn at lung- i-juigc nnd in -HO-iwuiV deer staggered ,, n( i |Mtrtic,| f or . ' Other prominent Ark'mi^issports men ntid ; ;, k'mi^i ' many froi'n';^Meni])hl? Olteet, action to hunted throughout I his Action to- clay In c|iicst of deer. •"' In the glare of floodlights illum'jnntinK n 1( . f, Qnl ,,,• ,i,» „, .- . series of M,ipm,ms WHS made bt ui-l , lu nil r ?, *° "'"" '" '"° '"""• " I(> '"" ° f :1 ~ ° series of M,ipm,ms WHS made b ui-l , the Denver mint. Here you r , ,„ , « , ° n ITc'i rr'T" I? ", "u," 0 " ***"> "' «° W l ° Gciiiic Operators Refund'Money to Carnival Vi started working Una." RUSH TO TVA However, if the private commies lowered their rates to hold leir customers, they soon found icy had waited loo long. In droves, cities, towns and coim- ies went over to the TVA; more Jinn 300 such governmental units n thc valley have filed applications for TVA power. At present the TVA power sup- Ply is limited to that produce;! at Muscle Shoals, aroniicl 30000 dlowatts. -But the completion' of Norris and Wheeler dams will nulliply this 10 times. Despite efforts of coal and ico interests to limit the power program of the TVA, the Authority is in the power business. It is selling power eight counties n northeast Mississippi, to Ath ens. Ala., to the TVA lown i>. Norris. Tenn.. and f s providing current for the building 01 mm.., and Wheeler dams, ft has refracts to serve power to Kno:;- ,'llle, Pulaski and Dayton, Tjnn., and is now running ., to th<: " tf *"n4 ( uuut i n:inia of a resolution passed by the city council in August, he would not be allowed to issue a license for such a performance. The promoters said thcv were alter tiro cities. A line to Kno;, 'ille is already available. .EGAL COMPLICATION'S Purchase ijl dfctribntion sys- ems in Tennessee and Alabama arc being held up by hearings coin- brought before the utility ™, missions of those two states by the ice and coal dealers and by preferred stockholders of the selling companies. Only in Mississippi has the TVA teen able to go ahead—Mississippi has no utility commission lo hear complaint from opponents of the TVA The TVA is able lo- sell 10 Athens, Ala., because that city has its own distribution system and does not depend on approval y the Alabama utilities rommis- on. An .Important part of the TVA power program i s to bring electricity to Ihe people who live on Ihc farms. Most of the farm houses are still lighted with kcro- Judge keck Hopes lO Hear! Opsmtors of sundry games of ' ' " ' ' •" chanmc in and around a carnival sliowiiiB here this week under auspices of ttrj American Legion have been forced lo return approximately S25D to g'nlllblc persons who fell for their lures, Police Chief Ed Rice said today. No arrests have been mud:. Additional Cases Next January In the hope thnt a week of criminal court may be held' here in January, Circuit Judge G. E. Keck brought thc two weeks term here ending last Friday to a close without final adjournment. Because of the congested condition of the docket he-re, said to be the worst in the entire second judicial district, it is ex- liccled that definite effort will b-.' made - by • officials to "hold another week of court. The end of the two weeks term saw a number of Jail defendants still n milting trial. Most of them will probably IK allowed to make small bonds to avoid the necessity of feeding them "t the county's expense until the " C Aslite r "from jail cases verv few!,"''!' the AmlLstice D »>'"«fci'™" cases were reached. ••" • Thc carnival opened here yesterday and by night a niiiuter of complainls had been lodged will) the police department and with (lie shorill's otllce. 'Hie officers iniufc a tri pto the carnival grounds, closing up some stands and warning operators of\ others. • "They were the worst, bunch we've had here." the chief said. Thc carnival Is opcraliiu; without payment of thc usual 525 a (lay city Ice because it is sjion- frrert hy the American Legion, having been brought here to pro- mnuscmcnt in connection With the en- j jail cases. Among suspended sentence* ranted during the ter m was oil'; lire term practlcnlly always tie-1 c • - , voted to iriai of defendant un-! Services at Caruthcrsville "We to mnke bond those who can I t u i- T • n-• • make bond usually have an ex-! ' or «aytl 1 Tain Victim ccllent chance to "wear out" I heir :ases, each succeeding court tenn CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —Fun- bcnig devoted to trial of Immediate eral services for Miss Margaret Schumacher, 18, of Ilayti, who died Friday in the Cape C/irarcltau hospital of injuries sustained when she fell under a freight train at Ilayti. were held here Monday morning by thc Rev. E. T. Walsh nt th; Sacred Heart church.' Miss Schumacher had boarded , n 'slowly movins frclgbl Irain | about a half mile from the Hnyl.i station, believing Ihe train would stop at the station. The train was a through freight and had gained such speed by the time i; reached the station Hint she was - - - thrown under it when she at- Jess Claybouni. negro, imiicied j Icmplcd lo leap off. One le;' *"• first degree murder, cntrrwl vvns severed above the knee am! i „!„„ „, _..„... ._ . . , hc 0 , hc] . ba)1|j . |n ,, I1( , |c(f _ Mtss Schumacher, one of Haylfs ^ -•"- iv. Ill nlla yjl- Will Douglas, negro, indicte.1 for murder in the first de-'rre He entered a plea of guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was given a year's sentence, suspended. Officers said thc negro lis kill-d was a "tad actor". Others granted' suspended sr-n- :ences included Marion Town.=cml burglary, two years: Joe Costlier' burglary, no term designated, and tdwnrd McCallum. selling liquor. one year. , cnw plea of guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced lo •• " "•' "i". 1111:1 iixu IU •, "«••» VJV,IIIIIILIII;III;I , (Jill, (11 11 Ely 11 . years Imprisonment. Goldie Den- [ Popular young ladies, was grad- us n™™ „.„ JHdid^ (or Ecconrl Uatcd from the high school there negro, was i p _. __, , tcBi-DC murder but has not'~bwn tried. - ---- ~ ..M..I v,, u llj with the class of Besides ' Long Moves (o Forestall Lscape From His Two- Year Moratorium Law BATON ROUGE, U., Nov. IS (U P)—With the passage of his "moratorium law," granting a two-year holiday to nil debtors In Louisiana a foregone conclusion, Senator Hucy p. Long moved today \o check any attempt by creditors at reprisals before the law becomes circctlve. : He announced to the ways nnd means committee ol the housi : thnt the legislature would adopt, n resolution suspending all .foreclosures and seizures until such, time as the moratorium law 'becomes operative. "This resolution Is necessary." lie explained, "to get nwny from 11115 epidemic of seizures by mort- ygc holders thnt want to force collections while there Is still time." A dampsr was thrown last night on u show planned |,y senator Long to "sent" Aba Mlckal, Louisiana State University football ace as a "state senator" when Mickal refused to attend the burlesque. Mickal was "elected" to the state senate nt a farce "citizens meet- tug" engineered by Long last Sat- airanucd for the 20-year- llaliatis Announce Process for Making Substitute from Wood Pulp ROME, Italy, Nov. 1,1 iUP)_, process for making colton textiir, of wood jiulp may affect th American cotton trade eventual";., lo the extent of $100,000000 ; year, c-xperls sa.ld today. The process was worked out b> I'rcmler licnlto Mussolini's counci of national research. It, wiis rte- cliued u success. Thc collon texture Is uuule somc- wlmt as Is artificial silk. Its ba.v Is wood pulp which Is presssc into cellulose slabs. The slub "re bathed In solutions and lltruj. Hud. Then they are forced thrmi"! holes to become slrands and •< be rolled on bobbins. It Is forecast th nt UK process will mukc Italy nlmosl Indopciideji of American collon, will ,-cduc thc jjrlce of ration (inuils bv two thirds, and is certain Ui be 'adopted In other countries. Some ccon omisls think It will brhv a re alignment „, UK cotton" markc: "no may mean b t|, c co uoi trade \vhal discovery ol the suua beet incnnl to sugar i.rdi.y olcl ycudi. a native of Syria nnd who came to L. S. U. from Mc- Cc;ul), Miss., to "take his s,3nt" In tl.c upper chamber Itglsliitnre last night. , of the . Then wns lo have been horseplay and more or less humorous :;(M<-cl;c.s. l!-n about two hours before Mickal was to have teen invested wi;]i Ihe "toaa." word spread that lit 1 preferred to remain In bis tforniitory quarters. Ca])t. Lawrence M. "Biff- Jones. Louisiana Slate head coach incli- c,.tcd that Abe rlid not appear K-causc of .slnclvlnB he had to tic O i,\ * ,u n ", "»'^, wv/ ,i\. e cass o Besides football trips had necossltiit- hcr father and mother. Mr. ' nn-l i '« Ms ; cnc « 'rom_ classes. Profcs- .-._ ..X.,, iLgiLii:^ \\iui Kt-ro- r — ^",,"r.^Mi. \\cit Known wniic I spring houses serve as rc-l farmcr - w »s indicted by the grand 'raJnrji' nnH Fnnnar-^* ..__• . _ Jiirw AI» _•> ^.K^,^,,,. ^r ...,. ._,. .. Johnson, well known while | *"'••>• P. -K. Schumacher, she French Government Will Maintain Franc PAHIS, Nov. 13 (UP)_The BOV crnmciifs detcrtninntlon to main mm nnd rc-onfor of Ihc franc wns proi dny by Premier ' I'ien Plnndin thc rcc the stnbtlltj claimed to rre Etlcnm (k , c]l , raUo] of his new ministry, drafted foi presentation to , the chamber o deputies. . The declaration coincided will 11 decision of the powerful libsra party In Uclginm t 0 miiliitnln thc gold standard. Flaiuliifl, slatumcnt; unusnall, short anil business like, annoiiiic'- =d 11 program ol economic am (innnctal measures to fight tin crisis and aid agriculliire. He appealed for continuance of the existing political (nice H t urged parliament to co-operate ii: nnieni .. - -- 1 - .»"! resort lo dissolution of parllnmeni if m-ces .•=a ry. -a maintaining „ slnbl( , gom . ) out warned that he will Eagles Take Flight from New York Stores NEW YORK, Nov. 13 (U p> _ ost of the blue eagles which once rqwscd in the windows of ws o irtually every business cstnblish- nent along 42nd 5t rcut, one of Manhattan's busiest thoroughfares i.ive deserted their roosts" survey by Ihc United Press , • -«-----o ovkiovo OLIVU ii.S IV' frigeralors; and farmers' wives me without labor-saving electrical devices taken for granted bv housewives in the city. Fewer than five per cent of the farms of the valley arc served by electricity. GO TO FAIDIS Private twwcr companies passed up the farm homes except where the farmers were willing to pay for the extension. Few could Thc TVA has a different policy. Rural electrification is one of the key points in the program for im- provlu " ' - -•• -»^ t-mj nijj VI •in aged negro. He made tonti Kalph Noble, a youth who forged three checks on a local mm entered picas of guilty [ 0 f OIW y and utlerfng and was sentenced to Claude P. Cooper, counsel for Lock Hickman and J. w. Lyons, 'soundin, ou •' the possbimv of Pr ° V " lg llv!n? ™' rtillo '« of ^ "curing -some loca org^iib^, on » K"" ror the «"**• mrat of sponsor a ivalkatlion. Rhm.w ,i','l wh " m llvc °» fn ™«- - —„ lw H^nun ui nuuusi, wnei it pledged ilself. at Ihe suggcslion of O. W. McCutchen, local theatre ojKrator, to use every iXKsiblc effort to keep walkalho'ns oul of Blylhcvllle. wuui a numaeiion. bnould th->! ,1. ^ -. promolers be sticcessful In secur'ii, , J 'r., h(ls b " ll! im ° s fron) ing local backers the council mav 5 to colimi ™ '» be asked at lonight's session \oU«,. a , sth Ml5SlMl j' 111 anrt ncnl1 ' ""•<»•> Its action of August when ,lf,. Alflbst " a a "« ^ -"Ulng elec- --• •• ° Wclty as cheaply as it Is to the People In the towns'and cities. The TVA's wholesale rate schedule— whal u. charges munlclpalit- es and counties by the kilowatt Helena Cotton Exchange President Succumbs hour Is as follows:' KVVH 100.003 Per KWI! m ||| s . . ............ Next 200,000 ............ 3 mills "«« 700,000 ............ 2.5 mills J " w ' °» « charge of volunlarv ' manslaughter thc slaying ol — ........... "ii f- w . he planned to appeal tio:n . • " «•" kl^jivill 1 L VI,11 convictions against the pair. Hickman for manufacturing liquor and possessing a still and Lyons for survived by two brothers and one sister, r. X.. Jr.. Jerry and Annie Laurie.. Her fiuher is Frisco agent at Hayti. Father of Mrs. McMullin Dies After Brief Illness W. A. Trlckey. father of Mrs. W. B. AIcMullin. died at his home- In Oak Ridge, Mo., last night following a brief illness from stroke of paralysis. have described Mlcknl ns| [ " ki " g '" tolh sl(lfs of the street alout as brilliant In the classroom as '.,11 thc football field. Lepanto Jail Break Leader Is Sentenced LEPANTO, Ark.—Dud McDaniel, living near Lepanto. was sentenced to six months in the county jail and fined $100 In Mayor ,\f. p Smith's court here Monday. Mc- Dtuiiel. officers charged, broke out | of Jail Saturday night, allowing possessing. However I. ,tnpnre"lH, Blld MrS McM """' and " »'"V"« l ° 05cape wlll< Ili "'" "iihkclv llm ch "r Jild b» iblr f"S Uer - PC ?SV. went up last ni,ht! McD; "^' •'»<! some of the men to make bond o remM M fihn v !" thc funorai - "•"- 'McMullin v.-ill; «"c apprehended Monday moni- Pending review ,1 *" M* Ulrn vvitht " » 1™ davs tut '"? ">y Jay May. city marshal. The ... . .' 'v,n.« \jj IJiril CJKSP.v l ATr-c ^ r^x r..,f.-.. -. . ^ .. , it.n.. „•»»» ..r^-.j :. , .. .. T T . , .- -•• ", their cases Hickmai] received 3 vcars nnd Lyons one. Seventy-five dollars of the $10f mies plastered on Ivan Jarboe i Afrs. McMullin and Peggy will re-*!" 1 ™ w « f c placed in jail on alleg Pearl Hciuon and thc entire Jail sentences of 30 days placed on the same men by a jury which found Ihcm guilty 0 I d'W.rhin- the peace have been ordered held up by Judge Keck. The pair wcro appealing from 55 fines in mtin- "jxin for a week. Fine for Assault, Battery jcd charges of drmikenness Satur'• day. Miami and Return by DayligfitjGoal of Plane MIAMI. Fla., Nov. 13 (OP)— Captain Edclic Rickenbacker landed thc world's fastest passeiigcr plane at municipal airport at 1:4-1 1>. in. today, completing the first half of a round trip 'dnwii-to-dtisk Newark-Mtaml night. Ciiptaln Hlckcnbncker was two hours and 37 minutes behind schedule. Will Seek Agreement l , *"*? ° fk Negro Combatant iclpal court when they ran In'.o nu !" l(:i P a t court. Max Ai-wEod hns been fined $50;' Two negroes, who apparently nnd sentenced to 30 days on thc | tried their best lo at leak sc S 7 ^K" f ° r n B8 ravatccl ns- ously hurt each other over thc saint and battery on conviction in] week-end, apparently lo stiff punishment a Jury. forget it nil now that they arc i they ran In'.o ; . "«»i- -lorgct it an now that th at the iwnrts of!,,,, f'"^ c 0( nlc 8 al possession of ' lodged in Jail. intoxicating liquor has been dock-1 One. Charles Webb wa EHOfl flpfltmt Xfot-iT ij- m iiu~., i iv,, .„!_ >i _ t . '. Cotton of the Hcl- liangc, died at hlj .-.. u.iviiiiiigi., vucu ill, {)13 home here loday after a Ion? 111- ncss. l-tineral sen-ices will be held Wednesday. Surviving him arc his widow and a daughter, Miss Elizabeth Cobb, ^iiuke sure that Ihc low rates kc passed on to thc consumers. It fixes !he price lo b:> Charged for retail power. A city, "' or Other agency buying from the TVA must abide "its schedule. on Page Two) llrckcn lllp Kifal at KANSAS CITY. Mo (UP ior, against Mary Flailid'ay] """" i through ~ii"c'"ncckV' U> 'Thc' l$ other' -tv ^"Mi 11 c , ntcl ; cd 1>lcas of eull-i James Cross, had his Ihroat slit jtj to public drunkenness and were (with a knife, According to I" 00 ' 1 S1 °- i \Vcbb claims he CD* "— oioken hip received in n fall, siw attracted intention two years'a»o when, at the age of iw? she cast her first election ballot, - -" 3 .. v.i k .i vi ci i; 1^1 III Lit II UU»< Qtirlng the nrst nine monlhs of 1831 In Pennsylvania; 5,335 hurt in speed crashes. °" Nci " lcr »° w used, the . . -. — ..^..,. lo prosecute Ihe oilier, It Is stated, but officers are not inclined to let them off nillnml punWiment. revealed today that of thu 437 ground floor establishments on the street, only 83 displayed thc blu» eagle of the NR/V mm ui St ories of Huge Manufac- luring Program (or Jobless Called idiculous WASHINGTON, J 13 (UP)- clmrg- • ..u,. m ,j,, V^Wftl^VC UllUI^J- ^« ,ol wasteful. rel|er,v?xpcndltiuci *J is taken, today as', re'ller officials Si scoffed at reports that' thc go\-f| criiiuciit was planning a gignnllc. system of government shops and r ictorles to absorb Ihe nnemploy- ' i-"j A :plan of Ihlv.'klnd has been worked out bill ts'iiol. lo be put Into operation Iri ifih'e Immediate future, 'i-lSfi /'Hool" said Rii&jl Admlnlstiii- tur Harry Hopkins'? when nsked iboul the report'r'Ss. he emcigcd from a coufMcnce .jivllh President Koosevelt. V.-'v''--. - "TJic boys nre 'exploring cicry- liing but you caii say ihere's no acllon on thnt." Couldn't Use Goods In commenting on dome reiwrls that the shop plan would put I2.MO,000 men to work, Jacob Baker, nssistanl relief dire-dor, "Such, a plan Is ridiculous In thr nrst place the nnemplojcd luiildtrt use all the goods mnnu- 'ncturcd by so many people and n the second place there arc not .'iiough facilities onlsiile going unccrns for such a project." Borah Meets liivcstlnulor Thc action toward « relief iii- fcslitsutlon came In n conference between Scnnlor William E. Borah (Rep., Idaho) and Dallas W Dort, chief invcstlgalor for thc FERA liorah, who charges that lellef Hinds arc being admlnlslered wastctully, said: "1 don't think Ihere will be any difficulty between Mr. Dort and Mr Hopkins and myself about the mater. We discussed my views on waste niuiaiic data m my posses- Son and on Ihc- basis of those tlihiKs 1 have outlined by position on the mutter and what I ,thiiu\ ought lo be ilonc." ! .. ,., .".Otters' 1 Plan-r HOSTON, Nov. "13 (UP)_A job for everyone In America under a certain ngc would be assured un- cr a pJnn proposed here today hi !"8er w. nabson, economist ' He pointed out that'll very large wrtlon of our young people, grad'"'"•' from school and college 1030, have been unable to Set positions and said that, "tnls irmy of the young unemployed is •owing continually." Here's how Bnteon said he mild remedy the -situation- 'I would take the unemployed below a certain n 8e alld de n,,| te . V nuota them to the buslne&s In- crcsls of I heir country. i "We business men mt'ut.suppou icsc people either directly or Indirectly and it Is far better to supnort them by giving them jobs than it I, by giving them doles or even government, jobs" Each New England employer" ould be obliged to" Increase Ill-force 5 per cent to absorb all nn- •mployed under 30, he said, but! iiicr ihw wj?.s once doiip ft ten 11 «|iiirc an increase of only 2 p«i cm to absorb the new school and' OUCBC graduates each year. ,• -lose Applications for Mortgage Relief Loans WASHINGTON.. Nov 13 (OP)The board of directors of tne loinc Owners Loan corporation to- 'llcal™ l ° Sl °" !lccc l )tm 2 a P- ln o stntenicnt Issued nfter the celins Ihc board explained that pphcaf ions now in the hands of he ^ corporation are "far in e\- ras' of the present resources of hs organizalien. "The corporation ; has alrendv tsbursed approximately $200000000 to refinance mortgages on 650 PO homes," the: statement sild The remaining $1.200,000,000 at the isposal of the corporation is to care for some 4000DO pphcatlons, now pending," *oscoe Morris Resigns Post at Sudbury School to ControLArms Trade ,£% S'-'w'^a,'^ WASHINGTON. Nov. 13 (U P)- C BhSll.' 0 .^ 0 ^' .u ti>d Ot rIFHH™;=.'^i.s«^r^ Secretary of sutc Cordcil Hull, of Icieu e in Ed"clt^ £ T i?r^ to vJLr^ro^ ^^^ olina. said this government Is working now for nn Immediate Intcriutlonal agreement to control thc manufacture of and tralHc In arms and muuilions of war. He added significantly that cf- forls to bring about such an agreement will bo pushed without wailing for any general agreement disarmament. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy ami omewhat warmer tonight. \Vcd : csday cloudy, slightly warmer.- Memphis and Vicinity—cloudy nd warmer Ibjilijht. Wednesday cloudy anfl co1*?r, I |.

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