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Springfield, Missouri
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a to C. n' i C.ntcncctl LIUilVii-i que-' -s. 23 Thuri, Oct 1978 IV -i 'I 1 US SPR1NCFIEL0 W.a.) lUCCR-PKSS Search From Local Page Urr. 1-7 or I are I -i 1. In 2 3l fiarv Leon Snlev.

32. of In the controversy the Leg Pueblo, was sentenced to 45 days in jail today when he Christopher (ICit) Fond, can fence posts from the farm of i)r. Glenn Douthitt, of Monelt, is btfirg investigated today by Ear. ry County sheriH's deputies. islature earlier this year con- inrome tnY and f.

"at didate for Slate Alitor 1010 nnirv and SMS student groups pleaded guilty in magistrate the Baptist Church In Republic. and had got a ride to Springfield and raiuht a bus and went to court to charges of car tamper rial "we are waiuiig Ghosts From Local Pige fnlnnial. Mrpnt that she van an "It was a nice weaamg, wirry today that the main thing that the auditor's oflice should do Oklahoma to her folks." recalls. There were 60 or 70 ing. stantev orlfiinallv had been in vain to hear from the state auditor" concerning accuracies of figures presented, Bond point immediately is to establish unl The thenrv didn't check Out guests and the had a bridesmaid and a maid of honor and charged with stealing by deceit form arrountine systems and amnhihinux shin I.nn? Roach It however, for when Larry called up-to-date auditing methods.

everything. in connection with taking a rental auto, but the charge was re In addition to uie i the thieves also stole one roll of four-point barbed wire. The farm is located a mile east of Monett on new U.S. 60, Canyonlands National Park covers 257,640 acres in Utah. ed out.

"This is an area where the involved in air control end antt- his In laws, they had seen notn "But we didn't even get to go Rnnd noted that certified pub duced. lne of her. While the sheriff con auditor could have done a great lic accountants definitely should air defense when she is at "Before Petty Officer Perdue on a honeymoon, uy men, i worked in a bakery, and that tinned the investigation, Larry he added to the State auditor's There are about 21.300 motor service," Bond said, (Earlier STORY, Page M). went home several friends Joined the Navy, he lived in was Friday night I had to go to etmff and that attorneys also vehicles on Taiwan. Krtrtnpfinlrt with his Barents went with him to keep him com nmrk Saturday evening.

nanv and stay the night. The Carol developed into a "reai Mr. and Mrs. Roy Perdue, 2S56 East Bennett, Jim graduated from Glendale High School in housewife," according to her next morning, Larry went to the home of his parents and his husband. "She griped havtnir enough house work to SUO? rSISAY AND SATURDAY TIL 9 PJX 1967 and entered the Navy the fnllnwinff Sentemher.

mother knew by the look on his face, and the fact Carol was not with him. that something was do," he "When 1 went -c' His older sister, Donna, is now Charles Bralthwalt wrong. "I wish you could have Mrs. Richard Cox of Springfield. sleep after coming rome from work, the first thing she would An wa start cleaning house.

seen the blank look on motner i A younger sister, au ts mar jActiou Agency face," he said. "She thinks Ca ried to in Air Force man. whether it needed it or not She rol was her own daughter." Younger brother Michael is Glendale sophomore tills year. Directors Meet worked about three months at a varment comcanv in Republic, Tn the foilowine days. Larry didnt go back to work, but sat Purine summers and after and did some baby sitting, but FAMOUS COAT numb and disbelieving as bner- school in Springfield, Jim, now Missouri Community Action Agency directors are meeting in those were the only times sne worked.

She talked about having 31 wnrked at Knrinefieid Drive iff Lamb and dozens of Larry 8 friends continued the search. JoDlin today ana Friday tor In Theater and Enyeart'a Res- phiMron. but It developed we 1 The keys to the car were found mulrint have anv of our own. taurant. monthly session featuring workshnD on human riehts.

in a small field east of where "We decided to adopt one, ana made amplication and it looked the ear wax narked, headed Charles Braithwait, of newly elected chair T'oday he and his wife, the fcir: nr Nancv E. Imletrfeld of Mil- north on U.S: 160. Three persons lik thines were all set We man of the directors' associ titnt knnw if we Would get waukee, live ta Vallejo while were located wno reported xney were drivine onto the highway ation recentlv returned from hnv nr a eirl. and we didn't Lone Beach is in Mare Island Washington where he appeared when they saw the Blades car care. Just so it was a baby we Naval Shipyard for refueling coming from the south, driven and overhaul could give our love to." before the suDcommiwee on Labor, Health and Welfare annmnriationsJ i i by a man, that the man stopped So, while his new ship doesnt the car.

-tunned out and ran And then came that fateful The Missouri CAA Directors diagonally across the smaE field Dec. 15, 1969 get to sea often now, ne nas plenty of sea time and exciting wt victta naaoA ahilA meir toward the laundry. Association is composed of executive directors from each of the then. Larrv Blades was "As they drove along toward employed at Springday, working 18 Community Action agencies the laundry," Larry said, ttie anttt. lie EOT Oil 'somethine caused them to look work at 7 a.m..

got home about in the state, representatives oi the State Economic Opportunity Offices and the Regional Office at the man and they saw he was a m. after storming at Jerry rarrvinff a coat over his arm. Bolin's Service Station in Nixa of Economic Opportunity. When they drove closer and he looked uo and sair them, he to fill tip his 1965 Chevrolet im- lAJJ.b her of the "Gator (amphibious) On the Colonial, he visited Taiwan, the Philippines, Okinawa, Singapore, the Caroline Islands and Hawaii. He liked Taiwan best: "The landscape was impressive.

There were temples, mosques, shops and so much, else to see. I bought some toy dolls there." Alien hp boueht "an inter nala. threw the coat ud it covered rami was ud and about when part of his face. Toey drove cn Off Beat From Local Page he got home and ha feu into oea, and didn't thuix ariy more aooui nraorv tmm his nlcht 'S wor. MJ 1 ALL WEATHER SU3UHBAN it until they learaed taror was and was almost immediately missing." asleep.

In the hack of his mind The davs wore on and one day esting ivory carving and a jade was th knowledee that Carol, screen and tv actor Edward Everett Horton died in Encino, Ca vase in Singapore and a music twv in Jim Winfrey, a former Greene County deputy sheriff with whom Larrv Blades had worked at the aee of 81 as usual, would awaken him in the late evening and he would eat supper, dinner, who could tell at those hours? The actor's brother, Dr. Rich Colonial's mission was in Vietnam, however. There, it was at a bakerv. and who was now a ard Hnrtnn. a graduate of Corn private Investigator, telephoned ell University, and their late fa strictly work, giving "support to inland troops.

We held small Larry. He said, con i want a penny for my work. All I want The telephone's ringing awakened him and he noticed the clock's hands stood at 3:45. By tuintjt whirfi would eo but during ther, Edward Everett Horton, lived in Mountain Grove for a few years back in the 'teens while Dr. Horton was an en to do is to find her.

the time he got to the telephone, "Jim worked two weeks," daylight and return to our well deck at night. We also ferried Larrv said, "and then his dad tomologist at the State Fruit however, the caller had im-nntientlv hune ud. Noticing Ca hwitii fmm nlace to nlace in pot killed down in Tennessee Experiment Station there eluding two amphibious landings Th elder Mr. Horton died and he left to go down there for several weeks. He talked to all rol was not home, that the car was gone, he crawled-back in bed to grab a little more sleep of U.S.

and Korean Marines, fin wft moved the floating durine the stay, and is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery at Mountain the witnesses and once located a man in jail in Illinois who- was headquarters for a river patrol hefnre she returned home Grove. boat base." Jim says. "But we ne uia uuuto mil uic uuuiuit accused of killing one or two other women and who had been were never shot at." T-itMAi IV that Goodvear sne naa svKeu pN ALL a uooayear Re no in ntir eountv about the time Carol disaDoeared. But that Dump wnicn mooreu 111 fml. Springfield earlier this week When the working routine was broken by a port visit, many sailors would can home from world.

Jim was no didn't work out." caused some commotion near HratPdTnd Neosho when it finally got off it had been i ated and the ground here and headed for that a iwfhmtm presents the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. 8 fte teble- Best speculation among local He expected to be awakened il, in Tha Nonshn at nr 5:30. At 6:45 P.m.. the Winfrey finally put in so much time on the case that the family emninvert him and he worked exception. "I phoned my wife fwm Hawaii.

Taiwan and once stendilv for about three weeks ship-to-shore just before we got home to the states, Oct. 27, Beautifully styled coats to keep you warm and dry the U' before he was called on and Daily News, was that the bU telephone rang again and, with tt fnrtenmA alarm be 1 notined the most fashionable way, Uioose from plaids, check, stri turned over all his information ballv autau nuj tn hnvsr nvnr the font, utinrt winter dav was eone. that pes, tweeds, wool meltons, frosty piles and wide wale to Sheriff Lamb. 1969." Jim and his wife plan to really be home in Springfield for fhrictmag this vear. ni.ut.4rvu I ball game at the McDonald night had closed n.

around the The sheriff renorts that he. his corduroys, sizes to 18. little nlare west of Nixa. He an County Fair on Friday night. deputies and state troopers nave Hriven thousands of miles and coats mada to tell up to niereH the telenhone and it was Maybe next year.

a friend asking him to help tear interviewed several dozen per down a float used in the wixa Tower to Appear mB-mmmmmr Christmas parade. sons during the m-montn vestigation of Carol Blades' dis annearance. Snmethine he could not define. With Danforth however, disturbed him. "Jim," Despite the leeung or many nersons who believe Carol was JEFFERSON CITY (AP) he said, "have you seen "No.

Isn't she nome7" kidnaped, however, Sheriff Lamb does not think so. The campaign headquarters for Atty. Gen. John C. Danforth, In his three remaining years of naval service, Jim plans to continue electronics work, mainly in radars and computers.

He will continue in electronics after leaving the Navy. "I want to attend a trade school but haven't decided in which area I want to gpeClaliM." So you can see why Jim isn worried about ghosts. He's been too busy. CHARLES E. WILLIAMS, 1351 East Walnut, and Thomas N.

Thompson, 514 West Lynn, have been employed as engineering technicians in the public il FOR THE JUMCR noune UTFORMa T.orrv hune ud. Duzzled. He Republican candidate tor u.a. "There was not ona sign of evidenrn nf anv foul play." he senator annnunoed today Sen thnnffht nf palline Sue Horton, said. "We have had several John Tower wUl make three aorearances with Dan- Carol's cousin, whom she frequently visited.

Negative people tell us she was not getting along at home. And we fnrth nn Saturdav. a pain Danforth is scheduled to ap Ur.derScene's long leg psr.ty, have, every time we get any kind of lead whatsoever, lun down that lead. We have never nea for a nress conference and "Sue," he said, "would you get into your car and run down the lanndrv and see if Carol is a speech in Neosho. He will atr rome nn with anvthine positive panty, bras, bra slips, half si there?" And he waited for the tend a Republican rally in hixes-ton later and make a final stop works department, effective Oct.

12. citv personnel offices "At this time, we don't have any idea where Carol is, but I do return call. in St. Charles. Sue Hnrtnn telephoned and announced today.

hope she is still auve and will contact her folks. I received aairi "IjiiTv. Carol's clothing is still ta a washer at the laundry UNDERSCENE GIRDLES BOY-LEO PANTY-The new Lycra Trie- otnet shapes your figure in the softest fmntiett wav. Snedol arincMr bottom holds some letters today which might and vour car is out on Highway ii You'd better come and provide a clue and we are in uie process of checking them out." The sheriff noted that at one time as many as 500 men, with TTiornuBhlv shaken now. Lar helirnnter and nimlanes.

on rv Blades admittedly -aiani foot, horseback and in vehicles. know what to do, other than ask stockings without hooks or snaps. Nylon ond Lyaa spandex Whit or Beige, PANTY BRIEF feelt almost like you're not wearing on. Lycra tricotnet persuodas gently, doesn't confine. Low cut waist for hip hugger fashions in White or Beige, .3.00 were combing the 12-miie radius around Nixa in search of Carol Sue Horton to come alter mm.

she Hrmre him to the car and he or any clue to her whereabouts. opened the door to find a sack of cookies in the car wnicn ne nau nnt nnrehased. Back of the driv What are Larry Blades' emo er's seat, he touna tne pnuw tions today? "I simnnse am calm." he graph section which belonged in her billfold, but the billfold was said. "I have adjusted myself to accent somethine eventually. but I don't know what it will be They drove into Nixa, asxea UNDERSCENE PANTIES BIKINI PANTT A small wonder in Whit or Beige to go with all the UnderScene bras and slips.

All nylon for the prettiest feeling, Sizes 5, 7,9,11 1.69 around, and the only person It is on my mind all the time, every time I see her picture, er thev could find who had seen rami was Jerry Bolin. He was working at bis service station, he said, and he saw Carol some every time I go to the closet and touch her dresses. I loved her all the way and was real true to ber. "It always made her feel good when I would try to buy her time in the afternoon, leaving the store. A check at the store revealed she bad Dougm a pac Haif ennViea.

clothing. She was like me, not used' to too much, and when we would eo to a store and she saw "I decided it was xirae wu the low Ijittv said, "and I me home and cauea sua something she wanted real bad and I would tell her she could T.nmh the sheriff. I told him have it she would say, 'Are you ureit to all what the deal was anu ne aaiu he would get over as soon as he UNDERSCENE BRAS flBERFlU BRA-Somethmg a little extra for a natural fabulous shape. iberfill adds emphasis without adding on inch. Whit or Beige, A32-36.

B32-38. i .3 PUSH UP BRA Soft and subtle to work in th ftxxt natural way. Soft cups, i stretch back, removable pads. White or Beige, A and 32-36 .5.00 UNDERSCENFS BRA So smooth and comfortable, it' almost like wearing nothing. Stretch back and sides.

White -or Beige, A32-36, and REVEALINO BRA Shows you off to vour best odvantaae. Suoer-soft "What win I do? I really don't know. Hope for the beat, I could. I went Baca: to in er and the deputies showed up, and then Buff got there about 8 p.m. A lot of my friends, and the Jay- guess." He nimmaffed throned taxes of needles and thread and half- cees, showed up wwn iiasnuguia and started loosing au arounu finished sewing, through her pictures and shoes and purses and feund out that Rutn books, her bride's keepsake mmm whn lives next to the book, with color snan shots cf a lannitrv.

had seen a strange car radiant bride and a bashful arniind the launarv inai aner- fiberfiU cups, plunging decolletag. 1 noon. Her husband, Jerry bridegroom, where the wrote that she met her husband by calling him up and asking him thev own the laundry said he White or Beige, A 32-30, aot( 1 thmioht the car was alight lor a aaie to iaxe ner 10 see me green or green and white 1953 or high school "Mr. Pee 1954 Chevy." pers." designed by Bestform for the unior mind and body. K2 dt In her beitrrvim was a rinhv After ffettme a searcn unuer CHme Exposure? bed, a bassinette for the baby wav and driving into ureene County to pick up a -mug snoi ist a ananeet to show tO MrS sne lungea ior.

1 F.vflrvthln was there. Everv it Wt everv dav that a news photographer happens upoa crime It every aaynK rw photo- Moore. Larry Blades and Sheriff UNDERSCENE SUPS -BRA SLIP It's th best of both. 1 A soft fiberfiH bra and a slip that won't ding. Stretch side and back, to all you'll feel 1 comfortable.

White or Beige, and 32-36 HALF SLIP-A mere slip of slip, H' short and sweet and won't cling. All nylon with loee trim, WWte -or Beig. six 5, 7, 9, 1 1 i thing, that is, but the woman who loved it all and platTMor Lamb checked out the car. Pi Inc. Atop building at -cXe and Market on assignment, Keller spotted five men 4 red hli camera an them "There was oil all over the mo it, Carol Blades.

tor and the firewall," Larry said. "Buff said. 'Larry. I'm About 1400,000 tourists visit thinkine about something else California's Kings Canyon Na police, who traced the trailer to masier. iv.tlvM located the trail' Did she ever tear up a car be I told him she had, and szt ovz collet: cf in tional rare each year.

Paris' park, the Bois de Bou Iogne, covers 2,155 acres. niny ana aeterminen it and five men, employe, of construcUon company, who said the act wag "a joke." The men are scheduled lor further ques Ruff fid ha figured she Had torn cp the car and was scared tioning, nowever..

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