The Times from Munster, Indiana on June 16, 1913 · 5
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The Times from Munster, Indiana · 5

Munster, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1913
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, Monday, June 16, 1913. THE TIMES. W TMB LAKE COUNTY , COURTS AT A GLANCE LAKE SUPERIOR COURT, ROOM 3. Judge Virgil S. Relter. Information. Settings for sixth Tuesday, June 17: $8S1 Kraut v Kummer. 6990 Rlsche v City of Gary. 6994 Reissig v City of Gary. 7010 Selpp Erg Co v Kollus. 7663 Kovacevich v Lepsa, A Co. 7077 Kontos v Cooley. 7097 Madura v Kowlowskl. 7201 Bunde v Bunde. 7211 Tallman v Calumet Brg Co. 7221 Rawles v Crooker. 7312 Kleinschmidt v Nathan. 7356 Fitsele v Lewis. 7360 Ludowlel Celadon v Cheery. 7376 Seeburg TMano v Ivanlch. 7380 Seeburg Fiano v Prascak. 73S1 Seeburg Piano v Scaplc. 7432 Ind Har Plb Co v Calumet Brg. 7443 Cain v Kruszkowskl. LAKI3 SUPERIOR COURT, ROOM 3. Judge Lawrence Becker. Information. Settings for Tuesday, June 17: 64S9 N D Co v Friedman. 7133 Grahavle v Zebic. 8240 Clear TLCot Mayer H B Co. $821 M H B Co v Mayer. 9241 U S Lbr Co v Mayer. 7474 Q T A S Bank Bailey. $013 Toll Lbr CO v M H B Co. 10052 Musk v Greenwald. LAKB SUPERIOR COURT. ROOM a. 4a Johnnnea K.nelk. At Crows Pol at. Information. Criminal cases are set for today and tomorrow. Settings for third Wednesday, June 18: 268 Houk admr Pitts Cin Chgo 8t L Ry Co. 2 Houk admr v Pitts Cin Chgo A St L Ry Co. LARK CincU IT COURT. Jnase W. C MeMnnan. At Crown rlat Information, Hammond ' annexation matter set Specially taken up today and may last anywhere from three days to two weeks. Criminal cases for the balance of the term. New Cases Filed. 10604. H. 1, Jessie Cass (Atty. "W. A. Relland) vs. Everett Cass; separate maintenance. 10605. R. 1, Frieda Silver (Atty. G. C. "White) Cornelius Moore; suit for wages. 1642. State vs. Nick Apolodemus, George Nekis, John Steppens, grand larceny. Motions and Orders SUBSCRIBE FOR THC TIMES. Entries Made In Court Room 2. 9S95. Sylvia Kollwits vs. Louis F. Kollwitz. Finding for cross complainant on his cross complt. Di-vorce granted to cross complainant custody of Louis W. Kollwitz aged threo years, awarded to cross c6mplainant. 9S30. Citlsen's German National Bank vs. Clarence C. Smith. Finding for plft.for $805.63 and $80 atty. fees. Collateral security fifty shares of capital stock of the employes Life and Casualty Co. now known as the Northern State Life Insurance Co. Is hereby ordered sold by plft. at private or public sale. Judgment over against deft, for any defil-ciency. 9756. Mary Bruk vs. KOhn Bruk. Plft. dismisses her cause of action. 9743.. Hammond Brewing Co. vs. Chas. Hewlg. Finding for plft. on 1st para of complt. for $296.86 and $29.50 atty. fees without relief and Continued on Pago 7.) CHAUFFEURS MUST BE PHOTOGRAPHED License Must Be Procured by July 1. Auto chauffeurs had better send for their licenses which, according to the new law, they must have. Blanks provide that the applicant shall tell all the experience he has had with different makes of cars, all the accidents he has ever had. If he was ever arrested, and he la also required to file duplicate photographs of him self, the pictures to be unmounted and on photographer's paper lhi Inches In diameter. Every driver of a commercial car and every hired chauffeur must comply with this law by the first of July. Photographers will have their hands full making pictures as only the sixe mentioned will be accepted and the applicant must make affidavit that the photograph was taken within the last thirty days. Car owners must also pay the new license according to the motor power of car. - For each 25 horsepower and under the fee is $5 a year, but only six months' license is granted at this time and the cost is pro-rated for the six months. If you expect to drive a car after July 1 you had better write at once for the application blanks and in the meantime have your picture taken. CITY SEEMS NOW THOROUGHLY PURGED OkraJ's "sunrise court" In West Hammond, an Innovation of the reform element, has apparently fulfilled its mission, for no candidates were present when It convened yesterday morning. Sightseers of the Calumet region now eem to have no place to go but home Its sponsors, Chief of Police OkraJ Police Magistrate Adam Stachowlcz and Mayor Woszoiynskl are elated. They believe that the town is being vindicated in the eyes of its neighbors by the strenuous battle for civic righteousness. Nothing to do But Nothing. The results of police activity in West Hammond ' during the week end are given, as no attempts, no errors and a score of 1.000. A week ago fourteen were arrested and fined, two being women. Throughout the year police have never failed to find something to do on a Saturday night and therefore the chief is of the opinion that those in Gary and Hammond that patronize the under-world have learned a lesson. The police maintain that there are no longer dives in West Hammond. White lights Gleam. A few gay spots where men and women congregate still remain, though the district is closed. Cafes like the Union and Columbia and hotels, such as the Astor. and Colonial, are the points of Interest. Although not to be recommended as stopping places for local tourists, one of these cakes Is not without an atmosphere of Bohemal, whatever Bohemia Is. In the Union cafe an old veteran of the civil war Is often found playing sprightly airs on a rickety fife to the faked accompaniment of a rag time pianist. Court HoilSe-5 Minutes waik-Hoiiie The Best Opportunity the workingman ever had to purchase a Lot with all Improvements paid in hill. We have sold over $18,000.00 worth oi this property in the last 30 days. This week we are going to put on the market 20 lots on Ingraham Ave., and by buying now you can get first choice. These lots have Macadam Street. Main and Local Sewers, Cement Walk and Curb, and City Water Connections, and everything is Entirely Paid for. Only One Block from Street Car Lfne. AMI lots 25x1 23. m Warranty Deed, and Complete Abstract of Title Furnished. Prnce $o(0) EaicDUo 850 Down Balance $10 a Month. nn listings, wools to Hammond Savings & Trust Bank Phone 51 Hammond, Indiana MOE LANDS A FINT2C0NTRACT (Special to The Times.) Laporte, Ind., June 16. Ingwald Moe of Gary was given the general contract Saturday for the construction of the five-story bank building at the corner of Main street and Michigan avenue, the total cost of which will be about $120000, and the contract calls for completion by June 1, 1914. MRS. ROHDE A LITTLE BETTER Mrs. 'John 1 Rohde, who suffered a stroke of paralysis on her left side last Thursday afternoon, Is on the road to recovery, although the progress Is somewhat slow. She is confined to her bed at her home, 165 Indiana avenue, and while admittance is not denied the friends of the family the condition of the patient la such that she needs absolute rest, and quiet. The paralysis has left her left foot, but her arms and face have not yet relaxed. It is encouraging to her family to know that she is In no Imminent danger. years old and weighs 160 or 170 pounds, wore an old-fashioned shawl. LAD WILLRECOVER. Jack Thompson, a 7-year-old school boy, who met with an accident at the Irving school playgrounds last Wednesday morning, was moved last evening from St. Margaret's hospital to the home of his father, J. W. .Thompson, 438 Oak street. - Lockjaw nor blood poison Is no longer feared by physicians. The Infection has gone from his left arm, which was fractured in two places when Jack fell from a horizontal ladder with his arm doubled beneath his body. Broken bones protruded Into the sand and the boy was hurried to the hospital that dangerous Infection might be prevented. SEARCH FOR WOMAN. This morning the Hammond police were asked to aid in the search for Mrs. Henrietta Williams, 670-150th street, who left her home last Friday morning to go to Chicago and has not been seen or heard of since. Relatives cannot understand why they have not received some word from her and now fear for her safety. The only description that was secured is: She is 80 The Woes of a Street Car. Some unusual occurrences In a Chicago to Hammond surface line car last night, during a single trip to Hammond from Chicago: Occurrence No. 1 A dispute between, the conductor and a passenger started a rumpus. After the men had sent their fists Into each other's faces they were separated. The conductor's rights were corroborated by passengers and with the assistance of the motorman and several male passengers the offender was Anally ejected from the car at a point near the state line. Occurrence No. 2 Trolley trouble left the car in complete darkness several times for a length of time. Occurrence No. 3 A few miles past state line a drove of mosquitoes invaded the car and brought intense suffering for the passengers and started a babies' bawling contest. Occurrence No. 4 Actual time to make trip was two hours and twenty minutes. Scheduled time, one hour and five minutes. Can you beat it? And It wasn't Friday the 13th, either. to be In bad shape and with its con- Ited amounts. But according to the wit-tinual breaking down it is the bane of' ness of spectators the Zimmerman Colts Officer Trinen's life. "Bosh" rays he la , found upon attempting to cover the bet perfectly willing to trade Jobs with that they had less than 16. The game any other member of the department. was played for 15 Iron men. Moves to Elwood. Fred H. Prechtel, 628 State Line street, Hammond, who has completed a course in the Michigan College of Chiropractics at Grand Rapids, has moved to Elwood, Ind., where he will t open an office. Mr. Prechtel formerly . resided in West Hammond, where he was a candidate for mayor at one time. Heat Prostration. A switchman on ih the Erie yards, whose first name is "Mike," was overcome by the heat yesterday and was attended by a physician. He is believed to be out of danger now. Kaufman Home. Carl Kaufman, of the Lion Store management, returned yesterday from & week with ihe wholesalers In New York City. The merchant found the city of too many caliphs to be as crowded with buyers as ever. School Picnic. The St. Paul Lutheran school at Sibley street and Oakley avenue will close Friday for the summer. A picnic in which all the Lutheran school children rf the city are to participate in will be held at Sharpshooters' Park on the Fourth of July. The St. John's Lutheran school on the north Side will follow this same program. Summer School Starts. Summer school opened informally at the Central school building this morning with several hundred backward and ambitious pupils ready for six weeks of. hard work in hot weather. The enrollment will continue tomorrow and perhaps the next day, no time limit having been set, and so It is not possible to estimate the number of boys and girls who will take the extra work. . ' In the high school Mrs. Amoss and the Misses Kline, Ollday and Nold have charge of classes. The male Instructors are Messrs. Murray, Cameron and Ruff. The work Is In charge of F. D. McElroy. The Central building is the only school open for the summer, Repairs to Patrol. The Hammond police patrol wagon Is undergoing a thorough overhauling by Officer Trinen, and in disenabling the various parts it is more evident than ever that the city 13 In need of a new machine. The patrol was found HOT DAY, BUT NOT FOR BALL Good baseball was played In the hot sun yesterday afternoon and what is more wonderful good crowds attended the games. The old H. A. A. baseball lot was about as warm a spot as any in town, but a fine exhibition of the national! sport was put up by the North Ends in their victory over the Zimmerman Colts, S to 0. The Colts played an excellent game also, but could not hit at the right time and place. they tell what Is considered a good Joke on the Colts around town today. Tolleston was supposed to play the Zimmerman's for a side bet of $76, and so Journyed to Hammond for that purpose. Upon urrlvlng at the grounds In was found that the Gary club had about (10 to it' A name and no credit. They were roasted to a fare-you-well by the Colts and retired from the field. But the crowd demanded a game and a hurry call was sent out for the North Enders, who were roaming town looking for trouble. They came and were challenged to play for a aide bet. The offer was accepted and the North Enders offered to put up unllm- Meeker Meetings . Rev. O. P. Meeker, the Chicago evangelist, who has spent years In the Ghetto district in mission work, Is holding forth on the north side in tab-ernacit- meetinsg at a tent on the corner of Horfirfan and Cedar streets. "Lucky" Baldwin, a former New Tork gangster appeared at the tent Friday evening.' Rev. Meeker Occupied the pulpit of the First Baptist church Sunday morning. In the evening he held a successful meeting at the tent. Jerked Off Car. T. F. Crowley, a conductor on the E., J. & E. was Jerked from the top of a box car this noon by a defective break at the Hohman street crossing. He fell into a gondola loaded with steel and sustained painful Injuries. Stewart's ambulance carried him to St. Margaret's hospital where these were cared for. He left on a South Chicago car for his home In that city with his left arm In a sling. Not Far From Home. Following an absence of nearly a week, Floyd Russel. 50T Hohman street, Hammond who has been missing returned home last Saturday. Mrs. Russel reported his disappearance to the police a week ago Saturday and since that time, a county wide Search has been made for him. Russel stated that he had been In East Chicago and Whiting all th time. What' In a naaaef Trr WlSEOOtD chewing- .ad know the .rweiv-MeHle-aete. Tobacco Cn A Oa Range doea away with dlru No. Ind. Gaa Blec. Co. hies TtDBUFiiniiBfi (Bain's, IRosiBllstfeD's sinndl UDeHSveFy TconcUss We have concluded to discontinue the Automobile Business July 1st, at which time our contracts expire with the Manufacturers and until that time will sell at a discount of 20 percent from regular prices. This means a $1875 guaranteed car, fully equipped, electric starter, electric lights top, wind shield, speedometer, 42 h. p. 120 inch wheel base 36x4 tires for $7500; A $137 car fully equipped for SHOO. There are 23 of these cars now owned in Gary. Ask the man who owns one. We know there are people around peddling cars and cutting the prices 5 to 10 percent Uihy? Because they are peddling on the streets, no rents to pay, no lights bills to pay, no employees to pay, etc. And are they a standard made guaranteed car? This is no receivers sale, neither is it a fire sale. We are not forced to do this but as we have concluded to go out of the business we are going to give you the terms of 20 percent oft. We have only a limited number of cars to sell and when they are sold we are done and our salesroom will be for rent on or before July 1st. Now this is the time you need a car and now is your Opportunity to buy at Manufacturers9 Prices. Co Mo EAMEM 6ih Avenue and Massachusetts Street Gary, Indiana Phone 221

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