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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • 11

Springfield, Missouri
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11 ptmcnm in.) uuxtmn 14, iw TLUFprise! Bids Aire Low Share Yonr Christmas If Everyone rould Give rr One Dollar Kansas City Firm 9s Offers Are Under Engineers 9 Estimates For Sewer Projects By MIU KELLEY Staff Writer A Kansas City firm disappointed several local contractors today when It submitted the apparent low bids on three Springfield sewer constructioa projects. But city engineer weren't disappointed. The firm. Carney Industrial and Environmental Company, a sub-contractor at the new southwest sewage treatment plant, bid lower thaa the engineers' estimate ea two of the three jobs. It was as unusually heavy turnout at the bid reading this morning in City Council chambers at City Hall, and observers credited a slowdown la the constructioa Industry, due to seasonal and economic factors, with the competitive bidding.

Competition ha not been good ta the bidding for financing of local sewer projects, however. It was noted today by Public Works Department officials. Lending institution have passed bp chances to finance constructioa of two recently engineered projects in the west end ef the city. In today' bidding for the construction of sewer district 2J-T, Section 12, located south of Rocktya. between Ctare-mont and Edgewater, Gareey submitted the apparent low bid of 21 Other bid: Hortoa Project, $53.14 Control Blasting.

M. and Clayton Construction. $44,114 24. The engineers' estimate was MJ.4H M. For district 21, Section U.

south of Burbank. between Meteor and Monterey. Garoey bid M.I 14 $2. Other bids: Hedges and Associates, Stewart Excavating, Control Blaatlng. $12,174 12; Gene Owen Contractor, $11,177 Joe Jones Constructioa Company.

$11. $74 18; JU Plumbing and Heating Company. $14,087 m. Clayton, II The engineer' estimate was $9,703 11 For District II, Section 12. an are north of Division, west of Nta, Carney bid $4.251.

Other bids: -Hedges, $12.41 44; Control Blasting. $14.24114. Stewart. Gene Owen, 1J, Joe Jones, $11. 80S it.

J4J. $11,494 $0, and Clayton. $14.471 38. The estimate was Public Work Director Dave Snider and Principle Engineer Wally Munden said the two project in the Nichols Junction area and near Tyler and Golden will have to be resubmitted to contractors before the city goes back to the lending Institutions for financing. Escapee Freedom Is Brief Roadway Hearing Slated ml--.

A US. Medical Center Inmate on a "medium custody" work project escaped at about 1 45 am. today, but was back in custody 2 minutea later. Robert V. Ward, 24.

Nash-ville, Tenn was working on a paint crew on the prison hospital's northwest edge when he scaled a chain link fence and ran away. Prison guards apprehended him at Park and Grand, about a mile north of the Medical Center, according to Springfield police re porta. He still was wearing his white prisoner uniform and a khaki Jacket. Guards did not report any resistance by Ward during the apprehension. Ward was serving a one-year sentence tor possession of a firearm by a felon and was scheduled for release March 24, aaid Dr.

P. J. Ck-cone. Medical Center director. Ward was convicted In the esters federal court district of Kentucky.

Dr. Clccone said Ward was placed In medium custody "because he did not have a Violent record." HOLIDAY Employes of the Division of Employment Security, East Walnut, will enjoy a two -day Christmas holiday. The office will be closed Dec. 25-21. Persons scheduled to report on the 28th should report at their usual time on Dec.

18. By (UtBAlA CLACSEK Staff Writer Numerous good-hearted Santa are providing a variety of help desperately needed by Greene County' less fortunate families. But the dooattona to the llta annual Shart Your Christmas program arc coming main! ta the form at gifts el needed Items sr services. Cash contributions are running about per cent behind lee total received at the same time last year. Mrs, Jolte Ikard, totuateer Bait supervisor ta Arge ef Shire, emphasized that she realizes the economy has made finances tighter for many people.

"But most all of as could spare at least see dollar, and that would make all the difference for these families who need belp. Mrs. Ikard said. "We always get ta serve quite a few people she also have desperate needs, ta addition to the featured families. We won't gel to tbem either if something doesn't happen." Present designated and undesignated cash donations which are Us deductible total only about $1504.

compared to more than 13001 at the same time last year. Last yeara total was $11,404, which was unusually high. The Christmas Desk at the Family Services Office. I2M East Traffics ay. remained open from am.

to nooa Saturday while the remainder of the office was closed, and Mrs. tkard said there were a number of calls. Delivery of large Items for contributors unable to deliver is no longer a problem because a plea through Share resulted ta a "deluge" of offers. Including a businessman who didn't want to be named, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and others.

Case histories of of Greene County's most desperately needy families are being featured by Springfield Newspapers, la cooperation with Family Services. Offers to help should go to the Christmas Desk at Family Services, 82-1781. NOT the newspaper. Case II A straight A college student, this mother of six, aged 3 to I J. hopes.

to become self-supporting. At present she recerve about HM from an aid to dependent children grant and a vocational rehabilitation grant and has Just $154 a month left for household needs after paying for shelter and food expense. She says that concentrating on her studies is difficult because she worriea about her children's needs. The father left the home some time age. She is enrolled through a rehabilitation program because of a severe skin condition limiting the use of her bands.

She cannot wear rubber gloves because they worsea Iter ceadtiMw. A dishwasher would greatly simplify her life. Tbey also could use some furniture the springs have broken through their couch, and the kitchen table Is held together by a screw driver. The children need coats, and the boys need Jeans. The mother now washes jeans every night because they each have only one pair.

School clothes are needed by the mother, and the youngsters would like games, a fire engine and "Baby Alice." A little extra money and -or some gifts also would provide some hope for this hard working family. Needed are woman's se If clothing; man aw pant 28 SI, man small shirt, coat 18, boy 8 slim, size I coat; girl's sue and man's size pant 2H4, If buy's shirt, and It coat, and woman's size 7 junior. Case $2 Mr has a hole in his digestive tract and cannot retain any food He therefore requires a prescription diet costing fin each 22 days. This expense is not covered by Medicaid. The man and his wife receive only Social Security benefits, less thaa SIM of which remains after food and shelter are paid for.

Bandages require another fit a month. He cannot slay alone, so his wife cares for him in their home. This older couple managed before the medical problem. But they do not have the funds ta continue to purchase the dietary prescription the tnaa must have. Case 21 This mother of five children bad severe dental problems that resulted la the extraction of all her leetb.

The step-father of the children Is disabled and receives Social Security disability. Total household income is $404 a month, which ta totally used for shelter, food and medical expenses. The woman cannot get dentures until half her dental bill is paid- The family has been paying $34 a month but still owes $39. No money is left, so the family expects none of the extras of the holiday season. The family is reluctant to request help and would only say they want "whatever the Lord blesses us with." The children, boys aged 4 to II and girls If to II.

sould appreciate any gifts. Household products are needed. A special Christmas dinner would mean a lot to this closely knit family. Cae4 As a last resort, an application for public assistance has been made by this mother and father of four teen-age children. The man wants desperately to find work but has been unable ta do so.

He Is a hard-working man ta his Sfts and is willing to take any kind ef job. One son recently started a part-time job to help the family, which has had ne income for several months. Giving this father tie opportunity to provide for his owa family would make this Christmas truly -joyous for them. At present food, clothing and shoes are badly needed. The children's sues are boy' shoes J.

8 and girl's shoes f. boy's clothing sites 12, and $1-42 pants and girl's clothing aue U. Case Beth Is I years old and lives with her mother and aunt. Her mother moved here so she could be with her sister, who has had several severe heart attacks recently. Beth' grandmother died last month so extra money Is being used for funeral expense.

Their only income is $104 month la aid to dependent children. Beth likes school and needs school clothes, sue I. More than anything she fat lunging lor watch. She also would like for the three of laem to have a nice Christmas dinner together. "Informal hearing" on the aligameat of Kmii Expressway from Battlefield to the south city limit will be conducted by the city Planning Commission Jan 12, Planning Director Harold Haas said today A City Council study committee has recommended a routing which would necessitate annexation of a strip of land at the southwest corner of the present boundaries, to bring the proposed aight-of-way into the city limita.

The route would avoid bisecting several developed subdivisions, but would split a large tract owned by George Hug-hey. Although the future route is "pretty well set." the commission felt a need for some further review before proceeding with lis specific recommen-datioa to council, Haa said. Meeting last night, the com-missioa approved, for recommendation la coaacil, subdivision regulation amendments drafted by Assixlant City Attorney Larry Woodward which would (I) permit private streets in subdivisions on the basis of a variance, under specified conditions, and (2) grant the Board of Adjustment authority to grant such variances. Tabled was an amendment authorizing issuance of building permit on lots which do not front on a public street, for a period of three years following approval of the subdivision. The commission heard Dr Bill Hayes, environmental geologist, review a request to the national Board of Geographic Names for uniform designation of several creek names in the Springfield area, which have been variously spelled on maps and other public documents through the year The request include these major Items: "Wilsons Creek" would become the official designation (with the but without the apostrophe since, said Dr.

Hayes, the creek "doe not belong to anybody named Pearson Creek would became which Dr. Hayes said la the predominant spelling, and the would be omitted from Round tree" In the spring and creek of that name, since this probably was a misspelling of the pioneer family name, -Staff Past by Art Evans Classy Grass A damp tf grass Ukes a atsjestk airs with a mantle of trsst as the aserrary dipped to the Isw 24 la the Oiarks esrly today. Murder Victim's Father Still Hoping It Has Been 6 Years Since Carol Blades Disappeared car after it was abandoned outside town, but her fate was not known until Dec. 25. 1474.

when a Pome de Leon farmer stumbled across the remains of her body in a wooded area of his farm. liortoa said investigation Into her death continue, and be said he knows a man who was involved In the case to sonic extent, "I've got a feeling he had a hand in it." llorton said of a man who reportedly failed a polygraph test during the probe. The grieving father said the man may not actually have killed his daughter, but he believe the man hid some knowledge about the case from authorities. "Sheriff Joe Mayberry haa worked hard on It. In fact, if we could have gotten things done at the start of It, I think it already would have been solved," llorton said.

srM Tk tune em N1XA It's been six years since Carol Blades, 20. a Nlxa housewife, disappeared from a laundromat here, and almost five years since her body was found but her father retains hope that his daughter killer will be found. Despite lark of evidence in the rase, Louis Morton believes the person responsible for the tragedy will be convicted "That's why I keep bringing It up. I keep hoping someday there will be a convict ida," llorton said. "It may be never, but I keep trying I'll never give up," The young hoiwmaker disappeared from a laundromat here Dec.

The home she and her husband shared had been decorated for Christmas, and family members never thought she merely ran away. Witnesses said they saw a man running from her Toraglhi TeiriPfaSim SMe Wntlhi Fragfii nve i Holdup Suspects 'Used to Rough Say Searchers hit family indefinitely ta woods," They are hill people, and they're used to a rough life," Deputy Peter on miv4 today, adding that low temperatures last night In the Kirbyville area reached Into the 'teens, accompanied by heavy frost and thick fog this morning. A fire that destroyed an abandoned farm near the Mincy community on Taney lea, daughter aad grandchildren, officials said. The five were building a boat la an Inaccessible Mississippi bayou whes relative at Wtl-tiamsville woa custody of the grandchildren, officials said, and I hey theorized the court action led to Hatfield a alleged assault on hia sister-in-law at Williamsvllle In October. "We're looking for tbem In homes, sheds, barns, caves anywhere they might lake heller." a Taney County deputy said.

"But If a hard area to search. It heavily wooded and rocky, and the hills are quite steep," Deputies said bloodhounds have been used in the search with do reaull County JJ about am. today will be investigated, the deputy said, noting that au-thoritie don't know whether the blaze I connected with the missing "It another Incident that they're going to have ta check out," Deputy Peterson aald. The house, which contained hay, was leveled, and Deputy Peterson said she doubted "anybody saw it In time to call the fire department" No one was hurt in the blue, she said. Authorities said Hatfield quit hi job with a St.

Louis area paper manufacturer In July. He then sold his home In St. Charles, left his wife and wen! to MissisaiODI with his which a clerk said she bad been robbed 4laifield and-hw daughter while the 8-year-old trained a shotgun on her. a Hatfield also to wanted by Wayne County authorities in connection with an assault incident at Williamsvllle. en Oct.

14. Some burglaries In the area also reportedly have been linked to the Hatfield, Aa Arkansas state trooper last saw the family Friday near Kirbyville, where they abandoned a car allegedly stolen Dec In Cleburne County, Ark. Although the five are believed to be on foot, deputies said Hatfield is an experienced woodsman and "can support ed and some thai aren't, and -stw going to gcarch theitt today," the deputy said "ft just about has everybody wore I sure hope they come up with them," she said. Authorities, Including Taney County deputies, Arkansas official and highway patrol trooper, are looking for James Hatfield, hi daughter, Janice, 23, his ton. Robert.

and Janice' two children, Ingrid, $. and James, S. The family I sought in connection with an armed robbery Friday afternoon at a Peel, grocery store, just below the Missouri border, la A KIRBTVUXE The ercn for the Hatfield, a family described as "bill people" wanted la connection with an Arkansas armed robbery, turned to caves ta this area today. Dorothy Peterson, a Taney County deputy sheriff, said a bouse-ta-kouse, bara-t bara search In an area about six miles south of Kirbyville on Taney County and BB turned up nothing yesterday, but authorities believe the Hatfield still are la (be bills, on foot. There are an awfully lot ef caves down there, some chart- JEFFERSON CITY A Missouri corporation which ha forfeited It charter must pay Us annual registration fee to the secretary of state if tt hope to be reinstated.

Atty. Gen. John C. Danfortb rules 1.

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