The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1932
Page 3
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. MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1932 BLYTHEVILLU, (ARK.) COUR1UH NRWS PAGE Crown Prince of Insull Empire Samuel jr. Was Working Upward When Disastrous Crash Came. EDITOR'S NOTK: This is the nfth of a sciici of sK storlts c:i S:iinuil iriiiill :n"J M * 'ai" 11 }'- '"- sull, Cliiraue's fallen nublic utilities, iinsmlc, has bfen called "Ihe WLr|<[V K rcatc5l failure." BY ROKKKT TAI.I.EV SKA Snvii-e Writer (CopyrlglH, 1532. NEA SorvlK. CIUCAOO.—The crown prince of ll-.e insull empire of public i:tililie3.' which had spread over 32 stales and was constantly expan=in?, was 32- year-old Samuel Insull, Jr. He was Eiunuel Insull's only child. Before him lay the task of adding I Uio remaining links to the nat!on- v;ldc super-power chain his 13-year- old father had started. A lot remained to 02 don?, for a dream as ImmenEi: as Samuel Insnll's was too ' much for one lifetime. In t'r.e rush 10 acquire tr.em, the scattered r.nlls i of tlw Tnsull system had never teen ^ properly integrated; younn Insull would have to hook all ol them together. If the job proved tco much for two lifetimes, there was "Jamii;! Insull III, now an infant. It is .11?- nificant that on Ihe day Samuel In- tull III was born old Samuel In- tull I ordered flags flown from all his plants and buildings. It savored of ihe progression of a dynasty. Though only a f?w year.? out of college, Samuel Insull, Jr.. had already made (rood. He was vice chairman of his father's three great Chicago operating companies—Commonwealth Edison, People's Gas and Public Service of Northern Illinois. He was vice chairman of the vast Middle West Utilities Company, and president of Insull Utility Investments and Corporation Securities. Ins.. the mighty investment trusts that topped t' lc Insull financial pyramid. Chicagoans tell yon that young Insull was a competent yonn^ man. But. like everybody else in the Instill organization, r.e dominated ty his father. Samuel Insull was the autocrat of al! his enterprises. In personal characteristics, there «-t>» little resemblance between fa- many in i ther and son. Old Samuel Insull Accepted, was feared, rather than liked; h? vas brusque and overbearing; his , Vigil position commanded him a 1 1 place [in society that liis personal- V itv never could have won. On the other hand, young Samuel Insul wns quiet and mrxlest; he was courteous to those both above and be- lox him and anybody in Chicago will tell you that he was evtry inch r. gentleman. Though papular and welcome, the younger Instills played little part in society. They hated ostentation; when they married in 1920 they could have hac the most brilliant wedding in Chicago's history, but they chose a simple home ceremony attended by less than two dO2en guests. ' Nautical Hcmc The young Insulls maintained nn apartment on Lake Shore Drive for town use: and 12 miles from Chicago they tad a country home which, characteristically enough, they called "Simple House." It sat upon an island in an artificial lake, and was accessible only uy niDtor- boat. Tiie home was constructed ai, the water's edge in the fashion of a shin, with portholes for winiow.s. Nautical maps lined the walls and one room contained an escelhnl marine library. Samuel lusuli. Jr., was born in Chicago in 1SXW. was graduated fron: Yale in 1921 and was given his firs! job in the statistical department of Middle West Utilities Comyanv In 1922. Eight years ago the elder Insull gave the EOH a group of dilapidated Indiana properties ani told him to do something about them. Chicago's Li Salle slreet bankers were amused; the •f.A man apparently hnd given t'r.e boy an industria' plaything to break. In a few years your.g insull had presented his father with a prosperous group o: utilities. Instill, Jr., was president o' Chicago's United Charilies and vice chairman of Governor Em merson's Commission on Unem Dloyment Relbf. In January. IP32 he was awarded the Junior C.'am ber of Commerce gold medal fo the man under 35 who had formed the most outstanding' far vice to Chicago in the pravlon year. His wife was the former Mis Adelaide Pierce, daughter of an oV Chicago family, graduate of Smit College and a Junior Leaguer. Sh remained in Chicago when her hits band went to Paris to join his par en U recently. Martin Insull Held The third member of tr.c ore: Powerful Insiill trio is Martin G3, younger brother of Sam l 'el Insull. Sr.. and farmer prcs dent of trie collapsed Middle W.v Utilities company. Hc left Chicago about the tim 'he,qob.OOO concern went Ii to receivership. In September h was found In Orillia, Out.. 90 mil" north of Toronto, living in a mod Gianl Liner Reaches New York IB MEET HEBE Northeast Arkansas Physicians Hold Semi-An- iiual Session, Ocl, 20. Ti:o l-'lrst Council nisi rid nn:l Northeast Arkansas Medh'al suclc- ly will IIUHH In tills ell)' Tlinr:i:l«y. Octolx'r '20, for (lie .wml-:unin:il . Ad(lrcs.sL's by vbltiui; phy- ylclans. Chi' C'lretlnn of ulllru.s nnd of platv for the sprint! 1C33 mi'JtlilK. will iMuprlM' tli: 1 tuy's ])ro;jrani. 'I ln> jironp, i>r£!m1/cil ill 191)2. nv.i:.e up of Chiy, CillKiidi'i). CralK- i - h'i ' /ittTncr o.sLKI, I r ,.] l( Greene, Uiindnlph nnd Mls<!-,ii>]il Otlims are: Dr. J. C. l.:uul. W;il- inu liiilge, president: l)r !•'. n. Smith, lllyliieville, sioi.'l'iry-ln-iis- urn: Dr. W. M. M-.i):n-'. I'.ira- In tin. 1 morn] K. K. 1/itliner lhc\ille Christian church. Mill 5 .iy .\- Invccalion: Max II. lii'ld will give Ihe ncUlress of wt'lcjnn- Fine Violators Accordbf To Their Ability to P«y :: ST. LOUIS. (UP)—The practice o[ fining liquor law violators ac• ccrding to their ability to pay, In' stitulcd here several weeks ago by- I'cderal Judges Faris and DivU,- lias proven "very euccesiiul," ac-... cording lo Judge Paris. Fines have ranged from Jl to $500. Violators ore given t'r.a choice of paying the fine or serving ll out in jiil! nl $1 a day. "if everybody in the United - Stiites who possesses homc-lircw .; would come Into court, plead guilty, .uiul p.iy a fine, based on thcit ability to pay, W? could pay off ths na- " llnnal dett lomorrow," Judge Paris f.akl. I The liir.srM Athnllc pi'Li-.L-iuni .Hip liuilt since tin- World \Viir 1 steanu-d tutu New York un licr n'.r.ld.'ii lil>> tit nllur;[ » j;i\>:ii slijlil' lit ltu:M- vh'i MV: h'jr 111 ll" 1 I;.i lii:;nrli K. l.'i! 1 !•; (ho iu:w riiill/.i: Hutu r... Ic.'.v: i y,'.:nhnl(i'ir;; (r:\u-r.- ', Broom Factory Grows Into Thriving Business 1 .- L | JAi f le i, (UP)—A broom Jab : '.!^ i ihi::i' wli'.i lns[)Mc:l tier' irrry, e'i'.alillslicd litre- last ycar,.i x MS sli.' :•.!;• inm'.l lliL'|ln.s v.r(xn Into n thriving Indus- Ulvllic-vlllP Cmm'.y M Dr. (_;. A. nnd the ML-.^sslpiil I Iral sccle'.y 1-1 which; Warren, Illiuk Itoi'lc, i 101 imot IIIT lu'.-i'i.'"' riiK'i iv^s llnrd oue <!ol-1 liarn 1 <>' vlrjhilliiK IriiI-' inaklii}; a "tl" | w district Mhvic- Tin IT were originally cm,,l(i;ed. Hnw 25 lo 30 men and" ,...„ Louise Baiiey vx "" ? " 'T I"*" Klvci1 wcrk '' _ . _,-' . mniiudicliniiv; brooms. DlCS Olinday morning l-urnim ot Hie Elba vicinity are. . _ i tilled (o tvo'A' broom corn, which..,.. Above are Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Insull, Jr., as they appeared al a gala "firtt night" of his father's Civic Opera Company. Al the right, | "Junior," (lit heir to the Insull- j (hrime-lliat-nas, seems lo be trying to determine what the cards hold in store for him. This picture was laken yl a bridge IcurnanuMit in which he parlicijulcd. At the right, below, is Martin J. Insull. brother of the elder Samuel. Uinuli, niTfSled iriw, lulled ID iipji Vlrnlnla I/nilse Unlley, t\vn-ycar- "I' itiiiiihii'i 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Hl- In Mrs. I'rldi- Chicago nnd jailed, pending extradition proceedings. Martin Insull, horn in England, | followed his brother to America and into the utility business, passing through a mechanical engineering cour« at Cornell in tho process. Samuel Insull made him ircsident of Middle West in 1924. Martin lacked many ot the qualifies of his domineering ~ : liicagoans refer to him as "just Samuel's brother." In app?aranc2, ic reminds one more of a veteran English actor than of a czar of utilities. Never naturalized in the U. 3. he still is a British citizen, and as such offered his services to the British consul in Chicago when England went, to war with Germany in 1914. The offer was not At the peak, his personal wealth was estimated at 520.000,000. His debt 1 ; are now estimated at $7.000,000. He is under indictment in Chicago, charged with using his company's stock to cover his own margin deals, resulting in a loss of $61,000 to the company. Ci a rlu :u I .similar rli «m iv9|iui>u. 1 court. fit. I,. C. MeVay, Mnrio:i. will j ov <.-ll J 0 r.i"i uiul tidk about n cold, "Tetanus" will l:o \vilHm. miilculs of the subject taken up by Dr. J. H. |tiun i,,, Vl , ).(,,,„ nrrrsti-cl (in chain Lninh, I'lirngaul:!, nnd an :uldv:ss',,r ,, 1)n - il |ln-/ a disorderly \V:M by Dr. W. M. Majors. I'lii-iigniild. iThi'y will l:irc lilnl tciclny. will rl;s» this sr.ssbn. 1 _..' Dr. J. 13. McKlroy. Mi-mplih. i fM i f r 1 D ' I will spcuk on "Treatment of .W- tlWrch Ot <Ji)(! KcVWa! "o^oro! 1 c ° r "T,« ."W "pS i SeVvkcS C °n''>™»S ! "•?>>* C*'™=« a . tlnB -many 1 was in charge of funornl arnui^c- The revival at the Cluircli nf' nii'iib Ciitl will continue Ihrouijh Hi! 1 ;, " •_ . dally services. HUT I!.ii!;\v, died ill Ii (day liiornliii! al 111:* liimllv ''nine •':i N<ii tli llnllroitil street. Her death V-M.S ullnhul.'il to culllls and a form 1 I'IIIKM-.I! Emlcjs were held this mm Him: at 10 o'clock with the Itev. I Miii.sli M. C.ilhwuy, p:\.stor of tui; | ' I'rrsljytui Ian chute';, alllrlrU- ! ; Ini^. intnm'-iu was made ai Mii'.ile IK i-:uld nnd made inlo brooms ot • all Burls. - Rend Courier News Want Adj. li!is of Infant F-nidm-;" In the »f- rnccn fe.ssion. Nepress Held to Jnrv Is Freed Without Bond week v.'llh Roscland Infant Dies Carey Martin, over In the ^nuid Rev. Orln If. Munger, trnvnll cvtnnii-lliil, Is In clmrgi;. Sunday school Is held cnch miirn- j An Infan! sen ot Mr. nud Mrs. Inn lit 10 o'clock, pri'ai.'hlin at 11 ' Ed Hi-rail died nt Ihe family Iniiu- wns biiiind | A. M. :ir,d al 1:31] 1'. M. The j al lloselniid, urst of here, curly Sat- Jury i on a.youni; people lield n inrpllni! Bun-' urilny nioruiug. llurliii 1*1 nude nt Manila cem- having a series of special services tills week with dillercnt ministers preaching each night. Dr. James A. Anderson, presiding elder ol the Jonesboro dtsiricl, occupied the pulpit last night, the Rev. Albert N. Storey, of Monetle, will preach tonight, tomorrow night the Rev. Grover Sutherland, pastor of the Blythevillc circuit, is to speak, the Hev. Eli Meyers, of Osoeola, will preach Wednesday night, the Rev. P. Q. Rorle, pastor of the Blythevtlle First church. Thursday night, (he Rev. Paul V. Galloway, of Joiner, Friday night. For the closing service Sunday, the Rev. Tol Tatuin. of Jonesboro, will be the preacher. arfie of nssnull wllli intent to I day evening nt 0:M o'clock, kill but released on hen 1 own! Thr Church of Ouil IK Ificuit-ti e(jry Saturday iitlernoan. Tile Cc rovni/'uiicc in ninntelpul court. t:n Husl Chorry lUrrct bflwci'ii Undi'ihikh^; fOiniiany v:as 1 Snlurdny. she Is alk'KCd to have l-"lrst nnd Second sliToli. ' "f fiinciiil jiKinsi'ini'iils. Doctors Give Creosote ; For Dangerous Coughs Fur injnv.jMM our l«il doctorsTI«T« 7>reEorilji'd cicosolo in sonio form for -- cmijili!, colils ami liioncliilii, knowinfr- ••-' howilmifirroiisit blu let llicinlianKon. "_'-' CreomulMOU wilh crcosulo anil six ' oilier lilulilv ini|K>rtanl mcilkiml el»- m mcnts, (jiilcKly and cffcclivdy slops all • " coiiphs niitl coliln lhat otEicrwifO mJfcht leail lo Mrloui trouLli;. ....... Cjciiiiiiilsioii It iwivcrful In tlio IreitJ mctil nf all cold* anil coughs no mattefl ."* IHIW IOIIB M.iniliiiK, yet it tvakwluterf hn mil i/js runt is \ iloiwnt u ml CJ ly I o take. Yntir oivri ilniggist guarantee* Creo- mulsion Ifj' refunding your money If you '-^ nro not relieved after taking (,'rcomul- ••-' I »inn as din'clcil. I!c«nro :lie coiiKH or •'• :; i cold llnl IUIIK' on. Alwayu k«p Creo- ... ! mulaion on liand forinstanluse, (adv.) 1;; • • • .' -••:-:•• Do ii I let i^dwoiie lad w you TOMORROW: The Iniul! collapse as a 1932 political Issue. Blytlievilie Golfers Win Over Jonesboro The Blythevillc golf team defeated golfers from Jonesboro 22 to 5 in nn interclub match at the Blytlievilie country club Sunday. H. T. Gulp was low mMalist of Ihe tourney. The local player made two rounds of the nine hole course in 75, one over par. The tcurnej: was played ' on a paint basis and only two visiting playsrs succeeded in winning their matches. Last of Fall's Oil Leases Held Invalid WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 (UP) — The last of the naval oil reserve lenses which former Secretary of Interior Albert Fall made with the Pan-American Petroleum company •.vns set aside today by the supreme court. The court's action was without opinion and covered three lease- j holds in the Elk Hills, California.: field. It upheld Ihe ninth circuit j court of appeals ruling which held these leases, like Ihe previous ones, were obtained through fraud. , est boarding house where he pi «20 a «ck for himself nnd h wife, meals Included, Recently, r was arrested on a warrant fro Sudbury School Kanks High in Fire Safety Sudbury elementary school wns given a Ugh grade when inspected "isisteiU Hitch-Hiker by °- sllon s'° lnst wcek for firc Tl ." 1Ir , f, hazards, according lo Charles A. 1 numbs Way into Lourt j siubbs, principal. The building was examined Ihru- Eurl Buchanan, a ;oa-pjrsistent out for all elements pertaining to itch-hiker, was fined one dollar Ire prevention, including lighting. municipal cour; Saturday after' ventilation and cleaning methods, grceing lo pay for replacement of The Inspector's only criticism car windshield he 1 had fcro*r::n. concerning placement of .ic Tiie youth, who admitted he had '• window shades and the practice of >ecn drinking, attempted to "thumb" : cleaning floors without floor sweep, ride on Highway Gl, north of this! which the principal sail had not it}-. When a local woman ignored • been furnished the janitor. is outstretched hand, Buchanan 1 " ailed to pull his hand out of th? ; FREEPORT. Me. (UP)—A tree •ay and it struck Ihe windshi;!'.! of! th ler car. crackino glass. For- i unatcly for the hitch rikcr. Ills nand was not hurt. ' Jess, deputy sheriff, pickup Buchanan and his compan- on. Bennie Reynolds, on complaint j of the woman's husband. The hitch- '.ikcrs were enroutc from Forrest Sky to Caruthersvinc, Mo. They continued on their way aft:r Buchanan paid eight dollars for re- •jalr of the windshield, the dollar fine and $21.10 costs fcr malicious mischief. [Don't Nedlect Your Kidneys Basseft Boy Treated Here Following Fall Clyde Hull, 10, fell from n harn :oft striking his head on a car •ngine, 1C feet below. Sunday at- '.ernoon at the home ot his fa- her. Lloyd Hull, near Bassett. The youth, sufferinj from a :itght concussion, wns brought to he Blytlievilie hospital. He was •estlni: well this morning nnd 'old of the accident. Hcspl'al physicians said the blow was ap- larenlly not serious. The accident occurred while the -oy in company with other chil- ircn. was playing i n the loft and :earching for peanuts, stored there Manila Methodists Will Hear Group of Pastors The Manila Methodist church Is Heed Promptly Kidney and Bladder Irregularities If bothered with bladder Irregularities, getting up at night and nagging backache, heed promptly these symptoms. They may warn of some dis- ordeied kidney or bladder condition. For 50 years grateful users have relied upon Doan's iPills. Praised the country over. ISold by all druggists. Doan's •ills 'A Diuretic Kidneys You might think tliat a two-fisted fellow like the steel jack in the picture would like liis tobacco stronsr. Not at all. He wants liis cigarettes mild and that's why ho picks Chesterfields. Mildness ilocsn't mean a smoke that's weak or flat or insipid or anything iikc that. In fact it's just the reverse. Two- fisted fellows as well as anyone else— men and women—want a cigarette that's mild ... one that satisfies—and that's Chesterfield. We believe that every smoker is looking for a cigarette without any <: bite" or liitlerncns, and a cigarette that has a pleasing laslc—and that's Chesterfield. Chrsterfitlil Idnlin Program Kvcry night cxccjil Sunday, Columbia Network. THEY'RE MILDER THEY TASTE BETTER , iHhii

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