The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1950
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 28, IMfl BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) OOUKIKR NK«*B FACE THRFJl McCarthy Names -Mr. X' Moscow-Born Communist WASHINGTON, July 25. W) —* Senator McCarthy (R-Wis) declar-l ed today he rms air-tight proof lhat an important state department Moscow-born "Mr. X"— he proof, McCarthy said in & speech In the Senate, Is contained tn the department's own loyalty file on the man. He said his evidence was fur- nl.ihed by "an MI agent, an undercover agent, (who) joined the Communist Party In 1937 at th« suggestion of Ihe FBI." McCarthy described the case a.i! one of the 81 covered by the State Department loyally files which were examined by n Senate foreign relations subcommittee which Investigated McCarthy's Communists in government charges. . I Democrats Claim Hoax A report last week by the Democratic majority of that Inquiry group labelled McCarthy's accusations "a frnud and n hoax." The three Democrats on tile roHimt'Uee said there was no proof whatever in the 81 files to back up McCarthy's contentions that those the records deal K'ith were—variously—Communists, fellow travelers, or security risks for other reasons. The two Republicans on the committee refused to sign the report. Senator Lodge (n-Mass) got out a minority document calling the inquiry superficial and inconclusive. Sjtetor lltckcnlooper (R-Iowa) said hnjlrwas in general accord with Lodge's vlesvs.. In his speech today. McCarthy said he was submitting to the Sen T fife a photographed cooy of "Mr. X's" stale department file. He. did not hand out the copy in advance. McCarthy said he had • deleted the name of "Mr. X" from Ihe copies he would make public, but that he would hand an unedited copy to some other .senator so the name could he verified. The file of "Mr. X" contains "a complete and airtight cnse." Me- Caithy said, "proving that one ol the Important officials in the stale department Is a Communist." , An Airtight Cast McCarthy further described it ns "a case so air-tight that it \voulc School Manual Ready to Aid Parents of Beginning Students BARELY ENOUGH— Jack, five-month-old bear rub at London Zoo, has learned how to set the jno5i out at thinft, Here, after belnr fed, he licki ipoon uied by the keeper. > PACT be accepted land." Tn presenting the case Continued from pagf 1. officers have been working also on plans for increased aid to the hard- 6ald pressed defenders of South Korea. British ships and planes already any court in the- are hi the fight. The government reportedly /eels it must also send of "Mr. at least a token force of land V A manual for'parents of children ,t»rlng ichool for th« first tim« & ill the process ol being released y local sutool leacni-ia. The booklet, according to Mis* Winuie Virgil Turner, elementary school supervisor, represents a ear's Uuuy by local nrst grade eachers and is designed U> *u- u,uaim the parent with the school'ji jrogratu for beginning children with he hope it will help the child make a utisfactory aujuslnient to school life. •me manual, compiled under the tiireclion ol Miss Turner, contain* n introduction by W. B. KicUol- un, superintendent ol schools; a welcome irom Hie nrsl graae teacher; and. lour parts entitled ''fc.nler- ,ng School lor the First lime," "The School," "How farcins .n.i>' Help," tad "Th» Teaching Program." ral scnools in the ttlyuieville district nave already received copies of the manual and copies ore uow ready lor distribution to city schools. Miss Turner has announced,that Miss Mary Hubler and Miss Elizabeth mislead will be at Senior-high ^chool, 700 Ghicka.sau'ba, Thursday atternoon from 1 to 4 to hand out booklets lo parents of children who will attend Central, Lunge, Sudbury and p Yarbro schools. Miss Turner will distribute the manuals Friday afternoon from 1 to 4 to parents from these same schools. Parents of first grade. children 'ho attend Negro elementary schools. Elm street and Robinson, can receive their copies iti Senior Hi<?h School Friday morning 8:30 to 12. ' Children who enter school for the 1950-51 term must be six ytears old before Jan. 1, 1951, Miss Turner VOTING X" McCarthy declared that the file also shows: 1. That, the FBI "undercover BEent" also asserted that Ihe wife of "Mr. X" was a member of the Communist Tarty, "both before and after her marriage and that she was active iu the Young Communist League." 2. That the State Department Lov.-'i-v Boar<-'. by a 2 to 1 vote, cleared "Mr. X" on the ground that 'some of his co-workers did not that he was a member of the RIVALS ON THE RUN—Shirley May France, 17-year-old Som erset. Mass., schoolgirl now training to swim the English Channe this summer, lakes a limbering up run around her practice pool Folkestone, England. With her is a rival aspirant for Channe honors, Roy Suiter of Denison, Tex. Shirley May, who hopes be the youngest person ever to swim the Channel, l» sponsorec by NF.A Service. Obituaries At Health Conference Mrs. Annabel Pill, county heiHh troops for the psychological effect, j nurse for North Mississippi flirt 3. That "Mr. X' 1 \vas represented before the loyalty board "by Attorney WesUvooiI of Dean 'Acheson's Inw firm." an allusion to Secretary of State Acheson. •4. That WtstivoDil succeded In Bettins the loyalty board to reduce a. charge that "Mr. X" hail acted in the interest of another government. The reduced charge, McCarthy said, was that the man belonged to two subversive organizations, one'of (hem the Communist Party. 5. That the file on "Mr. x" also discloses thai another member of the Communist Party is working In the State Department. McCarthy said he was turning the complete file over to the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the hope that group will conduct an Investigation. A major question before the Atlantic Pact council is whether military security. Involving a big-scale arms program, cun be bought without cutting into Europe's economic recovery. Original Tantel Date The original 1954 target, rime was built on the theory that Western Europe could rearm by then with- "'•t cutting into Its rising standard of living. The European members of the pact,- bruised and tattered by World War II, are nfraid if they have 10 ty is in Joiuwborn tod».y attending Ihe district health nurses conference. Popcorn may be grown on any soil that will grow good field corn. tank* and planes they will fall behind in civilian production. Mrs. Stevens Dies at Home Near Keiser Funeral services for Mrs. F. Stevens, 58. who rilert suddenly nt her home near Keuer early Tuesday, will be. held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 at the New Bathal Methodist Church near Keiser with Rev. F. O. Anders, pastor ol tnr. Keiser Baptist Church, officiating Burial will be at Ermen Cemetery at Osceola, Mrs. Stevens, who was' born in Mississippi, had lived near Keiser for about IT years. Survivors include her husband, Sawyer Says Truman To Heed More Control WASHINGTON. July 25 W) — ecretary of Commerce Sawyer sal today the economic control power the administration Is asking ma not be enough. He declared greale Powers will be needed If mllltar spending is Increased further. Sawyer was before the Sena Banking Committee lo urge lha Congress quickly give Preside! Truman the controls he has aske These include powers lo parcel 01 scarce materials to industries. Colorado. Active pallbearers will be J. (Continued from n*f I) wo 65. Kkclkin offlelali bolh her* and (Xceola were of the opinion h»t heavlrtl votini would take •« (his aftfrnoon and lhat the peak of the vodnf would cotac tUr I £—. Civic organizations in Hlythevllle er» busy "getting out the vole" >ls morning. Six members of the unlpr Chamber of Commerce par- derf through the business district eslerdny afternoon with two brar- ig the hammer suwl sickle symbol Communist.'; nnd wielding whips i\d swords as four other members larchert ahead bearing signs that end "I Dldn's Vote". Members 'of Ihe Kiwnnls Cl dded (heir bit to the "get out the ole" campaign with small tngs that end "I Voted Today. Did Von?" The weatherman [ended his ns- IsUnce lowarri gelling out a heavj ote Iti the county with Ideal votinj, weather. Clear skies and sunshine reeled Ihe voters as they marched o the polls and the weathermai iromlsed a continuance of the same hrou^hout the day. Voting Vartai Over State Throughout the sfnte, m*?inuvliil( early voting varied from heavy t ieht. reflecting the influence of lo cal rfres and Ihe wenlller. Most reports were of perfect wea her and big turnouts al the polls signalling a possible record vote fo .he stale. At least three precedents were se n the election. It was the first I: (1) A city primary coincided wit! » statewide one In Uttle Rock. (2) The positive method of vollu —marking an X by the name of Hi voter's choice rulher Ihon scratch ng out nil other names.—was use in a primary; and, (3) Two candidates for uoverno bolh hart held the office before—a least In modern history. Oov. Sid McMnth, seeking nom Ination for n second two-year lern went to Hoi Springs to cast h ballot. His chief rival, former Gov. B* Ijiney. declaring "I've won the elec tlon," also went lo his home tow of Cfttnden to vote. McMath ilas predicted he will w the nomination In the prefcrcntt primary by a 100.000-vote prlmar Laney has said he'll win by 25,000. Firemen Answer Alarm LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD-P/c. Donald Gruhb of Buckhannan, W. Vii., left, and Cpl. Jiaymond Hare of C.'reensberg, La., look with wonder al the bullet hole through Grubb's hetmel. Th« hole was made by a Red sniper's bullcl, which knocked Grubb la hl« knees during * front-line battle somewhere In Korea. (Photo by NKA-Acme staff photographer Ed Hoffman.) j Polk, H. b. Beasman, Parks Crews, An overheated oil cook stove at The American answer this fear, qualified informants say. Is that Europe can expand military production without culling into Us peace-time needs by working longer hours, developing new plants and F. Stevens of near Keiser. start full-steam production of guns, absorbing the unemployed. daughter, Mrs. Bcrgie Clark ol Reiser; a son, Rufus E. Jones of Plor- ance, Ala.; an adopted son, W, C. Steven's, Jr., of Memphis ;anrt two sisters, Mrs, M. T. Nichols of MIs- I sissippi and Mrs. A. H. Bruce of Roy Womnck, Emmett Bagwell and Pi-«l Ferguson. Honorary pallbearers Include Paul Hunkaptllar, Elmer Womnck, Battes Frazier, J. w. Clark, H Oean, A. C. Clark, j. B. Claik. I,. E Clark, Willie Clover, Ambrose Martin J. E. McDonald, Brown Crews, Hube Quails and -K. Bradford. Holt Funeral Home of Blythevllle is in charge. the home of Glenn Mitchell, Una WHJow, »•«.» the cause of n fire alarm early this afternoon, damage resulted. •Millionaire Oilman Dies in Baltimore . BALTIMORE. July 25. (AP) — | William G. Hells, the 63-year-old 1 millionaire oilman with an Intense t love of good horseflesh, died early ! today at Johns Hopkins Hospital, i He underwent an operation lor a I respiratory infection May 20 and was discharged. He was readmitted July 12 and his condition .since then grew progrewivelv worse. j The foreign^iorn Helis — his [ friends long ara tabbed him the: "Golden Circe 1 ,:—came to this coun- M( r when he was 17, virtually The North American continent contains more tlihn 600 different kinds of birds belonging to 75 families. VISION- ^BehVnd th« tar* te l^yndwwr Frances B**re wh« wore Uine vcnttUn - Mind ivncUsK* U watch women's Ifnnis rtimpion- kliips at VVimWfdoD, KnjImJL Man's DIAMOND ONYX-RING $1.00 WEEKLY T O 2l Lady's DIAMOND ONYX RING Man's 2-DIAMOND BIRTHSTONE RING Lady's 2-DIAMOND BIRTHSTONE RING U 95 Man's CAMEO Lody'i CAMEO RING Costs No Morv to Charg« It Parts of the Sahara desert have frost one or two nlghU a year. say how these materials shall be used, to slop production of any item, and to llx the terms of credit sales. NOTICE By I his announcement we wish to Inform you that »ur offices will r>« closed from this dale until Monday, July 31. DR. W. T. RAINWATER EASY I Drive a De Sofo before yon decide! tip^nnj. > (Jnli^De/SotDgiVesijouall tli£se ouktandl^ features,,, D* Soto-MT"*^^ &«tjl»n ft *»•««* TT ?AT5 TO J€ lO^OKAMT* Siorrir., Ton How<,.<*. Cvwy W«in«W<>y ivgM e>w nl CIS inKiiu. »w srnnw KW INTODOtS Mt 12-nat Huns rot sun. USKI Mums UKM ffMERPflOGF l&miaN FOD QUICK STiKTS IN WETTIST WUIWX SCUFF-R£SIST»«T CUIMDOI W>LLS : v«ms U MKA 2"Ti^Jr^'cC7»,r^i^ > , e **~' • UST ' SHOCH-UKE STKWW MM2MC OftMfMC ECOftOMT • FUU-CRAOUD RICE T»-re irrMMiic wrr ins _-.., , TW MK WTHOTT u*nm ' " MOTOR SALES COMPANY 110 West Walnut — Blytherill*

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