The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 12, 1934
Page 6
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(ARK.) COURIER NRWfl MONlJ.AV, NOVKM UKU 12, Boots 'cm for Grid Giants Hiarnpercfl By Rules Pro { Game Morn SpodacuW Than College Sport BY IIAHIIV GHAVSON ;W,~YOH.K—H' was only (S years ago thai prof-s.- iall shrank before a vvaiii:lm.! r of ficorn pointed by rol- coachc-s, Maid old university \ jv*sov& and oigaiilmUmi, (im: p ' iing for [lie iiplitlina of nian- • l: Today Ihc pro i;a:ni- is .••; i Hi accepted fit. u hy.iimiul:- I{(•'•' ait oiv.iuizr'il |ji'i.l.-.v> I tall, j rnie-mlK-r the hue and cry ' I- the heavens when iln *)[)in&f Ghtisl frjiro<'V. hi. 1 ; I nt/ the University ul lllinoj-i ! o.';t Ids lot .'iijujii.': tin 1 |Jio'^ -TV. then; \c:is a Meui'll! i,lalil old rdm-aiui., (• mil of relirctiicn! 10 de}?,* players who ; ithr-lr talent, and Cmii'rrv; ha I . '--pure for fear il would In- I 'tl to |i:i.-.s :, bill pidhilmiii' i !• terrible action. l I'.since UK.' entiaun- o! t;nuc.,>' I llllr) "long pi'fen" Innate, Iliint^ i i chfin&ed. Today you timl I'tayliiK a name in.d l-!;(-eoi)"io a major titn-m-li'm. itntl j ; J« beiwc-ftii livi-nly :ind Ihiiiy Ijand fans lo ihc ".ate in>ii- |H what has bi/iiij M'l>nngc- from tlie il jjjr brothers, .Mm Th SjlhiltdOifs, Columbus jjJMassllola Tie,ei-s and Ihe prr, rij- of 'yesteryear? There are |(|;t.. Ihe money e.aiue has nt- Vftd practically every major •? 3n" college i" the decade. Sv.S those who are- i-lsiying Ihe are Ueatlle leathers, from Tennessee Heller, pill's i-reai back (j| I9S 1 !; Unity . , -,,,....,-Michigan's p[i.<-.slN'; riuar- '-•( >5k; Jack Mander.s :>t-d Bron.;] i-ltaginski, fornici' Minn:-sola Winning Playti'of 1.934 Lmt/enich is De.fcuc!- <^ Champion With )le Conlciic!ci p s . . '•} prashers; • fj CHIV M«nH;oinory, r fjjuinbiii; Muu^sy Skltichinv. nil, mill JilH Smith, Wnih- 'j-eiid, who ;n:u]c All-Amcrku Aear; Tex LayrmliTker, v:li Menials of Ihe ntylhcvillo country club must play qualifying romid for the annual i;olf li'iirnamem, of Ui« club by the close of play on Sunday, Richard H. Itchlsimi, IUHV club pro, announced lodiiy in making ptiius for Ihe yearly event. F.inhlcen hoti-u of medul play will constitute ihi* (imillfylnij round lor Ihi: club touriiuniirnt, wilh |jarlic'ip:Uin!! sjolfcrs lo be divided fmo Ihrce or more (lluhls in Lhe Joiuney depcndiof; on thr-ir .scroe.s in the (jimlilyin^ play. Leo'/.enieli. youthful ace, will jie tfi(; defending chiunpion of Ihe ielub.,.liavii|i; IroiiiitM'd llvorell \\. I (ice, ' former champion, In Ihe | linah, of lust year'.s louriiamenl, 1 Ki'u.'iriiied by coiniielllloii crack ^olfcr.s in lourneys here and'Wheie Ihis year a inlinbtT ni j member.s of the club will make a j.siioii!! bid for the title. [ A blind boi;ey event was hr-lil tit Ken Slrons loruu-r New York University slur who is Ireiulir; pro fans (o siicclaciiliir fiKitball a.s u nu'mber of the New York Oiiun.s Willarcl Oi'i : icialcs on Star Mat Card Here Tonight (he club yesterday with U. S. Mr.tnson. Sr. ami F.voiea H. lyiHK tur place honors. Hran:on Wfjn nil Ihe drit',v. lloih l^ran'.(iii mid (iee had fia's ihe uf- In (In- number 7fl drawn In the ronti'si. W. T. llarnctl. Harry llaini'.s and ,1. R Lent) nod for place wltli BS's and Mr. v.'on ihlrd prlxe wilh Mr. loinili. Sliawiicfr anJ Osceola To Clash On Friday "«~;re you have llin appeal of ! n jime—a host, or biy iiniues, 1 --:' famous on college nridh-ons, IS T.1I1 currying their past. iJovy '. 'n fields of batlle. •-.ccoyid -reason Is that the , * '-line, tluxmijki the dfsefnd- ( * f a lot of silly rules, hits '' <• more spectacular lluin the '•rj contest.' . For Instance, u I' l ,ta\\ t lie thro\vn anywlwre bc- ji ijtho, line of Kwiminaiie in ;|':|f.-o tills, while in lire col- i .James, the passer mur-M/! at j ||ive yards behind. This i/lves . i more opportunity to screen Ksrra, nnd iwidLs in a sironi;- nrnsWfc garnc, T tlibr difference In the inlli-fM! ijo, games K llial. '• puml on a nridiro:i oil -l»o Goal past.; .arc (.'iccted SJ!^ the ijoat lino, while the ,f tipys play on a field on llic, posts arc erected Wilh bi|; .less Willard on liuiul icady lo slep in and use his hell r:nd power if m:re.s,sury to break up lUcKnl t'.tl[« HUick'.iitutli Pccli- !;<), undonbledly llic, wrestler at Ills \vi-iuht lo ever sll and llalph Sinltli. Ihe JackMii. •IVnii. M'linol leaeht'r. will clash In liic fcauire uuiicb on ionl|0il'« i:>:if curd at the armory. In n pii'llmiiuiy. \vli\cli Willanl i>i also sliilcd lo relcice, Ti|;ei Mn<ii'i\ Ihe [usl Wdikinit Flnrlrlu AVicstlcr take.s IHI the i(iui;h and 'leally llllffalo .Inc. They are down or (HI minutes or lew; Ihe .Millie line liiuii iir: pkicvd ou the main milch. Hi'Ui urc for twn out of hrt-e falls. Willard I* esperled to be ihe bil! Kale altraciion tonlnlil, Tlie fiirmrr heuvyweiiihl hoxini; chiim- piim hits l>een offidallnR on mat aliiinsl nU'.htly is so he should several Ark.. Nov. 12—Rhaw- iiee's Indians will lake on Osce- nla's Seininoles nt Osceola Friday In a Bailie betxvecn Iwo MlssKslfipi i ot:itl.y (catiiK. The Indians registered their fiflh I'iowry of llic season . last Pi'iday, bra tlni; llarrisbiui;, M lo 12. 1). Clink. Rhawnet! tacklo. hlocltcd a puni and ran [ffi yards for the uiiuimi: marker in tlie lasl inln- nje.s of play. The locals have last. X—I [c] / .^.^ _^__ . TO Kl':V», VIIIQ RUM'' . "I'O-.lfUIXWM 11V Alt'l' KHEN'X j ]>!(( forwnrrts rushed toward Him luckier was Imjielrasly oil! of scnrcil ils first loucli-! flipped il laterally to Ike Kern.j ranijo. Kern ran 8. r > yunk witli- against Holy Cross in tn^i who iind circled behind him. llnsi-jotit teing touched by an wARHiNf; onnris IN TI1K CUANCKRV COIIfiT, CmCKASAWHA 01STR li!T, MISSIRSU'CM C.'OUNTY. ARKANSAS. l!e));i Conner. PlAlntlfT, No. 5811 vs. / ll Ci. Cumier, Drt'endam. The defi'iidiuu. Vii'ftll Ci. C'oniU'r, is v;:mn ; [| lo appear within llnriy in the court nam?d in Hit 1 capfioh hereof and inissver Ihe | cdinplalnt of tin* jilahulfl. l!i !!n COIIDW. Dalfd ihlx 2nih day of Ocioljor, KCH. It. I.. fiAINRS. Cli-rk, , lly Ulliotl Harlaln, O. 0, (;. I-'. C'ooj'.er, Ally. oi(m:n \>\ TIIK CIIANCKflY COURT. (.'HICKA.SAWIIA 1)1 .S'I'll I CT. COUNTY, Ali- KANKAS. Kiill) Truelovc, I'lainilff. No. S81I1 vs. ird 'i'l'uclove, nr-fendani. 'flic tieleiidani, Hichanl Tnu 1 - ve. i.-; warned u> a|ip;:ur within lliiitv days in the court nainrcl in Ihe ciipiion hev'tof and answer 11- ioui|)laiiit of Mir plainlifl, limb Truclove. this 2!)lh <lny of Oclolie!-. It. I,. fiAINRS, derl:, liy icillnl.i Knrlaln, I), c. if:. I-'. C.i>f>\ifr. Ally. IN' Till': WIANCKIIY COllIlT, CltlCKAKAWItA III STR IC'I'. MIK.IISSIPI'l (JOIJNTY, Alt- KAMRAH. iliiu'r D. l.ovelt. 1'binlirr, No. .W.Ift wi Miir.loile l.oi'ell. llefendani. rin 1 defr-ndnnt. Marjorie I/>ve!l. v::irned lo appear, v.'ilhin lltirty in the court named in the raplion hereof und itrvswei 1 l\i". (Oinplaint of Ihe plainiilf. t;hfil- inei I). Ldvell. Oaled this 28lh day of Octribr-)'. 11. 1.. OAINKS. Clerk, lly Klliott Railain. I). C. C. P. Cooper, Ally. 29-J1-12-HI n BOOC heie, s nliicinl a. 1 ; well us .simply a clra\v- lui: can! lonluhl IhroiiRh the med- luin ol ills iHTsonal appearance. Willard wow the heavyweight oown for se\'criil year. 1 : until Jack nempsfv cinrje nlniis- Ociajyiey l:niit-keii Willard rii;hl. over from ^nuli'r the crown In Ihrce rounds i in a match slntcd in Cuba. Wll- ;Ianl WILS one of Ihe larlft'sl. men to ever iL-.ild liic championship although not a.s bl[; as a more re- rini titlclioldcr. l*rimo Cavncra. Tonii:hl':; :h(nv is slalod lo net underway about tl o'clock. t\vo jiam Ihi'VlHe. opening period of their fame al. | latins only an instant, Kern Worcester, by riiiinini! n punt back! sprung tiirough a Rap in th'> i yaixis will) the aid of tills lai- ] chan>iiu; Holy Cross barrier, al. : C:ol»aic players, after they hail Jim Ilobin, Holy Cross left half- blocked, wheeled lo the .sideline, nek, kicked from his 45-yard' and formed a protecting phalanx, received' Prrfeci interference was uccord- lo Jtme.sboro nnd Illy- llciirosents Carolina At Mpcl KAf.HlOH, N. C. UIP)—Attired in mi attractive dark blue ensemble for slreel, wear, Miss Mury PlckU'r, of Alhciuarlc, won pj'ixc in North Carolina'. 1 ; 4-H aib ihess revne. She. will reprc- 'nl Carolina at (he national •!-!! [' in Chicago, Noy. iroui!h Dec. tt. Harry Grayson way to vielory in the nte.-i a^flhi;;r \Vashln^ .'.l Ihrlllii))'. elosini: min- in in one of lyimes ever the -final. Tliis civc.s ^Ulieiter'chance lo kick yKlei'.s, of the cliampioji- :ago Rears, is an <wv- example of this. .lack \adc 20 out of 21 kicks :ar, stariHig tile season with tikh!;'-;0flcr connecting \vitb a rfliv liisL - year. Dixie Is cfuite iKisilivc that one of ils roolball.loams will IK in llu' tcAJHosc Bov.-l on Ni-\v Yeav's Day. U ivn«cr In laiball is a National The soiu'rt has four loliusl cnn- dlduies in Alabama, loiilslanft Stale, 'llilane, and Kice. And unlike some of tiieir snouly eaMern and coutcrenc?-liindercil iuidd!e western brethren, each is eager for Ihe Biont adventure. Alabama is particularly well- liked in California, and barnim a slipup l>c-lwccn no-.v and the finul bell, it would not be siirpiIslnv: i!|;.o llie. Tu>.c.alocsa iuMiintiou chew "" .Jractioi'i. changing picture tnviiatlon. another reason for I The Crimson Tide figures l.o I sw-eep Ihrcnigb undefeated, with Die u played. The iiie.'.enl TUW soniMl one of llocknc's Noire IJaiuc wilh ii Dcuiynnovich, an Angelicli and a liilcy in (be backlleld. And they ride like Rockne horsemen, too. as they ae.ain dnmonslraiecl it) culling Kentucky around, 3-l-U ai l.t-'.iini'.toiv Thomas udmils thai picking; tlie Ciimrun and While's .slronKesI friml. from ihe :):) l.s (pitte ', problem. Hcvvcll, Ilitlsun All-Americas Thomas lutes Iwo of his iilhlelD: iw All-Americas. Millanl Howcll hnltback. and Unison, tin: led end llutson Is referred to as (he flftl buck SieciULSL' he pack.s the pi<;.ski: le.nily. II was he v.-lv nll::(l the t<iai-luln\VH thai tOplK- it isn't a case of one mnn cnrry- 5 the load at Alabama. Riley \np.elieb. Hunger, and other back: airly nv.vv along in Ihe. wide npci paces, and Hie s]xicrs dnii't havi n be f;o wide o|K-n al. llial. .lof 3emyanovich. a batlerini; full back, widens l.hfse openings lo a! nost any desired width. fUley and Uoo?.er are celtin: [heir b»]itismal [ire this autmin fet they are close enoiiiih to llowcl .o step into his brogans at an time.. IIOK'MI. Aneellch. Riley an llflO».T oprmling behind a 200 Jomtd torxvai'd wall and th .sharp blocking of a pair of 10' pounders, Uiiey Smith, qimrtei back, and Dcmyiinovich, olfer problem lo the detcmc of ar team in ihe land. And lhat j;ocs for the coast best. Stanford or Washingto which wouldn't have lo extend second invitiuion to Alabama compete in the bailie royal in the BOtdcn milch. player. Cat'jiuc's 2(1-7 victory removed Holy from the ranks of tho nmlefeatcd. The impoilance of Ihc passing f/:irne was well (leino:!- sualcd. The Maroon and While's second touchdown was the result ne. Mai tin McDoi ball on ihc lied Haiders' live- cd Kern until he reached midfield.! of smother lateral, and ius third aru line, anil, as u hosl of 1'ur- by v.hich linie. every Holy Cros:; \ \vas registered ou a fovv-'ant piif.;;. 1 1 ANDOV1M. O. HIPI—A set oflcaplsrm hereof anil answer thejihiriy days it) the court named hlo ailtomobil*: license plates fov} complainl of the plaititill, neiilapn ll'ie, caption hereof and aiisv/n 1 very year since 1002 bus been i PruHl. jibe complaint of (he plainliff. ollccled by Fred W. Caruent, who) l);ited this 'i'Jlh day nf Oclnli"!!', jMittic Chrlstoplier. wncd tills town's first aiilomobile 1 ycar.s lino. WARNING N ' TIIH CIIANCE11Y COURT, 1 'CHICKASAWIIA D1KTU ICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Alt- KANSAS. ficiii'vhi WiUiei'son. l'lalnli[f. Nil. r.825 vs. John Wilkersoti. Di'Ieiidanl. The defendant, .liilm Wilkerson, is warned 'to uppcar within thiily :lays in the com't named In Ilie enptlon hereof and the complaint of the plainlitl, Crenevia Wilkerson.. Dated 'this UDIh day of October. IfKH. ' R. L. OAlNKfi. Clerk. By Elliolt Kriitnln, D. C. U. S. Hudson, Any. ^ ^ 1 I WARNING OltlH.K IN THE CHANCKRY COUflT, CKICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Uc-uln Pruett. I'luiniilf, No. 582G vs. Haymond Prtiell, Dclendant. The. di'feiulant. Haymond Vrnetl, Is warned lo ap|»ar within thirty days in the court named in Ihe R. U. GAINES, Clerk, lly Ullioil .Sai'tain, II. R. K. HudKOii, Any. \VAKNlNT. OltlllCH ,- I.V THK ' OKANCBliv COURT, CHICKAHAWI1A U 1ST HI C~\ MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS, Mittle Chvistopliei. Plainiilf, No. fiB19 vs. Lewis Chtlsloplu'i', Defendant.. The defendant, Lewis Christopher, is warned 10 appear within | Dated this 2filh dny of October, JIWI. I U. I,. GATNKS. Clerk. j liy Kllloll Hailain. I). C JC. P. CrHi|>er. i Ally. I 29-5-12-ltt WARNING £N Trili CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTUICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Katliryn Wcslei'field, Plafntiif, No. 51120 vs. .10? P. Wcslcrfiel<!, Defendant. The defendant. Joe ]>. Wester- lield. is warned to appear ailhln thirty dnys in the coin! named in llic eaplion 'hereof and answc-r ihe complaint, of Ihe plaiiUKl', Kutlnyn Wesierfield. I ' Dated this 2QII-, day ol O«fil>f-v. 1 IfCM. ! H. I,. GA1NKS, Clerk. I liy Ulllott Sariahi, D. C. ] C. F. CT;Opi;r, Ally. BHOME 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSUKANCE I)EPT. Nftw I.iicatfil al Snutlitast Onrnf-r Walnut u tul Hrrnnft ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU IION F.DWA'lins. I'rnprlelnr 111 makes nfreliulllTynfivrHers, l(lilln K Macbhifsand f.'atcnlitnrs Henulrln;—l'arts—millions I'lion; 71 WRESTLING JESS WILLABD, REFEREE I'OKMKIl HEAVYV.'KtOHT IIOMNU CHAMPION [ihiclismilh [' Two Out (if Three VS. l-'alls Tifjcr Munrc vs. Tim Out of Three rails, Ralph Sinilh !iO Minnies IliifTnin ,)nc flfl Minutes ARMORY, MONDAY IN'ITK couple of years Green Bay, \ -the ranks, then Itxtely it 1 i ijcnithe Chicago HKIIS. Thl- \ jpother squad has (ntfriM j I In^e— the Detrol! f.tons. Tins 3 ' (lib old Poitsuunilli Spar- i '\on elelil etmiglit llii.s sci- ud \\ft-s nnscored on unlil |- jttsburgli Pirates popped Uulown Georgia Tech and lerblll the icmahilni; obstacles, nl- Ihoiish Ihc Engineers traditionally! do tlu-ir l;csl jobs ;ivamsi 'H:\ma.j un'd Ihe CimmiiHliiris are not j rom«l-lie:'ls "m any sense. Alabama bn.s ni\adrd C^hfornia four limes \vilhnul a defeat. A Same is a 'j unit u includes ^.lem nearly as involved league baseball. , of the various jlitcago Hciirs -,\iu iJork, Brooklyn. Si. l/)ui.s Mmuatl lleilsi and Oreon Uay—rojini y In seivi:h of the beii j.'dent ias minor leasuiv. in *hif *"! less brilliance are built Mayers of National U i :i And ii htis coaches <iy bit as good as the col- i 'arlety. • '{ pro game is lieve lo May— j iiiere's lillle risk In Mating !. !ne of Uiese' days ii will te | -;ar with major lensiie base- a .money game. ' Trouble For tin? Eagle IVILLE, Va. i UP) — There icOO textile milts In the South. ; -,NUA violations Imve been d against less than 300 of JjW. R. Oaylord, inveslig«tor ] f United Textile Workers of i \a, 5aid here recently. N C (UP)—The ile * nt of the religious life of ? threw people is the general 'of a series of radio broad|" '!»Inj[. given by Ihc Religious Guild: of Duke University. TIAni) TO OOI'K! no, WE 60•^•r^ SHOU> '»M I SOME MtKiT ATOAWGS ^WHS& SO WS'U. Stt TOR iUS' Vtv*SO Cfr A WOVO Crimson and Whil ilrybnuy M:((-k Krow Al.l.KV O()l» 1 WONDER WHAT HAPPENED /AW - J M SO GLAD T'Glf loD?? nE ' T ' MAK£ HER DIS ' C 00 ^ T H A T MESS I cS' APPEAC JDS' WHEN SHE DID?) CARE WHAT HAPPENS C/YA THINK SHE GOT COLO ( T ANY DAME/ fOOEY.' [HEY, FOOZY ( UXH<A THEBE AIN'T THAT HELLO, DAD.' WKAT<"HA O<JIN' 'WAY OUT HERE / ( OH-HELLO THERE, } AL«SY OOP/I'M GLAD DYA IS M1SSIN6,TOO? HOYKAWOW/WE BETTER LOOK INTO THIS-I'LL SAY WE'LL M£LP YOU SHOWED UP I'M HUNTIM' roC OOOLA 1 SHE'S BEEN MISSING SINCE YESTERPAY- WOULDJA MIND G1VIN' ME HAND? Tide JUM Hut all Alwbauu army Its ftrf-nle.',t heir.lil on liio Pacifl Cniisl r,n .lau. \. 1V>'.U. \\hen ln<t learn \V<le lutmvil al TII.M;,I- ir.,i[)])i'(i up Washhiylon Stic 2-i-O. Frank Thciuas. Ihe fat man played under the immortal Kunu t.ockne at Null, 1 Dumv and \v picked up llu- burden \vhere \V-.ul l.iivi il down, wu.s al Ibe belli when Alabama n pi-lied Saint Ma :'/:> in San l-'iancisco in 10.W. s, who has In i n teachin football ^outh cl the M^vsou un< Dixon line since 1023. calls the cm rent. 'Vide Die most versatile in hlslcry of II e •tohool, Thomas implies lhal, in hisiipin- ion. llu; ]93ft combination which smolhi-rod Washington Stale was th« most fotmulable. It must, have been something nlouff tbe line ol the Minnesota machine of ihb year if It packed more jxrtvor, speed, ami deception than fin- KISS Alabama, team Dial p.isi.i-.l

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