The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1944
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY; APRIL ODTfesiricfs Travel to Camps Train and Bus Space To Be Conserved For Essential Traffic £ Travel to and from children's .ummcr camps will continue to be the Office of Defense Trnnsporln- tlon announced today. Heenipliasizlng the necessity of saving all passenger space for miil- J?IJL a "<? essential civilian traffic, OUT officials stated that no pull- man, space would be available for summer camp travel, and that extra day coach service could be obtained only through special jftr- No charter or special bus service win be permitted unless written application tins been made to and approved by the Office of community War Services. In 1943, only 25 permits for day coach space were issued by ODT for summer camp (ravel, This Office of Community War Service last year rejected well over 000 formal applications for bus service, as unqualified for special permit. Because of expeclcd high-enrollment of war workers' children in day care summer camps, ODT will permit daily bus service for children under 12 years of age to and frpm camps of this type under rigid limitation. Criteria which must he met include: '•I. At least two-thirds ot the children's parents must be enabled tljrough the child's attendance at the day care center, to continue tlieir essential war jobs. 2. Other supervised recreational programs for the age' group' mu-it be inadequate or totally lacking in the community. 3. The day care program must be .recognized by n responsible welfare agency. /4. Applications must be passed '" by the Office of Community r Services before and ODT permit Mil be issued. ; Parents enrolling children in full- time summer camps are asked by the ODT to choose a cnmp' near home and forego weekend bus find tram trips to visit children except m cnscs of absolute necessity. All travel arrangements should be made well in advance with camp author- Hies, camp officials must arrange any special travel schedules with railroads well ahead of time to avoid conflict with essential traffic movement. Firemen Seek Victim In Ruins After Blast NASHVILLE, TENN. April 19 > (U.PJ—Nashville firemen and'po- •- Ready for the WorsY BLYTHEVIliljB- (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Lone Army Chaplain In China Sought Help Qf Missionaries PAGE s (Signal Corps pliolo from NKA) Uncle Sam is quite read), in cise Herr Hitler decides that using poi«on gas would be a cute liille trick lo stop Allied invasion of Euiope Photo above tho\\s U S. soldiers in England donnin" masks and hcn> lubber glo\es before slacking cylinders of gas— a large supply of winch is on. hand,, "just in cate." I ATLANIIC CITY, N. J., April 10 —Cunt, Junies E. Tull. 30. of Frank- loll. Ky., whose wife, Virginia Tompklns Tull, is from niyihcvllli-, Ark. who became an Army chaplain ovrrsi'us, \vas with the first Ainerl-' cans to land In both Australia and Imiln mid tlu'ii, Inter, wus (he only clv.iplain hi nil of china for nine months. C:i)lod to active duty from ROTC in July. 1011, lie started oversells In November of this year Us Adjutant of his squadron.'' "We were headed for the Tlillip- plm-s." Chaplain Tull said yesterday at the AAP Redistribution Station in Atlantic city, where ho will soon iwi-lvc 11 new assignment. "The Jap mtack on i'enrl Harbor ™ivc while we were on the high sens, so our course wax chnngod. ntid wo bpfnme the first Americans to land "Two mouths inter we started out for Java and were on our way when thc Japs Invaded (here. This time cur course, was switched (o India mid we became the first Ame- rlran.'i to Innd there, too." r.eforc he loft the United Stales, Chaplain 'mil, who was pastor of iN'oith Bern-cm liapllst Church, Frankfort, had applied for a transfer lo the chaplaincy and 'it mine through while ho was In India. "I was sent (o China as chaplain with the American air task force tlieu being formed to take over from (lie American Volunteer ncse buglers, who Mow Chinese Taw. or 'Cull lo Sloop.' It. was not unlike our own Taps, but was more o[ n dlrec." Uurlns Ills first, six months i n Chinn, until Hie nrrlvnl of a Sue- ciiil Service Officer, clu.|rtn!n 'Am nlso supervise ntlilcllcs inul rocrc- stlon for ll.e Amwtam .1. for the body-of. Joe,-Williams.-Wii Hams,, part, owner -of the ..firm, was believed .. to be: buried uivder tons of. brick' 'and timber caused by an explosion last night.•" • Tlie explosion was -thought'- to have been caused by-gas-fumes; in the basement where Williams, had gone to light four gas jets. I Tliree others slightly-injured. In the explosion are-. Al. E. Jackson, principal owner of '(he firrii; Cheatham bgden, bookkeeper;' and Bob Bob '. Frosier, ' an office ' : as- ststant. Read Courier News Want Axis BROKEN OUT SKIN j Externally uul«t> CHECK .ITSHING-BUIWIHG I (ho antiseptic—stimulating way with famous lilac anil TYbito Ointment: Promotes healing. UBO only aa directed. Cleanse with Black and \\K (eSkinSoaj). BLACK WHITE OIHTMENl AHO SOAP Se.,/CO Albert Cavasherc, 17-year-old son of-: Mr. and Mrs. Will Cavashcre of 529' Lumeralc street, left Monday for LIUlc Rock for induction into (lie Navy. He is a former student nt the Lutheran School. M dozen lemils tails nml one tennis racket. We .had a llltle mure sooits equipment than (hat, ljul not nine)!. We managed to accumulate a few books and some old vlc- trolns nml records. l>itt there was very little. "Alter we had been in China a few months, we received some funds from the USO. 1 flew the 'Hump' Into India and .spenl $'i,r>00 on tats balls, books, records and similar CIIIHC to distribute It (o thc various bases. , "With all our handicaps, though, I Ililnk we did very well," chaplain Tull Mill. , He left China last December rc- turnliit,' lo this fOimiry nml com- IIIB to the AAF Redistribution Station to. receive a new assignment. His wife Virginia Tompklns Tull, of lllythevillc, Is with him In Al- liiiit.'c. City. | Chap, 'mil has a brother. Nelson, who is assistant pnstor ot thn Walnut St. Baptist Cliurcti, Louisville,' Kv. Y Supply of Farm Labor Lower Than A Year Ago WASHINGTON, April 19 (U.tV— It's going to lie.ii toiu;li pull down on liic fnrin Oils sumiiicr. An Agrlculllivo Department report .shows that (he faun labor supply Is already lower than it wus a year r.({0. In cold figures the farm Inuor supply, as of April 1, was !i4 per ('Cut of the pre-war nverayi', n\.'j Uvo per cent lower tlmn a yenr ago. The greatest decline is in the number or hired workers—which has dropped 10 per coil. Hut In spile of this, Hie Asrlciil- (lire Deportment cflys It is hoping American farms will produce more fond Hum last year, And a spokes- iniiii says Ir.o fnrin labor program Is better organized, than ever. Metmwhttc, farm wages have risen rapid))' since the wnr. And where n worker received an nver- HBC of $63 -a month with board a year ago, he now makp.i $69 n monlli. Colds.cost the United States thc equivalent of the fulltime work of 150,000 trained persons, or 10 Army ^divisions. '* or Hie next nine months 1 was tile only chaplain in China and became somethlni; of a chaplain-at- large, working with nil the American outfits that were there. "ft was impossible for me -la handle all religious services nt each base, so I sought the cooperation of American missionaries. They came through splendidly, both Catholics •»K! Protestants. And until I got things organized, (lie men sometimes held their own services. "At funerals, Catholic missionaries conducted Die burial services for soldiers of their faith while I officiated at all the others. "For a Ions lime we used Chl- ot Termite Firm Establishes Office Here Allen Blddle. manager of The .Termite nml I'cst Control Com- 'pany at Marlon, III., has set up temporary olflces at Ooff Holel -here. . Mr. Riddle said that he Intend* !lo establish n permanent office ilicrc for the c.xtci-iiiliinllng concern. His plans for the future Include the 'organization of several similar companies throughout Arkansas and Southeast Missouri which he will manage, Mr. ulddlc disclosed. uounor NCW* St Joseph ,__A8 F> IR I fl uTBtsr siutii Hln* PLUMBING and Heating Service JESSE PROVINCE 127 E. vine Phono WO Defoe Furniture Co. >M E, Main Dial 3231 Wanted! Dwd Furniture, Aljo yuu vna trnde four old l-'iirnl- turo In (m new. nirds tliat fly well have more dnrk meat limn those tlml do not. REFRIGERATION SERVICE nepiilrs On All Makct 1>y Ei'ticrt Wnthmcn. T. F. WARREN Vhcmc 3S10 FOR SALE: 800 Bu. Rtiisoy Seed Soybeans Seed from state certified breeder. JRalsoy is. the only variety grown on my farm in the hist four years. 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay 3-3 Yf. Old MuleS Broken to Work . H. C KHflPPEtiBERGER Phone 562 It's high time to find the nearest radiator shop in the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory. Under Automobile Repairing the Yellow Pages list specialists who will plug that leaky radiator, spice up jaded generators, and put the old pep back in those pistons. You'll find these skilled mechanics without aimless travel, wasted time, or needless telephone calls when you let,.. Always buys the hest of my tobacco- "I'm satisfied ,Chesterfield always buys the licsl of my lohncco. My sons raise lliu siimc kind of tohnccu 1 do'anil tlicy sell tlie.ii- hesl tobacco to Clicstcr- ftcllf (00." /^ ,- . / / x /j/? • , /? (-/. 'f^ L^Ct'CKici^ff^ i f. • « '\ ' frkocco' farmer, Moniwllt, N. C. • ^ 1 ^.?^.). /: ' v '- , '. '! .'' •"- t ''-..:, \ jr '•: • \ r .*\ 1 KEY WORDS TO SMOKING PLEASURE ATTENTION SERVICEMEN: Please bring proper identification papers from your commanding officer when buying budges, ribbons inul medals. We have complete stocks. For KHAKI and TROPICAL shirts mid trousers, SCO lift. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor— Clothier NATURE AND SCIENCE unite in making Chesterfields a better cigarette. Nature, with the farmers' help, grows the WORLD'S BEST TO13ACCOS. Science then takes a hand and blends them together in Chesterfield's RIGHT COMBINATION to give you the cigarette that's Milder -that Tastes Better. 1-lnrcrnariotial Tractor 2-Row Planter. ' ; 7 Horscdrawn Turning Plows. 2 Horsedrawn Middle Busters. 1 3-disc Tractor Plow. 1 Bush & Bog Disc. ^_ Small Johnson Outboard Motor. OhlendorfGinCo. Phone 8-F2 Osccola, Ark. R«nd Courier News Want Ad», Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Iniil AcroM from ntib gehMl VULCANHZIHG Tiie & Tube Kepalr Cotton Belt B.K. « g. Bwj. fl (Fornurlj ',llh En«ler Ax. Pt«i) Plwter, Shicco, Ce»eot rk' ' 882 CLOCKS REPAIRED Rlt-ctric nr Stem Wind Work fltmrantw*! A, R. F 0 R D At I'»t O'Hryitnt't.ltvtlri Electrical Repairs & Maintenance IIOD8KS EXPERTLY WIRED J. T. (Charlie) StaJcap riione 2901 or Jj98 Snvj 50 7o On TRUSSES Steel nnii Elastic STEWART'S D i n f S t'o r e Main & Lake Phone 2822 Arkansas State Certified D. & P. L. No. 14 ALSO D. & p. L. NO. 12 Rosoland, Ark. "SQI/AKK HKAI," No. I01G8S Mlnnc-iota Stale Cliiunploii 1912,"S<siilor Bonr frg All American Clianiplon, 19-12, Senior Boar Pig FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL. Thick, smooth and well grown out, with plenty of quality. JOE T. CAGLE S. Hwy. 61—Phone 3390—Rt. 2, Blyrheville hlU'd ! ANOTHER! C«frrig!.l IJH, Uccm * Mvlll louccu CoT SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered nlways. Our flowers are always Iresh, n:id all work is guaranteed to please. Let our eiraert .toleners help you wi(h your Jloml needs. T J^FLOWERSHOP F.T.D. Service Wn Deliver Anjuhere Ph. «1 Mrs. J. M. (M»c) William*, owner Gfcncoe ; BMf. Mrs. DALTON C, FOWLSTON, B.A., M.S.M.' ORGANIST and TEACHER PIANO - ORGAN and VOICE Former New York Organist & Teachet BHir Appointment ffrlte Mrs. Fowlston 1161 cmckis*Bb» or Phon* DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER; OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 Main Blytheville, Ark., \ .Phone 2921

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