The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1932
Page 4
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WGE FOUR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBKH IBB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' COURIER toEWS CO., PUBLISHERS • -.. 0.' E. 8A13COCK, Editor R. W. HAIKES, Advertising Manager •die National Adverting Representatives: 'irkinsai Dailies, Inc., New Yorit, Chicago, Xrolt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, LUtie flock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. JEntered as second class 'matter fit Die post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 1917. Served ty the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city o( Blytlieville, 15c per • week or $8.60 per year In advance. By mail within a radius ol M miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, C5c tor three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven nnd eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. A Stranger Among Us The Mexicans ;md the Chinese are hospitable peoples, courteous and generous in their treatment of stranger.-;, hut among them are bandits to whom the traveler from abroad is often easy and lucrative prey, and iis a result neither China nor Mexico enjoys, the reputation for hospitality : , thai the character of their peoples warrants. Unless we are careful the reputation of Arkansas will bo no better than that of China or Mexico. Our people arc hospitable, anxious to make easy and pleasant the' way of the ' stranger among us, but like Mexico and China we have among us bandits to whom the traveler is easy and profitable prey. Fortunately we are in a position to do somelliinjr iibuul it. Mexico and China have bandits because their governments arc too weak to. suppress them. Our bandits are agents of our government. When we rise up in the naine of human decency and in behalf of the good reputation of our state they will be eliminated. When that is done we will no longer be disgraced by such occurrences as that of.last week when a visitor from another state, an unwitting technical Violator of a state law of very doubtful constitutionality, was thrown into jail for 24 hours and threatened with prosecution under a variety of charges until, as the easiest way. out of an unpleasant situation,' he "paid off" and was permitted to go his way, no doubt carrying back to his home community a story not much different from those brought home by travelers in robber infested lands across the seas. Worthy of Support This is Blytheville Library Week, and tomorrow the annual' campaign for the memberships by which the institution is sustained will be opened by the Blytheville Library association. Our library, although small, is steadily increasing in importance and in' usefulness to the community. The service which it renders is extremely large in proportion to the small cost of its operation. As an institution for the benefit of all of the people it ought to have public support. Recognition of this was givon by the city council some months ago, when an appropriation of S25 per OUT OUR WAY month was made to the library. That was nol much, but it would have been of substantial help. Unfortunately, however, it has not IJCCD paid, and the library is left wholly dependent upon the generosity °f I' 1 "* 6 wno recognize the value of its service—a service ol 1 which the young people of Hlythevillc are the principal heiit'liciaries. The library association has .set $1,000 for its goal in the campaign opening tomorrow. That is the minimum amount necessary to keep the institution functioning. The membership is ?2 per year, but unless some friends of the library give larger.amounts the goal will not be reached. It would lie a community misfortune if this campaign' were to fail. Rale Regulations Frank H. JIcNcill, fn-year-old mayor of Paris, Temi., a national ligtire since his marriage two years ago to a 10- year-ohl girl and his attempt to niuki^ I'aris a hull lighting center, now has a new claim to fame. Instead of seeking Ly law to compel reduction of rates by the utility company serving Pan.; with water and electricity he has advised the people of the town to return to the tallow candles nnd old oaken buckets of their forefathers. That is not as ridiculous as it may sound. In fact it i.i the most natural and cll'eclive way of controlling prices. When beef is high the thrifty housewife turns to pork, or, if that ii also high, to beans or pens. \Vhen enough housewives decide that beef is too high and turn to something else, the price of beef comes down. The rule is applicable to utilities. For years shippers howled and protested to government agencies against what they termed excessive railroad freight rates, and- usually they got no satisfaction at all—sometimes they even got a boost in rates. But when they started shipping by motor truck and river barge on nil extensive scale railroad rntes came down in a hurry. Uncle Sam is now learning the same lesson. To cure a postal deficit and to help balance the budget the first class postage rate was boosted from two to three cents. You may think thorc is no substitute for the mail, but apparently (here is, for the volume of first class mail has declined to such an ex- lent that the three cent rate threatens to yield less revenue 'than the old two cent rate. The public is not going to pay more for any commodity or service than it is worth to the buyer. That is the best safeguard against excessive charges for anything. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark !__10, 1932 J - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - U. S. FI.YKItS IN 1HG KAII> Ol) Oct. 10, 1918, Americans pressed forwurd In th; Argonne fans'. ntler thsir aviators, during the ! night of Oct. 9, performs! notc- ' worthy feats. An expedition of • more than 350 Anicricun planes . bombed many towns. Only er.e man i was lost. : The British pushed ti'eir lines to i the tanks of the Selle on a 10-mile | reach bstwc;n Saksines and St. fiouplet, capturing Le Cau-au. | Ncrlh of the Alsns. the French' Rained the plateau of Crclx-Sans- Mi and crossed r.e Aisns canal i:ear VlUcre-cn-Piayercs. "Don't let him draw out a cunt. He wants to pay his 'attier's country club dues." ; Foxes' Are Tattooed To Distinguish Them ; STUART, Neb. (UP)— Br.'C-dcn; of silver fox at the Stuart fur farms 'north of lure, iiavs de-vised a way i ol keeping straight en th? fai.-.ib' • trees ol each fox. ! A black ink pigment is tattooM ' with ;in electric needle- into -?ac!i . cur ol th? fox. This serves as ;i niite and a!;o tc escapes from ' i!)p pens. The ink never fades or wears out. On one ear tlis letters "S S" | arc tuttc-ood, at::l en til? O'.iior a | Number and the year the fox was bo:n sire lat'.co?d. To do the IftUooini;, the fox is captured, his mouth tk'el siiil so ho cannot nip the tattoo man, and tjie animal Is stretched out en a flat-topped table. ONLY FOUR COLORS* ARE NECESSARY INORDEH.TO COLOR,THE /.WST COMPLICATED A\AP So if AT CONTIGUOUS UtOSS OF CKSTRKK 1 SHALL NOT HAVE THE SAMS COLOR,. I breeding; retard guide • Icemify the fox if it e Sun Lamps Have Merits But •Care in Their Use Is Needed! By I>K. MORltlS l-'ISHBEIN liHlor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Uly- gela, the Health Magazine There are no-.v available to those vlio want to yet sunlight various the proper dosag; of ultraviolet fo:, various purposes. U is known ti'a'. ovcrexnosurc is dangerous. Excei-1 sive exposure to ordinary sunshine ' will bring on Ilstlc5sn?ss. ink:i- nethoils of securing the ultra-vio-' blllt S'. fatigue and even fever. Orel value that it contains. 'Natural i lai " skin ckeascs become won;; on Imvc disadvantages | ""> administration of light. There is the possibility that con- may that are not associated with the ] artificial sources, for sunlight is- tinuons excessive use not available on cloudy or rainy the depDsiiin,; of calcium in th? days, and varies in Intensity wi;n tits time of elay and with the season of the year. The use. of sunlight outdoors has cans: sue.?. A certain exposure ol th;' ligiil is beneficial to the <leve!3;i- , men I of tl:c red blood cells, but overexposing may do harm. It is, therefore, well to bear in mind that sunlight or ultraviolet rays should not IK had in excess ami that in every instance in ov:n the added value of fresli nlr and the stimulation that comes with Vis- ing outdoors. * The vitamin D valise ihtMTrlora . . may ba available not only in the i 'he slightest d:ubt it is well to con- : sunlight and in artificial light-, but;™'-! a physician who has special! In Irradiated foods, In vioslerol, cod | knowledge of this subject. liver oil, or in other ways. A lamp that is usod merciy to prevent rickets or a deficiency of 1 vitamin D docs not need to b; as pDwerful as one that is us;d for certain forms of discus?. Amon^ tr.e lamps available for use in the home arc those which develop ultraviolet' through nix arc carried by mercury in a quartz lube. The passing of jbc electric current can-sus the riier- cury to pass into Hie vaporous state. Tr : e Inrge lamps arc more powerful 1 than sunlight for the amount of ultraviolet that they provide. ARE BfiNS COPIED FRCVA ENLARGED /WCRO-PHOTCX3RAPHS OF GERMS: BABI&T ABE 80RN WITH ONLV ONE -FeAfi./ THE FEAR. OF FALL I MS, THROU5H LACK OF SUPPORT. C 1532 BY HE* SCHVICC. I1C. The latest in dress designs brings woith many unusual patterns, but ualtcnis which cannot be called new, for Mother Nature has furnished tlic/designs ficin her own wonderland, and they have teen in use for hundreds of thousands of years. Microscopic sec- liens of liaiis, plants, wings of insects, enlarged photographs of germs, diseased tissues and acid crystals are some of Hit objects that have gone into UH: desiyn of modern dress and wall-paper patterns. CHURCH EXCUSES BY GEORGE \V. BAliHAM Dear Aunt: You sure wrote me a nice, long, new sic letter. You have no idea how I have- misseel yon since we nuneci here and 1 don't sec how I could have stood it wilhout- your niic long, homey letters. I have missed much. dearest thing in the world and if all the eh'ls who gel nurried had i an aunt like you there would ; no: be so many elivorces. Surely all the men of youv aye must | liavo been blind. It may be that ! they it-cognized the fact that you ! ai'u so much ahead of them intcl- '. lecUta'ly that they would r.ot risk your help and advise so T just know yon are the our church letters are still in our trunk. I do wish you could visit us and Ihen you could sec the situation and be belter able to advise us just what is for. us. You could attend all the churches and sec the people and you are such a gcod judge of people you coulcl find out just in no time which, church would be best suited for us. -It's like you soy, when a ucrsou moves into a new place- the way they get along all depends upon getting started right v and ec-lting in wiih the right people. Remember nip to all my old, friends and hurry along another fat letter. Has Carrie ever I think we have been as successful, without an Independent party, ns the labor movement In England has been with its onn party. —William Given, president American Fodera- Ucn of 1-obor. * t * The people are so dumb that they \vill not follow a r:al leader. Even a t;oat hns tense rncHjh for ihat. —The Rev. Dr. William M. r.::;V:vie. Rector of St. MarkVin-thc- BouworiL 1 , New York City. By Williams A JUST \MV-AAT IT WAS voo CAME IM Befone \-ve.e.P\utt \s> 'OS There are also available bulbs of the usual incandescent type which have heating tungsten fibi'ient and a small pcol of mercury. Wrjn the current is tunic:! on the fiir.ment becomes heated and vapnri/c 1 ? the mercury lo establish an arc. ducli a lamp is much less intense than the quartz in,ercnry nro. Indeed Dr. Macron asserts that its tjtn light intensity at three' feet Ls about I one-half that of average sunlight Another type Is ll'"J cr.rb::n arc which develops tho ultra; iole thioiigh the passing current be- tacen two carbons composed of mixtures \\ith various metallic 3ub- star.ccs. Comparisons have been made as to the value of all of these devices for the prevcnllsii of treatment of rickets. It. is found that the amount iiserrsary lor the prevention of rickets is about one-fourth of that durable for the cure of t;-.:s ch- ip, determining the exact rL*'.n- liousliip. it was found thai tile quart/, mercury arc was 30 limes! as powerful as '.he mercury tungsten (jlaw arc. and about 100 ;im:s as poKc-rful a.5 midday .suinnu'r su:i- fhine. Moreover, it was 430 times ?s powerful as winter siir.shii'.?. .uid in ordinary incandescent lump was -o tcebb as to Imc liulo. if ;1I1 y. raiue. The carbon arc has about :r.c same \aluc as the quartz mercury arc. It Is, of coins:, difficult to .<i-l:ct <iim Rattle Etuis in a Draw LONGVIEW. Wash. n;p.-.Hob- brrs and robbed w:re eqml'.v pncr fhots i-cre. Two bandits fired four slims .v. George Wyait and w;[ 0 in a ftorc hoidup. Wyatt fired four shots a; the robbert. None was hit. IIKRIN 111:111-: TOIM v ' ST-A.V rii.i-usvK ASI'liH Jini.l). (iullifl kl:i^-. n! iTiiiiknl l'rnplu-<» ntut fit tinvin=; n\zn filiitl i\lio try tit check HL tiis r.ciivi- lirs. Ilnll KIIVN In- I.< m:ikTn? a rlir.'li IInil llcli, Illls him lir Mill Vfrxonnllj- prrvrnt II. I'lio'i Ir.iv- 111^; l>cIc,'K oilier llnrl r.:ivi'H 11O.VA, Ili'lo'n daughter, rrdin l.hli):nkrr.^. Hi- «li|i^ :in:i> nhrJi lit- Unas n]ii, Hlti' i^, ti'Illnj; lirr |L|H n;ii>ie U b'l'.'.M.I'.V lll.AI'K. IMJ11I.KV \\INTI-:ilS. In love STICH IJonp. pof.s «lll\ ht-r tti Thrre lUvrrx lo porsnmlc IJrtit In n!j:ni- cliin die lif;lil ivllli 1l:ilT. Jlc trif^ In KCt her In innrry him (in Ikt iv.Tj- ;,. :, nuMii. "f K>-nin : : llrln lo ^li-f up ttN |illui.^. !}<in:l tLnr- remlv iLiifim Ilil.^ ]»y TIHTI- 1nr Hall on hl« «:i>- (o llic fnnip. '1'Iicy IlllJ H:ill ncrilsi-tt .:t Killing n r.-lti^cr. .\sprr K ivounil- cd from ninblisli liul rcfii'-r* l<> «l:ty In liril.- llonn l.-li-, him sh>- h.-i.^ jntc nmrrEril lli:JIi-y In Kent Inm nut nf Ilir Intnl. U.HI riim» Iti <"• v, : ,,|,ll,., .-n I U cnpttirod liy .mi (.3 \. l)o:,i-^ liiK Illlliirr Inix^. Mr r-:t':i|ifH ritlcr lii'.-irlli;r l)"«:i li'H lirr Taltinr Nlif l« J)uitle>'N ivifc. Dinllp;- in^i^t^ on Ti 1 :!) nmrrinirc line Unn^ iinlili lt:irt;. Slir rlilc* nut fi» KCI- If nhe «-:in linil Slnnti-y lllnrlc. i^hn. ^tic lliiul.x. I, ,it lllinil liirrr. S!ic inrpr^ him nn lEtr lr:il], mil UnuiT- itiur he IM I!:!>l. He- |,r.>mlsi--i I,) <lie r.iiiKc of Sl:ui Ilnll. On Ihc ^•"y m ra-n;i Dunn Ndiii^ .it n cnTiln nnd xcr.^ :i uli>vr A.IIU tt:h K Stnnli'3" lli^cl.'i. In a Siinn u!HS room. M)W GO 0.\ WITH TIIF. STOItV CHAPTKIl XXII' T^L'DLKY v.-aaOereil down to th nirnsc to sco that the roailstc was put In shape properly. He wo leaning on a fender, smokinn a after-dinner tiff.irel when the fins drove up. Dinlloy in'i-.iircd for m <5.MONTGOA\ERY Kiuty pcrft^?. iJiidk-y erect*! or witli a glinn "I am ;:bn^n lo commit suicide," c stated gravely. "What's Sim:!; you?" Dona dc- .aniicd. "Why aren't you ready" "Sam Dean is away 'jiroachi:!' a eddin'."' Dudley spread his liands i mock despair. "How (liJ you find out?" "Tho stage mnn just, lolil rao In iioso very worils." Dudley arose. But that ueciln't stop us from tak- y a stroll. TEic moon will be coin£ up soon." Dona K,ttc<[ his arm. "Poor olil Dinl. you Invc a hard tinio setting II tlio lesalilies cared for." "1 think wa'il holler throw them ivt-rboard." Dudley caught her am met turiicil tier avouiul until the lil of her ]:o.^e wr.s clri^e to his chiu •What do you say?" "Xo. Dud. \Ye will do tills ri or not at all," Dona saiil firmly Now let's stroll." (i hours, cr I'll emit Clii." Ifb," bwor- In thitnderot. "JJah! You let him Come right nto this Uiiilding anil steal us ilindi" Asper thnnilereil. "Oct out iinl get him or I'll do it myself!" "I-'iitlior! Lie down ami bo calm," Dona pleaded. pushed her aside. v Thal robijcr. Hall, comes into our offices, right under our no=C3 and takes what be wants. 1 won't be ti-.adc a feol of any longer. I'll get out and run him down!" Aspcr Delo was Ecclhi:i3 mad, "You're going to stay right where you arc. Now- cairn dov.n aud tel mo happened!" Dona shoved him hack 0:1 hi.n pillow. "Hall came in he-re ::n£ slole al our timljcr records. TOGA 'cm righ onl from under Sweri;iu's nose." Aspcr groaned as bis wound slabbed him. "Hut I thought," noaa flopped .short. Sim had only Stanley li'ack's liiB arul found a little bill over- wor(1 for j{ th;<t {^ wol;]ll loavc the carap. Dona perched on t ] lc oosialry. "Yoa thought what?" Aspcr Carter says ni reoojnijeil Ball all ight aud could liiciuify him. I'l! nake a convict cut nf that coyoto f ho lives to go behind bars:" \5|ioi- drew a deep breath anil by jack. "You won't accomiilish anything but a month in a hospital it yon let yourself go this way," Doua insisted. * * • T~\L'DLEY came In at tint moment and Aspcr looked at him easer- "Uid they get the rat?" ho asked. Dudley shook his head. "He got away dean." "That fellow is slippery as an eel." Asjier grnnletl. "They're all working on Ibe wrong theory." Dudley sat clown [EY wandered across Ihc clear- look in: a rock ami Dudley sat at nor feet. He did not urges her or argue con- cerntns Iho difference of Ihclr ideas on niiirriaje. Dudley waa a good fellow ami Dona could not hc-lri wislitng she eared for bi:n more deeply. Vurplo sliadows de;ceiidcd from Iho hisii !-lo;-cs and wrapped Ibc nnd when he did not get a Idler he I valley in a dusky blanket. A cbilll- , T , , , , n'-cc rront unward with the coiaitig made a casual ii.qniry as ho slnurt "j, ",''.,„;, n , ; dlr;V pulled Dona then ho'll pull out." Asncr was punt- doir.s." watchlns tiio driver v-nslrap thc| l , owlls '|,., sLll(! him . he slipped an ' '<"" •"»''"= <••"•- <v»« rrin.s,™ I Srowled. "I thoiiskt the men luil run him o:it of the country," Dona finished wc-r.kly. "lie i.' very much in Ike country, tie comes in and steals our records Ii-.-torc I even aoi'.c over them. This ts H-.o last straw. Of course he'll leave the country now. He'll deliver those records lo tint Ihicv- ir.S crowd over al lIHnd Klver and and iiullcd his chair close lo the bed. "I iiavo a plan lhal would get him. I b:Iicve." "I'll have Swergin give you some men and you can fly al it," Asncr growled. "Yon can't ilo any v.-orso' than that dumb limber Iwss." T don't need any men. All I need is a ccnnlo more days," Dudley explained. Ho looked at Donn, aud smiled. She, reached cut ami took his hand. "You're awfully sweet, Dud," ulio whispered. Aspcr snintcd. "Sorry lo ha\e n:ariC- a row." He fer-nl them an'd his old 5=mile slri:.'"le:l through. "l!nt 1 iii-vcr did have anyone trim me like this man, Iljll, lifts b?ca sacks. "Did you sre F.uu Ucan dov.'ti at Seth Doby's r;iiKh?" The driver I v/cil n packet of papers Into (lie box and gnuilcd. "Paui's down co;ialry pror.cJiia 1 a jvei'.Jln'." • | Dudley smiled ami turned to the arm around her and they sat there nsitil Ihe iinwn shovrd over liie rims ahave. Dona was very flill. NiKht had settled and the- valley rc- was "ljC5ltminK to llccted iisht from the moon. The ns and his face \vns crimson. "i.ic; down, father, ami take it easy. ^Yhat <lo we care for a few records? This camp won't break us even if we should lose it." Dona spoke soothingly. "I'll run him down anil fee that he's hansc-d! I'll never let him heat was sllll in (he dro-'.i shadows h'.:t its lijiils winked ar.d bright- ! mo i[ I liavc to Ffoud my List cent." cnccl the sctiift Suddenly Iwo Phnt5 JThc e" -•--•---•• . . ...i- i ..... ia-.ig out on the still air. Dona; self. ,;:ng on the I ,.; !r , r ; C (i ui . r.:id Dudley sprang to his Thief Steals Cemetery Tools BLtWTOX. Inci. (UP)— T h el "meanest -thief" is reported to have i ont?rcrl the Mossburg Ccmstory too! I house and taken every nrUds of, value. Including lawn mowers, i ipadcs, shovels and r.ikes. i Tluck Fainily Hunts Bucks ! CCLUSA. Cal.' lUP) — Lavcrnc D;;c:< v.lfr ;o:ncd Br. i!icr i r ,rIKS: B;.-.k niiii w.-i-.t -,;c,-v liiinl- m.|. Th.- ilnee Buck:, bn;u- s ;i'. [back bucks. ' : \ "Mi.;s Dolo luir.'t want her lo-'i'cct. ' niglit." Ilo larncd atul walked up i "Tl"l «"\= <™™ !!' ic ,.™ aln luM ' the tlove. leaving the gar.ifio me- '• chunk crumbling about Iho n*:er-l ing at cnmi'," IJona cried. "You promised r.ot lo fly off asain." Dsna chidrd him. "I know," Aspcr rumljlcil. Dona rcalizrd that her father was well on Iho way to recovery. This List shock had Kot weakened him ,is uio Hrst had. She was eager to get him nut of Three Rivers, however. Onco away, he would be ohlo to forgot that lie had not made good his threats against Hall. "You'll ha able lo move tomorrow?" bhe said gently. Asper shook his head. "I Hate! to hohl you kids up but I'M have to .el's comiiiK off." I this Is too much to" what's! "You must rest until morning. Flay now anil see this through. Dud- Dnt ! ley, here, will waul lo try out his ' ideas a little longer." Uona turned to Dudley hut he did Dudley had already ,Tlie boys will round him un. Swer- 'started down tho 1 A crowd garner ed outside the C-i:i Is so stirred up ho will comb moonlain." Dor.a palled her not como to her rescue so she did uol push tho idea of leaving nest day. One thing made her glad they lainly o; women. , Iioua was with her father nnd t \ i_iy»« »»•' ^»^..^.— — , — - . „. nisdi,.}- n-aiKdoii the r-orcl. fcr her. main huildin? and Dudley had to • father's hand. were staying. Stanley Blac-e had • ••,!__! ..^ .._ ., ., . , -. -.-. (a i|;,j i lcr i n S eT«ral ways. }fow and ! feared lid not meet :.r ;-c.i,-c.'i .'.D.ii'.y. she was ri-.i.;>- for , iha cbwrway ar.d tl.o two mea Lj'.d «:'..! n:,t i-.Hp Eskin;; Cis <iiic-s,i.ion,' him or under what trjing circuM' th" riilu. He;- trim skirl ami l.iil- i been havins hot words. ! '-l-;'. iV.ot l:is t:.i out of hiS-'i stances. , oroJ I.tciot tct tC her tlrader I "I'll liivo bin etrum up T/H'iiln Jhaud and scared him half lo dcitli. I . _ I do Uo Continuofl) i:rtii-y n-mtij on t!ic [.orcli fcr her. i main e smoked another cigaret, eoatem- shou

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